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SEO Web Content Myths That Must Have To Be Demystified

SEO Web Content Myths That Must Have To Be Demystified

Bloggers have for a long time struggled with two issues in regards to creating SEO based web content;

a. How to generate SEO content that helps them rank on search engines

b. Share content that is readable, convincing and insightful to their target audience

Balancing these two aspects is not easy, most of the time people end up compromising one for the other. For instance, you rank highly for targeted keyword but your content does little to increase your sales conversion rate.

A blogger always seeks to be known as a bona-fide expert sharing rich content that is educative. At the same time, publish SEO web content that search engines can know what the blog is all about. That calls for the use of keyword phrases that will ensure they attract high and targeted organic traffic.

This goes to show that creating web content is like walking a tight rope. You never know which article will catapult you to the top of the pack or which one will make you lose your online reputation all together.

blog writing

To add insult to injury, bloggers do not know what is considered as myth and what is real when it comes to generating SEO web content. On this article we want to demystify these myths. It is the high time people generating web content knew the difference between white hat and black hat strategies.

Here are 5 SEO content writing myths that we will demystify:

1. Content optimization is not as important as link popularity: Most bloggers think the more backlinks you purchase the faster and higher you will rank. In the process they forget that content creation is even more important than having many backlinks.

The problem with buying backlinks is that the growth of your link profile will not appear natural. This may work for some time but later it may raise a red flag and you will see your rankings dropping.

Publishing high quality web content is the best strategy to build your link profile. When you have content that people pick and share without much persuasion, you will definitely end up with high quality backlinks. Content is key especially when it gets to marketing on the internet.

2. High keyword density is the secret of ranking high: It is a known fact that keywords play a critical role in search engine positioning. You need to include your targeted keyword phrases within your blog posts, articles and sales copies in order for search engines to know what your content is all about.

But on the other hand, you need to be careful not to be spammy. If you over use keywords in your web content, you will end up with unreadable articles thus turn off readers and search engines.

It is advisable to always check your keyword density to make sure it is between 1% and 2%. If you use wordpress, you can install a plugin called WordPress SEO to help you check your keyword density.

Generally, keyword density in determined by the level on competition. If you find that the level of competition for a certain keyword is low, a density of 1% and 1.4% will be good enough for you to rank. As for the high competitive keywords, use a keyword density between 1.5% and 2%.

Note: Blend your keywords well to make sure that as readers go through your web content they do not notice that you have repeated certain words or phrases.

3. Re-published articles are considered duplicate web content: There is a big difference between syndicate content and duplicate content.

Syndicate content: This happens when people read your blog posts or articles then pick and publish them on their site.

Duplicate content: This refers to having the same content on several individual pages within one blog or website.

This signifies you need to create quality content to ensure that it gets syndicated and reach a wider target. If your articles appear on different sites was duplicate content, then how come press release sites stay in business? Press release firms do not duplicate your content; they in fact syndicate your web content.

The same applies to a site like CNN, where their content is picked and republished all over the internet and yet they remain top ranked.

web content writing4. Regular content update: Here we are referring to the regular updating of your existing web pages. Webmasters have been made to believe that regular updating of already published articles will help their individual web pages to rank better.

The best approach would be to generate new SEO web content on a regular basis. A new article or blog post can easily boost your search engine rankings than adding fresh content to an already published post. This is now more evident taking into account the new algorithm change called Google Fresh.

Google fresh which took effect on 5th November 2011 is meant to enhance user experience by providing browsers with more fresh content than before.

The reason that you should tweak your pages or homepage is if the page is not ranking well. But when your page is producing good results you do not need to change anything, instead add more optimized pages.

5. Maximum or minimum words that articles should have: For a long time, the required length of articles has been a hot debate. Some believe that a short article leaves readers yearning for more while others claim that long articles are better for SEO.

Whether an article should have 250 words or 1000 words all depends on what you are talking about. If you are discussing on a topic that requires 1000 words for people to get the point, then go right ahead. But in case you see that with 300 words the point will be passed on, then it is alright too.

Depending on what your topic is about, you need to be careful not to bore your readers with irrelevant content. There is no need to write an article with 2000 words in the name of ranking and keep on repeating the same point over and over again.

Quality web content is where readers feel that they have gained some insight and knowledge. You can achieve that by sometimes publishing articles with 500 words and other times with 1500 words.

Conclusion: After all has been said and done, content is key when it gets to marketing on the internet. Take time to research and address issues that you find people in your niche are struggling with. That way you can never go wrong as you create SEO web content.

