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Appearing In Top Google Listing Despite Google Fresh

Appearing In Top Google Listing Despite Google Fresh

First, there was the Panda Updates that affected most top sites google listing position. And before webmasters could recover from that shock, google has done it once again, another algorithm change called Google Fresh.

It is evident that google is out to raise the stakes in order to make sure they improve user experience. But the big question is, at whose cost? (Share your opinions in the comment section below this post) Google fresh is an upgrade of Caffeine architecture which was introduced one year ago. According to google the new algorithm change is aimed at ensuring Google listing remains fresh.

Through the new algorithm google listing system, google says it will now be able to crawl and index sites faster in a large scale and list fresh content. With the new ranking algorithm, google listing will be affected up to 35%.

What these means is that only one search result will be affected in each google search engine result page (serps). This will be like a reprieve to webmasters since not many will be affected this time round like the way Panda update did.

Even with this small impact, it is advisable you know how to avoid falling victim of Google fresh. Sectors that will mostly feel the pinch of this new google listing will be keyword phrases aimed at ranking for products and services that constantly change.

On this article, we will tackle in detail what you need to do as a webmaster to remain relevant in search engine listing on google. One obvious thing that you must do is to create a blog. It will be suicidal if you only have a website that is not connected to a blog and you want a top google listing.

The advantage of having a blog is that you will be prompted to regularly add fresh content.  Telling from Google’s statement concerning Google fresh, is that updating your site with fresh content is key in ensuring you generate search engine organic traffic.

Small work from home online business blogs and sites will have to up their game too. This is because it will be quite challenging for small sites to compete with big blogs. Most top blogs use their resources to hire writers who publish lots of new content regularly.

Then the big question is; what can small blogs do to keep in touch with the big players?

Create a sitemap: No matter how small your blog is you need to create a sitemap. To make sure your blog post are quickly crawled, indexed and added to google listing, submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool (Free).

Sitemaps help to ensure that any new post you publish is picked and search engines notified of the new update. WordPress has a great plugin that ensure your sitemap is connected with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing.

The beauty of the internet is that you can automate the whole process and ensure your new content is updated in your sitemap.

Here is how to create Google SiteMap

Take advantage of Google News Sites: To be sure that you appear in top google listing you need to learn how google new works. Ideally, sites that qualify to display on google news are the ones that have fulfilled the requirements and adhere Google standards. You can search for these sites by entering “Google News Sites” in the google search box.

Normally, if you have a new blog or site it may take some time before search engines get to know of its existence. A good strategy of making sure search engines find your site faster is by submitting your content and links on Google news sites.

google listingsIt may call for extra effort to get your content accepted by Google News sites but it will be worth the effort. This is because your blog or site will be crawled and indexed much faster thus display on google listing.

Launch a blog: As we earlier stated it is important to create a blog. Once you have a blog you need to add fresh content on a regular basis. If you are the busy type, you can opt to hire writes to help you update your blog. The only disadvantage of that is that the quality of bought articles may not be the best.

If you have a website, you need to incorporate a blog within the site for visitors to add new content. Blogs are generally search engine friendly especially if you are working on a wordpress platform. WordPress have built-in SEO elements that make it easy for you to optimize your content for top google listing.

On your site you can also add a forum where members can share ideas hence helping you generate fresh content. But you will need to moderate the content coming in to ensure you weed out spammers.

Post press releases: Syndicating your content is one of the best ways of ensuring Google gets to pick your fresh content. Submitting press releases is the best way to achieve this. Press releases are considered top quality therefore they are quickly picked, indexed and submitted in Google listings.

It is advisable to have your keywords as anchor text within your press release. This will ensure you rank high in search engine listings for your targeted keywords.

A site you can post your press release is on PRWeb. But there are other sites that offer the service free of charge.

Use Social Media Sites: Sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and now Google +1 are good for SEO. These are top sites that are crawled every minute for fresh content. If you can create an online community on social media sites then post your content and links, you will increase the changes of your new content appearing in Google listings.

