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How To Create A Blog From Home Within 9 Minutes

How To Create A Blog From Home Within 9 Minutes

Believe it or not, you do not need to leave the comfort of your house in order to have a blog running. People think that when it gets to how to create a blog or website you need the services of an expert. Today, you can launch your blog in under 9 minutes.

But before you learn how to create a blog, there are other fundamental things you need to seriously take into account. People make the mistake of creating a blog using with their names or some fancy names.

It is OK  to do that if you are seeking to brand your name. But if you want to make money online then you need to use keywords in your domain name.

Here are 3 things you need to do before creating a blog:

1. Choose a niche: This is absolutely vital since it acts as the foundation of your blog. Most newbies assume that the more niches one targets, the more likelihood of making more money online from home. This is not true; choose one niche which you know you are good at.

Preferably, go for a niche that is broad where you can always have something to share with your target audience every day.  Other factors to consider include selecting an area that you are passionate about and of which you are an expert in.

This will ensure you post quality content and within no time you will be considered an authority in that niche. Do not target a niche just because you heard someone say there is a lot of money to be made there. You can make money from any niche as long as you choose a niche that you are passionate about.

2. Research for the right keywords to target: After you have selected the niche, you need to do know the preferences of your target audience and the right keywords to target. There is no point of me showing you how to create a blog and fail to reveal to you the importance of keyword research.

Am sure once you launch your blog you expect people to visit and read your content. The best way to drive traffic to your blog is by making sure you optimize your content for search engine ranking. The rule of the internet is that you usually write to two entities:

1. Human beings

2. Search Engines

Read more on how to write on the web

You can have very good and compelling articles but if people cannot find your blog then all you do will be in vain. This is the reason why keyword research is very important when it comes to how to create a blog.

One of the best tools to use in keyword research is a free online tool called Google Keyword Tool (free). In fact, this is the first tool I open every day before I write any article or blog post. It helps me to determine what to write about.

Other tools you can use include Google Trends, Google Insight or Keyword Winner (this tool you need to pay in order to use).

With these keyword tools, you will be sure not to throw punches in the dark but actually target your audience. Always go for keywords that are commonly searched for and have a fair competition rate. Click here to read a detailed article on keyword research.

3. Get a credit card or debit card: In order to ease purchase online you need to have a credit card or debit card. Find out from your bank manager the best credit card to use. But if you already have a debit card that has a Visa or Master Card Logo, you are good to go.

Once you have done the above, you will have accomplished the initial stages of how to create a blog. The next step is technical and this is where most people feel intimidated. But I have very good news for you, launching a blog is downright easy and does not require any kind of expertise.

Here is a step by step guideline on how to create a blog at home:

Step 1. Buy a domain name: The reason for doing a keyword research is to help you pick a domain name that contains your main targeted keyword.

Ideally, a domain name is a unique web address which your target audience will use to reach your blog. For example, my domain name is

Note: My main keyword is work online. I first did a research in order to come up with this domain name.

When registering a domain name, go for an address that is brandable, short and easy to remember. Some of the top sites to purchase a domain name include:


First, you need to search and see if the domain name you want to use is available. Remember that a domain name is yours for good hence pick a name that you like and is keyword based. The prices for buying a new domain name vary from $3 to $25 per year.

Step 2. Purchase web hosting: Web hosting simply means buying a space on the internet to host your domain name. You can also opt for free web hosting though I strong suggest you avoid doing that.

Normally, you will not have full control of your site on free web hosting sites. In case the free hosting site decides to close down your site, there is nothing you can do to stop them. This can negatively affect your site especially if it is generating income.

It is recommended that you pay for web hosting. You need to do research to make sure you get quality service. Do not be swayed by high pitched advertising messages that promise heaven and give you low quality service.

One of the most important factors to look at when choosing a site to host you is whether they have a cPanel. This is a control panel that helps you on how to create a blog and manage it. Some of the features to be found within cPanel include tracking, email management, file management, setting up a blog or website and much much more.

To ease your search, I suggest you work with either Host Gator or Blue Host (This links contain my affiliate links, for Hostgator my coupon code is workonline25 where you get a 25% discount on your first purchase). Both of these web hosting services have a CPanel, offer quality customer support and are quite affordable. Their tools are also user friendly for newbies seeking to learn how to create a blog.

Personally, I use Hostgator and their services are simply superb. The site has online video tutorials that small online business people can easy follow and quickly set up a blog within few minutes.

Note: In case you are buying a domain name and web hosting from different companies, you need to edit the Name Servers. Open the account where you bought your domain and pick the two name servers listed. Then head to your web hosting site and update the name serves to read the ones you picked in your domain name account.

how to create a blogStep 3. Install wordpress: For your blog to go live you will need a template or platform to post your content. I use wordpress because of these 3 things

1. It is user friendly

2. Most of their templates are SEO friendly.

3. They have thousands of quality and free and paid templates.

On Hostgator, they have included a link on the CPanel that automatically helps you to create a blog by easily uploading wordpress which takes seconds. Another feature within CPanel that you can use to upload wordpress is Fantastico Deluxe.

There are two ways to add content on your blog. One is by going to your wordpress back-office or installing FileZilla FTP server. I would rather you opt to upload your content using wordpress back-office. A 6 year old would do it with their eyes closed; it is that simple to manage your blog on wordpress back-office.

Step 4. Choosing a theme for your blog: One of the most important elements on how to create a blog is picking a theme or template for your blog. A theme or template is how you would like you blog appearance to be. In short, it is your blog design or style.

For people working online at home, it is advisable to choose a simple, clean, customizable and Professional WordPress Template. Some of the ingredients of a quality theme include:

1. Good color variation

2. Easy navigation for visitors

3. Simple background

4. SEO friendly

5. Easy to customize

6. Beautiful to look at

To that point, you should now be able to know how to create a blog. The next thing to do is update your blog regularly and learn how to make money online or monetizing your blog.

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Getting Top Website Ranking On Google, Yahoo And Bing

Getting Top Website Ranking On Google, Yahoo And Bing

If you want to make money online then one of your agendas has to be getting top website ranking. Many think that ranking on Google is better than ranking on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask. It is true that Google is the top search engine, but you will be surprised to note that other search engines may be having better conversion rates in certain niches than Google.

Therefore as you seek to boost your website ranking on Google, you also have to consider ranking on the other search engines.

