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How To Use Facebook Fan Pages To Rock Your Web Home Business

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages To Rock Your Web Home Business

Social media has for a sometime now been the bedrock of business promotion. At first no one thought much of social sites but as we speak any online entrepreneur that ignores these sites is missing out a lot.

It is difficult when you are talking about social media marketing to fail to mention Facebook. With over 900 million active subscribers, facebook has truly become a power house in social marketing.

Facebook offers various ways of relating with potential customers. Building relationships is the first strategy of growing a business and facebook does exactly that.

On this write up we are going to discuss an important facebook tool for marketing your home business. Facebook fan pages are surely a gem when it comes to marketing on the internet.

Even with the potential to turn your small online home business into a mega business, entrepreneurs are yet to fully harness the power of marketing using facebook fan pages.

It is common to hear business owners saying that their fan pages are not as effective. Others have worked so hard but still their fan pages have very few likes.

Today, you will learn how to make sure your facebook fan page bares the required results.

Before you launch any online marketing campaign it is always important to plan, set your targets and stipulate your strategy.

The mistake that most entrepreneurs commit is creating a fan page just for the sake of it. You need to lay down strategies and know the people you want to target and how you are going to reach them.

With proper planning, you will attract the right fan base who will engage with you and your business.

Setting ground rules for your fan page:

The first step to take is to define the reasons of setting up a fan page. If you are creating a facebook fan page just because all your competitors have done the same then you are missing the point.

Instead, write down what you intend to achieve from creating a facebook page.

Uniqueness is also very imperative if your page is to help you market your business. Identify what your competitors are not doing and implement on your page. It is this difference that will set your business apart from the rest.

Your page should also include things that cannot be found on your website. This can be in form of quotes, addition expert advice or contests.

These are simple strategies of engaging your fans thus have a platform to interact with them on another level. Ideally, a fan page should have some life and not appear motionless.

Now that we have set the ground rules, let us list some tips to help you promote your business using facebook fan pages:

The content to submit on your page: As you set up your page you need to decide before hand the kind of posts to publish. It can be boring to share content from your site alone thus identify other sites where you can be getting content.

These should be sites that have authority in your niche. Apart from making your fan page rich, posting content from other related sites will help boost your credibility. Within no time other business owners will also start sharing your content on their facebook fan pages.

marketing with facebook

System of posting: There are different ways of communicating with your fans. You can decide to be formal and educative or simply post content that require your audience to respond.

That is not all; you can also opt to post content in a news format or through providing facts. It is always advisable to post using your personal names.

This helps in bringing a human element to your business thus building trust. The use of names is also a way of building a personal brand.

Frequency of posting on your fan page: Posting too many posts in a day can be quite overwhelming for both you and your fans. On the other hand, posting one post a week will make your page appear dead.

It is recommended you update your facebook fan page at least ones or twice in a day. For example, you can post an article in the morning and in the evening share a motivational quote.

On other days you can put a poll for your fans to participate. These are effective ways of engaging with your audience thereby helping you promote your online home based business.

How to react to both positive and negative comments: As much as you may want to please all your fans you need to be ready for rejection. The last thing you need to do is to assume that the negative people are being personal.

You need to device a method before hand on how you are going to deal with negative comments about your products or your site.

In addition, come up with a plan on how to handle unrelated posts on your facebook fan page that can distract your fan from constructive interaction. Set guidelines on the type of posts to allow on your fan page and the ones to delete.

Your fans also need to be educated on the type of post to share on the fan page wall. This will help you avoid the hassle of cleaning up your wall all the time.

How to provide feedback to your fan base: The same way you need to respond to comments submitted on your blog you should also do the same on your fan page.

Do not let 24 hours elapse before you get back to any question posed to you by any fan. In case you are not able to respond in time, make sure when you finally do so start with an apology.

This will help build relationships and your reputation hence make your fans trust you and what you have to offer. Every response proves to your fans that you care and you will always be there for them.

Sometime it takes very little to turn a potential customer into a loyal one just because you lend them an ear.

Summary: Above are guidelines that will ensure your facebook fan page drive traffic to your website and help grow your business. This does not mean you cannot change these guidelines to suit your business or the needs of your fans.

Time to time, you can examine your guidelines and make necessary adjustments when need arises.

All said and done, having ground rules helps you grow and run your facebook fan page effectively thus reap maximum results.

If you haven’t set up a fan page it is high time you get down to business, click here to create one. In some cases, it only takes a single twist or adding some spice to your marketing plan to take your home business to another level.

Maybe the one ingredient missing in your marketing recipe is having a facebook fan page.

I’m sure you may be having something you want to ask or add regarding this topic. Please feel free to do just that by submitting your comments in the section provided below.

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Is Google Keyword Research Becoming Irrelevant?

Is Google Keyword Research Becoming Irrelevant?

keyword analysisWhen I woke up this morning I had already decided on the topic to write about but something strange happened. I read a lot in order to come up with articles thus I’m forced do research by entering keywords in the google search box.

It then crossed my mind how Google has been going on and on about leveling the playing field as far as SEO is concerned. The research for my intended topic was diverted and I began researching on something else.

