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Social Media Marketing In Guaranteeing SEO

Social Media Marketing In Guaranteeing SEO

The world of online promotion is constantly changing and as we speak social media marketing is surely taking over the cyberspace. Sites like facebook and twitter have become havens for online business people to generate quality traffic. It would be to your own disadvantage if you do not seize this great opportunity to market your business online using social networking sites.

You should know that most people and even big organizations have made twitter and facebook to be their home page. A company like Dell Computers has for example hired 100’s of people to be sending tweet updates everyday to their thousands of followers. Therefore this should tell you that you too need to utilize these social media marketing strategy to boost your online sales.

On this write up we are going to concentrate more on how to use facebook when it comes to search engine optimization. The first thing you need to realize is that facebook is a major site, hence search engines will constantly keep crawling this website for links. Therefore if you have a facebook page and optimize it well you will soon be getting unique visitors to your blog.

It is also interesting to note that facebook itself has of late began improving its web optimization thus bettering their listing and in the process people using facebook as a social media marketing tool are really benefiting.

Below are some of the things you need to implement so as to take full advantage of social media marketing on facebook (FB):

About Me: This is the most important segment when it comes to optimizing your FB page. Most people do not even attempt to fill in their details in the profile section. The best thing to do is including your targeted keyword phrases within your profile content. Make sure that your keywords appear at the beginning of your facebook page.

The “About Me” box usually has a 250 words limit thus use it wisely since it acts as the CSS structure of your page.

Information Tab: This is also a section you cannot ignore if you want to generate targeted traffic to your blog through social media markeing. In the info tab you can include your targeted primary and secondary keyword phrases. In addition you can add backlinks.

The info section is designed to help you add your preferred content. For that reason it is vital that you take time to fill out all the fields with your keyword phrases and hyperlinks. It is from the data you publish here that you will increase your chances of getting high ranking on google search queries.

Page Title: Whenever search engines are crawling websites the first thing they see is the title. This means the identity you opt for is vital. Make certain that your title or name is not spammy since such will hurt your search engine listing and people will also avoid mentioning it on their wall.

Your page title should be unique but still use keywords that people search for when they are browsing. The secret is to work with your true name or company’s brand name. Remember, you should not change at anytime your page title since it will greatly affect your SEO placement.

Facebook URL: If you want to succeed in social media marketing while you work online from home then the keywords in your facebook link should be rich with keywords. This signifies that you have to choose your username prudently. Go for a username that represents what you have to offer on your website. For example; if your online business site is about self help e-books, use a username like “selfhelptips” or “selfhelpebooks”.

Just recently facebook offered a chance for one to choose a headline for their pages.

Adding Images: Apart from making your page look appealing to your target audience, pictures can be a great tool for search engine optimization when is get to social media marketing. This you can achieve by making sure every image you add contains a caption. The descriptions fields next to the pictures offer an opportunity for you add your targeted keywords.

Status Update: This is one vital tool that can help you create backlinks to your blog or website. I have noticed some people who use their wall to share stuff that do not add value to their online business. The best approach is to link your website to your facebook page thus ensuring that every time you update your site the web page link is posted on your FB status wall.

Major engine like Google will boost your blog ranking when you link with relevant social media marketing websites. Therefore when your update your facebook wall with your blog page hyperlink you increase your chances of getting better placement on the major engines.

Creating Inbound Links: Just as you work to add backlink to your blog or website through social media marketing, you should also strive to increase inbound links to your facebook page. On facebook there is a Badge you can utilize to achieve this. Ensure your alternate tags text links pointing to your facebook page contain your keywords. This will make certain you pass all that link juice to your FB page and also your website.

Getting Followers: The more fans you have following you on facebook, the more inbound links you are going to get. Try to make your followers to like your page content. Whenever people share their comments and like your page, google will notice this relationship and thus rank you page high. We all know that search engines love natural links and the best way to achieve this is by getting other people to link to your pages.

Link Facebook With Twitter: With this tactic you can greatly increase both your FB page and website ranking on major search engines. Since twitter was launched it has proved to be one of the fastest growing social media marketing website. It would therefore be to your advantage to integrate your blog to both your twitter and facebook accounts.

As mentioned earlier, post content that is geared towards improving your ranking. By this we mean that you should avoid talking about what you had for lunch and publish updates that will add value to your readers. This in the long run will help you get targeted followers thus attract quality traffic to your website and improve your online brand name.

There are many online marketing arsenals and one that you as an internet marketing person should never dismiss is social media marketing.