You may ask; why is it important to get top website ranking?

     a. Did you know that over 90% of traffic on the internet is from search engines? Yes! And Google is the one that commands 2/3’s of this traffic.

    b. Traffic from search engine is free; all you need to know is how to increase your site search engine optimization (SEO) value

    c. Search engines will give you high quality traffic. This is because your audience will get to your site using your targeted keyword phrases.

    d. Top website ranking means targeted viewers and more so high website conversion rate.

    e. When your website ranking is good, you can be assured of passive traffic for a long time to come.

Many assume that search engine optimization is difficult and you cannot blame them. SEO experts have made it look so complex and yet that is not the case. Anyone who wants to tap into this free website traffic can do it with ease. But wait a minute!

Does that mean that website ranking is something that can be achieved overnight? Not at all, you need to have these 3 things:

– Knowhow: This are the skills that you need to acquire to learn how search engines operate. With a good game play top website ranking is achievable.

– Tools: Before when I started online marketing, I used to do things manually until I realized that I was wasting a lot of time and making no major headway. This ended when I got to learn that one can use tools to automate his/her online work.

I really love article marketing because it is content based. With content you can never go wrong when it gets to website ranking on search engines. The tool I use to distribute my articles is called Unique Article Wizard (UAW). The day I began using UAW my business just shot to the next level. Work that took me a whole year, now takes me just a few hours.

Now you understand when you hear experts saying they work 2 hours in a day. It is all about automating your online business.

The others tools you need are tracking tools to help you choose keywords and analyze your traffic. This includes tools like Google Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tool (Free), Google Analytic (Free), Keyword Winner (Paid wordpress plugin), SEO Plugin (Paid) and many more.

– Patience: To get a top website ranking is not a one day affair; you need to be patient and consistent. Once you are armed with the knowledge about SEO rules and the required tools, it will be just a matter of time and your blog or website ranks high.

Let us now see 5 top strategies on how to increase your website SEO value and generate web traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask (these are the major search engines).

1. Use recommended tools to select your keywords wisely: Before you publish any post on your blog or website you need to consider the keyword to use. Keywords are the words people enter in the search box whenever they are browsing the internet.

SEO website rankingResearch and find out the commonly searched for keywords in your niche and use those words within your articles. Be careful to use low competitive keyword phrases to guarantee your website ranking goes up faster.

Click here to read a detailed article on keyword research and keyword tools.

2. Domain name has to have your targeted keywords: Search engines use softwares called spiders for crawling, indexing and website ranking and the first thing they look at is your domain name. Hence it is imperative that you include keywords in your domain name.

Studies have shown that your domain name plays a major role when it comes to website ranking. The secret is to go for the best and exact keyword phrase in your niche; try going for .com, .net, .org or .cc until you get your desired domain name. If all are taken then you can try adding a hyphen (-) between the keywords.

Again use the tools available to choose the key terms to use. Here experts advice that you target the very best and competitive short tail keywords.

3. Include your keywords in your content titles: The nest thing that search engines consider when it comes to website ranking is the title of your site and webpages. But you need to be careful to ensure the title is also readable to human beings.

Make certain that each page you create contains your targeted keyword in the title tag. A good title is the one that summaries the content in the body of your article.

The more relevant your title is to the content of your post, the higher the chances of search engines ranking your webpages and website higher in their search engine results pages (serps).

4. Measure your keyword density: Normally, the right keyword density is between 2 – 3%. Keyword density means the number of times your keyword phrase appears or is mentioned within your post.

Be careful not to over-stuff your content with keywords. This will only lead to search engines marking your website as spam thus affecting your website ranking.

To avoid your site being marked as spam due to over-stuffing with keywords, you need tools to measure your keyword density. If you are using wordpress as your blogging platform, then use WordPress SEO to determine your keyword density.

Generally, it is advisable to have your keywords in the first paragraph preferable in the first line. Then again after every one hundred words, this means you need to write short paragraphs.

5. Implement onsite SEO: The linking together of your pages is what is known as onsite SEO or onpage SEO. This means that on every page you create you need to add a link pointing to another related page within your website.

For this strategy to boost your website ranking you need to use your keyword phrases as anchor text. Some of your contextual links need to point to your homepage with relevant keywords.

In time as you increase the number of your webpages, more keyword based links will be pointing to your homepage hence increasing your website ranking.

Summary: Anyone can succeed in search engine optimization therefore for webmasters who have a low budget do not worry. However, for those that find SEO complicated you can hire experts to do the work for you.

But if you ask me increasing your website ranking is easy, you just need to have the will to learn the tricks. With the above SEO strategies, you too can boost your website ranking and webpage ranking on search engine result pages for your targeted keyword terms.

Best Approach To Social Marketing In Regards To SEO

Best Approach To Social Marketing In Regards To SEO

Most webmasters and bloggers have a problem of connecting social marketing with SEO. But it is imperative to know that social media has a big role to play in improving your SEO profile.

The fact that social sites get lots of traffic and content every passing minute, search engines are always crawling and indexing new content on these sites. Therefore, for effective social marketing you need to have SEO in mind as you share on social sites.

As you plan your online marketing campaign, it is advisable that you choose at least 7 strategies that you will work with. Some webmasters put social marketing in the bottom of the pile while others leave it out all together only to consider it much later.

It is true that search engine optimization is a great way to generate targeted traffic. Ranking for relevant keywords will guarantee you increased your web presence and more so improve conversion rate. But did you know there are online marketing strategies that can help you generate direct traffic and boost your SEO site value?

Some of these strategies include article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing and of course social marketing. Talk of killing two birds with one stone!

As you have seen there are many ways of improving your SEO profile but on this write up we shall just look at one of these strategies, social media marketing.

The reason that social marketing is left behind when it comes to SEO is because one cannot really quantify Return On Investment (ROI). In addition, webmasters are still not clear as to the benefits they derive from sending a tweet or updating their facebook wall in relation to SEO.

On the other hand, a marketer can easily tell ROI for a PPC or SEO marketing campaign depending on the keywords that have targeted. Ranking for keywords signifies growth of traffic and thus increased online sales conversions.

As we speak now, social marketing has become one of the main strategies that SEO experts employ to rank on search engines results pages. Earlier we mentioned how search engines crawl social sites looking for new content.

