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On Site Management That Guarantee Top Site Ranking

On Site Management That Guarantee Top Site Ranking

On site management is an ongoing process that ideally never comes to an end. This is especially so in regards to search engine optimization (SEO). Most online marketers assume that the only important aspect of SEO is external linking, but they end up forgetting that onsite SEO is equally very critical.

Proper SEO is where you combine both inbound linking strategies with on site management so as to achieve best results. Periodically (3 or 4 times in a year), you should revisit your old pages and do some touchups to ensure the pages remain relevant and have SEO impact.

On this write up let us discuss 4 aspects of on site management that you need to revisit.

Rebranding: In order to succeed in work online home business you need to have a blog or website. With a blog or website in place, it is advisable to monitor market trends and when necessary rebrand your business.

Changing your blog design can be a good way of rebranding. Probably, when you were starting your site you weren’t so sure of the right colors and theme to use. But as time moves on you will be able to determine the right template and color scheme to rebrand your blog or website with.

Apart from color schemes, other things you can change in regards to blog design include fonts, background theme, sidebar positioning e.t.c. The best time to rebrand is after you have researched and fully understood your target audience.

Find out your target audience preferences and the findings for on site management. For example, if you have a site sharing about gardening it could be that you used a red theme template when you started. But you can rebrand and pick a template with a touch of green to make your site more appealing.

Update old publications: The secret to making money from your site is to provide rich and insightful information. As we have seen, trends and information go on changing as years pass by hence you need to move with the times.

Information that was valuable some years back would be irrelevant for today’s market. So as not to become obsolete it is imperative that webmasters to update their site’s whitepaper. By updating your site content you will ensure that your site becomes a trusted hub for seeking informative content.

This aspect of on site management can be easily observed by bloggers since they are required to update their blogs regularly. As for website owners who have no blogs, they will need to revisit their old pages and articles and update them.

Making money on the internet is about offering fresh and educative content, thus webmasters should routinely reevaluate their website resource pages. Content you shared 3 years ago will probably not apply for today’s business. Therefore, to have an all rounded site that is relevant, on site management should entail content upgrade.

As your niche evolves you are required to update your articles, whitepaper, videos and other content within your site to make them current. Ask yourself,

– Are pages in your site still converting?

– When was the last time you went over the whitepapers that you published a year ago?

– Is the information you shared last year still relevant today?

Sometimes coming up with an entirely new article can be quite tasking. This is because it involves lots of research and effort to draft. If you are too busy to do research and come up with new articles, you can opt to update your already published whitepaper.

Try to edit, add or delete sections of your articles that have become irrelevant in your next on site management schedule. By so doing, you will revamp your old webpages to become relevant in 2012 thus giving them a new lease of life.

Try new call to action: Maybe when you started out you never incorporated the right call to action messages. You can revisit the issue and this time round have a clear call to action.

Consider what you want to achieve from your site. It could be you want visitors to download your newsletter or free eBook or to have visitors fill out an opt-in form.

onsite managementWhen you are doing your next on site management, ensure you spell out to your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Note that people have different things that motivate them to take action, therefore use different call to action messages throughout your content.

Let us take a scenario where you have a site that’s sell services, you could incorporate a call to action that says “Money back guarantee after one month” this will help build confidence for clients with doubts about your services.  As for customers looking for online deals you can have coupons and discounts.

Revamp low converting pages: When it comes to working online through your site then generating search engine traffic is paramount. This is where you need to use keywords within your web content that help you attract organic traffic.

Every webpage you create on your site is like a landing page thus you need to carefully optimize each page. Apart from ranking the whole of your site, search engines also rank your individual webpages.

In on site management it is important to always target particular keyword phrases that are relevant in your niche. It could be when you were starting out you never optimized your pages; this is the high time you revisited your old posts and included keywords within your content.

A reason for a page failing to convert could be it is targeting the wrong keywords. It is hence advisable to always conduct a keyword research and determine the right keywords to use in each page you publish.

Google analytic is a very useful tool you can use to measure your page to page conversion rate. In addition, you can go through your old articles to see how you have positioned your keywords and determine your keyword density.

The more you keep monitoring your site performance, the better you will understand your audience, thus do your on site management appropriately. Try and evaluate the intent of people landing on your site from search engines and thus target more relevant keyword phrases.

Proofread your old posts once again and ensure you now use the keywords that actually attract targeted traffic.

Conclusion: On site management should be done on a regular basis. This is because market trends keep changing all the time therefore the need to move with the trends.

Bloggers have an advantage since blogging requires them to constantly update their blogs with fresh content. As for webmasters, in order to keep up it is recommended that you have a blog within your website. Furthermore, try and update your homepage and other static pages with current information.

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SEO Service Companies Can’t Guarantee Page 1 Ranking

SEO Service Companies Can’t Guarantee Page 1 Ranking

This article will not go down well with most SEO service firms, but it is high time you knew the truth about search engine positioning. The internet is crowded with firms and individuals that promise you heaven as regards to search engine ranking. But have you ever posed to ask if they are legit or not?

If you ask me the only person that can guarantee you of 1st page ranking is an employee of google. He or she must also be working in the relevant department and have the right access of changing the algorithm to place you on page one of google.

In short, there is no single person or SEO service company that can ever guarantee you of top placement in any search engine result pages. For anyone to give you 100% guarantee, they must have something to manipulate search results.

Just the way you may seek to rank your own work home business site on page 1, the same applies to SEO service companies. The same strategies you will use are the same ones that SEO firms will also employ.

Hence, tread carefully when you hear someone assuring you of getting your site on first page of Google or any other search engine. Unfortunately, people still fall victim to unscrupulous SEO service firms that guarantee what they have no control over.

To tell you the truth, just as there is no magic pill to losing weight, there is no wonder drug that can guarantee top placement on search engines. That is why you need to back off from an SEO company that promises 1st page positioning on Google.

I like the way Randfish puts it on his article titled Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Promise Search Engine Ranking.

Ideally, there are over 200 signals that search engines use to rank websites. These include link popularity, content uniqueness and quality, relevancy, age of domain and the list goes on and on. In addition, search engines update their algorithms now and then and you never know how these changes will affect your site rankings.

It is for these very reasons that SEO service providers should desist from making promises that are hard to keep. Why promise to offer someone results where another party that is not affiliated to you is calling the shots?

This article may get many thumps down from some SEO service providers but it has to be said. By the way, I’m not the only one with the same sentiments; Google itself warned webmasters from SEO firms that claim they can get them to page one of Google. Click here to read more.

Search engine marketing firms have learned the art of promoting their services. This is by using catchy phrases that will ensure they get customers. There are buyers who are moved by a phrase like “top page guarantee”.

You need to ask questions and do some thorough groundwork before you give out your hard earned cash. This applies to any service you need, be it online or offline. Just the way you have no control over how many hours are there in a day, no SEO service firm can guarantee you 1st page placement.

If you observe carefully, you will realize that top SEO sites and marketers do not give you guarantees. Then how come some small SEO firm is offering you 100 % assurance? Don’t you think you are getting scammed?

