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How To Write Online For Readers And Seach Engines

How To Write Online For Readers And Seach Engines

Writing online is an art that many people are really looking to decipher. This is especially so for people who blog for money. It is a known fact by now that content is king when it comes to internet marketing and more so blogging. Imagine how it would feel if you find your site appearing on first page of Google for your targeted keyword phrase?

Am sure it would be a great achievement, but you also need to consider something ease; is your content good enough to ensure you make money online? Good online writing is where your content leaves a lasting impression on the readers’ mind to an extent that they will always want to come back for more. In addition, when writing online your content should unconsciously cause your visitors to take action.

On this article we shall discuss exactly how you can get the attention of your target audience and at the same time optimize for search engines. Many assume that writing online for people and search engines is like rocket science but today we will burst that bubble.

As someone blogging for money, you want to rank well on search engine result pages and at the same time compel visitors to take action. Here is how to go about writing online:

The layout of your content: (How to please your readers)

You need to know how to structure your articles when writing online. For you to retain readers on your site and ensure they take some kind of action, your content needs to be legible and easy to understand.

This you can achieve by first having short paragraphs. It is also advisable to use white as your background color so as to ensure your text is clearly readable on a computer screen.

Try and create sub headings within your articles. This makes it easier for readers to know where to find the main points of your article. Many readers simply scan through content but if you break your content into subheadings you will compel them to read some of your content.

Other ways of breaking content as you are writing online include the use of boxes, bold letters, lists, different fonts and bullets. For example, when you number some points or put words in a box, readers will for sure read them.

Note 1: Whatever you do, as you are writing online avoid having long paragraphs. Readers will get bored so fast thus affecting your bounce rate (reduce visitor retention).

Note 2: Breaking up your content helps your important points to be seen and read.

Before you write online, always consider who you are targeting. Have the image on your readers reading your content even before you begin. This will help you in writing online for your readers and ensuring you connect with each reader.

As people read your article they need to see your passion flowing in your writing. Therefore, write online the same way you talk and you will connect to your audience.

Check out these simple but effective online writing guidelines:

–          As much as possible use action verbs

–          Use descriptive content that will touch people’s senses. Use words that bring out images in readers minds

–          Try to narrate stories.

–          Let your content touch the emotions of your readers.

–          Your content should always add value to your target audience.

–          Rather than using the word “I”, use the word “You”.

–          Show your readers what to do especially on your sales page (Call To Action).

–          Make sure you proofread your article before you publish.


Writing online to please search engines:

It is obvious that more and more webmasters are been affected with the constant search engine algorithm changes. There is now a thin line between writing online for people and search engines.

Today, there are sites ranking so well and yet they have not fully optimized. This goes to show that with time writing online will be more of quality content than even using keywords.

Note: What determines more the ranking of a site is off page elements more that on page optimization factors.

Remember, the more quality links pointing to your site the better your chances of ranking high. But the way you draft your web content also plays a major role when it comes to website positioning.

Here are some vital pointers for writing online in relation to page ranking

writing online for search engines1. Webpage writing: Let every page you publish stand out. This should be in terms of theme and keywords. Write as if that is the first and last article you will post on your blog or website.

2. The theme of every post you create should be unique and targeted to a particular keyword phrase. Therefore, use different keywords for every web page you publish.

3. Research and determine the keyword to use before you start writing. The same should apply to the theme of your article.

For instance, if you decide your article is going to be about how to work online at home and make money fast through affiliate marketing. The right keyword to target would be how to work online.

4. When choosing keywords, use the right tools to make use you select keywords phrases that people in your niche are actually searching for. Target long tail keywords since that way it will be easier for you to rank.

5. As you are writing online for search engines, try as much as possible to blend in your keywords in your content without forcing them. Get different variation of your targeted keyword and use them in your article.

Today, engines spiders are intelligent enough to relate different keyword variations. For example, if you are targeting a keyword like “work online”, you can have vibrations like, “working online”, “online work” or “works online”. This way you will make your content readable to people and at the same time optimized for search engines.

Summary: Your webpages ranking well is the best way of driving traffic to your site through search engines. But if you rank poorly people will never know that your content exist thus your online writing will never be noticed.

On the other hand, if you are writing online just for your webpages to rank well and fail to write well, then visitors will leave your site without taking any action at all.

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Any expert marketer will attest to the fact that email marketing is the most powerful mode of internet promotion. But someone may ask, what is email marketing?

Email Marketing is offering your email subscribers content in addition to what you have on your blog. The power of having an email list is the ability to directly interact with your fans. It is also a way of having a personal relationship with your target audience.

When it comes to making money online, you need to make your viewers take action. Emails have a way of convincing even the skeptical buyers to react to your products. Therefore, as an online marketer you need to create your own email list.

Email marketing presents you with the opportunity to communicate with your list anytime you choose to. A website can someday go down, but not an email list. With an email list you are sure of reaching your customers even when the panda updates hit you and you have no more traffic to your blog.

If you are the kind of person that hangs around the online marketing circles am sure you have heard the phrase “money is in the list”. That is so true, but you need to approach email marketing cautiously. You should not look just to make sales online, but more so you have to add value to your subscribers.

When you share rich and informative content to your list, then obviously the money will come rolling in. One of the fastest ways of you losing your online reputation is through misusing your email list. Avoid at all cost to appear to your list that you are just out to make money from them.

There are people after setting up an opt-in list, disappear and only to send out an email two months down the line. Then to add insult to injury, the mail is filled with marketing pitches. In most cases, this will only make your subscribers think you are a spammer thus immediately unsubscribe from your emails.

Email marketing should ideally be a way to build relationships with your list. Therefore, you have to constantly be in touch by sending to your list useful information. This will make them get to know you and hence open your emails.

Remember that the information you send to your list should not be the same content on your site. Email messages work better when they are personalized.

Now that we have shared the different dimensions of email marketing, let us get down to business.

Here is how you can go about starting your email marketing campaign.

Get an account: The first step to take is identifying an email service company to work with. One of the best is Aweber. With Aweber you will be paying a monthly subscription fee of $19, but the first month you will only pay $1.

My reason of preferring Aweber is their customer service and that their service is so user friendly. Click here to open your own account today.

List Management: Once your account is created you will be able to access you control panel. On the control panel, go to the Create and Manage button. Here you will be provided with a form which you need to fill out your personal details. Also you will need to give a name to your list and a brief description for organization purposes.

This is the information that your email list will see whenever they receive an email from you. Normally, your contact details will appear at the bottom of all the emails you send out.

As per the law, an anti spam message also has to appear below your email messages right below your contact details.

