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Value Of WordPress Tags In Search Engine Ranking

Value Of WordPress Tags In Search Engine Ranking

One of the best platforms for bloggers is wordpress. Therefore, it is prudent we tackle some of the challenges that wordpress bloggers go through. On this write up we shall discuss the functions and importance of wordpress tags.

The first thing you need to know about wordpress tags is that they act as categories. You have two options; you can use your tags as categories for your entire blog or create your own categories thus making your tags to apply to your individual posts.

Ideally, both categories and wordpress tags are links that help your visitors navigate your blog. They assist readers to locate content with ease and more so move from one topic to another.

But the two also have some difference and the best way to explain; is that wordpress tags act as index while categories act as a table of content within your blog.

Latest news: News just coming in yesterday (31/11/2011) said that BING one of the top search engines will be using keywords as a way to identify spammers. This news made most bloggers stop using wordpress tags on their blogs for fear of affecting their blog rankings.

This new development will greatly affect bloggers who think that having many tags helps them to rank for many keywords. I have seen people who add up to 20 tags or even more on one single post. On most wordpress templates, all the 20 tags will be displayed. In short, this translates to 20 links pointing to a webpage with the same content. That is not good when it comes to search engine ranking.

Using many wordpress tags will definitely hurt your SEO efforts. The secret is to have one or two tags for every post you publish. In addition, having many tags will mean displaying all of them which in turn will make your side bar very long. A long side bar will make your blog look cumbersome and thus become difficult for visitors to navigate through your site.

Taking into account that in your side bar you will have other things like advertisement, blog roll, feeds e. t.c, this will make your blog look very unattractive. Ask yourself this; is having 60 categories or tags helping visitors navigate through your content with ease?

How wordpress tags are affected by themes

Back to our publication, it is imperative that you take your time to pick the right template for your blog. For example there are wordpress themes that do not have a side bar when viewing a single post. What this means is that for visitors to see your categories or tags they have to be on your home page.

In most cases, most visitors will come to your blog through your individual pages which means that it will be difficult for them to navigate through your content.

So as to ensure that your visitors view your wordpress tags, ensure that you select a theme that has a side bar preferably on the right. A good wordpress theme is the one that has a built in categories section to aid visitors move around your blog with ease.

Note that when visitors come to your blog they cannot tell the difference between tags and categories. What most wordpress bloggers do is to name their tags section. You can change the wordpress tags section to read “Categories”, “Topics”, “Headlines” or “My Stuff”.

wordpress tagsAm sure you too cannot tell the difference between tags and categories when you visit other blogs. Hence, naming your tags will assist your audience a great deal.

In some cases, tags are links to various posts within your blog but you may wish to add wordpress tags that point to other blogs. WordPress does not provide this feature though you can still add it by using plugins. This plugins include the ultimate wordpress tag warrior and tagging bookmarklet.

How wordpress tags are related to search engine ranking

There is one thing that is critical when it comes to search engines ranking, and that is blogging. Blogs offer a powerful platform for you to generate content that will be indexed and ranked quickly by search engines.

The more you appear on search engines result pages, the more you increase your chances of people finding your blog thus ensure repeat visitors. It is through the traffic you attract to your blog that you will be able to make extra income from home.

As all bloggers know by now, keywords play a major role in search engines ranking. The crude strategy of stuffing keywords on your blog content or at the bottom of your pages is long gone. Actually, doing that today would result in hurting your SEO efforts on all major search engines.

A simple but effective technique that most bloggers use to add keywords is through wordpress tags. Apart from tags acting as categories, they also act as keywords to your articles and blog posts.

Top search engines and web 2.0 sites like Technorati, use tags to know what sites are about thus index and rank them in their search results. For example, Google use tags for relevancy and popularity. This means that the more your wordpress tags are relevant to your content the higher the chances attracting more organic and targeted traffic.

Before, you needed to add plugins in order to add the tags feature. Thankfully, since wordpress introduced 2.4, wordpress tags are now a built in feature. This is one of the things that have made bloggers prefer wordpress to other blogging platforms.

You can also make your blog more search engines friendly by adding WordPress SEO or All In One SEO Pack plugin. These two plugins update your wordpress tags, titles, descriptions and keywords. But you need to fill in the tags field every time you post a blog posts.

Conclusion: You have got to put serious thought in how you add your wordpress tags or categories. Overall, you need to realize that the two have no difference; they play the same role on your blog.

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How To Strategically Succeed In Marketing On The Web

How To Strategically Succeed In Marketing On The Web

The one thing that most webmasters fail to do when it comes to marketing on the web is taking action. Most business people know exactly what to do, but only 1% actually implement the several web marketing strategies available.

You might assume that they fail to take action due to the cost involved, but that is far from the case. Some of the best internet marketing strategies available are free.

It is sad to note that very few businesses both online and offline have failed to embrace web marketing. Companies find it easy to apply technological stunts and forgetting that there are effective marketing tactics that are simple to implement on the internet.

The internet has a lot to offer especially when it comes to advertising. On a daily basis, over 4 million searches are done on Google alone; imagine a fraction of this traffic landing on your site and the money you can make.

These are people you can direct to your site and turn your small online home based business into an empire.

Though the internet is dynamic, case in point the evolution of search engine optimization, you can learn white hat techniques to help you succeed in marketing your site on the web.

On this blog we have taken time to discuss several internet marketing strategies, but on this article let as look at the 3 top tactics of generating big time traffic.

Technique #1: Search Engine Optimization and its dynamism:

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned web marketer, you know the impact your site can have if it ranks on first page of Google. But we have to agree that SEO has become so unpredictable and yet the best way to direct traffic to your blog.

