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On Site Management That Guarantee Top Site Ranking

On Site Management That Guarantee Top Site Ranking

On site management is an ongoing process that ideally never comes to an end. This is especially so in regards to search engine optimization (SEO). Most online marketers assume that the only important aspect of SEO is external linking, but they end up forgetting that onsite SEO is equally very critical.

Proper SEO is where you combine both inbound linking strategies with on site management so as to achieve best results. Periodically (3 or 4 times in a year), you should revisit your old pages and do some touchups to ensure the pages remain relevant and have SEO impact.

On this write up let us discuss 4 aspects of on site management that you need to revisit.

Rebranding: In order to succeed in work online home business you need to have a blog or website. With a blog or website in place, it is advisable to monitor market trends and when necessary rebrand your business.

Changing your blog design can be a good way of rebranding. Probably, when you were starting your site you weren’t so sure of the right colors and theme to use. But as time moves on you will be able to determine the right template and color scheme to rebrand your blog or website with.

Apart from color schemes, other things you can change in regards to blog design include fonts, background theme, sidebar positioning e.t.c. The best time to rebrand is after you have researched and fully understood your target audience.

Find out your target audience preferences and the findings for on site management. For example, if you have a site sharing about gardening it could be that you used a red theme template when you started. But you can rebrand and pick a template with a touch of green to make your site more appealing.

Update old publications: The secret to making money from your site is to provide rich and insightful information. As we have seen, trends and information go on changing as years pass by hence you need to move with the times.

Information that was valuable some years back would be irrelevant for today’s market. So as not to become obsolete it is imperative that webmasters to update their site’s whitepaper. By updating your site content you will ensure that your site becomes a trusted hub for seeking informative content.

This aspect of on site management can be easily observed by bloggers since they are required to update their blogs regularly. As for website owners who have no blogs, they will need to revisit their old pages and articles and update them.

Making money on the internet is about offering fresh and educative content, thus webmasters should routinely reevaluate their website resource pages. Content you shared 3 years ago will probably not apply for today’s business. Therefore, to have an all rounded site that is relevant, on site management should entail content upgrade.

As your niche evolves you are required to update your articles, whitepaper, videos and other content within your site to make them current. Ask yourself,

– Are pages in your site still converting?

– When was the last time you went over the whitepapers that you published a year ago?

– Is the information you shared last year still relevant today?

Sometimes coming up with an entirely new article can be quite tasking. This is because it involves lots of research and effort to draft. If you are too busy to do research and come up with new articles, you can opt to update your already published whitepaper.

Try to edit, add or delete sections of your articles that have become irrelevant in your next on site management schedule. By so doing, you will revamp your old webpages to become relevant in 2012 thus giving them a new lease of life.

Try new call to action: Maybe when you started out you never incorporated the right call to action messages. You can revisit the issue and this time round have a clear call to action.

Consider what you want to achieve from your site. It could be you want visitors to download your newsletter or free eBook or to have visitors fill out an opt-in form.

onsite managementWhen you are doing your next on site management, ensure you spell out to your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Note that people have different things that motivate them to take action, therefore use different call to action messages throughout your content.

Let us take a scenario where you have a site that’s sell services, you could incorporate a call to action that says “Money back guarantee after one month” this will help build confidence for clients with doubts about your services.  As for customers looking for online deals you can have coupons and discounts.

Revamp low converting pages: When it comes to working online through your site then generating search engine traffic is paramount. This is where you need to use keywords within your web content that help you attract organic traffic.

Every webpage you create on your site is like a landing page thus you need to carefully optimize each page. Apart from ranking the whole of your site, search engines also rank your individual webpages.

In on site management it is important to always target particular keyword phrases that are relevant in your niche. It could be when you were starting out you never optimized your pages; this is the high time you revisited your old posts and included keywords within your content.

A reason for a page failing to convert could be it is targeting the wrong keywords. It is hence advisable to always conduct a keyword research and determine the right keywords to use in each page you publish.

Google analytic is a very useful tool you can use to measure your page to page conversion rate. In addition, you can go through your old articles to see how you have positioned your keywords and determine your keyword density.

The more you keep monitoring your site performance, the better you will understand your audience, thus do your on site management appropriately. Try and evaluate the intent of people landing on your site from search engines and thus target more relevant keyword phrases.

Proofread your old posts once again and ensure you now use the keywords that actually attract targeted traffic.

Conclusion: On site management should be done on a regular basis. This is because market trends keep changing all the time therefore the need to move with the trends.

Bloggers have an advantage since blogging requires them to constantly update their blogs with fresh content. As for webmasters, in order to keep up it is recommended that you have a blog within your website. Furthermore, try and update your homepage and other static pages with current information.

SEO Service Companies Can’t Guarantee Page 1 Ranking

SEO Service Companies Can’t Guarantee Page 1 Ranking

This article will not go down well with most SEO service firms, but it is high time you knew the truth about search engine positioning. The internet is crowded with firms and individuals that promise you heaven as regards to search engine ranking. But have you ever posed to ask if they are legit or not?

