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Value Of Blog Content – Breathing New Life To Your Blog

Value Of Blog Content – Breathing New Life To Your Blog

If you are a blogger you know that generating content for your blog is the only way to ensure web presence. The more you produce blog content, the better you will appear in the eyes of search engines and your target audience.

But what happens when you discover that all your efforts are not bearing the required results. For those of you who have been entrepreneurs, there comes a time when you have to re-evaluate your business performance.

In most cases, you will realize that you need to revamp your business. By this I mean, coming up with new policies, strategies or setting new goals. Nowadays, things keep changing rapidly especially in the business front.

A product that is selling like hot cake today, may become irrelevant tomorrow thus stay on the shelves with no one showing any interest anymore.

Just like any business out there, blog content needs to be evaluated to check if it’s adding value or not. When a business blog is analyzed and then revamped, the chances of making it more profitable will definitely increase.

The challenge is to know the right time to breathe new life to your blogging content. If you ask me, when you notice that there is no increase in SEO traffic and yet you are optimizing your blog content, it is time to re-strategize.

By analyzing your content you may just discover that your post titles are not as captivating as they should be.

Or you may find that your blog articles are not as insightful as they should be, or your content has lots of spelling or grammatical errors.

All these mistakes can contribute to low blog traffic and they need to be addressed urgently.

It is impossible to wake up one day then decide to erase from the internet all your low quality articles. By the time you will be thinking of doing that people will have shared your content thus making it impossible to completely remove your content on the net.

But all is not lost; discovering that you need to work on your blog content is a plus. The next thing you need to do right away is come up with a plan to breathe new life to your blog.

It does not matter how many low quality articles you have on your blog or how long you have been blogging, there is always room for improvement.

Even if you loss all your site visitors to your competition due to poor content, there will always be new people joining the internet whom you can attract and convert them into raving fans.

Statistics have revealed that on a daily basis, 300 million people surf the internet for the first time. Therefore, it is not too late; there will always be new markets to explore and new people to do business with on the internet.

new business through blogging

How to revamp your blog content and attract new business opportunities

There are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Is your current SEO blogging content directing organic traffic as it should?

Are your blog posts offering insightful and educative content?

If you were a visitor to your own site, would you share the content to your friends?

Do your blog titles elicit clicks from your target audience on search engine result pages?

How interesting or captivating is your blog content?

In case your answers to all the above questions are to the negative, it is high time you did a blog overhaul. This does not imply deleting your blog from the internet; first begin by doing more research before writing any blog post.

One thing you must realize is that the main purpose of the internet is to pass on information. If your blog content is not helpful then forget about making money on the net from home.

For you to make an impact on the internet, people must view you as a serious person. You cannot expect to provide people with useless content and expect them to come running to your site with their credit cards in hand.

You have to win people’s confidence and trust for you to make money online. The one opportunity you have to gain the trust of your target audience is through your blog posts.

Rich content will win you online sales leads but that does not mean you get comfortable. Just like offline business, there is always a need to improve your blog content.

Strive to become a better writer or learn new SEO strategies that will get you more traffic. It is sad to see some blog writers still dwelling on old and outdated SEO techniques.

Subscribe to SEO news feeds and get to learn what is happening in the SEO world. Go a step further and implement what you have read so as to ensure your blog remains relevant.

Before long you will start commanding respect from people in your niche thus keep on generating revenue on the web.

blog content

Improving your blog reputation through your posts

When it comes to making money through blogging, your credibility matters a great deal. Your blog content determine how people are going to react to your products or services.

Consider the following when publishing your content:

*Ensure your blog articles are well written without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

*Write captivating content that will touch the emotions of your readers

*Provide your audience with genuine facts

*Promote legitimate products and services that have been proved to provide workable solutions

*When you give figures make sure they are accurate.

*Always include a call to action message in your blog content

Once you do the above, visitors will begin hanging to your every word and that is when you will notice people referring to you as guru, veteran or expert.

When people see you as knowledgeable, you will have an easy time convincing them to purchase your products. That is the time every call to action message you send to them will produce 50% response.

