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Impart Of Article Word Count In Relation To SEO Ranking

Impart Of Article Word Count In Relation To SEO Ranking

In the early 90’s article word count was not such a big issue. You could write a short story on anything and on the next day find your article on page 1 of Google.

During that time people were not savvy about internet marketing and thus the competition in which ever niche was almost 0%. With time people started getting the gist of internet marketing and suddenly article word count become a determining factor in online business.

I remember the days when writing an article with a word count of 250 was the norm. Internet marketers set this standard with a view that an article with 250 words was enough to act as direct traffic bait. The fact that most people just scan through content made short articles even more suitable for marketing online.

Furthermore, writing a post with a word count of 250 is easy. I remember those days posting over 5 articles a day. It worked for quite some time since my free blogs ranked very well. Up to date my free blogs still rank high though I targeted low competitive keywords.

Today, the story has changed completely and a post with a word count of 250 would rarely rank high on search engine results. The only time such a short article would appear on first page is if there are no other results to show.

Nowadays, the internet is not only about generating content but the content has to be of high quality. Search engines determine the quality of a webpage by checking the article word count and the number of backlink a page has.

For example, if there were two articles using the same keyword term and one had a word count of 250 and another 1000, which of the two do you think would rank higher? The answer is obvious; search engines would give preference to the post with an article word count of 1000.

Why? In the eye of search engine bots, the more words you use the higher the quality of information you will give. The driving force of the internet is content thus share quality articles and engine spiders will send traffic your way.

How to determine article word count:

The latest Google algorithm update proved just how important article word count is in regards to SEO. Article directory sites where the major victims of this update, Article Ezine been affected the most. The word limit of Article Ezine is 250 words.

According to Google they use over 200 signals to rank websites. It is possible that article word count could have been one of the parameters that hit Article Ezine and other article directory sites. Notwithstanding, there were other issues like duplicate content which is mostly associated with article directories.

Now that we have established how critical word count is to search engine ranking: how do you determine the length of your articles?

There are different tools you can use to know the length of your articles. Rather than guessing how many words you have used, why do you acquire one of these tools?

Microsoft Word: Almost all computers that come with windows have Microsoft word installed. When you open MS word, on the bottom left corner you will see a counter showing the number of words as you type.

This is a free tool.

White Smoke: If you decide to go all professional then the tool to get is white smoke. Apart from reading your article word count, the software allows you to generate content devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.

You will also get a variety of free writing tools in the English language. The thing that sets white smoke apart from other grammar checking softwares is their support program.

Click here to get a free trial with white smoke and start generating professional and quality content while working online from home.

Word Count Tool: This is a free site that will help you determine the length of your article within seconds. It is very easy to use, just copy and paste your article and the software will tell you the article word count.

Click here to submit your article for word count.

Writing on your site or blog:

word countWhen it comes to posting on your site, SEO experts recommend that you publish long articles. By long I mean webpages with a word count of 1000 words and above. In fact, the longer your article is the better for you in terms of SEO ranking.

That is not to say that you cannot write an article of 600 words. It all depends on the topic you are discussing. If you are writing an article about a particular product, you will be limited on what you can share.

But if you are writing on a topic on how to work from home on the web, a post of 300 words is not enough. Actually, by the time you are through with introducing the topic, you will have used more than 300 words.

Therefore, it is upon you to determine how many words to use when writing on the net on a give subject.

According to studies conducted on the net, it has been proven that most readers scan through content. It is important you study the type of visitors that come to your site thus be able to address their needs adequately.

So as to break the monotony of having endless content that will bore your visitors, it’s advisable to add images within your content. In addition, try to compose articles with short paragraphs and when possible use bullets to state your major points.

Note: Writing long articles does not mean quality. Yes! Search engines may bring you traffic but if the content is not insightful or helpful, you will not convert. People are your customers, not search engines robots.

Posting on article directories and web 2.0 sites:

Back linking is a very crucial component of search engine optimization. The more link juice your website or blog has the high your site will rank. Remember, not any link will suffice; you need to link with content that is related to your site.

When it comes to building your link popularity, submitting content on article directories, web 2.0 pages, guest blogging play a major role. You will rank even better when you link to web pages that add value to readers.

As other marketers are posting articles with a word count of 300, you would be better off writing longer articles. Personally, the recommended article word count for building back links should be 600 words and above.

Note: Do not copy paste the same article to all article directories. The more unique articles pointing to your site the higher your site will rank on search engines result pages.

Summary: The google panda update really did change internet marketing as we know it. And before webmasters and bloggers could recover, there came Google Fresh. Believe it or not, we not going to see the end of it, very soon it is going to be ads-to-content ratio update.

But all said and done, what you need to keep in mind so as to avoid been a victim of these frequent updates is to share detailed and quality information. This applies to when you are publishing content on your site and for back linking purposes.

There are over 200 signals that Google has included in their algorithm formula. My bet is that article word count is one of them. Do you agree with me? Post your views in the comment section below.

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Web Page Layout Included To Google Algorithm Formula

Web Page Layout Included To Google Algorithm Formula

How is your web page layout in relation to placing advertisements?

In December, we published an article titled Intrigues Of Google Internet Search In 2011 Going To 2012 and we warned webmasters of the impending Google algorithm change in relation to ads above the fold. The year has begun with yet another Google axe, the page layout algorithm.

According to Google, users have been complaining of landing on sites with too many ads as compared to content. Test on ad-to-content ratio has been ongoing for a while now and as we speak it has already taken effect.

