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Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

The fact that SEO internet business marketing is becoming more advanced, small online entrepreneurs are finding it hard to make it. Every month Google is making it even more difficult to rank especially for small home based business sites.

Just in the months of November and December of 2011, Google announced that it had done 10% changes to their algorithm each month. Come 2012 you can bet that this is not bound to change and all this is in an effort to improve search results.

Search engines main agenda is to ensure their users get exactly what they want. Therefore, as the online world continues to evolve, internet business marketing is set to become even more challenging.

With all these algorithm changes, where does all that leave you as a small business entrepreneur?  What do you need to do so as to compete with top ranking websites and blogs?

On this post, you will find the secrets to effectively market your business on the internet. Since I want you to start the new year with good news, let me inform you that you too can rank high for relevant key terms. All you need to know is how to play the game in a legit way.

A case in point to look at in relation to internet business marketing is how Apple managed to succeed. Though they faced other big companies like Microsoft, Apple was still able to become an authority in a highly competitive market.

Their secret was one; they offered people what they wanted long before they knew what they needed. Rather than become like their competitors, Apple found a way of becoming unique by coming up with innovative ideas that stood out.

The best approach to SEO internet business marketing is to build a brand name. Rather than looking for short cuts to rank, do what search engines want and your home business will succeed in the long run.

Patience is fundamental when it comes to online marketing. Thus do not adopt strategies just because you heard someone else is succeeding in them. Ask yourself if the tactics you apply are legit and have long term benefits.

I know my introduction has been rather lengthy, but in short the point I’m trying to put across is that you need to be natural (yourself). SEO has become so unpredictable in that strategies that used to work before have today become irrelevant.

Looking at all SEO online business marketing practices, one thing that will guarantee you success is content. No matter how many times Google will update their ranking formula, content will always remain the focal point.

As you generate content online, ask yourself if you are doing it naturally. If you were operating an offline shop, would you still use the same strategies to promote your business? Constantly, try to relay valuable information that point your readers towards the right direction and you will surely go places.

Unique and genuine articles will guarantee you return visitors and more so in relation to viral marketing as people share your content. It is high time that small business online marketers practiced legit SEO tactics and forgot about black hat strategies.

Search engines are overrated when it comes to what they can do, but the rate at which they are becoming advanced you never know when they will catch up with your black hat techniques. You would be better off following the legit internet business marketing rules.

While we are at it, let us see some SEO online marketing strategies that you need to adopt so as to appear natural and rank high.

Keyword usage: Most of us are culprits when it comes to keyword usage. Just take a scenario where you come across a salesman who keeps repeating the name of the product he is selling with the hope to convince you to buy.

The obvious thing will happen, you will definitely get irritated. No one wants to be pushed to purchase something thus when you talk too much in an effort to sell you will push away your potential customers.

internet business marketingTherefore, avoid keyword stuffing as you generate your content. Come up with articles that flow naturally by informing your readers rather than selling to them. Imagine coming across a home based business site that mentions the phrase “home based business” in very sentence. I bet you will exit the site right away.

Try and use keyword variation as you generate your content and that will ensure your posts appear natural. The more your readers enjoy reading your content, the more they will share it and the higher your conversion rate will be.

Gain credibility: One of the most fundamental aspects of business is trust. Sport celebrities are paid big money just to wear certain brands. The idea is that as people see celebrities in certain outfits, they too will buy the same in the aim of appearing cool.

Most of the time these celebrities my not necessarily like the outfits. They wear the attire because they are paid to do so. The same applies to internet business marketing; testimonials and recommendations can go a long way in boosting your small home online business.

But rather than paying people to talk good about your business, build real trust by continually supplying your customers and readers with quality products and content.

Building relationships is the best way to gain trust. Respond to all comments whether positive or negative. People want to feeling like you care and the more you show it the more they will trust your site and business.

Building your SEO profile gradually:  It is true that building link popularity is critical in regards to SEO online business marketing. But that does not mean you run all over the place to buy links. Search engines want to see a site that grows naturally and purchasing links in most cases will hurt your SEO profile.

Instead of buying links, create content and products that people are looking for and they will naturally share what you have to offer. There is nothing as powerful as word of mouth referral marketing and the only way to achieve that is through producing quality.

It may appear like marketing on the internet is not necessary, but that is far from the truth. You must adopt best internet business marketing practices but in the right manner.

Conclusion: If you are a small entrepreneur, you do not need to shy away or give up on SEO marketing. It is true that it may take some time before you rank high but the day you get to the top, your ROI will be worth the wait.

