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Small Business SEO Link Building Techniques

Small Business SEO Link Building Techniques

If there is one thing that all online entrepreneurs seek to attain and succeed in, it is business SEO (Search Engines Optimization). But of late, this has become a tall order especially to small business people. The constant algorithm updates have greatly affected many sites belonging to both big and small online business enterprises.

Traffic generation is the secret to online business success. According to a recent research conducted by google ad planner, revealed that getting listed on search engine result pages is the best way to attract high volume of targeted traffic.

This then raises the big question; which are the best business SEO strategies to use in today’s unpredictable online world? Search engines are out to improve user experience by providing valuable content. The more search engines deliver relevant and high quality information to internet users, the more income they will make.

One of the best search engines to rank on is Google. Search engines combined generate over 90% of traffic on the internet. 2/3 of that traffic is generated by Google. It therefore goes without saying that for you to remain relevant in business SEO you must seek to rank on Google.

Prior to launching your blog or website, you need to plan your business SEO approach thus forming a solid foundation for blog ranking purposes. The same should apply when working on your site; this is in regards to building your link SEO profile and content generation.

Google is the online sheriff (for how long? who knows!) and getting it wrong can easily result in Google disregarding your link building and content creation effort all together. But if you can follow the recommended google guidelines of business SEO then traffic will definitely flow to your site.

What does Google expect from your site?

Content: When it comes to content there are two areas you need to consider:

a)      Your Site Content – Google always seeks to provide unique and quality information to internet browsers. This means that you have to generate original articles that cannot be found anywhere else. Generate content that is educative and insightful and you will be in the good books on the online sheriff.

Publishing the same content appearing on your site to article directories is not recommended. It is advisable that you generate varying articles for your site and the different article directories.

The length of your blog post also count a lot, gone are the days when an article with 300 – 500 words could rank high on SERP’s. Today, search engines give more preference to articles with 800 words and above. The more information you give out the better Google will view your site and web pages.

b)      Content Submitted to other sites – Here we are talking of content distributed to web 2.0 pages, article directories, hub pages and blogs networks. These are sites that are highly rated by search engines thus are great source for generating referral traffic and improving your overall business SEO profile.

Since you will be giving this sites free content that help them to rank, they reward you by allowing you to add a backlink pointing to your site. This is what is known as link building and it help you to boost your business SEO rankings.

The mistake that most online marketers do is submitting the same articles to different sites. You will not be penalized for doing that but that does little to improve your site SEO rankings and traffic generation. This is because Google will only show one of those articles in their search results for the relevant keyword.

Google has repeated severally that for any particular keyword phrase they will only list unique results. Therefore, if Google sees that there are several articles with the same content it will only list one of them and ignore the rest and in the process disregard the backlinks. The only chance you have for them to list more than one of your duplicate articles is if there are no more results to display.

business SEOTry and be in Google shoes, where users want to gather unique content when they submit a search query. Would you provide your users with the same article just because it appears on different sites? Of course not, only if you do want to dry up your bank account.

There are 3 major aspects of business SEO that determine how Google will rank your site higher than your competitors:

1. Authority: The more web presence you gain the more credible your site is perceived by search engines.

2. Reader Retention: It is imperative that your blog retain visitors. This is an indication to search engines that your content is valuable and is worth showing to more audience. A tool that can help you measure your site retention (Bounce Rate) is Google Analytics (Free).

3. Quality of Link Building: In business SEO, link popularity is critical and that has been the norm all along. But as you build your bank links ensure that they are relevant. For example, if you have a site on how to work from home, would you rather have a site about gardening or home based business linking back to your site? That is obvious, it is better to link with a site that has relevant content.

What is the right SEO business strategy?

Submitting articles to many sites is the best way to improve your business blog SEO rankings. The more articles you have out there the more backlinks you will generate thus helping your site to rank higher.

The right strategy is to generate unique articles on your blog and on article directories. Imagine you had 100 unique and relevant articles pointing to your site which also has unique content. In addition, each article is targeting a different keyword phrase.

If this was the scenario, it would mean that all your articles will be ranked for their targeted keywords. Still, don’t forget that search engines will not ignore all those backlinks and hence will consider your site as an authority.

Let assume that each of the 100 articles got you one visitor every day. It would mean that the more unique articles you will have on the web the better your chances of driving more traffic to your site from search engines.

Conclusion: Business SEO ranking is getting tougher especially to small online home businesses. Big firms have no problem since they can afford to hire hundreds of professional writers to do the work for them.

As Google is deciding on the parameters to include on their algorithm, do they ever consider the small business entrepreneur? I guess they don’t thus leaving the small guy with no option but think outside the box.

