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How To Write A Blog Post That Captivates Your Target Audience

How To Write A Blog Post That Captivates Your Target Audience

On this blog we have been doing one thing, telling you just how priceless blogging is to online business. The big question now that needs to be addressed is how to write a blog?

A blog that has no traffic is of no benefit to you as an online entrepreneur. Here, we are not talking about 100 or 200 visitors daily, for you to make an impact in your niche you need to be able to direct thousands of people to your blog.

You have to find ways of captivating your target audience by your style of writing. The use of the right titles and keywords is not enough though they play an integral part when it comes to writing a blog.

The thing that will set you apart is your ability to write blog posts that keep readers glued to your every sentence. This is what will make your articles sharable thus gain authority in your area of business.

On this article we shall go into details on how to write a blog that is captivating and at the same time informative, SEO friendly and professional.

How to make your blog content unique: The internet is a hub for gathering all kind of content you can think about. Because of this fact, you can hardly come across a topic that has not been covered by other blog writers.

However, that does not mean that you give up on writing. There is always an angle you can take on every article that would make your article stand out.

So as to have ideas to write about you need to be a fervent reader and researcher. Reading helps you to gather facts about a given topic hence have the ability to approach it in manner people have never thought about. In addition, reading assists you to improve your writing skills.

Sometimes all you need to do is find a phrase or two that will get people glued to your article. This can be in form of bring a funny side to a story or asking questions that would get people thinking.

For you to be reading this post you must be a blogger or seeking to learn how to write blog posts in a better way. Therefore you will agree with me that when you are writing most of the time ideas just seem to disappear.

In actual fact, when you go offline that is when the best ideas suddenly come rolling in. For this reason, I advice writes to always walk with a pen and a paper so as to capture these moments of information downpour.

In this age of technology, you can also get a phone or gadget that will allow you to put your ideas in a digital format.

Did you know that what you go through as an individual is different from any other person? Thus there is no better strategy of writing a blog than using your personal experiences. There are things that you encounter in life on a daily basis that you can slot in your blog post that would touch your readers’ emotions.

The one mistake you can do when it comes to blogging is choosing a niche that you are not passionate about. You will become a better author when you launch a blog that is centered in your expertise.

Sharing content in your area of interest ensures you always have options on what to write about. Furthermore, the more you concentrate in your area of expertise the more knowledge you will acquire thus become an authority figure in your niche.

Apply keyword usage tactfully: You can be the best writer the world has ever seen but if you cannot market your work no one will ever know about you.

Unlike offline where marketing a book calls for a huge advertising budget, when it comes to online the ball game is a bit different. For you to succeed in blogging you need to know how to use keywords.

As you are writing a blog, in the back of your mind you have to consider search engines. There are over 200 parameters that search engine spiders look at to rank websites but the two elements that count the most include keywords and backlinks.

Even though of late search engines are trying to rank content by measuring social activities, backlinks and keywords still remain prominent.

To some extent controlling the backlinks you get may be challenging but you can surely manage to have full control of keyword usage.

With the right tools such as Google Keyword Tool or Keyword Discovery you can know exactly what people are searching for as they browse the web.

Learning how to skillfully use keyword throughout your articles will ensure your posts relate to your readers target audience search queries. This way you article will rank high on Search Engine Result Pages.

In some instances you may find it difficult to target certain keywords. A good example is when you are targeting a keyword like “how to write a blog”. Incorporating such a phrase throughout an article can be very tricky and can easily make your article unreadable.

But as you can see I have used it in the above paragraph in a way that looks natural.

So as to make sure that engine bots know identify your keywords you can use italic, bold or underline your keyword phrases.

how to write a blog

How to advance your skills as a blog writer: Having the ability to pick the right keywords is important but it is not enough to make your blog stand out.

Getting your target audience to land on your blog is one thing but keeping them glued to your web pages you need to have unique writing techniques.

I must admit that some of us English is a second language. It is said people think in their mother tongue thus translating to English can be a daunting task. But that does not mean you cannot acquire the right skills to write a blog that blows the mind of your readers.

Below are some things you can do to improve your writing skills:

1: The same way a musician has a signature, you too as a blogger need to have your own style of writing your blogs. The only way to achieve that is by being yourself.

For you to look cool you need to try and create your own identity rather than copy what someone else is doing.  When you write from your heart it makes it easy for people to identify with you. Besides, each one of us is unique in his or her own way, that’s what makes life worthwhile. Now, transfer that distinctiveness to your blog and you will stand out.

2: You can enlist yourself to a grammar class or subscribe online to a writing course. Here you will get to learn from the expert thus with time become a better blogger.

3: Use Microsoft Word when writing your blog post. Apart from correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes, you can use the Synonym feature in MS word to get vocabulary that will enhance your writing hence improve reader experience.

4: Read widely so as to gather facts that will back your information. Giving statistics is one way of making your content informative and interesting to read.

Learn how to structure your blog content: Once you have identified the topic to write about and chosen the right keywords you need to plan how to construct your article.

Proper structuring makes your article flow thus ensuring readers have an easy time following what your blog post is all about.

Your articles should always have an introduction that goes straight to the point.

Bonus point: Your first paragraph needs to be catchy so as to make readers want to go through the whole article.

It is common knowledge that most people just scan through an article without reading. You can make them pose to read some of your content by breaking using images, bullets, bold letters, graphs or using sub headings.

