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How To Earn Money from Home Via Blogging

How To Earn Money from Home Via Blogging

Basically with well crafted posts that you’re going to better your online business and as a consequence be guaranteed of enjoying a significant income from home…

Home Business Blog Clean Up | Convert More

Home Business Blog Clean Up | Convert More

To ensure that your business blog is able to continue converting, you need to do some house cleaning. In fact this applies to all areas of our lives. If you have dead stocks in your shop, a sale can be a perfect strategy to do away with them.

Removing dead stock will create space for brand new products that move. This is the same approach that you need to take once in a while on your home business blog. Generally, when there is something on your business blog that is not adding value, remove it.

On this write up let us go through some work online tips as regards cleaning up your business blog.

Template update: If you use wordpress there are times that you will see updates. It is imperative that you always update your plugins and template.

Remove the templates that you are not using from your back office. These are small issues that will reduce the loading time of your blog.

Remove images that do not load: Always take time to frequently go through your web pages to see if all pictures are displaying. It is quite detrimental to your home business blog when images do not load. It looks unprofessional. Always make sure that your blog looks professional.

Redirect visitors once you remove a page: There are times you will decide to remove some of your pages. Whenever you do that it is advisable you redirect your reads to other relevant pages within your business blog.

bloggingEnsure your readers have access to top notch content and products. With that you will sure be making sales online all the year round.

Email marketing clean up: If there is one powerful online promotion tool, it is definitely sending newsletters. Make sure you update the content in your auto responder newsletters.

In normal circumstances, you will discover that when working online things keep changing. An advertising strategy that was working last year would be irrelevant today. If among the newsletters you schedule in your auto responders are outdated, revise them immediately.

By cleaning your business blog email marketing campaign messages, you will do away with old products that stopped converting. Update your newsletters with up to date content and high quality products in your niche.

The best email marketing management site to subscribe to is Aweber. You can also try out iContact which has a 30 day free trial period.

Delete irrelevant plugins: Sometimes you will discover that you are not using some of your plugins. It is recommended that you remove them. This will help load your site slightly faster and hence improve your visitors experience while on your business blog.

One plugin that you are not using cannot really affect your loading much. But when you have 20 irrelevant plugins they can really affect your overall business blog loading time.

In addition, if you notice that a plugin is not adding value to your site delete it. A lean back office is easier to manage and navigate through.

link buildingDoing away with broken links: It sometimes happens that you find some of your links have stopped working. This is especially so for old posts. It is normal occurrence for a site to go down. It can affect your online reputation to lead your visitors to websites that are dead.

There are great tools to use to identify broken links within your site. Do a google search for Broken Link Checker, this is a tool that Crawls your business blog and lets you identify dead links. Once you find broken links you can replace them or remove them all together.

Feature latest products and content: It is good to monitor the trends in your market niche. This is to help you know which products are converting and which ones are not.

It is prudent to remove products within your blog pages or side bar that do not sell. Always seek to offer your target audience with the latest content and products.

The best way to get up-to-date content and products is by joining forums. Subscribe to online forums where people in your niche meet. The other way is to identify a top business blog in your niche and subscribe to their RSS feed of newsletter. By doing this, you will get to know the new products that convert easily.

Adding tools like Google Analytics or Crazy Egg can go a long way in helping clean up your business blog. With Crazy Egg you will get to know where visitors mostly click. This will enable you identify the pages that people do not visit. It could be that the story on that page is irrelevant or it could be a call to change your page title.

Ask yourself whether the contact page is helpful to your business blog: You will notice most work from home blogs have a contact page. As much as this can be helpful to some extent, it can work against your home business blog.

Contact pages work best in some industries but all. If you have a contact form you will discover most of the messages you will get are spam. Trying to sort out between genuine emails and spam can be quite tasking.

If people want to learn about your online business, it would be better they read your content and do as instructed.

Immediately after am through publishing this blog I will need to do some blog clean up. If you want the most out of your business blog you too need to do the same. To make money online from home using your home business blog you need less trash.

Alternative Traffic To Your Website Thus Be Immune To Google

Alternative Traffic To Your Website Thus Be Immune To Google

The warning bells have been sounded and the internet marketing landscape is no longer what it used to be. Strategies of generating traffic to website that would earlier seem to you as genuine could now be looked at by search engines as black hat.

The reason for saying this is because yet another big site has been hit by Google. Build My Rank (BMK), a blog network site where webmasters and bloggers would go and get quality backlinks, has seen most of its sites de-indexed by Google.

According to Google, the dice has been cast and sites that use underhand tactics should know that their days are numbered. In the case of BMK, more than 5,000 domains in their blog network were de-indexed in a period of seven days.

We as internet marketers are left to guess who will be the next candidate. But the statement that google is trying to make here is that, online marketers have to rethink of their strategies of directing traffic to their website.

Webmasters have outsourced for traffic generation services without caring whether these site use white hat or black hat marketing strategies. Going with the current events, people will have no choice now but to re-strategize their methods of directing traffic to their websites.

But owe unto you if you are thinking of moving to white hat strategies now. The fight to get rid crappy sites did not start this March when BMK was hit. For the last one year Google has been on the look out to purge their search results of sites that are considered spammy.

By the look of things, more is still to unfold as Google seeks to improve user experience. It is believed that Google has employed about 4,500 people to manually review sites. If you are those people who do what Google doesn’t want, you should be on the lookout.

For many years now, search engines have been the main source of generating traffic to website. But from what you have read above, depending entirely on SEO to generate traffic to your website is like walking on thin ice.

The internet has of late become so unpredictable and this is demonstrated by how rapidly things are changing. Back in the early 90’s you could count on search engines to rank you high by just posting your site on business directories.

Today, there are no guarantees regardless of the niche you want to target. SEO marketers are now been forced to think outside the box and find other alternatives of getting more traffic to their clients websites.

As a webmaster or someone blogging for money, your over reliance on SEO traffic has to come to a halt. Check out your Google analytics, if you notice that over 50% of traffic to your website is from search engines, you are standing on shaky ground.

