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Affiliate Marketing Strategies As You Work Online

Affiliate Marketing Strategies As You Work Online

When you have ventured into the field of affiliate marketing you should keep in mind a few tips in order to succeed in your business. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most appealing ways to make money online.

It is an endeavor in which you send traffic to another person’s website, who is the merchant, by advertising a link of the product or service he offers on your website. You get paid a commission in return for advertising different products ranging from scented candles to jewelry and also services such as debt affiliate program and work online programs.

However, to be a successful affiliate marketer and earn enough commissions you need to follow some rules.

Here are some tips on how to become successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Think about your subscribers – You should think about your subscribers and how you can serve them instead of haggling over commissions. Long term success can be achieved only if you dedicate your efforts towards finding the problems that your subscribers are facing and help them solve these problems.

In this way you will be able to generate goodwill and a loyal customer base, which will ensure a regular traffic to your website and increase your earnings through commission.

2. Choose Niche Products – It is important that before you begin any online business you determine which niche to target. This will enable you to focus on creating relevant content and offering related niche affiliate marketing products.

Just because you heard there is a gardening tool that is selling, does not means you start promoting the same tool on your sports news blog. This will only confuse your visitors thus the click through rate and bounce rate will go up.

debt affiliate marketingAlways offer your target audience with affiliate marketing products that are relevant to the content you share. Wear the shoes of your customers and seek for products that will address the difficulties they face. This way you will make money as you work online at home.

3. Try offering bonuses – It is advisable that you offer bonuses on as many products as you can, which you promote in order to generate higher amount of sales. When you are offering bonuses, do not just offer any PLR product you lay your hands upon. If you want to be unique then create your own bonuses to offer.

You should keep in mind that these bonuses should be related to the individual products such that they provide additional value to the buyers.

4. Consider your affiliate company landing page – First impression matter a lot when it comes to online sales conversion. Before you decide to promote any affiliate company product, take time to look at their landing page.

If the landing page looks good to you then it will most likely be attractive to most of your visitors. The same goes to the banners, if a banner is attractive enough then your site guests will click on the images. The best strategy when it comes to banners advertising is getting flash banners. This is because when your site visitors see images moving they will most likely be tempted to click on the images.

5. Check the history of the affiliate marketing company you are working with – There are so many scams out there and it is imperative you research to make sure you do not waste time promoting a product and end up not getting paid.

Join online forums in your niche and ask about the company you want to work with. Linking up with the right people will go a long way in ensuring you join the right affiliate companies. In addition, you will get to know the products that are converting highly thus offer them to your target audience.

Note: Be careful when you come across an affiliate company asking you to pay so as to become an associate. Affiliate marketing should normally be free to join.

working online at home6. Don’t just copy paste links – Do not make the mistake of copying and pasting materials from your affiliate marketing company sales page, instead create your own review content. If you don’t be unique and provide content on your own words, your website will be no different to numerous others offering the same kind of products or services. You should give your customers something unique so that they keep visiting your website.

7. Sell products that you have used – In affiliate marketing it will have more impart if you market products that you have purchased. This will mean that as you provide reviews of the product you will be doing so from an informed position. It is also known as product knowledge.

It can really hurt your online credibility when you say what a product will do and it ends up doing the opposite. People like knowing what to expect before they buy a product thus using it will give you an upper hand.

These are the 7 major steps that you can take to ensure that the affiliate marketing program you are offering draws enough traffic. Always remember, since the amount of traffic visiting your website is your main source of income, you should try your level best to capitalize on creating rich and informative content.

Some people would like you to think making money through affiliate marketing is difficult but that is not the case. It can be easy if you apply the correct tactics and the way to do that is by learning form the best in the market.

Research on the best techniques of affiliate promotion, this is by reading and observing the top blogs in your niche. Read articles that have been posted by affiliate marketers and make sure you implement the tips they share accordingly.

The last thing you need to have is to believe in your capabilities. Nothing comes easy therefore you need to have persistence and focus on being the best in your niche. Making money as you work online has got nothing to do with getting rich quick schemes, you have to be patient.

There is still more to learn when it comes to working online from home in relation to affiliate marketing. Follow the links right below to harness more info.

Facebook Timeline Cover Page – A Close Web Marketers’ Partner

Facebook Timeline Cover Page – A Close Web Marketers’ Partner

Some time back we published a post about changes that facebook is doing to its layout. From then many other design updates have been done but the latest is the new facebook timeline cover.

Timeline was launched in December 2011 and we must agree facebook has really made large strides since then. Number of users has grown to above 900 million. It is estimated that by the end of the year facebook will hit 1 billion active users.

This is a big feat by any standards no wonder facebook is envied by many. Facebook also got listed on the stock exchange with investors jostling to get a piece of the leading social media site. Though the IPO did not go as anticipated, the future of facebook looks so bright.

