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How To Profile Site Audience As You Work Online

How To Profile Site Audience As You Work Online

As you write online you need to learn the types of site audience that exist. The more you understand the behavioral pattern of your site or blog visitors, the better you will come up with quality and targeted content.

Ask yourself, is my content really addressing the needs of my site audience? Most webmasters ignore this fact and in the process loss out on some visitors who would be potential prospects.

There are ways of telling the type of readers that come to your site. This is by observing the actions that your site audience take while reading your content. Bloggers and webmasters who have discovered the behaviors of blog readers in most cases run very successful online businesses.

If you get to learn the habits of your readers, you will generate content that suits their preference. In addition, your bounce rate will be low and thus increase your work online sales conversion.

Below are types of site audience and what you need to do to satisfy each of them.

Helpful reader: This is the kind of on site audience that each webmaster and blogger would wish to have. Mainly because they are always supportive and motivate you to become better in whatever you do.

Naturally, helpful visitors will give encouraging comments and go a step further to assist you in promoting your site or blog. In most cases when you get backlinks, it will come from the same type of site audience.

Do all you can to generate content that will get the attention of this type of reader. Make sure that when they post a comment you respond to it in the shortest time possible. Why? It is from helpful readers you get a friend and partner that will help promote your site and products.

Judgmental viewer: In online marketing, things will not be rosy all the time. Sometimes you will get site readers that are negative and quick to point out your mistakes. If you get comments saying your content is duped while it’s not, chances are that it has been submitted by a judgmental viewer.

Despite the fact that judgmental site audience may discourage you, they also help you to improve your site performance. This type of reader makes you go an extra mile to ensure your content is up to standard before posting. In so doing, you will make certain that you have no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

In order to handle the judgmental reader, you will need to do thorough research and make sure your content is absolutely unique and of high quality. Get a friend to proofread your articles thus avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Heading and summary reader: There are people who will dismiss your article by reading the first line. And if your last sentence is not any better, they will right away click on the close button and move on to the next blog.

The most that this type of reader will read is your title, first paragraph and the summary. If that does not get his attention then he’s gone and may never return to your site.

The secret of capturing this category of site audience is uploading catchy pictures within your articles. Since they have to scroll to the end of your article to read the last paragraph, if you have interesting images they will definitely pose a bit.

And another thing, place your images next to your major points, because the odds are that this type of viewer will read content that is next to your images.

It goes without say, you must compose quality first sentences that will act as bait. Make your paragraphs short and spicy, that way you will surely grab their attention.

Intense reader: This is a rare quality of site audience to find on the internet. The intense reader will sock in every word you write. They will also try to fully understand what you are talking about by going through your content several times.

Because of their willingness to learn more, the intense reader also gets to see your mistakes and grammatical errors. But unlike the judgmental reader, he will post kind comments to help you improve your blog.

For you to properly handle the intense reader, ensure you post quality content on a continuous basis. Proofread your articles more than once and if possible get a friend to also go through your articles. This will help you correct all mistakes thus an intense reader will rate you highly.

As an online entrepreneur blogging for profit, you realize that the higher your readers rate you the better your online sales conversion will become.

Monkey see monkey do reader: This type of site audience move with the masses. They will only read articles that have more comments. You will find this category of reader visiting the highly rated sites within their niche.

Monkey see money do reader wants to feel that he has spent his time well. That is why he will focus on what others are saying or doing. They do not want to try or read something new; they feel more comfortable with things that have been proven to work.

They will easily read and share an article that has 50 tweets and not bother to read an article with 0 tweets. In addition, you will find then following or becoming fans to celebrities and famous people in their niche.

When this type of visitor lands on your site or blog he/she will only read posts with many comments. If they notice there is a blog that people are sharing they will definitely open to read it.

There is little you can do to motivate this type of readers to read your new post. Hence, when one of your articles becomes popular, read the comments that have been posted. This will give you an overview of what to write about thus post content that will become popular faster.

Reliable site audience: This is another rare type of site or blog audience you are bound to come across on the internet. But any online marketer will agree that this is the type of visitors every blogger/webmaster should seek to attract.

The reason they are considered reliable is because they are loyal. A loyal prospect is the one that will most likely buy your products. Even when you launch another product or blog, this type of visitor will quickly try out your product or subscribe to your new blog. In short, they follow you wherever you go.

In order to garner loyal site audience, it will take time. You have to prove to be an expert over a period of time. At the same time, you will need to gain credibility by continuously publishing content that is helpful and truthful.