Here are 3 benefits you get from posting content on social networking sites:

1. Increase chances of search engine bots quickly finding your content since these sites are crawled very often.

2. Since social marketing is about micro-blogging, as you write a line and post a link leading to your site you will get direct traffic as people click on the links to read more.

3. The links you post on social networking sites act as backlinks thus contribute to your overall SEO value.

What the 3 points shared above tell you is that you need to optimize what you share on social sites. A site such as facebook is like a small search engine, thus when you optimize your content people will find it easily as they browse on facebook.

How to share your content on social media sites to help you in SEO:

First you need to optimize your social media account profile (Click here to read more on how to optimize your user profile).

Personally, I have linked my blog to top social media sites which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Sites you can use to link your blog to your social media accounts include NetworkedBlogs, twitter feed or pingfm.

Doing that will ensure that every post you publish will be submitted on your social status wall. Hope you know that blogging entails optimization thus when your web page links are submitted on your status wall they will act as relevant backlinks.

At this juncture it is important to note that you need to share insightful and quality content. Since these linking sites like twitter feed will only submit your title a short snippet of your content, take time to come up with captivating titles.

To prompt your fans to share and click links on your updates, your content has to be interesting and educative. You also have to add your keyword phrases in your titles to help you in search engine ranking.

The other aspect of social marketing is the role played with share buttons. If you look at the left side of this blog you will note there are social networking buttons. By the way, feel free to click on either of those icons to share this article with your friends.

It is important to know that your readers will only share your blog content if you have:

*Captivating content

*Content that can raise hot debates because of its controversial nature

*Informative content

*Comical content

social marketingYou may be asking, what has all these got to do with SEO. Imagine you share a captivating story that is optimized. As people click to share with their friends you will be increasing your

-Web presence as your content takes a viral effect

-Link popularity as more and more people will want to link to your page

-Direct traffic

-SEO organic traffic as you will rank high from the many backlinks you have generated from social sites and personal websites and blogs.

When it comes to marketing success, how you write articles is very critical. Plan your writing so that your content can go hand in hand with your social marketing and SEO. Do not shy away from ensuring your content is interesting thus necessitate readers to share it.

On a social marketing site like facebook, the more people that like your content the higher your SEO value will go up. But to make certain that people click on the like button, you have to know how to attract targeted fans.

One of the ways of achieving loyal following is creating a facebook fan page. Here is how you go about creating a facebook page that acts as a magnet to new fans:

Optimize your account: Before you set up your fan page, have in mind the kinds of people you want to be fans. Know their preferences and research and indentify the keywords they commonly search for when browsing.

Use these targeted keyword phrases on your user profile hence when people search they will easily find your page.

Facebook PPC: If you have cash, you can use facebook pay per click advertising to get even more targeted followers. Advertising your facebook fan page is a sure strategy of getting targeted and active fan base that will guarantee online presence and online brand name awareness.

Fan Page design: One major principle of marketing online is creating a good first impression. That is why you have to take time and create a fan page that is attractive. This will compel people to click on the like button thus boost your web presence.

In order for your page to stand out, think outside the box. You do not have to be 100% creative; just 10% uniqueness is enough to make your fan page stand out.

Recap: Social marketing is a powerful tool of promoting your site. Apart from generating direct traffic, social marketing will improve your site rankings for relevant keyword phrases.

There are other social media networks like Technorati, Digg, Reddit, StumpleUpon that will help you share content and more so post links to help improve your search engine rankings.

Overall, social marketing offers business owners a platform for creating and building relationships. If you can approach social marketing with a view to form connections, you will eventually be guaranteed of direct and organic SEO traffic that convert.

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2 Ideal Working Online At Home Jobs

2 Ideal Working Online At Home Jobs

In today’s economy, finding work online at home jobs is the best way to go. The economy has become so unpredictable that you cannot rely on your current job. Even the big economic giants like USA, Japan and European nations are feeling the pitch.

This goes to show that you need to up your game if you are to stay afloat in these hard economic times. One of the best places to supplement your income is definitely on the internet.

Currently, you can get internet connection in almost all parts of the globe. This means if you launch a blog or a website it can be viewed by people even in the remotest parts of the world. Such is the potential of working online at home jobs.

On this blog we have started a series on ways you can tap into the internet and make money while working online at home.

On this write up we will look at 2 working online at home jobs that you can benefit from.

1. Network marketing as one of the working online at home jobs: If there is one thing that has made most people millionaires then it is multilevel marketing (MLM). In fact, in the USA alone, it is believed that about 10% of new millionaires are derived from network marketing.

The amazing thing is that other countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South African have taken up MLM with great strides. Therefore, if you are looking for an online money making strategy, you have got one now in MLM.

But it is not all people that join the band-wagon of network marketing make it. MLM takes a lot of hard work, focus and determination for it to be a profitable working online job. Studies have shown that most firms that start network marketing tend to fail in their first 3 years.

The best approach to network marketing is to do your research well before joining any company. Look at the directors and their business management background.

Let us see some rules to observe when it gets to working online at home with network marketing programs.

a. Believe in the products you are promoting – This is one of the most important elements of working online at home with network marketing companies. Go for products that you use and would be happy to recommend to a friend.

This will make your work easier and you will be able to convince other people about your product. In MLM you will spend most of the time talking about your products. Hence, pick a firm with products that are worth selling and you are thrilled to talk about. This will be seen when you are talking to people you intent to recruit.

online home jobsb. Not a get rich quick scheme – In multi level marketing it takes time before you can make real money. You have to be ready to talk to people, which is to most people very difficult.

As a network marketer you have to be ready to work hard. As much as there is a lot of cash to be made, the work involved is also immense. Be ready to encounter rejections; in fact some people give up along the way when they do not see any positive results for a while. But that should not be the case; you should push on without caring what others are saying.

Realize that when you are starting a network marketing business as you are working online, it will be tough. But with time you will build a team that will help to propel you to make money at home.

c. Marketing knowledge – Most marketers will not agree with this point, but a little marketing knowhow will help grow your MLM business. In case you have no marketing knowledge, get time to learn. This will go a long way in helping you succeed in network marketing.

One of the best places to do MLM is on the internet. Long go are the days when posters, classifieds or billboards did the trick. Today, you need to learn how to incorporate online marketing in any working online at home jobs.

This means that you need to join MLM programs that are internet based. With a good back office, you can easily succeed in any online networking system even as you work from home.