If you have noted a drop in traffic on your site, then chances are that you are a victim of the new algorithm update. Google in their pursuit to improve user experience is trying to remove from their search results sites that have adverts plastered all over their web page layout.

In their webmaster central blog, google talked about the new update saying it will demote sites that are heavy with ads especially at the top. These are the kind of sites where readers have to go through tons of advertisements before they get access to the actual content.

Am sure you would have a pleasant experience opening a site that shows content right away. This is opposed to a web page layout where you have to scroll down to get the content.

This is also what is known as content above the fold. If your page layout has more of content than adverts, then you are safe. But if you have adverts above-the-fold it means your visitors will not have a pleasing experience thus Google will punish you.

Last year when I made my predictions about this new google update, I said it will probably take effect in the beginning of 2012. On this I was right. But the one thing I was wrong about was sites been affected by pop ups and overlaying ads.

Google categorically stated that web page layouts that have pop-ups and pop-unders will not be affected by the new update. Page layout algorithm will only apply to sites that contain webpages with static or fixed ads.

The big question that many online marketers are now asking is; how does one measure content-to-ads ration?

So far there are no official tools to gauge whether your webpages have ads that are above-the-fold. But according to Matt Cutts, webmasters should use Google Browser Size Tool to compare pages with content as opposed to having many ads.

The secret is simply to ensure at first glance of your site web page layout, visitors find enough content as compared to adverts. Google is saying, as much as adverts help webmasters generate revenue online, providing content should always take first priority.

You may then ask; how far can I take visitors down my page before they get access to my content? That is upon you to make a decision. But if you place yourself in your visitors’ shoes, you will see that content comes first.

Note: The page layout algorithm is actually aimed at targeting web pages that have excessive adverts. This is to signify that uploading adverts to a normal level may just work for you.

You may be lucky to still rank if your ads-to-content ration is normal but why take the risk. It will be safer to tone down on your ads per page layout and move up on google rankings as others come tumbling down.

It would also be good to note that this algorithm change will only affect 1% of searches on Google. This is a little number compared to Panda updates that hit even top ranking sites. In fact, up to date some of the sites that were hit by panda are still trying to make their way up again.

Is there anything you can do if you realize that you have fallen victim of Page Layout Algorithm Update?

Sure, there is a solution but you will have to wait for a while before you move up the search engine rankings again. Ideally, when you are hit by this ads-to-content ration update, google tags your whole site and not individual pages. Therefore, your overall rankings will drop.

page layoutIn case, you work on your page layout and reduce the number of ads to the acceptable percentage, your ranking will not move up immediately. Instead, Google spiders will re-crawl your site and take note of the alterations.

In order to lift the penalties, it may take several weeks depending on the number of web pages you have on your site. Just the way it took a while for sites hit by panda to move up the ranks, the same will apply to site found guilty of having ads above the fold.

Advice: There is nothing as annoying as landing on a site that hides its content below tons of adverts. Actually, most of us when we discover a site is heavy with ads, we click on the close button so fast.

Therefore, to some extent I do agree with what google has done with implementing the Page Layout algorithm. It is to remind webmasters and bloggers that the main reason the internet exist is to share content.

If you check around you will discover that most of the top websites and blogs, have one thing in common, CONTENT. The more information you provide to your target audience, the higher your credibility will go up thus more web presence and traffic.

Google is now the sheriff of the internet and thus it is advisable to be in their good books. Offer quality content and google will definitely send unique and organic traffic your way. Break the rules and you will sure face the consequences.

Summary: Content is king when it comes to online marketing. As much as ads ensure you make money online, you have to tone down and start to tactfully place adverts strategically. Ask yourself, if I was a visitor to my own site, would I be willing to come back again?

If the answer is “Yes”, then you are on the right path to succeeding in doing business on the web.

What are your thoughts on the new page layout algorithm update? Please post your comments in the comment section below.

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Google has now officially welcomed us to the New Year. Believe or not, there are still more algorithm updates to come. To be safe from all of them, make certain your web page layout is content based.

Just a thought:  Does the web page layout algorithm apply to pages heavy with Google Adsense?


Article Writing Skills In Relation To Article Titles

Article Writing Skills In Relation To Article Titles

One of the driving forces of the internet is content and that is why article writing is one of the best online marketing tools to use.

The power of article submission can be seen when it comes to targeting relevant keyword phrases through hyperlinks. In fact, it is the proper way of link building through anchor text in your article resource box.

For those who use article marketing as part of your marketing strategies then this post is just what you need to read to the need. In this write up will mainly focus on how to optimize your article headings.

Article Title Writing Skills

The primary article writing idea you have to consider whenever creating a write up is definitely the title. Simply because, the very first thing readers view every time they visit an article directory site or land on your blog is the article headline.

Seeing as there are countless numbers of publications submitted on the internet every minute, your really have to ensure that your titles are interesting enough to capture the interest of site visitors.

In this particular blog post you will discover a few basic and helpful article writing tricks to help boost your online marketing campaign.

Question Titles: Every time you pose a question to your viewers that happen to be directed at addressing their unique challenges you can expect to certainly grab their interest.

The theory driving this article submission strategy is usually to induce readers to question independently if they are doing the correct thing or not.

Identify issues that people battle with in your industry or niche and tackle them in question format. It is also a way of involving your readers to participate in your discussions.

This means you need to activate your comment section to enable your blog visitors to share their opinions.

It is from the feedback you receive that you will be in a position to teach exactly what your target audience what to be discussed.

Therefore, take some time every day to critically analyze the comments left by your site guests. Also make sure that you respond to these comments in time hence gain credibility in your niche.

