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Facebook Places | Branding Tool For Small Business

Facebook Places | Branding Tool For Small Business

If there is a feature that helps connect the online world to the offline world is Facebook places. Launched in August 2011, Facebook location based feature enables users to know where their friends are and share their real location online and offline.

Facebook places have in a very short time turned some small internet businesses into big businesses. This is because of the powerful attributes the feature presents to business people in terms of marketing on facebook.

With a marketing campaign centered on the check-in services, you can build great awareness of your business. The facebook places check-in services allows you to build a fan base that you can easily turn to customer. All you need to do is engage your fan base by offering incentives.

Why the check-in feature is powerful.

Whenever a facebook users lands on a certain location on facebook places, facebook sends a news feed to all the user’s friends. The one thing about that is it brings about the aspect of viral marketing. Friends will want to check out why their friends like a certain page and they too may end up liking the page.

Because of the viral effect, you as a business person should take advantage and use facebook places to bring people to your physical location.

How to get started on facebook places:

Note that the feature is good for business people who have a physical location.

Step 1: You first need to find then create your own place page. Search other locations that are situated near you to help you located your place. In most cases you will find that it is already added but if it’s not you can add it manually.

Step 2: Claim your business and by doing so you can amend and enter relevant information. Some of the details you need to amend include your business name, working hours, address and so on.

As you edit, add images that are related to your business for example you can add your business logo. Doing all this is proves ownership of the place.

Step 3: Integrate your facebook fan page with facebook places. This means that anyone that likes your page will automatically be linked to your places page. The amazing thing about this integration is that it will enable you to easily share links, status updates and present your offers all from one location.

For your facebook places page to be effective, add features such as check-ins and maps showing your real location.

The best feature that can be found in the places page on facebook is the check-in. It is therefore important to encourage your fans to check-in. Start by enticing your relatives, close friends and employees to checkin since their friends will see they liked a certain page.

To ensure that you get more people to like your facebook places page you need to reward people that checkin. Some of the rewards you can offer visitors who checkin are offering coupons, discounts and special rates.

Here is a real scenario where facebook places can help you market your small business.

You have set up a flower shop and you are thinking of having a grand launch to build awareness. First you need to follow the 3 steps that have been stipulated above. The page and your shop should be branded in anticipation of the event.

To make sure that people checkin to your facebook places page, only offer discounts to your facebook fans. This will entice more people to like and checkin your page thus helping you to spread the word around about your event.

facebook placeFacebook places page is a good tool to communicate with your customers, therefore tell your customers to check out your page frequently for any updates. This will ensure you have repeat visitors to your shop as you bring in new products.

So as to have full viral effect, offer big discounts to people that have visited your flower shop and your page the most times.

If this is not a free online advertising tool that facebook is offering you, then I don’t know what else it is.

Traffic tracking ability:

The beauty of facebook places is the fact that you can easily know the number of people that checked in your page and visited your shop. Have a place on your shop where you record visitors that have also liked your page.

It is also important that you tell them to share their experiences by giving you feedback. Apart from this been a great opportunity for you to collect testimonials, you will know what you need to do to improve your service delivery and products.

Facebook SMS:

I bet that most of you do not know that you can now send your subscribers your status updates through SMS. To get updates from my wall onto your mobile phone send the words “like workfromhomeinfo” to 32665 (FBOOK on your cellphone). Once you do that you will be getting the articles published on my facebook page

The same can apply to your page and this also activates the like button for people who subscribe through SMS. Even when they unsubscribe to your SMS messages, they will still be getting the updates through your facebook news feed.

If you ask me, every shop should have a facebook places account and claim their location online. Imagine the number of repeat customers you can have if you had a sign in your shops and page with the words reading, “Send like (your page name)” to 32665 (FBOOK) for the best deals and discounts.

Apart from bringing in repeat customers, you will also be able to fully engage your customers. In addition, you will build your small business brand to become a major business player.

Conclusion: Have you been looking for ways to establish your business brand and make it a house hold name? Then creating a Facebook place is a perfect avenue to achieve that.

Take advantage to find, create and claim your place online right now and begin your viral marketing campaign. As your business brand goes viral you will build your online brand name all at the comfort of your home.

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Am sure there are other strategies one can use to market with Facebook places, kindly share them on this forum by posting in the comment section provided below.

How To Get More Twitter Followers And Site Traffic

How To Get More Twitter Followers And Site Traffic

Web 2.0 sites that have helped to revolutionize the internet and one of these sites is Twitter. Any e-marketer will tell you; the more twitter followers you have the higher the volume of web traffic you will attract. Twitter and other social media platforms have helped business people to market their products worldwide with ease.

As a blogger or webmaster, you can take advantage of these social media sites to promote your home business. All you require is the ability to tap into the resources that would help you leverage your marketing using sites like twitter.

