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Video Format For Small Online Business Marketing

Video Format For Small Online Business Marketing

One of the best known strategies of marketing online is through video marketing. But the challenge that most small online work from home business people face is choosing the right video format.

For a long time now, sharing online videos on social sites like YouTube, MegaCafe, Vimeo and the like, has helped online marketers drive high volume of targeted traffic to their sites. Ideally, the reason for this is because video content is more appealing compared to text.

Video marketing also guarantees high search engine placement especially if you know how to optimize your video file profile. If you put together the power of moving images and the SEO factor, then you will see how instrumental video marketing can be to your online home business.

But now the technical part comes in, and that is the main reason why we thought it is prudent to share on various video formats. There are three things that determine the success and failure of your video marketing campaign;

1. Video equipment

2. Computer Specs

3. Online Video Host

On this write up we shall discuss various video formats and then you can choose which one best suits you.

Here are the main video formats available:

Flash: If there is one video format that is commonly been used by most video marketers is flash video. The advantage of flash is that it’s playable on Adobe Flash Players which can be installed in almost any computer.

In fact, most video sharing sites like YouTube and MegaCafe convert all their videos to flash since they are easier to host. Flash video format normally have a small size hence they load faster which translate to better user experience.

It is advisable that if you want to host videos on your site, go for Flash Video format.

MPEG-4: Currently, most online video marketers are going for motion picture expert group (MPEG-4) as their choice of video format.

Nowadays, most video cameras are using MPEG-4 as the standard output mainly because of the high quality it has. Globally it is the recommended video format for people seeking to host their motion pictures online.

Windows Media Player: For people using windows as their operating system, then you most definitely know about Windows Media Player. This is the default video format file that comes with all windows operating system.

The advantage of windows media player is the small size of the file. It is also known for producing fairly quality videos.

To get the full benefits of windows media player, record your videos on low resolutions and you will be able to upload and send the videos via email.

Note: If you record using high resolutions, the size of the video format file is going to be bigger thus it will take longer to load on the web.

The videos are also easy to load on YouTube and even when converted to flash, they yield good enough quality.

Apple Quick Time: From the word Apple, you may assume that it is a video format for Mac computers alone but that is not the case. The file size for this kind of format is big but the quality of video resolution is superb.

If you are looking to produce high quality videos then this is what you should go for. Since the files are big, you have to contend with slow loading once the videos are uploaded on the web.

video formatAvi: Before windows media player, the original Microsoft video format was Audio Video Interlaced. With Avi the video size is rather big, and thus tend to take long to load on the web. Video marketers discourage the use of Audio Video Interlaced for online video sharing.

In online video producing there are 3 aspects you need to consider when it comes to video quality:

Raw Video Format: This is determined by the camera, camcorder or software you use to record. If you are using software, then the quality will be determined by the computer you are using.

Always go for a camera that is top grade for best resolutions and better finished product.

Editing: Depending on what you want to achieve, editing standards play a pivotal role when it comes to video formatting. Here you have to work with good softwares and a computer with high specs.

The software you choose should be able to take up raw video formats that your camera or camcorder produces. Ideally, most editing softwares accept all raw video formats, but it is advisable to verify before you settle for any.

Video Hosting Platform: On the internet there are several online video platforms which include YouTube (King of online video sharing), Vimeo, MegaCafe, Viddler, Daily Motion and many more. It is recommended that you settle for a video format that is compatible with your video hosting site.

The best format is Adobe Flash mainly because of loading speed. If your host is YouTube, with Adobe Flash your videos will be converted faster and still maintain the quality.

Avoid a situation where you have to convert your raw videos severally to match with your software editor. This will compromise your final quality thus negatively affect your video marketing campaign.

Conclusion: For small online business entrepreneurs, it is advisable to record your videos in the best and easy format as possible. Most internet video marketing experts highly recommend using MPEG-4 for newbies.

When it gets to the editing stage, MPEG-4 is easier to upload and tidy up. In addition with MPEG-4 you are able to maintain the resolution of the raw video format.

YouTube is the best place to share videos. First, it is owned by Google and secondly it records very high traffic volume. Considering that Google owns YouTube, you can be rest assured that your SEO profile will go up thus increase your organic search engine traffic.

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Why Generating SEO Analysis Reports Is Very Important

Why Generating SEO Analysis Reports Is Very Important

An integral component of working online from home through blogging or operating a website is SEO analysis. It is a proven fact that for you to make money online through blogging you must think of search engines optimization.

It is true that there are many ways of earning income online but the best approach is having a website or blog. The beauty of it is that it’s a work online part time basis venture and you get to create a one stop shop for all you have to offer.