Enough with the statistics and let us get back to the reason of writing this blog post. Facebook timeline has several features that online entrepreneurs can use to promote their businesses.

Ideally, when you look at the cover of the facebook timeline, posts are arranged in a historical format. Your recent activities which include updates, pictures and videos are streamed at the top of your timeline.

The streaming can be applied to both your personal page and fan page. This makes it easier for your target audience to track your activities thus help you market your business on facebook.

If you have not activated your facebook timeline you better do it right away. Click here to learn how to get facebook timeline.

Before timeline was launched, facebook implemented several changes to their layout. It became difficult to keep track of all these changes. Later, facebook settled for timeline which offered new and better marketing and optimization opportunities.

Note: Facebook has just updated timeline where you can schedule your updates. According to some internet marketing pundits this will offer stiff competition to sites like Hoot Suite, and Tweet Deck. This also spells doom to applications such as Post Planner. To find out more about this new feature watch the video below

On this post we shall discuss some of the advantages that the facebook timeline cover offers internet marketers. Whether you have a big or small web business you need to read this post to the very end to see how you can increase traffic to your site through facebook.

How business people can benefit from using timeline:

The element of user friendliness:

You do not need to have any technical skills in order to operate timeline. The interface is so straight forward for both the admin and visitors.

In the facebook timeline admin area, you can be able to track activities such as comments, likes and sharing of your updates. Timeline comes with a section that shows your page analytics in terms of visitor engagement.

This is inform of a graph that displays your page reach, likes and more importantly it shows the number of people talking about your page. You also get a more detailed report on other activities that bring people to your page such as pictures, mentions or message posts and so on.

How you benefit from the Cover photo:

The top of your facebook timeline cover is definitely the most important when it comes to marketing on facebook. This is because it is the first thing people see when they land on your facebook page.

This area is dedicated for adding an image and it has a measurement of 851 x 315 pixels. It therefore goes without saying that the image you use has to be very captivating.

Generally, people are drawn to images than they are to text. And this must have been the reason for facebook to allocate this area to facebook users.

As a business person you need to fully take advantage of your cover photo to catch the attention of your target audience. The image will determine if visitors will remain on your page or exit immediately without reading what you have to offer.

It is good to note that facebook timeline has some limitation when it comes to adding a cover photo. You are not allowed to upload promotional images. This includes images that have information about offers or discounts to your services.

You are also not to add contact information such as your telephone number or email. According to facebook guidelines, you are not to include call to action messages to your cover image on timeline.

Here we are talking of messages that tell visitors to like or share your page. This leaves web marketers with only one option, have a cover image that gets the attention of viewers.

The facebook timeline cover image is an opportunity to brand your business or yourself. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

facebook timeline page

Highlighting important information on your timeline:

You can now be able to highlight important information appearing on your facebook timeline page. This is by stretching an update across your page.

A post that has been stretched out will be easy to locate thus help you promote your business. You can also take an old post and pin it on the top left side of your page. This feature helps you to give new life to your old updates that had long been forgotten.

Easy interaction with your audience:

One of the reasons of marketing on social sites is to interact with your customers. As you communicate with your clients, you build relationships which help boost your business profile.

The new facebook timeline has a feature that allows easy communication between you and your target audience. Now people can send you direct messages which you can respond to in real time.

This element of communication has helped businesses offer quality customer service. In addition, you will be able to build relationships with clients and network with other people in your niche.

In case you do not need to receive messages using this feature, timeline enables you to deactivate it.

Making use of Apps in your timeline:

There are many apps that you can use on your facebook timeline cover to promote your business. Some of the apps you can use include NetworkedBlogs that updates your blog posts onto your wall.

Another great and free app to use for optimizing your facebook timeline cover is Shortstacks. With this app you will easily integrate your website or blog into your facebook fan page.

An important attribute of shortstack is the ability to add links pointing back to your blog from facebook. Apart from optimization, it helps you generate direct referral traffic to your blog or website.

The stockstack application widget will appear right below your cover images thus offering you an opportunity to promote your business.

Updates are viewable by all people:

This is yet another powerful element of facebook timeline. If your business is mentioned in a post or comment it will appear on your timeline where all people coming to your page can see.

Though this feature can be disabled, it is recommended that you enable it to help boost social proof. This way you will gain trust from your audience thus boost conversion rate.

Elimination of landing pages:

The one thing that facebook timeline did away with was creation of landing pages. Gone are the days when online marketers created fan pages that elicited “Like” button clicks, sharing and other call to action messages.

The new facebook design and layout allows you to take people to your timeline directly. The reason for facebook to do away with landing pages was to give people an opportunity to explore a business before visiting the website.

This gives more reason for you to make sure your timeline is interesting and eye catching. You also have to include insightful content that will leave viewers with no option but to visit your site for more.

