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How To Manage Keyword Density – High SEO Ranking

How To Manage Keyword Density – High SEO Ranking

Anytime you hear the phrase keyword density the first thing that comes into mind is SEO optimization.

As an internet business entrepreneur, for you to make an impact you must seek to rank high on search engines. Research shows that currently, google gets over 4 billion searchers every day.

If you can funnel just a small fraction of this traffic to your site, you are on your way to making money online with ease. It gets even sweeter; it is believed that over 300 million new people browse the internet every day.

It is true that there are other sources of internet traffic generation like social media marketing but none of them can match search engines traffic. In fact, 75% of traffic generated online is from search engines.

The big question is; how do you take advantage of search engines and direct visitors to your website or blog?

Most online marketers have really overlooked the power of keyword optimization. May be it is because they consider SEO a complex matter or they just don’t have an idea on how to approach SEO.

Believe it or not, it is not as hard as others would like you to think. Don’t let words like keyword density, keyword optimization or keyword usage scare you. Actually, if you get to learn what these phrases mean you will discover they are as easy as say 1, 2, 3.

The advantage of keyword optimization is that it enables search engines to find, index and rank your site. Before, online marketers used to leverage by stuffing keywords within their content thus rank high.

That came to an abrupt end with the introduction of the Panda Update. Today, you cannot find sites that have useless content or overstuffed with keywords ranking high on Google.

This brings us to the main reason of writing this article. How do you make sure your keyword usage or keyword density does not get you penalized by search engines?

The first thing to consider when it comes to optimizing your content is keyword research. This means analyzing and selecting a keyword phrase which people in your niche are searching for.

If your content is properly optimized especially for profitable key terms, you will attract targeted traffic from search engines hence make money. As an online marketer, you want when people enter your targeted keywords in the search box, you appear on first page.

How do you achieve that without keyword stuffing?

Having a high keyword density will not only get your site slapped by search engines, it will also make your content unreadable.

You need to realize that generating traffic is one thing and converting that traffic to profit is a different ball game all together. Readers dislike when they come across content that has a high keyword density.

Remember, search engines are not your customers rather it is the people who you bring to your site that will buy your products.

Keyword usage plays a pivotal role in regards to ranking on search engine result pages. The density of your keywords determine the page your site will be found.

If you land on page 1, then chances of people visiting your site will be high. But if you are on page 10, forget about generating good traffic from search engines.

At this stage it is good to remind you that optimizing your content is not a one day affair. In order to rank high, you have to keep on generating optimized content over a period of time.

Note: Research is extremely vital when it comes to which keyword phrases to use within your content. Some of the tools you can use to find out the right keywords to use include Google Keyword Tool (free), Keyword Tracker (free), Market Samurai (paid), Keyword Discovery (paid) and Keyword Winner (paid).

how to improve keyword density

Now that you know the value of keyword usage, let us see the best way to make sure you get the right keyword density. This will help you to rank high and at the same time generate content that is user friendly or readable.

How to maintain the right keyword density without overstuffing

Below you will find techniques of keyword optimization that will help you to rank high and also make your content exciting to read.

Relevant keywords: This is the use of keyword phrases that determine relevancy by subject matter. For instance: web marketing, internet advertising, article marketing, SEO marketing are all one and the same with online marketing.

In essence, search engines deem relevant keywords are related directly with a particular search query. Therefore, to achieve the recommended keyword density and avoid boring your readers by repeating certain words, you can create sentences with relevant keywords.

This will ensure you boost your search engine relevancy score thus rank on your targeted keyword phrases.

Keyword variation: People browsing the internet for similar things will not necessarily search using the same words. Hence it is important to find varying keyword phrases that you think your target audience will be searching for.

Let us take a scenario where you are targeting a keyword like work online at home. Other variants of the same keyword phrase include work at home online, work from home on the web, work online from home and so on.

The secret is to make certain that the variant phrase makes sense and means the same thing. Using varying keywords will give you several options to add your keyword phrase intelligently and at the same time achieve the recommended keyword density to help you rank high.

Stemming keywords: This is the use of plural, suffixes and prefixes of words. Let us take an example of a word like “work”, other words than can stem of this word include working, worked, worker, workforce and so forth.

Keyword Density

Once you have researched and decided on the keyword to target, instead of repeating the exact word all through your content, use word stemming. This will maintain your keyword density for SEO ranking purposes and readers will not tell you are repeating some words.

Synonyms: This means exactly that, where you use words that read different but mean the same thing. For example all these words mean the same to search engines web, internet, online, net and cyberspace.

Therefore, if you are targeting a keyword phrase like internet marketing you can use synonyms like web marketing, online marketing and web advertising so on.

This will give you many keyword options to target of which search engines will find them all related thus rank you accordingly.

Ideal strategies of optimizing your content with targeted keywords

So as to generate targeted traffic the best practice to adopt is the use of long tail keywords. These kinds of keywords are not only targeted, but normally have low competition thus you can rank on page 1 easily.

Long tail keywords are more specific and are usually generated from a core keyword. For example, the word “money” is a core and broad keyword but if you want to be more specific, target the keyword phrase “make money online from home”.

The word money is so broad; if you rank for such a keyword, definitely your bounce rate will be very high. This is because money covers a wide area.

The secret here is to narrow down the people you want to target. When you use a keyword phrase like make money online from home, you are in fact telling search engines the exact group of people you are targeting.

Apart from ensuring the density of your keyword usage is right, you also need to consider other things to make your site optimization complete.

This includes adding your targeted keyword phrase in your title. It is advisable you position your keywords in the beginning of your headline so as to make sure search engines find them.