Send Confirmation message: As we mentioned before, email marketing is about building relationships. Therefore, immediately someone subscribes to your list they need to get a message. This is where the confirmation message comes in.

You will be required to compose an email which will be sent immediately after someone subscribes to your list. Generally, the email comes with a link to confirm that the person is human and also to confirm that they want to be included in your list.

In addition, it is a way of making sure that the email that someone entered is a valid one. With Aweber, this email is already drafted for you though you have the option to customize it as you so wish.

An important feature to help in personalizing your email is a code which looks like this “{!name}”. Including this code at the beginning of your emails will automatically pick your subscriber’s name and add it to the emails you send.

mailing list managementThere are different options in the drop down menu. Hence it is important to go through all of them to see which one best suit your email marketing campaign.

Send a Thank You Message: Just below your confirmation email message option, you will see a section for sending thank your messages. Aweber calls them “Success Pages”. The best way to use this option is by sending to your opt-in list a thank you message for confirming their subscription.

The other thing to include in this email message is to welcome them to your newsletter and letting them know you will be sending them an email soon. Note: For you email marketing campaign to be effective, keep your promises.

Also to include in this email is a link to your website or blog. In case you promised to give out a free eBook or download, this is where you should include the link.

It is recommended that you request your subscribers to add your email to their contact list. This will ensure that your email messages do not land in the spam folder.

In this section there is also an advanced setting that is very important called the “Follow Up”. The follow up message is also pre-drafted and is sent out to your list upon subscribing.

The power of the follow up messages is the ability to schedule them so as the messages are send at certain intervals. In the work online marketing circles, this is called the “autoresponder”. Normally, you will have to come up with these emails which will be sent to your list at the time intervals you set.

Welcome email message: The first follow up email should be your welcome message. The best way to draft this message is to include

  1. Thanking your list for agreeing to sign up to your email marketing campaign.
  2. Add links to your website or your free downloads
  3. Pre-empty what you intend to offer to your subscribers. This should be a brief of what you have to offer them as relating to their online business.
  4. Right at the bottom of the email, you must include your contact details.

The follow up emails have two formats of which to write, the HTML or plain text formats. In most instances, email service companies recommend the plain text version. This is because there are people who have email that cannot read HTML messages.

But even with that, HTML messages have more features that you can use to better and effectively do email marketing. These features include using bold, italic or underlining text. In addition, you can opt to use different colors with HTML unlike plain text format.

Test email: The unwritten rule in email marketing is that you have to first send yourself the message. After you have drafted all the email messages always send yourself test messages.

This will help you proofread the messages and thus correct any typos and grammar mistakes.

mailing listCreate an Opt-in List Form: This is the where you get to formulate the form that will help you collect email addresses. With Aweber you will have the option of building your own form. In your control panel click the place written “Create Web form”.

Here you will be able to choose the size, fonts, color and text style. The ideal approach is to take your time and try different designs until you get what you want. Make certain the design is something that will flow with your blog theme.

A good form should collect your subscribers Name and email address. But this varies from one niche to another. After you have created your form you will be provided with a code to place on your blog or website.

The best place to position your opt-in form is at the sidebar. This is mainly because the side bar is displayed on every page your visitors go to.

Armed with this information am sure you will be in a position to launch your email marketing campaign. Since the invention of the internet, email marketing has remained one of the best online promotion strategies.

This means you are missing out of the online money by not implementing it. Now that you know, hope you will launch you email campaign right away.

SEO Web Content Myths That Must Have To Be Demystified

SEO Web Content Myths That Must Have To Be Demystified

Bloggers have for a long time struggled with two issues in regards to creating SEO based web content;

a. How to generate SEO content that helps them rank on search engines

b. Share content that is readable, convincing and insightful to their target audience

Balancing these two aspects is not easy, most of the time people end up compromising one for the other. For instance, you rank highly for targeted keyword but your content does little to increase your sales conversion rate.

A blogger always seeks to be known as a bona-fide expert sharing rich content that is educative. At the same time, publish SEO web content that search engines can know what the blog is all about. That calls for the use of keyword phrases that will ensure they attract high and targeted organic traffic.

This goes to show that creating web content is like walking a tight rope. You never know which article will catapult you to the top of the pack or which one will make you lose your online reputation all together.

blog writing

To add insult to injury, bloggers do not know what is considered as myth and what is real when it comes to generating SEO web content. On this article we want to demystify these myths. It is the high time people generating web content knew the difference between white hat and black hat strategies.

Here are 5 SEO content writing myths that we will demystify:

1. Content optimization is not as important as link popularity: Most bloggers think the more backlinks you purchase the faster and higher you will rank. In the process they forget that content creation is even more important than having many backlinks.

The problem with buying backlinks is that the growth of your link profile will not appear natural. This may work for some time but later it may raise a red flag and you will see your rankings dropping.

Publishing high quality web content is the best strategy to build your link profile. When you have content that people pick and share without much persuasion, you will definitely end up with high quality backlinks. Content is key especially when it gets to marketing on the internet.

2. High keyword density is the secret of ranking high: It is a known fact that keywords play a critical role in search engine positioning. You need to include your targeted keyword phrases within your blog posts, articles and sales copies in order for search engines to know what your content is all about.

But on the other hand, you need to be careful not to be spammy. If you over use keywords in your web content, you will end up with unreadable articles thus turn off readers and search engines.

It is advisable to always check your keyword density to make sure it is between 1% and 2%. If you use wordpress, you can install a plugin called WordPress SEO to help you check your keyword density.

Generally, keyword density in determined by the level on competition. If you find that the level of competition for a certain keyword is low, a density of 1% and 1.4% will be good enough for you to rank. As for the high competitive keywords, use a keyword density between 1.5% and 2%.

Note: Blend your keywords well to make sure that as readers go through your web content they do not notice that you have repeated certain words or phrases.

3. Re-published articles are considered duplicate web content: There is a big difference between syndicate content and duplicate content.

Syndicate content: This happens when people read your blog posts or articles then pick and publish them on their site.

Duplicate content: This refers to having the same content on several individual pages within one blog or website.

This signifies you need to create quality content to ensure that it gets syndicated and reach a wider target. If your articles appear on different sites was duplicate content, then how come press release sites stay in business? Press release firms do not duplicate your content; they in fact syndicate your web content.

The same applies to a site like CNN, where their content is picked and republished all over the internet and yet they remain top ranked.

web content writing4. Regular content update: Here we are referring to the regular updating of your existing web pages. Webmasters have been made to believe that regular updating of already published articles will help their individual web pages to rank better.

The best approach would be to generate new SEO web content on a regular basis. A new article or blog post can easily boost your search engine rankings than adding fresh content to an already published post. This is now more evident taking into account the new algorithm change called Google Fresh.