But there are some questions you need to ask yourself; If SEO is part of your marketing campaign, can you measure or do a proper SEO analysis of your site? Do you know how to measure the progress of your site in terms of traffic and conversion?

The thought that SEO analysis is something only performed by SEO companies is misplaced. You too as a webmaster or blogger must on a regular basis gather an SEO report to monitor your site progress. On this write up we shall look at some of the parameters you need to measure and the tools you need.

Measure your site or blog structure: There are SEO analysis tools that can help you generate a detailed report of your entire site structure. The details include SEO reports on your homepage, individual webpages and subpages performance.

Collecting data of this nature is like analyzing your site architecture. Here you will get to know problems that your site could be having which include broken links, website coding errors, server glitches, 404 errors and so on.

Site structure is important data to collect since it greatly affects your site placement on search engine result pages. The best approach is to regularly analysis your site structure since you never know when something may go wrong. One of the best SEO analysis tools to help you perform this task is Web CEO.

Measure your site attributes: Some of the site attributes that need to be analyzed include your web content, site structure, link popularity, placement for your targeted keywords on search engines and measure to see if your SEO campaigns goals are been achieved.

It is critical for you to measure your onsite optimization as well as your external optimization. Get an SEO analysis tool that will tell you the right place to position your keywords within your content and the right sites to backlink to.

Web CEO is an amazing tool that web owners need to have in order to properly optimize their content. The tool will also help bloggers monitor what their competitors are doing.

The advantage of using an SEO analysis tool is that with just a single click of a button, you will get a detailed SEO report of your site and also for your competitors.

Here are some SEO reports you can collect when you use Web CEO:

Helps you to do keyword research thus target only profitable and high quality keyword phrases. Keywords research reports will include number of traffic, level of competition and search volume results. Another tool to help you do quality keyword research is the Keyword Winner.

Web CEO will display for you a detailed Site Audit Report. This is good especially for new websites since it will help you measure your site structure and content before you begin site optimization.

You will be able to collect a report of your site backlinks. It is important to know your inbound links and their quality. This way you can filter out the backlinks that are not of high value hence improve your link profile.

With Web CEO you will gather SEO analysis report regarding your competitors’ websites or blogs. Using keywords, you can easily know where you rank compared to your competitors. It is advisable to compare your ranking with your competitors on different search engines.

Help you to know some high quality and profitable keywords within your niche that you are missing out on. For example with the Keyword Winner you will get suggestions of other keyword phrases you might not have thought about.

You can also use Google Suggest which is free.

Remember to also generate a report of your competitors’ backlinks. With this SEO analysis report you will be able to

-Monitors how your competitors are fairing on over a certain time frame.

-Learn your competitors’ internal and external optimization strategies.

web CEOMeasure your site bounce rate, Traffic, and Conversion Rates: As much as you want to rank high on search engines and generate high volume of traffic, you need to also measure your return on investment (ROI).

A good web SEO analysis tool should reveal to you other parameters like visitor loyalty, bounce rate and return visitors. These are parameters that help you to increase your site conversion rate. Therefore, as you monitor your site placement on search engines, you need to also track your bounce rate and conversion rate.

With a detailed SEO analysis report on bounce rate and conversion rate, you will be in a position to see if the keywords you are ranking on attract the right targeted visitors and if they pay off.

A free tool to use to get this kind of SEO analysis is Google Analytic.

Measure your ranking progress: It can be quite tasking doing an SEO report on your site ranking manually. Since having a graph is the best way to monitor your progress over a period of time, it is best to automate the whole process.

In addition, it can get even more challenging if you are generating a report manually of your ranking using different keywords. Here is where SEO analysis tools like Web CEO can come in handy. With Web CEO you can generate and track your site ranking report automatically.

The advantage of getting a virtual SEO ranking report is that it will show you how you are fairing on all your targeted keywords, on one graph by a click of a button.

Collect new keyword phrases: Analyzing your SEO campaigns will help you to see which other keywords you can seek to rank on. This calls for you to use quality SEO analysis tools that will suggest to you quality keywords that bring targeted traffic.

Summary:  Generating an SEO report is a perfect way of knowing which keywords you are ranking on and how they are attracting traffic. With such a report, you can know the keywords that you are ranking for on page 1 but not generating good traffic.

Also see keywords that you are ranking on page 2 and still generating traffic hence work on them to rank on page 1.

Having an SEO analysis report will help you see which anchor texts your competitors are using thus offer your better insight on the text to use in your hyperlinks or anchor text.

