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SEO Basics – Shocking SEO Tactics Which People Still Employ

SEO Basics – Shocking SEO Tactics Which People Still Employ

If there is one topic on internet marketing that has elicited hot debates is search engine optimization. You are likely to find most online marketers discussing on SEO basics and tactics more than any other website promotion strategy.

By the way, you cannot blame them; the fact that traffic on the web is normally generated through search engines you would understand why the topic causes such a stir. If today you were to appear on the 1st page of google for a profitable keyword, money will definably find its way into your pocket.

The big question that webmasters ask especially newbies; what are the SEO basics that would propel my site or blog to the first page of Google?

My answer will not be straight forward considering how things are dynamic in the search engine ranking arena. If you are an SEO enthusiast, you probably have heard how sites have been affected with the constant change in Google algorithm formula.

It could be that your site was also hit by one or more of these algorithm updates. With livelihoods been affected with these chances you would expect some people to rejoice while others go up in arms to protest or complain.

All these are indications that any website that seeks to attract traffic cannot ignore search engine marketing. Whether it is employing SEO basics for the sake of ranking or using pay per click advertising to generate traffic, SEO is definitely worth the try.

SEO business is about right timing, if you delay to begin your SEO campaigns, your competitors will end up gaining mileage and you may never catch up with them.

Seeing that time is of essence, on this write up we shall go through some SEO mistakes that newbies employ thinking they are doing the right thing.

*Creating content just for the sake on it: One of the most important basics of SEO is content creation. The fact that it takes time to compose an article, it is ideal you do it the right way from the word go.

There is no point of creating articles just because you heard it is the best strategy to rank high. It is advisable to generate content that will boost your SEO ranking.

After you have written a blog post, ask yourself if you were the one reading it, would you share it with your friends? If the answer is “Yes” then go right ahead and publish the article.

In case, the answer is “No” then do all you can to improve the article’s quality. You will only benefit from your articles by making sure the content helps solve your readers’ problems.

It will take hours and sometimes days to generate rich content, but the end result will be worth your while.

*Surpassing the recommended keyword density: It wasn’t long ago when Google Panda update came calling, but the surprising thing is that people are still making the same mistakes.

This is mostly the scenario, a newbie learns about the value of SEO and goes searching for the phrase, top SEO basics or how to SEO. He then reads two or three articles without checking when they were posted.

In one of those articles he reads that the more you mention a certain word the higher you will rank. This newbie gets down to business but leaves out other fundamentals of keyword usage.

These include the right keyword density, how to use varying keyword phrases, power of onsite linking, use of long tail and short tail keywords. The mistake that this newbies made was to fail to research more on new guidelines of SEO keyword usage.

You should not focus too much on adding your keywords at the expense of your article quality. It will result to an increase in bounce rate and lowering your site ranking.

Rather than concentrating on repeating your exact keyword phrase, search of other varying words. It would also be advisable to interlink your webpages thus boost the experience of your site visitors as well as increasing your webpages SEO rankings.

*Spam content posting: There hundreds of software out there that help people to post comments. This is a good technique of increasing web visibility thus build an online brand name.

The shocking thing about using this comment posting software is that some people think spamming is the way to go. You will observe comments coming to your site that are not related in any way to your article.

People fail to know that comments will only add value when they are relevant. Besides, irrelevant comments will never be approved by site moderators.

The best thing to do is to go through posts before submitting your comments. These will help you gain online recognition hence build health relationships with people in your niche.

As you all know, trust is what ensures you build a huge fan base and generate online sales leads. Therefore, rather than wasting time sending spam comments, use that time implementing basic white hat SEO strategies.

*Joining link farms: Another SEO mistake that most people are still involved in is joining link farms. Backlinks are important in SEO but you need to link with credible and relevant sites.

It is not a surprise to see a site with just 100 backlinks ranking higher than a site with 1000 backlinks. The difference is that the first site is linking to relevant and high quality sites, while the second one is doing the exact opposite.

Google, through Matt Cutt sent out a strong warning to sites using black hat strategies to increase their SEO ranking to stop. You may rank now but one thing is for sure you will very soon get caught.

*Buying any SEO tool you come across: Time is money and it is even more uneconomical when you waste money on tools that don’t work. To me this is what I call double tragedy; wasting money on a tool that does not give you ROI and wasting time, which is in fact more valuable.

Just because some said a certain SEO tool works, does not mean you rush to produce your credit card. The secret is to research thoroughly before making any online purchase.

It is true that you have to spend money to make money, but that does not give you the license to be extravagant in the name of automating SEO.

*Reading every comment on SEO forums: Everybody is now writing or commenting on topics like …best SEO basics, Ideal SEO techniques and so forth. Majority of these people are only out to sell a product to you.

This is the case when you visit online SEO forums. Everyone seems to know what the right strategies are, but you also need to know that one SEO strategy may not work for another person. It all depends on your area of interest.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who share valuable SEO advice on forums. But do not waste your time reading each and every comment that has been posted. You would be better off implementing the few valuable tactics you have read and see which one works.

Commenting is another basic SEO technique that can really improve your site ranking. But do not go overboard and spend the whole day posting comments on one discussion in the name of building backlinks.

There are many SEO forums and topics out there you can also share your opinions. This way people will see you as an expert and also help build your link popularity naturally.

*Posting articles in any article directory you come across: Article marketing is one of the best ways of building quality backlinks, generating direct traffic, attracting targeted organic traffic and ensuring search engine find and index your new site faster.

Even with all these benefits that come with submitting articles, it does not mean you post articles in any article directory you see out there. Article writing can be quite tasking therefore don’t add insult to injury by wasting your time submitting to low ranking article directories.

Article marketing only adds value to your SEO standings when you submit quality articles to high ranking directories. Hence it will be to your advantage to publish quality articles to at least 15 article directories that are of high quality.

*Doing everything manually: I must admit that I was a culprit of doing things manually. My argument was that doing things manually will ensure perfection. Later, I came to realize my competitors who opted to automate their SEO where way ahead of me.

SEO basics

When it comes to SEO, time is of essence. Rather than spending the whole day in front of your computer repeating the same thing, save time by using SEO tools. But remember what we talked about earlier, spend your money wisely.

The rule on the internet is this; in case you find a way to automate your SEO, you are right to go for it. That will help you save time thus attend to other online business matters.

For example, you can automate your backlink building by trying an SEO tool like SEO Spyglass or Link assistance.

*Spending all day on social networks: Anytime someone shares about SEO basics they will never miss to mention social media marketing.

The reason behind this is because search engines Crawl social sites frequently in search of fresh content. It therefore goes without saying, adding your webpage links to social sites will help boost your SEO value.

