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Web Developer Hints | Deep Look At The Evolving Web

Web Developer Hints | Deep Look At The Evolving Web

As a web developer or webmaster there are some things that you need to seriously consider. Gone are the days when a haphazardly designed site would suffice in generating organic traffic. Today, things are changing so fast that web developers have got to have their antennas up all the time.

A good web developer takes into account the blog design to use as he/she builds a site. Structuring of a site can mean the success of your work online business or failure. In web designing you need to consider what currently works and adapt to the changing web development standards.

Other factors to look at as regards to web developing include content management and most importantly the search engines optimization (SEO) strategies to adapt. The reason that makes SEO crucial is the ability to really turn a small online home business into a multi-million venture. Good examples of such kind of sites include blogs like Smart Passive Income and Young Pre Pro.

Back in the 90’s, search engines used to change their algorithms but today the changes are happening more frequently. A good case in point was the current Google panda algorithm updates. According to Google, the changes were meant to weed out sites of low quality that rank high.

It is true that the frequent change of goal post done by search engines is greatly affecting many web developers. Therefore as a webmaster or blogger, you have to be up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms in order to survive in work from home online business.

Did you know that about 10 million new people surf the internet every day? Research has also proven that 95% of traffic on the web is generated by search engines. This goes to show just how important website placement is in internet business.

This makes you ask, how do I as a web developer ensure my site remains on the top search engines result pages?

All the years I have been on the internet one thing has remained constant and that is CONTENT. Search engines exist to offer their users the best experience. Hence if you keep updating your blog or website with new, relevant and quality content you will be safe. A close observation of the recent Google updates show that sites with old and outdated content where the ones mostly affected.

What you are required to do therefore as a web developer is stay up to date with the current events in web design and SEO techniques. Join circles and forums where experts discuss the current SEO trends thus keep in touch with the evolving web.

Take advantage of social media, forum marketing and other web development practices that will combine to boost your search engine rankings. It is true that keeping up with the changes can be quite a challenge but you have got no other choice if you are to stay afloat in online business.

Avoid the mistake of depending on one SEO strategy to get you good results. Combine an array of top web marketing strategies and you will increase the chances of improving your search engine result pages.

As we early stated, you can never go wrong with content creation as a web developer. Thus always seek to provide people in your niche with fresh and unique material. This will make certain that even with future algorithm chances your site will not be affected.

Most work online entrepreneurs are lazy when it comes to updating their sites. Other web developers choose to simply implement few things that would help their sites remain afloat. This means that if you decide to constantly add content you will be ahead of over 95% of all web developers and bloggers.

web developingExperts in web development will attest to the fact that it is actually easier to succeed in SEO now than before. All you need to know are the facts of web designing and web developing and then acting on them.

– You need to ask yourself several questions that will make sure you are ahead of the pack. These include questions like:

– Does my site have basic search engine friendly elements?

– Is my content useful and educative to my audience?

– Does my site structure allow for future easy adjustments?

– Are readers able to easily navigate through my blog or website?

– How fast does my website load?

– Am I using the right combination of the top online marketing strategies?

If you have noted all the above questions are centered on generation of targeted traffic and also ensuring a high conversion rate. The two elements are the core of work from home online business success in relation to web development.

For example, conversion rate is key in ensuring your visitors become loyal and thus end up referring your site to their circle of friends. This brings us to the other factor of web promotion called viral marketing. As a web developer, make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media sites and the like.

Conclusion: As a web developer you need to know that there is no end to web developing. You will never get to a point and say that you have finished developing a website. The evolving web cannot afford you the luxury of saying it is now DONE and accomplished.

Web business is about regular and frequent updating of your site more so regarding content. People who browse the internet are always thirsty for fresh content and the same applies to search engines. Therefore, for your small online business to move to the next level you need to develop high quality content repeatedly.

The internet is like a moving target where you are forced to re-adjust your aim in order to hit the mark. Create time on regular bases to learn new things and making sure that you put them into action. Bring your site to life by increasing your activities in all fronts. This includes in article directories, online forums, social media sites and if possible video marketing sites.

The web developer that gets his or her site in front of many views is sure to take the internet by storm. I wish you all the best in your quest to make money online at home.

How To Schedule Your Blog Writing On A Regular Basis

How To Schedule Your Blog Writing On A Regular Basis

Many are the times you have heard people saying they work from home 2 hours a day. This is most common with folks who do blog writing. Personally, I work for even less time and it is all about planning and automating my work online business.

For those of you who are in employment (9-5 job), blogging can be a nice avenue of creating a work online part time business. This will go a long way in supplementing your salary. It may take you some time before you begin getting the big money, but don’t you think it’s worth the wait and in time achieve financial freedom you so crave for?

We all are in need of financial security and today I shall discuss on how you can plan your time and make money by blog writing.

