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Top 9 Blog Design Attributes For Bloggers Working Online

Top 9 Blog Design Attributes For Bloggers Working Online

If you are one of those people who closely follow the top bloggers in your niche, then you will discover that their blog designs have similar features. This is why web design experts advice that you check out other blogs before you design your own.

First impressions count a lot when it comes to generating money online from home. Therefore, spend time choosing the right template and knowing the right plugins to install. Your blog design determines your visitor retention rate thus increase or reduce your online sales conversion.

Since the foundation of your blog design is paramount to your online business success, we are going to share insights on this valuable topic. Learn some of the common attributes and features that almost all top bloggers have installed.

Note: This article is for bloggers who use wordpress as their platform.

Here are the 9 top blog designing features to have on your wordpress blog:

1. Header theme: The size of your header should not be too big or too small. The recommended size is 100 pixels high. Take your time a pick a color for your header that is appealing to your niche. Cool colors are better than colors that scream in the faces on your visitors.

Remember that the header is the first thing that visitors will see when they land on your blog. Hence it is advisable to include a banner advert to one of your products or affiliate products.

Most wordpress templates already have the option for adding a banner at the header section. Alternatively, you can include Google Adsense in the header.

2. Category Section: This section plays a pivotal role when it gets to people navigating through your content. The menu segment also helps search engine to crawl your web pages easily thus indexing and ranking them faster.

The best place to position the category section in your blog design is at the top bar, side bar or at the footer. But when you observe what top bloggers have done, you will note that they have at least two menu sections; one at the top bar and another at the side bar or footer.

Note: Having extra categories links ensures that visitors have an easy time moving from one page to another.

3. Search Box: Installing the search box is important since it offers visitors another option to navigate through your content. It will also assist you to know what your target audience are looking for thus provide them with what they want or need. In short, a search box acts as a research tool for helping you generate relevant content.

Most top bloggers have positioned the search box at the header on the right side. You can also have a blog design where the search box appears on the right side bar but at the top.

In case you get a template that has no search box you can add this code “<?php get_search_form(); ?>” in your header.php editor section.

4. Logo installation: In most cases the best place to put your Logo is at the upper left corner of your blog design. The advantage is that most wordpress templates position the logo at the place that is recommended.

The logo is also hyperlinked to your blog homepage automatically when using wordpress.

Features contained in the Content Section:

Blog Design ElementsThe ideal blog design structure is to have the content area on the left while one side bar on the right. It has been noted that when most people are browsing, the cursor is usually on the left side of their computer. Hence the reason to position the one side bar on the right side.

This means that if you add adverts on the side bar you will have a higher probability to generate leads.

5. Tags:

a) Popular Post tags – Having a blog design with popular posts will help introduce your target audience to your best articles. A close observation of top bloggers in the world, have their popular posts on the right side bar somewhere in the middle.

Again wordpress has great plugins to add this feature (upload the plugin called “Popular Posts +” and then drag it to your side bar).

b) Related Articles tags – To further help retain visitors on your blog and reduce your bounce rate, add a related post plugin. This will assist your blog visitors to access other related articles when reading a post.

The ideal setting is to have related posts appearing below every blog post. This will encourage readers to have a look at more content hence retain them on your site.

A recommended plugin to install so as to be able to add this feature is “SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2”

6. Social Networking Icons:

a) Social Media Share Buttons – All top bloggers have installed a plugin for sharing their web content. This is a great strategy of implementing viral marketing. Some of the common social media share buttons include twitter, facebook, google +1, Digg and LinkedIn.

The best share button to have is the wordpress sliding Sharebar. The recommended position is to have the share icons floating on the left of your blog.

b) Social Media Profile Links – Adding your social media accounts will help you get more people to follow or become your fans. There people who rather be your fans on facebook rather than subscribe to your RSS Feeds or Newsletters.

Most top bloggers have included social media accounts like facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and StumpleUpon in their blog design.

7. Call to Action Message: If you visit most top blogs you will find that they have a call to action message at the bottom of their webpages. This message could be; asking readers to subscribe to their opt-in list or purchase a product.

The other approach to take is a call to action where you ask visitors to share your content on social sites, post comments or click on a link. Either way, you need to include a call to action in your work online blog design in order to generate sales or build your mailing list.

To implement this feature you can add the call to action message in the footer using a plugin called Ad injection.  At the section called footer ad in the Ad Injection plugin, you can add a call to action message or advert.

8. Email List Builder: The best positioning of your email opt-in form is on the side bar preferable at the top. As we earlier stated, most top bloggers have placed one side bar on the right side.

In order to implement this feature you will first need to open an account with an email management provider. Two of the best to work with are Aweber and IContact.

These sites have detailed instructions that will help you to embed the opt-in form and have it to look the way you desire.

9. Product Ads Display: The one thing you want out of your blog design is to make money. This is why it is imperative that you know how and where best to position your adverts.

A study carried out revealed that blogs that generate a lot of income are the ones that have products displayed on the right side bar. In addition, blogs that include an advertisement at the bottom of a post also recorded high sales volume.

For you to add products with ease you can install the “Ad Injection” plugin that will help you to even rotate your adverts. It is a simple plugin to use where you just copy and paste your banner HTML codes in the required sections within the Ad Injection plugin.

Conclusion: The overall appearance of your blog design can mean the success or failure of your quest to make money on the internet. Therefore, set aside some time to implement the above mention features.

If you have queries or opinions feel free to submit them in the comment section below. Use the social icon buttons appearing on the left to share this article.

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Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High

Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High

The core ingredient of generating organic traffic is the proper use on online keyword tools. Talking to SEO experts, will reveal to you just how keyword research can go a long way in boosting your part time work online ventures.

Keyword tools help you to identify which terms people in your niche search for while browsing the net. It is from the research you will do that will determine which topics to write about. Always choose topics that have more searches. guaranteeing

Now lets us look at the different components of structuring your keyword Placement.

Domain Name And Blog Title:

Before you choose a name for your site, it is critical that you do some groundwork to optimize your domain name. (For best domain name and web hosting services visit Hostgator. Get up to 25% discounts when you use this cuopon codes “workonline25” or “moneywise7724“) Select a commonly searched for keyword phrase with at least two words. Use some of the free keyword tools like Google Hot Trends, Word tracker or Google Keyword tool.