The ultimate secret when it comes to SEO is content creation. It is good to have a website that is appealing to the eye, but if no one knows about it then all your efforts will amount to nothing.

That is why experts in marketing on the internet advice that you incorporate a blog within your website. Since a blog is a hub of content generation, it can really help you rank high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) thus attract organic traffic.

There are more that 200 signals that search engine crawlers look at when ranking websites. Of the 200 signals, 30 of them are considered very important when it comes to indexing and positioning of sites.

Of the 30, written, video, image and podcast content in that order, are the most important elements of site placement in SERPs. Going by the latest trends, hiring SEO firms to tweak your keyword usage will become irrelevant.

Slowly search engines are moving from checking a site authority by looking at backlinks to measuring social influence. This is because web marketers have been gaming engine spiders by buying backlinks.

To read on how social influence is been incorporated to the new google algorithm (SPYW), read this article.

market on the internet

If you thought that social signals are the only things to look at, let me surprise you. The end of 2011 saw other elements added to google algorithm that included Fresh content.

Now, this is why having a blog can come in handy. But a blog will only be valuable to you if you update it regularly (at least publish 3 articles on a weekly basis). This is fresh content that will get the attention of search engines thus begin indexing and ranking your site appropriately.

A website without a blog is like going to fish without bait in your fishing line. As a result, you will always remain in the back-benches of the top search engines.

Creating a blog and building it is the sure way of getting to page 1 of the major search engines. And as you generate more pages on your blog using keywords, it will not take long before you rank high on more than one targeted keywords.

Today, it is not possible to succeed in marketing on the web by just developing a website. Internet search is nowadays about proving answers to people’s search queries. Hence, your blog should contain information that addresses the problems faced by your target audience.

The reason why blogging is vital in marketing on the web:

Publishing a blog post that is well and tactfully optimized is the best strategy of beating your competitors hands down.

When I launched my blog in January 2011 it was featuring nowhere. Today, the homepage to my blog is on page 1 for some competitive keyword phrases. More than half my blog posts feature on page 1 of Google.

With time, my traffic has been growing steadily and all because I have been updating my blog daily. You might say that is a lot of work and for sure it easy.

The notion that people have is that working online is easy, to some extent that is true but it all depends on what you want to achieve. There is money on the internet but you have to work hard and at the same time be smart for you to get it.

People who have succeeded in online business realized that the internet revolves around content generation. In addition, they found a way to appease the King of search engines, Google.

The secret is to generate content on your blog and make sure you distribute your articles to various content submitting sites. Also do not forget to use Google conduits like blogger, Google +1 and YouTube to distribute your content.

Technique #2: Social Media Marketing now becoming an important factor of marketing on the net:

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know the value on social media in online marketing. Once again, it is sad to see that most webmasters have hardly taken full advantage of social sites to promote their sites.

Just like blogging, rather than creating articles full of marketing pitches, you need to post articles that are helpful. The same applies to social media marketing.

If you want to be alienated by your followers and fans, try putting affiliate links and ad copy like content on your facebook wall. It will not take long before you see a steep decline in friends connection.

It is true that social media sites are fertile grounds for marketing on the web but there are wrong and correct ways of doing it.

The first thing is to connect with the right people; this will ensure all your wall updates will elicit views. But people will only read what you update if you publish captivating, humorous and helpful information.

One thing about people is that they like to know what they will benefit from you. Therefore, your social content should be aimed at providing people with 90% value and not seeking to sell to them.

If you didn’t know, the best approach of getting people to becoming your loyal customers is showing them that you are an expert in what you do. Ideally, an expert will offer valuable information that will seek to solve a problem.

Social media marketing in relation to SEO:

As we speak, Google has incorporated in their search results content generated on social sites especially from their sister site Google Plus.

What does this tell you? It is the high time you aggressively built your presence on the top social networking sites which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +1.

Growing your following and interacting with your target audience on social sites is the next big thing in marketing on the web. Watch this space!

Technique #3: Video Marketing in further boosting your web marketing:

Proper use of video marketing is the ultimate strategy of website promotion on the internet. Studies show that online videos get more views than TV (in the year 2011 alone, more that 1 trillion video clips were viewed).

The beauty of online video marketing is that it is free on all major video websites. Considering that these video sites are small search engines, chances of your optimized video getting millions of views is very high.

Let me ask, why would you waste thousands of dollars marketing on TV while you can get free advertising on the web through video sharing?

Again the web is live 24 hours worldwide unlike TV where your ad will appear for just a few seconds in given locations. All factors remaining constant, you are better off going online.

Many companies are yet to take advantage of video marketing. Maybe it is because of lack of knowledge or ignoring the power of marketing on the internet using videos.

As you can see, there is no excuse why you are not using video promotion to market your business online. It does not end there, the videos on your YouTube channel can be embedded on your website, blog, newsletter, facebook wall and so forth thus further helping you to capture your target audience.

As we speak, am working on uploading video clips on my YouTube channel. Considering my traffic is on ascendency, you can assume what will happen when I add video marketing on my array of web marketing arsenals

Every serious internet marketer has to right way jump into video promotion.

Conclusion: If you take time to learn how the internet operates, you will ask yourself why you never got to doing business on the web in the first place.

The notion that the internet is like a big monster that can swallow you is misplaced. In fact, if you take time to learn the internet, you will be the one calling the shots. By one click of a button, you will be able to automatically attract a big number of loyal customers to your site thus hold the internet in the palm of your hand.

The marketing strategies we have discussed on this write up are a must to implement for anyone seeking to succeed in any form of business. There is no business that can survive the turmoil of today’s economy with marketing on the web.

Do you agree with me on this? Post your views in the comment section provided below.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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