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How To Go About Learning SEO – Eliminate The Bottle Necks

How To Go About Learning SEO – Eliminate The Bottle Necks

In order to succeed in online business you cannot avoid learning SEO (search engine optimization). This is because traffic is what web business is anchored on.

The more visitors you can attract to your site the higher the chances of making it big online.

It therefore goes without saying that one of the ideal ways of directing traffic is through SEO. As you learn and implement effective SEO tactics, you can be assured that you will always be the one to beat in your niche.

The other day someone on facebook was asking me what is SEO (Click here to learn what SEO is). It then dawned to me that very many people don’t even have the slightest idea what the initials SEO stand for.

Then there is another group of people who have an idea what SEO is but they don’t know how to go about it.

It is these two reasons that I thought is prudent I come up with an article that offers guidelines on how to learn SEO.

If you are starting out in SEO then you have to read this post to the very end. The post contains insightful tips and secrets on how to effectively learn how to SEO:

1: Read Widely: For you to be good in SEO you must pay attention to details. This is not a common trait with most people and yet it’s what separates success with failure.

So as to learn the nitty-gritty of a given subject you must be willing to read widely. When you set your mind to read your mind tends to grasp finer details that normally you would forget.

If it is about learning how a robot.txt file works, read all you can about the topic until your mind absorbs everything it can.

Reading alone is not enough. You also have to put into practice what you learn. Every time you implement something you have read the chances are that you will not forget easily.

But you have to be careful not to read everything you come across. In your pursuit of learning SEO you may find yourself getting sucked into reading almost any post relating to SEO.

Not everything you read on the web is gospel truth. You need to have a sieve so as to concentrate on real SEO.

Reading everything can be very dangerous in that by the end of the day you may get confused. The secret to reading wisely is to bookmark articles posted by experts or using a site like pocket.

Sites like SEOmoz or Search Engine Land have amazing articles on how to SEO.

Remember that for you to really learn something you must do it. Hence, after you have read about a certain SEO strategy, you need to implement.

I like looking at it as creating your own thing from scratch. You never know you, might just discover new SEO techniques along the way.

2: Hook up with SEO Experts: Some people after they have read two or more articles on SEO think they are the gurus. This is until they meet other people who have been in the business for a longer time.

There is nothing as sad as thinking you know everything or assuming you are the smartest SEO guy. That day you will be put in a room with other SEO guys, you will realize you know absolutely nothing.

I believe the people who learn the most are those who expose themselves to people better than they are.

I learned this the hard way while in school. I used to think I’m the best footballer until I came out of school and met other boys.

They were so good that sometimes I was put on the bench which was not something I was used to. This forced me to work even harder to become an even better soccer player.

Before long I was learning new moves that I would never have learned.

Moral of the story; in order to learn SEO you have to at some point expose yourself to people more experienced than you are.

This may cause you some embarrassment but by the end of the day you will have learned something you didn’t know. Out there you will come across smart SEO guys who will push you to the next level.

To hook up with SEO experts you don’t have to necessarily attend a seminar. There are several online forums you can enroll in like blackhat forum, warrior forum or a site like SEOmoz.

Connecting with folks that know more than you know on any given subject will push you to learning new things.

3: Be curious: You sure have heard the adage that says “Curiosity killed the cat”, this might be true to some extend but the greatest asset you can have to study SEO is curiosity.

The thing about being curious is that it takes you to the depth of an issue. It makes you ask yourself questions that other people will not normally ask.

To know how to SEO you have to always ask yourself how a certain strategy works. Asking question is the one of the most critical elements of advancing in life.

The more you ask yourself SEO questions the better you become in SEO.  This brings to mind something I have always believed; there is a difference between training and learning.

Training is about showing you how to go about doing a certain task but learning is a personal responsibility to go beyond what you have been taught.

From an SEO viewpoint, after you have received training on how to SEO, you need to go out there and discover more. Learn how search engines crawl, index and rank websites.

By getting your hands dirty it will for sure make you a better SEO marketer. You might end up breaking a leg in the process thus the need to have a safe landing pad.

Therefore, before you launch your own site of which you have full control. Try out installing tracking tools such as Google Analytics and the like on a free blog such as blogger or wordpress.

Once you have perfected your skills you can then implement them on your premium site.

how SEO works

4: Enjoy failure: Anytime you are learning something new things are bound to go wrong sometimes. Learning SEO is not any different.

It is not until you try something that you will discover if it actually works or not. As you try to establish yourself online you need to create space for failure.

Things are bound to go wrong and in some cases they do so public. You have got to have an open heart where you accept failure. This is a very crucial life skill too that will propel you to become an authority in what you do.

Failing is an important aspect of learning SEO more so when you fail while others are looking on. This will expose you to criticism and in the process you will learn a thing or two.

5: Learn something new in 2 hours: In order to become an expert in SEO it may take you several months. But there are some certain skills you may learn in day or within hours.

When you are learning, it gets to a point you hit a learning curve. This is the time you have a drive to know how a certain thing works within the shortest time.

Ideally, you should take advantage of this thirst for knowledge to improve your skills. As you learn SEO you will discover sometimes your mind will be ready to absorb but other times you just don’t feel like it. By the way this applies to any kind of studying.

Normally, the journey to becoming an expert begins with you been a newbie, then you move to basics, core competence and finally you earn the title expert.

The length of time you take on each stage depends on you. For example, before someone knows how to SEO; one person can take a year or two while another takes just a few months.

You have the ability to make things work in your favor. Take the initiative and determine the time it will take you to learn all you have to know in regards to online marketing.

6: Write what you learn: When it comes to writing people who run blogs about SEO have an advantage, this is unlike people operating blogs on other niches.

Studies show that when you write things down your memory tends to retain more than when you just read. You can even go a step further and implement what you have read and written down.

What makes writing down so powerful is that your mind takes a creative nature. The secret is that anytime you write or edit written content it gets your mind thinking intensely.

It even gets better when what you write lands in the public domain. Here I’m talking of people who post articles on magazines, books, e-book, blogs and the like.

This means you become a subject of criticism which in the long run helps you learn something new and correct you mistakes (Read points number 2 and 4).

7: Realize that SEO is just part of online marketing: You can be the best SEO expert in the world but that does not mean you are done.

Web marketing involves several elements of which SEO is just one of them. Don’t also forget that search engine algorithm keep changing all the time therefore you have to keep learn new SEO strategies every time.

For you to be effective in online marketing you have to learn SEO and mix in some social media marketing, video marketing, article marketing and a little of forum marketing just to mention a few.

In all these internet marketing skills you need to allocate time and use the same tactics stipulated in this post to gain online marketing skills.

Conclusion: To become an expert in any niche you have to be ready to take it all the way. This may mean spending sleepless nights.