Imagine if your site was to be hit by the constant Google algorithm updates, it would mean that your sales volume would be cut by half.

The reason of writing this article is to help you cushion your online business from any eventuality. When the panda update was released, it is said that some legit sites where also hit. What makes you think you too cannot be a victim?

Fellow bloggers, it is high time we thought of other tactics of directing traffic to our sites. This also goes to people and firms that offer traffic generation services. Help your clients to see the disadvantage of over relaying on search engines to get traffic.

While others sit back and hope for the best, you need to act now and protect what you have worked for. Rather than waiting to see what happens next, this is the right time to consider other online marketing strategies.

As days go by, we are seeing Google systematically removing from their search results sites that used self-influenced strategies to rank. Most bloggers in a pursuit to outdo their competition used sites like BMK to get link juice. Now all that link power has been diluted.

You might claim that you never Build My Rank (BMK), but soon the site you have been using to influence your search engine position will fall victim. Do you have a fall back plan? If not, you better get down to work.

Ideally, site ranking is determined by search engines where their bots decide where to position your site in search result pages. Therefore, those who are using strategies to beat their competition are doing the wrong thing that is according to Google.

Now you see, how long do you think it will take before you too see a decline in traffic to your website due to a drop in site ranking?

You might say that google reveals what you need to do to rank high. To Google this is a way of providing equal opportunities for all to get listed on their search results thus improving user experience.

increase web traafic

Here are some requirements that Google wants webmasters and bloggers to adhere to:

–          Generate quality content that will add value to readers and also help search engines know what you are writing about.

–          Have incoming links that are of high quality and related to your site content to prove that the information on your site is worth listing in top search engine result pages.

–          Have the ability to retain people on your site for long and getting them to interact with your blog by posting comments, reading your articles, visiting other webpages within your site and so on.

–          Get your site visitors to share your content on social media sites.

–          Ensure your site loads fast and more importantly make it easy to navigate for both human beings and search engine spiders.

When you read what google is looking for, you will see that some online marketers are using strategies that Google has not recommended. Google’s benchmarks are so clear yet online markets look for ways to manipulate engine bots.

We all know the value of generating quality content, but some of us would rather find the easy way out. If only webmasters and bloggers would concentrate on publishing rich and helpful content, no one would be worried about site ranking.

There is something about providing high quality content, apart from getting more traffic to your site; it produces a ripple effect that will make your site go viral. Social media sites offer free fertile grounds to market your website, why would you insist on only employing SEO strategies?

The problem of going the SEO way is that you are forced to do things that if given a choice you would opt otherwise. Our blogs have been built to appease Google and in the process forgotten that our site visitors should come first.

It is now common to see sites:

*Posting low quality links on social media sites with a hope they gain a viral effect.

*With endless content that mean nothing to site visitors

*With bogus website designs that are not in line with the site owners’ wishes.

*That have completely sidetracked from their main agenda and business goals.

*Producing of low quality video content.

*Using tools that do not provide true analysis to help you better optimize your site.

All these, in the name of following rules set by Google in order to rank and get more traffic to your website. As I have said many times before, Google rules the internet and the rest of us have no option but to get other alternatives of generating traffic to website or do what they say.

You may be asking, which are these other traffic generation strategies?

First let me congratulate you for having an eagerness to read these far in order to learn the trend that the internet is taking. History has it that our past determines of future. Therefore, it is good to know where we are coming from and where we are heading as internet business entrepreneurs.

There are many ways you can stop this over reliance on Google to direct traffic to your blog or website. If we start talking on all the other option available of traffic generation, we would be here the whole day describing them.

Below are other strategies of directing traffic to your site that would not affect you even if Google algorithm updates hit you tonight.

  1. Article marketing where you generate quality content for syndication. Good articles will always find their way on quality sites thus helping you funnel direct traffic to your site as webmasters republish your articles.
  2. Posting quality press release articles on top quality sites like PRweb. Though it might call you to go deep into your pocket, press release can get your site to appear on top news sites thus boosting your site web presence.
  3. Submitting your links on eZine marketing sites like eZine hub which is now Site pro news.
  4. Directing traffic to your site by posting your webpage links on social bookmarking sites like Stumple Upon, Reddit, Diggs, delicious and the list goes on and on.
  5. If you ask me, email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain traffic proof even when the next panda update comes calling. There is no better backup than having people subscribed voluntarily to be in your opt in email list. On the internet having an email list is like owning an ATM machine.
  6. You can also publish your our eBooks where you can provide to site visitors for free or sell, but make sure you include links to your website. This is a rich source of generating direct traffic to your website.
  7. Participating in active online forums in your niche. Forum sites offer good opportunities to showcase your expertise and thus build a fan base that Google can never contend with.
  8. Participating in social media sites like twitter, facebook, pinterest and Google plus. With the right strategies and patience, you can build lasting relationships on social sites that will establish a brand name for your business.
  9. Funneling traffic from online selling sites like Amazon and Ebay.
  10. Directing visitors to your site through guest blogging especially on blogs that already generate high traffic volume.

Above are 8 techniques to be immune in case you fall victim to Google algorithm updates. Kindly, share using the comment section below of other strategies of getting referral traffic to your site other than SEO tactics.

dotcom secrets coaching

Summary: In every arena of online marketing be it SEO, forum marketing, press release, article marketing, name it, you have to be patience and be ready to work hard. The notion that SEO is easy and other strategies of directing traffic to our sites hard is completely misplaced.

The fact that you have been seeing free traffic from Google does not mean you can rest easy. If something was to happen to Google today, which direction would your business take?

Let us assume Google was removed from the equation, would your blog or website still look the way it is today? What I’m I trying to imply here; it is the time that you added more online marketing strategies to your website promotion campaign.

Apart from integrating more traffic generation techniques, find ways of making it easier for your site visitors to get in touch with you. Put in place effective follow up mechanisms for people in your opt in list and be active on business forums and social media sites hence build relationships.

These are simple to implement tactics that will ensure Google do not call the shots when it comes to your site traffic volume.