In addition, social media marketing helps in viral marketing, generating direct traffic and building your business brand online. Any marketer that ignores the power of social media does that at his own peril.

Seeing the importance of social media in SEO, some people have resulted in spending all day on these sites. Others have register on every social site they come across not caring to know how they are ranking.

This time spend on social sites can be utilized on other ventures like coming up with fresh content. Why waste the whole day reading peoples’ updates that are not related to what you do?

If you ask me, 10 minutes is enough time to spend on each social site you are registered in. That also brings me to the issue of how many social sites you should enroll in.

Have accounts on at least 5 social networking sites. You should also make sure that these are the sites where your target audiences spend of their time.

Summary: Do not worry; I too have committed some of the above mistakes when I was starting out. In most cases, we take the wrong route due to lack of knowledge and sometime it is because of curiosity. As the adage goes “Curiosity is what killed the cat”.

From today onwards start using your time wisely by implementing basic SEO strategies that have been known to work time and time again. If you have to read content on SEO, source for such content on top and quality sites and forums.

Is there something you did in the name of improving your SEO profile without knowing and it ended up to be a waste of time? Please share with us in the comment section below.

Learning from others peoples’ mistakes will ensure you concentrate on what really works.

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Facebook Share Button Now Becomes Frictionless Sharing

Facebook Share Button Now Becomes Frictionless Sharing

Any blogger out there seeks to generate as much quality traffic as they can. There are several advantages presented by social media sites that have helped webmasters promote their sites. One of this websites is facebook through its facebook share button.

In case you have not incorporated social media networking in your internet marketing arsenal, then you are losing out on a lot. Social sites are good grounds to build long lasting business relationships. In essence, social marketing adds an element of personal touch that most marketing techniques lack. Therefore, your fans on social websites can relate with you on a personal level thus making it easy for you to make sales online.

Facebook alone has over 750 million subscribers and this tells you as a blogger you cannot ignore this site. The power of facebook is demonstrated with the facebook share button. People trust more when a friend recommends something to them. This is where the phenomenon called viral marketing takes full effect.

All you have to do is add the facebook share button on your blog and as your visitors click on the button the article is posted on their wall. In turn their friends will see the recommendation and they too will be curious to know more thus end up visiting your blog.

Now to the fun part, facebook share functionality is taking the sharing element to a new high. This time it is going to bigger than anything you have ever seen or heard. Maybe as you are reading this article they could have launched the new facebook frictionless sharing.

How does frictionless sharing work?

First a facebook user needs to enable the frictionless sharing, then once this visitor comes to your site or blog their wall is automatically updated with a link to your blog. Unlike before where readers had to click the facebook like button for their wall to be updated, this time they will just need to visit your site.

If this is not the true definition of frictionless then I don’t know what is. As a blogger you need to be ready to take advantage of this new facebook sharing feature. This also applies to any new online marketing tactic that will ensure you generate high volume of quality traffic to your blog.

Will users allow the frictionless sharing access?

It is true that this will be the big question on people’s minds. But you need to realize that there are many types of users, some are savvy while others are not. Some people will activate the frictionless access without knowing its function and in the process start a viral marketing effect unawares.

On the other hand, studies have shown that most of the subscribers on facebook are people over the age of 35. In fact, the studies indicate that the figure is over 60 %. In America alone, 2/3’s of the population use social media sites and a good number of this people are 50 years and above.

This signifies that people from all walks of life use facebook thus offering you an opportunity to create web presences. As relating to sharing content, all these people are pleased when facebook makes it easy for them to share content.

The power of the facebook share button

facebook share buttonEarlier, we saw that facebook has over 750 million users as we speak and the subscriber base is still growing. A good number of these people are sharing content and links every day. Hence, you may never know who is sharing your content.

Now, ask yourself if you got a chance to increase the number of people sharing your blog content, would you take it? Obviously you would, that is if you want to enjoy the real benefits of working from home and earn money with ease.

Currently, most bloggers are obsessed with search engine optimization which to some people is too demanding. It would be great to move away from always publishing articles stuffed with keywords that sometimes make your content sound like French yet you are writing in English.

Would it not be lovely to stop creating content for search engines and only focus on generating content for people? Anyway, it is people who buy your products and not search engines.

You may be creating content that is good and worth sharing but very few people will take the time and initiative to click on the facebook share button or like button. But facebook is now seeking to offer you a reprieve through facebook frictionless sharing.

If you are the kind that carefully analyzes traffic, you will see that the best visitors are the ones that have been referred to your site by their friends. It is for this reason that facebook frictionless sharing is something you must take advantage of as a blogger.

Think of it this way, someone visits your blog because a close friend told him that your blog has quality, insightful and educative content. This would be much better traffic than generating search engine organic traffic. That is the power of facebook share button which is now going a notch higher through facebook frictionless sharing.

Conclusion: If you are a blogger and you have not yet added social media networking in your online marketing arsenal you better get down to it. Connect with people who share the same interest with your especially in your area of business.

As you connect with more people in your niche, you will ensure that everything you post on your status wall has a chance to go viral. Then, once frictionless facebook sharing takes full effect, any person who enables it and visits your blog a link to your site will be posted on their status wall.

Imagine, no one will need to click on the facebook share button in order to share your content, it will automatically happen. It does not matter the source that brought them to your blog, if they have a facebook account the link will be posted on their wall the minute they land on your blog.

In turn, all his friends will see that he liked your page and they too will be curious to visit your blog. For me this is the true definition of viral marketing. Now, that person who was lazy to click on the facebook share link in order to share your content will not have to think about it anymore.

Working From Home Online Through Micro Blogging

Working From Home Online Through Micro Blogging

In recent, times internet marketing has gone a notch higher and the people swimming in this advancement are those working from home online. This is especially for bloggers or webmasters how have taken full advantage of these technological tools like micro blogging. When we look back, it is evident that the human race quest to make life better through innovation has truly borne fruit. In fact, online business people who ignore these technological advances do so at their own peril.

Of late, the buzz circulating in the internet marketing circles is how micro blogging is taking over the cyberspace. Many marketers are claiming that blogging is dyeing, but if you look at it critically micro blogging is making the lives of bloggers much easier. As an e-marketer you need to combine different marketing arsenals and micro-blogging is one of the latest work online marketing strategies to implement.

Then, what is micro-blogging?

This is the sending of short messages to a set of people who could be your friends, customers or fans. There are many ways to send brief text updates and they include emailing, text messaging through your phone or through the web using sites like twitter, facebook and other social media sites. Unlike blogging where you need to sit and compose a whole story, micro blogging allows you to send short messages even while you are on the move.

One of the sites that has really catch up with most people the world over when it comes to sending short messages is Twitter. Big organizations like Dell have employed hundreds of young people to be sending minute by minute updates to their customers through twitter. News channels like the CNN and BBC are now relaying their headlines through twitter. This is a clear indication to working from home online business people, that they need to tap into these valuable internet resource.

