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How To Generate RSS Feed Reader Traffic

How To Generate RSS Feed Reader Traffic

The work of RSS feed reader is to assist online marketers, webmasters and bloggers pass on information to their target audience. Ideally, your feeds relay information to other computers every time you update your site. (RSS feed is the orange button you see on regularly updated websites or blogs).

As bots communicate, they help search engines pick your content, index it and rank your site. In addition, bots conversations ensure people get to know of your blog publications through RSS feed readers thus help boost your site traffic.

A good example of a site that you can generate site feeds is Feedburner owned by Google. One of the powerful aspects of RSS feed reader is the ability of people subscribing. Anyone that becomes a subscriber to your feeds will automatically be getting email notifications every time you post an article on your site or blog.

The more subscribers you have to your feeds, the higher your visitor loyalty will be. This is because every time you publish a post you will be assured of return visitors. Therefore, to maximize and reap full benefits from your RSS feed reader you need to generate rich and informative content.

People are constantly in search for valuable content and if they find that from your blog, they will quickly subscribe to your RSS feeds in order to be getting your updates as you post. Just as we stated before, that will help you stay in touch with your previous visitors hence increase repeat online sales.

Here are several reasons why you need to include RSS feed reader to be one of your online marketing arsenals:

–          In order to increase the changes of search engines finding, indexing and ranking your site and webpages you need to install RSS feeds. In the process you will generate organic traffic that is targeted.

–          As people subscribe to your feeds, they can easily pass on the email notifications they are going to be getting from your blog updates to their email contacts. This then brings in the aspect of viral marketing that can greatly boost your blog traffic.

–          RSS feed reader creates awareness on your blog and in so doing increase chances of people linking back to your site content. Furthermore, as people get to know of your site or blog they will talk to their friends through word of mouth thus help you in marketing.

–          With feeds you are also able to generate free direct traffic.

The sad part is that most bloggers and webmaster are not harnessing the power of RSS feed marketing. As for those that have installed the feeds, they are not taking full advantage. With proper use of RSS, you can get quality and high volume of backlinks to your site and pages.

If you want to improve your search engine ranking, then one of the ways to do just that is through RSS feed marketing. A big percentage of webmasters do not use RSS thus if you include it in your array of online marketing strategies, you will be ahead of most of your competitors.

RSS Feed readerThings to do and achieve with RSS feed marketing:

  • Validate your RSS feed at least once a week or monthly. Sometimes feeds get broken because of a single rare character. A site you can visit to validate your RSS feed reader for free is Feed Validator.
  • Maybe you are one of those people that don’t love RSS feeds, but if your aim is to generate traffic you have no option but to understand how it works. RSS feed reader is guaranteed to help your small work from home online business to move to the next level.
  • Feed marketing can help you to automatically communicate to social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Social media marketing is gaining popularity at a very fast rate according to Google Ad planner report. RSS feed reader will ease the way you micro-blog.
  • Most people rather than use Feed reader to get email notification when you update your blog, they use Google Reader. Therefore, you can opt to add the Google Reader button on your site to give visitors more options to get your blog updates.
  • There are a few top RSS directories and search engines you can submit your feeds to. This will help you in search engine ranking. Examples of top directories to help you promote your site feeds include Plazoo, RSSmicro, Syndic8, Feedbase, Yahoo RSS guide and so on.
  • Are you thinking of creating an email list and for them to subscribe to your newsletter? RSS feeds can help you to achieve that; as people subscribe to your RSS feed reader, they will be receiving your newsletters in form of your blog posts.
  • In case you are using Feedburner for RSS marketing, you can easily monitor your site traffic. For instance, you can give permission for your Feed burner account to track traffic coming from particular sites like facebook and twitter.

There has been for some time now debate on whether to provide visitors with full feeds or partial feeds. For me that should be left to the discretion of the site owner. But the best practice is to put a setting that allows your site visitors to choose what they want.

Conclusion: Knowing how RSS feed reader works is no big deal. Anyone seeking to learn how feeds operate can do it without much struggle.

Feeds are very critical when it comes to growth of your online home business. In case you are looking to multiply traffic to your blog and increase online sales leads, then you must include feed marketing.

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How To Retain Top Search Engine Rankings

How To Retain Top Search Engine Rankings

In recent times, so much has been happening in the search engine rankings arena. Some sites that were considered as an authority, are right now struggling to regain their top search engine position. All that occurred when Google Panda update took effect just some few months ago.

The Farmer update or otherwise known as Panda update really did achieve its intended purpose, which was to weed out sites with useless content. Also affected were sites which were rich with keywords but offered no value to readers.

Just before webmasters could recover from the shock caused by Panda, they were hit hard with Google Fresh update. The aim of Google Fresh was to improve user experience by offering internet browsers quality and fresh content.

That is not all; as we speak Google is conducting more tests aimed at changing their algorithm come 2012. The changes will seek to measure the ration between content and adverts appearing on a site. Therefore, to avoid been caught off guard, it is advisable to act now and focus more on content generation that adding advertisements.

Ideally, the debate concerning ad-to-content ration has been there for a long time now. Google looks at it as a positive thing considering it partially included ad-to-content measurement in the Google Panda Updates. One site that was hit by this measurement and in fact dropped in search engine ranking was Ezine Articles.

So as to avoid been a victim of ad-to-content ration, make sure your advertisements do not distract visitors from reading your main content. According to Matt Cutts of PubCon, he advises webmasters to avoid obscuring visitors by placing annoying or distracting ads within their content. Google thinks what matters most is content. But in the process he thinks that other things apart from advertisements will come into the picture, e.g pop ups within a site.

Over the years, webmasters have had an easy time to get top search engine rankings but that is slowly changing. Search engines are seeking to offer their users best quality content in order to generate more traffic and increase their advertisement revenue.

For a search engine like Google, they consider authority and trust of a site as important factors when it comes to top search engine rankings. By the way things are taking shape; it is now going to be even more difficult for a new site to appear on page 1 or 2 for high ranking keywords.

The benefits of the recent google algorithm updates will be enjoyed by internet users than webmasters. As for SEO experts, it is a wakeup call to start generating quality content. Online marketers will now more than ever need to re-evaluate their approach to SEO and only stick to white hat SEO techniques.

Considering that search engine ranking on google will take a considerable amount of period, since webmasters will require time to gain trust from Google, small online home based business will have a tough time. Therefore, it will mean that small online businesses will have to go into their pockets to start generating traffic immediately through Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns.

Unlike their counterparts, big businesses which already have a strong financial base can result to focus more on paid traffic and fail to concentrate on getting top search engine rankings. In addition, big businesses already have established online brands and are considered as an authority by search engines. Hence, they do not need to do much to keep on generating organic SEO traffic.