2. Make money selling website or blogs: There are two ways of approaching this kind of strategy and we will talk about them just now. Buying and selling of domains in also known as domain flipping.

It may sound easy, but working online at home with this money making tactic is not easy. You have to be up for the challenge. The challenge comes in that for you to make a sale, your site needs to have traffic.

The secret is to create a blog or website on a particular niche which makes money. Once you start making good cash you can sell it off to a willing buyer.

Here are the two ways to approach this way of making money as you are working online.

web hostingPurchase a domain and start working on it from scratch. This means you research on the right keywords to target then optimize the website. For you to fetch good cash your site needs to have traffic.

This tells you it takes time before you can get your site moving and reeling in cash. It means coming up with articles to help you build backlinks and then getting indexed on search engines. You also have to choose affiliate products that convert and integrate other income generating programs like Google Adsense, selling advertisement space and the like.

Second strategy is the easier way out. Research on certain keywords and identify a site that someone else has worked on and it about to rank high. Then offer them a fair price, you will be surprised that some people will be more than willing to sell their site off to you.

Once you have the site in your custody, you can work on it for some few months to make certain it ranks even higher and it gets more traffic then sell it at a higher price.

This kind of working online at home job is excellent since you get to gain experience in online marketing. If you are up for the challenge then this is the right working online at home job just for you.

So far we have shared almost 10 working online at home jobs, just view some of the posts published under income at home. In case you are finding it hard to take care of your monthly bills, you can begin an online home based business.

The beauty of getting a working at home job is that you need only to invest a few hours daily. Then as the money starts mounting, you can fire your boss. Making money online from home is the best and easiest way to supplement your salary.

According to Forbes Magazine, an amazing 26,000,000 new people get in working online at home jobs every year. It is high time you too launch your own online home based business today!!!

Press on the links below to learn more especially about online marketing as you work online.

Affiliate Program Strategies For Making Money Online

Affiliate Program Strategies For Making Money Online

There are many ways of making money online from home and affiliate program marketing is one of the best. Some of the millionaires you see and hear about will attest to this fact, that selling other peoples products propelled them towards achieving financial freedom. But the big question is, how does one market affiliate products and make the most out of it?

Before we get to how to promote affiliate products it is good you know this, with affiliate program marketing you do not require to have an office, all you need is a computer and good internet connection. Then the other advantage is that you do not have to worry about after sales service. The company or the person you will be selling their products or services is the one to take care of that. All you need to do is provide your affiliate company with sales leads and get paid depending on the action taken by your leads.

If you browse through this blog we have talked about the two types of affiliate modes of programs. One is pay per lead which includes a company like RevResponce while the other is pay per sales which include companies like commission junction, click bank, Carbon Pro and so on. In whatever niche you are in there is always an affiliate program firm you can work with.

Here are some pointers to consider when doing affiliate program marketing while working at home online:

a. Professionalism and trust are vital components of affiliate program web marketing. Note that your audience will easily notice an associate product web link every time they see one. Thinking that your target viewers are not smart enough is definitely a major oversight. When you are honest you increase your online credibility thus your visitors will trust you when you tell them about the products you are promoting.

b. Do not promote services or products that you never have confidence with. In fact, the best approach is to first try out the products and services you intent to promote on your site. This will give you a better overview of the item you want to market and get to know if it really works or not. It can hurt your online reputation if you advertise an affiliate program that ends up been a hoax.

make money at home

Knowing your products will also assist you write a good review so that your potential buyers can know exactly what to expect. It will boost your affiliate sales when you describe the services you are selling.

Note that your readers are actually the people who will end up bookmarking your site and inviting others to visit your blog/site. If you handle your audience well by offering good products, in the long run you’ll also increase your affiliate sales, link popularity, credibility and finally online presence.

c. First impression really matter a lot when it comes to selling be it offline or online, therefore it is advisable you look at the landing pages of the affiliate programs you are want to market on your site. Visit the home page of your affiliate site and see if it appeases you, if it does then it will most probably get the attention of your visitors.

A good home page should have more of helpful and educative content than marketing pitches. The ultimate rule on the internet is this; “Content is King” and so a landing page needs to present sales leads with original and excellent information.

The images used should be attractive to look at thus help retain visitors. It would be even better that a landing page to have video clips or audio clips that describe the products. This will help increase the sales conversion rate and that is what is needed to make money with affiliate promotion.

Additional applications that affiliate sites need to include on their landing pages include a button for translation. This will help capture people from all walks of life. Uploading audio clips for the people who are visually impaired is also another way of maximizing sales.

d. Offering discounts is one of the ideal ways to help increase sales online, therefore pick on affiliate programs that have great offers to their customers. Occasional promotions in addition have contributed to most associate firms making a killing thus benefiting their affiliates. This means you need to check the background of the affiliate organization and see how they promote their commodities.

In the process you will get to know if they have a good support system to help affiliates make more sales or not.

e. The back office of any affiliate site needs to be well equipped with quality promotional tools. These include tools like text links, email marketing letters, banners and newsletters. This will make the work of the associates easy thus they can concentrate more on building content on their site.

Web based business gurus propose that good affiliate products and services act as a great source of complementing your site or blog content. Use banners that are of quality: this is because most visitors like clicking on images and this will help you generate more leads to your affiliate site thus make more money online.

Note: You should not think that since a particular program was captivating to you, others will also share the same view. Do your research well and see what others are saying about a product before you begin promoting it on your site.


f. When it comes to your site, you need to publish valuable content to make sure you generate traffic and retain people on your webpages. The more traffic you obtain the more affiliate sales you are bound to make. It would be better to seriously spend some time analyzing the issues experienced by people in your market niche and after that provide them with workable remedies.

Some marketers with an eagerness to make sales cluster their sites with affiliate links all over the place, this is a big mistake. Posting affiliate program hyperlinks in every corner of your web page only results in frustrating your readers therefore making your visitors to exit your site\blog at once. This will increase your bounce rate thus low sales conversions.

Note: Your website traffic are real people hence handle them very carefully. As you create unique and informative content you are building internet business contacts. Therefore, gradually you are going to obtain visibility online and be considered an expert in your nice. Once you have gained credibility and recognition you can be assured of making money online from home through any affiliate program you enroll in.

After all has been said and done, publishing data that is insightful and useful is the secret of generating income even as you work online from home. Learn the preferences of the people you want to target and offer them what they are searching for. Once you profile your potential audience making sales will be like a walk in the park.