The same should go for your homepage. Most part time work online entrepreneurs assume that a blog headline should be a descriptive of their blog content. But you would do better to go for specific competitive keywords in your title and domain name.

The reason for this is because search engines take you homepage to be the most important page of your blog. Also, most people will link back to your homepage thus it will rank faster. Therefore, do not shy away for going for the top keyword phrase in your niche for both your domain name and blog title.

It will definitely take you a while before you rank on the first pages of top search engines, but the day you will rank it will be worth the wait.

For example, on my blog am targeting to ultimately rank for the keyword work online. I started my blog in January and my blog is already on page 5 of google and page 2 of Yahoo and Bing. At this rate, you can bet that by the end of the year I will surely be on page 1 of google.

Work online gets an average of 1 million searches by using the Google Keyword Tool. In the meanwhile, as I seek to rank on work online, other secondary keywords like working online, work online at home, work online home am already ranking high and getting traffic from them. In fact on the working online am on page 2 of google.

If you target to rank on low competitive keywords on your homepage, you will surely get high placement fast, but you will have lost out on lots of online traffic. But in case you are out to flip websites then you can use keyword tools to identify low ranking key terms.

At this point it will be good I let you in on two of the most valuable keyword tools softwares that every blogger must have. These keywords tools are AutoBlog Samurai and Keyword Winner. (Note: both these tools contain my affiliate links).

Since we may not be targeting the same keywords or niches, take time to identify which keyword terms will best suit your blog. It would be better you spend all your time researching on the right keywords to target, rather than being in a rush to build a site and later regret.

The secondary keyword phrase factor: Now that you have chosen you main keyword, it is recommended that you look for related long tail keywords that you can rank quickly. In my case, some of the long term keywords include work online at home, working at home online, income from home, earn extra income from home e.t.c.

keyword toolsThese long tail keywords are less competitive thus you can create posts using such keywords and rank faster. As you generate content, also remember to build backlinks using these same long tail keywords.

This goes to show that you can still cut a niche for yourself in competitive niches by wisely using keyword tools properly.


At this point allow me to let you in on a secret; wordpress is the best to use when it comes to blogging. This is mainly because of the various powerful keyword tools and plugin available.

One of the ideal and new wordpress plugins that I highly recommended is WordPress SEO. When you contact most SEO marketing experts, you will notice that most of them are using wordpress SEO.

With this tool you can play around with your titles to ensure you generate decent blog traffic. The secret is to target two keywords with one blog post. This is how you do it, on the blog title use a keyword like Keyword Research… but on the plugin you can tweak the title to read Keyword Tool…

This will mean, though on you blog title the topic will be reading Keyword Tool, on search engine results it will read Keyword Tool… This will go a long way in ensuring you come up with captivating headlines and at the same time manage to optimize your title for top search engine placement.

Believe it or not this WordPress SEO plugin is absolutely free.

Note 1: As you come up with enticing blog title and optimize on them, ensure that the body of your articles has insightful content. Creating in-depth write ups makes sure that people link back to your blog pages thus achieve high page rankings.

Note 2: Most people write for search engines which I highly discourage. It is advisable that you create content that is readable by human beings rather than engine bots. Anyway, engine spiders will not buy products on your blog.

As you write for your audience it is Ok to tweak your content a little bit for you to generate organic search engine traffic. And thus the more reason to use online keyword tools for search engine optimization.

Onsite Pages:

We have seen just how keyword tools can help you come up with keyword phrases to target on your home page. But now let us see how your online pages can also help you rank for competitive pages.

Personally, as you can see from my blog I have come up with only 1 page which is my online store. This tells you that I need to work on getting more pages for my blog.

When you look at the top ranking blogs, you will notice that on their navigation bar they contain very competitive keywords. This is a very effective way of onsite SEO for work online entrepreneurs.

As you create pages on your blog, use keyword tools to identify the competitive terms in your niche.

Using keyword tools is fundamental when it comes to keyword research. The online market place is so competitive and you must know how to play the game so as to remain in contention of making money online from home via your blog.

With proper use on keyword tools you can succeed in self work online employment and join the big players in internet business.

Value Of Blog Content – Breathing New Life To Your Blog

Value Of Blog Content – Breathing New Life To Your Blog

If you are a blogger you know that generating content for your blog is the only way to ensure web presence. The more you produce blog content, the better you will appear in the eyes of search engines and your target audience.

But what happens when you discover that all your efforts are not bearing the required results. For those of you who have been entrepreneurs, there comes a time when you have to re-evaluate your business performance.

In most cases, you will realize that you need to revamp your business. By this I mean, coming up with new policies, strategies or setting new goals. Nowadays, things keep changing rapidly especially in the business front.

A product that is selling like hot cake today, may become irrelevant tomorrow thus stay on the shelves with no one showing any interest anymore.

Just like any business out there, blog content needs to be evaluated to check if it’s adding value or not. When a business blog is analyzed and then revamped, the chances of making it more profitable will definitely increase.

The challenge is to know the right time to breathe new life to your blogging content. If you ask me, when you notice that there is no increase in SEO traffic and yet you are optimizing your blog content, it is time to re-strategize.

By analyzing your content you may just discover that your post titles are not as captivating as they should be.

Or you may find that your blog articles are not as insightful as they should be, or your content has lots of spelling or grammatical errors.

All these mistakes can contribute to low blog traffic and they need to be addressed urgently.

It is impossible to wake up one day then decide to erase from the internet all your low quality articles. By the time you will be thinking of doing that people will have shared your content thus making it impossible to completely remove your content on the net.

But all is not lost; discovering that you need to work on your blog content is a plus. The next thing you need to do right away is come up with a plan to breathe new life to your blog.

It does not matter how many low quality articles you have on your blog or how long you have been blogging, there is always room for improvement.

Even if you loss all your site visitors to your competition due to poor content, there will always be new people joining the internet whom you can attract and convert them into raving fans.

Statistics have revealed that on a daily basis, 300 million people surf the internet for the first time. Therefore, it is not too late; there will always be new markets to explore and new people to do business with on the internet.

new business through blogging

How to revamp your blog content and attract new business opportunities

There are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Is your current SEO blogging content directing organic traffic as it should?