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Yahoo Getting Its Act Together With Yahoo Axis Search Browser Launch

Yahoo Getting Its Act Together With Yahoo Axis Search Browser Launch

If you thought yahoo will go down without a fight then you are wrong. This week saw the launch of their new search browser, Yahoo Axis.

Recently, we published an article on how it is rumored that the union between Microsoft and Yahoo could be coming to a premature end. Many experts said this development could see the demise of internet search business at Yahoo.

Little did we know what Yahoo had up its sleeves; this is the kind of innovation that Yahoo needs to employ in their business culture on a continuous basis. Whether Yahoo axis works or not time only time will tell but I think they are moving in the right direction.

Let me bring you into the loop with what pundits say could be the beginning of the rise of Yahoo search. In the world we live today the use of mobile devices is on the increase. In fact, webmasters and bloggers need to have sites which can adapt to mobile technology.

Before you buy a template for your website, ensure it is mobile friendly. This means it should be tailor made to fit small screens like smart phones, iTouch and iPads. Recent studies show that search done on mobile devices especially iPad has increased by 10% and the figure is rising.

Yahoo has seen this potential and has therefore launched a mobile friendly browser that integrates with iPhones and iPads. On their blog, Yahoo said that the Axis browser can also be used on a desktop.

The one feature that will definitely make this browser stand out is the capability to present a seamless flow between devices.

You could be the type of people who are always on the move and therefore you would want to move from working on your laptop to your Smartphone with ease.

Now with the Yahoo Axis browser, you will be able to carry on from one device to another and still carry on with what you were doing. This means if you were reading a blog post and had to leave your house, you will not need to search for the blog post again on your iPad.

With the help of Axis, devices would be able to recognize our activity thus enable us carry on from where we had left. These are not my words but they are words used by Yahoo to show the power of their new and exciting invention.

About Yahoo Axis Browser

The Axis browser comes as an add-on feature on your computer that helps in searching the internet. It integrates perfectly with iSO applications making search an exciting experience.

It has to be noted that the Axis user interface is very striking and user friendly. If you install the browser on your desktop you will get a sliding panel when you open yahoo. This panel can be placed vertically or horizontally.

yahoo axis search browser

Once you do a search on the search box appearing on the panel, result will appear in thumbnail format. This is taking us way from viewing results by links and snippets.

Normally, search engines show results in text format but on Yahoo axis the results are in picture format. As you all know, people are more likely to click on images than they are with text.

If you happen to be using a smart phone you will notice just how yahoo took time to make scrolling seamless with Axis. Once the results populate you just need to swipe right or left in order to move to the next page or to the previous page respectively.

It is also amazing how the browser can be set to enable viewing on a desktop computer screen as well as iPad and iPhone.

It has been noted that there are variations in performance when you use Axis on an iPad and iPhone. The response time is very fast on iPad while on the new iPhone 4S it delays.

As I mentioned before, the new yahoo browser may not be all that and it may need to be worked on some more, but one thing is for sure, Yahoo is on the right track. What they have done is breathe new life to internet search business.

With this innovative search interface, Yahoo may slowly move people from the normal and familiar way of view search results. Already people are talking of how Axis appears slick on an iPad and that should come as good news to Yahoo.

Generally, images slow down the loading time of pages but astonishingly Yahoo axis loads so fast. As the browser populates results, pages load almost instantly although this will also depend on your internet connection.

There is still a lot Yahoo needs to work on since the Axis browser is slow when it comes to desktop screens.

People who are keen on appearance or leisure browsing will definitely love Yahoo Axis. As for serious folk, the normal search interface would be appropriate.

Click here to download Yahoo Axis for free or you can visit iTune Apple.

What next for Yahoo:

Yahoo has been in the search industry for a long time now and many people have grown to love the company. It is sad to see the mismanagement that is going on in the company and my hope is that they will sort the mess once and for all.

We still remember how more than 2000 employees lost their jobs. Our hope is now that Yahoo seems to be getting its act together; they should go a step further and motivate their employees to come up with even better innovations.

The launch of their new browser should be a mark of a new beginning that will help take Yahoo back to the days when they were a powerhouse.

It must be noted that for a first time release, Yahoo Axis is really impressive. For sure they will come with frequent updates that will improve the browser thus offer even better surfing experience.

The world is fast moving towards mobile usage and Yahoo now has a chance to gain market share in iSO. Whether Google and Bing will counter Yahoo’s move and come up with a new browser, only time will tell.

Do you think the new Yahoo Axis browser would work for you? Are you likely to move from Google search to Yahoo just because of this new Axis browser? Post your views in the comment section below.

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