You need to remember this, before you monetize your blog or website with affiliate programs, focus your efforts towards building content. Make your readers see that you are only out to help them. Identify the challenges that are facing people in your niche, research on these issues thoroughly and then go ahead and discuss them on your blog.

It is also imperative that on your blog that you activate your comment section. This will help you to know exactly what you audience want discussed and more so the products they want to buy. In addition, the feedback you get will assist you work on your blog to make it better and more informative. This means you need to read the comments left by your readers and implement the good recommendations you will receive.

If asked, if network marketing is the best way to make money from home then affiliate program comes in a close second.

Working From Home Jobs With Data Entry

Working From Home Jobs With Data Entry

If you can recall, there is a blog post where we shared about data entry as one of the many working from home jobs on the internet. On this article we intent to get into the thick of things and get more insight on what really is data entry and how it can help you make money while you work online.

data entry jobsWhat do we mean when we say Data Entry? This is where people copy out content from one form to another and in most cases using a computer program. They include writing out handwritten documents, coping off spreadsheets from one computer program to another or inputting data like addresses and names.

This tells you that there are two types of data entry; one is for programmers where they enter codes that help design programs while the other includes entering normal symbols, letters and numbers. In some case, it involves proofreading and editing existing data to make sure they are accurately entered or written.

Some of the equipments used include scanners, computers or special recognition systems which one can easy have at home. This is what makes is easy for these data entry companies to offer working from home jobs to other people that do not necessarily work for them. In addition, the internet has allowed firms to employ even foreigners to do these kinds of jobs.

One attribute that comes with data entry is speed typing and accuracy. This is because it involves in-putting data fast and accurately. The reason for this can be seen in programming, where the entry of one wrong character can distort a whole program command. While for documents, typos and grammar mistakes can easily lead to presenting of wrong information.

You may ask, why do companies offer these jobs to other people other than their staff. In most cases the work involved when it comes to data entry is quite a lot and there are always deadlines to be met. To avoid this work getting out of hand and piling up, most firms are compelled to offer working from home jobs to folks that want to make extra cash during their free time.

If you are out of a job or you want to make an extra buck in you free time then data entry is what you need to try. All you require is a computer and some typing skills. It is also critical when doing these kinds of job to be someone that pays attention to details since a single mistake will mean no check for you.

There are people who have taken advantage of the situation and started their own data entry companies. All they do is hire workers and then go to firms that need data entry jobs done for them.

It is important to note that there are many scams when it comes to working at home jobs with data entry. The best thing is to get a data entry job that is in your locality. In fact, most of the times when firms claim to offer international data entry jobs; it has turned out to be a scam. The mistake people make is failing to do their groundwork well enough to help them establish the authenticity on these firms.

data entry jobs

Here are some things to note and why it’s best to apply to a local data entry firm:

a. It is simple for a local company to verify your personal details since some of the documents could be very sensitive and sending them across the globe would be risky. In some instances, some programs and data could get lost while on transit and maybe they were irreplaceable.

b. For most employers paying international workers can be quite expensive thus they would prefer to work with locals. They are also in a better position to negotiate for payment. It will work to your advantage to get a local company to work with since you can compare and see which firms pay well.

c. Some companies do not advertise for data entry jobs thus is would be hard for you as an international working at home jobs seeker to get them. This means if you are aggressive enough in looking for data entry jobs in your locality you will most likely pump into a very good deal.

d. Before, we talked on how some companies turn out to be scams. Thus if you see an advert of a company offering jobs in your locality you can easily head to their offices to confirm. You could also ask your colleagues, friends or employees who have worked with the company and hence find out if they are legit or not. Doing research for a firm in your country is easier than for a company that is miles away.

Are you there and wondering what you can do to earn income online at home? Then it is time you thought of going out there and looking for a data entry job in you city. You will be surprised just how many firms may be searching to offer data entry work on contractual bases.

The beauty of work at home jobs is that it gives you time to be with your family, friends and also attend to your other duties. Be it on full time or part time bases, date entry will offer you an excellent opportunity to make money from home. It will enable you to choose when to work thus boost your income and how much you want to earn.

In case you want to start a business, you can employ typists and the companies searching for data entry workers can outsource the service from you. You can also advertise on behalf of these firms and help them get working from home jobs workers. Some of these companies pay very good commissions when you get for them workers. Visit pay dot com and see some affiliate programs.

These kinds of work need you to be determined and focused since it involves seating many hours in front of a computer. It is therefore recommended you have a good seat that will not hurt your back and a good computer screen so as not to damage your eyes.

Taking breaks in between to relax and stretch your back and eyes is what experts suggest you do. In addition, this helps relax you hands, figures and more so your mind thus avoid making errors that will cost you a check by the end of the job.

If you are seeking for working from home jobs, then this write up has just added to you another arsenal to assist you boost your online income. There is still more you need to know about these kinds of work online jobs thus keep in touch for more valuable insights.

Internet SEO Google Marketing Strategies For 2012

Internet SEO Google Marketing Strategies For 2012

It has been quite an eventful year for internet SEO marketers especially in regards to site rankings. With the constant Google algorithm changes, some have benefited while others have come face to face with the Google axe.

According to Google, it has updated their algorithm more than 500 times this year alone (2011). With all these changes, the Panda update was the one change that really hit most internet SEO marketers. But before webmasters and bloggers could recover from the shock, there was Google Fresh.

The aim of all these algorithm updates is to make sure only top sites feature on first pages of search engine results. Considering that Google is the search engine sheriff, it goes to great lengths to ensure that internet browsers have the best experience.

As every business person seeks to rank high on search engines especially on Google, internet SEO marketing has become big business. You therefore need to be very careful on the SEO service provider you pick. But to make your work easier and save you some cash, you can learn how to SEO and do it by yourself from home.

Note: Google does not reveal the secrets of their algorithm and thus no one can really tell how Google ranks sites. Internet SEO experts only share their views depending on what they see working for them. That is the same thing am going to share with you on this article; what I have seen working for me.

Here is what you need to do to make sure you never become a victim of algorithm changes; now and in the future:

The day you will realize that Google’s main agenda is to improve user experience, you’ll generate organic traffic at will. Create a good website or blog and Google will definitely place you on their top search engine result pages.

Question: What constitutes a good website or blog?