How To Title And Sub-Topics: The article marketing idea here best works out when you share insightful content that assist your target audience remedy a specific difficulty.

Additionally, it can operate excellently and capture the attention of followers if the body of your article is formatted in point form. Just remember to make certain that the article subject seeks to tackle your projected audience issues.

Apart from teaching, arranging your content in point form help your target audience know where the main points of your article are located. Most people just scan through content thus it is important that you add bullets to help readers peruse through the whole of your article.

Normally, readers spend an average of 45 seconds on a site and hence you have to make sure they know exactly what your content is about. In addition, add relevant pictures that are optimized so as to capture the attention of your visitors.

Keyword Title: For internet business people hoping to rank highly on web engine listings utilizing article writing then this will be the strategy to employ.

Longtail Keyword Research

Through the right use of both long and short tail keywords phrases within your write up title, search engines will probably be indexing your articles and placing them on their 1st or 2nd page results depending on how to do your internal and external optimization.

When adding your targeted keyword phrases make sure they are at the front of your title. This is because most search engines include the first 70 characters of your title in their search results and you do not want your key terms to be omitted.

Note: Also include your targeted key term in the body of your article preferable three to four times and keep clear of over stuffing your write up with keywords.

A very important factor which cuts across each one of these article writing guidelines is ensuring that your posts are helpful and informative.

Each article you submit must always seek to add value to your target audience as opposed to publishing articles filled with promotional or marketing pitches.

There are good traffic analytical tools you can use to identify the articles that are doing well due to their tiles. Once you establish a title that is performing extremely well, make sure to compose yet another heading in an identical style. This will ensure you generate more blog traffic to your work online links.

Some people claim that article marketing has become absolute but I beg to differ. Most of the marketers saying this are the lazy ones and they are not ready to write.

The main reason that people browse the internet is to gather information and the best avenue to share is through article writing.

You might say that you are not a good writer, but the established authors you see today did not begin as experts. They went through a learning curve until they perfected their writing skills.

Article Title Writing Skills

It is true that it may take time before you start reaping the benefits of article marketing, but the long term results are worth the investment.

An article acts like a sales agent for your work online business, where you have thousands of agents (articles) bringing visitors to your blog or website without asking for a salary, off day or a holiday.

It is time to take advantage of article writing and add it to your online marketing arsenals.

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Penguin Update Effect On Google Web Search Results

Penguin Update Effect On Google Web Search Results

In a bid to clear spam from google web search results the dreaded Panda update was released last year. This saw some bigwigs in the internet world come down tumbling.

It did not take long before other minor algorithm updates were released to further spell doom to more sites. If you thought Google’s fight against Webspam ended with Panda, I have a big surprise for you.

It is now official that the dreaded Webspam algorithm update that webmasters feared has been released. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat harmless name, Google Penguin Update, as we speak hundreds of sites are facing the obscurity.

Click here to see the list of sites affected

The name may sound harmless but it has left many crappy websites lying dead on its trail. People have been complaining that even after the Panda Update, they could still find sites with useless content in Google’s web search results.

Do you think that the Penguin update will improve google search results? Leave your opinion in the comment section provided below this blog post.

We all must agree this was bound to happen. Google’s mission is to rid the web of sites that are deemed to have useless content.

Many might argue that in the process other genuine websites and blogs are suffering the consequences. This is true to some extent, but we cannot deny the fact that Google search is surely getting better.

In the wake of all these speculations about how to approach SEO, Google did release the guidelines that web marketers need follow so as to avoid getting hit by their updates.

Here are quality guidelines that you need to adhere to as regards SEO:

  1. Avoid stuffing your content with keywords. The days of over optimization are gone as google seeks to level the playing field.
  2. Look out for your ad-to-content ratio when building your website. Focus more on generating quality content especially if you are involved in affiliate marketing.
  3. Do not hide links or text in the name of improving your SEO ranking.
  4. Try and avoid duplicate content which most of the time is caused by creation of subdomains and multiple pages.
  5. Do not hide your links through cloaking.
  6. Redirects aimed at improving your SEO will land you into big trouble.
  7. Stick to original content and you will not have to keep looking over your shoulder wondering when the next update will be released.
  8. Avoid creating pages that contain viruses or badware.

By the look of things, google will stop at nothing to make sure their web search results are clean. The debates that are going on about the viability of these updates count for little.

Rather than talking of whether Google is doing the right thing or not, that effort should be transferred to generating quality content.

As we speak, Google is the number one search engine and by a big margin. Therefore, they are bound to do everything possible to remain at the top.

I too may not agree with all they are doing but I must admit that they are heading in the right direction. If you look carefully, the number of crappy sites in google search results has significantly reduced.

Reason for Google’s constant algorithm update:

The people who are acting all surprised with the recent Google Penguin updates are probably naive or refuse to accept reality.

From the beginning of 2011, the writing was on the wall and Google was on a quest to improve their web search results. Google released a sequence of updates all aimed at bring down sites that use black hat strategies to rank.

Google promised its users to give more preference to sites that offer quality and relevant content. Whether google web search results have improved or not, it is up to you to decide.

The journey that began with the infamous Panda update has today given birth to the Penguin algorithm update.

Ideally, all google is trying to do is make sure only quality content gets to their first pages. First it was panda that really caused a real uproar, but to prove Google’s resolve to improve search results, Penguin which also seeks to get rid of spam sites has come knocking.

You will realize that the Penguin update has come to continue where panda left. This is not to say that from now onwards google web search listing will permanently do way with crappy websites but the battle lines have been drawn.