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Google SEO Guidelines On How To Recover From Penguin Updates

Google SEO Guidelines On How To Recover From Penguin Updates

Of late many webmasters and bloggers have had sleepless nights thanks to recent Google updates. Just when marketers thought that they had survived the Panda update, another animal called Penguin (Update) came calling.

For a long time internet users had been complaining about landing on sites with crappy content on search results. This was not good for both search engines and online business entrepreneurs.

Search engines, especially Google, make most of their money through advertisement. It is estimated that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertisement.

With people losing trust in search engine results, it meant that they were also losing revenue derived from advertisement. On the other hand, internet business people were also losing since people resulted in finding other ways of getting information.

Though business people are complaining of the way Google is going about punishing sites, if you look at it critically, this was the only way to rid search results of spammy sites.

The days of blackhat strategies seem to have come to an end or so it seems, with engine spiders becoming more intelligent. No more buying of backlinks, overstuffing keywords or duplicating content for the sake of ranking high.

Gamming Google is now becoming a difficult thing to succeed in, but only time will tell what blackhat strategists will come up with in future. In a way, Google SEO quality guidelines seem to be enforced.

Probably, you may be a victim of the recent updates and you are wondering if it is possible to recover. I have good news for you but you need to read on to learn what Google really expects from you.

Here are Google SEO guidelines in a layman’s language:

According to Matt Cutts, the people who were penalized by Penguin were those optimizers employing negative SEO tactics. These include link cloaking, overstuffing keywords, copying other people’s content, buying links and so on.

The questions that people end up asking are:

1: How do I build my link popularity?

2: How many keywords should I have in any given article?

3: As an affiliate marketer, how would I go about describing my merchant products without duplicating?

If you have other questions please feel free to post them in the comment section below and you will get expert SEO advice. In the meantime lets us address the above questions.

Answer 1: Google SEO guide on how to approach link building

One thing that Google seems not able to wish away is using backlinks to rank websites. Google is trying to find ways of positioning websites by measuring social signals, but they are limited due to the small number of people registered on their social site, Google Plus.

Another challenge that search engines face is the ability to manipulate social activity by use of softwares. Therefore, the best way to increase your site authority will be to employ legit link building strategies.

Ideally, the more backlinks your site gets from high quality niche sites, the better the site will be positioned on SERPs. These means that not all links are good links.

Make sure that if you have backlinks coming from link farms, paid links and spammy sites, have those links removed. There are better techniques of building backlinks such as guest blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, press release, posting on web 2.0 pages and comment posting.

According to Google SEO guide, link building should be natural. The only way to do that is by publishing rich content. Generating quality content acts as link bait and thus people will link back to your site naturally and that’s what Google likes to see.

You are also guaranteed that with rich content only quality sites will pick your content thereby boosting your site authority. It is true that you might not have full control on sites that link back, but with good content chances are that quality sites will be the first to notice you.

Answer 2: How to tackle the issue of Keyword Usage:

Keywords are integral when it comes to site optimization in that they help search engines know what your content is about. But still, you need to be careful not to be seen by search engines as if you are over optimizing.

When you consider this carefully, keyword stuffing is also not good for your site conversion. In most cases, when you stuff keywords your content will be unreadable and boring thus resulting to a high bounce rate.

Google guidelines when it comes to SEO are very clear; generate content for readers and not for search engines. Anyway, you expect your readers to become customer and not search engines.

Since you cannot avoid the use of keywords, it is recommended you use them tactfully.

seo softwareFor every page you create have your targeted keyword in your page title. As for those that have big websites, you can include a secondary keyword in the title.

Mention your keyword phrase in the body of your article preferably in the first paragraph. Apply strategies like word stemming and relating words to mention your keywords, click here to read more on that.

This is the best way to make sure you maintain the right keyword density. As for those who use wordpress as their blogging platform, add plugins such as Platinum SEO pack or WordPress SEO to check your keyword density.

Note: The number of times you mention a keyword in an article is what is measured as keyword density.

This means the longer a page is, the more times you can repeat your keyword or keywords.

Answer 3: How to avoid duplicating content:

The SEO guidelines put in place by Google clearly stipulate; no duplicating other people’s content. The sentence of duplicating content can be very harsh.

The people who are more likely to fall victim to this offence are affiliate marketers, e-commerce sites and review sites. These kinds of sites are in most cases forced to use the same product description as their merchants thus resulting to duplicate content.

In order to deal with duplicate content, SEO experts recommend the use of robot.txt files, 301 redirect and canonical tags. WordPress also has plugins that tell search engines which pages not to crawl or index.

Personally, the best way to avoid content duplication is coming up with your own product description. The English language is believed to be rich thus you can sure find other words to describe a product.

If you have to result to employing redirects and robot.txt files, use softwares such as link assistance to see how top sites are doing it. This software will help you identify what onsite optimization strategies top marketers are using.

How to beat Penguin and all future Google Updates:

Google SEO guidelines are in the open for everyone to read and implement. In fact, of late it has become very easy to predict which sites will get to first page and which ones will not.

Going by the current SEO trends, algorithm tweaking has just begun. The only way of making sure you do not step out of the required guidelines is to give Google what they want.

Top on the list of Google SEO guide is sharing quality content. By this we mean content that is shareable, linkable and of course add value to your readers.

In addition, monitor what top bloggers and webmasters in your niche are doing in terms of link building and keyword usage. Note that SEO strategies vary from one niche to another thus the reason you have to track what people in your niche are doing.


Depending on SEO alone to market your site is not the wise thing to do. This is because search engines have become so unpredictable and sometime legit websites become victims.

Include in your online marketing arsenals other web marketing techniques like social media marketing, video marketing, guest blogging, article marketing and other referral marketing tactics.

If 80% of your traffic is from Google you are probably walking on very thin ice even though some people would say that is debatable.

Someone once said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, though you are better off putting your eyes on one basket than trying to keep an eye on 10 baskets.