As we speak, SEO marketing is one of the biggest industries on the web. Every webmaster and blogger knows the importance of appearing on page one of Google. That is why SEO scammers will continue to swindle people of their money.

But my hope is that the few that will come across this post will hold back before paying for SEO services. That is not to say there aren’t legit SEO companies out there. On a previous article posted on this blog, we shared some vital guidelines on How To Select The Right SEO Firm To Promote Your Site.

You need to learn how SEO works and that way you will make an informed decision. The fact that most people are lazy and impatient, they end up paying for SEO services without knowing what they are been offered.

Learning SEO will help you to scrutinize and thus select the right SEO firm to work with. Someone who knows a little bit of SEO will not be fooled by empty promises.

The sad part is that SEO con artists will never run out of people to lie to. This is because online entrepreneurs remain naïve and ignorant of the fact that they too can work their way to page one of Google.

How many times have you seen adverts that propagate myths on how to become slim? Funny enough, people still fall prey to these kinds of deceptions yet the answer is right under their nose.

It is wrong to place your trust on anyone that claims to rank your site on page one of any search engine. The people you see on 1st page did not just wake up one day and got there. Most of them have worked hard and spent sleepless hours reading articles and implementing right SEO strategies.

SEO serviceDepending on your niche and the level of competition, it is sure possible to get to first page of Google. This is with or without employing the services of an SEO firm.

Most newbies jump into internet business thinking that making money online is easy. It may be the easier option but that does not mean you sit back and money comes rolling in. You have to learn the right skills and have the right tools, this is more so when it comes to SEO.

Arming yourself with the right knowledge is what will help you to choose the right SEO service provider. Rather than the SEO service company telling you what to do, you should be in a position of also telling them what you want and how you want is done.
This will ensure you don’t pick an SEO firm that use blackhat strategies that will in the long run hurt your rankings.

Summary: A story is told of these two tomato vendors. Vendor A had very nice tomatoes thus thought everyone will automatically see them and buy. Therefore, he did not bother calling passer bys to buy his good tomatoes.

Next to him was vendor B who had not so good tomatoes. But unlike vendor A, he was shouting at the top of his voice telling people how good his high quality tomatoes were. The problem was that most people bought from Vendor B only to get home and discover they had bought rotten tomatoes.

Moral of the story: SEO service firms know the secret of selling. They will use all the juicy lines to lure you into purchasing their services. Something you don’t realize is that in SEO there are no guarantees.

Besides, they are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and desire for quick results. Truth be told, no SEO service expert can ever assure you 100% without blinking, to be able to take you to page 1 of any search engine.

Have you employed the services of any SEO firm? How do you find their services? Post your comments in the section provided below.

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Achieving Top Web Ranking Position – No Side Shows

Achieving Top Web Ranking Position – No Side Shows

The dream of every webmaster is to get the best web ranking position on top search engines. The internet is filled with many strategies that can help you get to the 1st page. And that is not all; there are many SEO firms that promise heaven on earth when it comes to web ranking placement.

But how are you able to tell if the SEO strategy you are using is the right one? Or how do you determine the right SEO Company to work with?

It is important to know that no one but search engine companies know the secret to their algorithm. And am sure none of them are ready to reveal their secrets to anyone. What you need to have in mind is that search engines main agenda is to provide their users with relevant content.

No one can therefore guarantee you top web ranking position unless they are working for a search engine. All SEO experts can do is share with you what they have seen working for them and others.

Also do not forget that there are other types of SEO marketers that seek to get short cuts so as to rank high. The problem of taking that route is that it is short leaved. Sites that use black hat strategies to rank always at some point get caught and are axed from search engine listings.

This is why you need to be very careful where you get advice on SEO strategies. Furthermore, you need to have a basic idea of how to SEO since it will help you know if the SEO firm you are working with is using legit strategies.

When it comes to web ranking, every webmaster or blogger wants to be ranked high on Google. This is because Google commands over 2/3’s of all traffic generated by search engines. Taking into account that all search engines combined attracts over 90% of internet traffic, you can imagine the volume of traffic google generates.

The reason you would choose one search engine over the other is because of the relevant results you get when you enter keywords in the search box. So far, Google has proved to be offering the best content results thus is considered the current online sheriff.

Going over what we have discussed so far, you will discover that there are two ways of getting top web ranking. There are legit strategies also known as white hat strategies and underhand tactics also known as black hat strategies.

In some cases, some sites using black hat tactics have managed to get top ranking. But that has never lasted for long. Apart from using engine bots to rank sites, search engines have employed many people to manually check sites that rank high. If your site is caught using short cuts to rank then you can be sure to get slapped some day.

Just the other day, Google updated their algorithm which is infamous for having axed sites offering crappy content. Up to date, there are hot debates of whether Google is doing the right thing or not. Some are complaining how Google is only out to make money through advertisement and not to offer quality content.

Whether that is true or not I leave it to you to decide. Use the comment section below to share your opinion on the latest google web ranking algorithm, Panda Updates.

Constantly, search engines are changing their web ranking formula to ensure that only relevant and quality content get to the top of their search results. Since this formula as I stated is kept secret, on this article we shall see what SEO strategies have proven to work over and over again.

-Age of site is not a strategy but it is good to note that older sites get preference when it comes to web ranking. Your site may not rank high now, but the more you update your site with quality content you will eventually get top search engine placement.

Older sites are considered to be more experienced hence you need to be patient when it comes to SEO. Using white hat strategies consistently will help you fall in the good books of search engines thus with time rank high.

-No matter how many times search engines change their algorithm; content will always remain the focal point of their web ranking formula. Therefore, you can never go wrong if you publish unique and quality content.

Rich content will guarantee you quality backlinks as other webmasters point to your site.

-Sharing informative content is one thing but you need to do that on a regular basis. The best way to make sure you update your site regularly is having a working schedule. Have someone you can be accountable to so as to ensure you submit content constantly.

-As you are writing online you need to realize that your content will be read by human beings and search engines. You can have very good content but no one will know it exist.

This is way you need to use keyword phrases as you generate your content. Search engines can only tell what your content is about when you use keywords. The secret is to target common keywords that people search for in your niche and the keywords should have low competition.

web rankingStart by targeting short tail keywords then work your way towards ranking for long tail keyword phrases.

-SEO experts still debate whether the sites you are pointing to contribute to your web ranking position. Personally, this has worked well with my site. The idea is to always point to sites that rank higher than yours and have relevant content.

-One of the best tactics to get top search engine placement is building backlinks. This is when other sites are pointing to your site. Back linking has more weight when the site pointing at yours has relevant content.

If you are publishing content on real estate and you have a back link from a site that shares health content, it will not hurt your SEO efforts but it will also not add any value. Try and create backlinks from authority sites in your niche and it will be sure be worth your while.

Having seen the role that backlinks play in web ranking, do not rush for any SEO service you see out there. The only guarantee SEO service providers can offer you is to work hard to get you to 1st page.