Questions About Social Media To Ask As An Online Marketer

Questions About Social Media To Ask As An Online Marketer

Social networking sites have really helped many online marketers take their business to the next level. There are things about social media marketing that make this strategy stand out:

With the right skills in implementing social networking marketing:

You can cut a niche for yourself

Expose your products or service to a wider market

Promote your blog or website with ease

Establish yourself as an expert in your area of business

Build lasting work online business relationships with your audience

The other aspect about social media is that it acts as a salesman for whatever you are promoting. Imagine having an employee who does not go on leave, works 24/7, doesn’t ask for the day off or fall sick. This is what you get by implementing social marketing. And this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing on the internet through social media sites.

Now that you know something about social media and its ability to boost your internet marketing campaign, how do you go about getting started? This is a vital question to ask yourself but it can be properly answered if you fully understand your product.

In addition, you need to have well defined goals of what you want to achieve as an online business person. So as to gather as much information about social media marketing, we will pose to you some questions then you will seek answers. This way you will be better placed to take the right approach in promoting web based business through social sites.

Since this article will be read by different business people, it is prudent that we provide you with the right questions. Some questions may apply to you while some may not. Therefore, pick the ones that best suit your business needs.

This is because asking the right questions lead to right answers. In fact, questions are much more important than the answers.

When you formulate critical questions that are relevant to your business, then issues about social media marketing and how best to do it will be addressed adequately. Be it offline or online business, all businesses are unique. This is in relation to business goals, type of customers, your customers’ needs and wants.

Below are questions about social media networking you are required to ask yourself before you get started:

Which are the right social media sites to promote your business?

Since YouTube, twitter and facebook are the heavy weights in social networking, it does not mean you spend all your efforts there. You need to research and know where your target audiences spend of their time.

Other great sites to research on include LinkedIn Profile, Yammer, MySpace, Ning, Google +1 (new kid in the block) and so on.

Go for social sites that sufficiently meet your needs. If you have to join the big boys of social networking, join communities where folks in your niche meet. You can also take the initiative and form a group that will bring people in your niche together.

Remember the one thing about social media is that you need to be good in micro blogging. This is in terms of creating catchy phrases.

What are your goals?

Take time to define your online business goals and determine whether they are achievable. It is advisable to set long term goals and short term goals for your business promotion. Periodically, review your goals and see if you are making any headway.

Once you achieve a certain goal, set another goal immediately and this way your business will grow faster.

How will you manage your content creation?

One thing about social media and any other online marketing strategy is content creation. When it gets to micro blogging, you have to think on how to come up with catchy headlines.

It is vital that you update your website or blog regularly and with quality content. Even as you post on your status wall catchy titles, ensure that when your audiences reach your site they will also find content that is relevant, valuable and insightful.

You need to determine if you will do the content creation yourself or you will hire employees to do it for you. Consider the two options and see which will work best for your work from home online business opportunity.

If you choose to hire, make sure you always proofread before the content goes public. Offer necessary tools and materials to help your employees create quality content for you.

How will you automate your social media campaign?

The beauty about social media marketing is that you can integrate with other sites to make your work easier. With a site like pingfm, you can update all your social networking accounts automatically.

Another site is, though with this site you can only update your facebook and twitter status wall.

about social media networkingWhich strategies will you use to make your audience to take action?

Providing content is good but you need to go a step further in order to benefit from social networking. Just as blogging, the other thing about social media marketing campaigns is how to motivate your audience to take action.

Some of the strategies to engage your audience include;

Offering free downloads

Giving free gifts

Offering cash rewards

Starting a contest

Providing discounts e.t.c

Which other tactics are there to boost your social marketing campaign?

Something about social media that most online marketers overlook is marketing offline. This include

Adding your social media links on your business cards

Attending seminars and conferences in your niche

Post your articles on local niche magazines and adding your social media links

Use email marketing to promote your social media accounts

Organize and give talks about social media

During holiday seasons add your social links on the cards you send out

Add your social links on the cover of your business envelops

Use video marketing to promote your social user profiles.

Join offline networks and associations that are related to your niche

Is your social media networking strategy working for you?

On a regular basis gauge and determine if your social media campaigns have increased traffic to your site or blog. Use free tools like Google Analytics or Site Meter to provide you with data on which marketing campaigns are generating traffic for you.

This will help you to know where you need to adjust thus improve your marketing.

Summary: The ability to build relationships with your contacts is the one thing about social media that really stands out. You can connect with people from all walks of life and location through social sites.

When you pose to yourself the above important questions, you will be better placed to launch you social media marketing campaigns.

For sure with these questions about social media networking, lay the secrets to being successful in marketing on the internet.