Rich content: You will never go wrong if you focus on generating content. Search engines can only delight users when they offer them relevant and insightful content. Hence, generate informative articles and search engine will send high volume organic traffic your way.

There is still hot debate in the internet SEO circles of how long an article should be. This is how to look at it, if you can explain in detail a certain topic using 250 words, it is OK, go right ahead. But in most topics, the introduction part will take like 200 – 300 words.

If there are two articles on the same topic and one has 300 words while the other has 1500 words, which of the two do you think will rank higher? Allow me to give you the answer; Google will give more preference to the article with 1500 words.

Long blog posts may help you get top search engine placement but remember people are the ones who will be reading. Therefore, your content has to have substance otherwise visitors will quickly exit your site. Good content means a low bounce rate which results to higher online sales conversion.

Imagery: Pictures play a vital role when it comes to internet SEO marketing. Apart from the SEO benefits it offers, images help to make your content more palatable. Visitors will not stay long on a blog that is dull.

You can also make your content more exciting by adding relevant video clips. But make sure you describe your videos and pictures using your targeted keyword phrases. This will ensure that search engine rank your images and videos hence help you to generate more traffic.

Keyword Usage: Generating content without keywords is like trying to sell ties to people living in the desert. You can have the best value adding content in the world but if no one finds it; all your efforts will go to waste.

Before you draft any article make sure you have selected your targeted keyword. You do not have to repeat the exact keyword phrase 20 times for search engines to know what the article is all about.

It is advisable to use varying words e.g. work from home jobs can also be phrased working at home job. Search engines are nowadays intelligent enough to tell that those two phrases mean the same keyword. When you do that your readers will not tell there are words you are repeating.

In addition, mentioning your keyword at least 10 times in an article containing 1500 words is enough. But remember to also place the keyword in your title, URL and alternate tags.

internet SEOAbove the fold: Come 2012, Google stated that they will update their algorithm to measure ad-to-content ratio. This is also what internet SEO marketers are calling ads above the fold.

To avoid been a victim, it is advisable to right away reduce the number of adverts appearing on every webpage. Going overboard with adverts is also not good for business. No one wants to feel like they are been forced to buy a product.

If your site visitors feel like you are pushing them to purchase your products, search engine will also feel the same way thus drop your site rankings. Always strive to offer more educative content rather than focusing on making online sales.

Do away with things that will destruct your visitors from your content. Such things include; having many banners ads flashing all over the place, corner peel ads and popups. Instead, observe moderation when it comes to placing adverts.

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Treat internet SEO marketing as a career: The worst mistake you can do when it gets to internet SEO strategies is taking short cuts. It may take you a whole year before you rank for relevant keywords, but you would be better off been patient.

There are those people who have the habit of using black hat strategies to rank high. These kinds of tactics may work, but not for long. If you look closely at the sites that were hit by the Panda update, they used underhand tactics I’m advising you to avoid.

Endeavor to work with white hat strategies like article marketing, generating long and informative blog posts, relevant comment posting, guest blogging, video marketing and so on.

Internet SEO marketing is a career that needs to be undertaken with lots of diligence. Sites that rank high did not get to the top overnight. These are marketers who have invested their time and resources to learn the art of marketing on the internet through SEO.

Proofreading your content: Professionalism is critical if you want to make money working online from home. No one will take you seriously if your content is filled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. First impressions matter a lot when it comes to online business.

It is true you can never be 100% perfect, but at least try and go through your content before you publish them. Get a close friend or one of your household members to proofread your content and you will be safe.

Summary: One undeniable fact is that search engines can supply you with high volume traffic. Therefore, do what the search engines want for you never know what will happen in 2012.

Tell us what to anticipate come 2012 in regards to internet SEO Google marketing. Feel free to also share this blog post with your friends using the social buttons displaying on the left.

Google Adwords Advertising | Marketing On the Internet

Google Adwords Advertising | Marketing On the Internet

Are you wondering how Google Adwords advertising has become a household name when it comes to marketing on the internet? On some niches, one single visit can cost an advertiser up to $50 though advertising with google. The secret is very simple; ads by google are so targeted thus a marketer is assured of return on investment (ROI).

Promoting your products through google Adwords advertising (paid advertising) is also known as search engine marketing (SEM). The other approach to marketing on the internet would be through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is free and in most niches it may take some time before your site reaches the first page. But there are those online marketers that have been able to rank on 1st page within days. These are the marketers that have discovered the power of keywords in regards to SEO.

Today though, we are not going to look at search engine optimization; rather we shall go into details regarding google Adwords advertising, also called google pay per click advertising. In fact, these two types of adverting should ideally work together.

Most keyword tools available simply show estimates of traffic one is to get from certain keywords. What SEO experts do is first to launch a pay per click marketing campaign with several targeted keywords to determine the exact amount of traffic and conversion rate. Then from there they embark on optimizing their site on the best keyword phrases according to their research.

Let us go back a few years when advertising on the web was somehow crude. Do you remember the days when ugly banners where dominate on the internet? It was quite annoying to encounter repelling adverts on every website you visited.

From irritating banner advertising it came to even more irritating ones, where marketers where adding audio clips in the banners. The click through rate those days was so low that making money online was not easy. This is why Google penetrated the market so easily and it did not take long for them to be made king of the internet.

Before advertising was not relevant and was nowhere close to being targeted. But with Google entering the market with advertising campaigns like google Adwords advertising most marketing firms had to close shop. Google search results simply fulfilled three things and these were needs, wants and goals of their users.

It is estimated that google Adwords advertising earns an estimated $20,000,000,000 every financial year. Now, that is the benefit of identifying a need in the market and doing everything possible to fulfill that need.

The approach that google took was to satisfy the needs of their users. This was by making sure that instead of irritating people with annoying adverts, users where give results relevant to what they were searching for. In actual fact, with time searches have been more targeted today than ever before.

As an online marketer you will remember that just the other day, google changed their algorithms. The change was named Panda. The aim of the panda updates was to remove irrelevant sites from listing high on search engine result pages.

Most of the victims of this algorithm update where marketers who were in the habit of using black hat tactics to rank high. To read more on this check out the blog post on new google panda update.

Search engine marketing which we are also calling google Adwords advertising is the form of advertising where marketers bid for their adverts to display. It takes some skills and use of certain tools to make sure you pick the right keywords.

