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How To Use Web Videos To Increase Site Traffic

How To Use Web Videos To Increase Site Traffic

Marketing on the internet is about generating content and one of the best ways to do just that is through web videos. Video marketing is now more than ever before becoming the in thing. With the invention of sophisticated mobile phones and the increase of bandwidth, e-marketers need to take advantage of web video advertising.

According to research done by Cisco, 30% of traffic generated on the internet is via web videos. They also went ahead to state that in the coming year 2013, the percentage is set to increase to an amazing 80%. These are the kind of figures that would make a webmaster’s head to spin.

It would sure feel great to get a small fraction of this traffic; this is how you can do that.

In the blogging arena, content is the driving force. As much as written content is good, it cannot beat web videos when it comes to engaging, entertaining and proving clarity.

Considering the way written content is so competitive, most online marketers have resulted to venturing into web video sharing where the competition is low. All you need to learn is how to SEO your video files and you will easily rank on search engine result pages.

Video sharing is more effective when the clips are short and to the point. Long video clips will only contribute to viewers losing interest thus your video production efforts going to waste.

Why video marketing?

Personal touch: The fact that people can see you is a great way of building trust. Videos have a way of fostering relationships in that they add a personal touch to your online business.

First impressions matter so much when it comes to business, this is the reason why some bloggers have chosen to share web videos in their about page. You can use a webcam to record and tell people who you are in order to invite people into your life.

As people see a web video of you talking on your site, you will connect with them at a higher and personal level. This will ensure visitors see you for who you are, thus help you build loyalty and credibility.

Easier to pass on information: If you were given a choose between reading an article and watching a video, you would most probably choose the latter.

This is the one biggest advantage that web video content has over written content. Depending on how your video is produced, you can easily engage your viewers and pass on information with lots of ease.

Ability to share: When it comes to viral marketing, videos can easily go viral than written content. With web video marketing, people who would otherwise ignore your links and text will effortlessly press the play button to watch your videos and share them.

Videos are convincing: Did you know that in the brain, the part that deals with vision and reading is different? A close look are most TV advertisements you will realize that they feature models.

These ads are aimed at reaching our subconscious and thus make us feel as if we can become like those people in the advertisements. Hence, it is easier to persuade people using web videos than when they are reading text messages.

The role of web videos in online brand promotion

web video trafficA big brand like Coke have over the years build a name that has been ingrained in people’s minds, thanks to television. This is a demonstration that videos have become avenues of building a brand name.

Something we mentioned earlier in this article is that you can post videos about yourself in the about page. The about page is a perfect place to brand your work at home online home based business site.

The reason that people read your blog posts is to gather information, but when they come to your about page they want to know more about you. It is vital for you to take time and come up with good content in your about page.

In order to spice up your about page and in the same time build an online brand, you can post a web video of you talking. This to visitors is a sign of transparency and professionalism. In addition, it will ensure you connect with your visitors at a more personal level.

Here are some types of web videos that have been proven to generate high volume of traffic

Entertainment: They say, “To much work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. If you can come up with exciting videos be sure that you will get an audience. The hassle and bustle of life is too much and any opportunity one can get to relax, they will obviously grab it.

You can entertain your viewers and at the same time offer them valuable content. If you can produce an informative web video that is also entertaining; the video would easily have a viral effect.

Tutorials: The advantage of web video is that you can demonstrate how something is done. This is unlike written content where sometimes you may lack words to explain something or get misinterpreted.

You sure have bought a gadget and at reaching home you discover that you cannot understand the instruction. But if the manual were on a video you will easily understand and follow the instructions.

Video tutorials are easily understood by people thus will help you generate more traffic.

Interviews: Videos where you are interviewing people is one of the best ways to capture your target audience. Interviews offer viewers with more in-depth information about a certain topic.

A tool you can use to interview people is Skype. With Skype you do not have to be together with the interviewee, thus you can interview anyone for wherever they are situated.

For the videos to be more effective, it is advisable you interview big shots in your niche. People love to hear from others who have been successful; this gives them hope that they too will make it someday.

Take note: The aim of video marketing is to generate web traffic. What is the point of posting your videos on YouTube and no one comes to your site? It is therefore essential that every web video you post to have call to action message.

The action should be to get people to come to your blog or website. At the end of your videos always tell your viewers what to do. You can also use text to direct your audience on what action to take.

Conclusion: Come 2013 and web video marketing will be the ultimate site traffic generator. What are you doing to position yourself?