To get quality back links will cost you a fortune or lots of effort. Some tops sites charge up to $60 per month for one single backlink. Here are some tactics of building quality back links

  1. Publish rich content that people in your niche will automatically want to link back to your site.
  2. Convince other webmasters and bloggers to include your link on their site.
  3. Become a guest blogger
  4. Buy links
  5. If you note a site is doing well and is still ranking low, get your link posted on such a site and patiently wait for its web ranking to go up.

Note: You can check your backlinks by typing this code in your browser:

-On site SEO is another way for improving your web rankings. As you create new webpages, it is important to link them to your homepage and other related webpages within your site.

In addition, this helps your visitors to navigate through your site with ease thus stay longer. As you all know the longer your visitors are on your site the more online revenue you will generate.

Conclusion: SEO web ranking is a combination of many things. Google says is uses over 200 parameters to rank websites.

Anyway, that should not worry you at all since the people working in the relevant departments in Google know about these parameters. The rest of us just share what we see working for our websites and blogs.

It is also imperative to be Wide World Web Consortium compliant. You can go to Wikipedia and read more about this.

If you optimize your content and avoid using Javascript in your website coding, you are good to go. Try to as much as possible share fresh content on a daily basis since this will mean more links pointing to your homepage.

Once you have lots of quality content featuring on your site you can try and get listed on top directory sites like Dmoz. Getting top web ranking is not a one day or 6 month affair; you have to be ready to be patient but the end results will be worth waiting for.

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Best Approach To Online Network Marketing Opportunities

Best Approach To Online Network Marketing Opportunities

One of the best strategies of making money online from home is through network marketing. This can be demonstrated by the number of individuals who have become millionaires by taking advantage of these opportunities. Studies in the USA alone reveal that this is one of the fasted growing sectors that have produced the highest number of millionaires.

Network marketing programs also known as Multilevel Marketing have mushroomed and are now rampant on the internet. Most people in their pursuit to generate quick cash, have ended up joining bogus programs. In the process they have lost their cash and sadly lost valuable time.

You may be asking; what is network marketing or multilevel marketing?

Ideally, having numbers makes the difference especially when it comes to marketing. The best explanation of this type of MLM is where a company rewards its customers or representatives for referring others to their products or services.

The advantage of MLM is that a company can reach other potential customers that they would otherwise not get if they used conventional marketing strategies. Ask yourself, how many companies have paid you for talking and referring others to their products? Network marketing does exactly that; they pay you for referring someone who buys their product.

The chain that a product goes through before it reaches you is long. People who are in this chain all want to make money thus they add a small mark up of which they pass on to the final user. These costs include the whole seller, Retailer, advertisements and so on.

What network marketing companies do is to sell the products at its usual price but pass on the money that middle men would have made to the customer who refers others. Since the customer is the one that will be doing the advertisements, MLM companies do not allocate any budget for advertisement.

Why do MLM firms pay you for promoting their products rather than use that money to put up advertisements?

The reason is simple, network marketing organizations what to access the people you know. These include your colleagues, friends and family members and so on. Most of these people will believe you when you tell them about a certain product rather than when they see the same product been advertised on TV or billboard.

An aspect that is distinct between companies doing direct selling and MLM is that with MLM you can market anywhere the companies has customers. On the other hand, direct selling companies are assigned a particular region thus they cannot venture outside those demarcated boundaries.

What to watch out for before joining any network marketing opportunity:

Sometimes network marketing opportunities are sent to people through well drafted emails and online advertisements. The messages in these emails are full of high pitched marketing messages promising to make you fast and easy money.

It is advisable to be cautious whenever you come across an online home based program that sounds too good to be true. In most cases, some of these MLM opportunities are pyramid schemes that collapse after a few months.

There have been cases where some of these network marketing scams use the sign up fees to pay the existing members. This is an indication that they are not generating any revenue, thus when their system reaches a saturation point the program simply crumbles.

A simple way of telling whether a network marketing opportunity is legitimate or not, is to find out if there is a product or service been offered.  Do not be lured into any MLM program just because the money to be made sounds good. If the program does not have a discernable product or service that adds value to users, then that is an outright online business scam.

Studies have proven that with most online scams, out of 50 subscribers’ only 1 person makes the money that the programs claims one can generate. An opportunity can sound so inviting but the minute you get on board you discover it was mirage.

Some of the lines they dangle before you include “Pave your way to online riches with just $10” or “Make easy and fast money online while you sleep.” Online business is not as easy as some people would like you to believe, you need to invest your time, effort and hard work in order to be successful.

network marketing opportunitiesAvoid network marketing programs that say that you can retire within a year. The top MLM earners will tell you how they have worked hard for several years to get to where they are today.

So as to avoid been a victim of online network marketing scams conduct thorough research. Join online forum sites that discuss Multilevel Marketing Plans and ask questions. Chances are that someone has joined the programs you intend to enroll in and they could give you their honest opinions.

Don’t stop at that, read online reviews that share about various MLM programs especially on sites that discuss on internet scams. If the network marketing site has posted testimonials, call up some of them and confirm if what they have shared is true.

Some of the industries that have now adapted network marketing include

1. Travel (this industry is believed to generate over 7 trillion dollars yearly)

2. Health and Wellness

3. Weight Loss Programs

4. Nutrition 5. Financial Programs

6. Communication Services and the list goes on and on.

Conclusion: The main reason that companies are shying away for conventional modes of marketing is because of the high cost of advertisement. In most case, these advertisements do not produce the required results.

Research has shown that the most powerful method of advertising is through Word-of-Mouth. It is even more effective if the message is passed on to you from people you know so well and trust.

I hope from this article you will open up your mind to network marketing. It is critical that you realize that MLM is not about breathing on other people’s necks by telling them to join your program. Instead you have to tactfully and prudently gauge your circle of friends and determine those who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Robert Kiyosaki puts it so well when he said “Network marketing is really the school for people who like helping people”. If you want to achieve financial freedom, willing to cooperate and work with other people and learn more about the MLM program you intent to join, then network marketing is the right business for you.

The best work from home programs is MLM, this is evident especially with the prevailing economic hardship. Getting a white collar job can never guarantee your financial independence that is if you can find one.

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14 Attributes Of A Work From Home Money Making Blog

14 Attributes Of A Work From Home Money Making Blog

If you have been following this work from home money making blog, you will note that it aims to offer insight on various income generation strategies. This includes work online legit jobs like data entry, taking paid surveys among other legitimate freelancing online jobs.

Although these online jobs are easy ways to work from home and make money, this blog seeks to educate about creating your own website or blog. The advantage of owning a website is the ability to generate residual income at home.

Unlike online jobs where you have to be online to make money, a blog will generate income for you even when you are offline. All you need is to know how to promote and monetize your blog. On this article we will see some of the ways of making sure that your blog earns you residual cash.

Apart from buying your own domain name and webhosting (the best is Hostgator and you can use workonline25 as a coupon code and get 25% discount) which gives you full control of your blog, a very important attribute of a work from home money making blog is its functionality. A website or blog should be designed to enhance user experience.

Just the way you would make your offline store look attractive and inviting, the same applies to a work from home online money making blog.