Research shows that twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites. As you read this article, twitter is said to have over 150 million subscribers and the number is growing fast. On a monthly basis, twitter records about 200 million unique hits. This is an indication that if you use the right strategies you get more twitter followers from these hits.

Imagine you got at least 0.1% of the 200 million people to follow you on twitter, that would quickly translate to good traffic, don’t you think? Then, if 1% of your followers would click on your tweet links, that is clean cash. The beauty of it all is that for you to get more twitter followers is simple.

There are people who are lazy and would rather use social media alone to market their products. The fact that with twitter you just need to draft a sentence; is enough to attract many e-marketers. This kind of marketing is also known as micro-blogging.

Compared to posting long blog posts, micro-blogging is simple and effective to some extent. Sending tweets takes the weight off your shoulders unlike blogging where you’ve got to have writing skills. In addition, with twitter you don’t need to pay a single penny to get targeted traffic.

But for twitter to be effective, you need to know how to get twitter followers. The more followers you have the better your chances of making more money online. Having followers is not enough; you need to have targeted followers. With targeted followers you can be sure that a single tweet with a link to your site will generate unique traffic for you.

Furthermore, your followers can re-tweet your updates and in the process ensuring your site goes viral. This in turn would mean more traffic and higher search engines ranking. Imagine all that benefit from just one social media site.

Here are some simple but effective strategies on how to get more twitter followers:

Optimize your account: The first thing you need to do is to create a twitter account. I see people using one account for business and socializing; that is not recommended. It is advisable that you have different accounts. The same applies if you have sites on different niches; create an account for each of your niche sites.

Start by giving your account a name that is keyword based. Twitter is a like a small search engine, therefore when you use relevant keywords in your profile people in your niche will easily find you.

It is important to add a relevant image of what you do in your twitter background and avatar. This will help people easily know what you do thus help you get more twitter followers that are targeted.

Follower other people in your niche: Once your account is set up and fully optimized by adding relevant keywords in your profile, you can start following people. Do not follow anyone just for the sake of it. It will make more sense if you follow people that are in the same niche as you.

When you follow targeted people the obvious thing is that most of them will follow you back. It would be better to have 3000 followers that are targeted that having 10,000 untargeted followers.

The other strategy that works perfectly in getting more twitter followers is identifying top bloggers in your niche. Most of the subscribers that follow top bloggers are targeted. All you need to do then is follow the people following top bloggers in your niche.

Since these people will see that you share something in common, chances are that more people will follow you back.

Use Softwares: Twitter has been there for a while now and in the process many programmers have come up with great tools to help you add more twitter followers. With some of these tools, you can easily send and monitor tweets.

A good example is Tweet deck which helps to monitor and track tweets from your followers. This tool ensures you know what people are saying about you thus respond and arrest any negative thing that is been talked about your site or products.

Other programs that help you to submit your content to different sites including twitter are Magic Submitter produced by Alexander Krulik. His software has truly dominated the world of social media. Another recommended twitter product is TweetAdder. This is a powerful automated twitter management system that helps you add followers, manage many accounts and so on.

Share relevant content: It is true that having a blog will call for writing long and insightful content and some people would rather micro-blog. But let me ask, your tweets should send people somewhere? What do you want them to find there?

This is to tell you that you cannot avoid having a website or a blog where you can be sending your twitter followers. Even if your site is a product based site, you need to share information about your products. The more insightful your information is the higher your sales conversion will be.

When you give value to the few followers you have, they will re-tweet your updates thus helping you get more twitter followers.

Today, there are tools you can use to share updates on twitter with ease. For people using wordpress, there is a plugin called Tweet Old Post that does just that. It tweets your old blog posts that had been forgotten hence helping you get more twitter followers and give new life to those posts.

It is therefore, critical for you to have a website where you send your followers to. Take your time to draft and publish quality blog posts. With Tweet Old Post plugin, you just never know which article will set you up for the big leagues.

Have a blog or website: In the point above we have seen why it is imperative to have blog or a website. But of this point we want to see other aspects of a blog in leveraging and thus get more twitter followers and traffic.

The best way to market on the web from home is to use different promotion and advertising strategies. With traffic coming from different sources you can convert some of your blog visitors to become your twitter followers.

Remember, the more twitter followers you have the higher the rate of return visitors. This is because every time you submit a tweet you can be sure that some of your twitter followers will click on your links.

A simple strategy of getting more twitter followers from your site is by adding a twitter follow button. You can also add a twitter button for your visitors to tweet your post to their followers. This will help you in viral marketing and your site will spread on the internet.

Conclusion: Social media is one of the best ways to promote your online home business. The fact that now people are able to access social sites through their phones, means you can get even more twitter followers.

On the left of this blog you can find an example of how to use social media buttons to help market your site. Click on these social icons to share with article with your twitter followers and let us see if it really works.

Any business entrepreneur that ignores social media is doing so at his or her own peril. Share your views in the comment section below. You can also enter your email address in the section provided on the right side bar to get more of our blog updates.

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