Learning the skills of SEO takes time; therefore don’t think in a day or two you will know everything there is to know.

As for the newbies I have this for you, connect with SEO experts and most importantly become the curious type. This will help you take charge of your learning experience. The more you ask why, the faster you will learn new skills.

SEO is one of the best skills to acquire when it comes to promoting your site. Other strategies may be short-term but SEO is for long-term as long as you stick to the SEO guidelines thus avoid going to the bad books of search engines.

Probably there is something I have not mentioned that you think you might add or something I’ve explained unsatisfactory, you are welcome to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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Buy Online Stores And How To Check Their Authenticity

Buy Online Stores And How To Check Their Authenticity

When the words buy online stores are mentioned some of the sites that come to mind are Amazon, Ebay, and Groupon. But that is not to say that they are the only sites where you can shop online.

Studies conducted last year between November 1 and December 16 in America, revealed that shoppers spent over $4.5 Million on buy online stores. This was 15% more than the same period last year.

The increase in online shopping is brought about by the attractive sales offers and free shipping discounts. Technology is also proving to be a catalyst in the upsurge of online shopping with people using smart phones to shop while on the move.

The holiday seasons just ended and the one thing that helped people beat the rush was buying gifts on online stores. It took Daniel by surprise when he was informed by his boss that he had to travel to UK for a business trip, just before Christmas.

Since Christmas was just around the corner, he was wondering what to do to buy presents for his family. He called his friend back home who gave him the perfect solution. Daniel had not thought of that before; the friend suggested he checks out buy online stores.

To his amazement, Daniel found out that apart from buying online, the store was also going to deliver the gifts for him. With that in mind, he went on with his business trip knowing so well that his wife and two children were going to be sorted out.

Buy online stores have made many people’s lives easier.. Suddenly, the world has become like a small village. People are now rushing to the web for convenient shopping.

In developed countries, buy online stores have always been the first option but now the developing nations have picked up the trend. You therefore do not need to take a plane to go shop for stuff that you would easily buy online.

Today, there are one stop shops online where you can buy virtually anything you need. These online supermarkets have become popular with online shoppers because of offering variety of products.

Convenience and availability of products are not the only aspects that buy online stores are known for. In the case of Daniel, he found out that most of the online stores have very attractive discounts for online shoppers.

It is a common experience with online buyers that most online purchase sites that offer great deals. One example of such site is Groupon which negotiate huge bargain with popular companies.

Businesses that need new customers are known to work with Groupon. With a voucher from Groupon you can pass it on to a friend through email or mobile phone. After printing the voucher, one can present it to the particular shop and get amazing deals.

The reason why buy online stores offer these abnormal discounts is the fact that they do not factor in infrastructure cost. With an online shop, you do not need to rent office space; it even gets cheaper if you are buying a digital product.

Away from buying gifts online, people operating work from home business sites are always purchasing products online. There are many websites that have products and services that can ease your online marketing.

But you need to be careful not to fall victim of online fraud. Some online shoppers lack information when it comes to where to buy products. This is further aggravated by the fact that some sites lack proper online payment infrastructures.

Millions of people have lost cash online when fraudsters get access to their credit cards. Shoppers are also in no position to determine the quality of products they are purchasing until they receive them. In these instance it is usually too late and most buy online stores refuse to reverse the transactions.

The fact that the holiday season is over does not mean that buy online stores will lack customers. As a home based business mom you will still need to buy products at the comfort of your home.

It is therefore prudent that you arm yourself with information as you buy stuff on the net. Below are things to consider before you decide to make a purchase online so as to avoid been swindled.

buy online stores1.         The best buy online stores to purchase products are the ones that are well known. When you buy from a website that is recognized there is little likelihood of getting conned. Some of these secure sites to buy online include Ebay and Amazon.

Developed nations have put in place secure e-commerce infrastructures that encrypt wireless data thereby preventing identify theft. In some instances it may take a while before getting your product but you would rather be safe than sorry.

Before you buy from any website it is imperative you read reviews about the site. Visit online forums and get to learn what others are saying about the site.

But a simple tactic of checking the authenticity of an online shop is to see if it has an “s” after the letters “http”. In short, a link to a legit buying online store should read “https” instead of “http”.

The “s” signifies that the site is secure to make online payments safely and thus your personal financial details are protected.

2.         When the deal is too good to be true, you better think twice. If you see a product worth $1000 going for $100 it means there is something fishy going on. It could be someone trying to get your credit card details or trying to dispose illegal or damaged goods.

3.         There are some internet hot spots that you need to be careful of whenever surfing the internet. Using WiFi connections in public places can expose you to hackers.

There are people that have fallen to victim to identity theft while browsing in public places. This is especially so in developing nations where online security measures are not in place.

If you identify a good site to buy products, it would be safer for you to bookmark the site. Once you are in a safe location you can make your purchase securely.

Summary: Next time you are visiting that buy online store that you have visited before, you will be better informed on how to transact securely. One thing that we cannot deny is the fact that the internet has made our lives much easier.

I hope in the process, we do not lose the essence of life and forget how to really live. What is your opinion on online shopping? Share your views on the comment section below.

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How To Write A Blog Post That Captivates Your Target Audience

How To Write A Blog Post That Captivates Your Target Audience

On this blog we have been doing one thing, telling you just how priceless blogging is to online business. The big question now that needs to be addressed is how to write a blog?

A blog that has no traffic is of no benefit to you as an online entrepreneur. Here, we are not talking about 100 or 200 visitors daily, for you to make an impact in your niche you need to be able to direct thousands of people to your blog.

You have to find ways of captivating your target audience by your style of writing. The use of the right titles and keywords is not enough though they play an integral part when it comes to writing a blog.

The thing that will set you apart is your ability to write blog posts that keep readers glued to your every sentence. This is what will make your articles sharable thus gain authority in your area of business.

On this article we shall go into details on how to write a blog that is captivating and at the same time informative, SEO friendly and professional.

How to make your blog content unique: The internet is a hub for gathering all kind of content you can think about. Because of this fact, you can hardly come across a topic that has not been covered by other blog writers.

However, that does not mean that you give up on writing. There is always an angle you can take on every article that would make your article stand out.

So as to have ideas to write about you need to be a fervent reader and researcher. Reading helps you to gather facts about a given topic hence have the ability to approach it in manner people have never thought about. In addition, reading assists you to improve your writing skills.

Sometimes all you need to do is find a phrase or two that will get people glued to your article. This can be in form of bring a funny side to a story or asking questions that would get people thinking.

For you to be reading this post you must be a blogger or seeking to learn how to write blog posts in a better way. Therefore you will agree with me that when you are writing most of the time ideas just seem to disappear.

In actual fact, when you go offline that is when the best ideas suddenly come rolling in. For this reason, I advice writes to always walk with a pen and a paper so as to capture these moments of information downpour.