The sector that will be greatly affected with the constant algorithm changes are small online home business. As a newbie in blogging, you will have to earn trust which will normally take longer than it did before. Some years back, you could take short cuts and find your site achieving top search engine rankings in a short period of time, but that has now changed.

This article may sound like it is discouraging newbies from trying SEO as way for generating traffic, but that is far from the truth. Achieving top search engine placement should be the ultimate desire of all webmasters. The reason been that with top search engine rankings there are long term benefits and in addition you get to reduce your overall promotional budget.

Online marketers can choose to look are the recent Google algorithm changes in two ways:

search engine rankingFocus on generating Organic Traffic: Now that you know it may take some time to build trust and get high search engine placement, you may decide to be patience and only work with white hats SEO strategies. You may be surprised and get your site or blog ranking high since many marketers are lazy when it comes to generating quality content.

Since search engine want to increase user experience, you can opt to publish top notch content regularly from now on. Yes, it will or may take some time before your site is considered an authority, but the day it gets to the top you will recover a thousand times more.

Concentrate on Paid Advertising:

The other option is going into your pocket for quick results. This is where you pay for organic SEO traffic or Pay Per Click marketing (PPC). In business, time is of essence thus you need to act fast so as to capitalize on an online money making opportunity. Taking the long route my cause you to lose out on financial gains hence the need of having an advertising budget.

There is a common phrase in the business world which says “Time Is Money”. Businesses are there to make money and get their return on investment. If you want to seize an opportunity now then you will have to take action quickly. Note that PPC is no child’s play; the money involved can be quite substantial especially to small online business people.

A close view of the online marketing trends indicates that it time webmasters thought of paid advertising. You may focus on getting top search engines rankings, but by the time you get to the top you will find others have already reaped and moved on.

Work on both Paid and Search Engine Traffic: Seeing that it is becoming harder for small online businesses to generate organic traffic and also raise enough cash for paid advertising, the best thing to do now is work on both strategies.

Working on achieving top search engine rankings will help in the long term while PPC campaigns can be for the short term. Focusing only on search engine optimization is proving to be a tall order for online marketers thus the need to incorporate other marketing campaigns.

Summary: As much as paid advertising will guarantee immediate online traffic and sales which are short lived, it can never help you attain long term goals that come with top search engine rankings. Generally, successful online business is about quality content generation.

Publishing informative content ensures you gain trust and with time build a reputable online brand name. So if you assume SEO is dead you better rethink. Search engines will periodically change their algorithms but the one element that will remain constant in their algorithm equation is CONTENT.

The thing that SEO marketers need to do now is adapt to the changes and adjust quickly. Realize that in order to get top search engine rankings for your targeted keywords; your site needs to be seen as an authority. With that in mind, you can be sure that you will reap the full benefits of SEO in the long run.

Post your opinions on the recent Google algorithm updates and how it has affected your search engine rankings. Also post your feedback on the upcoming google algorithm aimed at measuring ad-to-content ration.

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SEO For Business And The Soap Opera Of Google Updates

SEO For Business And The Soap Opera Of Google Updates

The end of the soap opera that has now become synonymous with google algorithm updates is no were in sight. People who depend on SEO for business can all agree with me.

Let us turn back the clock and see where this soap opera first started. Looking at the cast in this story, google is the one that seems to be calling the shots while the bloggers and webmasters watch from a distance.

Then walks in the bad guy known as blackhat, he is out to bring trouble in the land of search engine results. Google plots out a plan that would see the end of blackhat.

First he sets loss hit big black and white puppy called Panda and to some degree the work seems to be accomplished. But google is not done yet, he sends out is foot soldiers that further inflict more harm to blackhat.

This far the soap opera seems to be going as planned and the search engine land seems to be rid of Webspam. Wait a minute, Google decides to send out his latest arsenal and he results to sending his flightless bird pet called Penguin.

Don’t forget, all this time there is another character in this story that is been ignored. He is the genuine blogger who spends countless hours feeding google with rich and quality content.

The two, google and whitehat have a symbiotic relationship where one cannot do with the other. For whitehat to progress he needs SEO for business which google provides.

Then things go wrong in the SEO world and business for both of them seems to go south. If you were wondering what went wrong then you are in for a big surprise. Remember the flightless pet called Penguin? That is the culprit.

Ok, let me not keep you waiting any longer and get a bit serious with what is happening in the SEO world. If you have been careful to observe, after the penguin update google went silent.

Remember the reason for google to do the penguin update was to get rid of Webspam from their search results. But by the look of things, some spammy sites have found their way back to google search results.

That is not all; the update was also set to ensure a single site does not show up twice in the 1st page. The other day while I was browsing the internet I came across a site that appeared twice on the first page of google.

Google course is for sure noble and I must agree they are trying their level best to do a good job. To some great extent they had managed to improve search results.

But going by what SEO experts are saying; Google seems to have slipped with the release of the Penguin update. Just when I had posted an article that indicated that SEO will be conducive for business, this happens.

SEO forum sites are littered with threads of how top sites have disappeared from search results and are been replaced by crappy sites. Though they might not admit to failure, Google needs to go back to the drawing board again.

To some extent, Google did make a hasty retreat and they have rectified some of their errors.

Let us look at some of the things that conspired after the Penguin update and the effect they had on business in relation to SEO:

Page quality:

One thing that penguin was supposed to take care of were sites that buy backlinks. This saw sites like My Page Rank hit the gutter. The sad part is that other legit sites were also hit proving that google could have become overzealous with their update.

Therefore, if you were hit during this time and then later saw your site recover and yet you did nothing new, it was google making a quick retreat.

This retreat was good though for people who depend on SEO for business. Google did effect some minor changes to their algorithm that help refresh and fix their data.

No wonder, for the last few months Google has been going on and on about their algorithm but now they seem to be recoiling.

SEO for business

Fresh Content:

Towards the end of 2011 just after panda was released, Google went ahead and did another minor update which they called “Google Fresh”. This was aimed at making sure that fresh content got more preference.

Though online marketers wondered how this is going to work since some niches do need to update regularly. As for those who took advantage of Google Fresh by posting regular updates I’m sure you did see some upsurge in traffic.

Penguin then came and now fully implemented freshness in their update. But later they did do some changes to freshness update to only apply to niches that require regular content update.

If you are in the area of news or blogging, it will be advisable to keep publishing new articles regularly to feature in search results.

Social Effect:

Though I still have a problem with the integration of social activities in determining site placement, google seems to be putting more emphasis on incorporating Google Plus in their SEO parameters.

The issue I have with Google Plus is that the number of subscribers is still low. Furthermore, social optimization is still subject to manipulation in that people +1 a post without necessarily reading the full article.

But this is good news for people who depend on SEO for business promotion. Come up with captivating and interesting titles that will make your target audience share and click on your posts.