On Google plus you can now create a business page where you can be updating it with links to your blog content. All indicators show that very soon Google +1 will be a major site to determine sites appearing on Google listing.

Adjust with the times: When it comes to online business especially SEO traffic generation, you need to be ready to adapt fast. If google says you have to add fresh content regularly then do just that, otherwise your business will become obsolete.

Summary: Google fresh is a call to bloggers to become more aggressive in terms of research and regular content generation. Regardless of your niche, there is need for more fresh content since things keep on changing.

As we speck Google is the King of search engines thus if you want to appear on Google listings you will have to do as they say. But the one element of search engines algorithms that remains constant is CONTENT GENERATION.

Feel free to share this article will other online marketers using the social media buttons displaying on the left. If you have something insightful to add to this topic, kindly submit it in the comment section provided below.

Choosing A Professional Theme Template For Your Business Blog

Choosing A Professional Theme Template For Your Business Blog

You may be wondering why I chose to discuss about this topic, but if you read on you will understand why. I want you to learn something from my experience so that you don’t do the same mistake I did when I decided to look for professional theme template for my blog.

For a long time I had been running my blog using a free template from Magpress. The theme had really served me well though I really longed for a more customizable and professional template.

I knew with a professional theme my bounce rate would improve and in the process increase my conversion rate. From the money I had made from my blog I decide to buy a template from colorlab, the theme was called arthemia. They had two packages one going for $49 (which I picked) and a developer pack going for $99.

I must agree the template was very attractive and according to them it was also user friendly and SEO friendly. Finally, the one thing that was to push my internet home business to the next level was here.

Usually, I work like 3 hours a day but on this day when I was to buy the theme template I woke up very early with renewed energy and hope. I knew I would be online almost all day customizing my blog to make it look more professional.

I should have read the warning signs from the word go because on uploading the template some of its functions were not working. Secondly, I was not able to log into their customer support link where I thought I could ask why some functions of their theme template were not working.

If I knew what I know today, that is where I should have stopped but because the template looked so attractive on the demo I decided to make sure it works.

After several trials I did managed to load the template successfully using File Zillar but that was after deactivating some of my plugins. These included wordpress SEO, broken link checker and Ad injection.

My quest to make my blog look captivating made me blind to all these errors I was encountering with this so called professional theme template.

By the end of the day I managed to complete the customization of my blog and I really loved the appearance. On the following day I went back to my schedule and published an article. But on sharing the page URL on Google plus it returned with an error.

Google plus and other social sites could not generate the snippet of the post. The error message showed that another plugin called Sharebar was the culprit. I quickly deactivated it but the error was still there.

Some few days later I got a web designer to help solve these problems but it was too late. Before uploading this new theme template my site was seating pretty at the top page of search engine results. For most of my targeted keywords my blog was on page 1 and my organic traffic was increasing fast.

Suddenly, I saw a drop in traffic and that was when it hit me, the errors I was seeing had made Google to de-index my site. I did a search on Google to see how my pages appeared on their results by entering “site:” and the errors where on almost all my webpages.

I quickly removed and deleted the anthemia template from my blog and restored my old free theme. It took like 1 ½ week for the errors to be corrected but by that time I had lost my web ranking.

The reason I decided to tell this story is not to discredit colorlab, but instead to make you see the importance of research. Now I know why people say you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Here are 10 valuable elements you need to consider when choosing a professional template theme for your blog or website.

1: Choose what has been tried and tested: When it comes to choosing a template research is very important. It is recommend that you go for well known template sites such as Woo Theme, Forest Themes, Theme Junkie, Thesis Themes and Elegant Themes.

A close observation revealed that most top bloggers purchase their theme templates from these sites. Rather than chancing like I did, buy products from well know sites that have a good track record.

Read reviews and testimonials this way you will get to know the sites to purchase professional templates for your blog.

2: Pick a template that is easily customizable: There is nothing as frustrating as working with a template that is not customizable.