Summary: Facebook has for sure cemented their dominance in social media and other sites like twitter, linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest are left to do catch up.

If you ask me, facebook timeline has a very appealing look. Any business person who is not using facebook to market their business is for sure leaving money on the table.

I also like the element that facebook brings to online marketing. Rather than focusing on marketing, facebook is putting more emphasis to improving user experience.

What are your views about timeline in relation to business promotion, post your comments in the section provided below.

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How To Increase Web Visitors To Your Home Business Blog

How To Increase Web Visitors To Your Home Business Blog

Recently, I posted an article on how article word count is important when it comes to attracting web visitors. Today, we are going to revisit the topic and you will learn some amazing facts about increasing site traffic.

Google’s recent updates have really hit many top websites. The number of web visitors to most top rated sites has dropped considerably. Sadly, Google has marked these sites and thus making their way back to the top to be daunting task.

But the question to ask is; what did these sites do wrong to be where they are now? What do you do to make sure you too don’t become a victim of the same? The answer is simple; do what others are not ready to do.

Am sure you are asking what that is; studies show that most bloggers and webmasters are lazy. We want to make money online but are not ready to pay the price. In order to direct web visitors to your site you need to go an extra mile.

On this post we shall discuss simple but very effective strategies of increasing your web visitors. Chances are that only 5% of you will do what this article advices and yet these are the secrets to generating income through blogging.

market on the internet

Here goes!

You all know that with traffic you can earn income online from home whether you like it or not. Even if you have not monetized your site, advertisers will be willing to pay you so as to channel some of your web visitors to their sites or products.

The question in most people’s minds especially newbies and some seasoned veterans are; why I’m not seeing an increase in website visitors? How come others are recording 10,000 web visitors everyday while the most my site records are 200 visitors?

Today you will get the answer to those questions. The only thing that will make you not to generate the traffic you want is to fail to implement these strategies.

1: Research thoroughly:

Knowledge is power and that is why you should always seek to empower yourself by reading widely. As a blogger, you should seek to read new content every day. Subscribe to links where you can be gathering content that is related to your niche.

Top bloggers read any book or content that they can lay their hands on especially when it is related to their area of expertise. That is the only way of moving from been called a newbie and becoming an authority in your niche.

In the next two points you will see why research is very vital in online marketing. Without researching you will not be able to write long articles.

Referring to other bloggers is also an important aspect of increasing web visitors. But how can you mention someone you have never met or read his or her content. The only way to achieve these two things is by researching.

Researching opens your eyes to new and better ideas of doing things. It ensures you broaden your thinking and thus address the needs of all your web visitors adequately.

How to research and get quality content:

a)      Bookmark the sites and blogs of top bloggers in your niche. This will ensure you visit these blog and get up to date content and events in your niche.

b)      Subscribe to RSS feeds that offer rich content in your area of interest.

c)      Enlist your email to people that provide content that will help you in your area of interest.

d)     Use Google search to get quality content.

e)      Read books authored by top professionals in your industry.

f)       Attend events and conferences organized in your locality related to your niche. This will help you meet other people with like minds and share ideas. In addition, you will expose your blog to more people thus increasing web visitors.

g)      Follow top bloggers in your niche on sites twitter, google +1, LinkedIn and facebook.

I like the way Ralph Waldo puts it “Every artist was first an amateur”. In short it means that you have to be ready to begin from zero and make your way up. You build web presence online by reading and then reading some more.

This is the only way of gaining knowledge thus have quality articles to pass on to your web visitors.

2: Blog post word count in relation to increasing web visitors:

Google is now giving more preference to long articles. Writing long posts means coming up with articles with more than 1000 words. But it would be even better for you to create web pages with 3000 words.

When it comes to showing search results, search engines always seek to improve user experience. Therefore, when there are two articles with related content, search engine will give more preference to the longer article.

This should tell you that the era of posting articles with 300 words is over. If you find such an article ranking, it is probably because search engines have nothing else to show.

Studies also have revealed that long articles are likely to attract more backlinks than short ones. This is because longer posts get more exposure than shorter ones.

How to ensure that your long articles are exciting to read:

There are many kinds of web visitors and you need to profile your readers so as to know how to write. People usually get bored when they see endless content. Hence you need to break your content buy adding videos, captivating and related images, graphs and so on.

According to the owner of viper chill, Glen; long blog posts which are educative, proove your expertise and that is how you become an authority in your niche. Share content on how-to and you will be a darling to many.

Research is an integral element when it comes to writing long articles. You do not what to keep repeating the same point over and over again. Before you get down to drafting and article, do thorough groundwork. This is by reading as much content as possible.

In addition, mention the sources where you have gathered your content by adding external links. With time readers will view you as been honest and thus share your content.