If you don’t have a Google plus account you have to create one right NOW. As the say, the early bird catches the warm and you surely don’t want to be left out on this party.

Make sure you post your webpages, video and still images on Google +1 for maximum online presence and exposure.

Images and Videos:

If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that lately videos seem to be popping up more than ever in search results. I even came across search results where videos occupy about 50% of first page and about 80% of second page.

Marketing your business using SEO is not only about text, there are other forms of content that seem to be getting more attention from Google.

The same applies to still images. As you generate your content, ensure you include images related to your articles. Optimize the images by filling in the details in the description file especially the title, alternate tag and description.

When you do that you tell search engines what your images are about. Remember, search engines cannot read images.

Conclusion: Let us hope Google is rectifying their mistake and search results will only feature sites that offer quality content.

This will a good end to the soap opera that has now become the talk in the SEO business world.

Since google also promised to show in their results a wide range of domains, let us hope that we shall not see a repeat of one site featuring more than once on 1st page. If they succeed in that, we shall witness more competition in providing better and richer content.

Personally, I see a brighter future for people who depend on SEO for business marketing. In order to have an impact in SEO now and in the future, bloggers and webmasters should go back to the drawing board. That means generating high quality pages that are useful to readers.

The same should also apply to link building; use secondary keyword phrases (long tail keywords) in your anchor text and link back to quality and relevant sites.

As for onsite optimization, do not use the same keyword phrase when linking back to your home page and other individual pages within your site.

Going into the future something else will also count, this is optimizing your images and videos not forgetting working on increasing your social activities and mentions.

My hope is that those who have genuine sites and had dropped in ranking have now recovered. All the best guys and may your SEO efforts bare juicy fruits.

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Excellent Approach To Link Building For Bloggers

Excellent Approach To Link Building For Bloggers

Any webmaster or blogger will tell you that the one thing that really challenges them is sending link building requests. I was analyzing my content some few days ago and to my surprise I have never shared my views on link building.

Newbies may be asking; why is link building important? In the search engine algorithms, one of the elements that determine your ranking is backlinks. The more QUALITY and RELEVANT links pointing back to your site, the better ranking you get on search engine result pages.

There are bloggers who spend hours each day trying to get other bloggers and webmasters to link back to their sites or web pages.

It is true that reaching out to people in your niche to link back to your site can be quite time consuming. In fact, you can send out over 500 emails only for 5 bloggers to agree to link back to your site. The big question here is; what is it that you are doing wrong in regards to increasing your link popularity?

Now let us look at the most effective strategies of link building:


The first thing to do when it comes to link building is finding the right blogs to get backlinks from. As earlier hinted you need to target top blogs in your niche.

Here are some sites to visit to get top blogs and websites in your area of interest.

 Blog Catalog: This is a search engines for blogs. On this site you can easily search for blogs in your niche


 Technorati: A blog search engine. On this site you will get people that are influential on social media sites in your niche.


 Google Blog Search: This is a blog search engine. Enter your targeted keywords in your niche and find the top blogs of which to base your link building.


 Google: The ultimate search engine commanding over 2/3 of all search engine traffic. The best way to identify the right blog to build backlinks is by using advanced operators like “allinurl” “allintitle” or “inurl” in the search box.

 Hub Finder: This is met for already established blogs that have strong backlinks. Here you can get more link building opportunities.

 Open Site Explorer: One of the most all-inclusive and precise link indexing sites. Open site explorer has crawled millions of sites and blogs over the years and it’s been powered by LinkScape.



 Quora: It has a section for questions and answers where you can send open invitations for building contacts. Here you can get the opportunity to show how resourceful you are, thus easily boost your link building. All you need to do is offer workable answers and solutions to people’s questions.



The best approach to link building is building relationships as we shall see in the next point. Therefore, research on the people you want to request for backlinks from and thus have a place to start a conversation.

Once you have identified the owner of a top ranking blog, look for their profiles on facebook, twitter or any other social media site. Get a subject he/she has started and strike a conversation by contributing your remarks.

The idea that you have actually been following their tweets and share the same interests will make them warm up to you. Do not rush to ask for a backlink; rather make it look natural until the opportunity comes along as we shall see next.

Build relationships:

Now that you know where to find the right blogs for link building, let us tackle the right approach. Much has been said about how to find blogs to link with, but little has been talked about when it comes to

– Breaking the ice or getting attention

– Building and fostering relationships

– Closing the deal

The approach that most work online entrepreneurs use is coming up with a standard email that they send to all bloggers they wish to get backlinks from. In most instances this never produces the best results. The right strategy is by striking conversations with people.

The minute you approach link building as a means of building lasting online relationships, then expect your results to sky rocket. The mistake bloggers do is treating people like robots while ignoring that they have feelings.

Something that will appeal to one person does not mean it will please everybody. Link building is considered by most people as being an impersonal process, this is a misconception where we draft an email and spam people in our niche. Did you know that such emails do not make sense to most people? In fact, they just ignore and delete such emails?

Here is an example of such emails

Hello John Doe,

Kindly take time to check out our site. We would really like to work with you

since we noticed that we are in the same niche. Hope you will also consider adding a

backlink to our site and we promise to do the same.

Use this code to add the backlink <A href=””>Work Online Blog</a>

Fond regards,




Am sure that are those that are better than this, but this is just a sample of link building request that I would never look at even once. My reason being, it is just so direct. Would you image going to the mall and somebody you don’t know asks for your personal details? Am sure you would never give them out.

The same should apply to link building requests. People are not machine slots where you insert coins and straight away get you what you want. People are social beings.

You need to ignite the interest from people you want to get backlinks. Show a genuine interest in what others are doing and they will reciprocate positively.

link buildingLet us see the right strategy of sending a link building request:

When you send your first email let it be engaging and this will for sure necessitate a response. Never bring up the issue of wanting anything in your first email. Rather send an email that is short and engaging.

The best way to do this is by referring to a post the person published or a forum thread they started. Normally, people like it when they feel that someone out there really did read and appreciate their work. Such an email will definitely necessitate for a response.

Hi John Doe,

I came across your work from home blog and really loved your article about work online jobs. It is just amazing how you brought out the issue of 9-5 jobs and home based legit online jobs. This article really made me think more on my approach to home based jobs.

By the wa, what do you think is the impact of micro blogging in regards to working from home jobs? Let me hear your views?

Kind Regards


One thing about the above email is that you will even enjoying writing it. These are the kind of emails that will for sure elicit a response.

The next step is sustaining the relationship. By this I mean keeping the conversation going until you get the chance to drop the big question. As you create rapport make sure you are adding value to the other person.

Do not at this point in time request for a backlink, instead demonstrate how resourceful you can be by sharing content you know this person will be interested in. This is why research is very important. When you offer helpful resources people will build trust in you.