In this age of technology, you can also get a phone or gadget that will allow you to put your ideas in a digital format.

Did you know that what you go through as an individual is different from any other person? Thus there is no better strategy of writing a blog than using your personal experiences. There are things that you encounter in life on a daily basis that you can slot in your blog post that would touch your readers’ emotions.

The one mistake you can do when it comes to blogging is choosing a niche that you are not passionate about. You will become a better author when you launch a blog that is centered in your expertise.

Sharing content in your area of interest ensures you always have options on what to write about. Furthermore, the more you concentrate in your area of expertise the more knowledge you will acquire thus become an authority figure in your niche.

Apply keyword usage tactfully: You can be the best writer the world has ever seen but if you cannot market your work no one will ever know about you.

Unlike offline where marketing a book calls for a huge advertising budget, when it comes to online the ball game is a bit different. For you to succeed in blogging you need to know how to use keywords.

As you are writing a blog, in the back of your mind you have to consider search engines. There are over 200 parameters that search engine spiders look at to rank websites but the two elements that count the most include keywords and backlinks.

Even though of late search engines are trying to rank content by measuring social activities, backlinks and keywords still remain prominent.

To some extent controlling the backlinks you get may be challenging but you can surely manage to have full control of keyword usage.

With the right tools such as Google Keyword Tool or Keyword Discovery you can know exactly what people are searching for as they browse the web.

Learning how to skillfully use keyword throughout your articles will ensure your posts relate to your readers target audience search queries. This way you article will rank high on Search Engine Result Pages.

In some instances you may find it difficult to target certain keywords. A good example is when you are targeting a keyword like “how to write a blog”. Incorporating such a phrase throughout an article can be very tricky and can easily make your article unreadable.

But as you can see I have used it in the above paragraph in a way that looks natural.

So as to make sure that engine bots know identify your keywords you can use italic, bold or underline your keyword phrases.

how to write a blog

How to advance your skills as a blog writer: Having the ability to pick the right keywords is important but it is not enough to make your blog stand out.

Getting your target audience to land on your blog is one thing but keeping them glued to your web pages you need to have unique writing techniques.

I must admit that some of us English is a second language. It is said people think in their mother tongue thus translating to English can be a daunting task. But that does not mean you cannot acquire the right skills to write a blog that blows the mind of your readers.

Below are some things you can do to improve your writing skills:

1: The same way a musician has a signature, you too as a blogger need to have your own style of writing your blogs. The only way to achieve that is by being yourself.

For you to look cool you need to try and create your own identity rather than copy what someone else is doing.  When you write from your heart it makes it easy for people to identify with you. Besides, each one of us is unique in his or her own way, that’s what makes life worthwhile. Now, transfer that distinctiveness to your blog and you will stand out.

2: You can enlist yourself to a grammar class or subscribe online to a writing course. Here you will get to learn from the expert thus with time become a better blogger.

3: Use Microsoft Word when writing your blog post. Apart from correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes, you can use the Synonym feature in MS word to get vocabulary that will enhance your writing hence improve reader experience.

4: Read widely so as to gather facts that will back your information. Giving statistics is one way of making your content informative and interesting to read.

Learn how to structure your blog content: Once you have identified the topic to write about and chosen the right keywords you need to plan how to construct your article.

Proper structuring makes your article flow thus ensuring readers have an easy time following what your blog post is all about.

Your articles should always have an introduction that goes straight to the point.

Bonus point: Your first paragraph needs to be catchy so as to make readers want to go through the whole article.

It is common knowledge that most people just scan through an article without reading. You can make them pose to read some of your content by breaking using images, bullets, bold letters, graphs or using sub headings.

This will not only capture your readers’ attention, but make it easier for your target audience to know where exactly to find important information within your posts.

Another important aspect on how to write a blog is to know how to conclude. Here is where you can recap what you have written or share your overall opinion about a given topic.

It is also an opportunity to include your call to action message. When you post a blog there is definitely something you expect your readers to do. Rather than hope they will do it, why don’t you conclude by telling your audience what to do?

Conclusion: In a previous article we shared on how blogging is the future of internet marketing. So as to be in the lot of those that will influence the future on internet business you need to know how to blog.

As you can see writing on the web is a combination of many aspects and my hope is that this post will help you see how to approach blogging. When micro-blogging was introduced people thought that blogging would die out but they were so wrong.

It does not matter how good you are at composing tweets. By the end of the day you will need to take people somewhere so as to make money online. You stand a better chance if you will learn how to write a blog even as you are micro-blogging.

So as to help others writes out there why don’t you share, pin, tweet or +1 this article. Use the social icons appearing on the left.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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Making Money From Blogging As You Work Online

Making Money From Blogging As You Work Online


Back in the days, people who first ventured into making money from blogging where considered to be somewhat crazy. The main reason for such a perception was because blogs were getting very few inbound links. This was the same year that search engine optimization was appearing like it would die (1997-2003).

The people who took advantage then and learned how to blog, they ended up getting lots of exposure. Today, these same bloggers command the largest share of the marketplace in their respective niches.

The funny thing is that even to date there are online marketers claiming that blogging is going to die. This is mainly because of the introduction of social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The traffic that these social sites generate is so high with twitter recording amazing sign ups every day.

But the prudent e-marketers took advantage of this craze to add to their SEO marketing arsenal thus ended up making money from blogging more than ever before.

For people who work online, you need to realize that search engine marketing through blogging is here to stay. All that one needs to do is incorporate the new promotion strategies coming up with the blogging. In the instance of social media sites; the idea is to share your blog posts with your followers thus generate referral traffic. As you do that, search engines will also pick your blog page links on these social network sites which means more quality inbound links. We all know the more quality inbound links the more you rank high and the more organic traffic you will generate.

It is true that the online world is changing every day and the game is getting complicated, but if you work hard you will beat your competition. Leverage by using new channels of generating traffic, learn the brand new techniques of online promotion and you will sure land into money. Remember that the driving force in the internet marketing world is content and blogging offers just that.

Now that we have solved the myth of attracting traffic to your blog you may ask which ways are there to ensure that am making money from blogging? Let us go through some simple opportunities for you to monetize your blog and thereby make money as you work online at home.

The secret is to have several streams of generating income by blogging. Many people concentrate on advertising alone but they forget that for you to make lots of cash from advertising you require huge blog traffic. When you diversify your revenue generation channels, you will be in a better position to boost your income as you work at home.

Here are several other ways of making money from blogging


Create and sell your own Ebooks: This will apply to people who have established themselves and are generating good blog traffic. You first need to work towards building your online credibility and this is achieved over time. The more you keep sharing insightful and helpful content; you will start getting loyal readership.

Therefore, if people in your niche consider you as a good writer and a guru they will be willing to by your ebooks. In short, take advantage of your online status to make money online.

