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How To Blog For Money – 10 Top Strategies

How To Blog For Money – 10 Top Strategies

A lot has been said about blogging especially regarding how to blog for money. But that is not to say that you cannot blog just for the sake of it. A blog is considered as an online journal hence it means you can choose to do what you want.

On this publication we shall address issues that most of the times get ignored. I advice you sit upright because you are about to see another dimension on how to blog for money that will take your work from home business to another level.

Ideally blogging is supposed to be fun but some people have made it appear like punishment. The day you look at blogging as a means to an end you are on your way to earn extra income from home with ease.

The ultimate secret to blogging for money is traffic. Therefore the points you will read will mostly be centered on how to attract targeted visitors.

1. Pick the right blogging platform: Blogging is like a career hence you need to be professional if you want to make money blogging. There are many blog platforms you can use to generate content and some of them are free.

Some of the top sites you can create a blog for free include Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress and Joomal. But it is advisable that you get your own domain so as to have full control of your blog.

Creating your blog from scratch will help you to format your blog design as you wish depending on your niche. Most free blogs will not offer you the luxury to design your blog as you wish.

An important aspect of blogging for money is the template you select. Pick a theme that will allow you to customize your pages, RSS feeds, menu/categories and comment. Personally, I advocate for wordpress since that is want I use and they have a wide range of free and paid professional templates.

2. Target two types of audiences: In order to generate high volume of targeted traffic you need to write with two audiences in mind. First, generate titles and content that are catchy so as get the attention of people.

A blog is of no use if there are no people reading what you are writing. Take time to come up with captivating titles that will necessitate people to want to read what you have published.

Secondly, you need to write for search engines. This is where the use of keywords comes in; with the right key terms appearing on your titles, search engines will drive traffic to your blog.

So as to pick the keywords phrases that are commonly searched for, use tools like Google suggest, Keyword winner, Word Tracker or Keyword Discovery.

3. Build your link profile wisely: It is recommended that you be strategic on how you build your out bound links. The pages you link out to contribute immensely when it comes to link SEO value.

Link out to content that is related to your blog. Though it is imperative, you do not necessarily need to link your content every time you mention another site. Usually, you can hurt your SEO efforts when you add to many links on your pages.

On the other hand, you have to be careful when you quote other bloggers. It is good to give credit where its due by linking to a blogger you have quoted on your articles. As you link to others they will link back to you and that is how to blog for money.

More backlinks means better SEO profile and that result to high search engine organic traffic.

4. Use short page URL: Most of the blog posts you will find online will have long URLs. But research has proven that short URLs are better than long ones.

With wordpress you have the option of shortening your page link, but you have to be careful and ensure readers can tell what your post is about by viewing your URL. The best way is to separate your keywords with hyphens.

You will be amazed just how shortening your page URL will help boost organic traffic to your blog.

5. Prudently archive your posts: There are different ways by which you can archive your content. The best strategy is to archive using titles, short description and dates.

Some people opt to have the full article in the archive and that is good if you want to rank for long term keywords. But for the sake of having a more organized archive, you would be better off using short descriptions.

Archives normally pick the first paragraph of your articles thus make sure that you include your targeted keywords preferable in the first or second sentence of your article. Your old posts are equally important as the new posts as you blog for money.

6. Social bookmarking: Tagging your content is one of the best ways of viral marketing and building quality backlinks. Some of the top sites to have your tags on include Technorati, delicious, Reddit, Diggs, Boing Boging and so on.

Your readers can also help you to bookmark your content by adding social icons on your blog. For example, at the left of this blog you will find social buttons you can click to share this article with your friends.

It is vital that as you are bookmarking your content that you do so to your best articles. This will make visitors on these social bookmaking sites consider you an expert in your niche.

Posting your top articles also increases your chances of getting to the homepage of sites like Digg or Boing Boing. Rather than marketing all you blog posts, focus on promoting your best content since it will act as good link bait.

how to blog for moneyIdeally, out of every 10 posts you publish 1 of them is sure to be a hit. This is the article you need to market, share and bookmark. In most cases it takes just one article to put you in the limelight and help you gain web presence.

7. Address important topics: Am yet to find a niche that does not have a topic that raises hot debates or unanswered questions. In whatever niche you choose to target as you blog for money address issues that require the most attention.

If you discover that in your niche people are struggling with a certain issue, do thorough groundwork and offer workable solutions.