We live in a world where things can never be 100% perfect. But that does not mean we tolerate those things that make life unbearable like landing on a site with adverts plastered all over the place.

There might be innocent victims in the fight to make things better but such is life. In other words, no one is safe when it comes to SEO.

google web search

In March 2012, Matt made it clear during SXSW that google wants to give equal chance for quality sites to rank well. This applies to people who employ SEO strategies and those who don’t but focus on developing quality sites.

Now webmasters who put more effort towards creating quality and helpful websites have a reason to smile. Moving forward, it appears like SEO strategies will count for less when it comes to increasing web presence.

This does not mean that SEO is dead; there is no way Google can run away from ranking sites using keywords and backlinks, not in the foreseeable further.

Simply what is means is that apart from employing white SEO techniques, you should make certain that your users benefit from your content.

What next for SEO marketers:

It is time the over obsession on SEO came to a stop. According to Matt Cutt, google does more than 500 changes to its algorithm yearly. This in short means that everyday something changes in the Google web search algorithm.

If you keep on tweaking your site everyday according to these algorithm updates, by the end of the year you will be having a site that looks like a lost and confused circus clown.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying you stop following what is happening in the SEO world. By the way if you are not aware, with the leveling of the playing field google search results now includes sites that know nothing about SEO strategies.

This is an indication that SEO is slowly going back to the good old days when quality content took center stage.

SEO professionals had forgotten the SEO basics that made the internet a hub of gathering rich and educative information.

If you ask me, internet users are the beneficiaries of Google Penguin Update since bloggers and webmasters have no choice not but to revert to SEO basics.

In case you are wondering what these SEO basics are, let me spell them out for you;

  • Avoid underhand strategies also called black hat to improve your site SEO ranking. These tactics include buying of backlinks, getting involved in link schemes and over optimization.
  • When you create a website or blog your primary goal should be to benefit your visitors. Do not give search engines one thing and when visitors come to your site find content that is completely opposite.
  • Do not use automated programs and softwares that would hurt your site rankings. There are programs used to check your site ranking that can affect your site placement. For example, Web Position Gold that sends automated queries to Google.
  • You should seek to offer insightful and useful content. These you can achieve by putting your readers first and search engines second.

What you need to ask yourself is this; if search engines did not exist would you still generate the same kind of content?

If your answer is Yes, then you have no reason to worry been hit by the Google penguin update or any other update for that matter.

Conclusion: It is evident that google has their eyes fixed at people that use black hat strategies to rank. Whether their search engine bots can determine Webspam or not that is a different topic to be discussed on another day.

The noble thing to do is concentrate your efforts on creating a website or blog that puts readers first. Doing this may cost you SEO ranking but who really knows.

By the way, SEO is not the only way to increase your web presence. Social sites have of late proved to be another great source for generating traffic.

This has been boosted by the fact that Google web search results will also be determined by social activity. Therefore, creating and sharing your content on social sites can greatly increase your site visibility.

You just never know who will like or tweet your publication, it could be someone influential with 1 million fans who hang on every word he/she says.

Anyway, over reliance on search engine traffic is the worst thing you can do when it comes to online marketing. Today you might be riding high of SEO traffic but what lies in store tomorrow when another updates wrongly hits your site? Nobody knows.

The secret is simple, create amazing content and leave google to do its thing.

Algorithm updates are coming in thick and fast; to keep up to date with SEO matters enter your email address in the section provided below or on the sidebar.

Don’t forget to leave your comments about the Penguin update in the section provided below.

Feel free to also +1, share or tweet this blog post if you find it informative. You can find the relevant social buttons on the left side of this blog.


Author: Stephen Kavita

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Google +1 Review – Google’s History In Social Media

Google +1 Review – Google’s History In Social Media

Sometime back we shared about google +1 entry into the world of social media networking. I have to agree that they have done good work on their site this time round and as demonstrated by over 10 million people that created an account in just two weeks.

As it has been proved before, social media marketing is really helping many webmasters and bloggers grow their work online business from home. On this article let us do a review of Google +1 and see its advantages and disadvantages.

Circles: One of the strongest features of google +1 is definitely the circles. This is where an account holder is able to separate his contacts into groups. Thus you can create different circles for your family, business contacts, friends and so on.

The feature is missing on other social sites like facebook and twitter, which means when you update your wall all your contacts get to view what you posted. On google +1 you can choose to communicate to one circle and leave out another. In short, when you update your status wall you select the circles you would wish to share that information with.

Privacy is a big issue online and google plus has really simplified the process of privacy setting. For example, you can choose which circles will view your contacts. The procedure is so straight forward on google +1 unlike other social networking sites. On facebook, setting up privacy features is quite complex especially to folks that are not so savvy about internet stuff.

When setting up your account at google plus 1, you are able to set up your business mobile number to be visible to your workmates and business contacts but not your friends. Then you can set up the number you wish your friends and family to reach you on. The beauty is that the process of privacy setting is so easy on google +.

The other feature that sets google +1 ahead of other social sites is the fact that you can filter the status updates others have submitted. With just a single click of a button, you can filter the information by circles.

Google +1All these features mean that you can do serious online business stuff with one circle, and still be able to play with your friends in another circle. As the adage goes, “too much work without play made jack a dull boy”.

Chat rooms: Of late chat rooms have become a meeting point to make new friends and connect with other business minded people. What google +1 have done is come up with a hangout joint where people can connect through video chat rooms.

This means that you need to have a webcam installed on your computer. The challenge is that for your to get started you need to do some set ups. You have to download and install two programs, Google Voice and Video Plugin.