Google fresh which took effect on 5th November 2011 is meant to enhance user experience by providing browsers with more fresh content than before.

The reason that you should tweak your pages or homepage is if the page is not ranking well. But when your page is producing good results you do not need to change anything, instead add more optimized pages.

5. Maximum or minimum words that articles should have: For a long time, the required length of articles has been a hot debate. Some believe that a short article leaves readers yearning for more while others claim that long articles are better for SEO.

Whether an article should have 250 words or 1000 words all depends on what you are talking about. If you are discussing on a topic that requires 1000 words for people to get the point, then go right ahead. But in case you see that with 300 words the point will be passed on, then it is alright too.

Depending on what your topic is about, you need to be careful not to bore your readers with irrelevant content. There is no need to write an article with 2000 words in the name of ranking and keep on repeating the same point over and over again.

Quality web content is where readers feel that they have gained some insight and knowledge. You can achieve that by sometimes publishing articles with 500 words and other times with 1500 words.

Conclusion: After all has been said and done, content is key when it gets to marketing on the internet. Take time to research and address issues that you find people in your niche are struggling with. That way you can never go wrong as you create SEO web content.

Use the right keywords tools to ensure you target keywords phrases that are of high quality. In doing all the above, you will reach your target audience with rich SEO web content that is valuable and informative.

It does not matter if you have a big online business or a small work online blog, if you observe the above points you will be ranked together with the top bloggers.

If you feel I have left out important points, feel free to add them in the comment section below. You can also share this article with others using the social icon buttons displaying on the left of this blog post.

Web Video Advertising As A Home Business Entrepreneur

Web Video Advertising As A Home Business Entrepreneur

Internet video advertising is what most marketing experts are talking about now. If you ask me, video sharing is not the next big thing; it is the big thing now.

As a webmaster or blogger seeking to market your site, you need to take full advantage of web video advertising. Even though there are many myths circulating on the net about marketing using videos, you need to do your own research.

Research will help you to know what works and what doesn’t as regard video advertising. There are people out there who are out to complicate video marketing. These kinds of people are selfish and their main agenda is to sell to you some kind of product or service.

Am not saying you should not buy products or softwares to help you in online video advertising. But you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge first before purchasing anything.

People who complicate video promotion have made it seem like the skill is only for the veterans. But that is not the case, you too as a newbie can use online video advertising to generate traffic to your blog or website.

On this blog post you will learn some very important aspects of marketing with videos thus stay ahead of the pack. This article will share in detail the attributes of video advertisement and how you as a home based business entrepreneur can take advantage.

If you read to the end you will discover that video marketing is not what others would like you think. Below are important points and facts about video advertising that you need to know.

YouTube is not the only player: Anytime video sharing is mentioned the first site that comes to mind is YouTube. But you need to know that are other sites you can upload your videos and generate traffic to your site.

Some of the other video advertising sites include MetaCafe, Vimeo,, Daily Motions and Viddler among others. The secret is to post your videos on sites that are visited by your target audience.

The best way to leverage your online videos is to post to at least five video marketing sites. The ones we have listed above are among the top 5.

Posting on different sites helps when it comes to search engine listing. Your videos may show up in search results for people searching using your targeted keywords.

Video advertising as relating to search: On a previous article we talked on how google has a wide reach when it comes to search results. Studies show that on a daily basis, there are over 4.5 billion searches on google alone.

But did you know that on YouTube there are about 4 billion video views daily? In short, this is to tell you that YouTube is the second biggest search engine. In addition, this is an indication that there is a big probability of you channeling some of this traffic to your website or blog.

As an online marketer, you realize that the more traffic you generate the higher your chances of making money online. Therefore, as much as the competition is high, there is a lot of traffic generated on YouTube you can tap into.

As you seek to optimize through blogging, article marketing and social media marketing, also add video marketing in your array of online marketing arsenals.

One of the most important elements of video advertising is the description file. Search engines cannot tell what is contained in your videos unless you fill out the description file.

Here is where to you get to fill in the title of your video, add a short description and include your keywords/tags. Make certain in the three fields you mention your targeted keyword phrase. Optimizing your videos increases the chances of appearing on YouTube search listing, you will also boost the chances of appearing in search engine result pages.

On YouTube, you can also optimize your about me details. Use this section to describe yourself using you targeted keyword phrases.

Take it a notch higher by categorizing your videos. Make sure that each category you add is a targeted keyword phrase. For example, if your videos are about online marketing you can create a menu with name categories such as like video marketing, work from home tactics, make money online, online marketing strategies and so forth.

By seizing every opportunity to optimize your video advertising account on YouTube or any other video sharing site, you will be ahead of other people in the same niche.

video advertising

It is critical you pick your keywords wisely. You are better off using long tail keywords than short tail key terms. The advantage of long tail keywords is that they are less competitive thus you will rank higher and faster. In addition, long tail keywords will ensure you generate more targeted viewers.

Use tools like Google Keyword Tool (Free), Google Insight (Free), Keyword Winner (Paid) or Keyword Discovery (Paid) to research on the best keyword phrases.

Length of video clip: According to the new algorithm change as regards written content, the longer your article the better for you.

This has been my observation; the articles that I have shared the most information are bringing me more organic traffic. In addition, the long articles seem to be shared more than the shorter articles.

To read more on this topic have a look at this post: Impact Of Article Word Count In relation To SEO Ranking.

Anyway to get back to our article, people assume that the longer your videos the better. That is far from the case, sometimes you just need to submit short video clips to rely your information.

Most people have a short attention span thus will get bored if you post long videos. Therefore, what matters most in online video adverting is the quality production and message script. Sometimes you will need a long video while other times a clip of 2 minutes will be more than enough.

Ideally, share videos that will engage your audience to the end. Come to think of it, news reporters can squeeze information in a space of 1 minute and still be able to report on the news headlines effectively.

If the above is possible, then the length of your videos doesn’t have to be a big deal. What you need to ask yourself is this, are people able to get the video advertising message am passing along?

Video presentation: When it comes to online marketing especially video advertising first impressions really count. That is why most people who are not so eloquent or camera shy keep away from video sharing.

Web marketing experts say that by people seeing your face it helps boost your online reputation. People love it when they know whom they are dealing with. There are many online con artists thus the reason for people to hear and see you in order to gain trust.

But if you think you are not confident enough to talk in front of a camera, there are ways to get around it. One of the best tactics of starting out in video marketing is to do voiceovers where people hear you but don’t see you.

With time you will gain confidence and that is when you can show your face. When doing voiceovers make sure you have captivating animations and well written messages or video scripts. This ensures you do not bore your viewers.