For example, if you are in the marketing industry and people are pondering on whether to buy a particular software introduced in the market, purchase the software study it and post a detailed review. This way you will gain credibility and blog visitors will easily link back to your content, subscribe to your feeds and thus help you increase blog traffic.

8. Take advantage of days when traffic goes up: If there are days you need to maximize on and boost your traffic is when traffic increases. Ideally, as you blog for money you will discover you can publish an article that will rank high on search results thus attract many visitors.

In some cases this can happen by chance and that is why you need to constantly monitor your traffic so as to take advantage. The best tact to use when you notice high traffic is to sit down and come up with quality content that will draw attention.

This is when you need to prove your worth by publishing 1 or 2 articles that portray your writing ability and knowledge in your industry. It can take 1 article to catapult you and make your new visitors have no choice but to come back for more.

One mistake you can do when blogging for money is to suddenly get lots of traffic and fail to update your blog in a space on 2 days. It is advisable to stop everything you are doing and come up with something that will make you stand out.

9. Be slow to post adverts: From the topic of this blog post, how to blog for money, you will see that monetization is very critical. But before you get to the online money making part, you need to first create content.

Most people in a hurry to make money blogging, place many adverts that make their blogs appear un-professional and greedy. Blogs are more effective when they have content rather than plastering adsense all over the place.

Once you have good content on your blog you can go ahead and add adverts but they have to be positioned strategically. By these I mean that adverts should not interfere with your main content or distract your readers.

Find a way to intelligently blend your adverts with your blog design. The more friendly and professional your blog appearance is, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Otherwise, it is advisable to first concentrate on building your brand and increasing traffic before you begin placing adverts on your blog. It has been noted that banners, pop ups and text ads tend to repel potential visitors from reading your blog posts.

If you observe carefully you will note that most top bloggers do not have adsense. In fact, try and conduct a study and you will see that mostly newbies who blog for money add adsense. Something to ponder about!

10. Disable comments: One thing that makes a blog look alive and kicking is the number of comments it gets. If you come across a blog that has no comments you will right away assume the blogs is unpopular.

For a new blog, it is recommended that you disable comments until you begin generating traffic. With 500 visitors and above, you can enable comments since this kind of traffic will increase your blog activity. More comments translate to popularity thus helping you as you blog for money.

Conclusion: From the guidelines shared on this post you can bet that you will cut a niche for yourself in which every industry you venture into.

Applying the tactics that have been addressed here will give you an edge over 95% of other people that blog for money.

Do you have something more you what to share on this topic, feel free to add it in the comment section below. You can also click here to subscribe to my RSS feed for more updates.

How To Use Twitter For Business Especially In Marketing

How To Use Twitter For Business Especially In Marketing

Mirco-blogging is steadily becoming an integral component of marketing your business on the internet. One miro-blogging platform that has really impacted the cyberspace is Twitter.

With more than 250 million active members and 500 million registered accounts (this is according to Media Bistro), twitter is surely the haven for online business entrepreneurs. Twitter offers a fertile ground for you to promote your business and more importantly build relationships with your target audience.

Are you looking for a social site to build a personal or business online brand name? Then search no further for the answer is here; you can showcase and publicize your business using twitter.

But you need to be very careful when it comes to using twitter for business marketing. It can take one single oversight when tweeting to bring down your online business for good.

On this blog post we shall discuss some critical aspects to consider when marketing on twitter. If you follow the etiquettes motioned below your tweets will definitely capture people’s attention.

Here are 9 rules you need to adhere to when marketing your business on twitter

1. Update your user profile completely: The first thing you need to do when you open any social media account is to fill in your details.

Make sure you have entered your full names (real name) or business name. Depending on your niche, try and add your targeted keywords so as to employ social media optimization.

For example, in the activity filled add phrases that are commonly used in your niche. If you are a blogger, rather than stating sport as an activity, use phrases such as blogging for money or help you succeed in blogging. The secret is to say exactly what you do.

Twitter is like a small search engine thus when you enter your targeted keyword terms in your user profile you increase the chance of the right people finding you.

Note: Every field in your user profile is an opportunity to optimize your account and thus increase your web presence.

2. Be professional: The way you present yourself on social media sites says a lot about your personality.

The first thing you need to do so as to have a good first impression is to upload a professional image. You also have to avoid grammatical and spelling errors when posting your tweets.

