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Over optimization Of Exact Keywords Within Anchor Text Not A Big Deal After All

Over optimization Of Exact Keywords Within Anchor Text Not A Big Deal After All

Since the release of the Panda and Penguin updates, several things have come into sharp focus. On this post I want to concentrate on one issue that is commonly referred to as over optimization especially when linking back to your site.

One thing that Google has really tried to counter is the misuse anchor text optimization. Today, if Google thinks you are over optimizing with exact keyword phrases you might just get penalized.

What does this mean? If you have too many links pointing back to your site with one particular keyword phrase in the anchor text, Google may just come to hurt you down.

But the big question that SEO web marketers are asking is, how does one determine if they have over optimized their site?

Before we get down to business I think you need to get some facts about the recent Google updates. So much preference has been given to big sites. Here we are talking of sites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and the like.

Apart from their homepage ranking high on search results, these so called big sites, have their individual pages are also featuring prominently. This is despite the fact that these individual pages may have little or no backlinks at all.

If you haven’t noticed, google search results are littered with pages from top sites. Whether that is a noble idea or not is a debate for another day. If you ask me, the main beneficiary to the Panda and Penguin updates are top websites.

Where does that leave small online business people who are offering even more valuable content? Share your views in the comment section provided right after this blog post.

If the status quo remains, then you have to try your level best to improve your site’s authority. As your homepage gains better ranking, it will also help your individual webpages to rank even higher thus helping you generate more SEO traffic.

Now that that is off my back let us get back to the reason for writing this article. To some extend you may not have to worry so much about over optimization with anchor text.

Some of the sites that are ranking on Google search results have a high percentage of exact keyword phases in the anchor text.

This is derived from the fact that some sites are ranking for the exact words used in their domain name. But there is a little twist to this; sites that use hyphens (-) seem to be doing much better. For example, my site would rank higher if I had as my domain name.

Other sites that seem to be escaping the eye of Google when it gets to over optimization using anchor texts are sites with .com, .net and .org. Sites with less common extensions also seems to getting away with over optimization.

If you look at a keyword such as work from home, you will note that though some sites have a high percentage of exact matching keywords in the anchor text, they are still ranking very well.

A good example is which has about 70% percent exact match keyword and features on page 1 of google for the same keyword in the domain name.

Note: Results may vary depending on where you are located. Google has of late localized search results to favor sites that are within your locality.

Another set of sites that are evading the eye of google in regards to over optimizations are sites using variations. Though this might not be considered as over using keywords, site that use this technique seem to be doing very well in site placement in search results.

What is coming out from this issue of anchor text keyword over optimization?

If today Google was to punish sites that are guilty of exact match keyword in the anchor text, it would mean that sites like eBay, Amazon, Facebook just to mention a few would disappear from search results.

Ideally, if you wanted to point to a brand site such as Facebook you would obviously use the word Facebook in the anchor text. This means Google has no option but to overlook the issue of over optimization in some cases.

Actually, going by recent trends, authority sites seem to be getting even more love from Google than ever before.

over optimizing

The secret is to optimize tactfully and make your backlinks look natural. Also note that rarely will Google punish you for linking back to the exact keyword phrase contained in your domain name. This is like your brand name and thus people will more likely link back using the words in your domain name.

On this blog we have repeated on several occasions the importance of internal optimization. One way of optimizing is buying a domain name that has the targeted keyword phrase you want to rank for.

This is not to say you go overboard with over optimizing for exact keywords in your domain name. If you are not careful Google might axe you for over using a particular keyword in your anchor text though google seems to overlooking this element.

The answer:

As much as people might be making you scared of linking with exact keyword phrase, you have no reason to worry so much. In fact, if you ask me linking with exact keyword phrases my just fall to your advantage.

Just avoid been overzealous with anchor text over-optimization. If you have hyphens in your domain name or are using small extensions such as .au, .biz, .eu you are even better chances of ranking thanks to Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

Apart from linking with the exact keyword you want to rank for, it is advisable you also use other related keywords within your niche in anchor text. Check out how other sites within your niche are building their link profile and do the same.

Remember that to rank high on search results is a combination of several elements. As you work on your on page and onsite optimization, note that content generation is also very important.

It is from the content you generate that you will attract readers to link back to your site naturally and that is what Google loves most. Your content acts as link bait thus spend more time creating quality articles.

Panda and Penguin updates have truly redefined SEO as we used to know it. In a way, we are going back to the good old days when content was KING. This is according to Google and whether this is true or not only time will tell.

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Social Media Networking Ability In Todays Marketing

Social Media Networking Ability In Todays Marketing

A lot has been said about social media networking sites; both negative and positive. The latest was a hot debate stating that micro-blogging (social media) has brought about the death of blogging. Whether that is true or not I leave it for you to decide but as for me blogging is here to stay and so are social media networking sites.

The one undeniable fact is that online marketers are really enjoying a smooth ride on the waves of social media sites. Any webmaster or blogger, who ignores the marketing benefits that have been brought about by social media networking sites, will be doing so at the expense of his/her own business.

Here are the top 7 major aspects of social media sites in relation to work online marketing:

1. Create an account in all top social media sites: Some people assume that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media networking sites available. One thing you need to realize is that it all depends on your target audience.

