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How To SEO While Blogging

How To SEO While Blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best modes of generating traffic to your blog. It therefore becomes imperative that while blogging, you need to know how to SEO. This actually will apply more to bloggers who want to make money from their blogs.

Some people may want to know what a blog is; a blog is a media of communication that acts like an online journal. Here is where you can talk about different issues and expect people to participate by posting their comments and opinions. In short, a blog is interactive unlike a website where it is just one way communication.

This goes to show just how powerful a blog can be. For example, the revolution that happened in Egypt, it was funneled through social sites and blogging. These mediums of online communications helped mobilize the citizens to ouster their president from power.

On the other hand, a blog is a great tool to help you make money online from home especially if you know how to SEO. The bloggers who have realized the ability of blogs in generating income have really made it big.

Hence you too should not be left behind. Launch a blog and begin sharing on topics you have a passion for since this will ensure you write from your heart thereby connect with your readership.

By targeting a certain clique of people by sharing with them interesting stories, within no time you will have a fan base and that is where you can monetize your blog.

This may sound easy but that is not usually the case. For you to get readers to visit your blog it takes more than just publishing captivating stories.

You may be having the best write ups and the most beautiful blog but without viewers the blog will not be of benefit to you. It is like publishing newspapers and no one is buying them and yet readership is what guarantees that the publishers remains in business.

It is quiet fulfilling when you post an article on your blog and you come the next day and find people have contributed to your stories. To ensure you generate traffic to your blog you need to know how to SEO since it is the ideal strategy of getting organic traffic.

how to seo while blogging

There are also other blog marketing strategies which include social network marketing, forum marketing, posting on business and classified sites and article marketing.

Today, we will only focus on one of these tactics and that is how to SEO. The first thing you need to understand is that obtaining traffic from search engines is not a one day affair, you need to be patient and determined. It is true it may take you a while, but the day you will begin getting page views from an engine like Google or Yahoo you are on your way to online riches.

Let us look at some pointers to consider when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) in blogging:

Selecting Keywords To Target: This is the most important step to take even before you think of creating your blog. There are tools you need to make use of and they include Google Insight, Keyword Checker and Google Trends to help you choose the right keywords to target.

Longtail keyword pro

It is best to focus on commonly searched for keywords that have low competition. This will guarantee you rank faster and that is if you use the correct tactics. Expert online marketers who know how to SEO recommend that you target keyword phrases contain at least 3 words. With such key words there is normally less competition.

Though long tail keywords have less traffic, they are a good source of attracting unique visitors thus the conversion rate will be high and the bounce rate low.

There are two kinds of keyword you need to choose and those are your primary and secondary keywords. Primary keyword is the main keyword you intent to concentrate on your blog while secondary keywords are other relevant key terms to target less.

The keywords you settle for should also help you choose the right domain name. Make certain you buy a domain name that contains your targeted keywords. With that you will be assured of top placement on search engine listings faster.

Optimizing Your Blog: After you have chosen the keywords you will target, you need to add the keyword terms on your blog META tags. In your description segment draft at least 2 or 3 short sentences and make sure they contain your primary keyword phrase.

You also need to include your primary and secondary keywords in your Keyword Meta tags starting with your main key terms. Though a search engine like Google does not pick keywords from the keyword Meta tag anymore, there are other search engines that still do. Google mostly concentrate on picking keywords from your description tags.

For people who use wordpress for blogging, you need to add a plugin called “All in one SEO”. There are also others like WordPress SEO. All this are great tools for internal optimization and you need to select one to work with.

How To SEO while Posting Content: Apart from adding keywords in your Meta tags, the way you write and post your content really matters when it comes to search engine optimization. The title to your blog posts need to contain the keyword you want to target.

NOTE: Target different keyword phrases in every post you submit but make sure they are all key terms relevant in your niche.

In the body on your article, include your keywords preferably after every one hundred words. In fact, the density of your keywords should be about 2% to 3%.

According to the latest panda updates, work online marketing experts recommend you post long articles that range from 600 words and above.

Remember on every page you create, add your post description and the targeted keywords in your All in one SEO or WordPress SEO plugin.

External Optimization: This is where we get to talk about building backlinks to your blog. Inbound links help in ensuring that search engines pick your blog faster and therefore index it accordingly.

Before, in the early 90’s all you need is to just create backlinks and you would rank easily. Those days the competition was quite low in that if your web link was listed on a business directory like Dmoz, you would be assured of search engine traffic in a few days.

Today that is not the case, it is critical you have quality backlinks that are from relevant sites. Therefore, when creating backlinks to your blog target high ranking blogs and sites within your niche.

Some of the excellent ways to boost link popularity include Guest Blogging, Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, Video Marketing and of course Social Marketing. The secret is to combine all these strategies so as to maximize your blog traffic. In addition to boosting your link popularity, you will increase your referral traffic from all these internet marketing strategies.

In each of these work online marketing strategies, back link using your keywords as the anchor text. It will guarantee you get ranked on relevant keywords within search engines. As you can see, how to SEO is not a one day affair; you need to have tact and be patient.

Image Optimization: Most people just scan though content and hence they rarely read. To avoid boring your readers with endless content, it is advisable you add pictures within your articles. This helps your site look attractive and hence help retain visitors on your site.

