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Proper Use Of RSS Feeds To Increase Blog Traffic

Proper Use Of RSS Feeds To Increase Blog Traffic

RSS Feeds offer webmasters and bloggers an opportunity to update people in their niche on a continuous basis. RSS stands for (Real Simple Syndication). As the meaning reads, online marketers are able to broadcast notifications to their RSS feeds subscribers every time they publish new content.

RSS feeds is therefore one of the best means of getting repeat visitors. This happens when visitors that find your blog resourceful subscribe to your RSS feeds. This means that they will get updates of all your future blog posts.

If you visit most blogs, you will notice a weird orange button mostly at the top bar or side bar. This orange button is where the link to the RSS feed is contained.

Ideally, your feeds relay information to other sites about your blog content. This bots relay information every time you update your blog, which ensures you generate traffic since people are constantly searching for new content.

I realize that some people do not love RSS feeds on their blogs but one thing is for sure, for you to make more money online you need traffic. Therefore, any online marketing strategy that helps grow your site or blog should be embraced.

Tip: There are also other ways of people following blogs other than through RSS. Google Reader is probably one of the best. Therefore once in a while head over to Google reader and post your good content.

There is still much debate on whether to use full feeds or shorten them. Experts in work online marketing suggest that you use both and your readers will decide which of the two they prefer to follow.

For those that are yet to create a mailing list for email marketing, you can use RSS to enable you send your blog posts to email newsletters. But it is recommended that you create your own mailing list and you can achieve the same with a site like Feedburner.

Once you start getting subscribers then you can automate your email marketing through a site like Aweber.

Sometimes RSS can break and all it takes is a rear character in your blog title. To ensure your RSS feeds are validated you can create a free account at a site called

It is important that you submit your feeds to top search engines and RSS directories. Some of the top directories to submit to include a sites like Syndic8, FeedPlex, RSS Network, Search4RSS and RSS Micro.

One site that offers great RSS feeds is Feedburner. With Feedburner you are able to access many tools to make your feeds look pretty and share the feeds on social media networking sites. Feedburner is normally categorized in 5 categories.

– Analyze: This category helps you know how many people have subscribed to your feed and where they are from. Here you are also able to see how many of your feed subscribers have viewed your RSS feeds and clicked on them.

– Optimize: This is where you get to podcast your RSS feeds to iTunes, blog aggregators and search engines. Here you get to make sure that every blog post you publish is also submitted on search engines and iTunes.

– Publicize: This is the section that helps you to cross promote your content. With this secretion you will be able to pass the word around about your RSS feeds through social media sites.

– Monetize: Here is where you get to make the money by adding Google Adsence links to your feeds.

– Troubleshootize: This acts as the support section where you can access to general tips on how to manage your RSS feeds. If you are having any trouble with your RSS then here is where to go.

RSS Feeds MarketingPeople claim that Feedburner has been on the decline from the time Google acquired it. Personally, I use Feedburner and I think you need to use it before you give your opinion. A good chunk of my traffic is from my Feedburner.

Tracking of traffic is also very important and Feedburner has helps me in this regard. All you need to do is give permission to just specific sites that repurpose your feeds like twitter and facebook.

You may be asking why you need to use RSS feeds in your small online business. Here is why…

1. With your content going to all your feed subscribers, it can take just one blog post and your content turns viral.

2. Feeds contribute greatly in boosting your search engine placement and ranking.

3. Apart from organic traffic, RSS feeds will aid you generate traffic when people click on your feeds.

4. With Feeds installed you will increase the chances of other bloggers in your niche to link to your blog or website.

5. RSS feeds help in crawling and indexing of your content by search engines much faster.

This goes to show just how beneficial RSS feeds can be to your small online business if you start using feeds as one of your online marketing arsenals. Most bloggers that use feeds for traffic generation are yet to harness its full potential. This is in terms of podcasting their RSS feeds thus increasing their search engine ranking.

For those that have known the secret behind feeds online marketing are why ahead of their competition. Hence if you want to see your blog traffic sky rocket, take your time to study and properly implement RSS feeds marketing.

11 Vital Factors Of How To Set A Homepage Design

11 Vital Factors Of How To Set A Homepage Design

The challenge that faces most bloggers and webmaster is how to set a homepage. Your site homepage design is very crucial when it comes to your work online business success. Ideally, your blog or website homepage acts as your landing page.

When you set a homepage, you need to consider one thing; that you have just a few seconds to grab the attention of a visitor. Aim towards creating a homepage design that will boost your sales conversion rate. The best way to increase conversion is to make your readers take action.

On this blog post we are going to look at some valuable elements to take into account as you set a homepage. With the points that will be listed below, you will be able to increase your conversion rate thus make money as you work at home online.

Below are 11 major aspects of how to set a homepage design:

1. Organization: In any aspect of life first impression matter a lot. The same case applies as you set a homepage. Am sure you would think twice of doing business with someone that comes to you looking shabby.

Your blog or website needs to look presentable and professional for you to succeed in online money making. The secret is to pick simple and clean templates. Avoid cluttering your homepage design with flash images and advertising banners all over the place.

Choose fonts that are legible and can even be read with people who have 20/20 vision. If you want your homepage to look professional avoid fancy fonts unless your blog is about cartoons.

2. Title: From the word go, visitors need to know exactly what your blog is all about. The choice of blog title plays a major role in retaining your audience. Research has proven that you have just 10 seconds to convince a visitor to purchase on your blog.