Strive to build an online brand that portrays your real self and what you stand for. Do not try to be somebody else or something you do not believe in. For you to be successful in online marketing business you have to build relationships, create quality products/services/content.

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Common Errors That Can Kill Rather Than Build A Blog

Common Errors That Can Kill Rather Than Build A Blog

Many businesses today have begun to embrace the importance of building a blog.

A blog is a brilliant tool for advancing your business to another level. However, blogging requires determination since it is not a one-day thing. Generating a steady flow of content is vital because it is one of the key factors of inbound marketing.

Take an example of fishing, some fishermen go fishing and never catch anything at all, while others make a lot of catch. Why is this so? Some people have the knowledge of the unquestionable basics of success in fishing. So is blogging!

This post mainly focuses on assisting you to stay away from the common errors that can kill a blog.

1. Irregularity

When you start a business, you need to keep to it. The major blunder bloggers make is irregularity both in excellence of the articles and in publication regularity. Blogging is not different from other businesses, when you start; you ought to keep the ball rolling.

One needs to be patient and consistent. Your blog posts should be interesting and relevant to the target audience. Your readers, who are also your clients, will see enthusiasm by how you write posts.

Delegate yourself to the upkeep of your blog. You can start to put more effort, post at least one or two blog posts per week then work your way up. Routine in your publication builds confidence with the audience hence a good gesture of showing you are a pro.

2. Disregarding SEO or Excessive SEO

Visitors will always find your blog by the help of search engines. Even though SEO is important, you do not need to apply it excessively. Extreme use of keywords in posts will suddenly stop making sense.

As much as the robots seek for keywords, always let your readers be your number one priority. You need not to spam your article with keywords since it is against the guidelines of building a blog. You can get the necessary information on search engine optimizationin order to avoid such a mistake.

3. Unexciting Headlines

Readers will always want to go through an article if the title is catchy. Interesting headlines will tell the audience a great deal about the content. Headlines also set expectations. A good title should be descriptive and enticing in order for it to have the desired result.

4. Never linking to old posts

Linking to your older posts is a vital action when it comes to building a blog. The number one reason is that it increases the number of pages that readers view and builds quality links. Such an action directs search engine spiders through your site hence making your pages indexed quickly.

Do not forget your older posts; each of them is an important asset for your site. This action helps your readers to get more information from older posts in your blog.

5. Concentrating On The Blog Design

Majority bloggers dwell so much on the design of the blog than the content. A good design looks more attractive when it has the right content on it. It should be easy to navigate, since readers do not like complexity when it comes to navigating through your blog.

6. Plagiarisms

The act of plagiarism is illegal. It is a crime under the copyrights. Some writers copy and paste other writers’ posts instead of putting up their own opinion using their own words. Google loves uniqueness. Original articles are unique because they express your thoughts with ease.

Every writer needs many ideas to avoid the lure of copying someone else’s blog posts. Plagiarizing is a faster way to destroy a writer’s personality and more so can bring down your blog that you spend hours building.

how to build a blog

7. Forgetting to Proof-Read

Not only does proof reading get rid of grammatical mistakes but also it improves the vocabulary of your post. Constant typing and spelling mistakes on your posts will put off the readers. No matter your expertise, when your article is full of minor mistakes, the confidence of your readers may go down.

After you finish writing your post, take time to read it through. Better still, you can ask a colleague to proof read it for you. It is easier for someone else to mark your typos than your own.

8. Lack Of Social Media Experience

In the present day, Social Media is the best source of traffic for every blogger. Majority of your daily visitors will locate your blog through social media. Examples of Social Medias that help you promote and build your blog are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest just to mention a few.

9. Not having a strong niche

A good blogger concentrates on strong niches.  You cannot take the benefits of focus too lightly. The best thing to do is to select carefully the niche you want to write on, and then focus your energy on it. This will help you in your writing since you will not run out of ideas hence you will have interesting topics to write on.

10. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best methods of making a blog popular. It is also a way of helping one another since some comments consists of questions and others suggestions. When you reply to comments, visitors feel appreciated and they would definitely visit your site again.

Do you want to build relationships with your audience and other bloggers in your niche? Then submit comments and respond to comments on your blog.

11. Not understanding your audience

A blogger must know who their audience is. As a writer, you must know the problems facing your audience so that you may come up with the right solution for them. Understanding your audience will help you write a post that is full of information that will be helpful to the reader.

Conclusion: What lessons have you learned from this post? What are the other errors that can kill a blog?

Kindly share your views in the comment section below.

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Author Details:

Sarah Wambua is an established blogger out to share quality information to both novice and experts on how to make a blog and do home business online. From her blog you will know how to blog from home and prospect successfully.

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