Publish a book: This is somehow similar to the above mentioned money maker strategy only that this time you can publish a hard copy of your content. If people view you as a veteran in your niche they will also be ready to read your content off the internet.

Sell Commodities: There are websites like Ebay and CafePress where you can pick items and promote them on your blog. The idea is to display merchandises that are related to your site content since this will ensure that you make more online sales. There are many bloggers out there making lots of cash selling branded and non-branded products from the above mentioned sites. The commodities can you your own or other people’s items.

Freelance writing: One way of becoming a good author is through blogging. Both online and offline there are people looking for publishers with excellent writing skills and thus you can grab these opportunities to make money while working at home. Some of the sites you can visit and offer your writing skills for cash include Elance and Odesk. You will be surprised just how profitable some of these freelance writing job opportunities can be.

Professionalize your blogging talent: In the blogging sphere there are some blogging networks that seek for people with blogging talent and pay them very well. You can use the blogging skills you have acquired to link up with these blog networks and add to your streams of income.

Offer blog consultation: Everyday there are people getting into the blogging field and need help. You can offer your expertise for cash to help newbies have an easy time blogging. There are also big companies out there that do not have the time to research on blogging and may need consultation services.

Do offline presentations

: Once you have become an expert blogger, you can be giving presentations in your locality and get paid cash. For this to work perfectly you need to be making good money from your blog so as to offer proof to people who come to your presentation.

Public speaking events also offer a fertile ground to generate free traffic to your blog. In some countries where blogging is alien, people will be willing to pay lots of cash just for an opportunity to make money.

Guest blogging: For many bloggers, guest blogging is meant to help them increase inbound links but it can also be a source of generating income online. Again, if you have cut a name for yourself as an expert blogger, you can be offering your blogging skills as a service and be paid for it.

Donation: Am sure you have landed on blogs that ask for donations for the information they are sharing. Maybe you were not keen on offering your donation, but you will be surprised just how many people are out there ready to donate as a sign of appreciation for quality content. Therefore, it will not harm to request your viewers to donate. Simply, upload a donation button and link it to your Alert pay or PayPal account.

As long as search engines are dependent on content, making money from blogging will remain as one of the easiest ways to earn cash. Do not let anyone tell you that SEO or blogging is about to die, in fact the two are on an upward climb. The webmasters seeking to add to their streams of income then have to seriously consider making money from blogging as one of their online money making arsenals.

Effective Types Of Marketing Your Online Business Offline

Effective Types Of Marketing Your Online Business Offline

Believe it or not, even before the advent of the internet the world still used to revolve round the sun. Business people had efficient types of marketing that helped them promote their products and services. Today, we have the internet here with us but that does not mean offline advertising is dead.

There are people out there who still do not have internet access. In addition, those who have internet connection are not online 24/7, they still take a walk in the park, watch TV, listen to the radio and so forth thus an opportunity to further market your work online business.

In short, what this explains is that the 6 + billon people in the world do not revolve their live around the internet. Therefore, online marketers need to add other types of marketing like offline advertising in their array of marketing arsenals.

On this article we shall discuss 10 effective types of marketing campaigns you can use to promote your home based business opportunity offline:

Business cards: For a business card to be an effective marketing tool you need to come up with unique designs. Create business cards that will capture the attention of the people you hand the cards to.

It is advisable you set a budget that can pay a professional and give them instructions on how to design your business cards. The idea is to ensure that anybody you give the card to will have to look at it.

If you are using this type of marketing to promote your online home business, your website link has to be very visible. Use big catchy fonts to make sure that it is the first thing a person sees when they read your card.

Every opportunity you get to introduce yourself to anyone is an opportunity to hand out your business card. You can also pin your business cards on notice boards in your local shopping center.

Posters and Flyers: This may seem ancient but there are places that this type of marketing is very effective. Look for a good printer who can do a good job of coming up with catch flyers and posters. Again, you can pin them on local notice boards or hand them out to passersby.

Since you are an online marketer, you can also visit a site like and order flyers of your choice.

Refrigerator Magnets: If there is a place that people frequent several times in a day, it is definitely the refrigerator. This provides you with a great opportunity to market your blog or website. All you need to do is design beautiful refrigerator magnets containing details of your online business.

If you are operating an online home based business, you will easily relate to other people (work from home moms) who are always at home since refrigerators are normally at home. To order this kinds of magnets try visiting

types of marketingKey Holders: I do not know about you, but as for me I always carry my keys everywhere I go. If you can design key holders that are unique and catchy then you can expect me to be one of your customers.

T-shirts: If you wear a printed t-shirt and go to a public place you will notice that people will try so much to read what is printed. This makes t-shirt advertising one of the most effective types of marketing your internet business offline.

Get an expert printer to design for you well printed t-shirts containing your business name or website address. Best approach to designing promotional t-shirts is printing single phrases; for example, “Delighting people working online” or “Taste of class” then adding a link to your blog or site.

A site like can be an ideal place to order unique promotional t-shirts. Then hand some of the t-shirts to your friends and relatives.

Ensure the next party you attend you wear your promotional t-shirts and for sure someone will visit your online business.

Notice Boards: When it comes to this type of marketing the best notice boards to target are the once in the bus station, supermarket, shopping malls, community center, gym or in any public area.

Just the other day a friend was trying to find customers to sell car seats. He decided to put up his business card on a notice board in the local shopping mall, it took him only a month to sell all the cars seats he had.

Envelops: One of the conventional modes of sending messages is through postal mail. Amazingly it is happening today even in this era of email messaging. This is an indicator that the touch that postal mail has on people’s emotion is more than electronic mail.

Hence the next time you are sending a letter to your online mailing list try using postal mail. Print details of your internet home based business and web address on the envelop. You just never know who else will read the content on the envelop cover.

Luggage Tags: For sure you know of people that travel a lot; this can be a great opportunity to promote your blog or website to other parts of the world. Head to a site like and order a unique luggage tag.

The next time you are taking that flight, make sure you use a luggage tag containing your web business details.

Tea Mugs: On a site like you can order beautiful mugs that contain your blog details. Give out the mugs as gifts to your friends who have a birthday, wedding, wedding anniversary and so forth.

Bookmarks: At the beginning of every year there is a company in our locality that hands out bookmarks that contain the company’s details on one side and a calendar on the other side.

This is a very efficient type of marketing since most people read books and they need to bookmarks. Just like the business card, you can order for them at and hand them out or every one you get in contact with.

Summary: For sure you now have a drift on various types of marketing your online business offline. Other strategies include printing your web address on postcards, shopping bags, umbrellas, caps, receipt leaflets, local newspapers and magazines the list goes on and on.

For these types of marketing to work perfectly you need to print messages that stand out. Use interesting fonts that will capture people’s attention.