But the moment you offer people half baked information that is boring and filled with content that cannot be authenticated, people will view you as a non starter.

What is the point of stuffing your articles with keywords for ranking purposes and fail to convert even one person into a customer because your content is not readable?

You will only make your readers to say; if you are publishing spammy content, it is obvious your products are not up to standard or your services are of low quality.

Believe me, if this is what is ringing the minds of your readers; forget about profiting from your blog.

Blogging calls for patience especially when it comes to generating content on your blog. If you have been taking short cuts, it is time you stopped and reconsidered your strategies.

There is still time for your to reorganize yourself and make sure the next new visitor that lands on your blog finds rich content. You can redeem your reputation and if not so prove to your new customers that you’ve got what it takes to be a source of quality information.

Think of the needs of your readers rather than your own

Maybe you having been blogging for many years and now you are thinking of revamping by telling people how experienced you are.

For your information, no one is interested in your achievement as a blogger. It is good you have been in the business for 10 years but that is content you provide in the “About Us” page and not within your post about article marketing.

Let me ask, how are your achievements as blogger got to do with providing your target audience with helpful strategies in article promotion? There is no relation at all.

Maybe you can be excused to talk of your credentials if only they add value to your readers. For instance, if you were presented with a check for been the best affiliate marketer in a certain program, you can mention that in your article about affiliate marketing. It will prove to your readers that they too come become top affiliate marketers.

Remember, blogging for money is about addressing the needs of your readers and not dwelling on your achievement. If you offer solutions that address the problems facing your target audience, your bank manager will become your personal friend.

Conclusion: Blogging is easy but it can also be difficult if you take the wrong approach. What matters most in blogging is your approach to blog content generation.

Researching and reading widely will ensure you produce quality blogging content. Within no time readers will begin returning to your blog for more content.

Some bloggers skip the part of blog content creation and jump straight to email marketing and producing sales letters. If you are one of those bloggers, it is time you reconsidered revamping your blog.

Publishing blog articles should be the first step to take when it comes to doing business on the web. Why bring people to your blog when you have little to offer them inform of content. The only way to communicate to your audience is through your blog posts.

Visitors need to know from the word go what they can benefit from you. If not, they will go somewhere else where they can get what they are looking for or what they expect.

By providing your readers with educative and helpful blog content, you open the flood gates to increasing your email subscribers, online sales conversion, fan base, blog traffic and of course generate more revenue online.

Now you know what to do in order to breathe new life to your business blog.

Do you have something else you can share with as about revamping your blog content? Use the comment section below.

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Power Of The Internet Seminar In Relation To Home Web Business

Power Of The Internet Seminar In Relation To Home Web Business

We just concluded a very successful seminar at Kenyatta University organized by Internetpreneurs Club. The event was sponsored by National bank one of the leading banks in Kenya.

One thing that really came out of the one day seminar is the power of the internet when it comes to business. Different speakers shared their expertise on the various ways of generating income at home from the internet.

Let me take you back to how my relationship with Kenyatta University student started. It was during a network marketing meeting where I was invited to share about internet marketing that James Wajohi a student at the university attended.

Though I talked for only 15 minutes, later James told me he went home that day having seen the power of the internet as he has never known before. He promised to organize some students and then called me to give a talk.

As he made his plans, James never got in touch with me until some 3 months later. By this time, he had formed a club, Internetpreneurs Club and got it registered with the university. He got officials and spread the word around campus about the new club.

That is when James finally called me for a meeting. During that meeting we set a date when I would go to the institution and share on the power of the internet in doing business.

I must say I was really impressed by his willingness to share what he had discovered with other students. Hence I did not hesitate to go and give a talk about how to start an online business.

The day finally came and the talk that was to take place in the evening was well attended. From that small talk the students made me to promise to come back again and again.

In the subsequent seminars a manager from National bank attended and he promised to sponsor the next event. He sure did deliver to his promise and here we were in our first fully funded online business workshop.