Where And How To Find Legit Online Jobs

Where And How To Find Legit Online Jobs

The one thing that legit online jobs present is freedom though not in the real sense. If you ask me, it would better if you became your own boss by starting your own work online business. But since this write up is about finding best paying legit online jobs we will tell you where to go.

The reason for saying this is because with these legit online jobs someone else gets to dictate how much money you will make. Unlike having your own work from home online business where you determine the income you want.

The beauty of the internet is that there are so many opportunities of generating revenue that are real and legit. Even though there are many online scams, with good research you can land on legit online jobs easily.

how to get online jobs

Today, getting a white collar job has become quite a challenge especially in these difficult prevailing economic times. The situation gets even worse by the fact that even when you get employed the pay is not enough to take care of your monthly bills. In addition, the hassle of dealing with traffic to and from work can be quite stressful.

The case is different if you find legit online jobs; here you get to choose how much you want to earn. The more you work the more you are paid. You can also work for different people and companies thus have several streams of income.

With most legit online jobs, you get to work from the comfort of your home. Also you can choose to maintain you current job and do online jobs on part time bases.

Now that we have seen the advantages of doing jobs online, lets as tackle the issue of how to identify legit online jobs. In most cases it is not easy to find companies or people you can trust when it comes to internet jobs.

There are many stories of people who have been conned of their cash through work from home online scams. So the question is; how do I avoid being ripped off?

Take your time: If you want to find legit online jobs you have to be patient. Daily we see work at home opportunities being launched which I’m sure you have come across. In case you have no experience in online business, kindly stay clear of these opportunities.

Do not be quick to join any work from home jobs being hyped on the internet in the name of making you rich fast. Of all the years I have been doing online business, it has become evident that earning income from home is about hard work. There is nothing like get rich quick business where someone can become a millionaire overnight.

You have to be ready to invest a lot of your time and money if you are to make money online.

Where to look for legit online jobs: Even in the midst of all these online scams, there are legitimate online jobs out there. The secret is to know where to go looking for these jobs.

finding legitimate online jobs

But first there are 4 things to consider.

1. It can really be frustrating if you are not paid for your hard work therefore you want to work with people that are trustworthy.

2. Go for legit online jobs that allow you to work from home

3. The online jobs need to be in a field that you are well conversant with. They should be jobs that are within your ability to perform with ease. This will make you enjoy doing the jobs.

4. Choose jobs that allow you to have your freedom; where you choose when to work. Good online jobs are the ones that are ongoing and these include data entry, online surveys, freelance writing and so on.

The above mentioned advantages can only be realized if you enroll in reputable freelance network sites. These include sites like Odesk and Freelancer that have put systems in place to make sure that only legit online jobs are posted on their sites. On these sites you can be rest assured that your freelance work will provide you with freedom, security and most importantly money.

Freelance networks sites have numerous legit online jobs to choose from. You can opt to work full time or on part time bases. Most importantly you will be able to set up your own schedule and take up as many projects as you deem possible to perform.

Some of the recommended work online from home legit jobs includes outsourcing, re-writing, creating tutorials, researching, surveys, writing, data entry, programming, virtual assistance, customer care, transcription, translation and the list goes on and on. Just be careful to select jobs you know that you are good at hence you will enjoy doing them.

home jobs
You may not be able to earn a lot of cash at first but as you gain experience you can be in a position to negotiate for more pay. But if you have a special talent or capability like writing or programming you can be earning very good money from the word go.

Ideally, freelancing can be very beneficial in terms of allowing you to have your freedom and job security. This is only if you join reputable freelancing sites. There is no risk when it gets to working online with freelancing networks. Because these sites ensure only legit online jobs are posted and you get paid for your work.

Are you really looking for legitimate online jobs? Then stop enrolling in risky and fishy deals being fronted as fast online money makers. Most of these too good to be true online opportunities will never work and if they do it is only to the owners of that site and not you.

Rather, enroll with freelancer sites like Odesk or Freelancer and find legit online jobs that best suit you. With these sites you will find best paying freelance jobs. Therefore, avoid being among the people who get it wrong when it comes to making money online from home.

Elance - Work online Local. Staff Global.

Click on the banner above and get hired by global employers, if that is not working online from home then I don’t know what is.

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Myth About How To Work Online With Google

Myth About How To Work Online With Google

This question about how to work online with Google has been posed so many times. People are out to really find easy ways to make money from home, but the secret is that there is no easy way. It all depends on your approach.

The first thing that you must take into account when it gets to working online with google is that you must have a website. The website or blog needs to be a paid domain; this also means you have to also get a reputable company like Hostgator (coupon code “workonline25” or “moneywise7724”) or Blue Host to host you.