To be able to chat, you need to get someone who is in one of your circles and has done the same set ups. For the connections to be perfect you also need to have good internet connections. But all said and done, this is also a feature that will for sure assist webmasters build relationships across the globe.

By the way, did you know that this is not the first attempt for google to try to enter into the world of social media networking? Google over the years has being coming up with sites that have failed to take off. Here are some of the social sites that you may or may not know about before the launch of google +1.

google buzzGoogle Buzz: This was a feature that google added in their email service which I presume that most people have not noticed it. It is the second option after your inbox. With this option you will be able to disseminate information to contacts in your buzz account in a social media networking layout.

Since I created my buzz account I have not seen much improvement in my blog traffic. In addition, I get very few requests for connections and the invites I have sent out have received very few responses. This is unlike Google +1, where within days I got very many requests of people wishing to connect with me.

The other disadvantage is that some people are using buzz to send spam messages.

google friend connectGoogle Friend Connect: This site was created specifically for webmasters to be able to interact with their visitors and other webmasters. When creating your account, add your website URL and a snippet HTML code will be generated for you. Copy and paste the code on your site and you are ready to go.

The layout of google friend connect took the approach of having standard open social platform that did not work out well.

orkutOrkut: According to Google’s point of view, Orkut is meant to be an online community where people can interact and stimulate their social lives. For you to create an account at Orkut, you need to have a Gmail account.

I have to say that this has been one of Google’s best attempts to enter into the arena of social media networking before google +1. With Orkut, you can easily find people whom you share the same interest in terms of business, hobbies and personal relationships.

Some of the nations that have really embraced Orkut include India and Brazil. So if your target audiences are people from these two countries, you now know where to find them.

goole waveGoogle Wave: This is an online communication tool that was meant to make internet interaction seamless. The idea was to integrate the various media of communication tools like videos, text, images, and many more on one platform.

As we speak the site is almost coming to a dead end. I hope google have learned from their previous projects and the same will not happen to google +1.

Summary: There have been other attempts by google to try to enter the social networking arena with sites like Open Social and Google Lively. Right now a site like Google lively has been shut down.

This history goes to show just how social media networks are becoming a force to reckon with. This is especially so for work online marketers. If google what’s a piece of the cake, it means there is definitely something about social media that people are yet to unearth.

My advice is that if you have not jumped into social media marketing and you are blogging for money, you better try out google +1 for a start.

The Effects Of Social Proof In Online Advertising

The Effects Of Social Proof In Online Advertising

Social proof is where the actions of your current site visitors impart the decision making of your future visitors.

This tells you that how your visitors respond to your content or products determine whether the effect of social proof will be negative or positive.

Let us pick a scenario where you are seeking to attract comments to your posts. If new readers land on your site and discover that other people are not submitting any comments, this will have a negative impact on them.

Chances are that they will not be so willing to even read your articles leave alone navigate through your blog to discover what you have to offer.

The same is the case when you have social buttons and no one is sharing your content. New visitors will assume that your content is not good enough for sharing.

Most people like to be associated with what seems to be kicking. This goes to show how we are all victims of peer pressure.

There are people who will close your site immediately just because your site appears to have little activity. This is in form of backlinks, sharing or comments made to your post.

It was just the other day when I was creating a blog for a friend when I realized the power of social proof. A week after posting some content he received a comment asking how come no one seems to be visiting their site.

My friend was thinking of ignoring this comment but I advised him to respond right away. I told him to tell the person that his blog was launched a week ago and he is trying to promote the blog in order to increase activity.

He also thanked him for his observation and appreciated the fact that he would go a step further to submit his views. Just responding to this comment already moved his blog to another level and that is becoming alive.

Human psychology is funny; we like doing things that have been tested and proven to work. No one wants to be the first one to buy or try something new.

In a scenario where you want to attract sponsored advertisers to buy ad space you need to be tactful. Sponsors will purchase ad space if only they see other sponsors advertising on your site.

The thing is that people generally do not want to spend their hard earned cash on buying something they are not sure about. They would rather acquire a product or service that someone else has bought and got his return on investment.

All the above examples go to show how social poof is critical to selling online.

How to create a positive social proof effect:

Commercial advertisements that run on television truly demonstrate the power of social proofing. You will see ad advert on TV with someone talking of how a certain detergent has made his or her life more bearable.

The secret is to make the viewer assume that someone else has used the detergent and it worked for them. Believe or not, the next time you go to the store you will unconsciously pick the product you saw been advertised on TV.

social proofing

When you come to internet advertising, from the advent of the internet, marketers have harnessed the power of testimonials to promote their products and services. Other strategies that are used online to create a positive social proof include product reviews and case studies.

Richard Bradson in his book: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way talked of how he got big companies to advertise on his music magazine while he was still at school. He would call a company like Vodaphone (this is just an example) and tell them that Airtel (just an example) had paid to appear on his magazine on the back page.

Then he would go ahead and ask Vodaphone to buy ad space on the front page. The moment Vodaphone bought the ad space he would approach Airtel and tell them that Vodaphone had bought ad apace on his magazine’s front page, would they like to buy the back page.

Though this was deceitful on his part, it goes to show that social proof theory actually exists and it really works. It is all about playing with the human psyche.

For you to increase your sales conversion rate on your business website or blog you need to understand how the human mind works.

As a blogger, you can opt to deactivate your comments when you are starting out and only activate once the volume of site visitors goes up.

The other approach which is much better is to request your close friends and colleagues to comment and share your blog posts. This will bring life to your blog thus people will spend more time on your site reading, sharing and commenting on your articles.