Are your blog posts offering insightful and educative content?

If you were a visitor to your own site, would you share the content to your friends?

Do your blog titles elicit clicks from your target audience on search engine result pages?

How interesting or captivating is your blog content?

In case your answers to all the above questions are to the negative, it is high time you did a blog overhaul. This does not imply deleting your blog from the internet; first begin by doing more research before writing any blog post.

One thing you must realize is that the main purpose of the internet is to pass on information. If your blog content is not helpful then forget about making money on the net from home.

For you to make an impact on the internet, people must view you as a serious person. You cannot expect to provide people with useless content and expect them to come running to your site with their credit cards in hand.

You have to win people’s confidence and trust for you to make money online. The one opportunity you have to gain the trust of your target audience is through your blog posts.

Rich content will win you online sales leads but that does not mean you get comfortable. Just like offline business, there is always a need to improve your blog content.

Strive to become a better writer or learn new SEO strategies that will get you more traffic. It is sad to see some blog writers still dwelling on old and outdated SEO techniques.

Subscribe to SEO news feeds and get to learn what is happening in the SEO world. Go a step further and implement what you have read so as to ensure your blog remains relevant.

Before long you will start commanding respect from people in your niche thus keep on generating revenue on the web.

blog content

Improving your blog reputation through your posts

When it comes to making money through blogging, your credibility matters a great deal. Your blog content determine how people are going to react to your products or services.

Consider the following when publishing your content:

*Ensure your blog articles are well written without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

*Write captivating content that will touch the emotions of your readers

*Provide your audience with genuine facts

*Promote legitimate products and services that have been proved to provide workable solutions

*When you give figures make sure they are accurate.

*Always include a call to action message in your blog content

Once you do the above, visitors will begin hanging to your every word and that is when you will notice people referring to you as guru, veteran or expert.

When people see you as knowledgeable, you will have an easy time convincing them to purchase your products. That is the time every call to action message you send to them will produce 50% response.

But the moment you offer people half baked information that is boring and filled with content that cannot be authenticated, people will view you as a non starter.

What is the point of stuffing your articles with keywords for ranking purposes and fail to convert even one person into a customer because your content is not readable?

You will only make your readers to say; if you are publishing spammy content, it is obvious your products are not up to standard or your services are of low quality.

Believe me, if this is what is ringing the minds of your readers; forget about profiting from your blog.

Blogging calls for patience especially when it comes to generating content on your blog. If you have been taking short cuts, it is time you stopped and reconsidered your strategies.

There is still time for your to reorganize yourself and make sure the next new visitor that lands on your blog finds rich content. You can redeem your reputation and if not so prove to your new customers that you’ve got what it takes to be a source of quality information.

Think of the needs of your readers rather than your own

Maybe you having been blogging for many years and now you are thinking of revamping by telling people how experienced you are.

For your information, no one is interested in your achievement as a blogger. It is good you have been in the business for 10 years but that is content you provide in the “About Us” page and not within your post about article marketing.

Let me ask, how are your achievements as blogger got to do with providing your target audience with helpful strategies in article promotion? There is no relation at all.

Maybe you can be excused to talk of your credentials if only they add value to your readers. For instance, if you were presented with a check for been the best affiliate marketer in a certain program, you can mention that in your article about affiliate marketing. It will prove to your readers that they too come become top affiliate marketers.

Remember, blogging for money is about addressing the needs of your readers and not dwelling on your achievement. If you offer solutions that address the problems facing your target audience, your bank manager will become your personal friend.

Conclusion: Blogging is easy but it can also be difficult if you take the wrong approach. What matters most in blogging is your approach to blog content generation.

Researching and reading widely will ensure you produce quality blogging content. Within no time readers will begin returning to your blog for more content.

Some bloggers skip the part of blog content creation and jump straight to email marketing and producing sales letters. If you are one of those bloggers, it is time you reconsidered revamping your blog.

Publishing blog articles should be the first step to take when it comes to doing business on the web. Why bring people to your blog when you have little to offer them inform of content. The only way to communicate to your audience is through your blog posts.

Visitors need to know from the word go what they can benefit from you. If not, they will go somewhere else where they can get what they are looking for or what they expect.

By providing your readers with educative and helpful blog content, you open the flood gates to increasing your email subscribers, online sales conversion, fan base, blog traffic and of course generate more revenue online.

Now you know what to do in order to breathe new life to your business blog.

Do you have something else you can share with as about revamping your blog content? Use the comment section below.

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Power Of The Internet Seminar In Relation To Home Web Business

Power Of The Internet Seminar In Relation To Home Web Business

We just concluded a very successful seminar at Kenyatta University organized by Internetpreneurs Club. The event was sponsored by National bank one of the leading banks in Kenya.

One thing that really came out of the one day seminar is the power of the internet when it comes to business. Different speakers shared their expertise on the various ways of generating income at home from the internet.

Let me take you back to how my relationship with Kenyatta University student started. It was during a network marketing meeting where I was invited to share about internet marketing that James Wajohi a student at the university attended.

Though I talked for only 15 minutes, later James told me he went home that day having seen the power of the internet as he has never known before. He promised to organize some students and then called me to give a talk.

As he made his plans, James never got in touch with me until some 3 months later. By this time, he had formed a club, Internetpreneurs Club and got it registered with the university. He got officials and spread the word around campus about the new club.

That is when James finally called me for a meeting. During that meeting we set a date when I would go to the institution and share on the power of the internet in doing business.

I must say I was really impressed by his willingness to share what he had discovered with other students. Hence I did not hesitate to go and give a talk about how to start an online business.

The day finally came and the talk that was to take place in the evening was well attended. From that small talk the students made me to promise to come back again and again.

In the subsequent seminars a manager from National bank attended and he promised to sponsor the next event. He sure did deliver to his promise and here we were in our first fully funded online business workshop.

The day of the big internet business workshop:

Several days to the seminar I would wake up early to research in order to come up with a topic that would help my audience better understand how the internet works. I was working with a very close friend, Isaac Odongo, an expert blogger who runs a blog on How To Play Basketball and another on weight loss.