I wanted to see whether the results I got had websites that did not have any relation in terms of the keyword phrases I entered and if so, whether they were want I was searching for.

This was my finding, the search results were almost 90% related to what I was searching for and all the sites had used the same or relevant keywords within the content.

So, how is google going to rank sites that don’t care about SEO though they have great content?

This is the question that got my adrenaline running and thus the reason of writing this article. Many webmasters and web marketers are wondering whether keyword tools have become irrelevant and it’s only fair they know the truth.

The motivation to write about this is also because of the recent google algorithm updates that have been taking place. If there is an SEO expert that can explain to me like a layman how google is leveling the playing field by their new algorithm update I would be so happy.

For a long time now SEO experts have been using different tools to market on the internet. Publisher after publisher have been writing articles showing people how to do google keyword research in order to rank high on SERPs.

There are webmasters and bloggers whose sites are based on keyword phrases such as “keyword tools”, “Keyword research” and other related keywords. A look at the blogs about site optimization, thousands of articles have been posted teaching on how to optimize using keywords.

That notwithstanding, there are hundreds of people and companies that have spent endless hours designing programs to help in keyword research. Some of the best keyword research tools include Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, Keyword Winner, Market Samurai and many others.

Bloggers really love using wordpress to create blogs. This is because wordpress comes with amazing plugins that can really help you generate traffic.

One of the plugins that almost all wordpress bloggers use is All In One SEO and the other is Yoast WordPress SEO which I personally use. These are plugins that help bloggers conduct keyword research among other optimization practices and thus the reason why blogs do well on search engines especially google.

Google also has the Google Keyword External Tool to help site owners and web marketers know which keywords to optimize on within their content or to use in their Adwords campaigns.

google keyword research

Google’s bid to level the playing field has resulted in the release of major algorithm updates. The latest was Google Venice which is said to de-index sites that build backlinks unnaturally.

According to google, they want sites that have quality content but know nothing about SEO to have their fair share of organic search results. How is that going to work or improve search results?

The result of ranking sites without considering keyword usage will mean that a site can rank high but since there is no keyword optimization it can rank on any google keyword phrase. If you ask me, that will only led to total confusion.

Search engines are robots and for that reason they can never tell what your articles are all about. The only indicator they have to know what your content is about is by checking the words you have repeated.

The other parameter engine spiders use is checking the authority of your site. The more relevant and quality sites pointing back to your content the better you will rank on SERPs.

How is it possible that someone writing about a given topic and fails to mention specific keywords will rank same with another person who has optimized his content with relevant keywords?

If you ask me that is not possible!

But I have to give a thumps up to google for enabling their bots connect words that are related, stemming, plural and relevant. This will go a long way in ensuring that bloggers and webmasters optimize their content without making it obvious that there are phrases they keep on mentioning.

Going round in circles

It may appear like my arguments are unfounded or maybe my understanding of leveling the playing field is misplaced. What google is trying to do is keep webmasters and bloggers on their toes.

People have found many loop holes in the Google ranking formula thus the reason for google to scare them off a bit.

Do not get me wrong, search results have really improved especially from December last year when Panda Update was first released. After that they have been several panda versions that have been released and for sure they have helped reduce crappy content on search results.

What I find hard to comprehend is the death of keyword research all in the name of ranking sites that do not know anything about SEO. It would be understandable to find a way to deal with sites that over optimize using keywords.

No matter how many times google alters its algorithm formula, there is no way they are going to eliminate the use of keywords. Therefore, those of you who might be hoping to rank without using keywords you better rethink.

The recommended thing to do is to put more emphasis on generating quality content and being careful not to check on your keyword density.

Work on your keyword usage to ensure that you don’t over optimize but at the same time make certain search engine Crawlers know what your content is all about.

Now, to answer the question that we asked: Is Google Keyword Research Dead?



Keywords tools and keyword optimization strategies are here to stay. Anyone that ignores or is naïve about anything pertaining to SEO is leaving a lot of money on the table.

Generating content without doing keyword research is like trying to hit a target while blind folded. Just as water is important in sustaining life, so is keyword research in search engine optimization.

Soon you will read of articles claiming that SEO is dead. For me I think SEO is here to stay, what I think will change are the strategies of doing SEO.

The two driving forces of google internet search are keywords and backlinks. While keywords help search engines know in which niche to rank you on, backlinks tell search engines the authority of your site.

If you were thinking of re-strategizing and stopping the use of keywords within your content, your competitors will be the ones smiling all the way to the bank.

The panic that is taking place in the online marketing arena tells me google has succeeded in scaring site owners. Every day, article after article are been released spelling doom to people who do SEO.

Now that you know better; rest easy and don’t allow Google to take you around in circles. The only way they are going to completely level the playing find is hire millions of people to read each and every article released on the web.

If you come across an article that talks about how to do google keyword research or the mistakes to avoid in keyword research don’t say that these articles are irrelevant. They are relevant now and they will be for a long time to come.

Summary: Researching for keywords in a bid to rank on Google or other search engines is absolutely imperative. There is no way of telling what your content is about unless you mention certain words related to your niche or topic.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Post your comments in the section provided below.

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