Readability is also important for anyone who is keen on increasing web visitors. When you are picking a template always choose the one with a white background. Your font should be big enough where a person with a 20/20 vision can read with ease.

The recommended font size to use is between 12px and 16px. As for the font style to use, Times New Roman or Georgia is OK. These two font styles are friendly on most computer screens.

Short paragraphs are much easier to read. Long paragraphs are boring and in a way scare most readers. Try to have 2 to 4 sentences in each of your paragraphs.

The use of subheading is also a good way to make you content easy to read. Subheadings help you readers know where to find your important points faster.

web visitorsExamples of a blogs that use long and well researched blog posts to great success are Viper Chill and ConversionXL. You are better off writing one article a week which is long and educative rather than posting short articles with no real meat.

In order to get as much web presence as possible, today’s web marketing dictates you come up with long articles. My advice is you try composing web pages with more than 2000 words or more.

When you do that you will be ahead of 95% of webmasters and bloggers. These articles will surely take you time to generate but the results are worth the effort.

3: Submit your content on other related sites:

You can have the most compelling articles in the world but if no one sees them then you work is in vain. This is especially so when your site is new. Apart from writing content that is SEO friendly, you need to use other channels to distribute your content on the web.

Stop creating castles in the air by hoping some great online guru will find your content and share it. You have to take the initiative by blowing your own trumpet.

Here are some ways of distributing your content to great effect:

–          Social media sharing: Some people say that social bookmaking is like duplicating content but that is a myth. There is a great difference between syndicating content and duplicating content.

Have you ever asked yourself how a site like CNN is ranked high and yet people distribute their news content all over the internet?

Duplicate content is when you have two similar pages within the same site. But when people pick your content and share on other sites that is called syndicating. Now that is the benefit of social sharing.

There is no way a person will share your content if he/she does not know of its existence. This is to tell you that you need to have followers on twitter and loyal fans on facebook. It would be even more advantageous if you created a long email list.

The more web visitors are exposed to your content, the higher the chances of them spreading the word around about your site. But on the other hand, your content has to add value to your readers.

Apart from sharing your content and web page links on facebook, linkedin, Google plus and twitter, submit you links to site like:



Stumble Upon


Hacker News

Diigo among others

Social bookmarking has the power of making your content go viral. People who love your content will help you distribute and in the process expose your content to even more web visitors.

Note: You have to research and publish content that is provocative, insightful and at the same time educative, that is if you want people to share it.

Adding social media buttons on your web pages is very critical when it gets to increasing web visitors. Apart from adding the social icons, you have to request your readers to share your content.

You will be amazed how a simple call to action will help spread your content and links on the internet. Ask your website visitors to subscribe to your email list, RSS feeds and follow you on twitter.

Let me repeat this again since it the most important point, create valuable content that is well researched. This will mean sitting down for long hours to come up with long educative articles.

If you want to be successful in blogging for profit you have to be ready to go an extra mile. Most people are lazy therefore you have a better chance, get down to work.

increase web visitors

–          Refer to others in your web content: Human beings are egocentric by nature. If you ask me, online business entrepreneurs are the first culprits.

Webmasters and bloggers love it when they see others talking about them. This to means more exposure and thus helping them increase web visitors.

It is amazing how some people will look to get 5 minute celebrity status when they see a journalist with a camera asking people questions on the street. Most people will want the cameraman to get even a slight glimpse of them by passing in front of the camera.

Just the other day, I met a top journalist in Kenya, Larry Madowo, in the shopping mall and did not let the opportunity pass me by.

As a blogger you need to apply the same principle and you will definitely increase web visitors. In all your blog posts, mention companies and bloggers in your niche. Remember to also include links pointing back to their sites.

The effect of mentioning other people is that soon enough they will note traffic coming from you to their site. Within no time they will want to know more about you and the content you share.

Next day you will find these same bloggers sharing and talking about your blog or website. This is good for your site since it helps you increase your link profile naturally just the way Google likes it.

Summary: As you can see from this publication, it is very easy to increase web visitors. All you need is to set aside some time on a daily or weekly basis to come up with educative and captivating content.

Now you know why they say that content it king when it comes to marketing on the web. It takes people to make money online and thus you must know how to grab their attention.

These are simple and achievable strategies to achieve. Therefore get down to work and create long articles. Remember to name other people especially the top bloggers within your niche.

Give and it shall be given back to you 10 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold. That is what the bible says and the same applies to blogging. The more you talk about others the more exposure you will get.

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How To Guarantee Success In Online Writing Jobs

How To Guarantee Success In Online Writing Jobs

The other day, one of my fans asked me why I have stopped publishing articles about online jobs and I thought it prudent today to share on the same. On this article we are going to specifically look at online writing jobs.

There are many ways on making money online and freelance writing jobs definitely one of the best. The problem is that writing is not easy. Few people are born with writing talents but for most of us we have to practice to become good writers.