If visitors find you to be honest, it will not take long before they turn from prospects into loyal customers. Therefore, share content that is easy to authenticate. If you write something that some else published, quote them and link back to their site.

site audienceThe scanner: Most site and blog readers on the internet fall in this category. They usually scan through your content without paying any attention to what you have written.

This type of site audience will assume what your content is about by just reading your title and observing the images you have posted. The advantage of the scanner reader is that they mostly leave comments. But sometimes the comments are not related to the topic.

For you to capture the attention of a scanner, you have to write short and descriptive paragraphs. It will be even better to write in point form by using bullets or numbering.

If you write an article without bullets, use interesting text like bolding important points or using italics. In addition, you headlines have to be captivating and descriptive of the content within the body of your article.

The images also have to be telling a story that is related to what you have written. This will make your content easy to scan and thus the scanner visitor will understand what you are discussing about.

Gold digger: This is the kind of reader who will want to ride on your success. You will find them posting comments all the time in a view to funnel some of the traffic to their site.

Gold digger readers will most of the time want to link back to your blog when you get to the top. They will do all they can to learn your tactics and take advantage of your success for their own benefits.

The best way to handle this type of site audience is to be selfish with your information. Come up with paid online tutorials that contain your best content and strategies.

Quiet visitor: This is the most dangerous type of site visitor to have. It is better to have a visitor that tells you of your mistakes than a visitor that remains silent of everything you write about.

This category of reader will go through your content and leave zero comments. Philologists say that this kind of reader prefers to be obscure and avoids being in the limelight. Even though they may really love you content, quiet site visitors will not reveal that to you.

So as to involve this type of site audience, you need to look for ways to make you site interactive. Publish articles that ask questions thus necessitating them to share their views.

A call to action is also very important in getting visitors’ involvement in on your blog or website. Telling your readers what to do will go a long way in making sure your blog is active. As your blog becomes alive so will the money start rolling in.

Something else you can do if you notice these are the kind of visitors you have on your blog is to create polls. Polls are easy ways of engaging readers and learning their preferences.

Nosy reader: There are people who are only out to learn about you rather than what you have to say. With a nosy reader, he will straight away go to your about page to get more information of who you are.

The best way of telling if a reader is the prying type is how they post comments. They will ask you personal questions and want to learn how you do your business. Most of these comments will not be related to your site content.

To get the interest of the nosy reader, you will have to share captivating stories about yourself. Use the about page to tell people more about you and what you do.

An example of a site that takes care of the nosy reader is Smart Passive Income. One of the site’s menus is Income Reports. A prying reader will certainly click on that category.

Within your posts, you can also make personal statements that will be quickly picked by the nosy type of reader.

Conclusion: Knowing the behavioral pattern of your site audience will help you come up with content that is more targeted. An easy way of studying the type of readers you have is by the comments people post.

If you want to make money online from home, then you have got to learn about your readers’ traits.

What type of site audience visits your site or blog? Share using the comment section below.

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7 Ways Of Link Building Without Drama

7 Ways Of Link Building Without Drama

Google keeps on talking of how they will keep on changing their algorithm, which they have. But in all that talk there are two elements they cannot remove from their algorithm formula. These are content and backlinks.

The fact that search engines are machines means that they have to depend on other factors to rank sites. One of those factors is human beings. Signals picked from building backlinks is one such element that will help you rank high.

In link building you have to be patient since you don’t want to be considered a spam due to unnatural links. You have to be tactful so as to avoid the google radar of people using underhand tactics to rank.

Most site owners usually have a hard time when it comes to building inbound links. Amazingly, others don’t even know they need backlinks in order to rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Having quality online content that blows peoples’ mind off is great but it will amount to nothing if nobody finds it. Web content needs a little push so as to gain audience and the best way to do that is by link building.

On this write up you will get ideas on how you can get other sites to link to your site and thus improve your ranking on SERPs. The beauty of the strategies we will share here is that they are white hats techniques hence be in the good books of search engines.

Now let us get down to business and spill the beans on how to make your content get backlinks today and in future.

1: Write rich content: The first ingredient you need on your site to attract links is content. There are various means of generating content which include text, videos, podcast, graphs, webinars and images just to mention a few.

But of all these types of content, text and video are defiantly the best when it gets to site ranking.

The more compelling your content is the more people will want to link back to it. People are always in search for quality content and if you give them that they will among other things bookmark, share and more so add a link to their site pointing to your site.