Mobile phones have made things even much easier, all you need is to add twitter applications and you can send messages to your fans while on the go. To get started you need to open a free twitter account then follow people and invite then to follow you back. Every time you send twitter updates the people that follow you will get your messages. Remember you are limited to only 140 characters per tweet.

If you want to use micro blogging to market your online business there are some simple tips you need to observe.

Optimize your account: The first thing you need to do is optimize your account by using relevant keywords within your user profile. If your site is about home based business, add relevant keywords when setting up your user profile in your description section. This will make it easier for people in your niche to locate and thus follow you.

Send relevant updates: It is imperative to use your account to send only business related stuff that is if you want your working from home online business venture to get leads. Add content that is valuable to your followers by identify issues within your niche that challenge most people and micro blog about them.

In case your niche is about home business, sending tweets updates about what you are having for dinner or the movie you watched last night will make your followers not to take you seriously. It would be better if you need to socialize, that you open another account and link up with your friends.

Integrate your blog to your twitter account: The power of twitter is that you can send links as your updates. The person that said blogging is dyeing was wrong; in fact micro-blogging has made blogging even more effective. With tools like Twitterfeed you can integrate your twitter account with your blog.

This will mean that every time you post a blog, a link of the web page you published will be updated on your twitter account. This will not only assist you generate blog traffic, it will boost your link popularity and if your account is public you will get more targeted followers of whom to market to.

Rate of posting updates: There are people that spend the whole day submitting twitter updates in the hope that they will increase their blog traffic. It is important to post regularly but just be careful not to overdo it. If you have integrated your twitter account with your blog and update your blog daily, that will be enough.

Twitter is not the only player when it comes to micro blogging. Some of the other sites where you could open an account include:

Jaiku: Most online marketing experts consider Jaiku to be the closest rival of twitter. This is mainly due to the fact that both these social media sites have similar features. Time will tell which of the two sites will rule this field.

FaceBook: When twitter hit the market they almost send facebook to their death bed. This forced facebook to up their game and they did that very well. For business people working from home online, having a facebook and a twitter account is critical, that is if you do not want to face obscurity.

Yammer: The site also has similar features to twitter and given time it may give both Jaiku and twitter run for their money.

Tumblr: The beauty with Tumblr is that one is able to share pictures, videos, links or text. The site is simple, clean and user friendly.

Pownce: The site was launched recently and their platform has different functionality like sending files and sharing links. Here you will also be able to easily share events with your contacts.

Many web marketing gurus are latching onto micro blogging and that shows how beneficial it can be to your online work. This short messaging trend is therefore here to stay but the secret is to add it to your website promotion strategies.

There are lazy web marketers who have settled on using only micro blogging to promote their products, but you should not be one of them. The ability to distribute links easily and share messages faster is what has drawn most marketers to this social media sites. But it is advisable that you continue to blog even as you micro blog. This will keep you ahead of the lazy online marketers.

The reason of saying this is that even after you send those short messages or tweet updates, you will have to give your followers full content and the best place to do just that is on your blog. Hence, use these social media networking sites as a tool to help you generate free blog traffic.

If asked, the introduction of micro blogging is a sure blessing to people working from home online in terms of marketing.

Web Page Content That Search Engines Simply Adore

Web Page Content That Search Engines Simply Adore

The core reason that makes the internet thrive is the element of sharing information. For years webmasters have been spending countless hours trying to generate web page content that will meet the needs of their target audience.

While others were hard at work generating quality web content, others decided to find ways of gamming search engines. For a long time search engines results were filled with spammy sites that offered useless content.

Most of these crappy sites’ agenda was to make sales but did not offer any solutions to peoples’ problems. No wonder Google set up a good plan to scrap them off from their search results.

This are the same people shouting at the top of their voices claiming Panda and Penguin updates were unfair. If you ask internet searchers they will tell you it was long overdue. People are ready to buy online but more importantly they are also looking for helpful web content.

Create web page content that meets the needs of your target audience and making money will be like a walk in the park.

Now that you can see the importance of content you may be asking:

What is the definition of content?

Since we are talking of web page content the best way to answer this question is explain what content is in relation to the internet.

Content can be in many forms which include written text, still images, moving images, podcast and so on. As a webmaster you also need to go a step further and realize that website or blog content is also made up of:

-Meta tags which include Title, Description and Keyword Tags.

-Alternate text (words that help tell what an image is about).

-Page URL (link that people follow to reach your webpage).

-Anchor text (words that are anchored on a link also called hyperlink).

If you did not know, search engines are not able to read images. This is the reason of having an image description file where you can tell search engines what your image is all about.

In the description file you need to give your image a title, alternate text and a short description. This you do using text format.

This tells you that when it comes to the internet the best type of web page content is text. You have probably heard that a picture speaks a thousand words, but in regards to the internet that is not the case.

To make your text visible to search engines, do not make a mistake of embedding them in your images. Rather describe your images within your description file as explained above.

How do you tell bad content?

Before google embarked at finding ways to rid the internet of crappy sites, SEO was been abused. Those were the days when an incomplete article of 250 words would appear on page one.

It was common to see a page ranking high with a poor ad-to-content ration. For you to reach the little content available you had to scroll all the way down the page.

And that was not all; webmasters would squeeze their budget and hire amateurs to generate for them content. As a result, it was common to see pages with spelling errors and even more annoying articles stuffed with keywords.

The result of these was that the internet was full of short, vague and low quality content. Originality was wanting as people ran amok publishing duplicate content. It was a common scene to come across a web page plastered with affiliate links, adsense links and banners with valuable web content nowhere in sight.

In summary here are some things you need to avoid when generating content for your blog or website:

  1. Don’t upload more images than text in your web pages.
  2. If you have to add images avoid flash and frame images.
  3. Do not duplicate content from another site. Affiliate marketers should use different wordings from the ones used by merchants/manufactures.
  4. Publishing content that does not address the problems of your target audience.
  5. Writing articles that have no targeted keywords phrases.
  6. Publishing content with high marketing pitches all in a view to sell.
  7. Use of the same keyword throughout within your anchor text when linking to external and on site pages.
  8. Posting an article with spelling and grammatical errors.
  9. Use of jargon.

Ideally, what this means is that you need to present your content in a coherent and in an easy to understand manner. Readers should straightaway be able to define precisely what your web page content is all about.

The moment your readers see that you are out to show off they will drop your site like a hot potato. The use of difficult words also confuses readers and in some instances results in substandard content.

page contentPosting web pages with keywords all over the place will make your articles hard to read. This is because you will be forced to add keywords where they are not needed. Before you sell, first seek to solve problems faced by people in your niche. That is how you end up convincing visitors to buy from your site.