The logic behind having your own paid domain is that your site will look more professional than taking up free blogs like blog spot or blogger. Once you have a blog in place then you are ready to make money online and work online with Google if you wish. By this I mean that there are other ways of making money online for home.

This you will do by opening a free account with Google Adsense. Of all the online money making strategies that exist, Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to work online with Google and earn income from home.

It is easy to work online with Google but the challenge is how to drive traffic to your niche blog. This is because once you attract traffic to your blog or website, then it is obvious your will make money fast working for google.

Since we have seen to earn money online you need to have traffic, what we shall address is how to succeed in traffic generation.

Research has shown that more than 95% of traffic on the net is derived from search engines. It is therefore prudent that you learn how to rank your site high thus succeed in working online from home.

Once your niche blog is indexed and ranked high on Google, you will definitely be on your way to work online with google and generate some decent cash.

Here are some critical guidelines to consider when it comes to search engine optimization.

Content Rules: People will come with all sorts of ideas about different ways of how to work online with google. Most of these money making programs are just but online scams.

One thing that you cannot avoid when it comes to real online money making in whatever niche, it is generating content. All the other strategies are short lived strategies that eventually die out.

Content can be generated in many forms and these include text, videos, audio or pictures. There are online marketers using online video marketing and they are generating high volume of traffic to their sites through YouTube views.

As you share content, make sure that it is educative. Find out the issues facing people in your niche and offer useful solutions and you will succeed as you work online with google since they will bring traffic to your site.

Use Keywords: As you generate content is it important that you use keywords. This means that you have to come up with a blog that is focused in one particular niche. Once you have identified a niche, then research to find out which are the commonly searched for keywords and keyword phrases in that particular niche.

work online for googleThis will help you attract targeted traffic from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask. As we stated before, Adsense is the best strategy of working online for google. Hence if you can rank high on specific keywords then you will earn income from home with Google.

Click here to get tools that you can use to get keywords phrases to target.

Onsite and offsite linking: Many internet marketers look at external linking and forget just how vital onsite optimization is in regards to SEO. One important SEO rule is that every page within your blog should have at least one static link to another related page.

Also ensure that you do not add some many links in one single page, in fact the links in any given page should never exceed 100. More than that will be considered as spamming. In addition, those links should point to different pages.

The best way of offsite link building or increasing your link popularity is through submitting your blog URL on other top ranking sites. Some of the top rated sites to submit your links include Yahoo directory, Google Add URL, Bing Submit SitePage among many others.

As you submit on top rated sites you will make it easy for search engine find you thus crawl and index your blog faster. The more backlinks you have out there the more money you will make as you work online with google through adsense.

Other ways of boosting your link popularity hence make money as you work online with Google include article marketing, online forum marketing, video marketing, guest blogging, social bookmarking, social media marketing/micro-blogging and Email marketing.

Avoid having Broken links: Some time you many add links on your site and later the site goes down. This are what are called broken links, links that are no longer working.

Broken links can greatly affect your site ranking thus reduce traffic to your blog. To deal with this, you need to open a free account with Google Keyword Tool and you will be notified anytime you have a broken link on your site or blog.

Create a sitemap: A sitemap is a very integral tool to use if you want your site to be crawled and indexed by top search engines. Try and submit your sitemap on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

Sitemaps help search engines identify the most important pages within your blog thus structure them. This means that as your pages are indexed, you will be able to get traffic from the individual pages other than just your homepage.

Remember the more traffic you are able to attract the more money you will make as you work online with google through adsense.

Observe Patience: In any business you will ever do you need to be patient. The same applies to working online for google with adsense. It may take you some time before you get to the top, but is you observe the above mentioned guidelines you will most definitely get there eventually.

The next time you hear someone saying you can make money online as you work online with google, they are simply implying Adsense. The secret to making money with Google adsense is through driving high volume targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Now go out there and begin earning income from home as you work online with Google and other online money making ventures.

How To Create and Grow An Email Mailing List Database

How To Create and Grow An Email Mailing List Database

Having an email mailing list is one of the online marketing arsenals that all bloggers need to acquire. This is especially so for a small business that is seeking to make it in the blogging sphere. The fortunate thing is that there are great tools to help boost your email marketing campaign.

But for your contact mailing list to continue bringing in more online sales leads; it has to keep on growing. In order for any small business to be successful, new prospects need to be added to the already existing customers.

The beauty of email marketing is that once you have a good and targeted mailing list you are sure to earn income from home. The big question that comes up now is; exactly how does one build and increase a targeted mailing list that will reel in sales?

The fortunate thing is that most of the tools that you need to build an email mailing list are free to use. But we cannot deny the fact that for the best list building, you need to also invest some money. Therefore, you can start with the free tools and as your blog grows you can advance to the paid email marketing tools.