At this stage it can take several emails or twitter conversations before you can go to the next step which is closing the deal. Let your emails be progressive towards setting up for a link building request.

The best time to close the deal is after you have established a strong rapport. Rarely will the other person reject your request if you offered valuable content in your conversations. What happens is that the link building request will appear as a by the way rather than the focal point of your conversations.

A good backlink request is the one that is both beneficial to you and the other party. Your conversations should be structured in such a way that your link builder request comes out naturally and that the other party should also get something in return.

This can be inform of giving them free downloads, eBooks, backlinks, content, attend a webinar for free and so forth. It all depends on what you have to offer in return for getting a link building opportunity.

Summary: The way you break the ice and build your conversations is all upon you; just make sure it does not appear like your email is all about link building request.

The process may look like it is lengthy but once you get the hang of it your blog SEO value will grow exponentially. But this is not the only way to do your link building; there are other strategies like guest blogging, article marketing, social media networking and video marketing which are also very effective.

Best WordPress Plugins That Guarantee Increased Traffic

Best WordPress Plugins That Guarantee Increased Traffic

The one thing that makes wordpress stand out is because of the way it is easy for you to optimize your content. With the availability of free wordpress plugins, a novice can quickly start a blog and rank high within a short period.

By using the wordpress platform, you can install plugins that can assist you in several ways which include:

a. Generating more traffic

b. Retaining visitors on your site

c. Encouraging people to come back to your site

When it comes to making money blogging from home, the most important thing you need are visitors. The more traffic you drive to your site the more income you will generate. This article will discuss some of the best wordpress plugins you can install to help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Here are 8 functions and wordpress plugins that top bloggers use to attract visitors to their blogs:

1. Share content on Facebook (NetworkedBlogs): Though this is not a wordpress plugin it is a very good tool to help you generate traffic to your site on facebook. is one of the applications on facebook to help you share your new posts on facebook automatically.

All you need is to open an account on NetworkedBlogs and add the links to your blogs. Once you authenticate that the blog belongs to you, your blog updates will be submitted on your facebook wall. You can also choose to post on twitter.

With links to your individual pages appearing before your fans on facebook, you can be sure to generate more targeted traffic. Furthermore, this will boost you page offsite SEO thus ensuring your pages rank high on search engine listings.

2. Sharing content on twitter (Post To Twitter): Just as NetworkedBlogs posts your content on your facebook wall, Post To Twitter wordpress plugin shares your blog updates on twitter. NetworkedBlogs and Post To Twitter plugin notify your fans and followers of your new posts. This will guarantee you generate new traffic and encourage people to revisit your blog.

Note: According to experts, online marketers are encouraged to manually post their content on facebook rather than use softwares. The reason for that is because people tend to avoid posts that have been generated automatically by machines.

3. Re-tweeting (Tweet Old Post): Do you have articles on your blog that are still valuable but no one seems to be reading them? Then you need to give those articles a new lease of life by installing a wordpress plugin called Tweet Old Post.

It will take you a few minutes to set up the plugin and within no time use your old publications to boost your twitter marketing and drive more traffic. As you so the set up, change the settings to ensure that your tweets include a link to your posts.

You can also opt to add additional content in the tweets, choose how many posts will be tweeted in a day and at what intervals. It is recommended that you select the URL shortening of your choice.

4. Sharebar (Social Media Sharing): Social media sites offer good grounds for you to generate traffic online. With the Sharebar wordpress plugin, visitors can easily share your content on social media sites thus make certain your content goes viral.

best wordpress pluginsThis wordpress plugin includes social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more. The Sharebar plugin is unique since it slides next to your post making it easy for visitors to see it and encourage them to share the post.

5. Post comment on your blog and on facebook (Facebook Comments for WordPress): The plugin is so good in that it allows your visitors to share comments on your blog as well as on their facebook wall. This means that all their friends will see their comments thus want to visit your blog and learn more.

This is one of the best ways to succeed in facebook marketing.

6. Rate Commentators (Show Top Commentators): Ideally, this plugin ranks people who are commenting on your blog the most. Since through comments one can funnel some traffic to their site, people will want to appear as top commentators.

In turn it will encourage more return visitors especially when you add a new post. Furthermore, this wordpress plugin helps you to interact and build relationships with your blog audience.

7. Optimization (WordPress SEO Yoast): If you ask me this is one of the best SEO wordpress plugins. Generally, this plugin helps you to know how optimized your content is before you publish.

Some of the details you will get include:

– Showing if you have added your heading tags

– Your Keyword density

– How readable your content is

– Number of outbound links among other details.

The plugin also provides a preview of how your post will be displayed on search engine result listings. You can then format the title and the blog META description as you want. Make certain you include your focus keyword in your title, keyword and description segments.

With this plugin your content will be more search engine friendly hence assists you to generate more organic SEO traffic.

8. Optimization (All In One SEO Pack): Due to how easy it is to employ, this is one of the most popular wordpress plugins been used by most bloggers. The plugin generates Meta tags, Meta Descriptions and ensures that your titles are optimized for search engines.

With All In One SEO Pack, you do not have to worry which are the right phrases to use or titles, since you just do the settings and it does the rest.

Conclusion: The beauty of the internet is how you can automate things and make blogging easier. I hope with this great wordpress plugins you will begin automating some of your blogging functions and still generate more traffic to your blog.

If you have other plugins that you think will help our audience increase their blog traffic, share them with us using the comment section below. You can also freely share this post with your friends using the social media buttons appearing on the left of this post.

Guaranteeing Old Blog Posts Keep Getting Traffic

Guaranteeing Old Blog Posts Keep Getting Traffic

It is said that old is gold and that is how you need to view your old blog posts. As you continue updating your blog with new and unique content, it is vital that you do not forget your previous posts. Some of these old blog posts still hold useful information that people in you niche need to read.

It is therefore imperative that as a blogger you seek for ways of ensuring all your content get maximum exposure. Just imagine if each of your blog publications would be getting you 2 or more visitors a day. This to most bloggers would translate to high volume of traffic which in turn would mean more target page views and online sales.

On this article we want to look at how to ensure both your new and old blog posts can keep bringing you blog traffic.

Social Media Sites: Social network sites have taken the online world by storm and any blogger who ignores social sites does it at his/her own peril.

Just the other day, Google jumped in the band wagon called social media crazy by launching a social media site called Google Plus. As a prudent blogger you should seize this opportunity to revive your old blog posts. Start updating your google plus status wall with your old posts.

It is also possible that you have acquired new followers and fans on twitter and facebook. In addition, some of your target audience on social sites may have missed to read your old posts. Therefore, you can link to your past blog posts. In some instances you can end up rekindling and beginning new viral effects on old blog publications.

WordPress Plugins: One of the best blog platforms to use in blogging is wordpress. This is brought up by the fact that there are powerful automated plugins that help you keep old blog post alive. A good example of a plugin to use is “SEO ALRP”.

