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10 Rules On How To Manage Social Media Marketing

10 Rules On How To Manage Social Media Marketing

As things stand today, you can only ignore social media management at you own peril. Online business entrepreneurs are embracing social media marketing solutions than ever before.

This has been brought about by the recent events in the search engine world when Google released the Search Your World algorithm Update.

You would have thought that all webmasters have read this algorithm update and started implementing it right away, but very few marketers really know do that. It could be that people don’t really know the value of doing the right thing or they just choose to be naïve.

It therefore signifies that any blogger or webmaster, who keeps up with the times as far as online marketing is concerned, will always be ahead of the pack.

With search engines now monitoring your social activities to rank your content, you need to know how to manage your social media optimization.

If you have been following this work online from home blog, of late we have been dedicated to publishing content on various aspects of social media management.

We started out by posting an article about the new social media site that is causing a stir and some controversy in the social media world.

Below are the titles of the articles related to social media solutions:

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On this write we are going to look at other very important aspects of social media that will give you an edge over your competitors.

The reason for saying this is because very few marketers actually do the right thing when it comes to social media marketing.

Below are guidelines of marketing your business on social sites thus ensuring online presence and proper branding. In addition, these rules will help you to connect and build lasting relationships with your target audience.

Rule #1: Subscribe to social media updates: The importance of monitoring what is happening in the social media arena is that you will always be ahead of your competitors.

It will mean, if a new social site is launched you will be among the first to take advantage. In addition, you will get information on real time of any changes or updates to the already existing social media sites.

The word social means building communities and it is from these connections you will be in a position to acquire new visitors and customers to your site.

Rule #2: Learn how various social media sites work: Opening an account on facebook, Chime, Yammer, Google +1 or pinterest is one thing; you also need to learn how these sites operate.

This means you read their rules and guidelines to make sure you take full advantage. One important element of managing social media is to make sure you fill in your user profile details comprehensively.

Include your links and related keywords in your profile. This will act as quality backlinks to your site thus ensure social media optimization.

Rule #3: Set goals: The same way you have to plan when approaching SEO, is the same manner you should go about implementing social media management.

Plan on how you are going to connect to the right people and how often you are going to update your wall. If you have to buy ads space, define your goals to make sure you get your Return on Investment (ROI).

You might say that marketing through social media is free but you also need to realize that you will send time marketing. As you know, there is nothing as expensive as time, thus work smart to ensure your efforts are rewarded.

Rule #4: Avoid the use of high marketing pitches: Imagine going to a friend’s birthday party carrying products to sell. One thing is definitely going to happen; you will be lucky if you don’t get thrown out.

Social sites are meant for relating and not selling. The minute you begin hard selling people will alienate you.

In the case of the birthday party, if you go with the aim of telling amusing stories everybody will gather around you. In fact, you will not be able to stop the drinks that will come your way.

You have to trend very carefully when marketing on social sites. It is advisable to share with people helpful information and only give out your business details when asked to.

Rule #5: Listen: In online business it can only take one statement to send your business to the gutter. This is especially so if someone with a million followers on twitter posts a negative update about your company.

This is why social media management experts recommend monitoring of what people are saying about your business.

A simple way to monitor is setting Google alerts or uploading on your computer softwares like Tweet Deck (get what people are tweeting about your business).

Social Media ManagementRule #6: Relate wisely: Monitoring what customers are saying about your company is one thing but how you react is also very important.

Rather than ignoring a negative update about your site and hope it will die out, use the opportunity to show your business professionalism. This is by responding with facts and not appearing defensive.

If the points been raised are valid, then you need to make sure you act immediately and rectify the situation. With time people will respect your business thus build confidence in what you have to offer.

Treat all people big or small equally by responding to all issues been raised by your customers. Those small time customers are the same people who will later take your business to the next level.

Rule #6: Have fun: If you manage social media marketing well you will be laughing all the way to the bank. The secret is to not to look at social marketing as a chore rather a chance to have fun.

Social sites are filled with people from all walks of life and from different age groups. Don’t be uptight or go overboard in the way you relate to people.

Take time to learn your target audience preferences and what would make them tick. The more you have fun the more people will be drawn to you and thus talk about you to others.

Rule #7: Be patient: If you thought opening an account today on facebook and in a weeks’ time hope to have thousands of raving fans calling your name then you better forget marketing through social sites.

The same way it takes time to build a brand name, you should be patient with social media marketing. It takes effort, consistency and time before you can really start enjoying the fruits of promoting your business on social sites.

Studying your audience so as to give them quality updates calls for patience. Otherwise, if you rush in a hurry to make money, readers might just drop you like hot coal.

Rule #8: Maintain your personality: There are people who are one thing on social sites and totally portray a different personality when they go offline. To succeed in social network marketing you have to be yourself.

Do not talk big when in real sense you are a newbie. Soon people will get to know who you really are and if you have been pretend, woe unto you!

Reputation and credibility is everything when it comes to online marketing. One tiny misrepresentation can ruin your business completely.

Rule # 9: Maintain your principles: In order to gain the respect of your customers you have to be principled. Just because your competitors are breaking all the social rules does not mean you join the band wagon.

It might appear like they are gaining headway over you but with the way things happen nowadays, they will wake up one day to find all their clients crowding on your online store.