As bloggers we all want our blogs to have a certain appeal and the only way to achieve that is through customizing. Since not all bloggers have knowledge on blog designing, it is advisable to look for a theme that you can easy arrange as you want.

Before you decide on a template make sure you have read all the features about it.

3: User friendly: Some templates are too complex to operate especially if you have no knowledge of things like HTML coding.

In the 90’s only coders where able to blog but those days are long gone. A newbie can buy a template and make it look so professional the same way a HTML coder would.

Talk to other bloggers and they will surely tell you the right theme to pick. For example, I can easily recommend you try Theme Junkie (affiliate link) which has worked so well for me.

4: SEO friendly: If your intention is to blog for money then appearance is not the only thing you are looking to achieve. You can have the most handsome blog in the world but without traffic then you will not generate any income.

professional theme template

It is therefore advisable when checking the attributes of a theme template to make sure SEO friendliness is one of them. These include the size of the template to ensure it loads fast and of course the ability to integrate with SEO related plugins such All In One SEO or WordPress SEO among others.

SEO friendliness also involves the ability of the template to allow search engine bots to crawl your content easily. A good and professional theme template should also show in search engine results your site description where you include your targeted keywords.

5: Colors that match your logo: Having a logo is a very critical element of doing business through blogging. A logo helps you in branding yourself or your blog thus improve your online presence.

It goes without saying that how you match your colors really matter a great deal. Select templates that allow you to choose from an array of colors. Branding experts will tell you to pick colors that make your site appealing to the eye.

As you customize your blog try and ensure the color you have used in your logo blend with your theme template colors and if possible affiliate banners.

6: Good customer support system: In case of run into any challenges when customizing your blog design you need to be able to get in touch with the template designer. This is where customer support comes in handy.

Before you decide to purchase a template get to know how efficient their support team is. There is a time Woo themes had a problem with their site and I really loved the way they dealt with the issue. On their twitter handle they kept updating their customers until their site was up again.

You could easy tell how their clients were behind them and this was because they did not recoil in a corner while the problem persisted. This is an indication that if you buy a theme at Woo Themes you can be sure of getting the best professional help and support. Keep it up Woo Themes.

Another site that has a great support team is Thesis. Here you will have access to a forum where you can get in touch with professional blog designers.

7: Template should easily integrate with wordpress plugins: There are plugins that you simply cannot fail to have in your blog. These include plugins related to ad management, link checking, social sharing and of course SEO.

If you come across a wordpress template that does not integrate with these plugins simple walk away. You might hold on and in the process pay the price by losing your blog ranking like I did or worse.

8: Consult a professional web designer: You can never be an expert in everything and that is why it is advisable to consult. On the internet there are many expert web designers you can get in touch with to help you pick a professional theme template.

For those of you who have money, you can also get a web designer to create a template for you that best suits your needs.

It might seem expensive to consult a blog designer but you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

9: Easy navigation: An element that ensures you improve your site conversion rate is navigation. The easier it is for readers to find their way around your blog the longer they will spend going through your content.

For example, choose a template that takes your visitors like 3 seconds for them to locate your category bar. Easy navigation also ensure that search engines have an easy time accessing your blog content thereby index and rank all your webpages.

10: Pocket friendly: A professional theme template does not have to necessarily be expensive. There are great templates out there that have all the right qualities and are still affordable.

All you need is to be patient as you research. With time you will get the theme template that suits your blogging needs.

Summary: You may be asking what happened to my quest of getting a professional theme template, did it end? Of course not; after I recovered from the errors I went hunting once more but this time armed with the right knowledge.

I’m now using Theme Junkie and I must admit I really like it. The template has all the qualities we have talked above and in fact my bounce rate has really improved.

With time I’m sure my blog ranking will improve too and continue from where I had left off.

What are your views about the new and professional Theme Junkie template theme on this blog? Post your comments in the comment section provided below. You can also add your contribution on how to pick a template.

If you think this post will help a blogger out there, kindly share this post with them by using the social buttons displaying on the left.

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