Here are the guidelines of how to work online and earn money using a blog:

1. Ease of navigation through your blog content: It should take your visitors at most 3 seconds to find your menu. It is recommended that you have two menus or categories sections, one at the header and another on the left or right side bar.

Make certain that all the buttons in your menu are working perfectly. This will help retain visitors on your site and in addition improve your blog reputation.

2. Choose images and colors that are catchy: Pictures play a critical role when it comes to creating a work from home money making blog. Images enhance the appearance of your blog thus lower your bounce rate.

But you should be careful not to overdo it. Too many pictures and colors make your blog look disorganized thus putting off visitors. Furthermore, having many pictures slows down your blog loading time hence visitors leave without view your content.

3. Use fonts that are readable: Good font is the one that a person with a 20/20 vision can read with ease. Avoid the use of fancy fonts especially if you have a work from home money making site that needs to look professional.

In short, readers should not strain to read your blog content.

4. Avoid the use of jargon: Write in a language that is easily understood by all. This way you will be able to connect with your readers. When you use difficult terms you will put off most readers especially newbies who happen to be your customers too.

Quality content is the one that is in form of a conversation so that your target audience identify with you. Your readers need to feel like they also own your blog.

5. Your content should have clear call to action: In every article you publish you need to tell your readers what to do. A quick call to action, helps to get visitors engaged thus improve your sales conversion.

A call to action on a work from home money making blog should be moderate. Just one call to action per blog post is enough.

6. Have a contact form: The ultimate work from home money making machine is email marketing. It is for this reason that you must find a way to create your own mailing list database.

Capturing your blog visitor’s details is the best thing you can ever do as an online home based business person. With a good email list you will never worry about making money even when search engines delist your website or blog.

7. Include social media links: As we speak social media marketing has taken over the internet. There are those people who may prefer to connect with you on social sites rather than subscribe to your RSS feeds or mailing list.

On social media sites you can build online business relationships that will boost your reputation and web presence. These social sites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and so on.

You should also add the share buttons from these sites to help you in viral marketing.

8. Connect with visitor’s emotions: The best way to connect on a personal level is to know your visitors preferences. This is by placing yourself in the customer’s position.

As you share content be honest and use a writing style that is understood by people in your target niche. So as to stand out, come up with your own unique way of telling a story.

work from home money making9. Place the most important information on your homepage: The first thing that visitors come across when they land on your blog is the homepage. It is therefore imperative to place the most important information first.

This also applies when you are creating your webpages; let the vital information be placed in the first paragraphs. The reason is because visitors want to gather details quickly.

Note: Remember to create short paragraphs and sentences when writing your articles. Short sentences and paragraphs are easy to read and understand.

In brief, make it easy for visitors to find the important information as they browse your work from home money making blog.

For example; One vital thing you can do on your homepage is capturing your customers’ details.

10. Include other forms of content other than just text: If there is one thing that readers really find easy to grasp is video content. So as to make your site cater for all kinds or visitors use text, videos and podcasts content.

Using different forms of content will also make your work from home blog more appealing thus retain visitors and boost sales conversion rate.

11. Make it easy for visitors to find your products: Positioning of banners to your products or affiliate products is critical to a work from home money making site.

When talking about your products, concentrate more on the benefits of the products rather than the features. Most customers are appealed to products and services that will improve their lives.

12. Visitors should know right away the main topic that is shared on your blog: It should be clear from the word go what your blog is all about. Rather than write about your company, go straight to the point and offer content that your target audiences are searching for.

From the title you choose, to the content you share and the products you are offering; all these should be relevant to your niche. Otherwise, diverting from the main topic will lose and confuse your site guests.

13. Add your contact details: Something about a work from home money making blog is that you will get inquiries. This is the reason why you should ensure it is easy for readers to get in touch with you.

Adding your contacts also brings out an element of trust and reliability. In addition, activate your comment section so as to allow visitors to share their opinions. As people contribute on your blog search engines will also rank your site well.

Comments make your blog look alive. As people share on your blog through posting comments other readers will be curious to get involved thus increasing your blog traffic.

14. Put up offers: The defining factor of a work from home money making site is traffic generation. One of the best strategies of attracting traffic is through creating irresistible offers, discounts, coupons, free downloads and gifts.

Summary: There are many ways of making money online but the best of them is creating your own blog or website.

All you need in order to launch a work from home money making blog are the right tools and skills.

How To Write Press Release For SEO Ranking Purposes

How To Write Press Release For SEO Ranking Purposes

Webmasters use different techniques to generate traffic on the internet. One of these strategies is writing press releases. A press release that is written well and optimized for search engine ranking will help you reach new prospects and thus earn more income online.

When you start with writing press releases as an online marketing strategy, it is advisable that you do it consistently in order to bare results. Regular press releases will ensure you gain online presence and credibility.

The best approach to adopt when you write press releases is coming up with relevant and valuable information. It would be ideal to write a press release when you are informing people about changing your site design or when you are releasing a new product in the market.

Companies also take the opportunity of writing a press release when they hire a big shot or releasing financial reports. All this are strategies that help inform their current customers what is happening and at the same time reach get new customers.

It is important to realize that some time your press release can flop in that what you think is important to you may not be so to people out there. Therefore, every time you write a press release do some groundwork so as to make certain you pass on relevant information.

A well written press release will also get the attention of journalist as well as search engines. There are thousands of news sites hungry for fresh and news worthy content. This websites are crawled by search engines every so often.

It is therefore very important to write press releases that are SEO friendly and at the same time readable to human beings. The fact that most webmasters don’t know how to write press releases, publishing well written and optimized news worthy stories will put your site right in front of millions of people searching for what you are offering.

SEO experts unanimously agree that PRweb is the best site to submit your press release:

It really matters a great deal the site where you submit your press release. You are better off working with a press release company where you will be found faster and rank first on major search engines.

By the way, it should not cost you an arm and a leg to publicize big time on the internet. As far as gaining online presence and generate high traffic is concerned, you must get the services of the best company in offering press release services.

All the above attributes belong to one company and that is PRweb. The company will ensure that your brand name is placed in front of many people as possible. With PRweb you are guaranteed of high SEO ranking and more importantly attract new prospects and customers.

In case you have a small home based business, there are packages designed for business people just like you. You will have the option of optimizing using videos and images thus getting the full attention of your target audience.

Since formatting can be quite a challenge to most people, PRweb has readymade templates to ease your work. All you have to do is write a press release, enter it in the PRweb template and press on the submit button.

Imagine your story circulating all over the internet on search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. That is not all; your press releases will reach top news sites such as Topix, Google News, Yahoo News and many others since PRweb will send them to over 30,000 journalists.

Also don’t forget, PRweb has over 250,000 subscribers, 30,000 websites and over 30,000 bloggers all hungry for fresh content. All these numbers are yours for the taking if only you write press releases and publish them through PRweb.

write press release

Writing press releases that are friendly to search engines:

It is important that I repeat this; when you are writing on the web you need to consider both human beings and search engines. The best way to help search engines know what your content is about is by incorporating keyword phrases.