So, if SEO is your thing go right ahead but remember to adhere to all Google SEO guidelines and hope for the best.

This blog is dedicated to making sure you know the best SEO practices to use in marketing your business online. You are also welcome to share your views and expertise by posting comments in the section provided below.

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Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Am sure you have met people who claim to be experts in online marketing. It is only after you have had sessions with them that you will discover they don’t really know how the internet operates.

Creating a blog is one thing but directing traffic is a different ball game all together. There are fundamentals you need to know when it comes to online marketing. On this post we shall share some of them to make sure you get the right knowledge and tools of marketing on the web.

With these online marketing strategies, anyone in any niche can implement them and thus generate blog traffic. Whether you have an established blog or a starting up home business blog you need to read this post to the end.

You don’t have to use all of them but you can pick at least 5 online marketing techniques and implement them on your blog.

Rule 1: Know where your audiences visit: The reason some companies have become household names is because of the many surveys they conduct. Knowing where your target audience spends most of their time and the language they use will always give you an upper hand.

Research is a crucial element to online marketing. It helps you in generating content and furthermore discovering exactly where your potential customers frequent.

The internet is so automated and it is quite easy to find out where your audiences spend most of their time. Am sure you already have a rough idea of the online communities, blogs, social sites that your target readers go to.

A simple way to get the sites in your niche is to do a Google search. From the results you can start participating in order to build relationships. With time you will gain online presence which will ensure you generate blog traffic.

Some people make the mistake of joining online forums and right away post content and links. That is a wrong approach, take time to study the do’s and don’t’s of any forum you enroll in. Once you are sure of the rules of the house you can begin participating in conversations.

Online marketing is about active participation and following the laid down guidelines. This way you will be rewarded with online credibility thus quality and targeted traffic.

Rule 2: Publish content that is sharable: If you observe rule number 1 then without a doubt people will share your content. But note that people will only share content that is of high quality.

While doing business on the web, connecting with the right audience, having a unique writing style and sharing topics that add value is the secret to online marketing. In addition, you have to be consistent in doing these things that have just been mentioned.

For instance, writing articles that seeks to challenge the norm will set you apart thus ensure your content goes viral.

Ideally, in any given niche there are those people that visit just to read while a percentage on them will share your content. There is also another group of loyal fans that follow your blog with keen interest.

Of the three groups of people, the one that you should seek to increase are the loyal fans. These are the people who will be quick to share your blog posts hence assist you reach a wider audience.

Rule 3: Link your blog to top social networking sites: Since you are interested in online marketing, am sure you have accounts on social sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, YouTube and so on.

It is imperative that you link all your accounts to your blog. Make sure that your user profiles on these sites are completely filled. It is also advisable to use the same screen name and image in all social network accounts you set up.

In all your profiles, it is recommended you include a link to your blog. Also, seek to link up with people in your niche. This way you will increase the chances of people clicking on your links thus generating targeted blog traffic.

internet marketingTo succeed on social media marketing you need to be active. Avoid sharing content that does not add value to your fans. How does telling people what you had for diner going to help you in marketing your business online?

Therefore, publish content that is insightful and you will win the trust of your fans. Besides, any content you generate on the web should be related to your blog. If you have to share a video online, it should contain relevant content and a link pointing back to your blog.

On your web pages you should also include author protocol. Google now has launched an online program where bloggers can use the rel=author code to build an online brand.

With this code, your image will appear next to your article in Google search results. To get more info about adding the rel=author function read this article How To Implement Rel=Authors.

Rule 4: Add share buttons on your blog: The traffic you can generate online through social sites is enormous. Below are the numbers of subscribers top social networking site have recorded so far.

Facebook tops with over 850 million active members

Twitter follows with over 450 million subscribers

LinkedIn comes in third with 130 million users

Google Plus, the new kid in the block with over 100 million active subscribers so far.

This is to show that you cannot do online marketing without incorporating social media marketing. It is therefore recommended to add social sharing icons on your site. Add a call to action message within your posts telling your readers to share your content.

In fact, you can use the social button appearing on the left of this blog to share this article with your friends.

Rule 5: Get involved in social sharing: Apart from the four social networking sites mentioned on rule number 4, other sites to participate in are social bookmarking sites.

Examples of these sites include Digg, Stumple Upon, Reddit, Delicious and so on. A site like Reddit records about 2 Billion visits each month. If you can funnel some of this traffic to your site, you will be in a good position to make money online with ease.

Note: Each of these sites also has rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines so as to add value and hence gain credibility. Posting your links and walking away is NOT the best online marketing strategy when it comes social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites can be a great source for generating content. Reading other peoples posts will help you gather inform on what to discuss on your blog.

Rule 6: Use Email marketing: Many are the times when you send emails to your contacts. Have you ever stopped to think that you can use you email for online marketing?

The best thing to do is adding a signature that contains your blog URL and links to your social networking accounts. This will help you in creating awareness about your blog and you never know, your emails may go viral.

online marketingRule 7: Optimize your content for SEO ranking: The other day I read an article that stated that on google alone, there are over 3 billion searchers done every day and the number is growing.

As someone seeking to market online you simply cannot ignore this figure. Most people find SEO difficult but that is far from the truth. All you need to know when marketing online through SEO is to write for both human beings and search engines.

When your content is SEO friendly, search engines will send targeted traffic your way and with that you are sure to make money working online.

When you are starting out, it may be difficult to write content that caters for both your readers and search engines, but the more you keep writing the better you will learn the art.

The secret to online marketing through SEO is creating your blog on platforms like wordpress. WordPress comes with great plugins and tools to help you market on the internet. Click here to read more on how to generate traffic with wordpress plugins.

Rule 8: Refer to other bloggers in your niche: If you are a church goer you definitely have heard your priest say “Do unto others what you would want them do unto you”. The same principle applies to online marketing.

The best way to get back links is to link to other blogs within your niche. Webmasters and bloggers like it and in most cases will feel obliged to return the favor when you link to their content.

Search engines and visitors to your blog also like seeing and clicking on links within your content. As you link to other pages within your blog also add links pointing to external webpages.

