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How To Earn Money Blogging From Home With Ease

How To Earn Money Blogging From Home With Ease


Blogging has proved to be one of the most lucrative work online home based business ideas. But the big question is; how to earn money blogging and the best strategies to employ?

Online marketing experts all agree that the ideal tactic of marketing on the web is through blogging. Content is the engine that drives the internet and a blog is the ultimate platform for generating information.

In fact, if you have a website it would be prudent that you incorporate a blog for the purposes of generating content. The beauty of it all is that you can earn money blogging if you use the right strategies.

The first thing you need to do when blogging is to optimize your content. This means writing articles that are friendly to search engines. Click here to read more on how to optimize your blog content.

On this article we shall discuss other attributes of how to earn money blogging. If you combine the strategies mentioned below with optimization, you will be guaranteed of success in the blog-sphere.

10 strategies to guarantee you earn money online:

1. Choose your web host wisely: With sites like Blogspot, Typepad, WordPress and Turmblr you can create a free blog. Though you can earn money blogging on these free blogs, you will not have full control of your blog.

In addition, people will not take you seriously when you use a free blog. To bring out a sense of professionalism it is best to pay for personal web hosting.

Below are some of the top rated sites that you can sign up for web hosting:

Blue Host

Hostgator: (use this coupon code “workonline25” and get 25% discount)

Name Cheap


You can also use the above mentioned sites to purchase a domain name.

When incorporating your blog to your website, it is imperative that you link the two. Do not make the mistake of hosting your blog on a different host or domain from your main website.

The best option is to host your blog as a subfolder or page to your main site. Another option is to create a subdomain, though this can be viewed as a different link from the main site by engine bots.

So as to earn money blogging, you will need to generate traffic and one of the best ways to achieve that is from search engines. When you host your blog as a subfolder to your main site, you will increase your link profile hence attract organic SEO traffic.

A better link profile leads to high search engine ranking, online presence and credibility. These are the main ingredients of making money blogging from home.

2. Share insightful content: There is a lot of half baked information on the internet. Thus when you step out and provide readers with more in-depth content you will win them over.

As you share content, conduct thorough groundwork thereby be able to reveal as much as possible. Avail to your reader secrets related to your niche, this will ensure you go into the good books of your target audience.

If you come across some juicy rumors or details about an upcoming product launch or event, share it on your blog. Making your blog to be a haven of unique and quality information will get you links and thus traffic.

3. Join and contribute to related forums and blog networks: Creating a blog and expecting to earn money blogging without marketing is cheating yourself. There is no two way about it, if you do not promote your blog do not expect to generate income online.

One of the ways to market your blog online is joining online communities. The internet is full of online forums and for sure there are several related to your niche. In addition, there are related blog networks where you can participate and create awareness about your blog.

To get related blogs in your niche you can go to blog search or google blog search. Apart from getting related blogs you can also get quality content that can help you come up with unique articles to share with your visitors.

It is important that once you sign up in any online community, you should active. As you actively participate, you will boost your web presence thus be considered an expert in your niche.

While on internet forums, if you notice a thread you can contribute something valuable make sure you do so. Remember to add your blog link to your signature, this way you will be able to generate direct traffic and thus earn money blogging.

4. Allow guest posting: Participating in online forums and blog networks will also help you build relationships. Connect with top rated bloggers in your niche and invite them to be guest bloggers.

Guest blogging helps to increase your blog profile thereby allowing your visitors get a variety of content material. Furthermore, these same bloggers will invite your as a guest blogger and in that way build quality back links.

Always pick guest bloggers that rank better than you, this will guarantee you build your online profile. With time as you go up the ranks; invite guest bloggers that add a different twist to your blog thus make your content more interesting.

earn money bloggingNote: Before you submit any content on your blog, proofread and check to make certain it is unique and of high quality.

5. Share unique content: It is advisable to cover new events and news in your niche but that does not mean you share everything. There is news worth talking about but others you can leave out.

For a new blogger, it is recommended you offer people unique content. Once you have established yourself and become popular, then you can begin covering big news.

Uniqueness is about offering something different that is valuable and educative. Not paraphrasing and giving people the same content they can easily find somewhere else.

Find topics that other bloggers have ignored and discuss them on your blog. This will give people a reason to keep visiting your blog and you will sure earn money blogging.

6. Create a brand name: This is the most important element of earning money blogging. In order to be a recognizable brand, build a blog that will make visitors want to be associated with you.

The best strategy of building a brand name through blogging is by giving your readers valuable content. When you help people and occasionally share stories and experiences, they will feel connected to you.

For new bloggers, it is advisable to identify your goals and what you want to achieve from your blog. These goals should be associated with your brand. Make sure as you generate content, you have your goals in the back of your mind.

Branding also goes hand in hand with your blog design and choice of color. Note; failing to adhere to the goals of your brand can result in you losing the loyalty of your visitors.

7. Communication skills: It is amazing how you can be listening to someone’s tone of voice over the phone and still be able to tell their moods. Though people are not seeing you when you blog, they can tell your character from how you write and arrange your blog.

earn money bloggingFor you to cut a niche for yourself, you need to present a good personality. Publish content that show integrity, authority and understanding.  Building content that has a human touch to it is the secret to earn money blogging.

Do not try to be someone else; soon enough people will discover that you were a hoax and they will not return to your blog. Hence, be yourself and always present your content in a humane manner.

It is true we all have different temperaments, but when it comes to blogging you need to control yourself. In short, choose your words carefully since you don’t know who is be reading your content.

In case you draft an article while you are angry, do not be in a hurry to submit it. Take time to go through it on another day when you have cooled down. This will help you to rethink and in the process tone down your article.

Posting an article that will make you regret is not recommended. This is especially so in this era of sharing and RSS feeds where you cannot call back what you have already published. It takes one simple mistake to lose credibility thus watch out what you say online.