Google Authorship – Panda Will Be Like Child’s Play

Google Authorship – Panda Will Be Like Child’s Play

If you thought the quest to further improve search engine results were over, let be blow your bubble. By the look of things, soon you may be hearing of yet another algorithm change based on google authorship.

Online business entrepreneurship has really become so volatile and if you are not careful you may face extinction. Before people can recuperate over the effects of Google Venice, rumor has it that soon ranking of site is going to be based on authorship profiling.

For those of you how have been following the events taking place in the SEO arena, you will agree with me to some extent things have changed a little bit. But some people still think that nothing has really changed.

There are people who have forever been using white hat strategies and their site rankings are still poor. In fact, instead of increasing, some site owners that adhere to Google rules say that they are the once that have been punished. Others are claiming that some of the sites that rank high have no ounce of quality content.

Even with the de-indexing of some sites that sell paid links, crappy sites that buy links can still find their way on top SERPs. What it appears is that link popularity is the main strategy of ensuring your site rank high.

One thing that no one can deny is that from the time panda was released, the internet has become a better place. Some of the crappy sites that used to flood search results have been axed. It will not take long before you see other poor quality site hit the sandbox. In addition, webmasters have gone back to the basics of SEO which is to generate quality content because they now fear the worst.

Slowly Google is getting it right; rarely do you search for something and fail to get it. Though Google said it has leveled the playing field, sites with more backlinks still dominate the search results.

The reason for this is because Google has no other parameter than checking backlinks to determine a site’s popularity and authority in a given niche. Due to the element of link popularity, you are bound to sometimes come across a useless site ranking high. What a crappy site has to do is to buy backlinks and they will succeed in manipulating search results.

Now, to counter that Google has been working on a master plan to start ranking sites depending on authorship. This means using social signals to determine how much influence you have in your niche.

Do you think this will work? Do you think it will improve search engine results? Share your opinions in the comment section provided below this article.

Google authorship is set to work hand in hand with Google +1. This is a social media site that was launched by google in a bid to have a piece of the pie in social networking.

google authorship

Others sites like Twitter and Facebook are doing so well thus the big exodus to social media. Though Google is lacking behind in terms of numbers, people are really signing up. The question that remains is whether these people are active members or just passive. Anyway, we will come back to that later.

The idea behind google authorship algorithm update is to link your content to your google plus account. This is a way of proving authorship of a site where you are a contributor and verifying content authenticity.

What you need to do is add the sites that you own on your Google plus account profile. If you have been searching the web you probably have come across results with images of the author appearing on the left.

I think this is so cool especially in terms on branding yourself and increasing Click Through Rate (CTR). An image appearing next to a listing in search results will elicit more clicks than the one without, don’t you think do?

Search engine technicians at Google are now burning the midnight oil to find a way to use google plus activities to rank sites. In short, social proof will be a major factor of determining a site’s ranking said to replace links. As a mentioned before, if that is possible we will wait and see.

I know you are asking how google +1 will help google rank websites. The secret lies in the fact that google will be able to track how people respond to your content. With your blog linked to your Google plus account and other google services, spiders will be able to measure the authority of your content.


  1. By using social signals like how many people tweeted or shared your content.
  2. You will be considered an authority in your niche depending on how fast your links go viral.
  3. Checking your bounce rate. After people have clicked on your link, how long do they take before they reappear to search the web again? If they return immediately then your site will not be deemed with high esteem by google.

From a searchers point of view, google authorship seems to be a great idea. It is where social proof, authority and reputation will be used to determine site ranking. This may just be the strategy to get rid of people who spam the internet and cloud search results with useless content.

Why? Because you would not expect anyone to share or tweet content that is considered spam. It is like stopping spammers on their track through reputation. This is unlike ranking sites through link popularity which in most cases is subject to gaming and manipulation.

Having said all that, the big question that we need to ask Google is how do they expect to work this out? So far they have done a remarkable job in terms of improving internet search. It goes to show why they are set to be perched at the summit for a long time to come.

But how is google author profiling going to operate? There are some several obstacles that Google will have to contend with and they include:

Technology savvyness: There are people out there who know nothing about social media leave alone what Google Plus is. These are people who could be producing quality content and products. It means the engine spiders may end up missing out of valuable content.

Does it mean that if Google authorship takes effect their work might never been seen on google search results. This to me indicates that search engines cannot easily run away from ranking sites’ authority using link reputation just yet.

Subject to manipulation: If people are still finding a way to rank high even though they bought backlinks on paid link networks, what makes it impossible for them again to game google spiders with manipulated social proof?

As we speak, there are already softwares that can easily boost your social proof on social media sites. Actually, if you ask social media marketing experts they will tell you it is easier to manipulate social signals than it is to build link popularity.

Considering that Google cannot tell whether an article has been written by an amateur or a seasoned veteran, chances are that differentiating between fake and genuine social signals will be more challenging.

Numbers: The number of subscribers on Google plus right now is between 90 million to 100 million subscribers? Some of these subscribers are not even active or don’t know how to use Google Plus.

The fact that you must connect your site with your google +1 profile in order for Google authorship to take effect, it means the algorithm will have very little content to rank. Therefore, Google has to work hard to increase and educate their subscribers on how to use features on google +1.

If the authorship algorithm was to be to be applied to a site like Facebook which have over 850 million active members, then it would be possible to use social signals to rank sites.

Summary: By the look of things it is going to take a while before you hear of google author algorithm. This is based by the fact that the number of social signals that google directly commands is limited.

On the other hand, Google would also need to find a way to counter social manipulation and that would also take some time.

For the mean time, know that your backlinks is one of the major parameters google uses to rank your website or blog. You want your site to be viewed as having authority by search engines? Then improve the quality and relevancy of your inbound links.

In short, google authorship algorithm is going to take a while before it comes into full effect.

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Network Marketing Programs To Work With – Pro And Cons

Network Marketing Programs To Work With – Pro And Cons

If there is one system that has taken over the network marketing industry is for sure multilevel marketing (MLM). This is the kind of business that one has to buy a product from a given company and by word of mouth or working online refer others to the same product for a commission. In short, multilevel programs omit the middle men to directly reward their consumers using varies compensation plans.

Members of a MLM company earn cash when they make direct sales and also earn from overriding commissions made by the people they have referred. Usually, the extent of these overriding commissions varies from one company to another.

On this article we are going to tackle a pressing issue that most people who work online from home are facing when it comes to choosing a network marketing company to work with.

The first thing you need to do when you enter any business venture is to research well. As for MLM, you will need to make sure the company is not a ponzi scheme. This you can confirm by finding out if the program you want to enroll in has a product or not. A legit MLML should have a product or service, but go even further and ensure the products are of high quality thus easy to propose to other consumers.