Furthermore, all these activities will boost the chances of converting prospects into customers.

As for those seeking to sell advertisement space, you can begin with placing affiliate products and leave one ad space blank. This is a clever way of attracting advertisers because apart from monetizing your site, it creates an impression that you have other sponsors advertising on your site.

How scarcity marketing can also improve your online advertising:

The reason I want to talk about scarcity marketing is to illustrate how it is related with social proofing.

Sometimes you need to create an artificial lack to increase online sales. This is like telling people that a certain product has been moving very fast thus there are few remaining.

Marketers that have discovered the art of scarcity marketing, some of the terms advertisers use include “while stocks last”, “sold out” or “only 50 slot remaining”. This is a way of creating positive social proof in that it tells potential customers that others have already grabbed the opportunity therefore they too need to act fast.

The same applies to advertising on your site, the less adverts you have the higher the chances that people will react to your products.

For example, if you have 10 advertising slots on your site and you reduced them to 5. You will definitely notice an increase in clicks in the remaining adverts.

Scarcity creates an impression that if I do not buy now another person will hence I will end up the loser. By giving people less option you increase the demand. People start thinking that if others are buying the product, it must be worth it.

Now you can see how Scarcity Marketing is related to social proofing. Both strategies place potential customers in a dilemma thus influencing their buying decision process.

The two strategies help in driving online sales in that they create demand.

Bonus point: It is always advisable to test and see if your online advertising strategies are working for you. Pick several strategies and monitor to see which tactics combine well.

For you to gather the right statistics, you need to give each strategy time before making conclusions. Do not rush to say a certain advertising strategy doesn’t work after testing for just one week unless you have a high traffic volume.

Test to see if your blog works better when you place text ads or banner ads. You may be surprised to see that your target audiences are more drawn to text than to banners or the other way round.

Allow me to end this article by giving you some homework. Go and tell you friends and colleagues to visit your site and give you their views.

Ask them to tell you what they think of your advert placement and the products you have to offer. You can even go another step and request them to put it in writing or share a review of your site on their own sites.

If some of their comments are negative make sure you make the necessary amendments. Because if you don’t you will fall victim of negative social proof.

It is now or never. Get down to work and start making money on your blog by placing advertisement. Get the approval of others and the rest of the people will just follow suit.

Advice: Start slow and make your way up. As for those that think you are nobody today, soon they will be looking for someone else to introduce you to them.

All the best, let us meet at the top.

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3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online From Home

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online From Home

The main reason of launching this work online blog was to teach people some of the best ways to make money online at home. So if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran you have just landed on one of the most informative blogs.

Most people out to make a quick buck will want you to think that it is difficult to make money online. They make you assume that it is impossible to earn money online and then go ahead to offer you a product or a service. Some of these online money making strategies are things you can do as you work online at home.

Generating income at home online does not necessarily mean you need to have a capital. There are some strategies that are free to initiate and still make decent cash online.

On this write up we will share at least 3 excellent ways to make money online from home with ease.

1. Research for others: We all have something we can offer, so the notion that you have no experience should be out of your mind. The thought that you are not a good writer or web designer should not discourage you. These are not the only ways to make money online.

There are people out there that do not have a lot of time in their hands. These are the kinds of individuals that can pay you to do research. Thanks to the internet, today research has got nothing to do with going through heaps and heaps on books.

The beauty of making money online from home by becoming a researcher is that you do not need to be an expert. This means you can offer your research skills to people in different niches.

Examples of researches you can perform include:

Research for webmasters the best keyword phrases to target for their websites. The information will be beneficial to them in determining which niche to target.

There are writers who will need material to include in their books. You can offer your research skills to help them come up with credible material for publication.

You can offer research services for people seeking to find jobs online and offline.

The secret to getting research jobs is looking in the right places. Some sites you can go to include ODesk, Elance and Freelancer. Do not be greedy, just start small and as you gain experience make your way up to the big money research jobs online.

In general, in all niches one needs to do research thus a perfect way to make money online from home.

2. Make money online with Amazon: Though the commissions are said to be small, one of the easiest ways to make money online from home is through Amazon. There are several ways you can earn income at home with Amazon.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to pick programs and products related to your site. Also take advantage of the immense traffic Amazon gets to channel some of that traffic to your site.

make money online at homeOne of the ways to make money from home with Amazon is through their Advantage program. This is related with book publishers. Through following the directions posted in the Advantage program guidelines, you can get your books listed on Amazon. This can really translate to lots of online income.

For people in affiliate marketing, then you need to have Amazon as one of your associate companies. This is more so because Amazon is a reputable company thus you can make quick sales.

Joining their associate program is free. It is advisable that you get to learn their promotional tools which are quite handy. Their banners are really impressive and can boost the overall appearance of your website. As you know an impressive site is one way to make money online.

The other feature on Amazon is creating an aStore. This aStores works best if you create a blog in a particular niche. Let us assume you have a blog about working online, you can create an aStore containing E-books about tips on how to work online at home.

As you can see, there are several ways to make money online at home with Amazon.

3. Become a web host reseller or a web host affiliate: Just think of it, anyone that is seeking for ways to make money online from home needs a blog or website. This means there is a vast market that you can tap into and earn income from home.

The advantage of being a reseller is that you can earn a residual income online. This is mainly because once someone buys hostage, he/she is unlikely to move elsewhere especially if the service is good.

To become a reseller all you need is to buy web space from an established company. Then you can sell the web space in portions to other webmasters. Some of the best companies to work with include, Blue Host, Host Gator and so on.