With this plugin your posts that are not receiving organic traffic will be resubmitted. Additionally, after every blog post related old posts links will be displayed.

Post new articles related to the old ones: This is very effective since in most cases the old blog posts will have more valuable content than the new posts. Hence to complete the circuit, you will need to link your new blog post to your old posts.

For example, if you shared on a post about how to earn income from home, you can after a month or two publish a follow up post discussing more on how to work online and make money from home and link the two blog posts.

Call to action: It will not hurt to tell your visitors to read your old posts. This is especially so to your new target audience. One of the most powerful things to tell your visitors is to ask them to take some kind of action.

It is amazing how by just asking people to visit or clicking a certain link can really boost traffic to your old blog posts thus high visitors retention. Thus ones in a while after writing a new post recommend another related post that your readers can go through for more information.

Have a Search box: The advantage is that most blog templates come with a search box already installed. But in case you notice that you do not have a search box you need to install one right away.

An internal search box will go a long way in ensuring when visitors search your content they may enter keywords that you used in your old blog posts.

blog postsOptimize all your web pages: Whenever you are publishing on your blog you need to remember that you are writing for both your visitors and search engines.

This means you need to nurture your skills when to comes to SEO writing. The more you keep on practicing the better you get to blend in your targeted keywords within your articles.

Using your targeted keyword phrases within your articles will mean that even as the articles get old, they will still be getting organic traffic from search engines.

Web page optimization involves using rich keywords within you blog title and in the body of your blog posts. You also need to create blog titles that are captivating enough to make people want to click on them when they see the titles on search engine results.

The URL of your blog posts also plays a major role when it gets to generating organic traffic. Personally, I usually shorten my URL’s and make sure that they have my targeted keywords. This can be both long tail or short tail keyword phrases.

On site linking: Add links within the body of your new articles leading to old blog posts. The strange thing is that this is a simple thing to implement but few bloggers do that.

Linking your blog posts is a good way of making your blog user friendly. The best approach to onpage optimization is to link relevant posts thus help readers collect more information about certain topics.

The same applies to search engines, linking posts ensure all your pages are crawled and indexed.

Use video marketing: Video marketing is one of the most powerful internet promotion tools that all bloggers need to utilize.

In case you have some of your old blog posts that traffic has dwindled over time, you can produce a video clip linking back to these posts.

Have categories at very accessible positions: The place you position your categories section is very vital in generating traffic to your previous good posts.

Some of the recommended places to display your categories are at the top of your blog and at the sidebar. This is because no matter which page your visitors go to, they will constantly have easy access to all your new and old blog posts.

Another plugin that you can include is the one that shows you popular posts. This will make certain that your good old posts that got lots of traffic will always feature.

Email marketing: If you have a mailing list you can utilize it to promote your old blog posts. This is by including links of your old blog publications when sending your mailing list newsletters.

This goes to show how important it is for you to begin building your own opt-in list. A site that I would recommend for email list management is Aweber (affiliate link). With the autoresponder you will be able to add links to your newsletters leading to old archived posts.

Add resource pages: This is one of the best tools you can use to boost traffic to all your top ranking blog posts.  The best place to add your resource pages in at the top of your side bar.

These are some simple strategies to undertake in order to reward yourself for the time spent publishing your old blog posts.

Follow the links below showing some of the related posts in regards to blogging tactics.

Work Online Jobs The Secret To Earning Extra Income

Work Online Jobs The Secret To Earning Extra Income

If there is one thing that you really have to take advantage of in the internet are work online jobs. Just the other day the world experienced an economic crisis that almost crippled even the so called developed nations.

Many folks have lost their jobs and in fact nowadays it’s become difficult to tell who will be next in line. The big question is; how you are cushioning yourself in case you lose your employment? It is high time you considered taking up work online jobs.

The amazing thing is that with online business you can be working very few hours every day as you attend to your daily duties. Therefore, you could be employed somewhere and still manage to do some work online jobs on part time bases.

There are many ways to look at work from home online jobs and they include freelancing, consultancy, launching a website or blog and so on. The list is endless on the several strategies that are available online on how to work online and make money at home.

get found for online jobs

On this article let us see the best approach to performing business on the internet.

Research: There are so many work online jobs and this means that you need to be very careful so as not to fall prey to online scams. It is very important that you research thoroughly before enrolling in any internet business program.

Online business gurus will tell you that the best work online jobs are the ones where you employ yourself. By this it means you start your own online home business. Do your groundwork well and choose business programs that have been tested over a period of time.

Some of the best online business programs to get involved with include network marketing, affiliate marketing, data entry, freelancing and selling your own stuff online.

Researching will help you avoid joining programs that are considered illegitimate like pyramid schemes. Get to know the history of a company in terms of financial growth, conversion rate of their products, reputation and most importantly their future plans.

It is best to get work online jobs in your locality, this way you can go to their offices and do some vetting. In addition, you will be able to have better bargains and commissions should they be affiliate or data entry organizations.

Start a niche blog: As mentioned before the best strategy of performing work at home online jobs is on the internet. It is for this reason that having a blog or website becomes very important. Having a blog is like creating an online store where you display your wares.

how to start a blog

If you choose to have a website, it is imperative that you have a blog within it. A blog is a vital online promotion tool that you must have. Through a blog you can market yourself and get work online jobs like selling high rated affiliate products or get data entry jobs.

In essence, a blog is a place where you share your views on a regular basis. The advantage with having a blog is that it is interactive thus your readers can share with you valuable tips regarding work online jobs and so on.

It is advisable that you publish helpful content on your blog. Educative content will ensure you generate free traffic to your site and in so doing make extra money online.

Apart from doing online work, you can join affiliate programs that offer home based business opportunities and make money by referring other people. One such affiliate program includes RevResponse.

Connect with the right people: Someone once said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you really are”. The people you link up with are very critical when it comes to work online jobs. Therefore take time to connect with the right folk.

Let us assume you decide that your work online jobs will involve blogging; it is recommended that you get connected with top bloggers in your niche. Search their blogs and get time to read their content. Follow them on social sites like facebook and twitter. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed and newsletters.

When you do the above you will stay up to date with what is taking place in your niche. Going through their blogs or website will enable you choose the right work online jobs to get involved in and the right products to sell.

The secret is to find out where people in your niche go to and join their online forums and social networking groups. From their build relationships with them and you will soon get the stuff that really works.

Choose products and business programs wisely: It is recommended that you do not just subscribe to any online business program that you see out there. The internet is filled with scammers out to make money from you.

Therefore, take your time to prudently scrutinize the work online jobs you come across on the internet. As mentioned earlier, join on business forums and ask questions and you will get help. There is always someone that has used a certain product or joined a particular program and they will definitely assist you.