We all have our strengths and weakness; therefore if appearing on camera is not your cup of tea don’t worry.  You don’t need to have the face like Brad Pritt and the voice of Richard Quest to produce your videos. Just look presentable and if you are able to speak fluently and clearly you are go to go.

The one thing that makes people quiver at the thought of producing videos is the number of people who will watch the clip. In order to overcome that fear, assume you are talking to one of your valued customers. By assuming so you will feel as if you are having a chit chat with one person thus your confidence will raise.

Social sharing aspect: One of the most powerful elements of video advertising is viral marketing. This is why you have to produce videos that are worth sharing.

Before you upload your videos, ask yourself if you were the viewer would you click on a social icon to share with your friends? If the answer is yes, then you have increased the chances of succeeding in video sharing.

By the way, you do not need to have a lot of money like a bank to produce quality videos. With a good camera and editing software you can come up with videos that can spread on the internet like wild fire.

Another thing you can do to help your videos go viral is to ask your close friends to share with their friends. You just never know, some of your friends fans may like the videos and end up re-tweeting or sharing on facebook.

Creativity: If you forget everything discussed on this post about video marketing, please do not forget the aspect of originality. The secret of succeeding in video advertising is creativity.

video advertisingBig companies spend a lot of money hiring producers and using state of the art studios and cameras. But you do not need to take the same route to come up with creative videos. What you should focus on is sharing content that is insightful, helpful and relevant to your target viewers.

If you can produce memorable videos, then for sure your audiences will share the videos with their friends and colleagues. Creativity is about thinking outside the box. If you cannot afford to produce your videos in a state of the art studio, then turn one of your rooms into a studio.

In addition, you can get affordable but still high quality editing software that will help you in producing your video clips. You may not be the best producer in the world, but if you keep at it you will definitely learn the art hence submit smashing videos that are educative and at the same time captivating.

An aspect of producing videos that calls for real originality is your video scripts. The more compelling your messages are the higher the chances of people clicking on the social sharing buttons.

The best way of come up with entrancing online video scripts is to see what others are doing. Watch videos that have been uploaded by your competitors, then get down to work and do a better job.

Listen to their scripts so as to learn how to phrase your messages. As you listen to more video advertising messages, with time you will be an expert on what to say on your own videos scripts.

Rome was not built in one day; therefore expect your first videos to sometime flop. Practice makes perfect thus the more videos you keep on producing the better you will become.

Do not procrastinate: Most people are guilty of procrastinating thus the reason to start your video advertising campaign right away. The longer you wait the longer it will take you to make an impact.

Since many people procrastinate, if you set out to begin producing your own videos now you will be ahead on 80% of online marketers.

Do not come up with excuses such as saying you do not have enough funds, you do not have a good enough camera, you do not have the charisma of James Bond, your computer specs are inferior or you do not have a good voice. As we have seen you don’t need to own a bank to come up with informative videos.

While others are waiting to start with video advertising you should be can taking action right now. As people come up with excuses they will be giving your headway but if only you get down to work.

As we speak, few bloggers and webmasters have taken full advantage of video promotion. Therefore, if you have an internet home based business it the high time you thought of adding video advertising in your array of internet marketing strategies.

Summary: The many myths surrounding internet marketing as regards to video promotion are mostly misplaced. Video advertising is not difficult as some would like you to think and thus it should not give you creepy feelings.

All you need to have is the right mindset, skills and tools. As for the right message, you have to read widely hence equip yourself with quality information to share with your target audience.

It is from the information you share you get to draw in viewers in masses and you bet your videos will have a great viral effect.

Do you have something more to add share regarding this topic? Post your remarks in the section provided below. You can also enter your email address in the section displaying in the sidebar to get our blog updates.

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9 Techniques To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

9 Techniques To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

One thing that you will find most bloggers inquiring about is how to get more traffic to their websites or blogs. This does not only apply to bloggers alone, online network marketers who really count on numbers to make money also need more traffic.

The reason of coming up with this article is so that it can act as a one stop shop for best strategies of attracting more traffic to whatever online business you have. By now you all know that to make money online as you work at home you need traffic.

The more traffic you have the more chances of conversion thus generate income from home with ease. But it would be of more benefit to your internet business if the traffic you are generating was targeted. The tactics that we’ll be discussed on this write up will be on reaching people in your niche.

Since some of the strategies of getting more traffic have been discussed in details on other posts, I will provide you with links leading to the specific webpages. It is always a joy to see people who work online prospering hence the reason of this article.

Here are the top 9 techniques of driving unique and steady stream of targeted traffic to your blog as you work online from home.

1: Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign: Experts on internet marketing advice that before you choose the keyword phrases to target in your blog, you should try setting up a PPC campaign first. This will help you to determine faster the conversion rate of a particular keyword.

Though PPC campaigns can be expensive, they will save you a lot of time in terms of choosing the right keywords to target. Remember the more traffic that is targeted you generate, the more success you will have in online money making.

One of the best places to start a pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign is opening an account at Google Adwords.

2: Audio and Video Marketing: Content is KING if you want to generate more traffic to your blog. There are several ways of creating content and video marketing is definitely one on them.

There are people who are not good at reading but are good listeners or views. These are the kinds of people that will grasp better when you put up a video clip or a sound recording.

Having written content all over your blog can be quite boring to some people therefore it is advisable to blend your written content with relevant images and sometimes adding videos. Studies have proven that videos have a high rate of retaining visitors on your blog thus increasing your conversion rate.

Some of the sites you can visit and add your videos include MetaCafe and YouTube. There are also sites that can enable you convert your blog content to videos, click here to read more on that.

3: RSS feeds marketing: One of the best tactics of generating more traffic to your blog is through RSS feeds. The sad part is that most bloggers and webmaster are yet to realize this. In fact, this is one of the most underutilized arsenals of online marketing.

For those of you who read my daily posts you must have seen the blog post I shared in detail about the power of RSS feeds marketing.

4: Using newsletters classified adverts: Did you know that there are newsletter publishers that offer new subscribers with space to advertise their businesses or products?

When you get such an opportunity, the secret is to promote a product with high value but is affordable. If you what to market a blog through newsletters classified ads, make sure the content is of very high value to the people in that niche.

Newsletter ads also act a testing ground to measure the response of buyers and your marketing campaigns. With such testing you will be able to tell the right keywords phrases to use, and then implement in your PPC campaigns. The same words can also act as your signature in your email marketing or on forum sites.

5: Email marketing: A simple but yet effective strategy of attracting more traffic to your blog is through your email address. By just adding a signature in your email account setting, can considerably increase your blog traffic.