Let us now get into the thick of things and show you some of the free strategies of increasing the size of your business mailing list.

Use social sites to get people to enroll in your mailing list: This will apply more to people who already have a twitter or a facebook account. All you need to do is find a good way of requesting your fans and followers to subscribe to your mailing list.

To entice people to sign up to your list, it is recommended that you have some special or free offers for them.

Since you will need to have a good number of targeted fans on both accounts, it is advisable that you optimize your user profile.

This will ensure you do not only get followers but they will also be targeted followers. To optimize your account means that you use your targeted keywords within your profile details.

For example, where you enter your activities or hobbies, rather than saying eating, sleeping or hanging out, you can use keyword phases like work from home, work online, online marketing and the like depending on the niche you are interested in.

The more targeted your list is the higher the chances of building and increasing your list faster.

Present free information: The secret behind any business success on the internet is sharing insightful and educative information. In fact, if you have an online business it is mainly because you have some expertise to share with people in a certain niche.

Maybe you do not know this, but just the idea of sharing your expertise for free can be a great way of building a mailing list. Most people are ready to give up their information and money to get educated on certain issues.

mailing listFor instance, if you are an online marketer you can offer people who are working online free internet promotion advice. And in case you operate a publishing firm, you can share ideas on how to be a good author.

As you keep offering valuable information, it will take you just a little prompting for you to start getting people subscribing to your mailing list. As the saying goes “information is power” therefore give people advice and they will give you what you want.

Get customers’ emails at the point of sale: For someone to decide to buy a product means that they are already convinced about it. Hence it is imperative at the point of sale to collect buyers’ contacts.

In addition, when someone becomes a customer there is a high chance that you can get a repeat sale from them. This is especially so if you are offering quality products or services.

The best way to ensure that your customers leave their email addresses is to inform them that you will notify them about upcoming exclusive offers and discounts. Anyway, who on this earth does not what good bargains or free things?

Conducting contests: Anytime you run a contest on your blog or website it is recommended that you always collect participants email addresses. But for this to work, offer gifts to those that enroll in the contest.

Some of the free prices can include things like free downloads, access to free information or templates. It all depends on the niche you are involved in. Make certain that the prices you are offering are automated so as to avoid doing a lot of work of delivering. But note; they should be products related to your niche.

Power of loyalty programs: One thing about having a loyalty program is that it makes your customers feel appreciated and special. To grow your loyalty program mailing list, you can be offering amazing discounts and exclusive offers.

The secret to success when it comes to creating a mailing list is to take action and be open to new ideas. Do not say, “I will begin building a list once my blog traffic goes up”, start right away and within no time you will have a big list.

Expert online marketers will tell you that once you have a mailing list, you will have it for good. Unlike a blog that may someday go down (google panda updates), an email mailing list will always be there to ensure you make money from home.

All you will need is to constantly share will your list insight advice and offer workable solutions, and then once a week you can send them a product. This way it will be very easy for you to keep on making money online no matter what happens to your blog.

There is still more to learn when it gets to online home business, press on the links below to learn more marketing strategies.

Google Plus – Social Media Marketing New Kid

Google Plus – Social Media Marketing New Kid

The latest buzz on the internet marketing circles is definitely Google Plus or Google +1. If you are devoted work online entrepreneur then you realize to make money blogging you need to keep up with the trends.

It will not take long before Google plus explodes and the people who will benefit will be the ones who jumped into the band wagon first.

When it comes to generating blog traffic, you need to know where your target customers visit. In case you realize they are always on facebook then that is where your focus should be. But as we speck people are rushing to Google plus and you need to go where your target audience spend most of their time.

Google plus is the new kid in the block when it gets to social media sites. This is a site that has been designed for people to link up with friends, family, colleagues and your business contacts.

In my many years in internet marketing I have discovered the secret is having various sources of getting blog traffic. The more work online marketing arsenals you have the more traffic you will attract. If am asked, you need to add Google plus or Google +1 to your web marketing campaign list.

Here are the advantages of Google Plus for bloggers

google +1Attracting direct blog traffic: It is just amazing how bloggers are beginning to generate quality traffic from Google +1 and they have not even added the button on their blogs. This goes to show with proper utilization of the Google Plus features, traffic to your blog will sky rocket.

As you share on google plus, add a link pointing to where you want to lead your followers. You will be surprised just how much direct blog traffic you will generate. It is just a month ago when Google +1 was launched and yet it is generating a lot of traffic for bloggers.

Just like any other social forum, share content that is helpful that aims to educate and add values to your target audience. This will mean you get more recommendation from your friends and business contacts.