It is highly recommended that when uploading pictures on your blog that you also optimize them. Search engine bots cannot read images thus it is advisable that you add alternate text. If you are using wordpress, anytime you upload a picture you will see a pop up window. Make sure you add the title, alternate text and a short description of the picture.

In all these sections mentioned, ensure they contain your targeted keywords. This will ensure that your images are indexed by search engine thus generate organic traffic.

There is also the alternative of outsourcing for search engine optimization services.

The way to make money while working online is not easy, but with this strategies just shared above you can earn income online quickly. There is still more you can do to learn how to SEO and succeed in blog traffic generation.

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How To Retain Sales Leads On Your Blog

How To Retain Sales Leads On Your Blog

For you to make money from your sales leads as you work online, you need to be able to keep visitors on your site for long. Research has show that people spend an average of 45 seconds on web pages. This means that you need to find ways to make sure that the first impression visitors get when they land on your home page is imprinted in their minds.

It is important to ensure good customer experience especially if you want to succeed in generating online sales leads as an internet business entrepreneur. The way you organize your blog is critical for ensuring reader retention. The idea is to make a simple blog that has most of the important parts at the top.

Here are some guidelines that guarantee you increase reader retention on your blog:

1. Choose your templates wisely since this is the one tool that contributes to your blog or website appearance. A site to visit and get a wide range of templates is wordpress. In fact, it is advisable that you use wordpress to come up with blogs.

WordPress does not only have a wide range of templates to choose from but most of the templates are optimized for search engine ranking.

2. It is usually tricky when your targeted audiences visit your blog and discover content and links cluttered all over without proper arrangement. Display your content in an organized manner making sure you mention the main theme of your blog at the top.

work online

Going straight to the point will help your viewers know exactly what you content is about thus have an easy time deciding whether to stay on or not.

Avoid the use of long paragraphs since this will bore your readers. It would be better if you use short paragraphs that are detailed. Better still; arrange your content in point form by use of bullets, this helps your readers know precisely where to get the main points of your articles.

3. When addling hyperlinks, make sure they are not appearing all over your webpages. This makes your site look disorganized. People should also know what will happen when they click on your links. Links are a good way of linking your pages thus enabling easy navigation and optimizing your site pages for search engine placement.

In addition, placing affiliate links in each and every part of your website page is not the best approach for getting website visitors to click on your affiliate marketing program links. It only makes you appear as someone just out to make money and not improve your reader online experience.

Again when it comes to hyper-links, never exaggerate. Have at list 2 to 3 links in every article you publish preferably at the start of your blog post and at the end. Bear in mind that your online traffic is derived from real people and they can carry out instructions, tell your site guest what to do and they will do it. Due to this fact, do not bombard them with web links throughout your blog post content.

Give information first then sell latter. Pushing products in people’s faces will only dent your online reputation.

4. Uploading images is one of the best ways to draw the attention of your readers and retain them on your site. Most people do not love reading and images help people stay on your site a bit longer. Studies have shown that most browsers just scan through content but when you add images especially if they are related to your content they will read on.

Visit sites like flickr and get nice relevant images to add within your blog post. If you have to add banners, make sure they are also good to look at. You can also upload flash images to enhance the feel of your blog or website.

work from home

5. Your niche site ought to be user-friendly, this you can achieve by making sure that the navigation tab is easily accessible. Blogging experts say that it should take at most 3 seconds for your guest to locate the categories section.

To further easy the navigation of your blog or website, link your pages within your content. This will help readers identify other pages within your blog that share relevant content. Search engines will also be able to Crawl your site and hence index all your web pages faster.

This simple internet business strategy will enable you to ease your target audience experience the moment they arrive at your site or blog.

6. The font you use is crucial in retaining readers on your blog or website. Before you launch a website, one of the things you need to research on is the type and size of fond to use. It may appear trivial but fonts contribute to your site appearance thus improve first impression.

Use one font for all your articles on your blog posts. This will make sure that your content looks organized and professional. Use fonts that a person with a 20/20 vision will be able to read easily.

Your background should not have pictures or colors that overlap your content. It is advisable to use a clear background especially where you have articles.

A number of web business entrepreneurs place a great deal of focus on marketing their blogs that they neglect to tackle the requirements of their readers. Even though getting visitors or traffic to your website is essential, you are also expected to make sure that your site visitors transforms to internet sales leads.

Therefore, make certain that your website / blog is appealing to your target audience. You can ask your buddies to judge your blog visual appeal and then make the required changes if need be.

A professional and perfectly organized web page acts as a tool to promote your site and assist in reader retention thus acquire online sales leads.

For you to keep people longer on your site you have to prove that your main focus is to equip your readers. Share helpful information that is aimed at tackling the issues that face people in your niche. The moment you do this you will gain good reputation and thus people will believe you when you sell them a product.

Business is more about relationship than selling and this is where most marketers get it wrong. Human beings are social and the best way to reach them is by creating rapport. Wear the shoes of your sales leads and this will assist you identify their needs and preferences.

Viewer retention is what results in high sales leads conversion rate as you work online at home. Therefore, research and implement strategies to keep people on your site longer because if you do not, they will head to your competitor and purchase what you probably also have.

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