The recommended length of your title should be between 40 to 70 characters. That is like 5 to 7 words.

You also have to optimize your webpages by including your keywords in your page URL (Uniform Resource Locator). These are links that help search engines and site visitors navigate your site.

Ensure your page URL contains the same keyword phrase that is within your content. This will help you rank for your targeted keywords and also assist in site organization.

Furthermore, adding keywords in your webpage URL will increase your click through rate (CTR) since it will tell visitors what to expect when they visit your page links.

Experts in SEO normally advice that you make your URL’s short. Hence, your page URL will be better optimized when you only include your targeted keyword phrase, preferably a long tail key term.

Summary: There is nothing as disheartening as coming across content that is stuffed with keywords in very sentence. In most cases, this kind of content will not make any sense since the writer will be forcing keywords where they are not needed.

Search engines are nowadays intelligent enough to tell when you use varying, stemming, related or synonym words.

If you follow what has been shared on this write up, you will not have to struggle with keyword density or keyword stuffing. In fact, you will stop worrying about been hit by any Algorithm Update that exist or will ever come into being.

The traffic from search engines is too much to be ignored. It is the high time you start combining all of these keyword usage strategies and improve your keyword density and site ranking.

The next article you publish, try and use the above keyword techniques then come back and tell us how you faired on search engine ranking. If you are already using these tactics to improve your keyword density, post your feedback in the comment section below.

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Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

For years now webmasters have been making millions of dollars using email list marketing. Any online marketer that has at an opt-in list of about 100,000 customers and over will attest to this fact. Having an email list is definitely a powerful web marketing arsenal you need to use.

Why Use Email Advertising?

Did you know that close to 5 million people at least an email account? Research has proven that over 48% of the five million actually read their emails every day. If you look at it critically, this can truly translate to thousands of dollars for your work online business. But online marketers advise that you avoid being marked as spam.

The other side of Email Marketing:

There are advertisers who have misused their email list and thus given a bad name to email marketing. This has increased the chances of being marked as spam. It therefore means that you need to be very careful when sending messages to your email list.

Research reveals that 63% of people with email accounts do not read messages in the spam folder. Hence you must at all cost avoid being marked as a spammer. If your genuine message gets to your email list spam folder then your marketing campaign is doomed to fail.

In the cases where subscribes mark your message as spam, it can turn ugly. Sometimes it will result in email service providers blocking out your email account. In some cases, your site can also be marked as spam by search engines.

In addition, the government can get involved and you can be penalized heavily for spamming. Therefore, you need to be careful how you handle your email list.

How to prudently build your own Email List:

The first thing to do is create a website or a blog. Make sure that you offer readers quality content. Good content is where you provide informative and useful material that addresses certain issues. With quality content, your audience will want to constantly read your articles.

mailing listThis is where you can design a capture page for readers to opt-in your email list. Also you can have an opt-in registration form at the side bar. In most cases, the information you need to collect is the name, email address and sometimes location.

This brings us to the difference between solicited and unsolicited emails. When your targeted audience willingly subscribe to your mailing list, they are solicited. It is imperative that once someone opts in your email list you send them a message immediately. This will ensure they remember you the next time you send them an email.

To make sure that your solicited list finds you genuine, do the following.

  1. When sending advertisements make certain you state that in your email messages. This you can mention in the first lines of your email or in the subject line.
  2. Send your email messages only to the people who have agreed to be receiving your messages.
  3. The law requires that you give your email list subscribers a choice to opt out of your list. In most instances, there is a link that appears below the messages for members who wish to unsubscribe.
  4. As people subscribe to your email list, assure them that you will not sell off their details. This will enhance their confidence in you and thus boost your online reputation.
  5. Where you are sending adult content, you need to state that clearly in your subject line. This is to ensure such content does not land in the hands of minors.

Responding to a huge list can be quite tasking and that is why you need to automate the process. There is a company like Aweber that helps marketers manage their email list. With Aweber you can have an auto responder to help you respond to your list. There is also the option of scheduling your email messages so as they are send automatically at give dates and time.

Here are Email Marketing Strategies that have been proven to work:

email marketing– It is recommended as you are working online that you send your messages to your willing buyers only. The best strategy to approach email marketing is by sending unique and informative newsletters. Give your email list free trials and they will definitely not opt out of your list.

– Try to avoid sending HTML messages, rather send text messages. The reason being text messages are considered genuine unlike HTML which can easily be marked as spam. Furthermore, some email services are not compatible with HTML. This means some of your messages will be corrupted when they get to your customers inbox.

– Some words like make money, earn money online, mortgages and so on, you should avoid mentioning. Sending email messages with these phrases will increase the likelihood of being marked as spam.

– Avoid using attachments when sending promotional messages to your email list. Subscribers rarely open attachments from fear of being attacked with viruses.

– If you have to use images in your emails try to be moderate. Clustering images all over your messages will look unprofessional, thus will not appeal to your subscribers.

– Always work with reputable email management companies or join a Whitelist.

Note: There are people that are normally out to collect emails and sell them to willing buyers. As an online marketer it is not advisable to purchase an email list. It would be better to build your own opt-in list with willingly subscribes.

For years now e-marketers have channeled cash to their pockets with email marketing. It is common knowledge that having an email list is like having an online ATM. But let us not forget you can easily bring down your online credibility with email marketing.

This should not be the case though, if you follow the rules that govern email management you will make money online. The names you see in your mailing list are real people with feelings. Hence you need to treat them with almost respect.

To learn more about email list management and other online marketing strategies press on the links below.

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