In order to kick start your online writing career, you need to brace yourself for lots of researching and you also need to have a willingness to learn. Thanks to the internet, writing online is not as difficult as some people would like you to think. There are simple tools and software that you can use to enjoy being a freelance writer.

As an online freelance writer, you know that the more content you generate the more money you will make. Therefore, you need to know strategies and tools to use in order to ease your work.

In addition, you need to know the right sources to get genuine online writing jobs. It is very discouraging to spend researching and writing a post only for someone to fail to pay you for your efforts.

Below we are going to share with your sites where you will get genuine internet writing jobs. We shall also discuss strategies and tools you need to use as a freelance writer to make your work easier and thus get more jobs done in time.

Tops sites to get legitimate writing jobs:

Blogging Pro: Considering that finding legit people seeking for writes to generate for them content is difficult, a site like is the right place to go. Once on the site, click on the Job board and you will get a list of jobs to choose from.

Apart from getting legit writing jobs, on this site you get clients that will pay you well. The fact that clients are vetted and pay a fee to list their jobs, it ensures online writers get paid for their efforts.

oDesk: The other online writing portal that is recommended to get writing jobs is oDesk. The moderating process is done professionally thus making oDesk one of the best places to land writing jobs.

You will be paid depending on how you score on the online tests. But as you go on building your profile and completing writing jobs to advertisers’ satisfaction, the rate will definitely go up.

Problogger Jobs Board: The other site that you can visit to help you overcome the challenge of landing legit work online jobs is Once you visit the site click on jobs and you will see latest writing jobs.

As a way to moderate and make sure that advertiser are posting quality and legit online writing jobs, they are charged $50. This is for a period on 30 days. Again, this ensures only people genuinely looking for writers will place adverts.

Writing is not easy and thus writers need to feel appreciated for their contribution towards helping to generate content. Visit the above mentioned sites and get clients who will value your writing.

How to advance your online writing career:

Learn from experts: For those who are out to develop their online writing skills you need to check out Freelancer Writers Den.

In whichever industry you are involved in, it is always advisable to learn from the best. The same case applies to freelance writing, on freelance writers den there are quality online tutorials to teach you on how to write online.

There are also forums where you can connect with other writers who are experienced thus ask questions and get professional advice.

how to make money with online writing Jobs

Moreover, you will get access to writing courses and watch expert freelance writers being interviewed.  You might be a talented writer but that does not mean you do not need help. Learning from others who have gone ahead of you will really help you become a better writer.

Get a notepad: In my experience as a blogger, I have discovered most ideas come to me when I’m offline. It is very important to capture these new ideas that come to mind when you least expect.

In fact, things that cross your mind when you are offline turn out to be very valuable to your articles. There are events that take place out there that can contribute a great deal in generating quality and insightful articles.

In order to capture new ideas it is recommended at all times you walk with a pen and paper. A phone or tablet computer can also be good a place to write down ideas while you are away from your work station.

While on the move, you can also come across images or events that will help you generate content. Therefore, have a camera with you or get a mobile phone that can capture both still and motion pictures.

Content structuring: Coming up with writing ideas is one thing but developing on those ideas is an entirely different ball game. When it comes to freelance online writing you need to know how to come up with good titles. You also have to make sure that the body of your articles is of high quality.

Try checking out a site like Creative Writing Prompts and take your online writing skills to another level.

The one thing that can really help you advance in online writing is breaking down your points. Structuring your content helps to make sure that your articles flow well and you do not miss out on mentioning important points.

There is a software called Free Mind that you can download and use to map your content. Are you seeking to be a professional online writer then Free Mind is the tool you need to get.

Another tool to make sure that advertisers line up for your articles is White Smoke. Freelance online writing requires you to have good command of the English language. White Smoke will correct your grammatical and spelling errors.

internet writing job

Avoiding distraction: The one enemy of writing online is distraction. If it is not people calling you while you are working, it is family members knocking at your door or a pop up window informing you of an incoming email or tweet.

For you to be productive you need to work in an environment that is free from noise. If you are a freelance writer working from home, noise from the Radio, TV or kids playing outside can really distract you.

It is believed that women can serve two masters thus external distraction will not affect them much. But for men, it can be a big challenge. The best way to avoid noise distractions is by getting an office or working only when you are alone in the house, if that is possible.

As for the pop ups that can really affect the flow of your content you can choose to work offline. There are also software like Writeroom designed for Mac computers and Darkroom for computers using windows. This software help block pop ups thus help you concentrate on your writing.

Though it may be an expensive venture to some people, getting 2 computers is the other way of avoiding getting distracted by pop ups. You can use one computer when you are online and another can be used only when you are generating content.

Quality is paramount when it comes to freelance online writing jobs; hence experts recommend you go offline when you are at work.