If you ask me the only person that can guarantee you of 1st page ranking is an employee of google. He or she must also be working in the relevant department and have the right access of changing the algorithm to place you on page one of google.

In short, there is no single person or SEO service company that can ever guarantee you of top placement in any search engine result pages. For anyone to give you 100% guarantee, they must have something to manipulate search results.

Just the way you may seek to rank your own work home business site on page 1, the same applies to SEO service companies. The same strategies you will use are the same ones that SEO firms will also employ.

Hence, tread carefully when you hear someone assuring you of getting your site on first page of Google or any other search engine. Unfortunately, people still fall victim to unscrupulous SEO service firms that guarantee what they have no control over.

To tell you the truth, just as there is no magic pill to losing weight, there is no wonder drug that can guarantee top placement on search engines. That is why you need to back off from an SEO company that promises 1st page positioning on Google.

I like the way Randfish puts it on his article titled Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Promise Search Engine Ranking.

Ideally, there are over 200 signals that search engines use to rank websites. These include link popularity, content uniqueness and quality, relevancy, age of domain and the list goes on and on. In addition, search engines update their algorithms now and then and you never know how these changes will affect your site rankings.

It is for these very reasons that SEO service providers should desist from making promises that are hard to keep. Why promise to offer someone results where another party that is not affiliated to you is calling the shots?

This article may get many thumps down from some SEO service providers but it has to be said. By the way, I’m not the only one with the same sentiments; Google itself warned webmasters from SEO firms that claim they can get them to page one of Google. Click here to read more.

Search engine marketing firms have learned the art of promoting their services. This is by using catchy phrases that will ensure they get customers. There are buyers who are moved by a phrase like “top page guarantee”.

You need to ask questions and do some thorough groundwork before you give out your hard earned cash. This applies to any service you need, be it online or offline. Just the way you have no control over how many hours are there in a day, no SEO service firm can guarantee you 1st page placement.

If you observe carefully, you will realize that top SEO sites and marketers do not give you guarantees. Then how come some small SEO firm is offering you 100 % assurance? Don’t you think you are getting scammed?

As we speak, SEO marketing is one of the biggest industries on the web. Every webmaster and blogger knows the importance of appearing on page one of Google. That is why SEO scammers will continue to swindle people of their money.

But my hope is that the few that will come across this post will hold back before paying for SEO services. That is not to say there aren’t legit SEO companies out there. On a previous article posted on this blog, we shared some vital guidelines on How To Select The Right SEO Firm To Promote Your Site.

You need to learn how SEO works and that way you will make an informed decision. The fact that most people are lazy and impatient, they end up paying for SEO services without knowing what they are been offered.

Learning SEO will help you to scrutinize and thus select the right SEO firm to work with. Someone who knows a little bit of SEO will not be fooled by empty promises.

The sad part is that SEO con artists will never run out of people to lie to. This is because online entrepreneurs remain naïve and ignorant of the fact that they too can work their way to page one of Google.

How many times have you seen adverts that propagate myths on how to become slim? Funny enough, people still fall prey to these kinds of deceptions yet the answer is right under their nose.

It is wrong to place your trust on anyone that claims to rank your site on page one of any search engine. The people you see on 1st page did not just wake up one day and got there. Most of them have worked hard and spent sleepless hours reading articles and implementing right SEO strategies.

SEO serviceDepending on your niche and the level of competition, it is sure possible to get to first page of Google. This is with or without employing the services of an SEO firm.

Most newbies jump into internet business thinking that making money online is easy. It may be the easier option but that does not mean you sit back and money comes rolling in. You have to learn the right skills and have the right tools, this is more so when it comes to SEO.

Arming yourself with the right knowledge is what will help you to choose the right SEO service provider. Rather than the SEO service company telling you what to do, you should be in a position of also telling them what you want and how you want is done.
This will ensure you don’t pick an SEO firm that use blackhat strategies that will in the long run hurt your rankings.

Summary: A story is told of these two tomato vendors. Vendor A had very nice tomatoes thus thought everyone will automatically see them and buy. Therefore, he did not bother calling passer bys to buy his good tomatoes.

Next to him was vendor B who had not so good tomatoes. But unlike vendor A, he was shouting at the top of his voice telling people how good his high quality tomatoes were. The problem was that most people bought from Vendor B only to get home and discover they had bought rotten tomatoes.

Moral of the story: SEO service firms know the secret of selling. They will use all the juicy lines to lure you into purchasing their services. Something you don’t realize is that in SEO there are no guarantees.

Besides, they are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and desire for quick results. Truth be told, no SEO service expert can ever assure you 100% without blinking, to be able to take you to page 1 of any search engine.

Have you employed the services of any SEO firm? How do you find their services? Post your comments in the section provided below.

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