This will mean every email you send an email to your contacts it will contain your signature. The idea is to add a hyperlink leading to your blog in your signature. It is important to make your signature catchy by maybe adding a slogan or a catchy phrase.

The beauty of setting up a signature is that once you set it up it is automatically picked and added below all your outgoing emails.

6: Starting a contest: People naturally love free things and hence they will seize every opportunity to win something. The secret of running a successful online contest is to choose something that people in your niche really need.

So as to get more traffic that is targeted, select a product that is in high demand within your niche but of little value to people in other niches.

more trafficFor example; if your targeted audience are people interested in search engine optimization, it is not advisable to put a computer as your price. You would be better off having keyword research software as your prize.

7: Writing and distributing reports, reviews and articles: For me this is the most powerful technique of getting more traffic to my blog. If you have been blogging for a while it is time you thought of coming up with an eBook.

Remember to add a link pointing back to your blog in your eBook. This will really help if your eBooks goes viral. You can choose to either sell your eBook or offer free downloads to your visitors.

Writing product reviews and submitting content on article directories will bring you more traffic which is targeted. The best approach to content sharing is coming up will insightful and educative content. This will lead to people picking your articles and publishing them on their blogs or websites.

This viral effect can greatly lead to you getting more traffic for free. The same can happen with quality eBooks, people can reprint your eBooks and since you have included links pointing to your homepage and webpages you will attract more traffic.

8: Forming or joining networking sites: Some of the sites you can visit and form your own group include Ning and Facebook. Ideally, networking sites act a platform for people in the same niche to meet and share information.

In the process you will also be able to market your blog and get more traffic or promote your products and services.

As for a social media networking sites like facebook you can start a fan page.

9: Joining and participation in niche online forum sites: Online forums have for a long time now helped many online marketers generate traffic at will. For those who which to build an online brand name then forum marketing is the thing for you.

The power of forum marketing comes in the fact that you share your expertise. The more you keep solving people’s problems the more they get to know you thus increasing your online presences.

An element that is considered critical on forum websites is the signature. This is the slogans that will appear below every thread you start and every remark you submit. Try to have a signature with a hyperlink that includes relevant keywords as your anchor text.

Note: It is best to offer relevant and quality threads and comments. Once you do that, it will mean people will quickly click the hyperlink in your signature to know more about you. This will enable you get more traffic that is highly targeted and free.

Conclusion: If you note very well, all the above techniques of driving more traffic have two things in common. First, they all help you generate direct traffic to your blog or website. Secondly, they assist you increase your site rankings on search engines result pages.

This is what is referred to as, killing two birds with one stone. Where with one online marketing technique you get drive direct traffic and still boost your link popularity.

Are We About To Witness The Demise Of Yahoo Search?

Are We About To Witness The Demise Of Yahoo Search?

Towards the end of July 2009 Yahoo and Bing reached a deal that was to see the two companies in partnership for 10 years. In the deal, Bing was to take care of search while yahoo handled the ad sales docket.

The aim of the deal was to try and counter Google’s dominance. Though google has lost some ground to the two companies, google still seats pretty at the top.

Until this year, Yahoo search was second and Bing coming in a close 3rd. Now the tables have been turn and Bing is 2nd and Yahoo 3rd in terms of internet search.

With all this fight for internet search dominance going on, it comes as no surprise that the 10 year deal between Yahoo and Bing could be coming to a premature end.  This is according to the rumors taking rounds on the search business world.

This takes me back to an article posted on Betanews by Joe Wilcox detailing why the deal between Yahoo and Microsoft was bound to fail.

Joe stated 3 reasons why the deal was not going to work. I loved the 3rd reason where he said that Yahoo’s main business was in search. This was the case even when a small time search engine called Google came alone and overtook them.

According to Joe, it would be a matter of time before Bing took advantage of the deal and beat yahoo at its own game. He was so right because 3 years down the line Bing is now placed second after Google in terms of search.

One thing is for sure, the once giant of web search, Yahoo, has been going through a turmoil in recent years. The company has gone through several issues which include several top management changes, loss of property and extensive layoffs.

Most pundits have predicted that if Yahoo does not put its house in order the company may soon come to its knees.

Do you agree with what expert are claiming; that we are about to see the end of Yahoo search? Share your opinions in the comment section appearing below this post.

According to Kevin Ryan the CEO of Motivity Marketing, the end of the search alliance between Yahoo and Bing could easy see the end of Yahoo search.

yahoo web searchRumor has it that the deal between to two search giants is not going well and thus may not go the 10 years as planned. This was according to Kevin who went further to say that Yahoo should try figure out on how to improve their search.

Back in 2009 experts had different views about the Microsoft and Yahoo search alliance deal. According to Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, the signing of the deal was a major feat for Bing and to quote his exact words ‘…a lot of questions for Yahoo…”

By the look of things, Yahoo web search started taking a downward spiral when they handed over their search to Bing; this was according to Ryan.

As I have said, so far all these are rumors and only time will tell if the two top search engines will stick to the 10 year plan. However, if Microsoft and Yahoo actually go separate ways, then Yahoo will have to find strategies of reviving their search or sell their search business off.

Industry experts say that the main undoing at Yahoo is the lack of innovation. It is the high time that Yahoo found a way of reinventing the company especially in the area of web search.

That is not to say it is all gloom at Yahoo. A look at their media section paints a rosy picture. The yahoo news homepage counter shows that they get millions of hits at any given day.

It is believed that same success that Yahoo has achieved with their news section should be transferred to yahoo internet search. Personally, I think they can do it but that will happen if they first put their house in order.

It will be sad to see the end of yahoo search which was once a leader in the industry. As we speak, search is big business and thus Yahoo needs to come up with strategies to better satisfy the needs of their searchers and more importantly advertisers.

What Yahoo needs to do to come out of the ashes:

One opportunity that yahoo has to improve their web search results is to take the same route that Google took. This is by coming up with a social site and use it as a search parameter to rank websites.

Right now the talk in the internet search world is the use of social signals to rank websites. Taking into account that Google is not doing so well in this front, Yahoo should seize the opportunity and create a social site that will push them to their original position.

Since a culture of innovation is key; Yahoo should work on motivating their staff and thus create an atmosphere for creation of new and better ideas. The company also needs to sort their top management issues once and for all.

If the now interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn is going to take over the helm of the company, our hope is that he will bring changes that will help save the once King of internet search.

Another positive thing amidst all these rumors about the future of yahoo search is Alibaba buying back shares at Yahoo.  The two companies have reached a deal where the Chinese company bought shares at yahoo worth $7 billion.

These funds if utilized well will go a long way to breathing new life to yahoo online search and the company as a whole.

