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Facebook Change Layout | Whats In It For Business

Facebook Change Layout | Whats In It For Business

If you have been keen enough, 2011 has been an eventful year for facebook; am sure you have noted the new facebook change layout. I was reading someone’s article the other day and he was not happy of the new applications that facebook is changing to. But am sure you as an online marketer are excited of the new branding opportunities that these facebook changes are offering your home based business.

What this facebook change has simply done is make life more sociable than ever before. The cyberspace has for sure turned the world into a small village and this is demonstrated by how facebook will operate from now on.

Let us summaries the 1 hr 40 minutes video that facebook posted on the internet so that you can fully understand the implications of these new facebook changes. If you run a work from home online business blog or website and social media marketing is one of your online marketing arsenals you must read this article to the very end.

The facebook change is more of altering the site’s layout and improving user experience. Here are the new facebook features you need to know about:

Newsfeeds: At the top right of your facebook page appears a section where news of your friends activities keep scrolling. In this news rank, facebook will be displaying stories they deem are important to you. This will be determined by your facebook profile information.

You will also be given the option to unmark any story you think is not of importance to you. The idea behind this facebook change is to make sure your newsfeeds are optimized for you. As a work online business person, it means you have to up your game and share quality content that people will consider as top story.

Sharing low quality stories will result into you losing web visibility thus reduce traffic and online sales leads.

Like button: Apart from just liking a page, facebook users will now have more options. According to David Berkowitz, brands will have to choose the action they want people to take.

In short, this will force online business entrepreneurs to concentrate more on telling stories rather than posting high pitched marketing messages. Businesses will now conform and try to be personal and relate their business to life’s daily activities.

Unlike before where you just liked a product or service, now having testimonials that share a story will be more beneficial. From now on the facebook activities buttons will be the key to social media marketing success.

We also do not what to forget about the element of facebook frictionless sharing. This is where sites will update your facebook status wall every time you visit. It means that you not have to click the like button to share what you read, watch or listen to online.

The argument is that clicking the like button is burdensome and facebook thought of easing the process. The disadvantage of this facebook change is that it is said to intrude on people’s privacy. Congress is still struggling and debating on facebook frictionless sharing, so let’s see how things go.

Facebook Partnerships: To further improve their user experience, facebook has joined hands with other major players that provide online applications. These partnerships are aimed at offering users with lifestyle applications to enhance social activity trends.

Now as an online marketer, if your fan page fails to appear in your friends’ newsfeeds, you still have the option of interacting using lifestyle apps.

One of these partners is Yahoo News, where your friends will have the option to check out the stories you are reading. The other partner is Spotify where you can get new music through your facebook connections. Through the ticker, you will be in a position to see what music your friends are listening to.

In fact, if you just hover over the link appearing on your ticker you will be able to listen to the music too.

facebook change layoutFacebook Timeline: One of the main facebook changes is the revamp of the facebook profile view. This is what they are calling facebook timeline where the story of your life is shared.

Now your profile layout has completely changed. First, a big profile picture of you appears at the top left and a small one at the top right. Below your profile picture, there are links that display your info and people will be able to view your life story and activities.

The profile layout is now more organized and you can now arrange your past memories, updates and activities is timeline format. These details include things like where you went to school, colleges you attended, where you lived, the companies you have worked for or businesses you run.

All these details can now be accessed by your friends in a click of a button below your cover profile image. With this new facebook change, friends are also able to easily see pictures you have been tagged on, stories you have shared and your recent activities.

Email notifications: As we speak the many email notifications you used to receive from facebook have disappeared. From now, you will get emails that you deem as important by opting to receive them. This you will do by going to your account settings then click on notifications and choose the emails you want to receive from facebook.

Activity Updates: This is the new facebook change that will manage your activities, also called Open Graph. The new facebook update feature will not add your activities on the newsfeeds but it will do so on the ticker and on your facebook profile/timeline.

The other aspect of the open graph feature is the ability to interact with lifestyle Application Medias. Before, when posting on your facebook using other applications you had to go through a long process but that has changed.

From now you will not be asked permission to post on your facebook wall over and over again using other applications. What will happen is that you will see a new screen telling you of what to be shared and once you accept the story will be posted right away on your wall.

Note: There are two categories when it comes to updating your facebook. That is Posts which will be displayed in the newsfeeds and Activities that show in the ticker (top right hand corner).

Conclusion: It is the high time you as an online marketer began thinking of how to use these new facebook changes to your own advantage. Social media marketing is an integral element of website promotion because it helps build relationships and thus generate targeted traffic.

Therefore, look at this new features as an opportunity to enhance your online connections thus market your blog or website more effectively. Now more than ever, when users note the new facebook changes, they will increase their activities on facebook.

This is because people will want to learn how this new features work hence offering you an opportunity to market your work online business. As we have seen, facebook is now all about sharing stories; therefore you need to find ways of narrating your stories in a way people will love.

If there is a feature I have left out or not explained in full or a question you need to ask, you can add it in the comment section below. You can also share this article with your friends using the social icons appearing to the left of this blog.