If you bid for keyword phrases that are not relevant then you can expect to get untargeted traffic. Google Adwords advertising is a self-corrective strategy where marketers are rewarded with targeted traffic. Ideally, this has made both searchers and advertisers gain trust in Google.

google Adwords advertisingIt has been noted that most users click on the first links on the search engine results pages. Since paid ads appear at the top of search engine results, the obvious thing is that they will receive a lot of clicks. The same applies to SEO; sites on the first page get more traffic than the sites on other pages.

Note: On both search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), sites that rank higher generate more traffic.

Adverting on the internet has been redefined where instead of you looking for customers, customers come searching for you. Through google Adwords advertisements and SEO you can tap into the value of people’s search. That is via proper use of keyword phrases that people in a certain niche use when browsing the net.

A tool you can use to maximize on google Adwords advertising is Google Traffic Estimator. This tool will help you to measure the value of the keywords you intent to target.

Note that there are 3 different modes of determining the searchers for each keyword. Let us take an example of a keyword like work from home; there are three variations.

1. work from home – This kind of search represents people, who are searching for the exact search term, people searching for any keyword phrase that contains the words work from home e.g. work from home online opportunity and users who entered in their search string any of the three keywords in any order.

2. “work from home” – Signifies all internet browsers who entered in their string of search the phrase work from home e.g. online work from home.

3. [work from home] – This is for those that searched for the exact keyword term.

Before you launch any google pay per click advertising campaign, go to Google Traffic Estimator and enter the keyword terms you want to target. Select about 5 or more keywords phrases in your niche and enter each in the three formats mentioned above.

Pick the location you want to target and the language. From there enter the code to confirm that you are human and then press the enter button.

The results will reveal to you the value of your traffic in terms of global monthly searched, local monthly searches, estimated average of cost per click (CPC), estimated ad position and finally estimated daily budget cost.

Conclusion: In most cases you need to invest some cash for you to make money online. Even though SEO is free, you may need to first experiment and see if your target keyword has good and high traffic that converts. The best way to determine that beforehand is through google Adwords advertising campaigns.

How To Write Mesmerizing Blog Post Titles

How To Write Mesmerizing Blog Post Titles

You are just walking by when something catches your eye at the news paper stand. Before you know it, you find yourself walking away with a newspaper in your hands. This is the power of creating post titles that are eye catching.

Journalists have a way of coming up with headlines that would make you do impulse buying. It just goes to show how headlines can turn a pedestrian into a customer. Now, you too can use the same skill to your advantage.

This is by learning how to create blog post titles that would turn browsers into site visitors. Ideally, a post headline is meant to attract curiosity, make people ask themselves certain questions and ultimately generate traffic to your blog.

Headlines offer you 3 seconds to pass on an advertisement message to your target audience. This is why bloggers who have perfected the skill of title writing will always be ahead of the pack.

As people search the internet for content before they read the snippet, the first thing they see is your title post. According to research, out of every 10 people, 8 will read post titles in search results. But of the 8, only 2 people will go ahead and read the whole blog post.

Therefore, the big question is, how do you compose a headline that will leave people with no choice but click on your link?

The reason behind writing articles is to get people to read. Titles are so powerful in that they can give you mileage even when you are not so good a writer.

Back to the newspaper headline, you have picked the newspaper and the headline is so captivating that you could not resist the urge to secure a newspaper for yourself. Sometimes, when you sit down to read the story you realize it was all hype.

The more captivating your blog post titles are the higher the chances of people reading what you have written. It will give you even more mileage if you deliver content that fulfills what the title has promised.

Seeing as title posts are of importance, let us get down to business and learn some guidelines of creating mesmerizing headlines.

blog post titlesUse catchy words: There are some words you can use in your post title that will compel readers to simply click on your links. These include words like “Guarantee”, “Sure”, “Shocking” and the like.

The secret behind using such kind of words is that they promise results. People like to be in control and something that offers 100% will capture their attention.

For example:

*10 Work from home guidelines of guaranteeing you make money online.

*Shocking news coming out of the House of Representatives.

These are the kind of words that would grab your attention right away. Why? People like reading news especially when it raises their curiosity.

How to: You sure have come across titles post that read:

*How to achieve your business goals in today’s competitive world

*How to get customers lining up for your new product

*How to avoid been a victim of the current economic crisis.

We can go on and on with titles that use this strategy. The amazing thing is that despite to many “How to” articles you come across, we don’t seem to resist but read them.

The secret is simple; we all knowingly or unknowingly want to learn new things so as to improve our lives. If you didn’t know, people like it when they are told what to do.

Time is of essence and a “how to” article gives a sense of learning something new in 5 minutes and for free.

So as to succeed with “how to” blog post headlines, make sure you deliver as you have promised. Follow such titles with content that shows the benefits rather than showing the process.

Stimulating news: Take queue of how newspaper columnists go out of their way to come up with headlines that compel you to read their stories.

Journalists understand the nature of human beings and how we hunger for news. Our need to know what is happening around us is so high that it takes only one line and our curiosity is ignited.

Writing blog post titles that suggest news rather than those seeking to promote a product can have the same effect as a newspaper headline.

post titles

For you to come up with news titles you have to be up to date with the events in your niche. Therefore, you must be ready to read a lot and make sure you publish articles immediately when something new takes place.

Use the power of proof: The reason that a site like Google Plus are growing so fast is because they are harnessing the power of testimonies. You too can use the same strategy by writing post headlines that are based on testimonials.

Ideally, humans are social beings and thus they feel more comfortable when they are associated with something that is considered popular. In fact, there are people who will not read a post with zero comments.

To target people who move with the crowd you can create post titles that show third party endorsement.

Below are some headlines that bring an element of proof:

*The most amazing website template ever designed

*This online marketing strategy has worked for me over and over again

*Finally, a web tool that solved my blogging challenges.

Over and over again, these kinds of titles have proved to be effective. Apart from showing proof of a matter, they also captivating and they bring an element of honesty.

Bloggers and webmasters who write product reviews can really benefit from this strategy of writing articles titles.

Simplicity: Sometimes you just need to be direct when writing your blog post headings. There is some kind of uniqueness that comes with using simple titles rather than using words that confuse or twist your readers.

Some of readers are gripped with straight forward headlines. Top brands are known to use this technique to great effect.

* BMW releases the latest model

*Summer holiday getaway – 25% discount

*The Ultimate SEO tool from SEOmoz

This strategy mostly works with brands that have already made a name for themselves. Direct post titles usually hit the nail on the head.