Anyway, do you expect engine bots to buy your products or human visitors? Therefore, content must come first and ranking second.

As for those who copy other people’s content, you will always trail behind the rest. By the way, Google’s search engine is becoming more intelligent and thus duplicate content will never rank well.

What is considered by Google to be Good content?

In order to survive the Panda, Penguin and all other algorithm updates, this section is a must read. Why? Because Google likes it when you give them what they want.

If you have web content that meets the quality guidelines set by Google, then be ready for high volume organic SEO traffic.

Below are some attributes of quality web page content that will rank high on search results:

  • Content created by someone well vast in their area of expertise. This is the kind of content that relay credible, insightful and captivating information.
  • Well researched content with references to source of content in terms of links and mentions. This helps in bringing an element of trust and integrity.
  • Articles that contain exact match keywords in the page URL, title, body of the article and in the Meta tags. In short, having an SEO friendly page that is rich with targeted keyword terms.
  • Web page content that have used keywords intelligently. This means having the recommended keyword density and adding keywords where necessary.
  • An article that has been proofread to rid it of spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Webpages that have good word count that explains in detail what readers want to know.

As you generate web content, try to stay clear of writing on issues that don’t add value. Instead, concentrate on providing information that seeks to address pertinent issues facing your target audience.

There is still hot debate on the importance of word count when it comes to page ranking, but it is high time this debate came to an end. Before, it was assumed that one could use 300 words and still provide quality information.

On a closer look, google discovered that there are some topics you cannot explain in a 250 or 300 word article. Hence, if you want to succeed in SEO, publish content with a high content volume. To be on the safe side use at least 1000 words.

This way you will be able to cover a subject in detail. In the process, your article will rank better than someone else who has written on the same topic but used a less word count.

It is true that sitting down day in day out to come up with web content is not easy. Publishing quality page content is as a result of extensive research and practicing on advancing your writing skills.

But I would rather you post two quality articles in a week that are educative than engage in negative SEO strategies.

Trying to game search engines may work in the beginning, but as we have seen with the latest google updates, it will not take long before you get axed from the top search results.

Using underhand strategies such as buying backlinks, providing search engines one thing and giving visitors something else or keyword stuffing will only work for a limited time.

So, when you become a victim of the next Google algorithm update, blame no one else but yourself.

Why you need to support Google’s effort to improve search results.

As a web marketer, apart from sharing content you also want to get relevant and useful information when you are doing your research.

We may not agree with some of the parameters that search engines use in their algorithm to rank web pages such social signals, but what they have done so far is recommendable.

SEO experts have indicated that social mentions are subject to manipulations by use of software.  It is also believed that people click on links appearing on social sites based on the words used in the title without necessarily reading the article.

Rather than getting involved in this debate, why not try coming up with captivating titles that will increase you click through rate (CTR) and more importantly social mentions. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Generally, people connect with others of whom they share something in common. The whole point of search engines measuring social activity to rank web content is because it is expected people will react to what you have shared especially if it is informative.

Engine bots cannot read what you have written though all indicators show soon they will be able to do just that. But before engine spiders become that intelligent, they will have to use external mechanisms to tell what your site is about and also gauge your site authority.

Sharing quality web page content will increase your backlinks and social mentions thus tipping the SEO scales in your favor.

Don’t forget, when people begin noticing relevant and quality content appearing in search results, they will trust the sites that top SERPs. In turn, when you finally get to page one of your targeted keywords your bank manager will definitely be your close ally.

Web page content in summary:

Google is striving to offer their users the best content they can find, why don’t you emulate them by writing quality articles? This is the only way you can be guaranteed of a secure and successful online marketing career.

Share content that is superior to your competitors and Google will quickly send traffic your way. You might not rank right away but as time goes by you will get to rank where you deserve.

Learn your visitors’ preferences by conducting thorough research. Remember to also research on the right keyword phrases that your target audiences commonly search for.

Note: Put your targeted keyword in your page title, page URL and body of your article then let search engines do their thing.

Find out what searches will bring quality traffic to your site and create related and relevant page content. Ensure on each web page you include targeted key phrases as well as provide workable solutions that address real issues on any give subject.

As you sit down to write your next article make certain that it fulfills its intended propose which should be to add value to your readers. Put your whole heart into creating every web page and your visitors will notice your passion.

The one true investment you can put into your website or business blog is quality web page content. It may be expensive in terms of time, but the outcome will be worth every second.

If you opt the easy way out of gamming search engines and posting low quality content, then be ready and willing to face the consequences.

There is more that still needs to be addressed in relation to generating website or blog content. Feel free to contribute to this topic by posting your advice and feedback in the comment section provided below.

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Free Online Advertising Ideas As You Work Online

Free Online Advertising Ideas As You Work Online

Marketing on the internet is the best gift you can give to your business, be it free online advertising or otherwise. All you need to have are the right tools and skills and you will be good to go. The amazing thing about the internet is that you can succeed even when you have a limited budget.

There are two ways to place your business in front of your target audience

1. Paid advertising

2. Free online advertising.

On this article we are not going to talk about the first option but you can click here to read more on paid advertisement.

Having online presence is the secret of promoting your home based business opportunity with ease. As you work to earn an online reputation consider using both free online advertising tactics and paid advertisement.

Utilize all the available tools and resources as regards to marketing to build an online brand name. Time and time again, internet marketing experts reiterate the importance of using an array of marketing arsenals in order to succeed online.

Here we are talking of both offline and online advertising strategies. A combination of offline and online marketing will easily propel your work from home business to high heights.

On this blog post let us look at some of the free online advertising techniques you can use to build your business. If your home business is not making any head-way you now have an opportunity to see why.

Build an online brand name: Online branding starts from the point you are choosing your domain name. Purchase a web address that is catchy, memorable and related to your niche.

A domain name that is memorable will act as free online advertising since your target audience will locate it easily.

One of the best ways to build your online brand name is on social media sites. As you all know, you do not need to invest a single dime to open an account of these social media sites.

It is prudent to research and know where your target audiences spend most of their time. People think that twitter and facebook are the only top social networking sites, but there are others like LinkedIn, YouTube, Yammer and the list goes on and on.

Once you identify where your target audience hangout, join such forums and be active. It will not take long before you are considered an expert in your niche thus offering you a free online advertising opportunity.

Make sure whenever you post anything on your status wall it is relevant and educative. Since social media marketing is about micro-blogging, include your targeted keywords in your post and make certain they are catchy.

Create awareness of your business: The other term of creating awareness would be hype. On internet marketing, creating hype has be an effective technique of free online advertisement.

