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How To Write Online For Readers And Seach Engines

How To Write Online For Readers And Seach Engines

Writing online is an art that many people are really looking to decipher. This is especially so for people who blog for money. It is a known fact by now that content is king when it comes to internet marketing and more so blogging. Imagine how it would feel if you find your site appearing on first page of Google for your targeted keyword phrase?

Am sure it would be a great achievement, but you also need to consider something ease; is your content good enough to ensure you make money online? Good online writing is where your content leaves a lasting impression on the readers’ mind to an extent that they will always want to come back for more. In addition, when writing online your content should unconsciously cause your visitors to take action.

On this article we shall discuss exactly how you can get the attention of your target audience and at the same time optimize for search engines. Many assume that writing online for people and search engines is like rocket science but today we will burst that bubble.

As someone blogging for money, you want to rank well on search engine result pages and at the same time compel visitors to take action. Here is how to go about writing online:

The layout of your content: (How to please your readers)

You need to know how to structure your articles when writing online. For you to retain readers on your site and ensure they take some kind of action, your content needs to be legible and easy to understand.

This you can achieve by first having short paragraphs. It is also advisable to use white as your background color so as to ensure your text is clearly readable on a computer screen.

Try and create sub headings within your articles. This makes it easier for readers to know where to find the main points of your article. Many readers simply scan through content but if you break your content into subheadings you will compel them to read some of your content.

Other ways of breaking content as you are writing online include the use of boxes, bold letters, lists, different fonts and bullets. For example, when you number some points or put words in a box, readers will for sure read them.

Note 1: Whatever you do, as you are writing online avoid having long paragraphs. Readers will get bored so fast thus affecting your bounce rate (reduce visitor retention).

Note 2: Breaking up your content helps your important points to be seen and read.

Before you write online, always consider who you are targeting. Have the image on your readers reading your content even before you begin. This will help you in writing online for your readers and ensuring you connect with each reader.

As people read your article they need to see your passion flowing in your writing. Therefore, write online the same way you talk and you will connect to your audience.

Check out these simple but effective online writing guidelines:

–          As much as possible use action verbs

–          Use descriptive content that will touch people’s senses. Use words that bring out images in readers minds

–          Try to narrate stories.

–          Let your content touch the emotions of your readers.

–          Your content should always add value to your target audience.

–          Rather than using the word “I”, use the word “You”.

–          Show your readers what to do especially on your sales page (Call To Action).

–          Make sure you proofread your article before you publish.


Writing online to please search engines:

It is obvious that more and more webmasters are been affected with the constant search engine algorithm changes. There is now a thin line between writing online for people and search engines.

Today, there are sites ranking so well and yet they have not fully optimized. This goes to show that with time writing online will be more of quality content than even using keywords.

Note: What determines more the ranking of a site is off page elements more that on page optimization factors.

Remember, the more quality links pointing to your site the better your chances of ranking high. But the way you draft your web content also plays a major role when it comes to website positioning.

Here are some vital pointers for writing online in relation to page ranking

writing online for search engines1. Webpage writing: Let every page you publish stand out. This should be in terms of theme and keywords. Write as if that is the first and last article you will post on your blog or website.

2. The theme of every post you create should be unique and targeted to a particular keyword phrase. Therefore, use different keywords for every web page you publish.

3. Research and determine the keyword to use before you start writing. The same should apply to the theme of your article.

For instance, if you decide your article is going to be about how to work online at home and make money fast through affiliate marketing. The right keyword to target would be how to work online.

4. When choosing keywords, use the right tools to make use you select keywords phrases that people in your niche are actually searching for. Target long tail keywords since that way it will be easier for you to rank.

5. As you are writing online for search engines, try as much as possible to blend in your keywords in your content without forcing them. Get different variation of your targeted keyword and use them in your article.

Today, engines spiders are intelligent enough to relate different keyword variations. For example, if you are targeting a keyword like “work online”, you can have vibrations like, “working online”, “online work” or “works online”. This way you will make your content readable to people and at the same time optimized for search engines.

Summary: Your webpages ranking well is the best way of driving traffic to your site through search engines. But if you rank poorly people will never know that your content exist thus your online writing will never be noticed.

On the other hand, if you are writing online just for your webpages to rank well and fail to write well, then visitors will leave your site without taking any action at all.

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Any expert marketer will attest to the fact that email marketing is the most powerful mode of internet promotion. But someone may ask, what is email marketing?

Email Marketing is offering your email subscribers content in addition to what you have on your blog. The power of having an email list is the ability to directly interact with your fans. It is also a way of having a personal relationship with your target audience.

When it comes to making money online, you need to make your viewers take action. Emails have a way of convincing even the skeptical buyers to react to your products. Therefore, as an online marketer you need to create your own email list.

Email marketing presents you with the opportunity to communicate with your list anytime you choose to. A website can someday go down, but not an email list. With an email list you are sure of reaching your customers even when the panda updates hit you and you have no more traffic to your blog.