A press release is a way of telling the world about the existence of your business. Be it a big or small online home business blog, if you can get journalists to spread news about your business, money will sure come your way.

Hence, before you write press releases make sure you first decide which keywords to target. Your press release should also link back to your site with your targeted keyword phrase. This will ensure that when people browse for your targeted key term on search engines they will get your site and press release.

Ensure you link your releases to relevant pages within your site. This will help you generate targeted traffic thus reducing your bounce rate. As you all know, if people spend more time reading your content odds of converting them into loyal customers will be higher.

Before you start writing press releases to help promote your site, it is important to first optimize your site. There is no point of creating optimized press releases while your site has no valuable content that is also optimized.  SEO is more effective when articles pointing to your site have related keywords and content.

The way you structure your press release is very important. Use a format that will ensure readers get what your press release is all about from the word go.

Below you will find the best technique to structure your press release

Headline: This is the one opportunity you have to grab the attention of your target audience. Come with captivating titles that tell readers exactly what to expect when they read your press release.

It is only when you have compelling headlines will readers click on your link on search engine results or on news sites.

Body: It is really discouraging when readers come across an interesting headline only to get disappointed when they read your content. The body of your press release should deliver what your title promised.

As you write press releases, ensure the information you are sharing is educative and contains objective issues. It is advisable to have your most important information appearing in the first paragraph.

Search engines concentrate more with the first 250 words therefore place your keywords and relevant site information in the first paragraph. As regarding word count in a press release, the best to have is 400 to 1000 words.

Summary: Do not beat around the push; go straight to the point when writing your summary. A summary should also be brief, 3 to 4 lines are enough to tell people and search engines exactly what your press release is about.

Note: Include your targeted keywords in your summary.

About: Here is where you add a link to your site and also share additional information of what your site or company has to offer.

Date: Standard format that is known by most people is the best to use

Contact details: If you have a company name, this is the best place to mention it. If not, then write the name of your website or blog. In addition, you should include your email address, telephone and link to your site.

With this era of social media, it is imperative to also add links to your facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. This will help customer to have different option to get in touch with you in case they have queries.

write press release

Note: After all has been said and done, just from reading your title, summary and the first 3 lines, people and search engines should know what your press release is all about.

Styles of writing press releases that will draw the attention of journalist and readers:

Optimize: Throughout the body of your article mention the name of your site/company and target keyword. If the release is about a product launch repeat the name of the new product severally but in a tactful manner. You do not want to appear like a spammer, therefore use the right keyword density.

In order to help people know the right keywords to use when linking back to your press release or site, when you mention your site make sure your keyword phrase is mentioned somewhere nearby. This will ensure people and journalists know the keywords that are related to your website or blog.

For instance, you have an e-commerce business site called Ewise that is selling digital online marketing softwares and you intent to write a press release of a new product.

In case, you want people to link back using the key phrase digital online marketing, you can come up with sentences like this “the new Ewise digital online marketing product will be released…”

By mentioning your keywords right after your business name will necessitate people to link back to your release and website using the words “digital online marketing”. Therefore, as you generate traffic from people searching for your business name, you will also get traffic from people searching for your target keyword phrase.

Do not make the mistake of forcing keywords within your content. This will make your press releases unreadable which can adversely affect your online reputation. Try and blend your keywords well by mentioning your keywords when necessary.

Nowadays, search engines are intelligent enough to tell when you use varying keywords. For example, when you are targeting a keyword like work online, you can vary by using working online, online works, worked online and so on. By using varying keywords people will not tell if there is a word you are repeating.

Use Stories: Normally, people love stories especially if they relate to real and current events. Thus, as you write press releases try and connect your information with what is taking place in your niche.

If your release addresses people’s needs, you will definitely get their attention. In addition, the more interesting your stories are, the more people will share and journalist will pick them thus ensuring your article goes viral.

Call to action: Captivating your readers with nice stories is good but the main aim of writing a press release is to create online presence and generate traffic. Therefore, remember to tell your readers to visit your blog or website for more information.

Using words like click here or read more are perfect for directing people to your site. But the best strategy is using your targeted keyword phrases in your anchor text. Links act as a good call to action and at the same time help you add relevant backlinks to your site.

Avoid using high pitched marketing phrases: The worst thing you can do when writing press releases is hyping your site, products and services. If you focus so much in promoting your products in a press release you will turn off readers as well as journalist.

No one wants to feel like they are been forced to buy a service or product. Therefore, as you over promote your site or product; you will be slowly losing your online reputation.

Be objective: The best way to be objective as you write a press release is to get your facts right. Rather than using high pitched marketing messages, concentrate on writing content that is educative and helpful.

In a case where you are launching a new product, tell people how that product is going to help them. Some online marketers will go on and on how their product is the best in the market, which is a wrong approach.

Instead, sensitive your readers on how your product will improve their lives. Pick the strong points of your product or service and share with your readers. This way, your release will be adding value thus be effective in marketing your site and product.

It is true that writing press releases is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. But your articles can fail to produce the expected results if your press release does not contain news worthy content.

Most of the time, what may appear news worthy to you may not be hot news to journalist are readers out there. This is why you need to do thorough research before you release any news. Only objective and valuable content will be picked by news sites.

Remember, news websites’ main agenda is to get readers to come back for more. Therefore, the hotter your stories are, the more news sites will pick them.

Avoid the use of difficult terminologies in your article since they will puzzle your readers. People do not like it when you make them feel like they don’t know something, it will only repel them from reading the whole of your release.

Therefore, use a language that anyone can understand. The only time you are allowed to use jargon is when you are targeting a specific group of people e.g architects or doctors.

You should not appear like you are leaning on a particular side when writing press releases. Try as much as you can to remain neutral especially if you are discussing on a sensitive matter.

Proofread: In order to look professional to both readers and journalist, you have to write a press release that is devoid of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

To achieve this, you will need to proof read your releases several times before publishing. You can also get another person to proofread your articles before they go live.

Two things that happen when you write a press release and publish it:

If you have ever tried marketing online using press releases, you probably noticed that on the first days the traffic is quite high, but as the days go by the traffic reduces.

There are two reasons that cause this to happen:

1: There are many small news websites out there which only seek to generate traffic through adding new content. This they do so as to generate income from selling advertisement space or through google adsense.

That is why you will see a high volume of traffic to your site the first day you publish a press release. But as days go by and other press releases get published, your story is pushed further down the site. With time as search engines crawl the news site they will not be able to locate your article thus link power diminishes.

In addition, some of these sites have less authority and the link juice they pass on to your site is not good enough to boost your site SEO rankings.

2: You have every reason to be ecstatic when your press release is picked by an authority website. A story appearing on a site like or Topix will increase your SEO value a great deal. Furthermore, it is an advantage in regards to viral marketing when people share your release through social sites.

write press release

If your story is very good, by the time fresh news bury your article you will have gained lots of backlinks. When top sites point back to your site and press release, search engines will rank you higher. That is why you need to generate quality news worthy releases.

But on the other hand, if the press release wasn’t as good, you will notice traffic to your site subsiding as time passes. This is because search engine spiders will not be able to find your article; therefore reducing the link juice to your website or blog.

