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Working From Home Online Through Micro Blogging

Working From Home Online Through Micro Blogging

In recent, times internet marketing has gone a notch higher and the people swimming in this advancement are those working from home online. This is especially for bloggers or webmasters how have taken full advantage of these technological tools like micro blogging. When we look back, it is evident that the human race quest to make life better through innovation has truly borne fruit. In fact, online business people who ignore these technological advances do so at their own peril.

Of late, the buzz circulating in the internet marketing circles is how micro blogging is taking over the cyberspace. Many marketers are claiming that blogging is dyeing, but if you look at it critically micro blogging is making the lives of bloggers much easier. As an e-marketer you need to combine different marketing arsenals and micro-blogging is one of the latest work online marketing strategies to implement.

Then, what is micro-blogging?

This is the sending of short messages to a set of people who could be your friends, customers or fans. There are many ways to send brief text updates and they include emailing, text messaging through your phone or through the web using sites like twitter, facebook and other social media sites. Unlike blogging where you need to sit and compose a whole story, micro blogging allows you to send short messages even while you are on the move.

One of the sites that has really catch up with most people the world over when it comes to sending short messages is Twitter. Big organizations like Dell have employed hundreds of young people to be sending minute by minute updates to their customers through twitter. News channels like the CNN and BBC are now relaying their headlines through twitter. This is a clear indication to working from home online business people, that they need to tap into these valuable internet resource.

Mobile phones have made things even much easier, all you need is to add twitter applications and you can send messages to your fans while on the go. To get started you need to open a free twitter account then follow people and invite then to follow you back. Every time you send twitter updates the people that follow you will get your messages. Remember you are limited to only 140 characters per tweet.

If you want to use micro blogging to market your online business there are some simple tips you need to observe.

Optimize your account: The first thing you need to do is optimize your account by using relevant keywords within your user profile. If your site is about home based business, add relevant keywords when setting up your user profile in your description section. This will make it easier for people in your niche to locate and thus follow you.

Send relevant updates: It is imperative to use your account to send only business related stuff that is if you want your working from home online business venture to get leads. Add content that is valuable to your followers by identify issues within your niche that challenge most people and micro blog about them.

In case your niche is about home business, sending tweets updates about what you are having for dinner or the movie you watched last night will make your followers not to take you seriously. It would be better if you need to socialize, that you open another account and link up with your friends.

Integrate your blog to your twitter account: The power of twitter is that you can send links as your updates. The person that said blogging is dyeing was wrong; in fact micro-blogging has made blogging even more effective. With tools like Twitterfeed you can integrate your twitter account with your blog.

This will mean that every time you post a blog, a link of the web page you published will be updated on your twitter account. This will not only assist you generate blog traffic, it will boost your link popularity and if your account is public you will get more targeted followers of whom to market to.

Rate of posting updates: There are people that spend the whole day submitting twitter updates in the hope that they will increase their blog traffic. It is important to post regularly but just be careful not to overdo it. If you have integrated your twitter account with your blog and update your blog daily, that will be enough.

Twitter is not the only player when it comes to micro blogging. Some of the other sites where you could open an account include:

Jaiku: Most online marketing experts consider Jaiku to be the closest rival of twitter. This is mainly due to the fact that both these social media sites have similar features. Time will tell which of the two sites will rule this field.

FaceBook: When twitter hit the market they almost send facebook to their death bed. This forced facebook to up their game and they did that very well. For business people working from home online, having a facebook and a twitter account is critical, that is if you do not want to face obscurity.

Yammer: The site also has similar features to twitter and given time it may give both Jaiku and twitter run for their money.

Tumblr: The beauty with Tumblr is that one is able to share pictures, videos, links or text. The site is simple, clean and user friendly.

Pownce: The site was launched recently and their platform has different functionality like sending files and sharing links. Here you will also be able to easily share events with your contacts.

Many web marketing gurus are latching onto micro blogging and that shows how beneficial it can be to your online work. This short messaging trend is therefore here to stay but the secret is to add it to your website promotion strategies.

There are lazy web marketers who have settled on using only micro blogging to promote their products, but you should not be one of them. The ability to distribute links easily and share messages faster is what has drawn most marketers to this social media sites. But it is advisable that you continue to blog even as you micro blog. This will keep you ahead of the lazy online marketers.