Ability to really engage your followers: Unlike twitter where you need to have lots of followers for you to have real impact, with Google Plus the story is different. With just a small following you can fully engage your followers and much more so in a personal level.

The site has been created in such a way that interactions are more personalized. In addition, engagement with your connections is very simple since the site if user friendly.

As a work online business person you know that building relationship is the key to making money online from home. It helps you gain credibility and thus online presence.

Classification of your followers: On facebook or twitter any time you updated your wall, all your fans and followers can view your update. This means that you needed to have two accounts; one for fun and another for serious business stuff.

The case is different with Google Plus; with the feature called “circle” you are able to engage one segment of your followers without involving the other circles. This will also be very helpful for bloggers that have blogs in different niches.

You can create more that one circles of friends. For instance, if you have two blogs; one about working online and another for weight loss tips. You can come up with two circles, one for business and another for health. This will ensure when you post about health tips your circle of friends in business will not see the posts.

This gets even better since you can also send a message to one person at a time. All this features will increase the chances of generating unique blog traffic thus a high sales conversion rate.

Potential audience congregating at one place: In just two weeks, 10 million people signed up on Google +, this just goes to show that there is something about Google plus you simply cannot ignore.

Since the social media marketing site is still new and there are several features that need to be worked on, there is no way 10 million people can congregate in one place without money flowing. My follower blogger, you must take full advantage of Google Plus right away.

Google +Search engine placement: Google +1 feature is the one tool that will really help people trying to make money blogging. Therefore, you have to add the Google +1 sign on your blog since it will boost your search engine ranking.

Ideally, content recommended by your business contact and friends is of more relevance than from people in other niches. A Google +1 recommendation from someone in your niche will be a signal to Google to prove that your content is relevant and of quality. This in turn will boost you site positioning on google search results.

It is hence of great importance that online marketers embrace google plus to create blog traffic from Google. The beauty about it is that it won’t take many recommendations for an article on your blog to rank. With just like 10 Google plus recommendation your blog post can rank very well on google search results.

If you ask me, Google Plus is the next big thing in search engines optimization. In the near future Google + will be part of the google algorithms. It will be an indicator of how much people value or trust a particular site or blog post.

If you want unique traffic then look at Google plus.

The new best place to be: The day you will begin getting email notification from Google Plus is the day you see its power. It is really great seeing people in your niche adding you to their circle of friends. It is an indicator of how people love your content which translates to more online sales conversions.

If you are offering rich content you will note that you will get more friends on Google + more you will ever get on Facebook and twitter.

One thing is for sure, Google will make sure they will perfect Google +. Those bloggers that ignored social site as a means of generating traffic are now regretting. Facebook has really helped people making money online earn even much more cash.

If you were one of those guy that overlooked facebook and twitter, you now have an opportunity to redeem yourself. Create a Google Plus account right away and remember to include the Google +1 button on your web pages.

It will not take long before you begin seeing an increase of targeted blog traffic to your posts. Aim to add people in your niche, like ME, to your circle of friends and you will definitely love it.

I am really looking forward to linking up with you on Google Plus.

How To Make Money Online While Working At Home

How To Make Money Online While Working At Home

Continuing from last week….

Last week we discussed five great ideas of earning money online as you are working at home. On the news you will hear of countries that are unable to offer employment to their citizenry. But there is a simple way out and that is definitely work online jobs.

On the world-wide-web there are many streams of income, all you need to do is just open your eyes. People from all walks of life and of all ages are making millions of dollars per month as they are working at home.

It might not be possible for you to implement all this great strategies of making money online, but after looking through these tips shared on this write up and the previous publication on work from home ideas, you will opt for the strategy that you think will work best for you.

Here are the other excellent blog/website monetization strategies:

Affiliate Marketing: As much as there are several ways to make money online the one that stands out for me is affiliate programs. This is where associates pick other people’s products and sell them to earn commissions. In short, affiliates are paid depending on the action taken by their sales leads. This actions may include purchasing a product/service or subscribing for information.

All you need to do is identify a company or companies you wish to work with and sign up. Choose related niche products and promote the affiliate links that will be unique to your account. You can upload this links on your blog or site and as your audience click on these links they will be taken to your affiliate company website. If they buy the product you get paid.

Paid-Per Sale affiliate: The commissions that you can get when you refer a customer to an affiliate company vary. On a site like Click Bank you may earn up to 70% commissions. What I’m trying to say is that you make more cash when you work with companies that sell products or services. Note: These products may be physical or virtual.