The advantage of being a reseller is that you will never worry about offering after sales service or other over heads that come with the business. In addition, web hosting is a virtual product hence you do not need an offline storage space.

How to choose a web hosting company:

– Always seek to work with reputable companies.

– A good web host company offers reliable support. This will be beneficial to you if you are not so savvy about web hosting.

– You should be able to upgrade your account when you want to. You may get to a point you have many customers and upgrading will help you serve more customers.

– Pick companies that allow you to offer discounts.

The best approach to both being a reseller or an affiliate is to start a website exclusively for web hosting. Research and find out the keywords being used by people seeking for a web hosting company. From their create content based on these keyword phrases.

This will ensure you get ranked by search engines and thereby attract organic traffic. In addition, rich content especially on package review will help clients know exactly what to expect thus help you boost your conversion rate.

On your site publish content about the various web hosting packages you have on offer. People love discounts thus display your coupons codes on your site or blog.

For example, if you choose to buy a product on Host Gator, you can use the coupon code “workonline25” and get a 25% discount on any package you purchase.

Hope you have noticed; some of the strategies that have been discussed do not require you to have money. But is it good to note that in any business, you need to spend money to make money. The prudent thing to do is to make sure you invest wisely.

Do thorough groundwork before making any purchase or joining any work from home online business opportunity. If you are building a website to help you make money online, then find out the keywords to use and how you will market your site.

Keep coming back for more insightful content on smart ways to make money online from home.

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Facebook Places | Branding Tool For Small Business

Facebook Places | Branding Tool For Small Business

If there is a feature that helps connect the online world to the offline world is Facebook places. Launched in August 2011, Facebook location based feature enables users to know where their friends are and share their real location online and offline.

Facebook places have in a very short time turned some small internet businesses into big businesses. This is because of the powerful attributes the feature presents to business people in terms of marketing on facebook.

With a marketing campaign centered on the check-in services, you can build great awareness of your business. The facebook places check-in services allows you to build a fan base that you can easily turn to customer. All you need to do is engage your fan base by offering incentives.

Why the check-in feature is powerful.

Whenever a facebook users lands on a certain location on facebook places, facebook sends a news feed to all the user’s friends. The one thing about that is it brings about the aspect of viral marketing. Friends will want to check out why their friends like a certain page and they too may end up liking the page.

Because of the viral effect, you as a business person should take advantage and use facebook places to bring people to your physical location.

How to get started on facebook places:

Note that the feature is good for business people who have a physical location.

Step 1: You first need to find then create your own place page. Search other locations that are situated near you to help you located your place. In most cases you will find that it is already added but if it’s not you can add it manually.

Step 2: Claim your business and by doing so you can amend and enter relevant information. Some of the details you need to amend include your business name, working hours, address and so on.

As you edit, add images that are related to your business for example you can add your business logo. Doing all this is proves ownership of the place.

Step 3: Integrate your facebook fan page with facebook places. This means that anyone that likes your page will automatically be linked to your places page. The amazing thing about this integration is that it will enable you to easily share links, status updates and present your offers all from one location.

For your facebook places page to be effective, add features such as check-ins and maps showing your real location.

The best feature that can be found in the places page on facebook is the check-in. It is therefore important to encourage your fans to check-in. Start by enticing your relatives, close friends and employees to checkin since their friends will see they liked a certain page.

To ensure that you get more people to like your facebook places page you need to reward people that checkin. Some of the rewards you can offer visitors who checkin are offering coupons, discounts and special rates.

Here is a real scenario where facebook places can help you market your small business.

You have set up a flower shop and you are thinking of having a grand launch to build awareness. First you need to follow the 3 steps that have been stipulated above. The page and your shop should be branded in anticipation of the event.

To make sure that people checkin to your facebook places page, only offer discounts to your facebook fans. This will entice more people to like and checkin your page thus helping you to spread the word around about your event.

facebook placeFacebook places page is a good tool to communicate with your customers, therefore tell your customers to check out your page frequently for any updates. This will ensure you have repeat visitors to your shop as you bring in new products.

So as to have full viral effect, offer big discounts to people that have visited your flower shop and your page the most times.

If this is not a free online advertising tool that facebook is offering you, then I don’t know what else it is.

Traffic tracking ability:

The beauty of facebook places is the fact that you can easily know the number of people that checked in your page and visited your shop. Have a place on your shop where you record visitors that have also liked your page.

It is also important that you tell them to share their experiences by giving you feedback. Apart from this been a great opportunity for you to collect testimonials, you will know what you need to do to improve your service delivery and products.

Facebook SMS:

I bet that most of you do not know that you can now send your subscribers your status updates through SMS. To get updates from my wall onto your mobile phone send the words “like workfromhomeinfo” to 32665 (FBOOK on your cellphone). Once you do that you will be getting the articles published on my facebook page

The same can apply to your page and this also activates the like button for people who subscribe through SMS. Even when they unsubscribe to your SMS messages, they will still be getting the updates through your facebook news feed.

If you ask me, every shop should have a facebook places account and claim their location online. Imagine the number of repeat customers you can have if you had a sign in your shops and page with the words reading, “Send like (your page name)” to 32665 (FBOOK) for the best deals and discounts.

Apart from bringing in repeat customers, you will also be able to fully engage your customers. In addition, you will build your small business brand to become a major business player.

Conclusion: Have you been looking for ways to establish your business brand and make it a house hold name? Then creating a Facebook place is a perfect avenue to achieve that.

Take advantage to find, create and claim your place online right now and begin your viral marketing campaign. As your business brand goes viral you will build your online brand name all at the comfort of your home.