Conclusion: As much as writing press releases is perfect for boosting your link popularity, you should seek to build backlinks using different strategies. This will make your site appear natural in the eyes of search engines thus rank you higher.

Other techniques you can use to build your link profile include guest blogging, article marketing, video marketing and forum marketing. Though building backlinks takes a while, the benefits are worth the effort.

Hope from this article you now have the right knowledge on how to write a press release. It is the high time you incorporate press release in you array of online marketing strategies.

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How To Generate Blog Traffic Through SEO Strategies

How To Generate Blog Traffic Through SEO Strategies

When it comes to generating blog traffic, it is recommenced you go the SEO way. Research show that 90% of traffic generated on the internet is from search engines. 2/3’s of that traffic is commanded by Google.

It is for this reason that aspiring small time work from home online bloggers will always seek to rank high on Google than on any other search engine. But that does not mean you cannot get decent traffic from other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

On this publication we shall see how you can become a better blogger and stay ahead of your competitors. You will learn some of the best SEO blog traffic generation strategies that top rated marketers use. Its time you took your blogging to the next level.

If you have something more to add relating to this topic, feel free to post it in the comment section below this article.

Write content that is readable: As long as we live on planet earth, human beings are the ones who you should target to read your content and buy your products. There is no single day that search engines will become customers and purchase of your products.

Therefore, as you work hard to optimize your content avoid at all cost publishing a post that is awkward to read. What is the point of attracting lots of blog traffic that does not convert? That will happen if you focus more on optimization and fail to address the needs and preferences of your target audience.

It is true you need to include keywords within your content, but you have to make sure the keywords blend well with your sentences. Do not force a keyword where it does not apply, otherwise you will appear unprofessional.

After all, you want to build a community and a good relationship with your visitors that will last. Hence your main agenda should be to first form a good first impression by writing well for your blog visitors.

Furthermore, good content should be devoid of spelling and grammatical mistakes. With a software from white smoke, you can be sure of quality and professional content. Quality s what you should offer your blog traffic or audience all the time.

Come up with catchy titles: Am sure you have bought a newspaper several times just because of the headlines. The funny thing is that after reading the story you discover it was all hype.

Now, you should up the game some more by creating captivating titles and backing it up with even better content. This is how you will cut a niche for yourself and gain online credibility and presence.

Ideally, a title acts as an advertising tool and you really need to take advantage. The more appealing your headlines are, the higher your blog traffic will be. Try to come up with titles that demonstrate how relevant your articles are to what your target audience are looking for.

Apart from making your titles captivating, you should strategically include your targeted keywords. This will help in making sure search engines know what your article is all about. And as you know, the better search engines position your articles the more blog traffic you will generate.

Consider using recommended keyword density in the body of your articles: Once you are done with creating a catchy title, the next step is to work on the body of your article.

The body of your article should have meat, by this I mean quality content that offers insightful and educative information. You should also integrate within your articles your target keyword phrases.

Here is where you need to be tactful and ensure you do over stuff or under stuff your content with keywords. With the right keyword density, you will kill two birds with one stone.

First, you will help search engines know what your content is about thus index and rank you accordingly. In the process you will generate organic blog traffic. Secondly, your readers will understand the message you are trying to pass to them.

Though the topic of how many times you should repeat keywords with your content raises hot debates, an article with a keyword density of between 1% and 2% is good enough.  Nowadays, search engines have become intelligent enough to tell keywords that vary but meaning the same.

blog trafficFor example, if you are targeting for a keyword like work online, you can vary it by also using working online. With this strategy of using keywords, readers will not tell that there is a word you are repeating.

Build quality backlinks: There are two ways of building your link profile thus boosting your link popularity. That is working on your on-site and off-site link building.

On site link building is where your link posts within your blog. As you create webpages within your blog, link them with other related posts. In addition, you should also link your webpages to your homepage.

Make sure that you use different keyword phrases in your anchor text as you link to your homepage. With time when you have lots of contextual links pointing to your homepage, you will rank for more keywords which will translate to more targeted blog traffic.

As for off-site link building; it is where other blogs point back at your site. For this to be more effective, the blogs and sites that link back to you should be related to your content and rank higher than your site.

Some of the best strategies of building backlinks include article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, social bookmarking, social marketing and the best of them all is guest blogging. The more backlinks you have out there the better your blog will rank and the more blog traffic you will generate.

I highly recommended buying backlinks at LinkVana. This is because they have a network of highly rated blogs and websites that have rich and educative content. Besides, some of their blogs are over six years old.

Note: Avoid building back links from link farms

Patience pays: Online marketing especially SEO is not a one day affair. You have to be ready to invest your time and effort so as to reap the required results. Do not get impatient and begin applying black hat tactics to rank high.

These underhand strategies may work for a while but in the long run search engines will catch up with you. Are you a new blogger? My advice is that you show patience and some day you will get to the top and it will be worth your while.

About author: is an established and experienced blogger who shares rich and provocative content on how to work online from home and make money. Learn some of the best and proven online marketing ideas that will take your home business to the next level of success.

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Make Money Working From Home Through Blogging

Make Money Working From Home Through Blogging

The most effective way of working from home is by launching a blog. Some online business people opt to market their affiliate products one by one while it would be easier to have all your products on one site then driving online visitors to it. Though this may sound easy it needs you to observe some principles so as to be successful in blogging.

Having a blog is a perfect way to learn from other webmasters since it is interactive. Normally, there is a comment section that you need to activate so as to enable your readers to post their opinions. Through these comments you can know exactly what your viewers what to know and hence share relevant content. In addition, you get to build relationships with people in your market niche and in so doing sell your products faster.

Here are other vital blogging tips to consider:

Choosing a Niche: Before you launch a blog you need to consider what area you are good at. In other words, go for a niche that you know you are an expert in. This will help you share informative content that is factual and you will never miss something valuable to discuss. It is recommended you target a field that has a wide range of topics thus have different angles to talk about in your subject matter.

While you are selecting the industry to target, it is also good to choose the keywords you will use on your blog. There are two categories of keywords and these are Primary and Secondary keywords.

Primary Keywords are the terms that you mainly target to rank on search engines while the secondary keywords are the ones that you target less. You should make sure that your secondary keywords to do overshadow your major keywords. The way to differentiate the primary and secondary keywords is the frequency at which you mention them. Repeat your main keywords within your blog content more that you do for your secondary keywords.

As for choosing which keywords to work with, go for the terms that most people in your niche search for when browsing the internet. Make certain that the keywords are also less competitive so as to rank your site faster.

Create A Blog: Once you have done your groundwork and established the keyword phrases to target you can go ahead and create a blog. Getting a domain name is imperative when it comes to working from home while blogging. Research is required when buying a domain by ensuring your targeted keywords are contained in your domain address. This will help you in search engine ranking.

The best program to use in creating a blog is wordpress. WordPress incorporates great tools like “All in one SEO Pack” to help you optimize your blog. There are also other features or plugins like Ad Injection, WordPress SEO, Akismet, Google XML sitemap plugin and the like that help you have full control of your blog site.