Pay-Per-Lead affiliate: As earlier mentioned there are some associate companies that pay their affiliate for just referring people to their website. All you will be required to do is promote their affiliate link and your leads will be requested to take some actions like filling in a form with their personal details e.g. email address, postal address, location and so on. In most cases these affiliate programs pay very little commissions.

The best thing about affiliate programs is that you do not need to invest a single dime so as to become an associate/affiliate. In fact the moment you see a company asking you to pay money so that you may enroll be very careful, because it may very well be an online scam.

The best approach to affiliate promotion is first to generate traffic and only pick products that are related to your site subject matter. Even though selling some products may be very competitive, if you have good and unique traffic you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.

There are several website that you can work with and some include Commission Junction, Amazon, Click Bank, Life Commission, PayDotCom, Click2Sell, Nanacast just to mention but a few. If you need to get more affiliate sites in your niche you can search on google or yahoo.

Taking Surveys:

This is an excellent option for guys who want to make money online fast while working at home. The beauty of this legit work online job is that you do not need to have any set of skills. Though it matters with the location you are in. In some countries like Unite Sates and some Europeans counties you will find very many paid survey programs unlike countries in Africa.

In order to succeed in this online money making strategies you will need to have a computer and internet connection. This is a perfect tactic of generating extra revenue on part time bases. Just set aside some good time every day to share your opinions on paid surveys.

With this money making option you will periodically be getting online surveys for you to take and once you share your opinions you get paid. In some sites members are required to pay a certain amount so as to be receiving premier high paying surveys.

Freelancing Work: This is another very good strategy of working at home. Mostly what happens here is that freelancing websites attempt to connect employers and freelancers. Therefore freelancing is about offering your services or skills online for a fee.

These skills vary therefore you can easily get something that you can do. They include article writing, data entry, Logo designing, Website designing, graphic designing, search engine marketing, software programming, Java script, Copy Writing, content proofreading and the list goes on and on.

Some of these freelance sites can be found if you do a search but here are some of the well known sites you can look at; ODesk, Get A Freelancer, Scriptlance, and many others. All you are required to do is register yourself (free of charge); after you have made money some fee will be deducted from your earnings for the service provided by the freelance site. On some sites people do pay to become premium members.

Have you lost your job or do you want to fire your boss? All you need is to have a computer, good internet connection and then go right ahead and offer your expertise in exchange for cash.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM): If there is one thing that has made many people make millions of dollars is definitely network marketing. Though this style of business is done both online and offline on this article I will concentrate more on working at home on the internet.

MLM is where you get other people to work for you and with you. When you are talking about leverage multilevel marketing tops the chat. Ideally these are companies that move their product by omitting middle men and directing the cash the middle men are getting to their customers. The concept works perfectly when a company offers a service or product that is of quality and the consumers go out to market the product to others for a commission.

Most people confuse MLM with pyramid schemes but for you to differentiate the two; MLM’s offer products (physical or digital) while ponzi schemes have no products to offer.

The people that are brought in are known as referrals or downlines. Hence once you join a networking company you are expected to introduce other folks to the company’s products and get paid. They too are expected to perform the same thing you did and you will also get paid for their efforts.

The payment plans vary and some include Binary Plan, 2 Up Plan, Matrix Plan, Unilevel, Direct Line Plan, Stair Step Plan and many more. On a later date we will discuss these payment plans in detail so that you may know their pro and cons.

The main phrase when it comes to networking marketing is “Word Of Mouth”. But also you can do multilevel marketing while working at home by joining online MLM firms. Currently, most networking firms are turning to doing their business online. This is because on the internet you have a greater chance of reaching a wider audience other than just talking to the people close to you.

In most legit MLM programs you are be required to buy a product so as to join a multilevel marketing firm. Some of the industries that have adopted this mode of marketing include health & nutrition companies, travel companies, book publishers and many others.

When it comes to working at home with online MLM programs the best approach is to first research well on the company you intent to work with. Make certain it’s a firm that is related to the content you have on your site. From there do a good detailed review of the company’s products, pay plan and mention the directors. Within the post remember to include your unique referral link. If you attract quality targeted traffic to your blog you will in no time start getting downlines from people you have never met and will never meet in your life. Now this is what I call ultimate online money making.

In all the above mentioned tips of making cash online the best approach is to first have a niche blog or a website. Then come up with educative content in your industry. Search for online marketing strategies that will generate traffic to your site like article marketing, search engine optimization, forum marketing, video marketing or social media marketing.

Once you start attracting visitors to your blog you can choose one of the above monetization strategies that you think will work best for your site or blog.

My friends working online at home is the way to go, therefore don’t be left behind. If you are still in employment, it would be advisable to go with make money online tactics that can be done on part time bases.

All the best and lets meet on the next millionaire club!!!

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