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Get YouTube Views That Are Viral

Get YouTube Views That Are Viral

Video marketing is one of the best strategies of traffic generation. Online marketing experts all agree YouTube views are a great source of promoting your blog or website.

There are many sites that you can post your videos but the most popular one is YouTube. Other video sites include MetaCafe, Google Video, Photo Bucket just to mention a few.

Overall, YouTube provides webmasters several opportunities to generate traffic and thus make money online. Just like any other internet marketing tactic, you need to know how to convert YouTube views to sales leads.

Let us look at some of the rules to observe while creating and uploading your YouTube Videos.

YouTube views for viral marketing: Thousands of videos are posted very day on YouTube; this means that you have to upload videos that stand out. If your video is just like any other, no one will be interested in it.

The recommended thing to do so as to get YouTube views and make them viral is to post helpful clips. Additionally, ensure you have included buttons that will make your video clips easy to share.

Normally, viral videos appeal to most YouTube viewers hence can get you a lot of online sales leads.

Length of video: In video marketing you have got a very short time to capture the attention of your target audience. Though with YouTube there is no limit to the length of videos, experts recommend short video clips.

A video that is at least 4 minutes long is good enough to ensure your YouTube views turn to leads. If you have to make your videos long, make sure they do not go beyond 10 minutes. Actually, in most cases long video end up being boring thus viewers will not watch then to the end.

The advantage of short video footage is that, viewers get to watch your clips to the end where you can ask them to take action.  Therefore, at the end of your video give some information about your site and request your viewers to click on your links.

Video quality: If you visit YouTube you will notice that people most of the time like commenting on the quality of video footage. As we said before, there are millions of videos out there thus for you stand out and get YouTube views you must share high quality clips.

You need to make target YouTube viewers watch your videos to the end by ensuring that your sound is very audible and pictures are clear. In any case, you would not expect people to watch a video with blurred images to the end.

You don’t necessary have to get a professional videographer but if you can afford one, go for it. The other way is to get a good video camera that has good resolution and takes high quality sounds.

video marketingMost of the videos you see on video marketing sites are done by amateurs thus you too can do nice video clips.

Optimize your videos: Search engines contribute to almost 95% of the traffic on the internet. This tells you that the best place to get high volume of YouTube views is definitely from search engines.

YouTube has also got its own search engine thus you need to make your videos search friendly. The first thing is to make certain that your targeted keyword phrase appears on your video title. The same keyword should also appear on your video description details.

On YouTube you can also include your key terms in the tags. List several of your keywords in the tags that are related to your video. But on the other hand, you need to be moderate with the keywords so as not to be flagged as a spammer.

User profile creation: This applies to all accounts you create on the internet especially on social media sites. The more YouTube views you receive the more people will want to read your profile. This they do to get more information about you. Hence take time to come up with a user profile that is professional and interesting. A little touch of humor is good, but remaining professional is key.

In every profile it is important to add your picture; this creates some level of trust thus more YouTube views. The picture you take should also look presentable and professional especially if you want to generate traffic to your site for business purposes.

Market your videos: Just the fact that you posted a video does not necessarily mean you will get YouTube views. In order to get more YouTube views and make your videos viral you must promote them.

Set aside a budget to help market your videos. In addition, you can optimize your videos to generate organic traffic from search engines.

Create series: Regular posting of videos is one of the best ways to promote your account and thereby get more YouTube views.

Sometimes you can get lucky and you produce a video that becomes a hit. But to be guaranteed of constant YouTube views is advisable to come up with a series of videos.

Post a continuous informative series on a particular topic at least one a week. On every clip share one or two important points so as to make viewers want to visit your account often for more details. In the long run you will have loyal a fun base.

Timing: This may seem insignificant to some people but the time you submit is critical. You need to know when your target YouTube views are online.

For example, the best time to reach people in the US is on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do some groundwork to know the best time to load videos and thus get your target audience.

Post remarks: Viewing other people’s videos that are in your niche and submitting comments can also boost your YouTube views. It is important that your remarks are relevant to the content on the videos.

Searching for popular niche videos and offering your responses is a unique way to generate traffic. Note: Include a link to your site every time you post your comments.

Include link to your blog or website: Branding your videos is vital. The best way to brand your videos is to include a link to your blog and more importantly a logo.

The best place to have your logo and URL is at the beginning and at the end of your videos.

So as to make money while working online you need quality traffic. Increasing your YouTube views can go a long way in ensuring you promote your site, products or services effectively.

Though the competition is intense, with high quality and informative videos you can cut for yourself a piece of the cake.

Power Of Guest Blogging In Traffic Generation

Power Of Guest Blogging In Traffic Generation

One of the best ways to channel traffic to your site or blog is through guest blogging. Posting content on other blogs helps you gain leverage and build your online presence. Studies have shown that most bloggers traffic, about 80%, comes from posts they have submitted on other sites.