Use the right keywords tools to ensure you target keywords phrases that are of high quality. In doing all the above, you will reach your target audience with rich SEO web content that is valuable and informative.

It does not matter if you have a big online business or a small work online blog, if you observe the above points you will be ranked together with the top bloggers.

If you feel I have left out important points, feel free to add them in the comment section below. You can also share this article with others using the social icon buttons displaying on the left of this blog post.

Web Video Advertising As A Home Business Entrepreneur

Web Video Advertising As A Home Business Entrepreneur

Internet video advertising is what most marketing experts are talking about now. If you ask me, video sharing is not the next big thing; it is the big thing now.

As a webmaster or blogger seeking to market your site, you need to take full advantage of web video advertising. Even though there are many myths circulating on the net about marketing using videos, you need to do your own research.

Research will help you to know what works and what doesn’t as regard video advertising. There are people out there who are out to complicate video marketing. These kinds of people are selfish and their main agenda is to sell to you some kind of product or service.

Am not saying you should not buy products or softwares to help you in online video advertising. But you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge first before purchasing anything.

People who complicate video promotion have made it seem like the skill is only for the veterans. But that is not the case, you too as a newbie can use online video advertising to generate traffic to your blog or website.

On this blog post you will learn some very important aspects of marketing with videos thus stay ahead of the pack. This article will share in detail the attributes of video advertisement and how you as a home based business entrepreneur can take advantage.

If you read to the end you will discover that video marketing is not what others would like you think. Below are important points and facts about video advertising that you need to know.

YouTube is not the only player: Anytime video sharing is mentioned the first site that comes to mind is YouTube. But you need to know that are other sites you can upload your videos and generate traffic to your site.

Some of the other video advertising sites include MetaCafe, Vimeo,, Daily Motions and Viddler among others. The secret is to post your videos on sites that are visited by your target audience.

The best way to leverage your online videos is to post to at least five video marketing sites. The ones we have listed above are among the top 5.

Posting on different sites helps when it comes to search engine listing. Your videos may show up in search results for people searching using your targeted keywords.

Video advertising as relating to search: On a previous article we talked on how google has a wide reach when it comes to search results. Studies show that on a daily basis, there are over 4.5 billion searches on google alone.

But did you know that on YouTube there are about 4 billion video views daily? In short, this is to tell you that YouTube is the second biggest search engine. In addition, this is an indication that there is a big probability of you channeling some of this traffic to your website or blog.

As an online marketer, you realize that the more traffic you generate the higher your chances of making money online. Therefore, as much as the competition is high, there is a lot of traffic generated on YouTube you can tap into.

As you seek to optimize through blogging, article marketing and social media marketing, also add video marketing in your array of online marketing arsenals.

One of the most important elements of video advertising is the description file. Search engines cannot tell what is contained in your videos unless you fill out the description file.

Here is where to you get to fill in the title of your video, add a short description and include your keywords/tags. Make certain in the three fields you mention your targeted keyword phrase. Optimizing your videos increases the chances of appearing on YouTube search listing, you will also boost the chances of appearing in search engine result pages.

On YouTube, you can also optimize your about me details. Use this section to describe yourself using you targeted keyword phrases.

Take it a notch higher by categorizing your videos. Make sure that each category you add is a targeted keyword phrase. For example, if your videos are about online marketing you can create a menu with name categories such as like video marketing, work from home tactics, make money online, online marketing strategies and so forth.

By seizing every opportunity to optimize your video advertising account on YouTube or any other video sharing site, you will be ahead of other people in the same niche.

video advertising

It is critical you pick your keywords wisely. You are better off using long tail keywords than short tail key terms. The advantage of long tail keywords is that they are less competitive thus you will rank higher and faster. In addition, long tail keywords will ensure you generate more targeted viewers.

Use tools like Google Keyword Tool (Free), Google Insight (Free), Keyword Winner (Paid) or Keyword Discovery (Paid) to research on the best keyword phrases.

Length of video clip: According to the new algorithm change as regards written content, the longer your article the better for you.

This has been my observation; the articles that I have shared the most information are bringing me more organic traffic. In addition, the long articles seem to be shared more than the shorter articles.

To read more on this topic have a look at this post: Impact Of Article Word Count In relation To SEO Ranking.

Anyway to get back to our article, people assume that the longer your videos the better. That is far from the case, sometimes you just need to submit short video clips to rely your information.

Most people have a short attention span thus will get bored if you post long videos. Therefore, what matters most in online video adverting is the quality production and message script. Sometimes you will need a long video while other times a clip of 2 minutes will be more than enough.