For example, you can create hype for a certain product or service by conducting a competition on your site.  The winners can get free downloads, free subscription, gifts, eBooks and so on.

All over the world, research has proven that people like free things. Ensure that your rewards are relevant to your target audience and definitely you will attract the right people.

As you reward the winners, visitors and customers will begin to trust you and in return spread the word around to their friends. As visitors begin coming to your site, make sure that you are selling products that are superior to the products you offered for free.

free online advertising strategiesOffer quality customer service: One of the most powerful yet free online advertising strategies is through offering support. Just a simple feedback to a customer’s or visitor’s query can lead to a sale.

There is a restaurant in my neighborhood that is using the principle of quality service so effectively. The restaurant is never entangled in price wars. In fact, what the owners does when competition heats up, he increases his prices.

This in turn makes his restaurant stand out. From the word go the customer service he offered was of such a high quality that even when customers try out other places they ended up coming back.

If you are a blogger it is time you thought of how you respond to visitors comments. Ask yourself, are your responses helping you build an online presence? Are your responses good enough to necessitate readers to pass on your content or products to their friends?

Offering support is a free online advertising tactic yet vital in showing that you actually care. If you have a site selling products or services, try to answers questions that your customers present before they buy your products.

Assure your customers of more support even after they have bought your products. Good after sales service will lead to customers talking about your products and sharing your site on other online forums. This in the process will lead to more free online advertising and viral marketing effect.

Create confidence in your products: Another free online advertising strategy is by giving guarantees. This is a way of telling your customers that they have nothing to lose thus create confidence in whatever you have to offer.

Am sure you have come across products that offer one hundred percent money back guarantee in two months if you purchase their product. This for sure makes you have confidence in the product thus you may buy it without thinking twice.

The more a product has a guarantee the more people will have confidence in it.

Link up with the right people: For any online home business venture to succeed you need to connect with the right people. Join online forums and social sites and start groups which will attract people in your niche.

If you are selling products online, work with affiliates since they will offer you with free online advertising. Offer your affiliates good commissions and they will aggressively promote your site and products for free.

In every niche you go to you will always find that there are people who are considered as top cream. This are the experts and I can assure you they are there by merit. Team up with such people and learn from them.

Subscribe to their feeds and be up to date with new things taking place in your niche. You can also become active on blogs that rate high in your niche by posting valuable comments. With time you will get recognized thus channel some traffic to your site and get quality backlinks from these top bloggers.

Conclusion: If you do not have money to promote your work online from home business, you can always consider implementing these free online advertising strategies.

SEO Review Of Internet Marketing After Google Penguin Update

SEO Review Of Internet Marketing After Google Penguin Update

It has been an eventful year for online marketers since December 2011. Depending on the SEO strategies you employed, you could be laughing all the way to the bank or crying all the way from the bank.

The release of the new Webspam update officially named Penguin Update has seen many sites see a drop in ranking. Therefore, the big question is, how do you make sure you don’t get hit by this update?

If your ranking has dropped, you need not to worry. There is still a chance for you to regain your ranking. On this blog post we are going to review online marketing strategies you can use as far as SEO is concerned and avoid getting penalized by Google.

A closer look at how the Penguin Algorithm is working indicates that more emphasis have been put in place to punish sites that over optimize. Click here to read a detailed report on other parameters that Penguin has incorporated.

Below are the areas you need to work on to ensure Google does not penalize your website or blog:

Keyword stuffing (over optimization): This is when your keyword density goes above 3%. Sometimes back we posted an article on how to use keywords so as to make sure you don’t over optimize.

The other thing you need to avoid is having the same exact keyword in your page title and URL. It would be advisable to use a primary keyword phrase in your URL and secondary keyword in your page title.

Google bots are nowadays intelligent enough to tell what your content is about so don’t worry so much about keyword usage. Vary your keywords by using related, relevant or synonyms.

An important element of SEO has been Meta tags. If you are operating a site that shares content on money, SEO experts advice you avoid having the same key term in your keyword tag and description tag.

In your description Meta Tag, add content that looks natural rather than stuffing keywords. The best strategy would be to put a call to action message aimed at getting readers attention and not for SEO purposes.

When it comes to creating pages make sure that every webpage targets different keywords related to your niche. Don’t have many webpages all using the same exact keyword phrase.

If you have to create pages with the same topic try and ensure that the keywords are not exact and more importantly each webpage should at least 1000 words with unique content.

Duplicate Content: Ideally, the less duplicate content you have the higher your site will rank on search engine results. In order to avoid having duplicate content, make certain each page you publish has at least 65% unique content.

Some internet marketers are known to add blocks of content from their old articles to their new articles to make them longer. In case you use that tactic to add the value of your pages then know that your days are numbered. Reading internet SEO marketing reviews, it shows that Penguin will penalize sites that employ this tactic.

Outbound Back Linking: This is also known as on page back linking. If you did not know, the sites you point to play a major role in your site ranking.

To improve your SEO ranking ensure you link out to quality, reputable and authority sites. A good example is linking out to site like Wikipedia or You can also link out to authority websites and blogs in your niche.

Note: Avoid under hand SEO tactics like cloaking, these are negative SEO strategies that work for a while but in the long term will hurt your site ranking.

Post Quality Content: Time and time again Google has insisted on the importance of posting shareable content. Before you hit the publish button ask yourself, if you were the reader would you share the article?

If the answer is Yes! Then go right ahead and publish, but in case you feel you need to work on it some more, please do just that.

Text is not the only form of content available; you can add other forms of content like uploading videos, podcast and still images. This to the eyes of search engines is very good and thus will help to improve your overall SEO value and ranking.

If you have a product based site, it will also be to your advantage if you include legit testimonials and product internet market reviews. For those who have won awards and certifications, you need to also add them to your site.

Incoming Back Links: The sites that are pointing to your site can easily hurt or boost your SEO ranking.

Penguin is said to have hit sites that have unnatural backlinks. These are sites that have anchored their links using the same exact keyword phrase.

If your anchor text portfolio contains only one keyword phrase, watch out. For example: if your site is about internet marketing, it is not advisable to have in your backlink portfolio like this keywords:

“internet marketing strategies”

“internet marketing reviews”

“best internet marketing”

web marketing review

According to Penguin Update this is over optimization for the keyword “internet marketing”. This is especially so if the same keywords are the once appearing in the title, URL and in the body of the article.

The best approach to use is to anchor your links using varying keyword terms. For example;

“marketing on the internet strategies”

“online reviews of marketing on the web”

“best internet strategies of marketing”

The difference of the two techniques of link anchoring is that the previous looks manipulated while the latter, appears natural to search engines. Google is intelligent enough to know what your site is about therefore anchor your links using text that have a call to action message.

Still on the issue of increasing link popularity avoid building backlinks from sites that have been de-indexed, marked as spam or banned.