Improving your typing speed: There are times that you will get several writing jobs at the same time. Since you will need to deliver your work before the deadline, there is an agent need to learn how to type fast.

Ideally, the recommended typing speed to ensure you earn more money online through writing is 75 words per minute. To improve your typing speed you need to practice a lot.

Practice by communicating to your friends through chat and sending emails. There are also thousands of online forums you can enroll in where you get to participate in discussions by typing.

Personally, what helped me begin typing faster was blogging. Rather than getting someone else to generate content for me, I always write my own blog posts.

Online typing tests will also improve your typing speed. Sites that you can do typing tests are and TIPP10. If you download TIPP10 you will get additional smart features to make you a better freelance online writer.

The internet is filled with online games that require you to type. Apart from helping you identify where keys are position on the keyboard, typing games will help you to write online faster and have fun at the same time.

Some of the typing games include Qwery Warriors and Typer Shaker.

Backup your work: Most of the machines we use in our day to day life can get spoilt even without notice. As a freelance writer, a computer is your tool of trade.

To avoid losing your content in case your computer crashes, it is important to back up your work. It can be really sad if you ignored the importance of backing up your files and end up losing all your work.

One way of protecting your work is getting software that automatically backs up your work. Some software you can use includes NCH Software, Mozy backup Software and Fbackup.

On most of this software you can access your files from anywhere you can get internet connection. The other strategy is storing your work on your an external hard disk.

Handling side effects that are brought about by freelance online writing jobs

In order to be productive you need to be in sound health. Most online writers spend too much time working that they forget to take care of their bodies.

It is good to generate money but that should not be at the expense of your body. Below are ways of making sure you remain healthy and thus produce excellent work.

*Protecting your posture: Scientist say that sitting down for long hours will affect ones health. As a freelance writer you are forced to long hours in front of your computer researching and generating content.

how to sit while working

It is not hard to find people who do online writing jobs complaining of back pains or struggling with weight or suffering from diabetes due to lack of excises. Therefore, it is recommended that after every two hours you stand up and stretch a bit.

You can also opt to use a standing desk to work on your writing jobs. Research shows that using a standing desk can help you to improve your productivity 100 fold.

*Protect your eyes: Apart from affecting your back and increasing the chances of becoming obese, looking at your computer for long hours can affect your eyes. It is therefore advisable to take intervals of 5 minutes when you are writing.

Avoid putting too much light on your computer or working in the dark. Make sure there is enough light in the room whenever you are working on your computer.

You can also use software like F.lux that adjusts the resolution of your computer screen depending on the light around you. In addition, software called Eye Defender can help you in taking breaks every time you spend a certain period watching at your computer screen.

What the Eye Defender does is initiate a screensaver every 30 or 40 minutes. You can adjust your setting to have your desired intervals. Normally, the screensaver can stay on for about 5 minutes to help you relax. I recommend that during these intervals you stand up and stretch.

Am sure there is much more to share when it comes to online writing jobs, thus use the comment section below and contribute to this topic.

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Web Page Design Attributes | High Site Performance

Web Page Design Attributes | High Site Performance

On this blog, we have shared lots of information about online marketing and it’s high time we tackled in details another very important topic, web page design. Time and time again, you have heard people say that first impressions really matter, they are actually right.

The way you design your web pages and website in general determine how much money you will make online. The structure of your web page design can thrust you into the lime light or get you sidelined.

Some webmasters and bloggers generate lots of traffic but fail to reap full benefit due to the appearance of their sites. Technology is moving so fast and web designs that used to work some 5 or 10 years ago have today become outdated.

On the other hand, new technology can also lead to the downfall of other website. Web designers sometimes in their pursuit to please their clients, create sites that look like a Christmas tree. Doing business on the net is a delicate issue and therefore you need to be careful every step of the way.

But it is important to note that people are different, a site that would make me frown in pain, would erase the wrinkles on another man’s face. It is for this reason you need to know the preferences of your target audience. If you create web page designs that capture your target audience, the better for you.

If you can evoke the feelings of your target audience, they will keep coming back to your site again and again. Humans are emotional beings thus you need to create a site that will have a lasting impression so as to make money.

Site feel is determined by how your site visual appeal goes hand in hand with the expectations of your target audience. This is what necessitates your visitors to spread the word around about your site.

From the introduction some of you are asking; then how do I go about creating web page designs that will make my visitors come back again and again?

Here are some of the vital attributes of a good web page design:

Navigation bar: The moment you make your visitors wonder how to navigate through your site, you have lost them. Visitors should right away figure out how to find what they are looking for. Thus, your navigation bar should be simple and easy to locate.

Ideally, the best place to display the navigation bar is at the top of your web page design and at the side bar. If visitors come to your site via your web pages, the top of the web page should indicate which page they are reading and on which site or blog.