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Adding Blog Author Details When Publishing Content

Adding Blog Author Details When Publishing Content


As a blogger it is imperative that you include your blog author details for every article you post. Apart from proving ownership, there are other benefits such as boosting online credibility and publicity.

Of late, Google has come up with a program that ensures bloggers and webmasters own their content. Possibly, you have seen on Google search results passport size images appearing next to a listing.

Have you wondered how this is done? Today you will know how because you too need to take advantage of this feature.

What makes this to happen, is when a blogger adds his/her blog author name using rel=author tag. In addition, you will have to open a Google plus account and fill your profile details correctly.

It is not a guaranteed that your image will appear in the search results, since it’s google that makes the final decision. But it will not hurt to follow the new google guidelines of adding your blog author contacts for you may be accepted.

Here is the procedure of setting up rel=author and it is very simple:

The idea is to have your website pointing to your google profile and vice-versa.

Step 1: Add your website or blog link to your Google Plus profile

In order to link your content to your google profile, copy this snippet code and paste it in your blog HTML code

You can also do it manually by adding <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a> within your blog HTML code. But make sure you replace “[profile _url]” with your Google profile.

So the link should look like this <a href=””>Google</a>

Step 2: Include a link to your image in your Google plus profile

Log into your google profile then click edit profile. On the right, click on an option called Contributor To and then click on Add Custom Link.

Here is where you add the image you wish to appear on search engine results. For me, the custom link I added was my Google plus profile which is

It is advisable to check and see if the settings you added are working. The way to do that is by using rich snippet testing tool.

Step 3: Fill this form so as to be included in this Google authorship program.

Step 4: After setting your google profile and linking it to your website or blog, make sure you add your blog author name every time you publish a post.

Simply add a by line before or after your article using either of these codes

Link to your about page: By <a href=”” rel=”author”>Stephen Kavita</a>

Link to your Google plus profile: By <a href=”″ rel=”author”>Stephen Kavita</a>

Note: The most important thing in this code is the rel=author tag which ensures your blog author details get picked by google.  It is recommended that you add a byline to the article you are rank high for since this will give you good publicity.

From the look of things it may seem difficult to implement the above. But that is not the case, Google has eased the process and it is now very simple and straightforward to execute.

You may be asking, why go through all these trouble just for a photo to appear next to your search engine result listings.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Boost your web visibility: Marketing on the internet takes just adding some little spice here and there. The fact that people see something extra appearing in the search result, it will raise some curiosity thus they will want to know more about you.

blog authorTherefore, a blog author image and name appearing next to your article on search engine listings will certainly make your content stand out.

This feature is not new, when you are searching the net while logged in your Gmail accounts or social media accounts, you will notice that the results show images. But this is if one has added an image to their google profile.

But with correct implementation of google authorship program, people will be able to see your images even when they are not logged to their google accounts. It gives you some sort of celebrity status hence it is worth your while to try and implement the feature.

One thing you have to bear in mind when implementing blog authorship is to make sure you share quality content. It can take one single mistake to completely destroy your work online reputation.

2. Increase click through rate (CTR): If there is one thing that can really boost your CTR is the blog authorship program. Just the way having several recommendations in form of stars can increase your popularity, so does an image appearing on google listing.

When a listing has an image next to it, people tend to click on it since it brings about an element of professionalism hence internet users cannot avoid but click on such a link. Do you want more traffic? Then you need to start working on your blog author details on Google.

3. Your online credibility will go up: Your professional looking image is not the only thing that google will show. In addition to your blog author information, google will also show how many people are in your circle of friends on Google Plus.

By clicking on the listing, people will also view additional info about you, content you have shared on Google +1 and other related articles that you have published. If you ask me, google has really opened the door for bloggers and webmasters to build their work online brand name with ease.

4. Increase in webmaster tools account analytic details: The beauty of google is how they are able to link their services. The moment your application for Google authorship is accepted, right then you will have an addition stat in your webmaster tool account.

With this stat, you will be in a position to tell the number of impressions your blog content displayed on Google search results and how many click you got through your author details. To get this stats and more click on the option called “Labs”.

Summary: Most online marketers agree that the main agenda of Google this year is to promote Google Plus. This is because social media marketing has proved to be a great channel of making money online.

Sites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are making millions of dollars and Google now wants to cash in on the same. Let me assure you, Google will do anything possible to get a piece of the cake in social media. No wonder the efforts they are putting to make Google plus stand out.

Take time to update your Google profile with your blog author details, you just never know. Next time you may see Google plus been included as a major parameter for ranking sites.

Share your comments about Google authorship program in the section provided below. Do you think blog author details are so important in internet branding?

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