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Post Comments Ability To Generate Blog Traffic

Post Comments Ability To Generate Blog Traffic


The one factor that brings your blog to life is when people post comments. A good public speaker will tell you that a good audience is the one that is responsive. Even as you are giving a public speech, you would prefer afterwards people to give remarks or ask questions. This is a sign that people were listening to you and understood you.

This brings us to the main reason of why a blog is important. A blog unlike a website is interactive; on a blog you expect your audience to post comments. This can be in form of opinions, criticism, encouragement or sharing ideas. But when you publish an article and nobody post comments, you would wonder what people thought of what you shared.

Apart from that, comments are a sign that actually people read your write ups. You need to make your readers post comments on your blogs. New visitors when they notice that you have comments, they too will be interested to read your publications.

It is like going to town and discovering a certain supermarket has more customers than the other. You will assume that the shop with more people has more to offer than the one without customers. Perception is a vital element when it gets to attracting customers.

Benefits of having readers posting a comment on your blog posts:

Ranking: Comments help you to rank on search engine listing. The more your target audience post comments, the busier your blog appears to search engines bots. Therefore, you need to look for a way to make your readers submit feedback on your blog.

Share Ideas: As people post comments on your blogs you will get to learn new things. It is impossible for you to have all knowledge regarding a certain issue. Thus as you get comments you can learn new tactics to improving your work online business.

You too can share your ideas on other people’s blogs. This way you will build your online presence and reputation. Before you submit a comment make sure you have read the blog post. This will ensure you post relevant comments. Always add value when you are commenting on other blogs.

You get to know what people want to read about: Most of the time when people are commenting, they will state what they have a challenge with. This means you should always go through all your comments.

As you know, blogging is all about offering solutions to people in your niche.  By reading comments on your blog, it will give you insight on what to share in future posts. It is also a way of keeping up to date with what is happening in your niche.

How to get people to post comments on your blog:

post a commentEncourage participation: It will not hurt to request your visitors to share their opinions. This is a way of making your blog viewers to take action. On an earlier post, we mentioned how critical it is to ask your readers to click on a link. You will be amazed just how many will do as you tell them.

This is more so if your content is unique and helpful.

Post quality content: In blogging, content is key and more so quality content. Hence strive to publish rich articles that will compel your viewers to share their opinions.

Avoid having spelling and grammar mistakes since this will make your blog look unprofessional. As we said, perception is important when working online or doing any kind of business.

Ask questions: Some of the time it is good to ask your readers questions. In most cases this results in readers responding especially if the article is great. It is a form of convincing your blog guests to take action.

But the down side of asking questions in your post is when no one responds. Other readers when they visit and notice there is no one responding to your question they will leave your blog. If it takes a while for people to respond, you can answer the question as an alias.

Note: It is all about perception.

Comment section should be easy to locate: Make sure that your post comments section is easy to find. The best thing is to have it right after every blog post. In most blogs this is the case so do not change a thing.

A good comment form should allow readers to add their names, email, web link and most importantly their remarks.

Post comments as an alias: A blog where there is no activity in form of comments it appears dead. To spice up your blog you can create one or two alias and post comments. This can go a long way in making people think on your blog is where things are happening.

Ensure your comments are enticing by summarizing what you have shared on the blog post. This will raise people’s curiosity thus want to read the whole post and share their comments too.

Join a commenting group: On the internet there are many commenting groups you can enroll in. You can easily find such groups on online forums and social media sites.

It is advisable that you join commenting groups within your niche. This will ensure you get comments that are relevant to you content.

add commentsAsk your pals to post comments: If there are people that can make your blog look really busy, they are your friends. As you request your friends to check out your blog, also request them to post comments.

Am sure you have friends on social networks who comment on your updates. If they can respond to your twitter updates, they will most likely do so on your blog. Every time you publish a new post, share it on your facebook wall. But do not forget to ask your pals to go to your blog and submit a comment.

This is especially so when you are starting your blog. It will make your blog appear like it is busy thus encourage others to post a comment.

Respond to comments: So as to make you blog appear more interactive, try to respond to all comments. Just saying, “thank for your comments” can go a long way in promoting your blog. It helps bring the social aspect of blogging which is critical in building work online business relationships.

It is advisable that you read all comments and respond to them accordingly. Respond to comments in the shortest time possible. This means you should moderate your comments every single day.

As you have seen, you can drive more traffic to your blog using your comment section. All you need to do is make people believe that on your blog is where things are taking place.

Human beings are social and we all like to go where things are happening. It creates a sense of social security when we relate with other people. A blog is a good tool to achieve this, therefore find a way to make readers communicate on your blog.