Do not be quick to buy into anyone telling you that such and such a program is the best to join. This is especially so if they claim it will make money for you over night. The genuine work online jobs normally take time before you begin making real money.

As for buying products, do not purchase an item just because of the hype. First research then you can buy once you are satisfied and heard what other people are saying about the product.

Find best online marketing strategies: The one thing that really challenges people with work online jobs like selling items is site promotion. Launching a blog is the easy part but traffic generation is a totally different ball game.

Search for great content on how you can market your site or blog online by reading these articles on search engine optimization, online marketing and article marketing.

Be patient: Let no one cheat you that you can make money over night, making money from home takes time hence you need to be patient. You could be having the best work online jobs and programs but still not make money right away. The secret is to never give up and to be persistent.

Most people give up along the way and maybe they were just about to make it big. The internet is rich with lucrative work online jobs that will ensure you write your own pay check. Thus do not allow your boss to frustrate you. In fact you should be the one frustrating your boss by firing him/her.

Start your own online home business today on part time bases. With time you will begin earning extra income online more than you make at your place of work. The good thing is that some online home based business programs pay residual income.

Go through the links below to learn more about work online jobs as regards online marketing.

Marketers Who Duplicate Web Page Content Be Wary

Marketers Who Duplicate Web Page Content Be Wary

On several occasions we have stated that with good web page content you can never go wrong. If you stick to the rules and do what Google experts of you, then your site will always feature in search engine result pages.

The driving force of the internet is content; in short without content then the internet will fail to exist. Therefore, as you generate any web page content you are fueling the engine that drives the internet.

Seeing that content is created every day in mass, we can then say that the internet is like a big article directory. This is where search engines come into play; i.e to sort out the content, index it, rank it and offer you with relevant information as you browse.

Just the other day a friend was telling me how she used to spend countless hours doing research in the library. It would take her days before finding the relevant content she was looking for to come up with her thesis.

Today, it takes her a few hours to gather relevant information all thanks to the internet. We have to give a thumps up to search engines on the way they record and archive web page content and present it to us within micro seconds. The amazing thing is that in a matter of seconds, engine bots still give you very relevant content.

It has to be said that of all the search engines, Google has gone an extra mile to ensure web page content served to its users is of high quality. Though google is not 100% perfect, it really tries to gather information from several sources thus establish up-to-date data profiles.

As we speak, google can now record your browsing patterns and the keywords you enter in their search box. Armed with this information, google is able to provide you with content that it deems relevant to you.

Google collects your browsing information when you surf while logged into their services such as Gmail account. This feature has really raised hot debate with SEO marketers asking whether what google is doing is right.

Some online marketers argue that providing such kind of search result limits internet browsers from getting varying opinions. They say that since google will give you results of the sites you mostly visit at the top, you will end up failing to collect more relevant web page content that can also be valuable.

But you can overcome this by logging out of all the account associated with google, clearing your browser and then browser again. This way when you surf the results will not be biased. Alternatively, you can search for content on another computer that you do not use to log into your google accounts e.g in a cyber café.

The challenge that search engines really face is the issue of taking care of duplicate content. So far, Google has been considered as the all knowing search engine but when it comes to handling duplicate web page content you get the feeling people actually overate them so much.

But that is not to say you can go right ahead and post duplicate content and think you will get away with it. The year that has just ended 2011, saw Google update their algorithm and some of the sites that were most affected where sites with had duplicate webpage content.

For example, a site like Ezine Articles is still to date struggling to gain its former glory. The day Panda update was released; ezine articles directory was axed from search engine ranking for more than 189 keyword terms.

A close look at article directories has revealed that they contain a lot of duped content. Online marketers in an aim to rank high have used article directory sites to generate direct traffic, add backlinks and rank on search engine listings using underhand tactics.

web page contentMost internet marketers do this without caring about the quality of their articles. With publishers syndicating the same content, the internet ends up having low quality content that does not add value to internet users.

To make matters worse, they use the same content on as many article directories as they can find. Get warned, all indicators point towards duplicate web page content facing the Google broom.

As much as there is substandard content, we have to agree that there is a lot of high quality content you can find on the web. But search engines need to device a way of knowing the origin of such content.

If you come up with unique webpage content, search engine should give preference to you than to people who copy your article. It is unfair to see another person ranking higher than you and yet they have copied your work.

It will take some time for search engines to really sort out the mess of duplicate content but at least they have taken a step towards the right direction. For sure it will not be 100% perfect but with a search engine like Google working over night to sort it out, people who dupe content have a reason to sleep with one eye open.

Summary: Google panda update must have really caught marketers off guard and made them rethink of their internet marketing strategies especially in regards to SEO. The amazing thing is that not all content on article directories were affected. This goes to show that the panda update used certain signals/parameters to sort between the quality articles and the inferior ones.

Article directories have been synonymous with poor web page content over the years. If you browse any article directory you are sure to come across articles that do not make any sense to the reader. In most instances, this is the kind of content that has been regenerated using softwares.

By the look of things it is evident soon the web will be like a hot potato for people using short cuts to promote products or websites. It is the high time you re-strategized your work online marketing plan by using white hat tactics alone.

Google is about to announce the rules you need to follow to remain relevant on the net. My personal advice is that you adhere to them. But if you are the type who always shares rich, unique and educative web page content, you do not have to worry at all.

You may not rank high right away, but the good news is that within no time you will reap the benefits that come with publishing quality content.

Now the big question is; are you ready for the new algorithm updates that google will use to rank websites in this New Year?

Give us feedback in the comment section provided below. Also on the side bar you will find a section where you can enter your email address for regular updates.

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Working Online At Home Business Marketing Strategies

Working Online At Home Business Marketing Strategies

The one thing that really determines if you will make money online while you are working online from home is traffic generation. The webmasters that have figured how to promote their websites will attest to this fact. Just imagine yourself on page one of Google or Yahoo for a competitive keyword, if that happens then making money online for you will not be an issue anymore.

On this write up let us share some of the best strategies of marketing your website as you are working online. It does not matter whether you are a veteran or a rookie; you can succeed in promoting your home based business in whatever niche you are in. The idea is know what to do and then do it right in a consistent manner.

The following are the top rated internet marketing tactics for people working online.

Social Media Marketing: If there are websites that have taken the world-wide-web by storm are social media sites especially Twitter and Facebook. Everyday thousands of people sign up or log onto this social sites to keep in touch with friends and relatives. We all know where people gather there is always an opportunity to cash in since these people have needs that need to be met.

The idea is to find the people in your niche and have them to be your followers or business connection. On a website like Facebook you can begin a fan page where you can invite people with the same interests as you to subscribe. Make sure you update your wall with relevant content rather than sharing about things that do not value to your working online business. Alternatively, you can have two accounts where one can be for business and the other for socializing and having fun.

