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How To Generate Blog Traffic Through SEO Strategies

How To Generate Blog Traffic Through SEO Strategies

When it comes to generating blog traffic, it is recommenced you go the SEO way. Research show that 90% of traffic generated on the internet is from search engines. 2/3’s of that traffic is commanded by Google.

It is for this reason that aspiring small time work from home online bloggers will always seek to rank high on Google than on any other search engine. But that does not mean you cannot get decent traffic from other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

On this publication we shall see how you can become a better blogger and stay ahead of your competitors. You will learn some of the best SEO blog traffic generation strategies that top rated marketers use. Its time you took your blogging to the next level.

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Write content that is readable: As long as we live on planet earth, human beings are the ones who you should target to read your content and buy your products. There is no single day that search engines will become customers and purchase of your products.

Therefore, as you work hard to optimize your content avoid at all cost publishing a post that is awkward to read. What is the point of attracting lots of blog traffic that does not convert? That will happen if you focus more on optimization and fail to address the needs and preferences of your target audience.

It is true you need to include keywords within your content, but you have to make sure the keywords blend well with your sentences. Do not force a keyword where it does not apply, otherwise you will appear unprofessional.

After all, you want to build a community and a good relationship with your visitors that will last. Hence your main agenda should be to first form a good first impression by writing well for your blog visitors.

Furthermore, good content should be devoid of spelling and grammatical mistakes. With a software from white smoke, you can be sure of quality and professional content. Quality s what you should offer your blog traffic or audience all the time.

Come up with catchy titles: Am sure you have bought a newspaper several times just because of the headlines. The funny thing is that after reading the story you discover it was all hype.

Now, you should up the game some more by creating captivating titles and backing it up with even better content. This is how you will cut a niche for yourself and gain online credibility and presence.

Ideally, a title acts as an advertising tool and you really need to take advantage. The more appealing your headlines are, the higher your blog traffic will be. Try to come up with titles that demonstrate how relevant your articles are to what your target audience are looking for.

Apart from making your titles captivating, you should strategically include your targeted keywords. This will help in making sure search engines know what your article is all about. And as you know, the better search engines position your articles the more blog traffic you will generate.

Consider using recommended keyword density in the body of your articles: Once you are done with creating a catchy title, the next step is to work on the body of your article.

The body of your article should have meat, by this I mean quality content that offers insightful and educative information. You should also integrate within your articles your target keyword phrases.

Here is where you need to be tactful and ensure you do over stuff or under stuff your content with keywords. With the right keyword density, you will kill two birds with one stone.

First, you will help search engines know what your content is about thus index and rank you accordingly. In the process you will generate organic blog traffic. Secondly, your readers will understand the message you are trying to pass to them.

Though the topic of how many times you should repeat keywords with your content raises hot debates, an article with a keyword density of between 1% and 2% is good enough.  Nowadays, search engines have become intelligent enough to tell keywords that vary but meaning the same.

blog trafficFor example, if you are targeting for a keyword like work online, you can vary it by also using working online. With this strategy of using keywords, readers will not tell that there is a word you are repeating.

Build quality backlinks: There are two ways of building your link profile thus boosting your link popularity. That is working on your on-site and off-site link building.

On site link building is where your link posts within your blog. As you create webpages within your blog, link them with other related posts. In addition, you should also link your webpages to your homepage.

Make sure that you use different keyword phrases in your anchor text as you link to your homepage. With time when you have lots of contextual links pointing to your homepage, you will rank for more keywords which will translate to more targeted blog traffic.

As for off-site link building; it is where other blogs point back at your site. For this to be more effective, the blogs and sites that link back to you should be related to your content and rank higher than your site.

Some of the best strategies of building backlinks include article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, social bookmarking, social marketing and the best of them all is guest blogging. The more backlinks you have out there the better your blog will rank and the more blog traffic you will generate.

I highly recommended buying backlinks at LinkVana. This is because they have a network of highly rated blogs and websites that have rich and educative content. Besides, some of their blogs are over six years old.

Note: Avoid building back links from link farms

Patience pays: Online marketing especially SEO is not a one day affair. You have to be ready to invest your time and effort so as to reap the required results. Do not get impatient and begin applying black hat tactics to rank high.

These underhand strategies may work for a while but in the long run search engines will catch up with you. Are you a new blogger? My advice is that you show patience and some day you will get to the top and it will be worth your while.

About author: is an established and experienced blogger who shares rich and provocative content on how to work online from home and make money. Learn some of the best and proven online marketing ideas that will take your home business to the next level of success.