You could be busy spending endless hours promoting your business on facebook and yet your target audiences are on Google Plus or Yammer. Therefore, you need to do a research and find out where people in your niche spend most of their time.

There are also other online businesses forums that can greatly help you reach your target audience with ease. A good example is Warrior Forum; here work from home experts congregate to share their ideas. You can also find legit online jobs that pay very well like article writing.

In short, there are many social media marketing sites; all you need to know is how to effectively maximize their potential. It is not about being in all social media networking sites, but rather how you use the sites to reach your audience.

It would be advisable that you identify the social network site where your audience spend time and maximize on it. Once you have built stable relationships you can then move on to another relevant social site.

2. Promote every profile page you create: As you may have noticed by the point mentioned above, it is not about being in all social media sites. Unfortunately, most online marketers think by creating user profiles on all social media networking sites then they will generate traffic.

If you create a profile and then fail take time to update your status wall or promote it, then you can expect to benefit nothing from that profile. The best way to market online using social media websites is through building relationships. This is achieved by you participating actively in every social media site you register in.

3. The millions of people on social media sites cannot all be wrong: Anywhere people congregate means there is money exchanging hands. It may appear like people just meet on social media networking sites to waste time talking and socializing.

That may be the case, but do not forget this same people by the end of the day may having business to promote, need cloths to wear, food to eat, places to travel thus you can offer them these services.

The other thing about the internet is Content; if you can offer people useful content then you can be sure to grab people’s attention in any niche. Content can be in form of videos or educational articles that seeks to add value.

Social media networking sites have the ability of turning your content viral, thus expose your work from home online business in a way money will never be able to do.

4. Social media marketing is for all: If you ask me, anyone can be successful when it comes to social media marketing. All you need is to have is a willingness to know how to relate with people. The notion that social media networking is a reserve for the online marketing experts is completely misplaced.

social media strategyMarketing on social media sites is not easy though; you need to have the zeal of knowing how to go about it. This may sound contradictory but that is the truth of the matter.

There is no type of online business out there that does not need customers. Hence social media networking is for all businesses that seek to:

           a. Boost their organic traffic through search engines (SEO traffic)

           b. Increase new online sales leads

           c. Collect feedback and suggestions from customers on a real time bases

           d. Build online presence and online brand

If you are an online business entrepreneur, then you have to jump on the band wagon called social media networking and marketing right away.

5. Use Analytic tools to measure the impact of social media marketing on your site: Whether you are doing offline or online business you need to measure your Return On Investment (ROI). Thanks to the many analytic tools one can find on the internet.

One such tool is Google Analytics where you can easily know if a marketing strategy is working for your business or not. Experts in online promotion advice that you track your traffic from social media networking sites and the action visitors take while on your blog or website.

This you do by setting up “Goals” on google analytics. Setting “Goals” will help you know which links help you generate the most traffic. (Professional online marketers recommend you take your time to study Google Analytics and see what it can do for your business.)

6. Automating social media marketing: It is true that social media sites can be very addictive but if your aim is to market your business then you have to be disciplined.

social media marketingPersonally, I spend at most 10 minutes daily on social media networking sites and sometimes I even don’t visit these sites. This is because I have linked my profiles to my blog on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With a site like Networked Blogs you can automatically update your status wall every time you publish a post on your blog. Other sites to use to automatically update your status wall include Pingfm and Tweeter Feed. This means that even if I don’t open my profile, I will still be able to communicate to my fans on social media networking sites.

This helps to answer the myth that claims blogging is at its death bed. This is far from the truth because I believe blogging works especially if you handle it professionally. The issue is that most bloggers do not have the right approach to blogging.

If you are blogging for money then you need to have the knowhow on ways to integrate micro blogging on social media networking sites. Social sites can act as a platform to take your business to the next level if you have the right game plan.

Blogging is here to stay and if you want to generate income from home through blogging you need to treat it as a business venture. A business needs to be promoted and that is where social media networking comes in.

7. Integrate social media with other online marketing strategies: The thought that with the introduction micro blogging on social media sites will make other online marketing tactics irrelevant is misplaced.

In fact, the best approach is to combine other top online marketing strategies with social media marketing.

For instance, you cannot overlook the convenience brought about by social media marketing, but there is no way micro blogging can work if you have no place to take your audience to get full information. This is where blogging comes in, a place that you can offer people your product, services and more detailed information.

In some businesses, there is need to have a face to face communication and social media networking cannot offer this. This tells you that social media sites are not the only route to traffic generation.

Did you know that over 90% of traffic online is generated from search engines? This means that the rest 10% or less is shared by social media sites and other channels of traffic generation.

Summary: Prudent webmasters need to embrace micro blogging through social media networking but not at the expense of blogging or other internet marketing channels. Yes, it is true that social media networking is here to stay, but also are the other channels of website promotion.

Do not expect to wake up any time soon and find micro blogging/social media taking over the importance of having a website or a blog. On social media networking sites you get to post only a line or two. But a website or blog acts as a place you can call home.

A blog is a platform you can share your expertise in details and also have full control to market your products and services. I say Yes to the power of social media networking and also the integration of other online marketing arsenals in website promotion.

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