If you happen to have a blog, it is advisable to link it to your twitter and facebook account using a site like or (this you link to your twitter account). By doing this, it will ensure that every time update your blog a link to your webpage will be posted on your facebook or twitter account.

Since these social networking website are ranked high, search engines tend to crawl them all the time and thus it will make it easy for search engines to find and rank your website or blog faster. In addition, when your link appears on high ranking site like facebook, you will boost your search engine optimization. This means you have to connect with people in your market niche so that every time you update your wall you will get unique referral traffic.

Facebook limits you to the number of people who can be your friends (5000) but with twitter there is no limit. Therefore, on twitter take full advantage of this fact to hook up with as many working online people as you can. Find the industry gurus in your niche and follow their followers, since they will see you share something in common they will most likely follow you back.

To increase your followers or fans, add a banner on your site containing a link to your twitter or facebook account. This guarantees you get more followers thus more retain visitors whenever you post an article on your website or blog.

Email Marketing: This has been for a long time been a crucial marketing arsenal for people working online at home. Though some people have misused the service by sending people spam messages and swindling innocent folks of their hard earned cash, it remains one of the best online marketing tools. As for spam, that need not to worry you too much since nowadays there are great software programs to help you block out spam emails.

The secret to email marketing is having subscribers or an opt-in list. There are many ways to achieve this and one of them is buying. The disadvantage of this is that sometimes you can pay for emails where the owners are not using them anymore. The best strategy is to create your own opt-in list. This you can achieve by opening an Aweber Account and adding an opt-in section for people wishing to get content from you voluntarily to subscribe. Aweber is one of the best and most affordable emails marketing management website for folks working online.

If you share good content that is helpful and informative, your target audience will obviously subscribe to your list. In addition, when you become an authority figure in your industry a big percentage of your subscribers will open and read your emails. This in turn will mean more return visitors to your site and more so high online sales if you happen to recommend a product for them to purchase.

Again, remember that you need to mostly offer your subscribers with rich content that will be useful in whatever they are doing. Sending emails with high pitched marketing lines will only damage your email marketing campaign and with time some your opt-in list members will unsubscribe.

Article Marketing: For the people who happened to be working online in the years 2008-2009 when article marketing was taking off will agree it was one of the best website promotion tools. Even today though some may not agree with me, article submission still remains the top rated online promotion technique. The idea is to know the right way to implement it.

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

With article advertising you achieve two kinds of traffic. One is referral traffic from the articles you submit on different directories and organic traffic since the backlinks from your articles will help you rank on search engines.

The best approach to this working online marketing strategy is targeting top rated article submission directories like Article City, Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Base, Idea Marketers, Amazines and the like. All you need to do is make sure you post in article sites that are ranked high, use tools like and to help you determine the sites to work with.

The power of marketing your blog with articles lies in a section called resource box. This is where you write briefly about yourself and add links pointing back to your site. The recommended thing to do is to write as if you are a third party, for example “This work online marketer shares great content on…..” instead of writing “I write insight tips on working online…”. Also make sure you use your main targeted keyword phrase as your anchor text. This will help search engines know exactly what your site is about.

Let your articles contain relevant content. In short, do not submit articles about gardening and when people click the links to your site they find content about how to make money from home while working online. This will only lead to visitors leaving you home page immediately thus a high bounce rate. Make certain you distribute articles that are related to what you share on your blog, this ensures the traffic you generate will be targeted and spend more time reading your content.

Keywords play a vital role when it comes to article promotion and promoting your working online programs; hence take time to use the right keywords phrases. Target keywords that you want to rank on in search engine listing. The secret is to target keywords that are commonly searched for by people in your niche but have less competition. This will guarantee you rank faster.

Since article marketing is about duplication, there is one tool that is highly recommend, called Unique Article Wizard. Though it may take some little time before you reap the full benefits of article marketing depending on the keywords you target, the result will be amazing.

E-commerce marketing is not as challenging as some would like you to think. Therefore, before you contract the services of an online marketer try implementing some of the above mentioned working online promotion strategies. To top it all up, some of these tactics will assist you generate free website traffic. In addition, you do not need to spend the whole day online in order to promote your website; there are great softwares programs to help you automate your marketing.

If you are there and wondering how to earn extra money then you just need to consider working online from home on part time bases. You will be surprised on how much money there is to make on the internet, better than the salary you will ever earn.

If you ask an internet marketer he/she will tell you it’s time you sacked your boss and wrote your own paycheck.

Follow the links below and harness more valuable content on working online tips.

How To Improve Your Page URL For Higher SEO Placement

How To Improve Your Page URL For Higher SEO Placement

In the last post we promised to share about improving your page URL. To keep to that promise this article will go in depth on how to optimize your webpage URLs thus generate targeted organic traffic.

There secret of ranking on search engines is to inform engine spiders what your page is all about. The parameters to focus on when optimizing your webpages include:

  1. Page Title
  2. Body of your article
  3. Page URL.

Most webmasters put more emphasis on number 1 and 2 and forget that page ULR is also critical in search engine ranking. Apart from your URL adding SEO value to your site, it also ensures that your target audiences know right away what your posts are all about.

Not to forget, improperly designed page URLs can be seen as spam by search engine spiders. An example is a page link like this dr78736897798887932r7790dfrt890775b9.png.

Now that you know the importance of webpage URL in relation to search engine friendliness, let us get down to business.

Here is how to optimize your page URL for better SEO ranking:

1. Page URL should be short: Just the way it is recommended to have between 40 to 79 characters in your page title, there is a limit for page URL as well. SEO experts recommend that your URLs should not have more than 115 characters.

Researchers, who have been studying people’s click through rate on the internet, discovered that people click on short URLs more than they do long ones. In addition, it was noted that short URLs are shared more on social sites.

The disadvantage of long page URLs is that they sometime appear spammy. Furthermore, words contained in a long page URL are spread thus making the SEO value of the link to reduce.

It could be that you already have a big site with many webpages, do not worry about shortening your URLs if you haven’t since it can take you a long time correct them. Instead, work on making sure that all your page titles begin with your keywords.

Also, shorten all the page links you will post from now on.

WordPress is one of the best platforms to use when it comes to page URL friendliness. The word that wordpress uses to call page links is permalinks. With wordpress permalinks, you will be able to create unique URL’s hence boost your SEO value.

In order to turn on permalinks, log in into your wordpress admin area. Scroll down the navigation bar appearing on the left and place your cursor on setting then click on the permalinks option in the drop down menu.

Once you are on the permalinks setting page under common setting choose the Post name option. If you are still using the old version of wordpress, select the custom structure option and enter “/%postname%/”. This tag will help you to automatically shorten your page URL from your post title. You will also be able to shorten your page link manually to include only your keyword phrase.