The day of the big internet business workshop:

Several days to the seminar I would wake up early to research in order to come up with a topic that would help my audience better understand how the internet works. I was working with a very close friend, Isaac Odongo, an expert blogger who runs a blog on How To Play Basketball and another on weight loss.

Ideally, the aim of the club is to share different strategies of generating wealth on the internet. Therefore, they invited different speakers to give talks on online freelance jobs, Forex Trading and Online marketing which happens to be my docket together with Isaac.

Our preparations went very well though some of the speakers said they would not be able to attend. This included Alfric Opidi an established online freelance worker, Boniface Kariuki an expert in Social Media marketing, Rachael Mpyisi expert in Forex Trading. Isaac also sent his apologies.

The morning of the big day finally came and I woke up in good time to prepare for the seminar. By 9.30am we were at the venue with Bernard Mutie an established Network Marketer choosing to accompany me.

power of the web

Officials of the club were ready to welcome us. Since the seminar was to start at 10.00 am a cup of tea was a welcome gesture. Here we were joined by Anne who runs a blog called Business Review Kenya. She was called in place of Rachel to share on forex trading.

Once all was set we headed to the venue and the hall was filled to capacity. The mood was right and expectation was in the air.

For a long time, the internet has been under-utilized in Kenya. Most people have not been able to really take full advantage of the power on the internet especially in regards to business and marketing.

But here we were, with a chance to share our experience and knowledge on how to do business on the web. Hope we will not disappoint the people who had come to grace the occasion.

Introductions were done and the first on stage was national bank. They promised to keep on helping the students achieve their goals through providing modern banking services. This was a welcome gesture taking into account that with money coming from doing business on the internet; students will easily be able to move their hard earned cash from the net into their pockets.

Anne was the next in line and she delivered a great talk on how to make money through forex trading. From where I was seated I could see students following every word with keen interest.

Each speaker was given about 20 minutes to talk and when Anne was through the MC called me on stage. He made a joke saying that I begged to be his best man though he was not married yet and by the look of things there were no signs showing he even had a girlfriend.

I would recommend he visits Isaac’s site on relationships and get some valuable tips. Anyway, jokes aside, I took to the stage and could not help noticing the anticipation on the students’ faces.

I will not go over all I shared but my focus was centered on the power of the internet in terms of earning residual income through blogging. We all have something we are good at and that is where you should start if you want to do business on the internet.

The ability to reach billions of people from all corners of the globe from a simple blog to me is amazing. This is exactly what I told the students to think about.

As you take your lessons, why don’t you transfer what the lecturer has taught you and post it on your site. Someone is right now browsing the internet trying to do a research on the same. The internet is about sharing content and if you provide content money will definitely come your way.

Did you know that as we speak somebody is busy browsing the internet trying to collect information on the best etiquettes on how to use a toothpick? You may find this funny but to someone else this isn’t. Information is power and that is what the internet seeks to provide.

The best way of sharing information online is through launching a website or a blog. A site acts to capture your target audience as they surf the internet. Make sure that you share quality content to make visitors spend more time on your site and more importantly see you as an expert.

Within your site you can also sell your own products or operate as an affiliate marketer. To read more on other strategies of making money from your blog click here.

The internet is very powerful but you need to have the right knowledge and tools to benefit from it. And that is exactly what I wanted the student to get.

Stanley Gitau later came on stage and gave a lovely presentation on how to find and do freelance jobs. By the end of his talk everyone appeared to be ready to open an account at oDesk and Freelancer and begin raking in the cash.

What I learned from the seminar:

Though we have a long way to go we are on the right path. The power of the internet is yet to be fully utilized. We can use the internet to change the course of this country in terms of job creation and business opportunities.

This seminar acts as a stepping stone to be able to reach other people interested in online business. The fact that you can work from home and still operate a big time business is worth a shot.

The day ended with students asking a million and one questions showing just how thirsty they were to learn how to work online. As for me, my site was once again exposed to a new set of visitors eager to learn which meant more targeted traffic to my site.

If you attended this seminar, kindly share your feedback in the comment section provided below.

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