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How To Get More Twitter Followers And Site Traffic

How To Get More Twitter Followers And Site Traffic

Web 2.0 sites that have helped to revolutionize the internet and one of these sites is Twitter. Any e-marketer will tell you; the more twitter followers you have the higher the volume of web traffic you will attract. Twitter and other social media platforms have helped business people to market their products worldwide with ease.

As a blogger or webmaster, you can take advantage of these social media sites to promote your home business. All you require is the ability to tap into the resources that would help you leverage your marketing using sites like twitter.

Research shows that twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites. As you read this article, twitter is said to have over 150 million subscribers and the number is growing fast. On a monthly basis, twitter records about 200 million unique hits. This is an indication that if you use the right strategies you get more twitter followers from these hits.

Imagine you got at least 0.1% of the 200 million people to follow you on twitter, that would quickly translate to good traffic, don’t you think? Then, if 1% of your followers would click on your tweet links, that is clean cash. The beauty of it all is that for you to get more twitter followers is simple.

There are people who are lazy and would rather use social media alone to market their products. The fact that with twitter you just need to draft a sentence; is enough to attract many e-marketers. This kind of marketing is also known as micro-blogging.

Compared to posting long blog posts, micro-blogging is simple and effective to some extent. Sending tweets takes the weight off your shoulders unlike blogging where you’ve got to have writing skills. In addition, with twitter you don’t need to pay a single penny to get targeted traffic.

But for twitter to be effective, you need to know how to get twitter followers. The more followers you have the better your chances of making more money online. Having followers is not enough; you need to have targeted followers. With targeted followers you can be sure that a single tweet with a link to your site will generate unique traffic for you.

Furthermore, your followers can re-tweet your updates and in the process ensuring your site goes viral. This in turn would mean more traffic and higher search engines ranking. Imagine all that benefit from just one social media site.

Here are some simple but effective strategies on how to get more twitter followers:

Optimize your account: The first thing you need to do is to create a twitter account. I see people using one account for business and socializing; that is not recommended. It is advisable that you have different accounts. The same applies if you have sites on different niches; create an account for each of your niche sites.

Start by giving your account a name that is keyword based. Twitter is a like a small search engine, therefore when you use relevant keywords in your profile people in your niche will easily find you.

It is important to add a relevant image of what you do in your twitter background and avatar. This will help people easily know what you do thus help you get more twitter followers that are targeted.

Follower other people in your niche: Once your account is set up and fully optimized by adding relevant keywords in your profile, you can start following people. Do not follow anyone just for the sake of it. It will make more sense if you follow people that are in the same niche as you.

When you follow targeted people the obvious thing is that most of them will follow you back. It would be better to have 3000 followers that are targeted that having 10,000 untargeted followers.

The other strategy that works perfectly in getting more twitter followers is identifying top bloggers in your niche. Most of the subscribers that follow top bloggers are targeted. All you need to do then is follow the people following top bloggers in your niche.

Since these people will see that you share something in common, chances are that more people will follow you back.

Use Softwares: Twitter has been there for a while now and in the process many programmers have come up with great tools to help you add more twitter followers. With some of these tools, you can easily send and monitor tweets.

A good example is Tweet deck which helps to monitor and track tweets from your followers. This tool ensures you know what people are saying about you thus respond and arrest any negative thing that is been talked about your site or products.

Other programs that help you to submit your content to different sites including twitter are Magic Submitter produced by Alexander Krulik. His software has truly dominated the world of social media. Another recommended twitter product is TweetAdder. This is a powerful automated twitter management system that helps you add followers, manage many accounts and so on.

Share relevant content: It is true that having a blog will call for writing long and insightful content and some people would rather micro-blog. But let me ask, your tweets should send people somewhere? What do you want them to find there?

This is to tell you that you cannot avoid having a website or a blog where you can be sending your twitter followers. Even if your site is a product based site, you need to share information about your products. The more insightful your information is the higher your sales conversion will be.

When you give value to the few followers you have, they will re-tweet your updates thus helping you get more twitter followers.

Today, there are tools you can use to share updates on twitter with ease. For people using wordpress, there is a plugin called Tweet Old Post that does just that. It tweets your old blog posts that had been forgotten hence helping you get more twitter followers and give new life to those posts.

It is therefore, critical for you to have a website where you send your followers to. Take your time to draft and publish quality blog posts. With Tweet Old Post plugin, you just never know which article will set you up for the big leagues.

Have a blog or website: In the point above we have seen why it is imperative to have blog or a website. But of this point we want to see other aspects of a blog in leveraging and thus get more twitter followers and traffic.

The best way to market on the web from home is to use different promotion and advertising strategies. With traffic coming from different sources you can convert some of your blog visitors to become your twitter followers.

Remember, the more twitter followers you have the higher the rate of return visitors. This is because every time you submit a tweet you can be sure that some of your twitter followers will click on your links.

A simple strategy of getting more twitter followers from your site is by adding a twitter follow button. You can also add a twitter button for your visitors to tweet your post to their followers. This will help you in viral marketing and your site will spread on the internet.

Conclusion: Social media is one of the best ways to promote your online home business. The fact that now people are able to access social sites through their phones, means you can get even more twitter followers.

On the left of this blog you can find an example of how to use social media buttons to help market your site. Click on these social icons to share with article with your twitter followers and let us see if it really works.

Any business entrepreneur that ignores social media is doing so at his or her own peril. Share your views in the comment section below. You can also enter your email address in the section provided on the right side bar to get more of our blog updates.

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