Ideally, the aim of the club is to share different strategies of generating wealth on the internet. Therefore, they invited different speakers to give talks on online freelance jobs, Forex Trading and Online marketing which happens to be my docket together with Isaac.

Our preparations went very well though some of the speakers said they would not be able to attend. This included Alfric Opidi an established online freelance worker, Boniface Kariuki an expert in Social Media marketing, Rachael Mpyisi expert in Forex Trading. Isaac also sent his apologies.

The morning of the big day finally came and I woke up in good time to prepare for the seminar. By 9.30am we were at the venue with Bernard Mutie an established Network Marketer choosing to accompany me.

power of the web

Officials of the club were ready to welcome us. Since the seminar was to start at 10.00 am a cup of tea was a welcome gesture. Here we were joined by Anne who runs a blog called Business Review Kenya. She was called in place of Rachel to share on forex trading.

Once all was set we headed to the venue and the hall was filled to capacity. The mood was right and expectation was in the air.

For a long time, the internet has been under-utilized in Kenya. Most people have not been able to really take full advantage of the power on the internet especially in regards to business and marketing.

But here we were, with a chance to share our experience and knowledge on how to do business on the web. Hope we will not disappoint the people who had come to grace the occasion.

Introductions were done and the first on stage was national bank. They promised to keep on helping the students achieve their goals through providing modern banking services. This was a welcome gesture taking into account that with money coming from doing business on the internet; students will easily be able to move their hard earned cash from the net into their pockets.

Anne was the next in line and she delivered a great talk on how to make money through forex trading. From where I was seated I could see students following every word with keen interest.

Each speaker was given about 20 minutes to talk and when Anne was through the MC called me on stage. He made a joke saying that I begged to be his best man though he was not married yet and by the look of things there were no signs showing he even had a girlfriend.

I would recommend he visits Isaac’s site on relationships and get some valuable tips. Anyway, jokes aside, I took to the stage and could not help noticing the anticipation on the students’ faces.

I will not go over all I shared but my focus was centered on the power of the internet in terms of earning residual income through blogging. We all have something we are good at and that is where you should start if you want to do business on the internet.

The ability to reach billions of people from all corners of the globe from a simple blog to me is amazing. This is exactly what I told the students to think about.

As you take your lessons, why don’t you transfer what the lecturer has taught you and post it on your site. Someone is right now browsing the internet trying to do a research on the same. The internet is about sharing content and if you provide content money will definitely come your way.

Did you know that as we speak somebody is busy browsing the internet trying to collect information on the best etiquettes on how to use a toothpick? You may find this funny but to someone else this isn’t. Information is power and that is what the internet seeks to provide.

The best way of sharing information online is through launching a website or a blog. A site acts to capture your target audience as they surf the internet. Make sure that you share quality content to make visitors spend more time on your site and more importantly see you as an expert.

Within your site you can also sell your own products or operate as an affiliate marketer. To read more on other strategies of making money from your blog click here.

The internet is very powerful but you need to have the right knowledge and tools to benefit from it. And that is exactly what I wanted the student to get.

Stanley Gitau later came on stage and gave a lovely presentation on how to find and do freelance jobs. By the end of his talk everyone appeared to be ready to open an account at oDesk and Freelancer and begin raking in the cash.

What I learned from the seminar:

Though we have a long way to go we are on the right path. The power of the internet is yet to be fully utilized. We can use the internet to change the course of this country in terms of job creation and business opportunities.

This seminar acts as a stepping stone to be able to reach other people interested in online business. The fact that you can work from home and still operate a big time business is worth a shot.

The day ended with students asking a million and one questions showing just how thirsty they were to learn how to work online. As for me, my site was once again exposed to a new set of visitors eager to learn which meant more targeted traffic to my site.

If you attended this seminar, kindly share your feedback in the comment section provided below.

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Make Money At Home With RevResponse Affiliate Company

Make Money At Home With RevResponse Affiliate Company

Some time back we published an article on how you can make money at home using affiliate marketing. We went into explaining two types of affiliate programs which are pay per lead and pay per sale. Today, let us dwell with pay per lead and the best way to look at this is by introducing to you a company called RevResponse so that you see how they operate.

Pay per lead companies usually requires you to refer leads to their website and get paid a commission. The affiliate site we shall discuss today mainly deals with magazines and white papers. They pay great commissions that range from $1.50 up to $20 per lead for registering for free magazines. The beauty of it all is that you can generate leads from all corners of the world.

With RevResponse you will have access to great promotional tools that will make it easy for you to market your home business affiliate links. The company is focused on ad networks but they go beyond just providing banner styled advertising. The company makes it simpler for you to market your affiliate business links and banners by allowing you to customize using their ad wizard.

You will be able to select the color, size and more so the types of business magazine you wish to promote on your blog or website. It even gets better, if you have an opt-in list you will be able to send out an email blast of offers using their newsletter wizard. It is also possible for them to create a co-brand site for you to make it look similar to theirs thus ensuring visitors do not notice the difference.

One thing that makes sure you make money at home with affiliate companies are the products they have on offer. RevResponse has amazing business magazines that are rich with inform to help readers learn how to make money while they work online. Most of their trade magazines focus on search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and other business related content.

Let us now get into how to make money at home using RevResponse:

Make money from your blog posts: The content you share is one of the best tools to maximize on so as to generate revenue online and optimize your blog or website for search engine placement. Through most webmasters are opting for micro-blogging, having full and detailed content is the secret to making money at home.

Therefore, publish informative articles and add hyperlinks that lead your visitors to your affiliate site. Your content should also make your readers to take action. To achieve this, make certain you tell your readers what to do after you have given the helpful information. It does not hurt to instruct your target audience to click on a certain link on your site that leads to your affiliate site.

Within your blog posts you can also add affiliate banners. The images you select should be related to your content and good to look at. This will not only make your site to look impressive, but will help you generate leads since site visitors like clicking on pictures.

Generate traffic: Ultimately, the one thing that will enable you to make money at home is the number of visitors you generate to your site and finally take them to your affiliate site. In short, what it means is that for you get loads of cash then you need traffic.

There are different ways of online marketing and some we have discussed them in detail and they include article marketing, pay per click advertising, forum marketing, search engine marketing and many others. It is advisable you incorporate several of these online promotion strategies to make sure that your work at home jobs succeed.