Both Panda and Penguin updates affected some sites thus making them lose SEO value. These low quality sites include article directories that have been penalized, Paid Link sites and free link sites.

Do not post your website or blog on these affected sites; instead put more emphasis on building natural backlinks from quality sites.

Submitting comments is another great strategy of building backlinks but remember the same rules should apply. Post comments on relevant sites that are of high quality and reputation in your niche.

High quality review sites such as Google Reviews and Yahoo are also great places for internet marketers to generate quality backlinks.

Social Signals: Recent SEO trends show that search engines are steadily moving towards ranking sites using social signals. The main reason for this is that search engines deem social sharing as natural.

Whether social mentions are subject to manipulation or not we just have to wait and see. As for now, make sure every article you publish is posted on twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin and more importantly Google Plus.

Social bookmarking sites also offer quality and natural backlinks. Hence submit your page URLs on sites like Reddit, Digg, Tumblr and Technorati.

Summary: From the way Panda and Penguin Updates are operating, online marketers should now go back to the roots and basics of SEO.

Generate content that is helpful to your target audience and leave search engines to do their thing. The over fixation on SEO needs to come to a complete stop or else your online business will face obscurity.

Let us go back to the days when writing an article the reader came first and search engine second.

Consider these questions before publishing your site content;

Are the SEO strategies you are using long term or are they just for short term purposes?

How would you write your article if search engines did not exist?

Which words would your site visitors use as anchor text when linking to your content?

Is the content quality worth sharing with your friends?

Note: Google can now tell what your site content is all about so stop using negative SEO strategies like manipulating backlinks or gamming site relevancy.

A review of Panda and Penguin reveal that online marketing will now be about presenting natural signals in order to rank well.

Do you have anything else that would be helpful regarding this sensitive and important topic? Kindly use the comment section below to post your views and contribution.

We intend to keep updating you with the latest internet marketing reviews especially on SEO, thus enter your email address below or in the section provided on the sidebar.


Author: Stephen Kavita

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Work Online From Home Rules For High Page Ranking

Work Online From Home Rules For High Page Ranking

This is also a very important aspect to consider as you work online. Once you have established your major keyword…

How To Run A Blog That Sells For Profit

How To Run A Blog That Sells For Profit

There is a thrill that comes with running a blog but that varies from one individual to another. Some people blog for money while others do it for fun.

Personally, I’m a businessman looking to make money from blogging. Therefore, for those who run a blog for fun this post is not meant for you. As for business minded people who desire to earn money blogging, you simply have to read this blog post to the very end.

Normally, you will see people waking up in the middle of the night to attend to their offline business. They will later leave when the sun has set all in the name of making sure their business succeeds.

For some reason, that is not the case with most online business entrepreneurs. Maybe is it because of the fact that they read on some funny site that online money making is easy.

Just like any other business, if you are running a blog with the intent of making money you need to go the extra mile. Bloggers who are in it for business need to start treating their blogs like any other business out there.

The fact that most business blog operators do not treat blogging with the seriousness it desires, any blogger that chooses to go against the grain and work hard will definitely become a millionaire.

When is comes to running a blog you have to be ready to sometimes burn the midnight oil. That is not enough; you also have to be patient and show a lot of determination.

Now that we have established that to run a business blog takes hard work, here are some guidelines to help you succeed in blogging for cash.

1. Do your groundwork well: Not everything you read on the internet is accurate, some sites out their post content that can be misleading. Therefore, you need to research widely to make sure that your blog only contains real facts.

One way of making certain you get real facts is subscribing to several top blogs and sites in your niche. This way you will have varying opinions that will help you come up genuine facts.

It is also very important to do things practically since you will gain experience thus share content that is personal. Writing personal stories is one of the best ways to captivate your target audience thus engage them fully.

2. Create a blogging schedule: In order to run a business blog successfully you have to post regularly. This will not only help you generate organic traffic but it will ensure you build a loyal fan base.

Having a timetable is the sure way to update your blog. Ideally, you should post articles every day but if that is not possible, try to post at least 3 blog posts per week.

The secret is of blogging regularly is to keep to your schedule; if you plan to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make sure you don’t fail.

Creating a blogging timetable is one thing but sticking to the schedule is entirely a different story. One thing that will happen when you post articles regularly and on scheduled days is that you will gain trust from your site guests.

The more your online reputation increases, the more your fans will share your content thus helping your blog go viral.

3. Treat your blog as a job: For the folks who are in employment you understand when someone talks about a job. Just the way you would go out of your way to build your career, you should put the same effort when it comes to running a blog.

Employers demand that you attend work on certain days; the same should apply to your blog. If possible, try to work on your blog every day but also observe point #4.

In case you fail to post an article on a scheduled day, you have to sacrifice your rest day to accomplish the task.

Erase from your mind the notion that blogging is like a walk in the park. Those phrases that read “…make easy money through blogging.” are not true. Launching a blog is one thing and building a blog is another ball game all together.

When you look at top bloggers like Problogger, Copy Blogger, Viperchill, Income Diary and Smart Passive Income among others, you will discover they all have one thing in common. Blogging is like a job to them.

Selling for profit through blogging is not child’s play; it takes hard work and dedication. That is the only way to maintain online presence and remain at the top of the pack.

4. Take time off work: Like any other job out there, it is very important for you to relax and unwind. The advantage of laying back and putting your legs up, is that it helps your mind to relax thus feel refreshed.

It is only when you have rested, will you be able to come up with better ideas and fresh content. Personally, on weekends I spend time with my family or go watch a football match. Am sure you have something that really tickles you and that is what you need to do after a hard day’s work.

If you strain yourself so much you will get to a point that you are no longer productive. This will later translate to low quality content thus visitors opting for your competitors.

how to run a blog

5. Track your blog performance: If you have been following this work at home business blog, you will discover on most occasions we talk of the importance of monitoring your traffic.

Even though there are advanced tools like Crazy Egg to track your site activities, you can start by using free web tools like Google Analytic.

Monitoring your site traffic shows you where you need to tweak your site for better results. It is from your old posts that you will learn better techniques of running your blog and hence compose more compelling blog posts.

6. Work environment: Some years back I used to work for one of the biggest company in east and central African. One thing that really made this company grow was how they treat their employees.

Apart from giving employees good salaries, the company did everything possible to create good ambiance at the work place. The seats were comfortable and the air conditioning in the build was simply relaxing. You would get to work and feel like spending the whole day there.

For you to run a blog successfully, you need to be comfortable as you work. Anything that could distract you from writing should be eliminated. In case you are working from home, make sure that the radio, TV and mobile phone are switched off.