What Leads To The Difference In Search Engine Positioning

What Leads To The Difference In Search Engine Positioning

If you look closely, you usually get different results when browsing the internet. This difference in search engine positioning is brought by various factors. People offering SEO services are known to encounter this kind of problem. Where they tell their clients that they are in position 6 and when the client checks he finds his site is in position 8.

It can be quite a challenge to explain this difference in search engine positioning to your clients. In fact, most customers will think you are lying while that may not be the case. For this reason it is prudent that you understand and be in a position to explain this phenomenon in details.

Here are the reasons that bring about difference in site ranking on search engine result pages:

1. The Google Dance:

Have you ever tried to search for your site with your targeted keywords and discovered that your site has disappeared in the google search results? And then after a week’s time your site again reappears? This is what SEO marketers call the Google dance.

Mostly, this used to be prevalent before but since June 2010 things have changed. The reason for the Google dance was because google used to take a whole month before indexing and ranking sites.

It is during those days that sites’ search engine positioning used to change as you searched with your targeted keyword phrase. But as we speak things are not the same, since the latest google update sites are indexed and ranked on a daily basis.

Though the google dance phenomenon still takes place, the incidences are a bit rare. The reason for this is because google uses different stations known as Data Centers which they choose unsystematic. The fact that you cannot choose which Data Center you what to get results from, there will be a difference in search engine positioning.

This is the reason that sometimes you will see your site appearing in position 6 and sometimes in position 8 on search engine results pages for the same keyword.

2. The Location at which one is browsing:

Someone browsing the internet from USA and another in Egypt with the same search terms will get different results. The reason for this is because these two people have different IP address which search engine can detect.

What search engines do in such instances is that they give results based on the preferences of different locations. For example, you are searching for “care hire services”, the search engine positioning for car hire companies will depend on your location. The search engines will give preference to car hire services in your location.

Another element that is affected with location is the link you are searching with. A search engine like Google has branches all over the world. Depending on different locations you will have your browser showing for people in India, for folks in United Kingdom, for people in Pakistan, for browsers in Maroc, for people in Canada and so forth.

To nullify results that are influenced with this links, search using which gives the universal ranking for websites.

2. Language:

The other thing that search engines can detect using your IP address in the common language used in a certain location. This also affects the results you will get when you are browsing the internet.

The best way to avoid getting results that are based on your location and language is to use proxies. There is a tool called Diagnosis Tool which enables you to alter your virtual browser’s location and language.

4. Your personal web history searches:

It is common knowledge that your search history affects the search engine positioning on your browser. Depending on the queries you make frequently and the blogs or websites you visit often, search engines will normally give results that are biased.

For example, if you are always searching for work from home blogs and there is one particular blog you keep on visiting. Every time you key in work from home, search engine positioning of the blog you visit will be given preference.

If you have not disabled cookies, you will also note that the sites you click on search results are in a different color (purple). The reason for this is because search engines gather your web search history and store the results in form of cookies.

There are two ways in which search engines do this:

a) Your activities when you sign in your email accounts especially Gmail

b) By use of cookies whenever you sign-out on a particular browser.

search engine positioningEvery time you are login your Gmail account, Google are able to track your web searchers. Therefore, when you are logged out, Google are able to use tacking cookies thus favor the sites you visit frequently.

In fact, whenever you are logged in your Gmail account and you enter a keyword that is related to a site you visited, the search engine positioning of that site will be on page 1.

To counter this effect where search engines give results according to your search history, log out from all your accounts, clear your browsers cookies then do the search again.

Alternatively, go and do the search on another computer lets say in a cyber café which you have not used before.

5. Activities on google social media networking platforms:

Search engine positioning can also be affected by your activities on social media sites. This is more evident on Google because of their various attempts to enter in the social media arena.

Some of the social media sites that google have launched include:

Google Friend Connect

Google Wave

Google Buzz


Google Reader

Google Talk

And the latest Google Plus

You can Click here to read more on these google social media accounts.

Let us take an example of Google Plus; if you recommend a certain site using google +1, Google will give more preference to that site whenever you do a search using relevant keywords.

Again, to counter this effect you can do a search after you have logged out of this social media accounts and then clear your cookies. Or you can go and do the search on a different computer which you do not use normally.

Conclusion: As technology gets more advanced you will need to also move with the change. Otherwise you will be left behind and your online business will become obsolete.

It will be tough for you as someone offering search engine optimization services, if you cannot explain to your clients the difference in search engine positioning. Now you know why someone in Asia will get different search results from someone in Africa yet they may be using the same keyword phrase and the same search engine.

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