These calls for creating of a web Page URL that is related to what is contained in the body of the post. In addition, all the webpages you create should have a link pointing to your homepage. Apart from ensuring easy navigation, linking to your home page will boost your overall site SEO value.

A good web page design is where your visitors can easily find links to take them to other related pages. Avoid having pages where visitors have to scroll for too long to get more information. Rather, break your pages with links or have a side bar which they can use to navigate with.

Note: You definitely know the way around your site but that is not the case to your visitors, especially new visitors. Create a site where the web page design has a column on the left or site that contains a navigation menu. In case you have many webpages, make sure you provide your visitors and search engines with a site map.

Text type and color: The style you choose to have your text is very critical in web page design. Your text should not be too big or too small. The secret is to make sure that a person with a 20/20 vision can read what you have written.

It is recommended that you use a font size between 12px to 16px depending of the font style. Also, select a font style that matches with what your blog content is about. For example, you cannot use a font like this …work from home online business entrepreneurs have to…. for a business site unless you want to attract calligraphers.

An element of web page design that can bring down your site is the color of your background. If you are using black text make sure you choose a light background preferably white. Do not reverse and use white text with black background, you will put off your visitors.

The fact that there are over 200 colors to choose from, does not imply that you turn your blog into a rainbow. Try and pick colors that match in order to draw the attention of your visitors. A good color contrast is when you pick dark colors on light background and not the other way round.

Size of website: Some years back, websites had 800×600 screen resolution. But as we speak, most people browsing the internet are using a screen resolution of 1024×768. Therefore, if you create a web page design that will fit a small screen, people with big screen, who are the majority, will find your site looking petite and funny.

As much as we have advanced in technology, you need to be careful on how you design your website. People are more interested with the information you have to share and not the flashy aspects of your site. It is therefore prudent to keep things simple and nice.

Work with web page design templates that have been tried and tested. The moment you force your visitors to download other web tools in order to view your site, you will definitely loss them to your competitors.

web page designWeb page design layout: Most web designers will tell you that using frames in your page layout is easy. But you need to realize that frames can be a nightmare to your visitors. Ask yourself this, who do you intent to please, your web page designer or your target audience?

The disadvantage of using frames is that when visitors bookmark your webpages, they may not be able to come back to it. In addition, frames sometimes don’t work when you click on the back button.

Loading time: Just as is the case with the offline world, on the internet time has become of great essence. People are always in a hurry and want things that work out very fast and easy. Hence, when they open your site and it takes long to load they will click the close and move on to the next site which will most probably be your business rival.

The one culprit that would slow down your site loading time is images. Before you load any image on your site ensure you have reduced the size. As you build on your web site, use one or two images on every web page you add.

Information: If you ask experienced webmasters, they will tell that this should have been attribute number 1. When visitors land on your site they are more concerned with what you have to offer than how your site looks.

As much as visual appeal is important, if the content on your site is not adding value then you will not generate sales leads. In short, the point I’m trying to put across is that Content Is king.

You can spend thousands of dollars working on your web design, which is alright, but remember when visitors land on your site they are in search of what will be of benefit to them. Generate content that will address the needs of your target audience and for sure your site prospects will turn into loyal fans or customers.

Also, do not forget that you are writing to search engines; therefore use keywords that will tell engine spiders what your pages are all about.

It is really disappointing when you come across outdated information on a website. For example, you click on a link about an upcoming webinar only to find out it already took place last month.

Once an event has taken place, you must right away remove the page or amend it. This will in the long run help build your online reputation thus boost online visibility.

Link color: Though there are web page designs that use different colors when it comes to links, it is advisable to use conventional colors. Ideally, most people know links to be color blue while purple is for visited links.

Do not go changing these colors since you will end up confusing your site visitors. At all times, visitor experience should be your priority number 1.

Call to action: The idea behind starting an online business is to make money and the best way to achieve that is through engaging your audience. As you design your website, make sure your homepage and individual web pages have a call to action.

For example, on your homepage you can use hyper links that have words like “read more” or “click here”. These are simple call to action messages that compel your readers to explore more of what you have to offer.

Other techniques of engaging your site visitors include having an online contest, requesting your readers to share your content, offering free downloads or simply asking visitors to leave comments.

WordPress is the best platform to use since they have plugins that will help you to easily incorporate functions that will make your web page design more interactive. These include plugins where you can add popular post, online videos, display popular commenters and so on.

Images: Your site would look so beautify with a rose flower appearing on your homepage, but you need to ask yourself how that image is related to the content on your make money online blog.

It is amazing how images can speak a thousand words. That is why photographers make a lot of money; they are keen to visualize on things that you and I do not care to see.

Do your site a favor, by uploading quality and original images that are related to your content. This will go a long way in ensuring that your web page design is worth visiting again and again.