There are also internal factors like email pop ups and tweet notifications that can really be distractive. It is recommended that you switch off these pop ups unless you are the kind that can serve two masters at the same time (which is impossible).

In order to be a productive blogger, you need to work in a quite environment. That is the time ideas will come flowing with ease. There is no way around this, running a blog needs you to be fully focused especially when generating content.

7. Proofread your work meticulously: When the word business is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is professionalism. To make sure that your site visitors take you seriously you have to publish content without grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Most professional blogs have contracted the services of an editor to proofread their content. If you do not have the money to hire an editor, get a colleague or friend to proofread your articles before you publish.

To some extent, readers can forgive you when they come across 1 or 2 spelling errors in an article with 1000 words. But when your blog posts are full of grammatical mistakes in every paragraph, be sure you will lose online credibility so fast you won’t know what hit you.

8. Don’t complicate things: This may sound contradictory considering I mentioned before that running a blog is not easy. But the point I want to bring across is that you have to take it easy when it comes to blogging.

Do not worry so much about complex web designing and HTML coding since they contribute little to business blogging. You do not need to be a doctor or pilot in order to run a profitable blog. As long as you can captivate your readers by publishing educative and engaging content, you are good to go.

For you to make money on the internet especially via blogging, you need to know one thing, “Content is King”.

9. Plough back to your blog: The manner at which a farmer operates is the best way to demonstrate how businesses should be run. After a maize farmer has harvested his crop, he does not sell and eat all of his produce. A wise farmer will keep some of the seeds so as to plant them in the coming season.

The same should apply for your blog. You cannot expect to reap 100% if all you do is eat and forget to reinvest in your blog.

Some bloggers find it difficult to buy products that would otherwise help them run their blogs more efficiently. These are the same bloggers who will be quick to download any free stuff they come across.

Blogging for profit is serious business if only you want to make money blogging. That does not mean you go buying anything you come across on the internet. You have to research and make sure you get your Return On Investment (ROI). In short, invest prudently.

As the adage goes “free is sometime expensive” therefore it is alright to spend money hiring someone to design your blog or business logo. You have to spend money to make money, hence be ready to invest in your blog.

10. Utilize social sites: Currently, we have about 4 top social sites that every one running a blog should be a member of. These include facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and the new kid in the block google plus.

The amazing thing is that most bloggers do not have account in either of these social networking sites. You cannot expect to increase your site traffic if you do not spread the word around about your blog.

Traffic generating is the secret to building a successful blog and viral marketing through social media sites is one of the online marketing strategies you must employ.

Every time you post an article on your blog do not be afraid to ask your friends to share the article. You just never know who their friends are or what they will do. It is possible that some of them may become your loyal fans and customers.

11. Patience: Rome was not built in one day therefore don’t expect to launch a blog today and start making money tomorrow. If read the history of most top blog you will discover they belong to bloggers who have been in the business for years.

The same also applies to offline business, so as to build a reputable business brand name you have to be patient. Do not despise small beginnings; if the owners of Microsoft or Google gave up, they would not be house hold names today.

In my blogging career, I discovered that to run a blog and finally begin generating revenue you have to be patient. It is only through persistence and tolerance will you be able to popularize your blog.

12. Don’t get a plan B: In most cases when you have an option you will ditch your original plan for the second option. To me this is like looking for an escape route. If you decide to run a blog for money, you must be in it for the long haul.

Why work so hard building a blog then, throw in the towel one or two years down the line. It could be when you are giving up, is when you were just about to make your BIG break.

In brief, you should NOT Ever Give Up.

Conclusion: To run a blog that sells for profit is not rocket science, it all depends on your mentality. If you make it hard it will be, but if you make it easy then you will discover blogging is simple.

I wish you all the best in your blogging career.

If you think we have left out some vital tips on how to blog for money share with us in the comment section below.

As for those who want to help their friends learn more about blogging, use the social buttons displaying on the left to help them find this article.

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Get YouTube Views That Are Viral

Get YouTube Views That Are Viral

Video marketing is one of the best strategies of traffic generation. Online marketing experts all agree YouTube views are a great source of promoting your blog or website.

There are many sites that you can post your videos but the most popular one is YouTube. Other video sites include MetaCafe, Google Video, Photo Bucket just to mention a few.

Overall, YouTube provides webmasters several opportunities to generate traffic and thus make money online. Just like any other internet marketing tactic, you need to know how to convert YouTube views to sales leads.

Let us look at some of the rules to observe while creating and uploading your YouTube Videos.

YouTube views for viral marketing: Thousands of videos are posted very day on YouTube; this means that you have to upload videos that stand out. If your video is just like any other, no one will be interested in it.

The recommended thing to do so as to get YouTube views and make them viral is to post helpful clips. Additionally, ensure you have included buttons that will make your video clips easy to share.

Normally, viral videos appeal to most YouTube viewers hence can get you a lot of online sales leads.

Length of video: In video marketing you have got a very short time to capture the attention of your target audience. Though with YouTube there is no limit to the length of videos, experts recommend short video clips.

A video that is at least 4 minutes long is good enough to ensure your YouTube views turn to leads. If you have to make your videos long, make sure they do not go beyond 10 minutes. Actually, in most cases long video end up being boring thus viewers will not watch then to the end.

The advantage of short video footage is that, viewers get to watch your clips to the end where you can ask them to take action.  Therefore, at the end of your video give some information about your site and request your viewers to click on your links.

Video quality: If you visit YouTube you will notice that people most of the time like commenting on the quality of video footage. As we said before, there are millions of videos out there thus for you stand out and get YouTube views you must share high quality clips.

You need to make target YouTube viewers watch your videos to the end by ensuring that your sound is very audible and pictures are clear. In any case, you would not expect people to watch a video with blurred images to the end.

You don’t necessary have to get a professional videographer but if you can afford one, go for it. The other way is to get a good video camera that has good resolution and takes high quality sounds.

video marketingMost of the videos you see on video marketing sites are done by amateurs thus you too can do nice video clips.

Optimize your videos: Search engines contribute to almost 95% of the traffic on the internet. This tells you that the best place to get high volume of YouTube views is definitely from search engines.

YouTube has also got its own search engine thus you need to make your videos search friendly. The first thing is to make certain that your targeted keyword phrase appears on your video title. The same keyword should also appear on your video description details.

On YouTube you can also include your key terms in the tags. List several of your keywords in the tags that are related to your video. But on the other hand, you need to be moderate with the keywords so as not to be flagged as a spammer.

User profile creation: This applies to all accounts you create on the internet especially on social media sites. The more YouTube views you receive the more people will want to read your profile. This they do to get more information about you. Hence take time to come up with a user profile that is professional and interesting. A little touch of humor is good, but remaining professional is key.