If you have employees updating your twitter handle, make it clear to them to post updates that represent your views without compromising your business integrity.

Rule # 10: Hire professionals: Managing social media marketing can be quite tasking especially if you have other things to do.
Considering how important social media is to marketing on the internet, rather than doing everything by yourself you can hire experts.

There are big companies like Dell Computers that have hired hundreds of young people to send tweets to their followers.

Just remember to give the people you have hired your company’s guidelines and make sure they understand how social media works. There are also online companies that you can engage to offer these kinds of services at a good rate.

Conclusion: The last and final thing about marketing on social sites is to be active. You cannot expect to build your business brand if you update your wall once a month.

Join online conversations relating to your niche and actively participate in discussions that touch on your business. The more your social activity is, the more people will know of the existence of your business.
Another thing, social network marketing is not the only online marketing tool available. Marketing on the web does not start and end on social sites.

There are other strategies like offline marketing, article marketing, blogging, SEO that you need to integrate to your online marketing campaign.

The only way to succeed online is to embrace all marketing techniques available and social media management is just one of them.
Did you learn something new from this post? Or is there something else you can add? Please post your opinions in the comment section appearing below.

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Strategic Work From Home Business Guidelines

Strategic Work From Home Business Guidelines

Thanks to the internet you can now launch your own work from home online business. This way you do not have to worry about paying rent, paying workers or having overheads. And that is not all; with internet business you have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

In life there are two kinds of people, those that chase after security and those that chase after freedom. Having a job is good since you are assured of a salary by the end of every month. That sense of security has made most people stick to their employment even though they do not like their jobs.

But there is a breed of people who are few in number that decided to start their own work from home business. These are the kind of people that sacrifice their security in order to achieve freedom. The funny thing is that you can never chase security and freedom at the same time.

This is how it works, if you launch a work from home business or any business for that matter today; with time you will achieve financial freedom which will ensure you security.

As for people who fear the uncertainty that comes with work from home business and stick to their jobs, they will never achieve freedom and security is also not guaranteed.

Many are the times we hear of people who have lost their jobs. On the other hand companies lay off staff now and then, thus it’s only a matter of time before you too become a victim.

On this article we shall see some rules to follow as you work from home online thus achieve financial freedom.

Follow your dreams: In life you will never fail to come across people who will pull you back. This could be your family members, friends or colleagues at work. If you are not principled, these people could easily make you abandon your dreams.

work onlineWork from home needs you to be focused and follow your dreams. The money you can make from online home based business can easily allow you to live your dreams.

Be optimistic: If someone else has made it means that you too can do it. President Obama puts it even much better “Yes We Can”. Now say “Yes I Can”

Believing that things will be alright will help you move forward no matter the current situation. A journey begins with the first step; therefore you have to start from somewhere. Once you commence, have faith that you will achieve your desired results.

Ignore your fears: As you work from home you have to be ready to deal with your fears. Some of the worries you have to deal with include; will this work online business work, what will people say if I fail or which is the best work from home business to venture into.

These fears are normal and they apply in all areas of life. The secret to overcoming you fears is to remain focused and believing in your capabilities. Anyway, self-doubt will only pull you back.

Appreciate Mentors: No one has ever succeeded in work from home business alone. In the background there are always people that help you achieve your goals. It is always important to link up with people that will mentor you.

After you have achieved your goal always appreciate the folks that stood with you. No man is an island; hence acknowledge the input of others in your business.

Make wise choices: Before you settle for any work from home program always do research. This is where mentors can really come in handy.

Join online business forums in your niche and ask people who are ahead of you for advice. Read online business reviews so as to get what others are saying about a particular work from home business program or product.

Listening to others and their experience will assist you make wise decisions thereby avoid joining online scam programs.

No plan B: This is a somewhat controversial statement. But personally I believe for you to be successful in work from home business you need to only have a PLAN A.

The problem of having a Plan B is that when it takes long before you see results most people give up. You could give up and maybe you were just about to hit the jackpot.

All you require to know is that others are making money online from home. That is an indicator that you too can and will generate income at home.

Set Goals: Going into work from home business blindly is a big mistake. It is prudent that you set targets for your business. Periodically gauge your progress and when need arises reset your goals.

Have short term goals and long term goals. This will help you know if you are making any headway or not. In addition, goals help you remain focused and do the right things at the correct time.

Believe in yourself: This is the same as being optimistic. But I would like to add, always be perpetually optimistic. Some will say that reading self motivating articles like this is a waste of time; they forget that you need to continually motivate yourself.

When you are motivated you get to build your self confidence thus believe in your capabilities.

Don’t ever give up: This should actually be the number one rule when it comes to work from home business. To succeed in anything you need to have a fighting spirit. Giving up should never exist in your dictionary.

The big shots in business we see today are the kind of people that refused to give up. No matter the circumstances surrounding you or the challenges you will face while working online, you need to keep your head up.

I know you have heard this a million and one times but I will repeat it anyway, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

One of the best and easy ways to get both freedom and security is through work online business. Are you a work from home mom or man? Then you are on the right path.

In fact, with work from home moms, you get to spend time with your family and still earn a very decent income at home. If I have made it you too can make it. I wish you all the best.

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