8. Add visual appeal to your text: Content is good for generating organic traffic, but you need to break the monotony by adding images, videos, graphs and occasionally use different kind of text. Generating traffic is one issue but converting your readers into customers is a different ball game all together.

Rather than having endless content, write in point form by using bullets so that readers can easily know where your major points are located.

The more your content is inviting to the eye the longer visitors will stay on your blog thus ensuring your earn money blogging from home and with ease.

9. Have a signature: To earn money blogging you need to come up with your own style of writing. Have a signature that will make you stand out from the rest.

This should be from how you write to the areas you focus on most. Do not divert from your area of expertise since there are specific topics that your audience will come to expect from you.

With time your blog will be known for certain type of content, therefore do not change that and begin discussing things that are out of topic. For example; if you have been sharing 3 articles a week, do not change that and start posting 1 article a week.

10. Monitor your blog traffic: In order to learn the preferences of your visitors, you need to study your traffic. When you analyze your visitors you will learn which topics they love to read and share.

Besides, you will also find out the posts that rank high on search engine thus focus on them some more. As you check these traffic indicators, you will be in a better position to increase your traffic thus earn more money blogging.

Conclusion: The blogging sphere has become so competitive but with these strategies you will be ahead of 95% of bloggers. The odds will be even better if you pick the right niche and target the right keywords.

If you have other strategies that would help people in this forum earn money blogging, kindly share them in the comment section below.

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6 Opt-in Contact List Building Strategies

6 Opt-in Contact List Building Strategies

Whether you have a big or small work from home online business, it is imperative that you have a good contact list. Having an email list is the perfect way of making sure that your target audiences are up to date with what you have to offer.

Definition: A contact list is simply a collection of people’s email addresses. These are people who have voluntarily opted to be receiving instant email messages from you.

Sending newsletters to your opt-in contact list still remains one of the best strategies of generating return visitors and ensuring visitor loyalty. If you can get people to become repeat visitors then you can be sure to increase your online sales conversion rate.

Before you get to the level of using email marketing to direct visitors to your site or blog, first you need to know how to get people to give you their personal email addresses. You have got to have built a certain level of trust before your visitors can feel at ease when giving you access to their inboxes.

Now that we have established the value of why every business needs to have an email list, the big question is; what are the best strategies of building a good opt-in contact list?

On this post we shall reveal 6 insightful ideas on how you can build credibility and get your target audience to subscribe to your contact list.

1. Strategically position your opt-in form: The best way to collect people’s email addresses is by adding an opt-in form on your blog or website. In addition, you have to strategically place the form where it can be seen easily by your site visitors.

Ideally, the best position is on the side bar preferably on the right side. This is because the side bar will be visible all the time as people are navigating through your site. Furthermore, most people are right handed thus when they are browsing the internet, the cursor is usually on the right. This increases the odds of visitors clicking things on the side bar that appears on the right side.

As you create pages within your site e.g about us, contact us, income report and so on, it is advisable to add an opt-in contact list below the page. These are strategic pages within your site that easily interest visitors hence a change to build on your contact list.

2. Call to action: There is a big difference between placing an opt-in form on your site and hoping people will know what to do, and going a step further to tell them exactly what they need do.

It is always good to assume that your visitors don’t know what is expected of them by telling them to take action. You will be surprised how a simple phrase like “click here” can lead to an increase in online sales leads. Therefore, you should include a call to action within your opt-in form and in your blog content.

3. Address Privacy Issues: Subscribers need to have confidence in you and know what you are going to do with their email addresses. It is therefore very imperative that you show transparency and be clear on three things

–          That you will not sell their contacts to other people

–          Tell them how you intend to use their email addresses

–          Give them an option to unsubscribe to your contact list when they so wish

–          Tell your subscribers how often you intend to send them emails

These are pertinent issues which you need to address in order to build confidence and thus increase your email list database. No one likes been sent spam messages hence observe professionalism when sending emails to your contact list.

4. Offer Solutions: Most people who browse the internet are in need of solutions to their problems. If you create a blog that offers workable solutions, you can be rest assured people will voluntarily subscribe to your contact list.

contact listTo further build your subscriber base, show your target audience what is at stake. Find a way of making them give out their inboxes to you by addressing their needs. Once people feel that they will achieve a certain goal by being in your mailing list, then they will automatically subscribe.

Ride on the fact that no one wants to lose out on a good thing.

5. Create irresistible offers: People subscribing to your email list also need to see that there is something in it for them. Apart from offering solutions, have additional goodies that will compel people to opt-in your contact list.

Most people before they give you access to their personal email addresses; they will need to have more than one reason to do so. Some of the things people ponder about before subscribing in any list include

–          How will subscribing improve my business or what I do?

–          What experience will I get from enlisting?

–          Is this beneficial to my life in anyway?

If you can find compelling reasons to necessitate people to allow you invade their privacy, then you are in business.

6. Go an extra mile: Now that you have captured people’s interest by giving them irresistible offers, you need to close the deal by making it even more appealing.

You can go an extra mile by offering your contact list free down loads, free eBooks, free softwares, coupons and so forth. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to make people take action. You just need to know the right buttons to push.

It is amazing how a small gift can go a long way in ensuring you gain people’s trust.

Summary: Email marketing success starts from the moment you create the first encounter with your visitors. This means that you have to generate quality content that addresses critical issues within your niche.

Valuable and educative content will help you build your online reputation thus people will trust you with their personal email addresses.

A simple call to action and showing your visitors that you value their privacy will go a long way in building your contact list.

Creating a good email database is like having an online ATM machine hence if you have something more to share on this forum post it in the comment section below. Also you can share this publication with your friends using the social icons appearing on the left of this post.

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