If you can attract traffic to your blog then you can generate income from home easily. One way of traffic generation is through your post comments.

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Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

The internet has completely revolutionized the way of doing business especially if you decide to do search engine optimization (SEO). Long gone are the days when tradition business was the norm, today you can start making money from home with ease.

Though micro-blogging seems to be stealing the show when it comes to internet marketing, you as a webmaster need to use social media sites to boost your back links. Even after you update your facebook wall or send tweets of your home business, you need to have a place that you will be sending your target audience.

Many people use the long route of making money by joining online business programs and spend all day on social sites promoting their web business links. It would be better you launch a blog or website and offer people quality content. Once you have gained online presence you can go ahead and monetize your web pages by publishing links directing people to your work online business programs.

So as to generate unique traffic to your site, one of the strategies is through SEO. As an online business person, if you choose to dismiss search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of internet marketing, you do so at your own risk.

This is what you need to have in mind; people browse the internet to look for content. Therefore, all you need to do is learn what people are searching for and make money from home by offering them the information they want.

It therefore becomes critical that online entrepreneurs figure out how to make the most of this essential tool of internet business marketing. Regardless of whether you run a massive or small home business, search engine optimization will assist you to generate quality online sales leads.

Longtail keyword pro

Some folks outsource for SEO services and that is alright if you have the money to spend. But remember that you need to do your research well so as to avoid being scammed off your cash. There are many con artists who claim that they can make your site rank in a few days, be very careful. Otherwise, SEO is something anyone can do from the comfort of their home. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a will to succeed.

To get a high placement on major search engines like Google and Yahoo takes time. You need to be patient and focused to appear on page 1 or 2 of search engines since that is where the money is.

Below are a few validated techniques associated with Search Engine Optimization.

Choose A Niche: Before you start a website you first need to identify which niche you want to target. Opt for an industry you know you are passionate about and that has a wide range of topics to discuss about.

From there, research and select the keyword phrases you want to target within the niche you have selected. Use tools like Keyword Checker or google Trends to see which keywords are searched for mostly in your niche and how competitive they are. Go for keywords that have high search volumes but low competition.

This will ensure you rank faster and thus generate more traffic quicker.

Internal Optimization: Once you have identified the keywords to target, you have to use the keywords within your website or blog. Add your key terms in your keyword and description META tags.

META Tags: Including a description and key-phrases to your blog META names is extremely important with regard to search engine optimization. This is the segment that informs engine Spiders what your blog is focused on.

Whenever you publish your description, make it brief and ensure you include your targeted keywords optimally. Again note: Think about your target viewers when picking which keywords to work with. The idea is to go for commonly searched phrases.

Web Page Content: To obtain a higher page positioning on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing content takes on a significant role. Each time you post stories on your blog make use of common keyword phrases ideally the once listed within your website description META tags and KEYWORD elements.

To avoid spamming use different keyword phrases on every page you publish.

That means, from the onset you have to choose your keywords meticulously ensuring they are being sought after by people in your industry. In addition, steer clear of keywords that are extremely competitive because it will take you a long time before you rank for them.

With regard to better SEO practices, make sure you work with textual content instead of pictures. Typically, the intelligent applications known as Spiders or Crawlers employed by engines like Yahoo and Google cannot read through images. But because images enhance your web page overall look, be sure to include alternate tags hence allowing Crawlers gather information and know what your images are about.

External Optimization: This is where you work towards making certain engines spiders/bots locate your site thus rank it. The way to do this is by submitting your web URL on other sites. Since sites like facebook, twitter, online business directories are crawled often, you can add your web links on these sites to boost your inbound links.

Link Building: Remember that the more links directed back to your web page the more important your website is regarded by engine crawlers therefore boosting your web page rating. But note, the more top quality links you have from sites in your industry the more effective your search engine optimization will be. Hence, make contact with webmasters with higher web page ranking and request them politely to link back to your blog or you request to be a guest blogger.

Another recommended technique of increase your link popularity while working online is through article submission. There are article directories like Go Article, Article Click, Buzzle and Ezine Articles where you can post write ups and in return get back links.

An additional technique for backlink building would be to provide high quality content on your site which is beneficial to your niche market audience. The more educative your data is the greater the probabilities of folks linking back to your blog.

The minute you learn the secrets you will never spend an extra cent hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to assist you generate organic traffic to your blog. Make the crucial step and with passage of time you too will become a real Search engine marketing specialist.

The world-wide-web has totally changed the ways of conducting business and I believe that this is for the better. This is will only be so to you if you make use of technology.

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