2. Avoid too many queries in your URL: Depending on the design of your website or blog, there are times when URLs can have too many queries. Some of the queries you can find on a Page URL are “&” or “?”.

When there are too many queries within a link they diminish your SEO value.

Here is an example of a good webpage link:

It is recommended to avoid having too many queries like the link below since it is a bad page URL to have:

The problem of having too many queries is that it confuses search engines by creating loops. These loops will sometimes make search engine fail to crawl other webpages within your blog as it will keep crawling the page with many queries again and again.

3. Include keywords in your URL: This point will go hand in glove with creating short page URL. Earlier we said that wordpress is more friendly when it comes to SEO. Apart from the many wordpress SEO plugins you can use to rank, the permalink will help you optimize your webpages.

With the post name setting option, your page URL will include the words in the page title. To manually optimize your page you can delete some of the words and leave only your keywords within the page link.

For example, this article has the title How To Improve Your Page URL For Higher SEO Placement; my page URL will therefore be

In order to optimize the page and improve my visitors experience I shortened it to read ( This will ensure that search engines know what my page is all about thus index and rank the webpage accordingly. Note that I have used very few words in my page URL.

According to Matt Cutts of Google, a URL with five words is good enough for SEO. But when you have more than five words within your page URL then google algorithm will give you less credit since it will spread the weight of those words.

Keyword based URLs are also more likely to be clicked on search engine result pages since people will know what to expect when they visit the links. Besides, when people go back to their bookmarks they will easily identify your page URL and also know the content your pages hold.

There are many sites out there that do not have keywords within their URLs and still rank high. This is an indication that a page URL without keywords will not affect your SEO value but it is definitely a missed chance to further tell search engines what to rank you for.

The one reason that a link without keywords can rank higher is when there are no other results to display. Otherwise, a webpage URL that contains keywords will rank higher than the one without.

page url

4. Avoid creating too many subdomains: A subdomain is created in your CPanel where you add something before your main domain name. For instance, a link like means that store is a subdomain.

By the way, did you know that www is a subdomain to your site? Now you know.

To some extent, subdomains create a big challenge when it comes to SEO. As individual links, subdomains can rank very well but search engines view these links as different websites to your main site.

As much as it is ideal to configure your site using subdomains, note that one subdomain will not pass on link power to another subdomain within your site.

Here is the scenario:

In the SEO world, one of the most important elements that help your site/blog rank high is when other sites within your niche point back to your site using relevant keywords in their anchor text. This is also called back linking or link popularity.

Therefore, the more backlinks you have than your competitors the higher you will be positioned in search results. This is because search engines will assume that your content has more authority than your competition.

If you have a subdomain name called which has very valuable content that people are linking back to, then that particular subdomain will rank high. But all that link juice will not contribute in raising the SEO value of another subdomain like or page URL for that matter.

The best approach to creating optimized page URL is creating subdirectories and not individual directories. A page URL that reads will be friendlier to search engines. It will tell engine spiders that the subdirectory blog is part of your site.

Therefore, any back links pointing to the subdirectory called blog will pass on that power to your entire blog or website.

Furthermore, subdirectories are familiar with most people hence your audience will know which site they are visiting and what page they are on. In order to improve user experience and also ensure your blog SEO profile is high avoid creating subdomains.

5. When creating subfolders make sure they don’t go beyond 3 levels: Now that you know that subdomains are not good for your overall SEO, it is advisable to create subfolders.

Sub folders appear between slashes. Below is an example of a page URL with subfolders:

In the above example the word post is the subfolder while my-page-title is a webpage within that subfolder.

It is advisable to create page URLs with few subfolders. The more subfolders you have the less value search engines place on webpages within deep subfolders. The recommended depth in regards to subfolders should not go beyond 3 levels deep.

If you find that you have no option but to have many subfolders, try and make sure that your important information doesn’t go beyond 2 subfolders deep. Below is a bad page URL to have:

In the above link, search engines will assume that the article named my-page-title is not so valuable since it is too far from your domain name which is

Something you will note with using subfolders is that on Google analytics you will see how individual pages are attracting organic traffic.

6. Instead of using the underscore sign use hyphens: The best way of making sure that search engines realize the keywords within your page URL is adding hyphens. Ideally, hyphens act as spaces between your keywords thus engine robots will rank you accordingly.

There is also the option of using underscores between the words in your page URL. The only challenge posed with using underscore is that engine robots view them as characters.  Therefore, words within your URL will appear like on single word which will make no sense to search engine thus diminishing the SEO value of your webpages.

On the other hand, hyphens are SEO friendly since search engines can easily tell which key terms you are seeking to rank for.

The fact that links come with a line below them, people will not be able to see the underscore sign. This is the other reason that makes hyphens more user friendly to your target audience.

For you to better understand the above example it is best to show you the difference between the two.

A bad page URL:

A good page URL:

Best practice in relation to creating optimized page URLs:

For those of you who are starting out, then you are lucky to have come across this article. It goes to show how research minded you are before plunging into any venture.  The secret is to structure your site in an SEO friendly manner from the word go.

page URLThis is in terms of how your permalink will appear and also adding other plugins to help you optimize your site to the full. Go to back to point number 2 and read more on how to optimize using plugins.

If you already have your site up do not worry, there are content management systems you can use to restructure your site. Some CMS systems will enable you to alter your page URL structure and thus make them more SEO friendly.

The challenge that will come with changing your already existing page URL is redirecting. It is important to make certain you permanently redirect using “301 redirect”. This will involve redirecting from the old page URL to the fresh one.

Note: There is a downside when it comes to redirecting your visitors. You will probably lose some of the page link power and page positioning on search engines.

Considering the effects of changing the whole of your site structure, it is advisable to only change the permalink configuration and leave the rest of your site as it is. Page URL is easy to work on and will improve your overall SEO placement in the long run.

Bonus point: Since SEO goes hand in hand with social media marketing, it is important to show you how to optimize your social media user profile link. For example on LinkedIn the default link reads

It is recommended that you customize your link to be SEO friendly. This you can change by logging into your account and placing your cursor on profile then in the drop down menu click edit profile. Scroll down to your public profile link and on the right click edit.

On the right sidebar go to the second tab you will see customize your public profile URL. Click that and enter keywords that best describe your area of expertise.

You should also optimize your facebook and twitter URLs. By optimizing user profile links you will make it easier for people to find you thus generate more traffic to your site using social media sites.

Summary: Search engines especially Google get over 4 billion searchers each day. By simply optimizing your page URL you can easily channels lots of targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Make sure that your page URL is readable and usable. A plugin like WordPress SEO can help you configure your page title, page URL and description thus tell search engines exactly what to display on their search results. No wonder wordpress is the best platform to operate on.

Now you know what to do, get down to business and all the best in your SEO efforts.

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