Having good images does not imply posting pictures that are moving all over the place. Normally, blinking images and banners sidetrack your site audience from reading and absorbing your content. They might appear fancy, but animation can easily turn off your readers.

Instead, use still images that depict the story contained in your webpage. This way you will offer a friendly environment for visitors to interact with your blog or website.

Site functionality: An element that can negatively affect your site ranking and performance is broken links. A good web page design needs to have links that function well. Test to confirm if all the links in your navigation bar are working perfectly.

Add plugins like Link Checker which will inform you whenever you have broken links.

Avoid uploading images that do not display well by testing before publishing. In case you notice an image that is not displaying well, replace or remove it immediately.

Recap: There is a thin line between success and failure as far as online business is concerned. You may have the most attractive web page design, but lack of visitors will leave a sore taste in your mouth.

Therefore, as you seek to create web page designs that are appealing to the eye, put more efforts on marketing your site. This you will achieve by optimizing your content, marketing on social sites among other web marketing tactics.

Do you have something extra you want to add relating to what we have discussed? Share with us using the comment section provided below. Also feel free to share this article to your friends using the social buttons appearing on the left.



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What Is Scarcity Marketing In Work Online Promotion

What Is Scarcity Marketing In Work Online Promotion

Scarcity marketing is a promotion tactic where one gives customers the impression that if they do not take action now they may lose out. This work online marketing strategy makes buyers’ act now so as to avoid getting locked out on a deal.

Many are the times you see network marketing companies applying scarcity marketing to promote their programs. They use terms like, “make your payments today to lock your position”. The other day I joined an online program and after some days they sent me a mail.

The mail stated that a person in my powerline made some payments and I needed to lock my position so as not miss out in commissions.

Network marketing firms are not the only once that use this work online marketing strategy; companies out to push their products or services also apply it. You hear them using statements like “while stocks last” or “the offer is just for a limited time…”

Closing the door is perfect since people will rush to purchase a product or register before the time is up. Normally, after the said dates one is not able to get the product. As much as it may seem absurd to lock out buyers, what the strategy does is to compel people to come to a decision fast.

scarcityIt also brings about an element of rareness, thus people will be keen to note when the doors will be open again so as they get the product or join the program.

Just the other day, I saw this online commercial where they were saying the first 200 people to register on their site will get a free bonus work from home eBook. This scarcity strategy is like saying; the early bird catches the worm.

The idea here is to reward the people that grab the product first. It also goes further in creating some sense of urgency thus buyers rushing to scope the top cream.

These kinds of offers normally work very well since people rush so as to get the free offers or avoid being locked out. Am sure you too have examples of scarcity promotions you have come across, you can share them with us.

The secret about scarcity marketing is the ability to play with the human psyche. Ideally, people like it when they hold an item that is rare to get. So the more unavailable a product is the more people will want to acquire it.

In addition, scarcity promotion gives the notion of missing out on an opportunity. Therefore, buyers would go to great lengths to have the product and feel like they are in control. In short, customers will have no choice but buy the product right away.

Research has shown that over 90% of customers purchase a product just because they are getting a discount. But remember, this will only work if the said product is of high quality.

In many occasions scarcity marketing works well, but the misuse of the same can greatly be detrimental to ones online reputation.

To make sure that the scarcity advertising works you have to keep to your promises. If you tell buyers that you are offering 50% discount on a product for certain duration of time, ensure the offer remains in the stipulated time.

It is alright to add a day to two at most, since if you add more than that your product may not seem as valuable. The secret to succeeding in scarcity advertising is to firmly honor your promises. In case you promise you will re-open the doors on a certain day, do not open earlier than the said date.

scarcity advertisingThe product you are offering has to deliver to its promised. It would be bad for business to promote software that claims to help in SEO and the product fails to deliver.

Another scarcity technique is where a product is released to a few people and then they are asked to invite others. A good example of a company that really loves this strategy is Google.

When Google launched Gmail, Google Talk and recently Google Plus they did just that. They allowed a small number of people to register then they closed and one could only sign up by being referred by people who are already members.

To demonstrate the attributes of the human psyche, most people end up soliciting for invites and probably they do not know if the program works or not.

If you have a product that you want to introduce to the market, scarcity marketing is a technique to think about. Most work online marketers have incorporated this marketing tactic with great success.

Something else to note is the timing; you need to observe the market trends so as to know the right time to release your products. It would be counterproductive to release a product while a similar one is in the market.

Do your groundwork and consider the reaction that people in your niche will have when you use scarcity promotion. Armed with the psyche of your target audience, you will be able to decide which strategy is best to implement.

The beauty of scarcity marketing is the fact that it can really hype your product. Just the fact that there is a short supply of a commodity can make a product’s value hit the roof.

You can still harness more online marketing strategies by following the links appearing right below.

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