Best Practices And Creation Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Best Practices And Creation Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Last week while sharing about killer blog design, we touched a little about breadcrumbs and as promised this article will address in details more about breadcrumb navigation.

Most webmasters dismiss the power of breadcrumbs whenever they are designing sites. Actually, people view creating breadcrumb navigation as being too much trouble. But the one thing they fail to see is the ability of breadcrumbs in easing navigation on your site or blog and increasing organic traffic.

For you to be able to retain visitors on your blog thus make more money, you need to make it easy for visitors to find your pages. Breadcrumbs are additional tools of navigation that visitors can use to know exactly where they are on your site.

The big question that you should be asking is, Why the implementation of Breadcrumb navigation?

a. Search engine optimization: As much as breadcrumbs help visitors move from one page to another, they also ensure that search engines Crawl your site/blog with ease. Having breadcrumbs help in the categorization of your content thus increasing indexing of your web pages.

As a webmaster you do not need to be reminded that the 95% of traffic on the internet is from search engines. Therefore, it goes without saying, you need to find ways to rank your pages high thus generate blog traffic and make money online. Proper implementation of breadcrumbs can do exactly that for you.

b. Ease Navigation: Apart from your normal categories, breadcrumb navigation provides additional ease of routing on your site. There are instances that visitors will come to your site via webpages other than your home page.

Breadcrumbs will allow your target audience to know exactly where they are on your blog. They also make sure that your viewers can easily move to other pages from whatever point thus offering greater usability.

c. Reduce clicks: The fact that visitors can move from one page to another quite easily using breadcrumbs, means that there are reduced clicks before someone gets to where they want. This means that one does not need to use the backward or forward button that appears on the web browser.

d. Add to your blog appearance: Since breadcrumb navigation does not take too much space, they contribute to the general appearance of your blog.

Take your time to select a good breadcrumb tool that will flow with the theme of your blog design.

e. Cultivates interest: When visitors land on a webpage within your blog, they are offered other related pages and this can easily help in building interest. Breadcrumb navigation gives readers more links to related content rather than them going round in circles.

f. Reduce bounce rate: The fact that breadcrumb navigation is more detailed; it will greatly reduce your bounce rate. This is mainly due to the reason that visitors are provided with more options to access different web pages.

Whenever your viewers find it easy to locate relevant pages within your site, they tend to spend more time on your blog thus boosting your online sales conversion rate.

breadcrumb navigationg. Offer additional help: Not all of us are savvy when it comes to the internet. You will sometime get visitors that are not sure of what they are looking for. This is where breadcrumb navigation can come in handy.

Breadcrumbs are ideally structured to give an overall outlook of a site, thus better navigation for newbies who do not understand how site navigation operates.

Here are some of the ideal practices or implementation of breadcrumb navigation:

1. Breadcrumb positioning: The best positioning of breadcrumb navigation is at the top of a page. This will make it easy for visitors to locate them thus get to what they are looking for faster.

It is also alright if you put them at the bottom of your webpages. Only make sure that are structured in an uncomplicated manner.

2. Breadcrumbs should be secondary navigation: Since you already have a primary navigation bar on your blog, breadcrumbs should just act as support. Remember that the primary navigation bar should be dominant.

This means that before you provide your visitors with the breadcrumbs, you must have the primary navigation in place. Breadcrumbs should just be for additional support.

3. Use friendly links: The link style you use on breadcrumb navigation should not be over emphasized. As much as your breadcrumbs should be seen, they should not appear to be the focal point.

Make your breadcrumbs visible but not overbearing to your visitors.

4. Page categorization: There are pages that may appear in more than two categories, if that is the case then it is not advisable to use breadcrumbs.

Using breadcrumb navigation will online confuse your visitors since pages appearing in more than one category will produce unclear breadcrumbs. Therefore, before you implement breadcrumbs have a clearly defined page hierarchy.

5. Consistency: This means that if you opt to use breadcrumbs it should be in your entire blog or website. When you have breadcrumbs on some webpages and others don’t have, you will easily puzzle and frustrate your visitors.

Below are the various breadcrumb navigation strategies being implemented by web-developers:

– Location: This is one of the recommended strategies of implementing breadcrumbs. Location breadcrumbs indicate to visitors the location they are on a website depending the site’s hierarchy.

Sites that have more than two levels depth of content are the ones commonly known to use this kind of breadcrumb.

This is how it works; upon reaching certain pages, visitors are presented with hyperlinks to other related pages and categories. These pages normally act as parent categories.

– Path: Just as the name goes, path breadcrumb navigation shows step by step the route a visitor used to get to the current page. In short, blog visitors will view the links they previously visited.

– Attribute: A good example of demonstrating the attribute breadcrumb navigation is on a product website. A phone may be categorized as Nokia then the attributes may be things like color or the various functionalities of the phone.

Summary: Ideally breadcrumbs act as additional support to the primary navigation bar. They should never be the main content of your website.

As I said on the previous post, do not let the word “crumbs” fool you, breadcrumb navigation can greatly boost your blog SEO thus boost your traffic generation. This is because breadcrumbs will make search engines have an easy time crawling and indexing your web pages.

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