The use of short codes like “u” to signify “You” or “2” when signifying “to” are not recommended for people using twitter for business. Those short codes may be used when operating a personal account.

Professionalism also means posting links that take people to a legit website or blog. It is futile for you to micro-blog without having a place you call home.

Rather tweet affiliate links, it is better to create a blog where you can post quality and helpful content and at the sidebar add affiliate banners. This way your target audience will view you as an expert thus quickly buy from your site.

3. Tweet moderately: No one likes spam therefore try as much as you can to avoid sending to many tweets at the same time.

Newbies are the ones know to commonly make this mistake. People assume that the more tweets you post the higher the chances of people getting your updates.

When it comes to tweeting for business what matters most is the type of content you post and not the frequency. If you tweet insightful, captivating and relevant content you will certainly get the attention of your target audience.

But sometimes you might need to send many tweets especially when marketing an event. During such occasions it is advisable to notify your viewers of your intentions.

You also need to use programs like Hootsuite which help you to schedule your tweets at given intervals.

4. Use common sense: Courtesy is very important when it comes to marketing using twitter or any other social site for that matter.

If someone mentions you in good light or re-tweets your post it is prudent to thank them. People love to be appreciated for their efforts therefore take time to follow your twitter activities and recognize people who re-tweet your posts.

It is through these little gestures that you start building relationships with your target audience. In addition, it’s a way of breaking the ice and opening the lines of communication.

You can also go a step further and re-tweet other people’s updates. This is how you get people to notice you and in the process they will be the first to re-tweet your updates.

Twitter for business marketing

5. Be careful what you tweet: In the opening lines of this publication we mentioned how one tweet can bring down your business. Hence it is very imperative to tweet wisely.

Avoid tweeting or getting involved in hot debates that relate to controversial topics. Try and avoid issues regarding politics or religion when doing business.

Do not use your business twitter handle to share explicit images or use inapt language. If you have to go in that line do that using your personal twitter account.

6. Hashtags (#) usage: The use of hash tags is very critical when marketing your business on twitter. They help in ensuring people participate in your tweets and more importantly help in tracking and finding your content.

But that does not mean you go adding a hash tag in all your tweet updates. Be moderate in the way you use hash tags so as not to annoy your followers.

7. Tweet relevant content: Marketing your business on twitter involves a lot of communication. It is through communication that you build relationships with your customers and business partners.

If you are in the real estate business do not share content about sports today and gardening the following day. This will only confuse your audience and they will wonder what your area of expertise is.

Your twitter handle should contain content related to your area of business. This is how you gain trust from your target audience and in the long run be considered an expert in your niche business.

How you relate with your followers also counts a great deal. Try to always stick to the point and avoid going into personal matters.

As much as it is advisable to add a personal touch when communicating, make sure you do not go overboard.

8. Learn your target audience preferences: There is no way you can succeed in marketing on the internet without doing research.

Depending on the people you are targeting you need to know what they like and don’t like. You also have to know the right language to use.

Each industry has its own terminologies that they use to communicate. Learning these terminologies will help you to connect your potential customers thus succeed in marketing.

Researching will also help you pick the right products to promote.

Subscribe to RSS feeds, blog and news channels so as to get updates on what is taking place in your niche.

9. Respond to all queries: The fact that twitter is a platform for communication means that you will be getting a lot of queries. Apart from responding to these queries, the time you take to get back to people’s queries is very vital.

Ones someone asks you a questions it is recommended your respond to them in the shortest time possible. Ideally, the rules of marketing stipulate you respond before 24 hours are over.

It will be in bad light if it takes more than 3 days for you to get back to customers after they ask a question. If this goes on, your target audience will lose confidence in your business.

It is also advisable to respond to each query posed to you individually. This is especially when someone posts a complaint about your product or service.

Engaging in the public domain will only get you in trouble especially when things start getting hot and personal.

Note: As you do business on twitter do not take things personal especially when people attack you or your business. On the internet things are irreversible since you can post one sentence and within seconds it can spread like a virus.

Conclusion: Looking at the modes of marketing your business online, twitter is definitely one of the most effective. But for you to succeed in marketing using twitter you need to employ the strategies mentioned above.

These are important rules to follow so as to reap the full benefits of using twitter for business promotion.

If you think I have left something please feel free to add by posting in the comment section appearing below.

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