Here are other attributes of an ideal MLM company you need to look at:

  1. The pricing of their products should be affordable depending on your financial ability and the people you want to target.
  2. Get to know if you are compensated for direct sales and your overriding commissions.
  3. Are there good channels for you to receive training and support from your up-line, and also for you to offer the same to your downlines?
  4. A good MLM program offers recognition to the top performers. The rewards vary but ideally the incentives include things like trips or maybe a car to motivate people to work.
  5. Check to see how rewards are measured, are they measured depending on your personal efforts or your groups efforts or on your personal monthly efforts?
  6. Know if you are compensated for sponsoring other people to the program.
  7. Find out how far the overriding commissions go, some network marketing programs pay up to infinity while others pay up to a certain level e.g. sixth or ten level.
  8. And most importantly see if the compensation plan is good enough to keep the company running. What would be the point of a great compensation plan if later the company was to collapse due to lack of financial sustainability?
  9. A good MLM venture has to have a way to take care of non-performing members.
  10. Stay clear of companies that call for dishonest marketing. This may include giving false information about the products and services on offer.
network promotion

A company may not offer all these things but it should at least have a big percentage of these attributes. These attributes make sure that the members make money working at home and the company also stays afloat.

There is also the other vital aspect of management. The companies that do well are usually managed by experienced and highly qualifies staff. This means that you need to know the top management and what they have done before to determine if they are good managers or not. Dig into their business back ground and that will help you decide if you will sign up or not.

A good multilevel venture needs to have adequate training programs. This training should involve coaching on the products on offer and the benefits the products have to the customer. This goes a long way to ensure members understand the product thus they can easily sell the same to others. This is also known as product knowledge.

Then the most crucial attribute of a good network marketing company is having a well organized compensation plan. Normally, there are many compensation systems and we are going to discuss some of them in detail.

Matrix Plan: Here you have some sort of grid where one is limited to the number of people in each level. For example a 2 by 2 matrix means you can only earn two levels down and each level will have only two recruits.

The disadvantage of this kind of payment plan comes when one has filled his 2 by 2 matrix and then introduces another person. In most cases the extra recruit may be put under your up-line or down-line. This also encourages laziness since some people will ride on other member’s efforts. It also limits on how much money one can make.

Note: The matrix plan varies, some are 6 by 6 other 10 by 10 but it all depends from company to company.

Unilevel: The one beauty of this plan is that it is quite easy to explain to people. Normally, members do not advance beyond a certain level. In some organization you cannot go beyond being a distributor even if you are performing exceptionally well.

The draw back with this kind of compensation plan is that it is not rewarding enough, which is a principle that multilevel companies should adopt to encourage sales. People feel motivated when their efforts are rewarded especially in public; therefore in most case some companies that operate unilevel plans later change and implement other payment plans that seek to motivate their subscribers.

2 Up System: This is a new concept where members are not paid for the first two referrals they recruit. Normally, the two are considered as people to enable you activate your account. The person that benefit from the two is your up-line.

The disadvantage of this is that most people may open dormant accounts hence led to non-performance. It is also difficult for members to understand how it works thus needs lots of training. But the good thing about it is that it can help you make money easily once your account is active.

Stairstep Plan: This system is like the advancement of the unilevel plan where members that perform well are rewarded by being promoted in rank. Unlike unilevel where the highest rank one can reach is becoming a distributor.

Ideally, in stairstep one moves a step ahead of his or her sponsorship level and the original sponsor is paid the overriding commissions of all the downlines. This in return helps to motivate members to work harder since the commissions are quite handsome and dependant on your efforts.

The plan has worked well and thus it is the system that has been adopted with most network marketing organizations. Also, government regulatory bureaus advocate for this kind of compensation plan since it is dependent on once performance and volume of sales made.

When it comes to training recruits it can be quite a challenge since it is difficult for some members to understand how the plans works.

All said and done, network marketing is the way to go for people who work online or offline. MLM’s are considered as the business programs that have made most people millionaires in the world today. This means you need to get on board fast if you really want to make money marketing.

The best network marketing program is the one that centers on marketing products or services as opposed to the program that focuses on one referring recruits.

Hope you succeed in your quest to make money from home using multilevel business programs.

Proven Ways To Make Money Online Via Blogging

Proven Ways To Make Money Online Via Blogging

The dilemma that most people face when it comes to blogging is on ways to make money online. This question does not have a straightforward answer since there are several things to consider.

In order to generate income online from your blog you need to look at several factors: this include;

–          The age of your blog

–          The size of your blog as in relation to the number of articles posted

–          Your niche

–          Your target audience preferences

–          What you want to achieve from your blog

The one thing you need to know is that you can make money from any kind of niche blog. What differentiates one blog from another when it comes to making money blogging is very little.

In order to succeed in the monetization of your blog you need to know how to arrange your blog, pick the right products and most importantly generate quality content.

On this blog post we are going to discuss several ways of online money making that top bloggers use today. These are the same techniques on how to make money online that will remain hot even going into the future.

It is good to note that to succeed in blogging you need to be patient. Just because the strategy you are using is not working does not mean you have failed. In some instances, it may take awhile before you begin seeing any results.

Therefore, do not be quick to toss in the towel. Give it your all and with time you will surely reap the benefits of blogging for money. In business you have to be patient before you see great results.

Now let us get straight into business and see some sure ways of making money online through blogging:

Create an eBook: Blogging can be a good place to start if you are a writer. With a blog you can get the mood of people in your niche.

A blog will help you to know what people like and what they don’t like. This can go a long way in making sure you create an eBook that captures the needs of your target audience.

Apart from generating revenue selling your eBook on your blog, you can use the opportunity to launch your own product since readers will be expecting more from you.

An eBook makes people consider you as an expert in your niche thus creating a chance for you to brand yourself. This in the long run increases your web presence and as you all know more traffic leads to more cash.

Create Online Tutorials: The internet is the home of information and a tutorial is a perfect tactic of creating content.

People love content that has instruction on how to do something. For example, if you are in the online marketing niche, you can write a tutorial that explains in details the steps to follow in order to succeed in SEO.

Selling such a tutorial on your blog will give you a lot of mileage the same as creating an eBook.

For Tutorial and eBook creation to work, you need to make sure your content is of high quality and get your facts right.

Membership Site: Over the years this has been one of the best ways to make money on the internet.

The secret is to offer free quality content that will attract visitors. Once you lure readers to your site you can then tell them to subscribe for premium content.

The reason that people love making money through membership site is the element of recurring income. With 500 people subscribed to your blog content you can be assured steady income each month.

For you to create a successful membership site you need to advertise strategically. One of the best ways to promote the site is to publish a blog post on how to become a member and the benefits of becoming a paid subscriber.

It is also advisable to use email marketing to promote a membership site. On every blog post you publish include a sign up form that helps you capture your free readers email contacts.