You might say that is funneling your traffic to other people. But remember that these same people will see traffic coming from your blog and they will be interested in what you have to offer. Besides, they may end up been your devoted fans thus help you in viral marketing through sharing.

Rule 9: Comment marketing: One of the best strategies of online marketing is posting comments on related blogs. The secret is to post comments that are fascinating, relevant and adding value.

With time people will note your contribution and seek to learn more about you by visiting your site. It is advisable to use one username as a way of branding yourself online. Rather than using keywords, use your name when posting comments.

The use of keywords can sometime be viewed as spamming thus may hurt your online marketing ambitions.

Rule 10: Add RSS feeds to your blog: I have noted that the people who end up becoming return visitors are the ones who have subscribed to my RSS feed.

Everyday there are people who will find your blog educative and will want to come back again. To make it easy for these kinds of visitor, incorporate RSS feed marketing in your array on online marketing arsenals.

The recommend site to set up free RSS feeds is Feedburner. Make sure you display your RSS feed at strategic positions within your blog. For example you can place your feeds at the top or within the sidebar of your blog.

You can also use your Feedburner account to capture your visitors email addresses. Remember to tell your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed for more updates.

Rule 11: Join sites with Q & A: Some of the sites you can visit and participate in asking and answering questions are Yahoo Answers, Quora and Here you can also get ideas on what people in your niche want discussed thus generate quality content.

There are times while conversing with people in your niche you will get the opportunity to say what you do. This is the right time to share you blog URL. If you discover there is a question people are asking frequently, try and come up with a blog post.

This will mean that next time some else asks you the same question you will provide them with the link to the page that answers them. In so doing, you will handle readers’ queries and at the same time market your business online.

Do not make the mistake of answering a question before conducting thorough research. In addition, respond to questions that are related to your industry and on subjects that you are an expert in.

As you give quality answers you will increase your online reputation and presence thus succeed in online marketing.

Conclusion: I have one advice to bloggers and webmasters and that is “Never give up”. It does not matter how long it takes, for as long as you are using the right online marketing strategies you will succeed in blogging.

Most people give up when they are just about to make the big break. If you follow top bloggers, you will discover they all have two things in common, persistence and patience.

Therefore, do not throw in the towel, you will make some mistakes along the way but that is how you learn. Within no time, you will start publishing content that is compelling and worth sharing.

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New Facebook Update | FB Goes A Notch Higher

New Facebook Update | FB Goes A Notch Higher

Just as technology is evolving fast, social media sites are not been left behind. A good example is the new facebook update layout. It is amazing how things are moving so fast nowadays that for you to succeed in work online business you need to keep abreast with these new technologies.

If you stay a while before visiting some sites for a month or you, you may go back to find a lot of changes. This is especially when it comes to website designs. Whether these modifications are necessary or not I leave it to you to make your own judgment.

Of late, I’m sure you have noted the way facebook has been trying to improve or should I say readjust their site appearance. These new facebook updates are geared towards improving the experience of users. As an online home based business entrepreneur, you need to take advantage of these changes to market your online brand. In addition, proper use of these facebook updates will help you generate more targeted traffic.

On this write up, we shall discuss some of the new facebook updates that you can take advantage of and increase traffic to your blog. If social media marketing is your cup of tea then you need to read this article to the end.

Here are the added facebook updates and features to make use of as you are working online:

People are now able to subscribe to you: Facebook users will now be able to choose which updates they want to view from their friends and business connection. This was done to enable users sift out the information they what to get from their list of friends.

The feature allows users to either choose to view all updates or choose to view most updates or opt to get only the most important updates posted by someone. If you subscribe to get all updates it will mean that you will view all the person’s status wall posts. As for the option of most updates, users will view the same results as before. But if you select only important updates, the new facebook update will only show you vital highlights occasionally.

The new facebook update is meant to allow people to get only the important information. What does this new feature tell work online marketers and bloggers? It simply means that you have to up your game. If you have been posting on your wall information that is not helpful no one will subscribe to you.

This is to remind bloggers the importance of sharing high quality content that will add value to your readers. In one of the previous articles on web developing, we saw just how vital CONTENT is in online money making.

Another important aspect of this facebook update is the ability to keep you up to date with current news and events in your niche. Subscribe to top bloggers in your niche and hence get updates whenever something new hits the market.

Ability to better list Friends: This facebook update is similar to the Google+ feature called “Circles”. You can now group your friends in different categories. If your facebook account has a combination of family, workmates, business connections and friends you will now be able to separate them.

The feature was there before but now it is improved. This time you will be able to share information with one group and leave out another. It means you can play with a certain group and be a serious business man or woman with another group.

This new facebook update has something called “smart lists” where it automatically analyzes your profile and groups your connections. So rather than do it manually, the feature will arrange your friends automatically.

facebook updateNew facebook feed layout: This feature used to be there before where you had two links. One was a feed showing top news while the other was displaying recent news. It used to happen that if you took a while before visiting facebook, you would not be able to views last week news.

With the new facebook update you will now be able to view the most recent updates that are related to your niche. The news updates are important in ensuring you know what is happening and thus be able to share fresh content on your blog with your target audience.

Before the new facebook update, you had to keep on scrolling down until you get to the important news. This was a challenge for people who had many friends and were forced to sift through many updates. Now the news can be customized to help you receive only relevant updates.

Live News Ticker: If you have noticed, the news ticker appears at the top right. It scrolls up automatically hence is making it easy for you to view your friend’s activities on real time.

Now you will get to view right away when your friends comment on someone’s wall. If your connection liked a certain fan page or a certain post, you will be able to see the LIKE and head there right away. This is like having an eagle’s eye view of what is taking place within your facebook community.

In the online business front, it means that your friends can now easily view your activities without necessarily visiting your page. Again, it is an opportunity for you to keep adding relevant and high quality content to your wall. This will help you boost your online brand name and increase targeted referral traffic to your blog or website.

Since this facebook update has the option to unsubscribe, make certain that every status wall update is valuable and thus your friends will always what to see your activities.