Ask a question: If you ask me, this is one of the best ways of engaging readers. The strategy works perfectly when you pose a question that will make your target audience say “I want to learn more”.

*Are you a culprit of these 10 SEO mistakes?

*How do I tell whether my online marketing strategies are working or not?

*Which are the best website analytic tools to monitor my site performance?

As you stimulate your readers with intriguing questions, they will have no option but want to learn more. In a way you make visitors uncertain of whether they know something or not. Therefore, they will be compelled to click on your link to confirm or be sure.

Show advantages: Examples of post titles that have these attribute include:

*Building your website from scratch in 10 minutes

*The benefits that come with generating your own content

The idea here is to compose headlines that show people benefits of doing something. These kinds of titles have the power to attract target audience since they reveal what is contained in the article.

In addition, in case readers don’t click on your link, the title post will have told them exactly what you are offering. If you find it difficult to create these kinds of blog post titles then chances are that you don’t understand your product.

Sense of control: Normally, people like things that are predicable since it gives them a sense of being in control. The secret here is to make people feel like they will know things that others don’t know.


article post title

Headlines with words like tips, hints, secrets and guidelines will elicit clicks going by the fact that people want to gain control.

*Here are 15 online marketing secrets of staying ahead of your competition

*10 healthy tips of living a more fulfilling lifestyle

*Rules to follow to guarantee you get the heart of your potential employer.

The above types of post titles promise readers insightful and helpful information that would make them have an edge over others. These titles that have a sense of order will guarantee you high click through rate as you blog.

Compel: These are the kind of titles that carry a message that call readers to take action. Most people selling online fail to succeed because they don’t tell readers what to do.

In a way, blog post titles that have a call to action appear to be barking a command. But this is done in a tactful manner by showing readers the benefits of doing what they have been told to do.

For instance:

*Become a popular work from home blogger in 90 days.

*Stop wondering how to create a blog, learn how to start a blog in minutes.

These titles are dictatorial but in a very polite manner that also reveal benefit to readers.

Conclusion: The best way to learn how to write compelling and mesmerizing title posts is to research. Visit a social bookmaking sites like Reddit, Mashable or Digg and see which titles elicit more clicks, retweets and shares.

Besides, you can also monitor the performance of your old articles. If you notice a post that people visited a lot, use that title to help you come up with another headline.

When starting out, your titles may flop but the more you keep at it the better you will become.

Note: Even the top websites and newspapers never stop finding ways of coming up with gripping headlines. This is because post headlines will greatly improve your Click Through Rate (CTR).

Am sure you have other techniques of writing titles to blog posts. Use the comment section below to share with us what has worked out for you.

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All You Need To Know About Working Online At Home

All You Need To Know About Working Online At Home

The majority of people consider working online from home is not difficult, and that the minute you set up an online home based business you will right away begin getting money. Personally, I do not differ with them at all, you can sure make money online fast but before you get to that point you have got to observe some few rules.

Most individuals merely love looking at the final results and forget to give some thought to what one must do in order to become successful in web business while working online from home.

The fact usually is that it requires quite a lot of energy to generate cash from a web based business. Offering cool online programs that move almost instantly does not guarantee that you’re going to make money.

It’s good to come up with a strategy that is going to ensure you grab the attention of your target market niche thus make them visit your homepage. To be able to advance in working online while at-home, you will need a web based promoting idea that works well.

Starting your online home business is the easy part, the challenge comes in marketing your business link to prospective potential clients and this is where the rubber meets the road. To make money as you are working online at home all counts on the method you use in web based traffic generation.

As far as traffic generation is concerned, it is possible to use free website marketing methods that basically work. But it is best to also be prepared to spend a small amount of money in promoting your home business.

In order to make a lot of money while working online from your home, you will require an enormous mass of site visitors. Therefore, set up a budget which will take care of your online promotional strategies that you will opt to use. The theory here is to integrate your free website marketing along with your paid internet advertising tools.

The best approach is to use marketing strategies like Pay per click (PPC) advertising to determine if the keyword you want to rank on has traffic. Most free keyword tools give approximates rather that exact number.

This is the reason when with PPC advertising you can determine whether a keyword phrase has traffic or not. Once you have established which the right keywords to target are, then you can embark on free online marketing strategies like article marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing, blogging and so on.

It can be really frustrating to target a keyword term and once you get to the first page discover the traffic is not as anticipated. Hence, have a small budget in place to help you determine the keywords to target in your online marketing campaign.

legit work onlineSo as to succeed in working online at home, you need to be strategic from the word go. It can be quite a challenge to correct things once they get to the advanced stage. Therefore, lay down your work online plan before you launch your website or blog.

Nothing at all comes easy hence it is best to be patient in the field of online home business. It is important to give your online business period for it to blossom and simply not neglecting to keep on investing a lot of time and effort into its development.

The same applies when it come to marketing on the internet. Expert online marketers will tell you that the best way to promote your site is through search engines. This is because search engines generate about ninety five percent of the traffic online.

Therefore, if you can rank well on the major search engines like Google (commands about 2/3’s of this traffic), Yahoo, Ask and Bing you will be on your way to make money while working online from home.

You will need to put a lot of effort especially during the initial stages of establishing your work from home online business. This is in regards to gathering and generating content on your website or blog, preparing reports and more so advertising your domain links.

Remember that whatever online marketing strategy you decide to work with, content should always take the first place. The main reason the internet was invented was to help people share content, hence if your marketing strategies involves content you are sure going to generate income while working online.

As much as there are black hat tactics that can help you generate traffic to your site or blog, they are short lived. You may make money using underhand tactics but this may end up hurting your reputation thus affecting your work from home program.

It is better to be patient and use white hat strategies that will ensure your web presence and online reputation lasts. Yes! It may take you some time before you get top search engine ranking, but the day you get to the top you will reap the full benefits for a long time to come.

Working online from the comfort of your home is quite thrilling and can of course assist you accomplish financial freedom if only you work with tact.

There are many ways to make money online but the best is to have a blog or website. Once you launch a blog you can find ways of attracting traffic and then monetize your blog.

I hope this article will open your eyes on the best strategy of how to work online at home. Feel free to share this write up with other people struggling with how to work from home by using the social icons appearing on the left.

In addition, you can participate on this forum by posting a comment below.

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