From there you can periodically be sending them details about the benefits of becoming a paid member. Again, for this to work you need to write quality content on a regular basis. You also need to be an authority in your niche.

way to earn money online

Write Reviews: This works best for affiliate marketers. Furthermore, it is a strategy of generating quality blog content.

All you need to do is to pick hot products that are being launched in your niche and write reviews about them. In the review you can then include affiliate links thus make sales.

It is advisable that you gather real facts when writing product reviews and the way to do that is to use the product first. Yes, it will cost you money to buy the products but with first hand information it will be easy to sell thus get Return on Investment ROI.

With time as affiliate marketing companies notice the sales you are making, will begin to pay you to write reviews and also give you free access to products that about to be launched.

Create a Service: The ability a blog has to attract traffic, has made many people to create services and sell them on their blogs.

The way to make money on your blog through selling services is to come up with a page called services. On this page you can write a detailed article describing the benefits that come with using the service.

It is advisable you include testimonials that will act as positive social proof. Do not forget to also include a BUY button and this case I recommend PayPal which is very easy to integrate.

Affiliate Products Promotion: If you ask me this is an excellent technique on how to make money online. You can earn huge commissions if you do your blog promotion right and also find ways of retaining visitors on your blog.

All you need is to find affiliate sites in your niche and sign up in their programs. From there, pick attractive banners and post them on your blog.

As people come to your site and click on the ads, you will make money when they buy. In some programs, you will earn commissions by just referring leads.

I recommend you try out affiliate network sites like Commission Junction and Click Bank for quality products.

Site Flipping: Imagine buying a domain at $10 and after 1 year selling the same for $3000 or more. This is for sure another great strategy of generating revenue on the web.

The secret is to find ways of popularizing your site and you can make as much money as you want. Ideally, a site will fetch more money depending on the income it generates daily.

I know of people who buy websites and develop them for six months then sell them off. These are webmasters who know how to market on the internet thus can easily add the value of a site within a short period.

If you are looking to sell your site visit Flippa and get people to bid on your blog.

Sell Your Own Products: This can be one of the most profitable ventures that can turn you into an overnight millionaire on the internet.

Products range from creating software, tutorials, eBooks and PDF files just to mention a few.

Before you create a product it is advisable you first identify a need in your niche. This you can easy know by asking your target audience what problems they are facing. From there you can create a product that offers solution to the problem.

You will make even more money if you allow others to sell your products as affiliate marketers and you pay them a commission. Sites such as Commission Junction and Clickbank can manage for you the buying process and enable you to have affiliates for a small fee.

Selling Advertising space: Every webmaster seeking to make money online wants web visibility thus at one point or another they will want to advertise.

To see just how important web advertising is look at the income report of Google. 97% of the revenue generated by google is from selling advertisement.

In order to succeed in selling advertisement space on your blog you first need to generate traffic. The more popular your blog is the higher rates you will charge.

There is a post we published earlier which you can read on ways of making money online through selling advertisement space.

Apart from selling advertisement space you can also signup with Google adsense. Here you will earn as people click on ads which Google will place on your blog.

Conclusion: Blogging provides great opportunities to improve one’s financial standing. Right now people from all corners of the globe are heading to the World Wide Web for information thus a chance to showcase your products and services.

Rather than stay home and whine on how bad the economy is, why don’t you start blogging from the comfort of your house?

I hope from this blog post you will get one or two techniques that will assist you on how to make money online through blogging.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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Facebook Change Layout | Whats In It For Business

Facebook Change Layout | Whats In It For Business

If you have been keen enough, 2011 has been an eventful year for facebook; am sure you have noted the new facebook change layout. I was reading someone’s article the other day and he was not happy of the new applications that facebook is changing to. But am sure you as an online marketer are excited of the new branding opportunities that these facebook changes are offering your home based business.

What this facebook change has simply done is make life more sociable than ever before. The cyberspace has for sure turned the world into a small village and this is demonstrated by how facebook will operate from now on.

Let us summaries the 1 hr 40 minutes video that facebook posted on the internet so that you can fully understand the implications of these new facebook changes. If you run a work from home online business blog or website and social media marketing is one of your online marketing arsenals you must read this article to the very end.

The facebook change is more of altering the site’s layout and improving user experience. Here are the new facebook features you need to know about:

Newsfeeds: At the top right of your facebook page appears a section where news of your friends activities keep scrolling. In this news rank, facebook will be displaying stories they deem are important to you. This will be determined by your facebook profile information.

You will also be given the option to unmark any story you think is not of importance to you. The idea behind this facebook change is to make sure your newsfeeds are optimized for you. As a work online business person, it means you have to up your game and share quality content that people will consider as top story.

Sharing low quality stories will result into you losing web visibility thus reduce traffic and online sales leads.

Like button: Apart from just liking a page, facebook users will now have more options. According to David Berkowitz, brands will have to choose the action they want people to take.

In short, this will force online business entrepreneurs to concentrate more on telling stories rather than posting high pitched marketing messages. Businesses will now conform and try to be personal and relate their business to life’s daily activities.

Unlike before where you just liked a product or service, now having testimonials that share a story will be more beneficial. From now on the facebook activities buttons will be the key to social media marketing success.

We also do not what to forget about the element of facebook frictionless sharing. This is where sites will update your facebook status wall every time you visit. It means that you not have to click the like button to share what you read, watch or listen to online.

The argument is that clicking the like button is burdensome and facebook thought of easing the process. The disadvantage of this facebook change is that it is said to intrude on people’s privacy. Congress is still struggling and debating on facebook frictionless sharing, so let’s see how things go.

Facebook Partnerships: To further improve their user experience, facebook has joined hands with other major players that provide online applications. These partnerships are aimed at offering users with lifestyle applications to enhance social activity trends.

Now as an online marketer, if your fan page fails to appear in your friends’ newsfeeds, you still have the option of interacting using lifestyle apps.

One of these partners is Yahoo News, where your friends will have the option to check out the stories you are reading. The other partner is Spotify where you can get new music through your facebook connections. Through the ticker, you will be in a position to see what music your friends are listening to.

In fact, if you just hover over the link appearing on your ticker you will be able to listen to the music too.

facebook change layoutFacebook Timeline: One of the main facebook changes is the revamp of the facebook profile view. This is what they are calling facebook timeline where the story of your life is shared.

Now your profile layout has completely changed. First, a big profile picture of you appears at the top left and a small one at the top right. Below your profile picture, there are links that display your info and people will be able to view your life story and activities.

The profile layout is now more organized and you can now arrange your past memories, updates and activities is timeline format. These details include things like where you went to school, colleges you attended, where you lived, the companies you have worked for or businesses you run.