The thought that blog writing is time consuming needs to come out of your mind. All you need to do is come up with a good work schedule. On this article we shall see how within 1 or 2 hours a day you can easily manage your blog writing.

Research and writing: (1 hour a day)

Content is Key – This has been repeated time and time again and there is no way you can escape writing if you want to make money online. That is why you need to allocate the most time when it comes to researching and writing.

Since blogging is about posting content regularly, you can opt to be publishing 2 or 3 articles a week. The others days of the week can be for doing your research. It is so imperative to plan on what you are going to write on your blog. In fact, research is more important than the blog writing.

By planning on what to talk about on your blog, will mean that when you get down to the blog writing you will spend less time. You need to come up with how your article is going to be structured, because if you don’t do that it will take you much longer to write.

You can schedule to have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as the days you will be doing your research and structuring. Then set aside Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for blog writing. This means that the content you gather and structure on Monday; will be the article you write about the following day and so on.

The best way to do research is reading a lot. Be up to date with the happenings in your niche by reading other peoples’ blogs. Subscribe to the top bloggers in your niche through RSS feeds or their newsletters. In addition, you can bookmark tops blogs and on the days of doing research you read their new content.

Reading blogs in your niche will help you gain more knowledge and also ensure you get ideas on blog writing. On top of what people are blogging about, on a site like Yahoo Answers you can get questions people in your niche are asking about thus have ideas on articles to write about.

The idea is to know how the top bloggers are writing and get better styles of writing. That should always be your target, because what is the point of blog writing if you cannot be the best in your niche. Make sure you publish the best relevant and insightful content and people will always keep coming back for more.

Writing: Once you have done your groundwork and structuring well, then the most it will take you to write a blog is 45 minutes.

Social Media Marketing: (25 – 30 minutes a day)

I see many online marketers spending the whole day on social networking sites trying to promote their businesses and products. This to me is a waste of time and resources. I would rather you dedicate that time to more planning and researching.

Facebook (15 minutes in a day) – As we speak facebook has become a force to reckon with as far as online marketing is concerned. With thousands of people signing up each day it is absolutely important that every blog writer to have an account on facebook.

Before I talked about automation and with the tools available on the net you can update your facebook wall without necessarily opening your account. Personally, I use Networked blogs to update my status wall on facebook.

This tells you that I spend like 0 minutes on facebook, but I usually go to my account to respond to my messages and people that comment on my posts. This takes me like 10 minutes at most. It is always good to respond to your messages since social media marketing is all but building relationships and your online brand.

If you have a fun page, then you need to add another 5 minutes to update your wall, start discussions and respond to comments.

Twitter (5 minutes in a day) – Some people will not agree with me but I find twitter very easy to mange. Twitter is said to be the fastest growing social media site. So do not assume I do not have a twitter account. In fact, anyone blogging for money MUST have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of late a Google Plus account.

blog writingWith Networked Blogs, I’m able to link my blog to my twitter account. This in turn leaves me with all the time to concentrate on my research and blog writing.

Since my social media network followers are mostly from the USA and Europe and we are in different time zones, I schedule by blog posts to be published when they are online. This means that my tweets and wall status are updated when am comfortably sleeping. Talk of blog writing automation.

The 5 minutes I allocate to respond to the individual messages. This will ensure I build my online presence and further boost my online brand name.

E-marketers that spend a lot of time on twitter are those that seek to follow and unfollow people. But this can be manged automatically with TweeterAdder. With this tool you will be able to:

– Tweet relevant content

– Follow new followers

– Follow people in your niche

– Unfollow people who are not following you back

– Tweet links to your blog

– Tweet your content to your Facebook Wall.

LinkedIn (10 Minutes in a week) – I know this may be different for others depending on where your target audience spend most of their time. As for me I rarely visit my LinkedIn account but since I have synchronized it to my twitter account, my LinkedIn activities are updated daily with my tweets.

The time I spend on LinkedIn is for accepting requests and responding to my private messages.

I hope now you see just how easy it is to manage your blog writing and at the same time update your social networking accounts. This will not only help you get referral traffic but also increase your backlinks for SEO value or juice.

Miscellaneous activities: Blogging involves other activities like article marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, social bookmarking or any other thing you may be involved in to help promote your blog.

Once in a week I am called to do presentations in relation to my work online blog which helps me in offline marketing. I know of other bloggers who organize online contests or conduct interviews. Since these are activities that you do once in a while; with good planning you can execute them with ease.

If you have noticed something about this post is that I have written more content about research and blog writing. As for other activities there is really much to talk about. This goes to show just how critical CONTENT is in regards to blogging. With rich content, making money blogging will be a like a walk in the park.

From the above online working schedule you can see that blog writing is easy to plan, manage and execute. Give the things that count more priority and blogging for money will be fun even as you work from home online.

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