Summary: Some of you may be thinking that facebook now looks like a maze, yes that may be true to some extent. But you as an online business marketers needs to look at these facebook updates from a different angle.

First you need to familiarize yourself with how these facebook updates and features are working. Then find ways of taking advantage of them.

It is sure not the end of facebook updating their site design. Am sure even as you are reading this publication someone at facebook is burning the midnight oil to add yet another feature. Take time to learn every new update that is added and see how it can boost traffic to your blog.

Change with the times and new technologies and for sure online money making will be easy for you.

Web Developer Hints | Deep Look At The Evolving Web

Web Developer Hints | Deep Look At The Evolving Web

As a web developer or webmaster there are some things that you need to seriously consider. Gone are the days when a haphazardly designed site would suffice in generating organic traffic. Today, things are changing so fast that web developers have got to have their antennas up all the time.

A good web developer takes into account the blog design to use as he/she builds a site. Structuring of a site can mean the success of your work online business or failure. In web designing you need to consider what currently works and adapt to the changing web development standards.

Other factors to look at as regards to web developing include content management and most importantly the search engines optimization (SEO) strategies to adapt. The reason that makes SEO crucial is the ability to really turn a small online home business into a multi-million venture. Good examples of such kind of sites include blogs like Smart Passive Income and Young Pre Pro.

Back in the 90’s, search engines used to change their algorithms but today the changes are happening more frequently. A good case in point was the current Google panda algorithm updates. According to Google, the changes were meant to weed out sites of low quality that rank high.

It is true that the frequent change of goal post done by search engines is greatly affecting many web developers. Therefore as a webmaster or blogger, you have to be up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms in order to survive in work from home online business.

Did you know that about 10 million new people surf the internet every day? Research has also proven that 95% of traffic on the web is generated by search engines. This goes to show just how important website placement is in internet business.

This makes you ask, how do I as a web developer ensure my site remains on the top search engines result pages?

All the years I have been on the internet one thing has remained constant and that is CONTENT. Search engines exist to offer their users the best experience. Hence if you keep updating your blog or website with new, relevant and quality content you will be safe. A close observation of the recent Google updates show that sites with old and outdated content where the ones mostly affected.

What you are required to do therefore as a web developer is stay up to date with the current events in web design and SEO techniques. Join circles and forums where experts discuss the current SEO trends thus keep in touch with the evolving web.

Take advantage of social media, forum marketing and other web development practices that will combine to boost your search engine rankings. It is true that keeping up with the changes can be quite a challenge but you have got no other choice if you are to stay afloat in online business.

Avoid the mistake of depending on one SEO strategy to get you good results. Combine an array of top web marketing strategies and you will increase the chances of improving your search engine result pages.

As we early stated, you can never go wrong with content creation as a web developer. Thus always seek to provide people in your niche with fresh and unique material. This will make certain that even with future algorithm chances your site will not be affected.

Most work online entrepreneurs are lazy when it comes to updating their sites. Other web developers choose to simply implement few things that would help their sites remain afloat. This means that if you decide to constantly add content you will be ahead of over 95% of all web developers and bloggers.

web developingExperts in web development will attest to the fact that it is actually easier to succeed in SEO now than before. All you need to know are the facts of web designing and web developing and then acting on them.

– You need to ask yourself several questions that will make sure you are ahead of the pack. These include questions like:

– Does my site have basic search engine friendly elements?

– Is my content useful and educative to my audience?

– Does my site structure allow for future easy adjustments?

– Are readers able to easily navigate through my blog or website?

– How fast does my website load?

– Am I using the right combination of the top online marketing strategies?

If you have noted all the above questions are centered on generation of targeted traffic and also ensuring a high conversion rate. The two elements are the core of work from home online business success in relation to web development.

For example, conversion rate is key in ensuring your visitors become loyal and thus end up referring your site to their circle of friends. This brings us to the other factor of web promotion called viral marketing. As a web developer, make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media sites and the like.

Conclusion: As a web developer you need to know that there is no end to web developing. You will never get to a point and say that you have finished developing a website. The evolving web cannot afford you the luxury of saying it is now DONE and accomplished.

Web business is about regular and frequent updating of your site more so regarding content. People who browse the internet are always thirsty for fresh content and the same applies to search engines. Therefore, for your small online business to move to the next level you need to develop high quality content repeatedly.

The internet is like a moving target where you are forced to re-adjust your aim in order to hit the mark. Create time on regular bases to learn new things and making sure that you put them into action. Bring your site to life by increasing your activities in all fronts. This includes in article directories, online forums, social media sites and if possible video marketing sites.

The web developer that gets his or her site in front of many views is sure to take the internet by storm. I wish you all the best in your quest to make money online at home.

How To Schedule Your Blog Writing On A Regular Basis

How To Schedule Your Blog Writing On A Regular Basis

Many are the times you have heard people saying they work from home 2 hours a day. This is most common with folks who do blog writing. Personally, I work for even less time and it is all about planning and automating my work online business.

For those of you who are in employment (9-5 job), blogging can be a nice avenue of creating a work online part time business. This will go a long way in supplementing your salary. It may take you some time before you begin getting the big money, but don’t you think it’s worth the wait and in time achieve financial freedom you so crave for?

We all are in need of financial security and today I shall discuss on how you can plan your time and make money by blog writing.

The thought that blog writing is time consuming needs to come out of your mind. All you need to do is come up with a good work schedule. On this article we shall see how within 1 or 2 hours a day you can easily manage your blog writing.

Research and writing: (1 hour a day)

Content is Key – This has been repeated time and time again and there is no way you can escape writing if you want to make money online. That is why you need to allocate the most time when it comes to researching and writing.

Since blogging is about posting content regularly, you can opt to be publishing 2 or 3 articles a week. The others days of the week can be for doing your research. It is so imperative to plan on what you are going to write on your blog. In fact, research is more important than the blog writing.