Summary: Millions of people the world over are watching with bated breath to see where the dice will fall. I know of many people who still know nothing else but yahoo when it comes to internet search and email.

If the clock was to be turn back, would yahoo still go into a deal with Bing? Maybe they would, but I don’t think they would give Microsoft access to their search technologies and data. Yahoo has defiantly learned a lesson from this deal.

Some time back I posted and article showing how conversation rate on Yahoo search is better than Google. This is because people browsing using Google take more time before making a decision to buy.

On the other hand, the search may be low but the conversion rate is higher on Yahoo making online business entrepreneurs, like myself, wish all the best to Yahoo.

Do you think yahoo should throw in the towel as far as search is concerned? Share your views in the comment section appearing below.

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Community Aspect Of Social Media Strategy In Marketing

Community Aspect Of Social Media Strategy In Marketing

The best approach to social media strategy is to create conversation. This means that you have to at all cost avoid the use of strong marketing pitches as you relate with people. It is so good to see that some people have embraced the concept of rapport in social sites.

On this article, let us discuss the practical aspects of social media strategy that really work. Remember, the underlining factor in social media networking is to build a brand name. But that is not the only thing, once you have established a brand name; you have got to get into people’s wallets.

Some the questions to ask in social media strategy include:

– What do you stand to gain when by sticking conversations and building relationships?

– How does your branding help you increase conversion rate?

If you can answer these two questions appropriately, then making money from home using social media strategy will be easy and fast. To make things easy for you we are going to tackle this questions head on and see how best to use social media strategy to increase conversion rate.

Over the years one of the best strategies of marketing is word of mouth. If you can get your site visitors to talk about your content or products then you are on the right track. Find a way to make your audience advocate your site to others.

A company that does this well is BMW. When someone buys a new BMW car, they are usually burning to tell and show off to their friends about the machine they just acquired. It will not take long before you see friends that hang out together all having the same make of car.

Therefore, find a way to make people talk about your site or product and you will make sales. Let people feel like they own some shares in your brand name.

Here are 5 aspects to consider when using social media strategy in online marketing:

1. Know where your target audiences go to socialize: Social media sites are not the only places that you can find people in your niche. There are online forums and personal websites that you can be active on and still reach your audience.

So any place you identify that people in your niche congregate is an opportunity to implement social media strategy. Visit a blog is your niche which has high traffic and post comments that are relevant and educative.

You can also launch your own blog and create a platform to socialize with your customers. Having a fan page on a site with facebook will also ensure you implement social media strategy adequately. Just make sure that your updates are rich and are posted on frequent bases.

social media strategy2. Respond to all questions and comments: One of the best ways of making sure that your social media strategy works is responding to customers. It does not matter if the person responding is a big shot or some small guy.

The same agency you would give a comment made by a big company should be the same way you respond to a comment made by small timer. Treat that little guy as a further big shot by showing interest in what he has to say. Every feedback you get is an opportunity to boost your brand name and get people talking about your products or website.

For instance, if you ever come across someone talking about your site or product on a different forum become a fan. Show your appreciation by shining a spot light on that person and others will notice how you treat and respect your fans.

3. Find channels to fully educate your customers about your products: The information passed on from one person to another is critical when it gets to social media strategy. One misinterpretation can easily hurt your online work business.

So as to ensure people pass on the right message, make sure you update your audience regularly with quality information about your products. Your content should be easy to understand thus avoid the use of tough terms that can be misunderstood.

If you are selling items that use high technical terms, try and break down the product specifications so that user can understand well. Another approach is to conduct interviews where experts can come in and talk about the products in detail.

Following customers’ comments is very important in ensuring your social media strategy works. Sometimes it is good to jump in conversations started on other sites about your content or products. Online forums offer a fertile ground to boost your brand.

If you see a valuable and quiet thread about your product, you can take it up by offering more insight. It will not take long before others jump in the conversation thus your brand going viral.

You should be the first one to advocate for your product or website. When fans see you initiative especially if your product is of good quality, they will help you spread the word around.

Social media strategy is best implemented when you join in conversations; start up hot debates and keeping people talking as long as possible about your products.

4. Award your loyal fans: When we say rewarding it does not necessarily mean big cash rewards and the like. Sometimes just a small gesture of appreciation can go a long way in social media strategy brand marketing.

This gesture can be simply recognizing your loyal fans but mentioning their names on your site or fan page. Appreciation can be in form of offering a quality backlink to the reader that posts the most valuable comments on your blog.

5. Wear the shoes of your readers and customers: The simplest way to put this is that you need to add a human touch in social media strategy. Having a big fan base or list is not the secret to getting people interested in your site or products. You also need to know how to communicate with your audience.

The ultimate secret of relating with customers and visitors is through connecting with them at their level. Wear the shoes of your audience and you will have a better perspective of how to relate with them. Add a human touch to your social media strategy and your conversion rate will sky rocket.

Summary: Think of a product that you love and try and see what made you advocate for it. Then extent the same thought to the way you advertise and promote your site or products. With time you will capture the attention of people thus succeed in social media strategy.

Home Blog Hints For Web Traffic And Reader Retention

Home Blog Hints For Web Traffic And Reader Retention

Prior to launching a home blog you need to really contemplate on the ideal strategies which will make your home business rewarding, especially if you plan to generate income online through blogging.

Ideally a blog is a very powerful tool to use on the internet. It is regarded as a social marketing tool since it is different from a website. While you are able to interact on a blog by offering your comments, on a website you cannot respond to content that has been posted.

In fact, if you have a home business website one of the best ways of promoting it is having a blog within it. Here your visitors can submit their feedback and opinions. It goes to show just how useful having a home blog can be to your internet home business.

It is very important that you go through and respond to the comments posted on your blog. By reading the feedback from your readers you will get an overview on your content and know where you need to improve. Readers will also help you realize which topics they need to be discussed.

The best strategy of succeeding in blogging is doing research. For example, you can do a search on the major search engines for main keywords used in your niche. Identify the top home blog in your niche and go through the content. Knowing what your competition is writing about and the products he/she is promoting will ease your blogging experience.

bloggingThere are numerous top home blog owners who are prospering in the online market place hence you need to consider their technique of blogging. Taking up their very best blogging techniques will allow you to make money from your blog even as you work online.

Here are a few home blog ideas to think about…

Homepage Content: It is critical that when visitors come to your homepage they should right away know what your home blog is all about. It should take an average of 10 seconds for your guests to realize the content of your blog. Choosing a relevant and captivating Title and Tagline is the first thing you need to do.

The first line of your articles should help readers determine what your content is about. In short, when writing your posts go straight to the point. If your template theme has a featured article section, ensure that the content is descriptive enough for your readers to know what you are writing about. This will ensure they click on the Read More link.