The ad wizards provided by RevResponse will make is easier for you to drive traffic to your co-branded resource center thus assist you make money fast.

Make use of your opt-in list: One of the best internet marketing strategies is definitely email marketing. Therefore, as you generate traffic to your site it is imperative that you provide an opt-in form for your readers to register so as to be receiving emails from you periodically. This will make it easier for you to use RevResponse newsletter ad wizard to cash in from your opt-in list.

Just as expert online marketers say, having an email opt-in list is like possessing an online ATM money making machine.

Market through social media sites: If you do not have a twitter or facebook account then you are losing out when it comes to traffic generation. Currently the world over, people are using social media sites to connect with friends and relatives. As you all know everywhere that people congregate there is money circulating hence you should find ways to funnel this cash into your pocket.

Once you have signed up to Revresponse, you can use your twitter and facebook account to generate leads and get paid. People are thirsty for information and thus offering them free magazines that are loaded with insightful content is easy. Talk of easy work online at home cash.

Upload ad widgets on your webpages: Since their site is loaded with optimized widgets it will be easy for you to earn income online from your site or blog. Place your widgets on strategic places within you content to boost your leads generation.

Some of the places to position your widgets include at the side bar preferably at the top. Then the first place that your visitors pump into is at the top of your website. Here you can also add widgets or banners to increase your leads thus make more money online with affiliate marketing.

Market with RevResponse RSS feeds: For some time now RSS feeds have been a great tool of marketing online. One site that offer RSS feeds is feed burner and on a later date we shall discuss in details all about this kind of site promotion.

Revresponse also offer RSS feed advertising and it is critical you make use of this tool to generate more leads.

make money at homeGetting referrals: Since the site has a referral program you should seize this opportunity and make money at home by introducing others to the program. Go to their marketing resource center and grab their referral banners and upload them on your site. Pick the banners that are attractive and flow with the theme of your website or blog. You will earn 20% for the next six months on the commissions your referrals make.

E-Newsletter marketing: As earlier hinted you should also make use of their e-newsletter blast widget to promote your business on RevResponse. If you do not have an op-in list then it is the high time you start working on one and you will acquire your own online money making ATM machine.

Site communication: If you have installed some communication gadgets like skype, google talk and the like on your site you can utilize them to promote your affiliate links. For example, if you are able to add a signature you can include your affiliate links. This will mean that every message you send out will contain your referral link thereby assisting you get more leads.

To qualify to have a RevResponse account you need to have an operational blog or website that you update regularly with fresh content. You have to be the one that operates the website or have full control of the site. The content you publish should be related to some of the magazines that RevResponse offers. At all cost, your site must not have adult related content.

The Revresponse affiliate site is engaging and helps their associates make money from home through taking surveys, having contests and most importantly have a reliable support team that one can contact through email.

As you can see there are many ways to monetize your site hence you have no excuse of not earning a decent revenue online. Today, you can launch a blog and give people in your niche useful content. Then from that same content you can make money at home and attain financial freedom. Join RevResponse NOW and make easy money online from home.

Click on the links below to view some of their awesome products:

Work Online From Home Jobs That Best Suits You

Work Online From Home Jobs That Best Suits You

We love telling people that there is a lot of money to be made in work online from home programs. But truth be told, we are all different and one business which would work for one person and can fail with another.

This is an indicator that online business needs to be approached tactfully. In business, risk is a major factor. As an individual you need to know your risk level. Some of us have high risk levels while others have low.

By these it means that there are people who can loss $5,000 in a deal gone soar and can wake up the following morning and still enter another deal. In any business venture be it offline or work online at home business, risk is a factor to seriously look at.

Though on this article we are not going to talk about risk in work online business, it goes to show that there are different things you need to consider before jumping into the murky waters of online business.

In this write up we shall see some of the vital elements to consider in determining the right work online at home opportunity for you.

In case you want to make online money from home understand the following:

Determine from the start the capital you need: Most people rush into online business just because they heard someone ease is making a kill. They look at what someone else has achieved and they fail to consider the cost it took those people to get to where they are today.

work online from home jobsThere are people who will tell you that you can get a work online at home business where you do not need to invest a dime. To some extent this could be true, but the thing that they forget to state is that you will have to invest TIME.

Heard the adage that goes “Time is money”? To succeed in work online home opportunities you must invest money and time. Therefore, before you join any work from home program think of the capital you will need. It can be in form of time or cash.

Pick a business you have passion for: Life is the best teacher of all; hence we all have something we can share with other people. The notion that you need to have gone through some sort of education to share your experiences is completely misplaced.

In fact, studies have proved that people who are street smart are the ones who later become millionaires. For you to be successful in work online programs, you have to know what you are good at and share what you know.

For example, if you start a blog today publish content that you have a passion for. The best work online at home job is the one that makes you look forward for the day. Many individuals nowadays especially those in employment just work because they want to place food on their table. This should not be the case; pick an online business you love.


Do not take a work online programs that saps up all your energy: This is a point that goes hand in hand with the above, pick a business you love. Imagine dreading for morning when you think of your business.

Do not pick a work online opportunity that will burn you out. If you discover that you do not like your business, it will burn you out just thinking about it. The right business for you is the one that you do not have to struggle to work on.

If you choose the right business you will never struggle waking up in the morning. Actually, you will pray that the day to last a bit longer.

Choose an online business that you have an easy time earning cash: Whenever you choose the right business you will earn money fast and easily. This is how you can know an online business suits you; therefore take your time identifying the work online opportunity that you will enjoy.

With a business that suits you or enjoy you will attend to the business every opportunity you get.

You should be able to achieve financial liberty from the business you select: Before you join or start any work online from home program, ensure its business that will eventually enable you achieve financial freedom.

Research well so as to know your prospects. If someone else has become a millionaire from a certain business, then it means you too can do it.

Once you see that the prospects are there then you must have the will to also make it. Set a goal to become financially free and work hard. Make certain you do not give up until you achieve your desire. For you to attain financial freedom as you work online you must really want it so bad.

Find the right people to work with: Am sure most of us have heard the adage, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. It simply means the people you stick around with define you.