By planning on what to talk about on your blog, will mean that when you get down to the blog writing you will spend less time. You need to come up with how your article is going to be structured, because if you don’t do that it will take you much longer to write.

You can schedule to have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as the days you will be doing your research and structuring. Then set aside Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for blog writing. This means that the content you gather and structure on Monday; will be the article you write about the following day and so on.

The best way to do research is reading a lot. Be up to date with the happenings in your niche by reading other peoples’ blogs. Subscribe to the top bloggers in your niche through RSS feeds or their newsletters. In addition, you can bookmark tops blogs and on the days of doing research you read their new content.

Reading blogs in your niche will help you gain more knowledge and also ensure you get ideas on blog writing. On top of what people are blogging about, on a site like Yahoo Answers you can get questions people in your niche are asking about thus have ideas on articles to write about.

The idea is to know how the top bloggers are writing and get better styles of writing. That should always be your target, because what is the point of blog writing if you cannot be the best in your niche. Make sure you publish the best relevant and insightful content and people will always keep coming back for more.

Writing: Once you have done your groundwork and structuring well, then the most it will take you to write a blog is 45 minutes.

Social Media Marketing: (25 – 30 minutes a day)

I see many online marketers spending the whole day on social networking sites trying to promote their businesses and products. This to me is a waste of time and resources. I would rather you dedicate that time to more planning and researching.

Facebook (15 minutes in a day) – As we speak facebook has become a force to reckon with as far as online marketing is concerned. With thousands of people signing up each day it is absolutely important that every blog writer to have an account on facebook.

Before I talked about automation and with the tools available on the net you can update your facebook wall without necessarily opening your account. Personally, I use Networked blogs to update my status wall on facebook.

This tells you that I spend like 0 minutes on facebook, but I usually go to my account to respond to my messages and people that comment on my posts. This takes me like 10 minutes at most. It is always good to respond to your messages since social media marketing is all but building relationships and your online brand.

If you have a fun page, then you need to add another 5 minutes to update your wall, start discussions and respond to comments.

Twitter (5 minutes in a day) – Some people will not agree with me but I find twitter very easy to mange. Twitter is said to be the fastest growing social media site. So do not assume I do not have a twitter account. In fact, anyone blogging for money MUST have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of late a Google Plus account.

blog writingWith Networked Blogs, I’m able to link my blog to my twitter account. This in turn leaves me with all the time to concentrate on my research and blog writing.

Since my social media network followers are mostly from the USA and Europe and we are in different time zones, I schedule by blog posts to be published when they are online. This means that my tweets and wall status are updated when am comfortably sleeping. Talk of blog writing automation.

The 5 minutes I allocate to respond to the individual messages. This will ensure I build my online presence and further boost my online brand name.

E-marketers that spend a lot of time on twitter are those that seek to follow and unfollow people. But this can be manged automatically with TweeterAdder. With this tool you will be able to:

– Tweet relevant content

– Follow new followers

– Follow people in your niche

– Unfollow people who are not following you back

– Tweet links to your blog

– Tweet your content to your Facebook Wall.

LinkedIn (10 Minutes in a week) – I know this may be different for others depending on where your target audience spend most of their time. As for me I rarely visit my LinkedIn account but since I have synchronized it to my twitter account, my LinkedIn activities are updated daily with my tweets.

The time I spend on LinkedIn is for accepting requests and responding to my private messages.

I hope now you see just how easy it is to manage your blog writing and at the same time update your social networking accounts. This will not only help you get referral traffic but also increase your backlinks for SEO value or juice.

Miscellaneous activities: Blogging involves other activities like article marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, social bookmarking or any other thing you may be involved in to help promote your blog.

Once in a week I am called to do presentations in relation to my work online blog which helps me in offline marketing. I know of other bloggers who organize online contests or conduct interviews. Since these are activities that you do once in a while; with good planning you can execute them with ease.

If you have noticed something about this post is that I have written more content about research and blog writing. As for other activities there is really much to talk about. This goes to show just how critical CONTENT is in regards to blogging. With rich content, making money blogging will be a like a walk in the park.

From the above online working schedule you can see that blog writing is easy to plan, manage and execute. Give the things that count more priority and blogging for money will be fun even as you work from home online.

Advantage Of Facebook Like Button And Share Button

Advantage Of Facebook Like Button And Share Button

Technology has truly taken the world by storm and you do not need to look far to see how people’s lives are being changed by gadgets. For online marketers two simple but effective tools are the facebook like button and the share button.

Since the rise of social media sites, which initially were created to help people socialize, now advertisers have taken advantage of these websites to promote their businesses. As we speak, social media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing arsenals.

The secret behind social network marketing is to know that people always have needs. Thus when they congregate on one platform you are just required to identify what their needs are and offer them solutions. Research has proven that people interested in fashion will group themselves together. This is a good opportunity for you as a fashion designer to show case you work and get some customers while you are at it.

Ideally, there are many online marketing strategies you can use on social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like. But today let us look at the power of the facebook like button in online marketing.

Important to note, is the realization that the facebook like button and share button have become quite effective in online promotion. Therefore, if you are blogging for money you need to include these plugins on your blog right away. And this is why…

Facebook like button:

The “like” is a button that people normally press whenever they are attracted in what someone else has posted. To most people the facebook like button seems to be of no importance, but assuming so is failure to see how facebook really functions.

Click here to learn how to install the facebook like button on your blog. As for those that are using wordpress, you can add the Gosocial media plugin and have several share button installed.

The “LIKE” button on facebook works like this; when a person clicks the button, whether on facebook or on your site plugin, facebook post that information on the person’s status wall. This means that all his/her friends will get to view the data.

In turn, the person’s friends will most probably wish to know what is this that their friend likes, in the process a post can turn viral hence help establish an awareness of a certain event, product or blog content.

Generally, people connect with others of whom they share the same interests. Therefore, they too may end up pressing on the facebook like button and making your post go completely viral.

Imagine you have 500 friends who are in the same niche as you are. If you post high quality content that is helpful, a good number of them will “like” your content thus exposing your blog content to their friends too. Some of their friends may also end up liking your content thus exposing your content to even more views.