In every profile it is important to add your picture; this creates some level of trust thus more YouTube views. The picture you take should also look presentable and professional especially if you want to generate traffic to your site for business purposes.

Market your videos: Just the fact that you posted a video does not necessarily mean you will get YouTube views. In order to get more YouTube views and make your videos viral you must promote them.

Set aside a budget to help market your videos. In addition, you can optimize your videos to generate organic traffic from search engines.

Create series: Regular posting of videos is one of the best ways to promote your account and thereby get more YouTube views.

Sometimes you can get lucky and you produce a video that becomes a hit. But to be guaranteed of constant YouTube views is advisable to come up with a series of videos.

Post a continuous informative series on a particular topic at least one a week. On every clip share one or two important points so as to make viewers want to visit your account often for more details. In the long run you will have loyal a fun base.

Timing: This may seem insignificant to some people but the time you submit is critical. You need to know when your target YouTube views are online.

For example, the best time to reach people in the US is on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do some groundwork to know the best time to load videos and thus get your target audience.

Post remarks: Viewing other people’s videos that are in your niche and submitting comments can also boost your YouTube views. It is important that your remarks are relevant to the content on the videos.

Searching for popular niche videos and offering your responses is a unique way to generate traffic. Note: Include a link to your site every time you post your comments.

Include link to your blog or website: Branding your videos is vital. The best way to brand your videos is to include a link to your blog and more importantly a logo.

The best place to have your logo and URL is at the beginning and at the end of your videos.

So as to make money while working online you need quality traffic. Increasing your YouTube views can go a long way in ensuring you promote your site, products or services effectively.

Though the competition is intense, with high quality and informative videos you can cut for yourself a piece of the cake.

Power Of Guest Blogging In Traffic Generation

Power Of Guest Blogging In Traffic Generation

One of the best ways to channel traffic to your site or blog is through guest blogging. Posting content on other blogs helps you gain leverage and build your online presence. Studies have shown that most bloggers traffic, about 80%, comes from posts they have submitted on other sites.

As we all know, traffic is the core ingredient of making money online. With guest posting you will greatly increase referral traffic to your blog and boost your search engine placement.

The main reason of sharing this post is to show you how best to approach guest blogging. We shall go into details on the ways and strategies to take so as to increase blog traffic through guest blogging.

First thing to consider is where to be a guest blogger. The best place to share your posts is within your niche. Approach blogs in your line of business that allow guest blogs, these blogs have to be ranking high, I’ll explain why later on this post.

One site you can look at for guest blogging is Technorati. Here you can research on blogs within your niche that are interested in receiving guest blogs.

There are other top ranking blogs that may not necessarily have a sign up tab for guest blogging. But you can still contact these webmasters for them to feature your posts. It is imperative that you request rather than demand to be a guest blogger.

gueat postingHere is a good request that you can send to be allow as a guest blogger.

Hi John Doe,

My name is Mark and I have been visiting your blog for a while now. I really love how you have designed your blog and your content is so rich. In fact, your content has really assisted me a great deal.

Since we are in the same niche, I was thinking that we can help each other through guest blogging.

I will really appreciate if you can allow me to be a guest blogger on your site.

Kindly consider my request and let me know.

Yours faithfully,


Now that we know the first rule of guest blogging let us look at the other vital guidelines.

Create rich content: It is mandatory that your articles be of high quality. This is the only way of ensuring that other webmasters accept to post your articles on their blogs.

A good article is the one that seeks to educate readers. Take your time to know the areas that people in your niche are facing then address these issues in your posts. With time you will boost your reputation thus build online presence.

In order to make certain that your post captures your target audience, come up with intriguing headlines. The title is the first thing that draws readers’ attention and it determines if a reader will go through the post or not.

Another powerful tool of drawing the attention of your audience is by narrating stories. Stories have an amazing way of making your audience relax and take in whatever you are telling them easily. Normally, stories are persuasive in nature and help build relationships with your readers.

Use correct grammar: Quality content is also about avoiding spelling errors and grammar mistakes. People will not take you serious when you have spelling errors all over your articles. One or two typos are OK, but having typos all over the article is a lack of professionalism.

It is therefore advisable that you use tools like Microsoft word, which is free, to draft and proofread your content before presenting them for guest blogging.

Also, get a pal to go through your articles and this will mean another eye to correct small typos.

Offer response: On most sites that allow for guest blogging, you will be able to log in and see the comments that people have submitted. It is recommended that you respond to all the comments and questions posed.

Responding to comments helps build your online reputation as you interact with readers. In addition, the owner of the blog will see that you are not there just to generate traffic but to add value to his/her viewers.

This will mean that the next time you will want to be a guest blogger your request will be quickly accepted.

Research on what to write about: Before you decide to write for another blog you need to do some groundwork. Get to know the audience who visit the blog and what are their needs.

This you can learn by reading the previous posts on that blog and the comments that where posted. Once you are armed with facts, write a relevant post that will offer workable solutions.

Another place to get writing ideas is to use Yahoo answers. Pick the popular questions that people submit and research on them. This way you will come up with unique and informative content that will rarely be rejected by other bloggers.

Monitor traffic: Tracking traffic coming from your guest blogging campaigns is very critical. Use tracking tools like site meter that tell you which guest blogging posts and links are bring traffic to your blog.

This tells you that you must add a backlink to all your guest post.

Include backlinks: To rank high on search engine results you need content and more so quality backlinks. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get natural backlinks. It is recommended that you work with top ranking blogs.

Backlinks from top ranking sites help search engines consider your site as being relevant. This in turn will ensure your site eventually appears on first or second page of major search engines for your targeted keyword.

guest bloggerTherefore, only work with bloggers that will allow you to add a backlink to your blog. As you include a backlink, you need to make sure the anchor text is a keyword you want to rank on.

It would be of no value to do guest blogging if you cannot send people somewhere.

Tip: Always link your guest posts to relevant web pages within your blog.

Boost your reputation: In guest posting it is alright to blow your own trumpet. This is a good way to demonstrate that you are a credible and trustworthy. Just using the word “I” will go a long way in bringing out your personality.

Start your blog by telling people something about yourself or what you did the previous day. This helps to personalize your content thus readers will be able to relate with you easily.

Avoid using high pitched drumming lines like “I am a successful…” this only shows signs of boasting. It would be better to tell your audience how you had a nice time in Hawaii. There is no way you can go for an escapade in Hawaii if you are broke.

The perception that people have about you helps to boost your online presence, thus make money while you work online.

Do not throw in the towel: If you start guest blogging and after some posts you notice there is no major change in your traffic stats, do not give up. Traffic generation is a process that requires you to be patient.

Most people give up hope so fast that they curtail their success. Online work from home business is all about persistence.

Now that you know all about guest blogging, you can add it to your array of online marketing strategies.

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