If you want to be a millionaire then you have to hang around with millionaires. But in case you want to be a sweeper then hang with other sweepers. The people we spend most time with always influence our lives and thus determine our destiny.

Once you have chosen a work online business program that suits you link up other like minded people. Some of the best places to find such individuals include on social media sites, online forums and searching for their sites on search engines.

Subscribe to their feeds and read their blogs as well as their comments on online forums. For example an online forum like Black Hat is great for guys seeking to learn more on work online at home business strategies.

If you think online business is hard then you are right and if you think it is easy then you are also correct. It all depends on the first initials steps you take. With good enough groundwork, you can get the right work from home online business that suits you right.

It is also about perceptions and this is influenced by the people you hang around with. Get friends that encourage you and add value to your business. Choose a mentor who will positively affect your progress while working online at home. Thanks to the internet, you can now be mentored by anyone from any part of the world.

You too can become a self made millionaire all you need to do is get the online business that best suits you.

Follow the links below to learn more.

Google News As An Online Traffic Generation Strategy

Google News As An Online Traffic Generation Strategy

What does one have to do to appear in Google news? This is the question that has been posed by many people who work from home online.

Google news is a source for tremendous traffic generation. This is especially so because you can get many natural links. Unique links lead to more high ranking thus boost online traffic from search engines.

For your website or blog to appear on Google news there are some guidelines you need to abide to. On this write up we are going to look at some of the requirements that you need to observe.

Writing structural demands

Site Content: The driving force behind the internet is none other but information. If you can provide information then you will generate traffic to your website or blog. This goes to show that content is the most important aspect when it comes to the internet.

It is critical that your content be of high quality and 100% unique for it to appear on Google News. There is no way you will duplicate or draft grammatically incorrect articles and expect to be listed on Google news.

The best approach is to keep up to date with what happens in your niche then release stories that are newsworthy. This means doing a lot of reading and researching. If you can be posting hot stories then you will be on the right path.

Article structure: This applies to any content you want to appear on Google or Yahoo news. Make sure that you come up with an article that has a headline, a brief author bio description and date of release.

You articles also need to be long enough since it’s all about giving information. An article should ideally have 400 to 600 words according to the latest panda updates.

Try as much as possible to optimize your content for search engine bots. Apart from that, your content should be readable to human beings.

Regular Posting: If you are one of those lazy writers then Google news is not your cup of tea. It is imperative that you share stories frequently. Share 2 to 3 articles on a daily bases for your website to be considered as a news hub.

Number of editors: If you are the only one posting content on your blog then it can be a bit challenging to appear on Google News. It is unofficial, but it is advisable to have more than one author for your site to be on Google news.

If you have a blog, allow other bloggers in your niche to submit on your site. This is also known as guest blogging. Have strict guidelines to ensure only original and high quality content is submitted by all writers. Ideally, 4 writers and above will do so as to enter into Google news.

google newsImagery: In case you have to add pictures within your articles make sure you add alternate text and descriptions. This is to ensure that search engine spiders can know what your images are about. Be careful how you use pictures on your site by avoiding flash images.

Pictures are good since they break the monotony of having text all through which can be sometimes boring for most readers.

Reputable site: The organizational structure of a site tells a lot about its reputation. An “About Us” page can go a long way in showing how reputable a site is. In the about us page add detailed information of authors names and their biographies. State also in details the main agenda of your website or blog.

Note: To enter into Google news you also have to be an authority figure in your niche.

Technical requirements so as to appear on Google News

Blog or site theme template: Choosing the right template is critical if your site is to be considered as newsworthy. Some claim that a blog cannot work, but if you choose a magazine type of template then you can enter Google news.

Have RSS feeds: This will apply to all website and blogs. RSS feeds are important to have since they help in finding and indexing of pages on search engines. I came to discover that I get very quality traffic from my RSS feeds, thus have it as one of your online marketing arsenals.

Google Crawler access: For search engine bots to find and index all your stories they will need full access. If you have a site that requires membership subscription, you need to grant access to search engine spiders in the restricted areas.

Once they have gotten access to your content, you can choose on how you want the content to be displayed on search results. One of the options is showing only the outline of your article.

URL creation: For every post you submit on your site or blog ensure it has a different URL. When all URL’s are different from one another it shows uniqueness and that no post looks like the other.

Titles: The first thing readers and engine bots see when they come to your site is the title of your posts. As much as it should be readable, your Google news headlines need to be keyword based for search engines to also read.

Generally, a title needs to act as a summary of what to expect in the body of your article. Make sure it is captivating enough to draw the attention of targeted readers.

It is recommended that your headline should also appear in your HI or H2 tags. Avoid adding dates on your headlines. If possible, it would better that you have company names or people’s names in your headlines. This will increase your chances of ranking.

Making money as you work online from home is dependent on traffic generation. Therefore, the more online marketing strategies you implement correctly, the more money you make as you work from home online.

For some time now entering Google news has been a challenge for people working at home. I hope this article will be insightful for home business entrepreneurs seeking to add Google, Yahoo news in their online marketing arsenal.

Soon we will go into details on how to use press release to appear in Google news.

Tactics Of Earning Income From Home Practically

Tactics Of Earning Income From Home Practically

A high page ranking results to targeted visitors which will lead to online income from home. Remember that for you to have great…

4 Web Page Attributes That Guarantee High Sales Conversion Rate

4 Web Page Attributes That Guarantee High Sales Conversion Rate

The same way a movie director puts his whole heart into making sure you stay glued to the screen, is the same thing a blogger needs to do to ensure readers keep coming back for more.

The more captivating a movie is the higher the sales will be. But what is entailed in a good movie? I’m not a movie director but I believe that some of the things to consider include element of surprise, skilled actors, dress code and most importantly use of words.

You may be asking; how is movie production related to webpage creation. They two have one common agenda, to captivate audiences and thus make sales.

It is good that you have 500 people visiting your site every single day, but how come someone else with 200 visitors daily has a better sales conversion rate?

If you blog for fun then this may not be the article for you. As for commercial bloggers, this is a must read post. Discover what you need to have on every blog post you publish in order to makes sales.