As we all know, traffic is the core ingredient of making money online. With guest posting you will greatly increase referral traffic to your blog and boost your search engine placement.

The main reason of sharing this post is to show you how best to approach guest blogging. We shall go into details on the ways and strategies to take so as to increase blog traffic through guest blogging.

First thing to consider is where to be a guest blogger. The best place to share your posts is within your niche. Approach blogs in your line of business that allow guest blogs, these blogs have to be ranking high, I’ll explain why later on this post.

One site you can look at for guest blogging is Technorati. Here you can research on blogs within your niche that are interested in receiving guest blogs.

There are other top ranking blogs that may not necessarily have a sign up tab for guest blogging. But you can still contact these webmasters for them to feature your posts. It is imperative that you request rather than demand to be a guest blogger.

gueat postingHere is a good request that you can send to be allow as a guest blogger.

Hi John Doe,

My name is Mark and I have been visiting your blog for a while now. I really love how you have designed your blog and your content is so rich. In fact, your content has really assisted me a great deal.

Since we are in the same niche, I was thinking that we can help each other through guest blogging.

I will really appreciate if you can allow me to be a guest blogger on your site.

Kindly consider my request and let me know.

Yours faithfully,


Now that we know the first rule of guest blogging let us look at the other vital guidelines.

Create rich content: It is mandatory that your articles be of high quality. This is the only way of ensuring that other webmasters accept to post your articles on their blogs.

A good article is the one that seeks to educate readers. Take your time to know the areas that people in your niche are facing then address these issues in your posts. With time you will boost your reputation thus build online presence.

In order to make certain that your post captures your target audience, come up with intriguing headlines. The title is the first thing that draws readers’ attention and it determines if a reader will go through the post or not.

Another powerful tool of drawing the attention of your audience is by narrating stories. Stories have an amazing way of making your audience relax and take in whatever you are telling them easily. Normally, stories are persuasive in nature and help build relationships with your readers.

Use correct grammar: Quality content is also about avoiding spelling errors and grammar mistakes. People will not take you serious when you have spelling errors all over your articles. One or two typos are OK, but having typos all over the article is a lack of professionalism.

It is therefore advisable that you use tools like Microsoft word, which is free, to draft and proofread your content before presenting them for guest blogging.

Also, get a pal to go through your articles and this will mean another eye to correct small typos.

Offer response: On most sites that allow for guest blogging, you will be able to log in and see the comments that people have submitted. It is recommended that you respond to all the comments and questions posed.

Responding to comments helps build your online reputation as you interact with readers. In addition, the owner of the blog will see that you are not there just to generate traffic but to add value to his/her viewers.

This will mean that the next time you will want to be a guest blogger your request will be quickly accepted.

Research on what to write about: Before you decide to write for another blog you need to do some groundwork. Get to know the audience who visit the blog and what are their needs.

This you can learn by reading the previous posts on that blog and the comments that where posted. Once you are armed with facts, write a relevant post that will offer workable solutions.

Another place to get writing ideas is to use Yahoo answers. Pick the popular questions that people submit and research on them. This way you will come up with unique and informative content that will rarely be rejected by other bloggers.

Monitor traffic: Tracking traffic coming from your guest blogging campaigns is very critical. Use tracking tools like site meter that tell you which guest blogging posts and links are bring traffic to your blog.

This tells you that you must add a backlink to all your guest post.

Include backlinks: To rank high on search engine results you need content and more so quality backlinks. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get natural backlinks. It is recommended that you work with top ranking blogs.

Backlinks from top ranking sites help search engines consider your site as being relevant. This in turn will ensure your site eventually appears on first or second page of major search engines for your targeted keyword.

guest bloggerTherefore, only work with bloggers that will allow you to add a backlink to your blog. As you include a backlink, you need to make sure the anchor text is a keyword you want to rank on.

It would be of no value to do guest blogging if you cannot send people somewhere.

Tip: Always link your guest posts to relevant web pages within your blog.

Boost your reputation: In guest posting it is alright to blow your own trumpet. This is a good way to demonstrate that you are a credible and trustworthy. Just using the word “I” will go a long way in bringing out your personality.

Start your blog by telling people something about yourself or what you did the previous day. This helps to personalize your content thus readers will be able to relate with you easily.

Avoid using high pitched drumming lines like “I am a successful…” this only shows signs of boasting. It would be better to tell your audience how you had a nice time in Hawaii. There is no way you can go for an escapade in Hawaii if you are broke.

The perception that people have about you helps to boost your online presence, thus make money while you work online.

Do not throw in the towel: If you start guest blogging and after some posts you notice there is no major change in your traffic stats, do not give up. Traffic generation is a process that requires you to be patient.

Most people give up hope so fast that they curtail their success. Online work from home business is all about persistence.

Now that you know all about guest blogging, you can add it to your array of online marketing strategies.

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