If you are the kind of person that hangs around the online marketing circles am sure you have heard the phrase “money is in the list”. That is so true, but you need to approach email marketing cautiously. You should not look just to make sales online, but more so you have to add value to your subscribers.

When you share rich and informative content to your list, then obviously the money will come rolling in. One of the fastest ways of you losing your online reputation is through misusing your email list. Avoid at all cost to appear to your list that you are just out to make money from them.

There are people after setting up an opt-in list, disappear and only to send out an email two months down the line. Then to add insult to injury, the mail is filled with marketing pitches. In most cases, this will only make your subscribers think you are a spammer thus immediately unsubscribe from your emails.

Email marketing should ideally be a way to build relationships with your list. Therefore, you have to constantly be in touch by sending to your list useful information. This will make them get to know you and hence open your emails.

Remember that the information you send to your list should not be the same content on your site. Email messages work better when they are personalized.

Now that we have shared the different dimensions of email marketing, let us get down to business.

Here is how you can go about starting your email marketing campaign.

Get an account: The first step to take is identifying an email service company to work with. One of the best is Aweber. With Aweber you will be paying a monthly subscription fee of $19, but the first month you will only pay $1.

My reason of preferring Aweber is their customer service and that their service is so user friendly. Click here to open your own account today.

List Management: Once your account is created you will be able to access you control panel. On the control panel, go to the Create and Manage button. Here you will be provided with a form which you need to fill out your personal details. Also you will need to give a name to your list and a brief description for organization purposes.

This is the information that your email list will see whenever they receive an email from you. Normally, your contact details will appear at the bottom of all the emails you send out.

As per the law, an anti spam message also has to appear below your email messages right below your contact details.

Send Confirmation message: As we mentioned before, email marketing is about building relationships. Therefore, immediately someone subscribes to your list they need to get a message. This is where the confirmation message comes in.

You will be required to compose an email which will be sent immediately after someone subscribes to your list. Generally, the email comes with a link to confirm that the person is human and also to confirm that they want to be included in your list.

In addition, it is a way of making sure that the email that someone entered is a valid one. With Aweber, this email is already drafted for you though you have the option to customize it as you so wish.

An important feature to help in personalizing your email is a code which looks like this “{!name}”. Including this code at the beginning of your emails will automatically pick your subscriber’s name and add it to the emails you send.

mailing list managementThere are different options in the drop down menu. Hence it is important to go through all of them to see which one best suit your email marketing campaign.

Send a Thank You Message: Just below your confirmation email message option, you will see a section for sending thank your messages. Aweber calls them “Success Pages”. The best way to use this option is by sending to your opt-in list a thank you message for confirming their subscription.

The other thing to include in this email message is to welcome them to your newsletter and letting them know you will be sending them an email soon. Note: For you email marketing campaign to be effective, keep your promises.

Also to include in this email is a link to your website or blog. In case you promised to give out a free eBook or download, this is where you should include the link.

It is recommended that you request your subscribers to add your email to their contact list. This will ensure that your email messages do not land in the spam folder.

In this section there is also an advanced setting that is very important called the “Follow Up”. The follow up message is also pre-drafted and is sent out to your list upon subscribing.

The power of the follow up messages is the ability to schedule them so as the messages are send at certain intervals. In the work online marketing circles, this is called the “autoresponder”. Normally, you will have to come up with these emails which will be sent to your list at the time intervals you set.

Welcome email message: The first follow up email should be your welcome message. The best way to draft this message is to include

  1. Thanking your list for agreeing to sign up to your email marketing campaign.
  2. Add links to your website or your free downloads
  3. Pre-empty what you intend to offer to your subscribers. This should be a brief of what you have to offer them as relating to their online business.
  4. Right at the bottom of the email, you must include your contact details.

The follow up emails have two formats of which to write, the HTML or plain text formats. In most instances, email service companies recommend the plain text version. This is because there are people who have email that cannot read HTML messages.

But even with that, HTML messages have more features that you can use to better and effectively do email marketing. These features include using bold, italic or underlining text. In addition, you can opt to use different colors with HTML unlike plain text format.

Test email: The unwritten rule in email marketing is that you have to first send yourself the message. After you have drafted all the email messages always send yourself test messages.

This will help you proofread the messages and thus correct any typos and grammar mistakes.

mailing listCreate an Opt-in List Form: This is the where you get to formulate the form that will help you collect email addresses. With Aweber you will have the option of building your own form. In your control panel click the place written “Create Web form”.

Here you will be able to choose the size, fonts, color and text style. The ideal approach is to take your time and try different designs until you get what you want. Make certain the design is something that will flow with your blog theme.

A good form should collect your subscribers Name and email address. But this varies from one niche to another. After you have created your form you will be provided with a code to place on your blog or website.

The best place to position your opt-in form is at the sidebar. This is mainly because the side bar is displayed on every page your visitors go to.

Armed with this information am sure you will be in a position to launch your email marketing campaign. Since the invention of the internet, email marketing has remained one of the best online promotion strategies.

This means you are missing out of the online money by not implementing it. Now that you know, hope you will launch you email campaign right away.

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