Ideally, share videos that will engage your audience to the end. Come to think of it, news reporters can squeeze information in a space of 1 minute and still be able to report on the news headlines effectively.

If the above is possible, then the length of your videos doesn’t have to be a big deal. What you need to ask yourself is this, are people able to get the video advertising message am passing along?

Video presentation: When it comes to online marketing especially video advertising first impressions really count. That is why most people who are not so eloquent or camera shy keep away from video sharing.

Web marketing experts say that by people seeing your face it helps boost your online reputation. People love it when they know whom they are dealing with. There are many online con artists thus the reason for people to hear and see you in order to gain trust.

But if you think you are not confident enough to talk in front of a camera, there are ways to get around it. One of the best tactics of starting out in video marketing is to do voiceovers where people hear you but don’t see you.

With time you will gain confidence and that is when you can show your face. When doing voiceovers make sure you have captivating animations and well written messages or video scripts. This ensures you do not bore your viewers.

We all have our strengths and weakness; therefore if appearing on camera is not your cup of tea don’t worry.  You don’t need to have the face like Brad Pritt and the voice of Richard Quest to produce your videos. Just look presentable and if you are able to speak fluently and clearly you are go to go.

The one thing that makes people quiver at the thought of producing videos is the number of people who will watch the clip. In order to overcome that fear, assume you are talking to one of your valued customers. By assuming so you will feel as if you are having a chit chat with one person thus your confidence will raise.

Social sharing aspect: One of the most powerful elements of video advertising is viral marketing. This is why you have to produce videos that are worth sharing.

Before you upload your videos, ask yourself if you were the viewer would you click on a social icon to share with your friends? If the answer is yes, then you have increased the chances of succeeding in video sharing.

By the way, you do not need to have a lot of money like a bank to produce quality videos. With a good camera and editing software you can come up with videos that can spread on the internet like wild fire.

Another thing you can do to help your videos go viral is to ask your close friends to share with their friends. You just never know, some of your friends fans may like the videos and end up re-tweeting or sharing on facebook.

Creativity: If you forget everything discussed on this post about video marketing, please do not forget the aspect of originality. The secret of succeeding in video advertising is creativity.

video advertisingBig companies spend a lot of money hiring producers and using state of the art studios and cameras. But you do not need to take the same route to come up with creative videos. What you should focus on is sharing content that is insightful, helpful and relevant to your target viewers.

If you can produce memorable videos, then for sure your audiences will share the videos with their friends and colleagues. Creativity is about thinking outside the box. If you cannot afford to produce your videos in a state of the art studio, then turn one of your rooms into a studio.

In addition, you can get affordable but still high quality editing software that will help you in producing your video clips. You may not be the best producer in the world, but if you keep at it you will definitely learn the art hence submit smashing videos that are educative and at the same time captivating.

An aspect of producing videos that calls for real originality is your video scripts. The more compelling your messages are the higher the chances of people clicking on the social sharing buttons.

The best way of come up with entrancing online video scripts is to see what others are doing. Watch videos that have been uploaded by your competitors, then get down to work and do a better job.

Listen to their scripts so as to learn how to phrase your messages. As you listen to more video advertising messages, with time you will be an expert on what to say on your own videos scripts.

Rome was not built in one day; therefore expect your first videos to sometime flop. Practice makes perfect thus the more videos you keep on producing the better you will become.

Do not procrastinate: Most people are guilty of procrastinating thus the reason to start your video advertising campaign right away. The longer you wait the longer it will take you to make an impact.

Since many people procrastinate, if you set out to begin producing your own videos now you will be ahead on 80% of online marketers.

Do not come up with excuses such as saying you do not have enough funds, you do not have a good enough camera, you do not have the charisma of James Bond, your computer specs are inferior or you do not have a good voice. As we have seen you don’t need to own a bank to come up with informative videos.

While others are waiting to start with video advertising you should be can taking action right now. As people come up with excuses they will be giving your headway but if only you get down to work.

As we speak, few bloggers and webmasters have taken full advantage of video promotion. Therefore, if you have an internet home based business it the high time you thought of adding video advertising in your array of internet marketing strategies.

Summary: The many myths surrounding internet marketing as regards to video promotion are mostly misplaced. Video advertising is not difficult as some would like you to think and thus it should not give you creepy feelings.

All you need to have is the right mindset, skills and tools. As for the right message, you have to read widely hence equip yourself with quality information to share with your target audience.

It is from the information you share you get to draw in viewers in masses and you bet your videos will have a great viral effect.

Do you have something more to add share regarding this topic? Post your remarks in the section provided below. You can also enter your email address in the section displaying in the sidebar to get our blog updates.

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