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Make Money Working From Home Through Blogging

Make Money Working From Home Through Blogging

The most effective way of working from home is by launching a blog. Some online business people opt to market their affiliate products one by one while it would be easier to have all your products on one site then driving online visitors to it. Though this may sound easy it needs you to observe some principles so as to be successful in blogging.

Having a blog is a perfect way to learn from other webmasters since it is interactive. Normally, there is a comment section that you need to activate so as to enable your readers to post their opinions. Through these comments you can know exactly what your viewers what to know and hence share relevant content. In addition, you get to build relationships with people in your market niche and in so doing sell your products faster.

Here are other vital blogging tips to consider:

Choosing a Niche: Before you launch a blog you need to consider what area you are good at. In other words, go for a niche that you know you are an expert in. This will help you share informative content that is factual and you will never miss something valuable to discuss. It is recommended you target a field that has a wide range of topics thus have different angles to talk about in your subject matter.

While you are selecting the industry to target, it is also good to choose the keywords you will use on your blog. There are two categories of keywords and these are Primary and Secondary keywords.

Primary Keywords are the terms that you mainly target to rank on search engines while the secondary keywords are the ones that you target less. You should make sure that your secondary keywords to do overshadow your major keywords. The way to differentiate the primary and secondary keywords is the frequency at which you mention them. Repeat your main keywords within your blog content more that you do for your secondary keywords.

As for choosing which keywords to work with, go for the terms that most people in your niche search for when browsing the internet. Make certain that the keywords are also less competitive so as to rank your site faster.

Create A Blog: Once you have done your groundwork and established the keyword phrases to target you can go ahead and create a blog. Getting a domain name is imperative when it comes to working from home while blogging. Research is required when buying a domain by ensuring your targeted keywords are contained in your domain address. This will help you in search engine ranking.

The best program to use in creating a blog is wordpress. WordPress incorporates great tools like “All in one SEO Pack” to help you optimize your blog. There are also other features or plugins like Ad Injection, WordPress SEO, Akismet, Google XML sitemap plugin and the like that help you have full control of your blog site.

The power of blogs can be felt when you add content. By know you all know that the internet is dependent on content generation. Search engines in a pursuit to ensure that internet surfers get the information they are searching for, crawl blogs and website for content. Therefore, when you launch a blog you have to ready to publish quality content routinely and frequently. Always publish articles that are rich with information to solve problems that face people in your market niche. Where the shoes of your readers and that way it will be easier for you to identify their needs.

Avoid writing high pitched marketing messages but rather educate your site guests. Have your facts right and within no time you will be an authority figure in your industry. In short, when it comes to working at home using a blog content it KING.

If you are seeking to optimize your blog then you need to make sure your blog posts have relevant keywords. Begin by drafting blog titles that have the keywords you want to rank on. Then repeat the same keyword phrases in the body of your article for at least 3 times. This will help search engines bots know exactly what your article is about. In addition, publish long articles since the search engines algorithms are favoring detailed content (have articles with at least 700 words and above).

On every page you create target different keywords. This is because search engine will index each individual page and thus help you generate more online traffic.

Internet Marketing: If your intention is making money blogging then you have to find ways to attract traffic. There are different online marketing strategies and some of the best include article marketing, forum marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing and viral marketing. You can read about how to implement these methods by following the articles on online marketing strategies on this blog.

Monetization: Many people start with blog monetization but ideally it should be the last thing to do. Once you have managed to generate traffic to your site and gain credibility you can add products or services. Up load products that are relevant to your content to make sure that your conversion rate is high.

Though you may not have your own products, you can join affiliate programs and sell other people’s items and get paid commissions. This will enable your make money online from home experience more enjoyable since you will not have to deal in after sales services. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and commonly used strategies of making money online while working from home.

Selling advertisement space can also be a perfect way to make money blogging. All you need is to have high and quality traffic and people will obviously approach you to add advertisements on your blog.

There are webmasters that have made lots of money online by selling information. You can monetize your blog by asking a membership fee for people who want to read your content. This will mean that you have to offer them great content that will be worthy of their cash. Once you gain credibility and folks in your niche consider you a guru you can start charging them a monthly membership fee to access your materials.

Other ways to make money from home using your blog include Google Adsence, Donations, selling your own products and selling your blog after it has gained good traffic.

Working from home has of late become so easy but only if one uses the right strategies. It does not matter if you are an expert or a newbies; you can work online from home and still make money that employment will never ever give you. All the best as you are working online at home.

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