If you can retain visitors on your blog for longer periods then you will definitely make online sales. The title of your blog should act as the first bait to capture the attention of your visitors.

As you set a homepage, go for a short headline that is straight to the point. Try to also make the blog title look as professional as possible. A guest should be able to tell what he/she will benefit from your blog content by just viewing your title.

For the circuit to be complete, your title MUST be relevant to your blog content.

3. Color choice: As you all know most people are visual; therefore the choice of colors is very vital as you set a homepage. Mostly, when visitors land on your homepage the first thing they see is your top header. It is thus imperative that you select the color of your top bar prudently.

The ideal colors to go for are the ones that are warm and welcoming. Don’t select colors that scream on the faces of your visitors. For example, if you have to work with red, pick a cool shade of red.

For people with online business blogs, some of the cool and warm colors to settle for as you set a homepage include different shades of blue and brown.

As for the people with sites about dating, sports, news, and fashion then the color to go for is red or orange. If you are blogging about gardening, then green will be the right color to use.

set a homepage4. Navigation: Online marketing experts say that it should take at most 3 seconds for visitors to locate your site categories. Hence as you set a homepage design, consider placing your categories on your top bar or side bar. In fact, it would be even much better to have two sets of categories; one at the top bar and another at the side bar.

The reason of doing this is to ease navigation through your blog content. Try as much as possible to make it easy for your audience to find what they are searching for.

Apart from being easy to find, your menu or category should have fonts that are big enough and legible. As you set a homepage make sure it flows easily with the other webpages on your site.

Note: If your visitors feel like they are in a maze while on your blog they will exit immediately. The best way to retain thus reduce your bounce rate is dependant of how you set your blog navigation.

5. Homepage optimization: As you optimize your webpages so as to generate organic traffic you also need to optimize your homepage. The best way to do that is through on site optimization.

As you publish your blog post, ensure you include backlinks with your targeted keyword phrases pointing to your homepage. With time, as you increase your webpages you will have many backlinks with different anchor text thus boost your blog homepage ranking.

6. Always call to action: Telling your visitors what to do can really boost your work online business. It is amazing how by just instructing your visitors to click a certain button, they will do it. When I was setting my homepage I choose a template with this link “read more”. Just the other day I was checking my analytics and discovered readers really click on the “Read more” button.

When telling your visitors what to do, make certain that the instructions are simple and clear. To boost your online sales leads you need to push your visitors just a little bit. As you set a homepage, avoid having too many instructions since this will only create confusion.

7. Monitor site stats: Your blog statistics should contribute greatly on how to set a homepage design. A free tool that you can install on your blog to monitor your stats is Google Analytics.

With this tool you will be able to see if people landing on your homepage are moving to other pages within your site or exiting your site. These stats will help you to know where to improve thus set your homepage design in a better way.

Google analytic will show your blog stats as pertaining number of visitors, their location, keywords that bring visitors to your site and most importantly the bounce rate.

8. Write well: A common phrase you are bound to come across when working online is; “Content is King”. But as you create content you need to make sure it is well written. When setting a homepage, ensure you get a friend to proofread the content that you will put there.

The same should also apply to all the articles you will publish in future. Remember, first impression determine your online work success, thus you want the content on your homepage to be done right.

Avoid publishing content with typos and grammatical errors. Proofreading is the secret to avoid all that.

9. Create mailing list: Any successful blogger with tell you that real money is in creating a mailing list. Over the years email marketing has proved to be the online money making machine.

Try and have a form to capture the emails of your site guests. This is a good way to build online relationships with your audience who in most cases will purchase your products.

homepage designIdeally, return visitors are the ones that will buy on your blog, hence as you set a homepage ensure you can collect their contacts. Once you have the contacts you can periodically be using a service like Aweber to build relationships through email marketing.

In addition, set up a subscription form on all your webpages.

10. Provide your contact details: So as to appear credible and legit it is important to provide your contact details as you set a homepage. Most of the time when visitors land on a homepage that has no contacts they will exit so fast.

Sharing your contact details is a way of saying you do not mind to be asked questions or deal with customers. Make certain that your contacts are entered correctly. If you happen to change your contacts, ensure you update the details on your homepage immediately.

The best place to position your contacts is at the top bar or side bar.

11. Testimonials do magic: One of the best ways to boost your online credibility is through testimonials. This is especially so if you have a site that sells products. On your homepage, set aside a section where you can be posting your best testimonies written by your customers.

Note: Do not formulate your own testimonies since it will not take long before visitors realize you are lying.

As for bloggers, I would recommend that you activate your comment section. When visitors see that others have post comments, they will want to know more of what you are discussing on your blog. Therefore, as you set a homepage design make is possible for visitors to view how many people have posted remarks.

Summary: Remember that your homepage design acts as your landing page. It is therefore important to take your time to learn how to set a homepage. The way you set your homepage can easily break or build your work online business.

Once you set a homepage for your blog, request a friend to visit your site and tell you if the layout is good enough for navigation and where you need to improve.

Test to make sure that all the links on your homepage are functioning well. Broken links will contribute to visitors exiting your site thus increasing the bounce rate. Your blog ranking will also be affected when you have broken links.

Your reputation and online presence is so dependent on how you relate and communicate with your blog audience. Hence make it worthwhile for your visitors by learning how to set a homepage design.

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