This will not only capture your readers’ attention, but make it easier for your target audience to know where exactly to find important information within your posts.

Another important aspect on how to write a blog is to know how to conclude. Here is where you can recap what you have written or share your overall opinion about a given topic.

It is also an opportunity to include your call to action message. When you post a blog there is definitely something you expect your readers to do. Rather than hope they will do it, why don’t you conclude by telling your audience what to do?

Conclusion: In a previous article we shared on how blogging is the future of internet marketing. So as to be in the lot of those that will influence the future on internet business you need to know how to blog.

As you can see writing on the web is a combination of many aspects and my hope is that this post will help you see how to approach blogging. When micro-blogging was introduced people thought that blogging would die out but they were so wrong.

It does not matter how good you are at composing tweets. By the end of the day you will need to take people somewhere so as to make money online. You stand a better chance if you will learn how to write a blog even as you are micro-blogging.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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Making Money From Blogging As You Work Online

Making Money From Blogging As You Work Online


Back in the days, people who first ventured into making money from blogging where considered to be somewhat crazy. The main reason for such a perception was because blogs were getting very few inbound links. This was the same year that search engine optimization was appearing like it would die (1997-2003).

The people who took advantage then and learned how to blog, they ended up getting lots of exposure. Today, these same bloggers command the largest share of the marketplace in their respective niches.

The funny thing is that even to date there are online marketers claiming that blogging is going to die. This is mainly because of the introduction of social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The traffic that these social sites generate is so high with twitter recording amazing sign ups every day.

But the prudent e-marketers took advantage of this craze to add to their SEO marketing arsenal thus ended up making money from blogging more than ever before.

For people who work online, you need to realize that search engine marketing through blogging is here to stay. All that one needs to do is incorporate the new promotion strategies coming up with the blogging. In the instance of social media sites; the idea is to share your blog posts with your followers thus generate referral traffic. As you do that, search engines will also pick your blog page links on these social network sites which means more quality inbound links. We all know the more quality inbound links the more you rank high and the more organic traffic you will generate.

It is true that the online world is changing every day and the game is getting complicated, but if you work hard you will beat your competition. Leverage by using new channels of generating traffic, learn the brand new techniques of online promotion and you will sure land into money. Remember that the driving force in the internet marketing world is content and blogging offers just that.

Now that we have solved the myth of attracting traffic to your blog you may ask which ways are there to ensure that am making money from blogging? Let us go through some simple opportunities for you to monetize your blog and thereby make money as you work online at home.

The secret is to have several streams of generating income by blogging. Many people concentrate on advertising alone but they forget that for you to make lots of cash from advertising you require huge blog traffic. When you diversify your revenue generation channels, you will be in a better position to boost your income as you work at home.

Here are several other ways of making money from blogging


Create and sell your own Ebooks: This will apply to people who have established themselves and are generating good blog traffic. You first need to work towards building your online credibility and this is achieved over time. The more you keep sharing insightful and helpful content; you will start getting loyal readership.

Therefore, if people in your niche consider you as a good writer and a guru they will be willing to by your ebooks. In short, take advantage of your online status to make money online.

Publish a book: This is somehow similar to the above mentioned money maker strategy only that this time you can publish a hard copy of your content. If people view you as a veteran in your niche they will also be ready to read your content off the internet.

Sell Commodities: There are websites like Ebay and CafePress where you can pick items and promote them on your blog. The idea is to display merchandises that are related to your site content since this will ensure that you make more online sales. There are many bloggers out there making lots of cash selling branded and non-branded products from the above mentioned sites. The commodities can you your own or other people’s items.

Freelance writing: One way of becoming a good author is through blogging. Both online and offline there are people looking for publishers with excellent writing skills and thus you can grab these opportunities to make money while working at home. Some of the sites you can visit and offer your writing skills for cash include Elance and Odesk. You will be surprised just how profitable some of these freelance writing job opportunities can be.

Professionalize your blogging talent: In the blogging sphere there are some blogging networks that seek for people with blogging talent and pay them very well. You can use the blogging skills you have acquired to link up with these blog networks and add to your streams of income.

Offer blog consultation: Everyday there are people getting into the blogging field and need help. You can offer your expertise for cash to help newbies have an easy time blogging. There are also big companies out there that do not have the time to research on blogging and may need consultation services.

Do offline presentations

: Once you have become an expert blogger, you can be giving presentations in your locality and get paid cash. For this to work perfectly you need to be making good money from your blog so as to offer proof to people who come to your presentation.

Public speaking events also offer a fertile ground to generate free traffic to your blog. In some countries where blogging is alien, people will be willing to pay lots of cash just for an opportunity to make money.

Guest blogging: For many bloggers, guest blogging is meant to help them increase inbound links but it can also be a source of generating income online. Again, if you have cut a name for yourself as an expert blogger, you can be offering your blogging skills as a service and be paid for it.

Donation: Am sure you have landed on blogs that ask for donations for the information they are sharing. Maybe you were not keen on offering your donation, but you will be surprised just how many people are out there ready to donate as a sign of appreciation for quality content. Therefore, it will not harm to request your viewers to donate. Simply, upload a donation button and link it to your Alert pay or PayPal account.

As long as search engines are dependent on content, making money from blogging will remain as one of the easiest ways to earn cash. Do not let anyone tell you that SEO or blogging is about to die, in fact the two are on an upward climb. The webmasters seeking to add to their streams of income then have to seriously consider making money from blogging as one of their online money making arsenals.

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