Some time back we shared about the power of viral marketing and the facebook like button demonstrates its potential.

facebook like buttonThe other avenue that the facebook like button can be beneficial to your online marketing is when facebook recommends to your friends your business. Here is an illustration, if friend X and Y are connected and then friend X likes a certain work from home business program belonging to friend Z, the same program will be recommended to friend Y.

This just goes to show just how vital social media marketing is to both bloggers and webmasters. Any online marketer that ignores the power of social networking is simply going to miss out on a lot of potential targeted traffic.

The share button:

Again this is another powerful tool that allows people to broadcast information online to various websites. The share button ideally works just like the facebook like button only that the information on the share button is more detailed.

While the facebook like button shares information to facebook, other site like twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Technocrati, Delicious also have their own custom share button. All these buttons are a means that can help you in viral marketing.

Apart from the facebook like button and the other sites’ share button ensuring you generate targeted blog traffic, they too help you pass on helpful data. However, it is recommended that as people click your share button, you too should like other people’s business and content too.

As a serious blogger, you should be active in your social network by actively sharing what others have posted. This should be on topics that you find useful to people in your niche. As you share other people’s business and content, they too will easily recommend your content to their friends thus increasing the chances of your content going viral.

The main reason that the internet was created was to share information and ideas. Therefore every opportunity you get to share what you know you should do it on the net. With the help of easy to use tools like the facebook like button and the share button you will definitely cut a niche for yourself in no time.

Conclusion: If you are serious about blogging for money then social media sites are a good place to start to generate referral traffic. Show your participation by actively reading other people’s content within your niche and clicking on their facebook like button or the share button.

It will not take long before people take notice of your activities and they will reward you by reading and sharing your content too. To create an online brand name that will last you need to build relationships. The sharing button is one means of generating an online presence thus make money from home.

Online Work Strategies For Bloggers At Home

Online Work Strategies For Bloggers At Home

When it comes to online work from home it is not easy as it sounds, you can easily get derailed and end up not working at all. The homely environment, as much as it can be good for bonding with your family members it can also prevent you from hitting your targets.

Imagine the cry of the baby coming from the other room, it can be quite a distraction. It therefore becomes imperative that you learn how to plan and remain focused so as to achieve success while working online at home.

On this write up we shall discuss how you can organize your work from home business. We will see the best ways to stay in touch with your family members who are at home and still manage your work online comfortably.

Here are simple tips that you can implement to make sure your focus on your online home business:

Come up with a Time Table: The most important thing you need to have when it comes to online work is definitely a working schedule. A time table will help you to prioritize your work thus avoid overlooking some tasks.

Anytime you work without a time table you end up concentrating on some stuff more than others and yet you need attend to all duties depending on their importance. Therefore, come up with a good schedule that shows what you need to do for the week.

working online schedule

Every morning identify what you need to attend to and make sure you stick to what is on your online work time table. Once you are through with the day’s work, take time to analyze what you did and see what you need to attend to the following day so as to prepare adequately.

A duty Rota works well when you have someone that you can be accountable to. Probably you live with other members of your family, hang the time table somewhere where other family members can see like on the living room. By doing this it will be easy for someone to see what you were to do and ask if you actually performed the day’s task. It brings about accountability.

Set Goals: Just as it is important to set goals in life, it’s equally critical that you have short and long terms goals when it comes to online work at home. Setting targets helps you to know your progress and thus periodically determine if you need to make any adjustments.

Every week set some time aside to see how far you are getting on with your home business. For example, if you are using article marketing as one of your marketing strategy, decide how many articles you will post every week. Analyze and determine if the articles you are posting are getting you any traffic and if not then see what you can do to better your articles. This can be one of your short term targets.

As for long term goals, you can decide which page you intent to be in 6 months on the major search engines or how many visitors you intend to be having on your website or blog. Check your Alexa ranking and then check again after 6 months and see how far you have moved on the rankings.

This is one of the best ways to make sure that you are making headway as you are working online at home.

Have A Partner: Getting someone else you can work with is very significant. This can be in terms of a mentor or a close friend of whom you share the same interests. A good partner is someone who you can trust to give you sound advice and more so contribute to your home business success.

online working

It is advisable you get a pal who complements you to be your online work partner. For example, you may be a perfect problem solver but a poor reader, get an associate who is a good reader and you two will complement each other. This will ensure you attain your goals faster.

A partner should be someone who you can be accountable to; somebody you respect. This is to make sure you both take your work seriously thereby achieve success in a short time.

Patience: Having patience is a virtual you cannot dare leave out as you work from home. In most instances, achieving your goals takes time especially when it comes to issues like search engine optimization and generating traffic.

Online marketing is not a one day affair and you need to have tolerance and keep doing the right things if you are to build online wealth.

Focus: Begin focused goes hand in hand with patience especially when it gets to online work business opportunities. Having a focused mindset is the first thing you need to have so as to make it in online work or in any other business for that matter. Believe in your abilities and see yourself as someone who has already made it.

Child care: In case you have small kids it is advisable that you get a baby sitter to take care of them while you perform your online work or you can take them to day care. You do not have to necessarily leave them at the day care the whole day since if you organize yourself well you can work for at least 2 to 3 hours a day.

It can be quite challenging if you have a small house with a few rooms, but it is advisable that you get a separate room of which to be working from. Having a room which you can convert to an office in your house will ensure you focus on your work.

Nothing in life is free; there is always a price to pay for you to attain success. Sometimes the price may be so expensive but the end results will be worth the cost. Therefore, determine in your mind that you will make money and for sure your online work will bare fruits.

The problem with most people is that they have a plan “A” and a plan “B”. They say “if plan A does not work I’ll quickly jump to plan B”. The problem with that kind of planning is that you will end up giving so fast since you have a fall back plan.

It would be better you set out what you want to do and make sure you become the best you can be. Before you get into any business venture, research to see if the business in viable, if others have made it you too can make it.

There is still more you can learn about online work, check out the links right below…

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