The reason of saying this is that even after you send those short messages or tweet updates, you will have to give your followers full content and the best place to do just that is on your blog. Hence, use these social media networking sites as a tool to help you generate free blog traffic.

If asked, the introduction of micro blogging is a sure blessing to people working from home online in terms of marketing.

Web Page Content That Search Engines Simply Adore

Web Page Content That Search Engines Simply Adore

The core reason that makes the internet thrive is the element of sharing information. For years webmasters have been spending countless hours trying to generate web page content that will meet the needs of their target audience.

While others were hard at work generating quality web content, others decided to find ways of gamming search engines. For a long time search engines results were filled with spammy sites that offered useless content.

Most of these crappy sites’ agenda was to make sales but did not offer any solutions to peoples’ problems. No wonder Google set up a good plan to scrap them off from their search results.

This are the same people shouting at the top of their voices claiming Panda and Penguin updates were unfair. If you ask internet searchers they will tell you it was long overdue. People are ready to buy online but more importantly they are also looking for helpful web content.

Create web page content that meets the needs of your target audience and making money will be like a walk in the park.

Now that you can see the importance of content you may be asking:

What is the definition of content?

Since we are talking of web page content the best way to answer this question is explain what content is in relation to the internet.

Content can be in many forms which include written text, still images, moving images, podcast and so on. As a webmaster you also need to go a step further and realize that website or blog content is also made up of:

-Meta tags which include Title, Description and Keyword Tags.

-Alternate text (words that help tell what an image is about).

-Page URL (link that people follow to reach your webpage).

-Anchor text (words that are anchored on a link also called hyperlink).

If you did not know, search engines are not able to read images. This is the reason of having an image description file where you can tell search engines what your image is all about.

In the description file you need to give your image a title, alternate text and a short description. This you do using text format.

This tells you that when it comes to the internet the best type of web page content is text. You have probably heard that a picture speaks a thousand words, but in regards to the internet that is not the case.

To make your text visible to search engines, do not make a mistake of embedding them in your images. Rather describe your images within your description file as explained above.

How do you tell bad content?

Before google embarked at finding ways to rid the internet of crappy sites, SEO was been abused. Those were the days when an incomplete article of 250 words would appear on page one.

It was common to see a page ranking high with a poor ad-to-content ration. For you to reach the little content available you had to scroll all the way down the page.

And that was not all; webmasters would squeeze their budget and hire amateurs to generate for them content. As a result, it was common to see pages with spelling errors and even more annoying articles stuffed with keywords.

The result of these was that the internet was full of short, vague and low quality content. Originality was wanting as people ran amok publishing duplicate content. It was a common scene to come across a web page plastered with affiliate links, adsense links and banners with valuable web content nowhere in sight.

In summary here are some things you need to avoid when generating content for your blog or website:

  1. Don’t upload more images than text in your web pages.
  2. If you have to add images avoid flash and frame images.
  3. Do not duplicate content from another site. Affiliate marketers should use different wordings from the ones used by merchants/manufactures.
  4. Publishing content that does not address the problems of your target audience.
  5. Writing articles that have no targeted keywords phrases.
  6. Publishing content with high marketing pitches all in a view to sell.
  7. Use of the same keyword throughout within your anchor text when linking to external and on site pages.
  8. Posting an article with spelling and grammatical errors.
  9. Use of jargon.

Ideally, what this means is that you need to present your content in a coherent and in an easy to understand manner. Readers should straightaway be able to define precisely what your web page content is all about.

The moment your readers see that you are out to show off they will drop your site like a hot potato. The use of difficult words also confuses readers and in some instances results in substandard content.

page contentPosting web pages with keywords all over the place will make your articles hard to read. This is because you will be forced to add keywords where they are not needed. Before you sell, first seek to solve problems faced by people in your niche. That is how you end up convincing visitors to buy from your site.

Anyway, do you expect engine bots to buy your products or human visitors? Therefore, content must come first and ranking second.

As for those who copy other people’s content, you will always trail behind the rest. By the way, Google’s search engine is becoming more intelligent and thus duplicate content will never rank well.

What is considered by Google to be Good content?

In order to survive the Panda, Penguin and all other algorithm updates, this section is a must read. Why? Because Google likes it when you give them what they want.

