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Best Affiliate Marketing In CPA Performance Programs

Best Affiliate Marketing In CPA Performance Programs

Before you join any affiliate program it is vital that you target the best affiliate networks in your niche. The reputation of an affiliate company is very important if you are to make money as you work online.

First of all, what is CPA Affiliate?

I know most of you may be asking what CPA stands for; it can mean Cost-Per-Action or others like calling it Cost-Per-Acquisition. Merchants love this mode of marketing since CPA affiliate publishers are paid depending on action taken by their leads. This can be in form of a product or service purchase, registration or a download among other actions.

In short, CPA affiliates are not paid commissions for leads generated alone. Since the action taken is what determines how much an affiliate is paid, this form of promotion is also called Performance Marketing.

The best affiliate marketing firms are the ones that offer CPA mainly because they are more reputable. It is sometimes considered that affiliate companies that pay commissions based on pay-per-click (PPC) are not sustainable.

The reason for this is because merchants end up paying publishers and yet no action was been taken by leads generated. This is unlike CPA where the merchant gains in one way or another from leads generated. A good example is Revresponse.

So as to find best affiliate marketing programs it is advisable to join Affiliate Marketing networks. This are networks that act as middle men between merchants and webmasters. These networks help in vetting advertisers and ensuring adverts are placed on performing sites.

make money at homeIn essence, it will be beneficial to merchants since their products will appear on top performing sites and blogs. The same will apply to webmasters in that; they will be promoting only the best affiliate marketing products. This will mean selling high quality products and thus high conversion rates.

Prior to joining any affiliate network marketing network you need to do some groundwork. The best affiliate networks are the ones that have a credible reputation. The track record of an affiliate network is gauged by the quality of publishers and merchants enrolled.

As a CPA affiliate marketer find out if the performance network adheres to high standards of recruitment. A credible network will not just register any vendor or advertiser who comes along. What should take first priority is quality and not quantity.

This is to make sure that the merchant only creates quality products that actually sell. A vendor will be forced to do his/her research well before presenting products for promotion. As you can see, this will be to the advantage of webmasters. They will online be advertising the best affiliate marketing products in the market.

The same applies to advertisers or publishers; network affiliate networks will only pick top rated sites. A good performance network have to vet the advertisers and how they intent to advertise. They should establish the number of traffic a site gets and if it is targeted.

This will be an assurance that merchants’ products will not be marketed though spamming. In addition, merchant products will actually make profits. Some best affiliate marketing networks include Commission Junction and Life Commission.

With all this rules, it can be quite challenging for small business people to get best affiliate companies to work with. If you have a new site and want to do affiliate promotion, there are other affiliate marketing companies that are not so stringent. A good example is Click Bank.

Indicators of the best affiliate marketing performance networks:

Promotional Tools – For advertisers to make sales or covert, they require good marketing tools. These marketing arsenals include well drafted emails, attractive banners, URL’s and so on.

The landing page for products on offer should also have quality content and pictures. This will be to the advantage of both the merchants and webmasters. Marketing tools really play a major role in ensuring you work with the best affiliate merchants.

Affiliate Tools – Promotional tools are not the only elements to look at when it comes to choosing the best affiliate sites. There is need to have a back office that shows detailed traffic statists, conversion percentage or rate, commissions made and the like.

This will be beneficial to both the merchants and advertisers. The affiliate company will get to know if they are making a profit or not. They will also determine the leads they are getting and their conversion rate.

As for the advertisers, they will get to measure the conversion rate per product. This will assist them to determine the best affiliate product to promote thus make more money working online.

work online On Time Technical Help – A reputable performance network has to provide quality support to both advertisers and publishers. This support includes attending to every concern raised in the shortest time possible.

A support team should be in a position to provide members with online marketing strategies. These marketing techniques can include how to optimize their products and site for search engine placement and so on.

Quality Products – If you want to promote the best affiliate products then you need to keep away from ponzi schemes. The work of the affiliate marketing networks is to weed out scammers. A CPA performance network has to make sure they only subscribe legit merchant firms.

To ensure only the best affiliate marketing companies are enrolled, networks have to vet and provide detailed affiliate company info. The same also applies to advertisers.

Reliable Payout Systems – To determine the best affiliate company to work with, you need to look at their commission rates. For a company to have sustainability the commissions being offered should not be so high.

The other thing to consider is their mode of payment. A good affiliate firm should have several modes of payments. This includes generation of checks, wire transfer, pay pal and so on. Having different modes of payments will ensure advertisers from different parts of the world can participate.

In case you are looking to get in the affiliate business, then CPA affiliate networks are the best to enroll in. Here you are assured of finding only the best affiliate products and services in your niche.

As you work online at home you will discover that performance plays a crucial role in earning income. Therefore, for you to make money from home you need to work with the best. This is for both the person producing the products and the one selling.

You can still get to learn more on how to market your products online, follow the links appearing below.

Length Of Blog Post And Its Impact On Blog Conversion Rate

Length Of Blog Post And Its Impact On Blog Conversion Rate

The other day I was discussing with a friend whether to have short or lengthy blog posts. This is also a question that has been posed by many of my blogging friends. I think it’s time I shared my personal views on what have seen working best for me.

Some years back writing short articles was very effective and I think it still is especially when it comes to rising peoples’ curiosity. Those were the days when the maximum content length was 300 words.

