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10 SEO Web Page Ranking Rules You Must Adapt

10 SEO Web Page Ranking Rules You Must Adapt

Many are the times when work online marketers ask themselves if the web page ranking strategies they are using are the correct ones. This can happen to anyone, so do not worry. On this post we will go into details on some of the rules to follow to guarantee you get a high page ranking on the major search engines.

The page ranking we are going to share about is not the “1 – 10 PR”, rather it is the positioning of your site and posts on search engines result pages (serp’s).

Here are 10 top factors to consider:

1. Have a SEO web page ranking strategy: The first aspect of SEO is getting the right keyword phrases to target in your niche. Ask yourself this questions; what is it I want to achieve from my website or blog? What are the needs of the people am targeting? And which words and phrases are they using on search engines?

Once you are armed with answers to this questions you are ready to go. The tools to use to determine this include Keyword Winner (paid wordpress plugin), Yahoo Answers, Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool, Google Suggest and so forth.

2. Create your own content: Most webmasters make a mistake of letting others create for them content. Since you are the one that knows your goals, it would be better to create your own content.

It is only you who knows where you want to be and how you intend to get there. Therefore, you should be in full control of your page ranking campaign.

If you have to work with a website developer or an SEO company, let them do the online marketing thing but you should be the one managing the content.

3. Do not over-rely on SEO service companies: This brings us to the next point of ensuring you get a high page ranking. Just because you think you have picked the top SEO Company, it does not mean you can now sit back and watch. You need to follow up and make sure you get your money’s worth.

SEO page ranking is a big business and there are companies that will promise heaven but deliver nothing. Hence you need to be very careful when working online with SEO companies.

This are the rules to follow as you work online with SEO firms:

– Research and know the top strategies of building link popularity so you can know if the SEO Company is doing the right thing or not.

– Ask the company to give you a list of the page ranking techniques they are intending to use.

– Do not work with companies that have spamming and black hat strategies in their list.

– Only work with firms using white hat SEO tactics.

– Never give full control of your website to any company or person.

– Follow up to make sure that all the page ranking strategies are been done the right way.

Note: Your work at home online marketing destiny is entirely in your hands so you should be the one calling the shorts. Thus do not give content management responsibility to anyone. You should be the one controlling your site navigation structure and content creation.

4. Work on your site navigation: The structure of your blog or website is very critical in page ranking especially in the top search engines. If you are blogger, with time you will have so many webpages and it is important that they all rank well.

Choose your theme template carefully by making sure it is structured well and also optimized. One of the things to seriously consider is your site navigation. Image having 1000 blog posts and expecting people to locate them all with ease, it can be challenging.

You should therefore position your menu somewhere that is easy to locate. At the same time optimize all your webpages so that they are indexed and ranked on search engines.

To ease navigation on your site, create relevant categories as regards to your blog content. These categories are the once that will act as your menu. It is also advisable to pick a template theme that will allow you to have sub categories.

When choosing categories, go for the top exact keyword matches in your niche. This is mainly because search engines will also use your categories for your site page ranking.

The easier it is to move around your site the low your bounce rate will be thus you will make money online fast. By ensuring easy navigation of your site by linking relevant webpages together, search engines will have an easy time crawling and indexing your webpages.

5. Concentrate on optimizing your homepage: The way you set your homepage is very vital when it comes to SEO web page ranking. Your homepage is where you will get the most inbound links.

As people in your niche link back to your homepage, you too should link your webpages to your homepage. Make certain you use top targeted keyword phrases in your niche as your anchor text. Do that on every page you create with many targeted keyword variations as you can.

SEO page ranking6. Do not neglect optimizing any of your webpages: In order to maximize on search engines optimization, do not put all your eggs in one basket. As you optimize your homepage also seek to boost your other web page rankings.

Ensure that as you create pages, you link them to other relevant webpages within your blog or website. This will help your readers navigate your site with ease and also increase your web page ranking.

7. Start working on your web page ranking right away: Procrastination is a big enemy when it gets to achieving a high page ranking. This is especially so on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

The more you wait to start your SEO page ranking campaign, the longer it will take to rank and the more expensive it will be.

Search engines optimization is for people who are serious about working online and making big money. Therefore you are better off starting right away. Begin building your blog SEO value and SEO link juice NOW!

8. Monitor and respond to your site stats and results: If there is something that you really need to monitor closely is your traffic statistics. With Google Analytics (free tool) you can be able to tell your bounce rate and more so your conversion rate.

It would be of no benefit to go on with a niche where the conversion rate is low. Monitoring your blog stats will help you know where you need to improve and the best keywords that your page ranking is converting most.

When you note there are adjustments that need to be done, do not procrastinate, rather implement them immediately. This can be in terms of moving to a better market niche or putting more effort in your current area on interest.