Whether you are blogging for fun or blogging for profit, your intentions are always to make people read your content. You measure your blogging success by how long people stay on your blog, share your posts or take action depending on what you have told them to do.

We can go in details on numerous things you need to do in order to boost your sales conversion. But instead of loading you with so much information that may confuse you or make it seem difficult to achieve, we share discuss 4 of the most important.

These 4 things encompass all the strategies you need to employ to ensure visitors go into their wallets and dish out their credit cards.

Without much ado, here we go:

4 things you need to have in every blog post you publish:

1: A Title that gives your readers no option but die to know more: How many times have you been walking in the street when a poster just caught your eye? If you sit down to think of what made you stop, chances are that you will discover it was the headline.

The same applies to newspaper headlines, movie titles, TV programs and blog post headlines. A blog title is the one bait that a blogger needs to know how to use well.

This is the one and only opportunity you have to call out to readers to come and consume your content. Therefore, put a little more effort in coming up with an eye catching headlines.

Ideally, a good title has to be juicy, colorful and promising. Back to the poster’s issue, you will notice that most of them have colorful, big, bold and interesting titles. This is why posters have a way of getting your attention.

For you to increase your sales conversion, you have to first bring people to your site. The best tactic of achieving that is by getting people’s attention. Apart from your title, images also play a very pivotal role.

When picking a blog template try and get one that will allow you to display images next to your title in your homepage. Research has shown that people are more attracted to pictures than they are with text.

Make certain that the images you use define your blog post thereby get the attention of target audience.

You might not know how to come up with titles when you start blogging, but with time you will definitely learn the art. It is advisable to check your analytics to see the articles that get the most clicks and try come up with similar titles in the future.

In addition, visit other blogs in your niche and see how they write their headlines. This will help you come up with even better titles.

2: Body of article should deliver what the title promised: A good click through rate does not automatically mean that your sales conversion rate will go up.

When you go fishing, the bait is what attracts the fish but once the fish is hooked; you also need to have the skill to reel it out. Your blog title is the bait, and the body of the article is what reels in customers.

The message contained in the body of your article should deliver what your title pledged. On every article you publish, ensure you achieve the following objectives:

  1. Trust from your readers.
  2.  Add value.
  3. Prove your authority.

How do you achieve the above objectives?

When it comes to blogging you have four tools at your disposal that will assist you deliver your message.

Moving pictures: One of the best ways of communicating to your visitors is through videos. It is like talking to your readers directly.

Sites like YouTube get millions of hits every day which demonstrates the value of video sharing.

Still pictures: I’m sure you have heard the saying that goes like this “A picture speaks a thousand words”. That is absolutely correct. Earlier we mentioned how people rarely read articles but when you put images they will pause to have a glimpse.

To boost your blog sales conversion rate you have to keep people on your page and in addition make them return for more. Images will help you to accomplish that.

sales conversion rate

Audio: Though it is rarely used by bloggers, audio communication is very effective when it comes to delivering your message. Next time you put up a blog post try and embed a podcast and see how well it works. This can be inform of a talk or better still, an interview.

Text: Though people don’t like reading, text is the best form of communication on the internet. Learning how to articulate yourself using text will guarantee you online presence.

The fact that search engines love text makes it easy for you to rank well especially if you apply SEO strategies. Click here to learn how to write online for search engines.

3: Proper content management: As you have seen above there are several forms of content. So as to make your blog stand out you need to use all of these forms of content generation.

It can be very annoying when readers land on your site and see things cluster all over the place. You need to arrange your content in a subtle manner so as increase your sales conversion rate and not confuse visitors.

A good and professional template will ensure you arrange your content nicely. Furthermore, professional blog templates are designed specifically for ease of navigation.

Pick a template that will allow you to strategically place banners. But don’t make your blog to look like a Christmas tree by having flickering images all over the place.

If you use wordpress, you can add plugins that will help you arrange your content properly and professionally. For example, a plugin like ad injection or cranky ads will help you to arrange and rotate adverts.

How you present yourself to visitors plays a major role when it comes to visitor retention. Don’t give visitors the impression that you are out to make sales, but rather seek to add value to your target audience and they will trust you.

The words and phrases you use also matter a great deal. Try avoiding sensitive topics that touch on religion or politics. This way your blog conversion rate will be something to write home about.

4: Tell your readers what you want them to do: This is where you get to eat your catch after getting home from your fishing expedition.

Your call to action is very important. This is where you get to tell your readers what you expect from them. In most cases, your call to action should be at the end of your article.

Here is what every blogger dreams to achieve from his/her posts:

*Gain credibility and authority from people in your niche: This you attain by linking to sites that you have sourced for material and adding author details such as your bio and avatar.

*Readers to leave comments: Ask readers to contribute more on what they know as pertaining to the subject of your blog post. Make sure to respond to comments since people like to feel appreciated for their efforts.

In return, people will keep revisiting to read and leave comment since they know you will respond. That is how you build relationships and make your site a home where visitors keep coming back for more.

As all bloggers know, the more people reading your articles, the more your fan base and email list grows and that is when your sales conversion rate will be something to talk about.

*Enlist visitors to your email opt-in list: Don’t shy away from telling people to subscribe to your email list or RSS feed. Remember, how you write your articles will prove to your readers you have something they simply can’t do without thus they will subscribe.

*To have readers implement what you tell them: Have easy guidelines that people can follow and tell them to come back and give feedback on whether it worked for them or not.

*Make visitors read more of what you have published: Use plugins that list related articles at the bottom of your blog posts and at the side bar. The more people keep reading your publications the more likely for them to finally buy a product from your site.

*Get readers to click on your banners advertisements: One of the most strategically place to put an advert is at the bottom of your posts. Putting ads at the bottom in a way tells your visitors that you are not only out to make sales.

Note: Adverts should be in line with the message contained in the article.

Now that you know what is expected of a good blog that makes sales, get down to work. Kindly come back in three months time and let us know if these strategies did the trick for you.

Summary: I once read a story that made me sad and laugh at the same time. A guy appeared before a judge accused of hitting and injuring a pedestrian when he went off the road.

When the judge asked him to defend himself he blamed it on a billboard that was erected by the road side. It had a picture of a beautiful woman promoting a deodorant. According to him he could not resist staring at the picture of the woman and in the process steered off the road and hit the innocent pedestrian.