Today, if you try short blog posts you better forget about ranking on search engine results. Though it is debatable, personally I recommend a blog post length of 1000 words and above. This is what has worked for me.

On this write up I will share with you the benefits that come with writing long blog posts. By the time you get to the end of this post you will definitely have become a better and more informed blogger.

Let us cut the chase and get down to business.

Here are the advantages of lengthy blog posts:

1: Link Bait: The desire of every commercial blogger is to get backlinks. This is what ensures you rank high on SERPs.

In the google algorithm, there are over 200 parameters and backlinks are among the most important. Backlinks are good, but what google loves the most are natural backlinks.

Therefore, you need to do your level best to get people to link back to your content naturally. By offering your readers quality and informative content you can be sure your blog posts will act as good bait for backlinks.

There is no way you can have a detailed and informative article with a 250 word count. Corbett Barr who runs a blog called puts it so well on one of his articles. Click here to read it.

Do you want to generate natural backlinks? Then begin writing longer and informative articles. Why join link farms when you can publish content that will boost your link popularity?

2: Bookmarking: There is something I have observed that is very interesting when you write long articles. Readers tend to bookmark your site.

Someone may land on you blog posts and since they may not have the time to read your long blog post at the time, they end up bookmarking the page in order to come back later when they have time.

This means two things, the first is that your return visitors will increase and more importantly people will spend more time on your site. The result of this is obvious, your blog conversion rate will be high.

3: Build fan base: The moment that people see you are out to help them they will follow you like crazy. Readers always want to know what’s in it for them and if you give them quality then they will become your fans.

This means that your word will become law thus anytime you tell them that a certain product is good they will rush to produce their credit cards.

With no doubt, the best and effective way of getting more targeted twitter followers apart from using online tools is to write epic content. The same also applies to building facebook fan base.

4: Gain Authority: When you have lengthy blog posts that are epic you are sure to gain respect from people in your niche. As you all know, to become an expert in any field you have to prove your worth.

When you are considered an authority in your niche you are assured of constant online presence. In addition, you will see an increase in conversion rate since people will look at you as an expert. To them, whatever you recommend works.

There is no way that an article of 300 words is going to help you gain this kind of respect and authority.

5: Gain Trust: Credibility is an integral component of blogging. To gain peoples’ trust you need to show them that you are out to improve their lives.

The length of your blog post will demonstrate your devotion to help thus you will automatically gain readers’ trust and attention.

long blog post

Note: Don’t break that trust by including high marketing pitches within your blog posts. No one likes to be sold to. Assist people and they will hand in their wallets to you.

6: Rank Higher: Readers are not the only ones in search of epic content. Search engines have updated their algorithms to give more preference to quality and lengthy articles.

This is the scenario, if blogger A and B write articles on the same subject and A uses 1000 words and B uses 400 words, A will rank better than B in search results.

By the way, algorithms keep changing; search engines will soon become trusted source of quality content and for sure you want to feature on first page. Now is the right time to begin looking at the length of your blog post and the kind of material you generate.

7: Increase Opt-in List: A common phrase you are likely to hear online marketers say is that,”money is in the list”. If you happen to have 100, 000 people opt-in to your list then no search engine algorithm update will ever worry you.

But the big question is how to build an email list effectively? Allow me to give you the best option, write lengthy and epic articles.

The more you offer useful and insightful content, the more they will trust you thus gladly opt-in your contact list.

8: Reduce Bounce Rate: It is never encouraging to have a bounce rate of 80% and above. This is an indication that people are spending very little time on your site.

To start getting a bounce rate of at least 70% and below which will translate to a higher conversion rate, work on the length of future blog posts. A good bounce rate will also help to improve your overall site ranking.

Search engines are now able to tell the time people taking between clicking your link on search results and resurfacing again to search. This is especially the case when people are browsing on google while logged into their Gmail account.

9: Increase Social Mentions: An informative article is more likely to be shared, pinned, tweeted, + 1ed…., ok you get the drift.

Considering that now search engines are leaning towards measuring site authority using social signals, you need to generate sharable blog posts.

Note: Apart from writing lengthy blog posts, ensure that your blog titles get peoples’ attention. This is what will ensure readers click on your social links, share and visit your site.

10: Increase in comments: The fact that people bookmark to come back and read your blog post increases chances of them commenting. This will even increase further if you include a call to action telling readers to leave comments.

These in turn helps boost your blog social proof further influencing other readers to post comments.

We have seen that long blog post also rank better, this means that other blogger in your niche will be dying to submit comment on your site to boost their own ranking.

These activities will not go unnoticed by search engines thus further boosting your site authority and placement on search results.


Now you have 10 reasons of considering length of blog post when writing online. Hope you will reconsider writing epic content from today. Please come back 3 months from now and tell us if these benefits mentioned above come your way.

You might assume that I’m the only one who holds these views when it comes to writing long blog posts. A look at most of the top bloggers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Blog, blogger award winner Glen Alsopp of Viper Chill, Michael Dunlop of Income Diary and 18 year old student Bamidele Onibalusi of Young Prepro just to mention a few will tell you long articles actually work.

Not that these top bloggers don’t have short blog posts, but on close observation you will see that their long articles are more popular with readers.

Improve your site ranking and blog conversion at the same time, talk of hitting two birds with one stone.

I have shared with you the benefits that come with length of blog post and now the ball is in your court. Share with us your experience so far with both short and long blog posts in the comment section provided below.

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