9. Be ready to accommodate change: Just the other day, many sites page ranking were affected by the Google panda updates. It is true that change can sometimes be very difficult, but you need to look at the end results.

For example, the recent google algorithms give more preference to articles with 800 words and above. Before you would rank well with an article with 400 words, but now you need to adjust immediately to the new google algorithms so as to boost or maintain your site page ranking.

SEO blog ranking10. Get the big picture: There are many top SEO page ranking strategies that work very well. This include article marketing, social bookmarking, social media marketing, video marketing, posting comments, guest blogging, listing in top business directories and the list goes on and on.

What I mean by getting the big picture is that you should not settle for just one SEO page ranking technique. For a small online home business to grow, you need to have an array of online marketing arsenals.

Apart from identifying online marketing arsenals, you also need to know the top keywords that you intend to rank for, the tools you need to have and the right knowledge. Armed with all the rules we have talked about on this article you will now be ready to take on even the top sites in your niche.

Summary: You do not necessarily need an SEO expert to do the work for you. SEO page ranking is achievable even as you work online at home on your small business.

Work Online Ideas And Increasing Internet Presence

Work Online Ideas And Increasing Internet Presence

The question posed by most individuals who launch a new niche home based site is, how to work online and make sure they attract sales leads. If that kind of query was raised some 15 or 20 years ago it would have been very easy to respond to. Then it was possible to start a niche site and within a few days you begin getting traffic.

Today, the story is totally different and people are so savvy when it comes to online marketing. In fact, you need to think out of the box or work some extra hours if you want to have online visibility.

Whenever work online marketing success is talked about, some people may find it a difficult thing to attain while others may see it as a simple thing to achieve. Both this kinds of folks are right, the difference between the two people is their way of thinking. If you want to succeed and know how to work online you have to be confident about yourself.

Building confidence helps you to be focused in terms of learning new stuff happening within your market niche. Additionally, it ensures you are able to foresee the future and work towards addressing an issue even before it happens. This will in time make the people in your niche consider you as an expert thus your words become law.

This should then tell you that today marketing online is no longer like a walk in the park, you need to be ahead of the game all the time. You can have the best product in the market but if you cannot showcase the product then you will make no money.

When it gets to how to work online, marketing is the key. On this article let us share on some simple but very effective principles in promoting your business online.

Focus on location: It may be difficult for you to rank high on a keyword like how to work online in the whole world but you can rank if you target a certain location. For example, you can start a site on teaching music in Africa or Cairo. When you do this it becomes easier to rank since the competition will be very low.

Identify a need in a certain location and choose your domain name with that locality in mind. Your content should also mainly focus on specific needs within that geographical area.

Targeting a single demography is also related to centering on one location. It is very difficult to satisfy everyone but it is possible to build an online presence that appeal to a certain group of people. Defining the market niche to target from the word go will help project your voice and by so doing build online presence.

For instance, it is easy to promote software that is aimed at easing banking needs for upcoming and new banks, or marketing an insurance package for the baby boomers. In short, targeting a certain age group or niche is easy since you can learn the way they speck thus connecting with them.

Define your target audience: Before you enter into any niche market, define your target audience and know their preferences. Research and know where they spend most of their time, find the media of communication they prefer and as earlier mentioned identify the language that they use.working online marketing

Avoid the use of jargon: Many times you will hear people saying when it comes to work online marketing you need to avoid the use of hard vocabulary. The use of jargon can be detrimental to your home business, but if your target market is from a particular professional niche then this can work to your advantage.

Mostly in every profession there is a language and terms that are frequently used. Using a language that is understood with people in a particular industry will make it easier for you to relate to them thus build your online reputation.

If you are targeting to teach people how to work online, then you need to learn the right language to use. Identify the common keywords searched for by your target audience and use the words in your content. This will ensure your blog or website comes up in search engine result as your potential audiences browse the net.

Use the right keywords: Optimizing for the right keywords goes beyond targeting common key term phrases. If you are searching on Google or Yahoo for the keyword work online, you would see just how difficult it would be for you to get ranked on page 1 or 2. But by just adding to the same key phrase and targeting the keywords how to work online, you will have narrowed your chances of high placement by a big percentage.

Rather than focusing on a certain niche, find keywords that bring out your real and specific strengths. Many times it about determining the intersecting views about a certain topic. What it means is that, it can take you a longer time to rank on a blog about music but a shorter time to rank on a site about music reviews.

In other words, you may not be a veteran in working online but you can offer top notch advice to newbies looking to start work at home online business.

Use social media marketing the right way: Currently, social media marketing is on the incline and you need to jump into the band wagon. It is vital that you learn how to utilize social networking sites to promote your work online home business.

A good example is how you can use facebook; it lets you target clients of a particular

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