All these details can now be accessed by your friends in a click of a button below your cover profile image. With this new facebook change, friends are also able to easily see pictures you have been tagged on, stories you have shared and your recent activities.

Email notifications: As we speak the many email notifications you used to receive from facebook have disappeared. From now, you will get emails that you deem as important by opting to receive them. This you will do by going to your account settings then click on notifications and choose the emails you want to receive from facebook.

Activity Updates: This is the new facebook change that will manage your activities, also called Open Graph. The new facebook update feature will not add your activities on the newsfeeds but it will do so on the ticker and on your facebook profile/timeline.

The other aspect of the open graph feature is the ability to interact with lifestyle Application Medias. Before, when posting on your facebook using other applications you had to go through a long process but that has changed.

From now you will not be asked permission to post on your facebook wall over and over again using other applications. What will happen is that you will see a new screen telling you of what to be shared and once you accept the story will be posted right away on your wall.

Note: There are two categories when it comes to updating your facebook. That is Posts which will be displayed in the newsfeeds and Activities that show in the ticker (top right hand corner).

Conclusion: It is the high time you as an online marketer began thinking of how to use these new facebook changes to your own advantage. Social media marketing is an integral element of website promotion because it helps build relationships and thus generate targeted traffic.

Therefore, look at this new features as an opportunity to enhance your online connections thus market your blog or website more effectively. Now more than ever, when users note the new facebook changes, they will increase their activities on facebook.

This is because people will want to learn how this new features work hence offering you an opportunity to market your work online business. As we have seen, facebook is now all about sharing stories; therefore you need to find ways of narrating your stories in a way people will love.

If there is a feature I have left out or not explained in full or a question you need to ask, you can add it in the comment section below. You can also share this article with your friends using the social icons appearing to the left of this blog.

Best Practices And Creation Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Best Practices And Creation Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Last week while sharing about killer blog design, we touched a little about breadcrumbs and as promised this article will address in details more about breadcrumb navigation.

Most webmasters dismiss the power of breadcrumbs whenever they are designing sites. Actually, people view creating breadcrumb navigation as being too much trouble. But the one thing they fail to see is the ability of breadcrumbs in easing navigation on your site or blog and increasing organic traffic.

For you to be able to retain visitors on your blog thus make more money, you need to make it easy for visitors to find your pages. Breadcrumbs are additional tools of navigation that visitors can use to know exactly where they are on your site.

The big question that you should be asking is, Why the implementation of Breadcrumb navigation?

a. Search engine optimization: As much as breadcrumbs help visitors move from one page to another, they also ensure that search engines Crawl your site/blog with ease. Having breadcrumbs help in the categorization of your content thus increasing indexing of your web pages.

As a webmaster you do not need to be reminded that the 95% of traffic on the internet is from search engines. Therefore, it goes without saying, you need to find ways to rank your pages high thus generate blog traffic and make money online. Proper implementation of breadcrumbs can do exactly that for you.

b. Ease Navigation: Apart from your normal categories, breadcrumb navigation provides additional ease of routing on your site. There are instances that visitors will come to your site via webpages other than your home page.

Breadcrumbs will allow your target audience to know exactly where they are on your blog. They also make sure that your viewers can easily move to other pages from whatever point thus offering greater usability.

c. Reduce clicks: The fact that visitors can move from one page to another quite easily using breadcrumbs, means that there are reduced clicks before someone gets to where they want. This means that one does not need to use the backward or forward button that appears on the web browser.

d. Add to your blog appearance: Since breadcrumb navigation does not take too much space, they contribute to the general appearance of your blog.

Take your time to select a good breadcrumb tool that will flow with the theme of your blog design.

e. Cultivates interest: When visitors land on a webpage within your blog, they are offered other related pages and this can easily help in building interest. Breadcrumb navigation gives readers more links to related content rather than them going round in circles.

f. Reduce bounce rate: The fact that breadcrumb navigation is more detailed; it will greatly reduce your bounce rate. This is mainly due to the reason that visitors are provided with more options to access different web pages.

Whenever your viewers find it easy to locate relevant pages within your site, they tend to spend more time on your blog thus boosting your online sales conversion rate.

breadcrumb navigationg. Offer additional help: Not all of us are savvy when it comes to the internet. You will sometime get visitors that are not sure of what they are looking for. This is where breadcrumb navigation can come in handy.

Breadcrumbs are ideally structured to give an overall outlook of a site, thus better navigation for newbies who do not understand how site navigation operates.

Here are some of the ideal practices or implementation of breadcrumb navigation:

1. Breadcrumb positioning: The best positioning of breadcrumb navigation is at the top of a page. This will make it easy for visitors to locate them thus get to what they are looking for faster.

It is also alright if you put them at the bottom of your webpages. Only make sure that are structured in an uncomplicated manner.

2. Breadcrumbs should be secondary navigation: Since you already have a primary navigation bar on your blog, breadcrumbs should just act as support. Remember that the primary navigation bar should be dominant.

This means that before you provide your visitors with the breadcrumbs, you must have the primary navigation in place. Breadcrumbs should just be for additional support.

3. Use friendly links: The link style you use on breadcrumb navigation should not be over emphasized. As much as your breadcrumbs should be seen, they should not appear to be the focal point.

Make your breadcrumbs visible but not overbearing to your visitors.

4. Page categorization: There are pages that may appear in more than two categories, if that is the case then it is not advisable to use breadcrumbs.

Using breadcrumb navigation will online confuse your visitors since pages appearing in more than one category will produce unclear breadcrumbs. Therefore, before you implement breadcrumbs have a clearly defined page hierarchy.

5. Consistency: This means that if you opt to use breadcrumbs it should be in your entire blog or website. When you have breadcrumbs on some webpages and others don’t have, you will easily puzzle and frustrate your visitors.

Below are the various breadcrumb navigation strategies being implemented by web-developers:

– Location: This is one of the recommended strategies of implementing breadcrumbs. Location breadcrumbs indicate to visitors the location they are on a website depending the site’s hierarchy.

Sites that have more than two levels depth of content are the ones commonly known to use this kind of breadcrumb.

This is how it works; upon reaching certain pages, visitors are presented with hyperlinks to other related pages and categories. These pages normally act as parent categories.

– Path: Just as the name goes, path breadcrumb navigation shows step by step the route a visitor used to get to the current page. In short, blog visitors will view the links they previously visited.

– Attribute: A good example of demonstrating the attribute breadcrumb navigation is on a product website. A phone may be categorized as Nokia then the attributes may be things like color or the various functionalities of the phone.

Summary: Ideally breadcrumbs act as additional support to the primary navigation bar. They should never be the main content of your website.

As I said on the previous post, do not let the word “crumbs” fool you, breadcrumb navigation can greatly boost your blog SEO thus boost your traffic generation. This is because breadcrumbs will make search engines have an easy time crawling and indexing your web pages.

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