Before the judge could deliver his verdict, he requested to see the billboard in question.

Later in his judgment he found the driver innocent and that the picture had the same effect on him. He directed the advert to be replaced with another that would not have the same effect.

Now that is the kind of content you need to generate in order to improve your sales conversion. You might not need to post pictures of beautiful girls all the time but make sure your content captures the full attention of your readers.

It is from writing quality articles that visitors will go talking about you, linking to your posts and sharing your content. It will not take long before search engines also follow suit and further help you increase your blog sales conversion rates.

Use the comment section provided below to share with us other strategies that bloggers can employ to make more sales.

If you think this post will help other commercial bloggers out there, click on the social icons displaying on the left to share this article.

On this work online blog we are dedicated to giving you educative and insightful content on how to generate revenue through your blog from home. To start receiving updates as they are published subscribe to our email list below.

You may also press this link to subscribe to my RSS feed.

How To Ensure You Keep Attracting Search Engine Traffic

How To Ensure You Keep Attracting Search Engine Traffic

If you ask any online marketer right now they will tell you that search engine traffic is worth working for. It does not matter, traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or any other search engine out there is welcomed.

More than 80% of the traffic generated online comes from search engines. This signifies the value of search engines to the internet. It would be ill-advised for you as a blogger to ignore the benefits you can get from generating search engine traffic.

The beauty of search engines is that anyone can take advantage to market their products and services. It will cost you zero dollars to position your site on 1st page thus generate organic traffic.

This then brings up a question or should I say questions, which most newbies ask when it comes to search engine optimization. On this article we shall share with you things you need to know when it comes to optimizing your website or blog.

Though the points raised here relate to rookies, veterans also need to read since they may find strategies that can help them rank even better.

As veteran bloggers know, search engines especially google are updating their algorithm daily. This is meant to rid the internet of spam content.

Here are whitehat strategies that guarantee your site attract search engine organic traffic on a continuous basis:

Try and do your own SEO: Every time the word SEO is mentioned most newbies flinch and yet there is nothing to be scared about. There are people who would like you to think that SEO is for the gurus. They are the same people who will later try to sell you software to help you in SEO.

There is no wonder software or big secret when it comes to optimizing your content. Paying for SEO services is not the best way to ensure you rank well.

Most of this sites use negative SEO strategies that would easily hurt your site ranking. This includes buying of backlinks which search engines like google are punishing.

You as the owner of a blog or website know exactly what your site is all about and what your goal is. It is thus advisable that you do your own SEO.

The internet is filled with free content on how to generate search engine visitors. These kinds of content can be found on top SEO blogs, YouTube, forum sites and so on. All you need to do is conduct a search and you will learn how to do SEO by yourself.

Allow search engines to follow your links: This is something that most rookies fall victim to mostly due to lack of knowledge or should I say ignorance.

When creating and designing a blog or website you need to check and see that you have allowed search engines to crawl your site.

It’s only when your pages have been indexed that search engines will drive traffic to your site. One way of examining if your pages have been indexed is by entering site: in the search box. This also helps in checking if your site has been blacklisted.

When setting up your blog, check under the SEO setting to ensure you give search engines access to your content. This setting is mostly ignored by new bloggers and yet it’s an integral component of marketing your site.

search engine traffic

Write articles that people can understand: In order to rank for the best keywords in your niche, use words that are commonly searched for by your target audience.

It is common to come across a site that shares content that only experts can understand. As a blogger, you need to target both newbies and veterans. It is through sharing easy to understand content that you will keep getting new search engine traffic to your site.

In addition, you will keep people on your site for longer periods and encourage return visitors.

In short, avoid the use of difficult words when writing your articles. The minute people think you are trying to show off they will dump your site never to return.

Note: Blogging is about what people can benefit from your blog and not showing readers how good you are.

Commenting on other related blogs: Posting blog comments is one of the best tactics of improving your site ranking. Furthermore, it also ensures you funnel traffic from other sites to your site.

But for this strategy to be effective, your comments have to be approved by site moderators.

First thing you need to do to get your comments approved is submitting to relevant sites. This also ensures you get backlinks from related sites since you include a link to your site thus increasing your site authority.

Next, your comments have to be relevant to the article you are commenting on. This means that before you post a comment make sure you read the article.

Finally, post comments on sites that rank high in your niche. As you leave comments of high quality site your link popularity and authority will equally be high. The result of this is that your site will get good placement on search engines results thus will direct traffic to your site.

Build relationships: For you to rank better on search engine result pages you need the help of other bloggers in your niche.

That is why it is very imperative to connect with like mined people. It is from connecting to the right people that you will build an online presence.

This are the same people who will share your content and link back to your site thus helping you get more exposure online.

Now that search engines are using social signals to rank websites, you have to connect with people in your niche on social sites. And that is not all, make sure you are active by sharing other peoples’ content and they will for sure reciprocate.

As you build relationships, you will also get invitations for guest blogging further boosting search engine placement and traffic to your site due to backlinks.

Link to relevant sites: SEO will only work best for you if you get backlinks from relevant sites. The days when having many and none related backlinks that would take you straight to page one are long gone.

It is advisable to link to fewer sites that have quality content that is related to your site. I say quality content because you may get a scenario where a site is ranking low but as time goes by the ranking starts improving. In due course, it will help increase you site authority.

Follow google updates posted on their blogspot site: I started this article by stating that SEO is not rocket science, you too can do it.

The reason being that SEO strategies are no hidden secrets. Google publishes on their site on how to do SEO. They have guidelines on what they expect from a site in order to rank well on their search results.

All announcements about their google algorithm updates are made public. If you follow what is shared on this site google will definitely love your site.


Despite constant algorithm updates your site can always feature on first page of the top search engines. The secret is to stick to basic SEO strategies that have been mentioned in this article.

Search engine algorithm updates will come and go but some things will always remain constant. This includes content generation and linking to relevant and quality sites.

There is still more you need to learn about SEO and how to generate organic traffic from search engines. Share other strategies with us by posting your comment below.

To start getting SEO updates from this blog, enter your email address below or in the section provided in the right sidebar. You may also subscribe to my RSS feed.

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