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Best Blog Design Practices For Work Online Bloggers

Best Blog Design Practices For Work Online Bloggers

On this blog post we are going to look into the best practices of blog design that are search engine friendly. The way you design your blog can mean success or failure of your work online blogging business. Usually, it starts with one mistake that causes a ripple effect and in the long run hinders your online home business growth.

One major impediment of a wrong blog design is site ranking. As you all know search engines are the main sources of targeted traffic. Therefore, if you are blogging for money you need to make certain that your blog structure is properly formatted.

Here are several building blocks of an ideal blog design:

Webpage URL’s: Personally, I recommend that your webpage URL’s to be short and contain your targeted keyword phrase. In addition, for every blog post you create come up with a different keyword in your niche. This will ensure you avoid creating duplicate content that will affect your blog ranking.

The best webpage links are the ones that have small letters hence avoid capitalization. In addition, rather than use spaces in your URL’s, it would be advisable to break up your words with hyphens (-).

Your URL’s are vital components of blog design that help search engines know what your content is about thus index and rank your webpage appropriately.

Webpage Titles: If you want search engines to know exactly what your page is all about, then the title is the first place you can achieve that. Carefully do your keyword research and use them in your title.

Place your keywords at the beginning of your title ensuring that you use H1, H2, H3 format.

Paragraph number 1: The second most important component of blog design after your title is the first paragraph. Both this sections fall under what is called internal optimization or onpage optimization.

Make sure the same keyword that you settled for in your title is repeated in your first paragraph. On my blog, I try to make sure my keyword appears in the first line of my first paragraph. This is an ideal blog design strategy that will ensure engine robots know exactly what your content is all about.

If it is possible try to use your short tail keywords in your first paragraph and then go further and have them in bold format.

Adding hyper links in your first paragraph is also very important. This is where you use your keywords as anchor text to link to other webpages within your blog and also linking to your homepage.

Page Content: As much as there are many forms of content, the best to use on your blog design is written content. Search engines have an easy time crawling text than pictures or videos. The more you make it easy for engine bots to crawl your content the better placements on SERP (search engine result pages).

Since the last google algorithm panda updates, you need to come up with articles with about 700 to 1000 words. Before with just 400 words you were able to rank well, but that has now changed. Google did these adjustments to improve their users experience by providing quality content.

Make certain that as you optimize your content it is well drafted with insightful and rich content. Try and make your content exciting to read by engaging your audience. This is by being original and sharing provocative content that will necessitate your readers to take action.

It is amazing how by just asking your readers to click a certain link they will do so. This is what is known as “Call to action”, where your direct readers on what to do, where to perform it and how to do it.

Again, remember to use the keywords you want to rank on and making sure you maintain the right keyword density.

Add images: Within your blog design it is imperative that you add images within your content. Pictures help to break the monotony of having endless text. You can imagine coming up with 1000 words, this can be boring to most readers especially noting that most people just scan through content.

Images also offer you an opportunity to add your targeted keywords as alternate text. Apart from adding your keywords, you should also include a short description of your images. The description should also be rich with keyword terms to better make your blog design search engine friendly.

Pictures play a major role in blog design in regards to appearance and optimization. Image alternate tags are best optimized with exact match or primary keyword phrases.

blog designHave a blog design with a robots.txt file: One thing that search engines look for while on your blog is the robot.txt file. Here it is recommended that you work with templates that already have the robot.txt file.

Ideally, this file is where you get to specify the pages and sections of your blog that you want search engines to crawl or not to crawl. Avoid the issues of engine spiders coming across missing files because this generates errors which will eventually affect you blog ranking.

A blog design with errors can be quite detrimental to your online business. Research has proved that about 75% of visitors that encounter errors while browsing your blog actually exit. Therefore, it is advisable to create a custom 404 page for monitoring pages with errors and broken links.

Site Maps: A robot.txt file also should contain a link to your sitemap. Sitemap is a simplified structure of your blog design. They help in easing search engines crawl and indexing your blog content faster.

In normal cases, the more you create content the further some of your older pages are pushed down. Search engines are known to Crawl only the homepage and first 3 or 4 pages. Sitemaps shorten your blog design by use of HTML (hyper text markup language).

When you install a sitemap on your blog, it will make sure that every page you create is submitted to the search engines for indexing.

Experts in blog design recommend HTML or XML version of site map.

Avoid Flash: One thing that engine robots don’t like is flash images. Hence it is advisable to minimize the use of flash images or do away with them all together. A good example of a flash image is JavaScript.

Note: Search engines cannot read anything contained in a blog design that has JavaScript. It is true that flash images are very catchy, but what is the point of using them and if that will negate your blog optimization efforts.