If you have web content that meets the quality guidelines set by Google, then be ready for high volume organic SEO traffic.

Below are some attributes of quality web page content that will rank high on search results:

  • Content created by someone well vast in their area of expertise. This is the kind of content that relay credible, insightful and captivating information.
  • Well researched content with references to source of content in terms of links and mentions. This helps in bringing an element of trust and integrity.
  • Articles that contain exact match keywords in the page URL, title, body of the article and in the Meta tags. In short, having an SEO friendly page that is rich with targeted keyword terms.
  • Web page content that have used keywords intelligently. This means having the recommended keyword density and adding keywords where necessary.
  • An article that has been proofread to rid it of spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Webpages that have good word count that explains in detail what readers want to know.

As you generate web content, try to stay clear of writing on issues that don’t add value. Instead, concentrate on providing information that seeks to address pertinent issues facing your target audience.

There is still hot debate on the importance of word count when it comes to page ranking, but it is high time this debate came to an end. Before, it was assumed that one could use 300 words and still provide quality information.

On a closer look, google discovered that there are some topics you cannot explain in a 250 or 300 word article. Hence, if you want to succeed in SEO, publish content with a high content volume. To be on the safe side use at least 1000 words.

This way you will be able to cover a subject in detail. In the process, your article will rank better than someone else who has written on the same topic but used a less word count.

It is true that sitting down day in day out to come up with web content is not easy. Publishing quality page content is as a result of extensive research and practicing on advancing your writing skills.

But I would rather you post two quality articles in a week that are educative than engage in negative SEO strategies.

Trying to game search engines may work in the beginning, but as we have seen with the latest google updates, it will not take long before you get axed from the top search results.

Using underhand strategies such as buying backlinks, providing search engines one thing and giving visitors something else or keyword stuffing will only work for a limited time.

So, when you become a victim of the next Google algorithm update, blame no one else but yourself.

Why you need to support Google’s effort to improve search results.

As a web marketer, apart from sharing content you also want to get relevant and useful information when you are doing your research.

We may not agree with some of the parameters that search engines use in their algorithm to rank web pages such social signals, but what they have done so far is recommendable.

SEO experts have indicated that social mentions are subject to manipulations by use of software.  It is also believed that people click on links appearing on social sites based on the words used in the title without necessarily reading the article.

Rather than getting involved in this debate, why not try coming up with captivating titles that will increase you click through rate (CTR) and more importantly social mentions. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Generally, people connect with others of whom they share something in common. The whole point of search engines measuring social activity to rank web content is because it is expected people will react to what you have shared especially if it is informative.

Engine bots cannot read what you have written though all indicators show soon they will be able to do just that. But before engine spiders become that intelligent, they will have to use external mechanisms to tell what your site is about and also gauge your site authority.

Sharing quality web page content will increase your backlinks and social mentions thus tipping the SEO scales in your favor.

Don’t forget, when people begin noticing relevant and quality content appearing in search results, they will trust the sites that top SERPs. In turn, when you finally get to page one of your targeted keywords your bank manager will definitely be your close ally.

Web page content in summary:

Google is striving to offer their users the best content they can find, why don’t you emulate them by writing quality articles? This is the only way you can be guaranteed of a secure and successful online marketing career.

Share content that is superior to your competitors and Google will quickly send traffic your way. You might not rank right away but as time goes by you will get to rank where you deserve.

Learn your visitors’ preferences by conducting thorough research. Remember to also research on the right keyword phrases that your target audiences commonly search for.

Note: Put your targeted keyword in your page title, page URL and body of your article then let search engines do their thing.

Find out what searches will bring quality traffic to your site and create related and relevant page content. Ensure on each web page you include targeted key phrases as well as provide workable solutions that address real issues on any give subject.

As you sit down to write your next article make certain that it fulfills its intended propose which should be to add value to your readers. Put your whole heart into creating every web page and your visitors will notice your passion.

The one true investment you can put into your website or business blog is quality web page content. It may be expensive in terms of time, but the outcome will be worth every second.

If you opt the easy way out of gamming search engines and posting low quality content, then be ready and willing to face the consequences.

There is more that still needs to be addressed in relation to generating website or blog content. Feel free to contribute to this topic by posting your advice and feedback in the comment section provided below.

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