The power of blogs can be felt when you add content. By know you all know that the internet is dependent on content generation. Search engines in a pursuit to ensure that internet surfers get the information they are searching for, crawl blogs and website for content. Therefore, when you launch a blog you have to ready to publish quality content routinely and frequently. Always publish articles that are rich with information to solve problems that face people in your market niche. Where the shoes of your readers and that way it will be easier for you to identify their needs.

Avoid writing high pitched marketing messages but rather educate your site guests. Have your facts right and within no time you will be an authority figure in your industry. In short, when it comes to working at home using a blog content it KING.

If you are seeking to optimize your blog then you need to make sure your blog posts have relevant keywords. Begin by drafting blog titles that have the keywords you want to rank on. Then repeat the same keyword phrases in the body of your article for at least 3 times. This will help search engines bots know exactly what your article is about. In addition, publish long articles since the search engines algorithms are favoring detailed content (have articles with at least 700 words and above).

On every page you create target different keywords. This is because search engine will index each individual page and thus help you generate more online traffic.

Internet Marketing: If your intention is making money blogging then you have to find ways to attract traffic. There are different online marketing strategies and some of the best include article marketing, forum marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing and viral marketing. You can read about how to implement these methods by following the articles on online marketing strategies on this blog.

Monetization: Many people start with blog monetization but ideally it should be the last thing to do. Once you have managed to generate traffic to your site and gain credibility you can add products or services. Up load products that are relevant to your content to make sure that your conversion rate is high.

Though you may not have your own products, you can join affiliate programs and sell other people’s items and get paid commissions. This will enable your make money online from home experience more enjoyable since you will not have to deal in after sales services. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and commonly used strategies of making money online while working from home.

Selling advertisement space can also be a perfect way to make money blogging. All you need is to have high and quality traffic and people will obviously approach you to add advertisements on your blog.

There are webmasters that have made lots of money online by selling information. You can monetize your blog by asking a membership fee for people who want to read your content. This will mean that you have to offer them great content that will be worthy of their cash. Once you gain credibility and folks in your niche consider you a guru you can start charging them a monthly membership fee to access your materials.

Other ways to make money from home using your blog include Google Adsence, Donations, selling your own products and selling your blog after it has gained good traffic.

Working from home has of late become so easy but only if one uses the right strategies. It does not matter if you are an expert or a newbies; you can work online from home and still make money that employment will never ever give you. All the best as you are working online at home.

Appearing In Top Google Listing Despite Google Fresh

Appearing In Top Google Listing Despite Google Fresh

First, there was the Panda Updates that affected most top sites google listing position. And before webmasters could recover from that shock, google has done it once again, another algorithm change called Google Fresh.

It is evident that google is out to raise the stakes in order to make sure they improve user experience. But the big question is, at whose cost? (Share your opinions in the comment section below this post) Google fresh is an upgrade of Caffeine architecture which was introduced one year ago. According to google the new algorithm change is aimed at ensuring Google listing remains fresh.

Through the new algorithm google listing system, google says it will now be able to crawl and index sites faster in a large scale and list fresh content. With the new ranking algorithm, google listing will be affected up to 35%.

What these means is that only one search result will be affected in each google search engine result page (serps). This will be like a reprieve to webmasters since not many will be affected this time round like the way Panda update did.

Even with this small impact, it is advisable you know how to avoid falling victim of Google fresh. Sectors that will mostly feel the pinch of this new google listing will be keyword phrases aimed at ranking for products and services that constantly change.

On this article, we will tackle in detail what you need to do as a webmaster to remain relevant in search engine listing on google. One obvious thing that you must do is to create a blog. It will be suicidal if you only have a website that is not connected to a blog and you want a top google listing.

The advantage of having a blog is that you will be prompted to regularly add fresh content.  Telling from Google’s statement concerning Google fresh, is that updating your site with fresh content is key in ensuring you generate search engine organic traffic.

Small work from home online business blogs and sites will have to up their game too. This is because it will be quite challenging for small sites to compete with big blogs. Most top blogs use their resources to hire writers who publish lots of new content regularly.

Then the big question is; what can small blogs do to keep in touch with the big players?

Create a sitemap: No matter how small your blog is you need to create a sitemap. To make sure your blog post are quickly crawled, indexed and added to google listing, submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool (Free).

Sitemaps help to ensure that any new post you publish is picked and search engines notified of the new update. WordPress has a great plugin that ensure your sitemap is connected with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing.

The beauty of the internet is that you can automate the whole process and ensure your new content is updated in your sitemap.

Here is how to create Google SiteMap

Take advantage of Google News Sites: To be sure that you appear in top google listing you need to learn how google new works. Ideally, sites that qualify to display on google news are the ones that have fulfilled the requirements and adhere Google standards. You can search for these sites by entering “Google News Sites” in the google search box.

Normally, if you have a new blog or site it may take some time before search engines get to know of its existence. A good strategy of making sure search engines find your site faster is by submitting your content and links on Google news sites.

google listingsIt may call for extra effort to get your content accepted by Google News sites but it will be worth the effort. This is because your blog or site will be crawled and indexed much faster thus display on google listing.

Launch a blog: As we earlier stated it is important to create a blog. Once you have a blog you need to add fresh content on a regular basis. If you are the busy type, you can opt to hire writes to help you update your blog. The only disadvantage of that is that the quality of bought articles may not be the best.

If you have a website, you need to incorporate a blog within the site for visitors to add new content. Blogs are generally search engine friendly especially if you are working on a wordpress platform. WordPress have built-in SEO elements that make it easy for you to optimize your content for top google listing.

On your site you can also add a forum where members can share ideas hence helping you generate fresh content. But you will need to moderate the content coming in to ensure you weed out spammers.

Post press releases: Syndicating your content is one of the best ways of ensuring Google gets to pick your fresh content. Submitting press releases is the best way to achieve this. Press releases are considered top quality therefore they are quickly picked, indexed and submitted in Google listings.

It is advisable to have your keywords as anchor text within your press release. This will ensure you rank high in search engine listings for your targeted keywords.

A site you can post your press release is on PRWeb. But there are other sites that offer the service free of charge.

Use Social Media Sites: Sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and now Google +1 are good for SEO. These are top sites that are crawled every minute for fresh content. If you can create an online community on social media sites then post your content and links, you will increase the changes of your new content appearing in Google listings.

On Google plus you can now create a business page where you can be updating it with links to your blog content. All indicators show that very soon Google +1 will be a major site to determine sites appearing on Google listing.

Adjust with the times: When it comes to online business especially SEO traffic generation, you need to be ready to adapt fast. If google says you have to add fresh content regularly then do just that, otherwise your business will become obsolete.

Summary: Google fresh is a call to bloggers to become more aggressive in terms of research and regular content generation. Regardless of your niche, there is need for more fresh content since things keep on changing.

As we speck Google is the King of search engines thus if you want to appear on Google listings you will have to do as they say. But the one element of search engines algorithms that remains constant is CONTENT GENERATION.