If you have a logo on your blog it needs to be easy to understand thus assist your viewers know what your blog has to offer. If you do not have a logo then it is advisable you create one since it makes your home blog appear professional.

The template you opt for plays a major role in enhancing the first impression of your home page. Select a theme template that is user friendly to both you and your readers. The template also needs to be appealing to the eye thereby retaining readers on your web pages.

Captivate Your Audience: The most effective blogging advice is to be sure that your blog has a unique and appealing content to your targeted audience. To achieve this, pick a sector that is vast hence furnishing your site visitors will plenty of brand new and useful content.

At this point you ought to have realized that focusing on a specific niche market is vital in making sure you make money blogging and much more so boost viewer retention on your blog.

When you focus on one target audience search engine will have an easy time finding out what your home blog is all about. Make sure you use different keywords for every post you publish but the key terms have to be from the same niche.

Add Images: No one likes going through endless text, actually studies have shown that most people just scan through content and rarely read. Uploading pictures is an excellent way for getting the attention of your readers.

Since search engine robots cannot read images, make certain that you add Alternate text in your images. Readers love clicking on images, therefore ensure you also add links leading to other pages within your home blog. This is also called internal linking and it helps search engine crawl your web pages and index them.

Whenever you are selecting images to include within your content, pick the ones that are relevant to your stories. This ensures that your content theme is flowing hence boosting your visitors experience.

Address Issues: Picking a topic that has a wide range of topics to discuss about helps you to always submit content on numerous subjects hence stay clear of boring your subscribers. Learn the preferences of the people in your niche and offer them quality content.

The presumption that anything you discuss will charm other readers is the real cause of several bloggers failing. So, the most suitable home blog solution is to discover from your target audience what they really want to read or resolve.

Home bloggingBe up to date with what is happening in your industry by subscribing to top bloggers’ RSS feeds, newsletters, emails and bookmarking their blogs. You can also follow the gurus in your niche on facebook and twitter. By doing this you will always be ahead of the game thus offer your readers fresh content all the time.

Write Educative Content: For instance, if you decide to launch a website on your favorite hairy pet only a few people will find it fascinating when you keep on talking about your family pet. You may be discussing about your cat whilst there are folks out there who would prefer spiders as pets.

The most effective blogging guide would be to launch a home blog related to pet hygiene. This will help you to have a diverse range of viewers and matters to talk about hence visitors will never be bored of visiting your blog site.

Domain Name: The web address you purchase is critical in enabling browsers and engine bots know what your site is about, thus when selecting a domain name take time to choose the right keyword phrases. Getting a keyword based domain name will help you rank on search engine and in addition ensure readers realize right away what your home blog is all about.

Running a home blog is centered on originality, so seek to be imaginative and you will capture the attention of your target market. It is true that the competition nowadays is stiff when it comes to blogging but that should not scare you.

All you need is to do is cut your niche and use the right strategies and you will soon be considered an expert. Even the top bloggers started out as amateurs and because of their persistence they have perfected the art of blogging.

The secret is to be patient and remain focused and you will reap the full benefits of having a home blog. For more tips about blogging, work online jobs and home business, click on the links below.

Will General Motors Pulling Out From Facebook Advertising Change Much?

Will General Motors Pulling Out From Facebook Advertising Change Much?

With over 900 million active members, facebook is definitely the home of socializing. Any sound business entrepreneur knows the impact that social sites can have on business growth especially when it comes to promoting products and services.

It is obvious that wherever there are people gathered there is money exchanging hands. This is why both big and small companies have invested millions of dollars on facebook advertising.

As we all know, on 18th May 2012 facebook made its first initial public offer (IPO). According to stock traders this has been the most heavily traded stock ever. Investors believe this has been due to the continuous growth of facebook in terms of subscriber base among other factors.

The same week the IPO was to go live, two major events took place. The first was the release of a shocking study that revealed that Google advertising was doing better than Facebook in terms of ad targeting and revenue.

Just after that, General Motors (GM) announced that they had pulled out over $10 million of their advertising on facebook stating lack of ROI.

These two announcements could not have come at a worse time, social media was on a high and this IPO was to be the pinnacle of social media business.

As much as facebook would not want people to withdraw from marketing on facebook, it is important to note that facebook main agenda has always been to offer a platform for users to socialize.

Before you decide to use facebook for marketing, there is need to know how to manage your social advertising campaign. Do not assume that with 900 million people congregating at one place automatically means you will make sales.

GM was expecting too much from advertising on facebook due to the numbers but in the process forgot the reason people are on facebook. The best approach to social media advertising is finding a way to tactfully create adverts that have captivating content and also include an element of innovation.

Notwithstanding, the pronouncements that were made last week together with other market factors did contribute a great deal in the drop of price to below $38 of the initial Facebook IPO offer.

Questions still linger on with the timing of the announcement with many people saying they were intentional while others think it was coincidental.

What next for Facebook?

The grip that facebook has on the internet is in terms of numbers and business promotion is not to be matched. Looking at the increase in subscriber base, facebook is set to hit 1 billion users by the end of the year.

By all standards, this is not a small feat. Recently, facebook has been updating their site, the latest been timeline. With timeline business people are able to increase their Click Through Rate thus engage their audience even more.

This is a clear indication that the future of facebook advertisement is very bright. The site still has a chance to update their site to better take care of the needs of facebook advertisers and in the process attract other high profile companies.

Larry Kim of WorldStream, the company that released the report showing that facebook was trailing behind Google in terms of advertising said, “Advertising on facebook is not the best way to sell online”. The reason for Kim to say this is because from the start facebook has not been keen on advertising.

It would take major structural and change of tact for facebook to move their focus to advertising. The reason that users have become addicted to facebook is the lack of intrusion which most sites do by concentrating more on advertising.

Going by the words of Mark Zuckerberg; money made from advertising has definitely helped facebook to grow, but he was not going to seat back and see advertisement ruin what people have come to know facebook for which is to provide a conducive ground for socialize.

facebook IPO

Whether you agree with him or not it depends on which side of the fence you are seated on. If you are an advertiser, Mark’s accouchements will leave a bitter taste in your mouth the same way General Motors felt.

As for the 900 million users this comes as a great relieve. No one wants to be bombarded with ads when he or she is trying to bond with friends and relatives. If companies cannot come up with effective marketing campaigns to advertise on facebook then the writing is on the wall, users first and advertisements a distant second.

A look at how facebook has been operating for the last ten years shows that their focus has never been on advertisement. I believe that is what has made facebook become a powerhouse on the internet behind google.