Therefore, when creating content make sure you do your groundwork well so as to provide the best. It would be to your advantage to write one quality post a week than post everyday content that does not add value to your target audience.

If you can afford it, you can hire experts to generate content for you. For example, the other day I hired someone at to create a video.

2: Enhance your content: For your site to stand out thus build more backlinks you need to combine all types of content.

If you write an article that needs info-graphics make sure your add them. Head to a site like and create your own graphs that will enhance your content.

Apart from graphs, you also need to add related pictures within your content. Studies show that people are poor when it comes to reading but they love viewing videos and still images.

Most people go to the extent of sharing and embedding these images and videos on their site or social platforms. In the process helping you increase your link popularity.

Going through endless written content is quite boring hence you need to find a way of capturing the attention of your readers. Spice up your content by adding captivating images, graphs or videos and link building will be like child’s play.

3: Open Site Explorer: Knowing where your competitors are getting their backlinks is very important. For someone’s website or blog to be on the first page of Google he/she must be doing something right.

The ideal and easy way to discover where your competitors are getting backlinks is by using open site explorer.

All you need to do is go to open site explorer and insert your competitors site URL. You will be given a list of sites where the URL appears.

Once you have the list pick the best sites in that list and post comments or request to be a guest blogger.

From the list you derive enter those URLs to further know where these sites have linked to and further improve your link building.

4: Build relationships: One of the ultimate strategies of gaining online presence is through connecting with people in your niche.

Link building will be of more impact if you get backlinks from related sites. Therefore, you need to know where people in your niche meet both online and offline.

link building

One site that you can visit to connect with people in your niche is Meetup. Once on the site, search for bloggers in your niche. You can go a step further and specify your location and you will get to know where they meet.

Attend their meetings and build relationships. Face to face connections work better than sending email requests or linking up on social sites.

You will get a good deal anytime you talk over a drink or while having dinner.

If there is a seminar or workshop relating to what you do in your area make sure you attend. As you socialize with other participates I’m sure some will agree to allow you to write a guest post or add a link pointing back to your site.

As for online connection join relevant groups on facebook and seek to meet the right people. Don’t make a mistake of asking for a backlink right away.

First introduce yourself and get to know people and what they do. Once you have created a good rapport you can then request to write a guest blog.

5: Guest blogging: Just because someone has agreed you write a guest post does not mean they will automatically post it.

In order for guest blogging to work you need to go out of your way and come up with great content. Guest blogging is one of the best natural ways of link building.

Therefore, you don’t want to loss an opportunity to get a backlink just because you wrote a poor article. As we mentioned in the 1st point, research and come up with captivating content.

This will ensure your guest blog will be accepted and more so elicit more clicks and requests to post articles on other related blogs.

Click here to read more on the power of guest blogging

6: Press release: Do you want to knock off your competition hands down? Then releasing a press release is the thing to do.

Though it is expensive to do a press release, if you target the right keywords it will be worth every single penny.

A press release will funnel lots of traffic to your site and more importantly help you to get thousands of backlinks as your content is syndicated.

Personally, I recommend you post your press release on sites like PRweb or

7: Create a compelling Profile Page: The one reason that would affect your link building efforts is commercials. People do not like linking to webpages which have too many advertisements.

Since blogging for profit is about making money online thus the need to advertise, the one page you can create that has no adverts is the profile page.

These then means you come up with a very detailed and captivating about page. Write juicy stuff about yourself and what your site has to offer.

You may ask; how will a profile page help me in link building?

The secret is simple, every time someone mentions your name or what you do online, you can approach them and tell them you have a profile page that they can link to.

With no commercials appearing on the about page most people will be ready and willing to link back to the page.

Conclusion: Getting people to link to your site is not easy and it takes time. This is mostly the case if you are using white hat strategies.

The advantage of going legit is that eventually you will hit first page and it will be difficult to remove you there.

There are still other techniques of building inbound links such as article marketing, social bookmarking, and on-site linking just to mention a few.

As we said in the beginning creating great content is good but you need to have the right strategies of placing this content before people’s eyes. Link building will for sure help you to gain online visibility easily.

This site is devoted to making sure you learn the best techniques of marketing online. Take your website or blog to the next level by reading and implementing what we share here and you will have a good story to tell.

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I would also love to get feedback on what we have shared here. Therefore submit your comments in the space provided below. Remember to add your name, email and website to help you in link building.

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