Summary: The best SEO blog design should be simple and search engine friendly.

6 Free Online Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

6 Free Online Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

I thought it is only fair that this time round to share on free online video advertising. In fact, it came as a surprise to me that I have not yet dedicated a whole post on this integral arsenal in online marketing.

The use of free online video to promote your blogs, products or online business programs is one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide audience. This is demonstrated with the way a site like YouTube has dominated the internet in terms of traffic generation.

Did you know that as we speak YouTube is thought to be the number 2 search engine after Google? This should be an indicator to all online business people to embrace online video promotion seriously.

As you all know the secret to online wealth is traffic generation. Therefore, top on your list of internet marketing strategies has got to be the use of free online videos.

Just in the year 2010, research has shown that over 41% of potential buyers view online videos weekly. Today, a site like YouTube (property of Google) serves over one billion free online videos in a day. These are the kind of statistics that should make any webmaster go wild with excitement.

The potential of online video marketing is simply immense. Think of this, when it comes to viral video marketing campaigns, studies have proven that they can increase your click through rate (CTR) to over 700%. If you ask me, it would only be prudent if you also jumped into the band wagon right away.

The thing about free online video promotion is the fact that people are more receptive to images than text. Most individuals tend to grasp more when they watch a video than reading a book.

Now that you have seen the power of online video marketing let us get into how to effectively make use of it.

Below are 6 vital concepts to consider in video marketing in terms of product or website/blog promotion.

1. Be Real: The one great mistake that most online markets do is to try to be like someone else. In all aspects of life you need to be real and the same applies to video marketing.

As you are creating a free online video about your work from home business, film from your house. It would make no sense to say you work at home yet your videos are being filmed somewhere in an office in the city center.

Avoid uploading fake or stage managed videos and people will appreciate you just as you are. Whenever you are genuine, your target audience will find you credible hence that will help boost your online credibility and presence.

By just allowing people to see videos of you growing in your online business will go a long way in ensuring that people respect and appreciate your work.

2. Creativity: When I mention be genuine I did not mean you don’t come up with innovative videos. If you expect people to consider your products or website as an authority you need to create compelling videos.

Try to get ways of touching the emotions of your target audience. Some of the strategies of doing that are by creating videos that are humorous, educative or controversial which will stir up hot debates.

Creative online videos can easy turn viral as people will want to share with their friends or colleagues. Therefore, always get in touch with your creative side when filming a free online video. This way you get people hooked to your videos.

free online video3. Brand your videos: One of the best ways of online business branding is through free online video marketing. This you can achieve by making sure that every video clip you release contains your online business logo.

Streaming videos that are branded will really help increase your online presence and traffic generation especially when your video campaigns turn viral.

In addition, ensure that every free online video you submit contains a backlink to your website or blog. This will help you in boosting your search engine positioning thus attract organic traffic.

4. Demonstrative videos: Free online video advertising is a good platform for you to showcase and demonstrate how your products work.

This will also apply to webmasters that offer tips on various niches. In case your blog is about SEO, you can easily create a video that shows step by step how to do search engine optimization.

There are people who when they read an article may not fully understand some certain procedures, but when you upload a free online video on YouTube they will right away understand.

In the case where you are promoting a service, videos can provide you a stage to demonstrate exactly how the service works. Show how beneficial your service is and ask your viewers to get in touch with you.

5. Conduct Web Seminars: The other name for this is Webinars. This are what most online marketers like to refer to as stage 2 videos. Normally, people seeking to promote their products and services do it through webinars.

The best approach to webinars is to have sessions where you offer educative information to the people that attend. In addition, you can demonstrate to attendees on how your service works or how to use the product you are promoting.

Webinars offer a great opportunity for your customers to pose questions related to your products or services. Here is where you can get the chance to convince skeptical potential buyers to take action and purchase your product.

Clients that are not familiar with your service will be best reassured on a webinar. Furthermore, as you interact with customers it will help boost your online reputation and presence.

6. Load Testimonials: Just one satisfied customers can go a long way in promoting your website or products. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you include some testimonials in your videos.

Be careful not to stage manage your testimonials since viewers will easily see through you. Getting genuine and satisfied clients talking about your website or services will greatly boost your reputation.

These are the kind of videos that you will easily see people sharing on social media sites.

video marketingIn Summary: It would be prudent of you as an online marketer to add video marketing in your online marketing arsenal. Think of this, in the United States alone, about 170 million people view an average of 15 hours of video online.

This goes to show the potential that webmasters have of increasing their online sales. The other day I was reading how a certain online shoe company got a conversion rate of 46 % for clients that watched their free online video clips.

Writing this article has made me see just how I have not fully utilized and optimized the power of free online video marketing. We better get down to business if we want to make money online from home.

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