Kim also noted how facebook has been improving their features (e.g timeline) to help boost user experience and nothing in regards to providing a fertile ground for advertisers. In fact, if you look at facebook advertising you will note they are more than 5 years behind in terms of innovation.

It goes without say that it was just a matter of time and advertisers like GM would withdraw from advertising on facebook. Anyway, why budget on marketing at a site that does not care about improving their advertising platform.

But one fact still remains undeniable; you simply cannot ignore a site that is set to hit 1 billion users before the end of 2012. These number means that facebook has in its possession huge data of what people are looking for on the web.

It is this ability to reach many people that will make facebook a force to reckon with even when it comes to advertising. You can bet that as you are reading this article, a company is busy researching on how best to market their business on facebook. In fact, someone right now is entering his/her credit card details in order to advertise his or her products of facebook.

Therefore, the issue is not whether people will advertise on facebook or not, rather the focus will be how to effectively use facebook to promote your products and services. That is want GM needed to consider rather than saying facebook advertising does not work.

ROI is critical when it gets to business thus the reason why marketers need to strategize first before making any move. Wishing away facebook is like leaving money on the table considering the information they have with regards to people needs.

Advertisement is more about reach and knowing people’s preferences which without a doubt facebook has. You just never know, in the future facebook may decide to improve on advertising effectiveness but that I’m sure will not be done at the expense of their users.

So far, users are a happy lot going by the statistics and this by any measure is the reason of facebook success. Messing this up in the name of pleasing advertisers would be a big gaffe.

How does the future look after the facebook IPO:

Though the stock dropped after the IPO does not mean facebook is going down. This was bound to happen with the current market volatility in recent years.

By the look of things the drop in price is just but a small hiccup. Though many traders say that for a stock to drop below its IPO offer price is deemed as a disappointment, I think facebook stock is going to improve.

If you don’t believe it then watch this space.

Summary: The reason that facebook was able to overtake once big sites like MySpace was because they considered the needs of users first. I don’t expect the pulling out of GM to really affect the momentum of facebook growth.

Users’ on facebook first priority is to connect with friends and family. Clicking on advertisements is far from their mind, anyway who wants to be sold to when he is trying to build relationships?

Whatever facebook has been doing seems to be working for them and they should not be deterred by any company or report for that matter. As for their stock, it will be a matter of time before you see it hitting the roof and those who are dismissing facebook at this juncture are making a big mistake.

Keep doing what you know best Mark; you have over 900 million people right behind you.

Would you like facebook to improve their advertising? Post your opinions in the comment section appearing below for the world to know your views.

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SEO Article Writing Compared To Writing For Visitors

SEO Article Writing Compared To Writing For Visitors

If you go out on a search for the search engine optimization services, then one thing you are likely to encounter is SEO article writing. Online marketers go on and on about the importance of creating content for both search engines and people.

But as you all know this can be quite tasking to some extent. The challenge comes in that sometimes you need to force your targeted keyword phrases within your articles. This in turn makes parts of your content not to make any sense to readers.

There are those that have perfected the art of SEO content creation, but still the monotony of repeating certain words deprive their articles of real flavor. Then the big question is; does it reach a point that one can forget about this entire SEO article writing stuff and just write informative content?

It gets to a stage that you as a blogger just want to write from your heart without caring about search engines. SEO experts may say that you may have very good content but no one will find your articles if you do not optimize them. To some extent this is not entirely true; there are some advantages of just writing for your target audience.

Back to the big question; yes, you can get to a point and forget about optimizing all your articles. SEO article writing is good when you are starting off your blog. This is because you want search engines to know what your blog topic is all about.

To avoid overstuffing your blog content with keyword phrases, you need to at some stage just create content that is geared towards addressing people’s needs. The thought that writing article for SEO is the ultimate secret of generating organic traffic is misplaced.

The problem of concentrating so much on SEO article writing is the fact that bloggers forget about the needs of their target audience. In the process blog owners end up posting content that is not educative or interesting to readers.

Writing content that is optimized for your targeted keywords is good to some level, but it should not be at the expense of your visitors. You can show up on top of Google search result pages and still have a very low conversion rate.

As you draft your articles the first thing you need to ask yourself is this, what are the needs of the people you are targeting? The best way to get the answer to that is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

For example, if you visit a site that is product based what content would you prefer to find? Would you like to get information on how to buy products, the prices, product information or the history of the products?

The answer to that is rather simple and that is what you should also offer your visitors. Therefore, rather than start a wild goose chase for targeted visitors by writing SEO articles, post content that offer product information and history.

The internet was created so that people can share information with ease. Furthermore, search engines are out to ensure their uses get quality information. Therefore, if you post insightful content then search engines will find that content and give it to people as they browse.

It is alright to post content that is driven towards adding SEO value but not all the time. Just because some SEO expert said that SEO content writing is the only way to boost your blog rankings does not mean they are right.

article writing for peopleHere are the reasons why writing for your audience is better than SEO article writing

a. The advantage of writing for your audience is that you will concentrate more on giving valuable information. But with SEO article writing, you will in most cases post content that is not relevant.

b. Focusing so much on SEO content influences negatively how you write since you will concentrate more about search engines than your target viewers. Remember, best content creation is when every blog post you publish adds value to your readers and not search engines. In any case, people are the ones who will buy your products and not search engines.

For every post you share on your blog make sure it is informative. If your audiences are interested on content about home income generating opportunities or best fashion trends in the market, then go ahead and give them just that.

Am sure even when you are publishing an article that is only aimed towards SEO you sense something is amiss. In order to make money online from home, your goal should be to capture the attention of your readers. And the only way to do that is write from your audience perspective.

Learning the preferences of your target audience will guarantee that you offer relevant content. It will also help you know what to say so as to compel your visitors to buy your products. Post articles that explain about products and why they should purchase them.

Write articles that explain why a certain product is better than a previous one. Share on the differences between one version of a product and the latest version. In this way readers will feel that they are buying products from an informed position and they will get their money’s worth.

c. By not focusing so much on SEO article writing you will boost your blog SEO value naturally. This is because people will consider you an expert in your niche thus link to your webpages.

d. Writing for viewers will ensure you only bring in visitors that are ready to buy. This is mainly because you will rank for long tail keywords which are known to convert better than short tail keywords. With time you will notice that your overall site SEO profile will grow thus generate high volume of targeted audience.

Summary: Before you think of writing for search engines, write for people. Seek first on ways to fill the gap in your market niche before writing SEO articles. Optimize your blog when you are starting but with time create content that is geared more towards doing business.

Provide to your visitors all the information they need to help them make informed decisions. The way to achieve that is by getting into the minds of your target audience and offering them exactly what they are searching for. SEO article writing is good to some point but can be detrimental to your overall conversion rate.

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