Feel free to share this article will other online marketers using the social media buttons displaying on the left. If you have something insightful to add to this topic, kindly submit it in the comment section provided below.

Choosing A Professional Theme Template For Your Business Blog

Choosing A Professional Theme Template For Your Business Blog

You may be wondering why I chose to discuss about this topic, but if you read on you will understand why. I want you to learn something from my experience so that you don’t do the same mistake I did when I decided to look for professional theme template for my blog.

For a long time I had been running my blog using a free template from Magpress. The theme had really served me well though I really longed for a more customizable and professional template.

I knew with a professional theme my bounce rate would improve and in the process increase my conversion rate. From the money I had made from my blog I decide to buy a template from colorlab, the theme was called arthemia. They had two packages one going for $49 (which I picked) and a developer pack going for $99.

I must agree the template was very attractive and according to them it was also user friendly and SEO friendly. Finally, the one thing that was to push my internet home business to the next level was here.

Usually, I work like 3 hours a day but on this day when I was to buy the theme template I woke up very early with renewed energy and hope. I knew I would be online almost all day customizing my blog to make it look more professional.

I should have read the warning signs from the word go because on uploading the template some of its functions were not working. Secondly, I was not able to log into their customer support link where I thought I could ask why some functions of their theme template were not working.

If I knew what I know today, that is where I should have stopped but because the template looked so attractive on the demo I decided to make sure it works.

After several trials I did managed to load the template successfully using File Zillar but that was after deactivating some of my plugins. These included wordpress SEO, broken link checker and Ad injection.

My quest to make my blog look captivating made me blind to all these errors I was encountering with this so called professional theme template.

By the end of the day I managed to complete the customization of my blog and I really loved the appearance. On the following day I went back to my schedule and published an article. But on sharing the page URL on Google plus it returned with an error.

Google plus and other social sites could not generate the snippet of the post. The error message showed that another plugin called Sharebar was the culprit. I quickly deactivated it but the error was still there.

Some few days later I got a web designer to help solve these problems but it was too late. Before uploading this new theme template my site was seating pretty at the top page of search engine results. For most of my targeted keywords my blog was on page 1 and my organic traffic was increasing fast.

Suddenly, I saw a drop in traffic and that was when it hit me, the errors I was seeing had made Google to de-index my site. I did a search on Google to see how my pages appeared on their results by entering “site:” and the errors where on almost all my webpages.

I quickly removed and deleted the anthemia template from my blog and restored my old free theme. It took like 1 ½ week for the errors to be corrected but by that time I had lost my web ranking.

The reason I decided to tell this story is not to discredit colorlab, but instead to make you see the importance of research. Now I know why people say you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Here are 10 valuable elements you need to consider when choosing a professional template theme for your blog or website.

1: Choose what has been tried and tested: When it comes to choosing a template research is very important. It is recommend that you go for well known template sites such as Woo Theme, Forest Themes, Theme Junkie, Thesis Themes and Elegant Themes.

A close observation revealed that most top bloggers purchase their theme templates from these sites. Rather than chancing like I did, buy products from well know sites that have a good track record.

Read reviews and testimonials this way you will get to know the sites to purchase professional templates for your blog.

2: Pick a template that is easily customizable: There is nothing as frustrating as working with a template that is not customizable.

As bloggers we all want our blogs to have a certain appeal and the only way to achieve that is through customizing. Since not all bloggers have knowledge on blog designing, it is advisable to look for a theme that you can easy arrange as you want.

Before you decide on a template make sure you have read all the features about it.

3: User friendly: Some templates are too complex to operate especially if you have no knowledge of things like HTML coding.

In the 90’s only coders where able to blog but those days are long gone. A newbie can buy a template and make it look so professional the same way a HTML coder would.

Talk to other bloggers and they will surely tell you the right theme to pick. For example, I can easily recommend you try Theme Junkie (affiliate link) which has worked so well for me.

4: SEO friendly: If your intention is to blog for money then appearance is not the only thing you are looking to achieve. You can have the most handsome blog in the world but without traffic then you will not generate any income.

professional theme template

It is therefore advisable when checking the attributes of a theme template to make sure SEO friendliness is one of them. These include the size of the template to ensure it loads fast and of course the ability to integrate with SEO related plugins such All In One SEO or WordPress SEO among others.

SEO friendliness also involves the ability of the template to allow search engine bots to crawl your content easily. A good and professional theme template should also show in search engine results your site description where you include your targeted keywords.

5: Colors that match your logo: Having a logo is a very critical element of doing business through blogging. A logo helps you in branding yourself or your blog thus improve your online presence.

It goes without saying that how you match your colors really matter a great deal. Select templates that allow you to choose from an array of colors. Branding experts will tell you to pick colors that make your site appealing to the eye.

As you customize your blog try and ensure the color you have used in your logo blend with your theme template colors and if possible affiliate banners.

6: Good customer support system: In case of run into any challenges when customizing your blog design you need to be able to get in touch with the template designer. This is where customer support comes in handy.

Before you decide to purchase a template get to know how efficient their support team is. There is a time Woo themes had a problem with their site and I really loved the way they dealt with the issue. On their twitter handle they kept updating their customers until their site was up again.

You could easy tell how their clients were behind them and this was because they did not recoil in a corner while the problem persisted. This is an indication that if you buy a theme at Woo Themes you can be sure of getting the best professional help and support. Keep it up Woo Themes.

Another site that has a great support team is Thesis. Here you will have access to a forum where you can get in touch with professional blog designers.

7: Template should easily integrate with wordpress plugins: There are plugins that you simply cannot fail to have in your blog. These include plugins related to ad management, link checking, social sharing and of course SEO.

If you come across a wordpress template that does not integrate with these plugins simple walk away. You might hold on and in the process pay the price by losing your blog ranking like I did or worse.

8: Consult a professional web designer: You can never be an expert in everything and that is why it is advisable to consult. On the internet there are many expert web designers you can get in touch with to help you pick a professional theme template.

For those of you who have money, you can also get a web designer to create a template for you that best suits your needs.

It might seem expensive to consult a blog designer but you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

9: Easy navigation: An element that ensures you improve your site conversion rate is navigation. The easier it is for readers to find their way around your blog the longer they will spend going through your content.

For example, choose a template that takes your visitors like 3 seconds for them to locate your category bar. Easy navigation also ensure that search engines have an easy time accessing your blog content thereby index and rank all your webpages.

10: Pocket friendly: A professional theme template does not have to necessarily be expensive. There are great templates out there that have all the right qualities and are still affordable.

All you need is to be patient as you research. With time you will get the theme template that suits your blogging needs.

Summary: You may be asking what happened to my quest of getting a professional theme template, did it end? Of course not; after I recovered from the errors I went hunting once more but this time armed with the right knowledge.

I’m now using Theme Junkie and I must admit I really like it. The template has all the qualities we have talked above and in fact my bounce rate has really improved.

With time I’m sure my blog ranking will improve too and continue from where I had left off.

What are your views about the new and professional Theme Junkie template theme on this blog? Post your comments in the comment section provided below. You can also add your contribution on how to pick a template.

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