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Web Content Management – How To Write For The Web

Web Content Management – How To Write For The Web

Two things that you have to consider when coming up with web content for your blog are:

a. Your content should be friendly to search engines: Creating optimized content will ensure you get organic and targeted traffic. As you write for the web, the traffic you generate will help you make money with ease while working from home online.

b. Human beings need to understand what you have written: Remember search engines will not buy your products, but people will. Therefore, your web content needs to be readable to your target audience as well.

The use of plain language is a critical element of web content creation. Understand that both newbies and experts will be reading your content and you want to reach them all. Plain language means creating content that can easily be understood by all your readers.

Good content is where you try and meet the needs of your readers. This can be achieved through your blog titles, knowing geographical needs of an area you want to target or understanding the needs of a certain group of people e.g. profession, class or age.

To better understand your targeted audience you have to relate with them regularly by updating your web content. As you keep on blogging, you will start getting comments and it’s from these remarks that you can offer web content that addresses the needs of your readers.

Once you have known the needs of your target audience, publish your information in a timely, sensible and proper style. In addition, your web content should be objective, centered on integrity and more so meeting the needs of your respective target visitors.

How to know the needs of your target audience:

The day you will fully understand the needs of your blog visitors then making money online will be easy. Understanding your audience will help you in web content management thus making your blog useful.

The first thing before you create content you need to research.


Ask yourself these questions as you write for the web:

–          What are visitors looking for on your blog: Normally, best way to determine the articles to write about, is by publishing on a regular basis. As you update your blog, readers will begin sharing their opinions and it from that you will gather ideas on what to talk about.

A site like Yahoo answers can also go a long way in helping you know what people in your niche need. Remember the secret to working online is solving people’s problems. When you offer workable solutions then you will earn income from home with ease.

–          What is it they already know: You have to realize that the blog traffic you attract will be from different sources, locations and groups of people. Some will be savvy about what you are sharing while others may be newbies to your web content material.

Again from the comments shared on your blog content you will be able to gauge the type of visitors     that come to read your web content.

–          What is the level of your reader in terms of expertise: Every niche has some sort of expertise that one has got to have in order to get a market share. It is also vital that you learn the level of understanding of your target audience.

In some niche you may be forced to use professional terms since the audience may be very learned people. This is where use of jargon can come in handy; a good example is a niche to do with software programming.

How to implement web content creation:

1. Understand what you are discussing: As you are researching for web content to offer your readers, you need to first digest it and fully understand it. It would only confuse your readers if you publish content that you do not even understand.

The best practice of understanding your content is implementing what you write about. If you decide to talk about a certain work online marketing strategy like article writing, you need to write several articles before you can share convincingly about article writing.

There is a saying that goes “Practice makes perfect.” The more you do something the better position you are in to discuss about it.

2. Come up with content that meets your readers’ needs: Always seek to satisfy the needs of your readers as you write for the web. This is what will help you gain online reputation thus build an online brand name.

In every niche there is always a certain need that has not been met. In addition, there are new things that come up in every industry. Both these situations are an opportunity for you to address the needs within your area of business.

Therefore, you need to be up to date with what is happening in your niche. This you can achieve by subscribing to RSS Feeds, niche newsletters and following tweets of influential bloggers in your niche.

How to best organize your web content:

–          Talk from your heart: It is always advisable to choose a niche you are passionate about. Some people target certain niches just because they heard someone mention they can make more cash. This is the wrong approach.

web contentBlogging on issues you have expertise in and are passionate about will mean you keep creating web content even when you are not making money. In most cases, it may take time before you begin attracting good traffic. This goes to show if you select a niche you are NOT passionate about you will lose hope along the way.

–          Keep it short and to the point: The best practice of web content management is keeping it short. I have visited some blogs that have very long paragraphs and this is not recommended. Short paragraphs make it easy for your readers to scan through your content.

From the word go, readers need to know what your web content is all about. Therefore, as you draft short paragraphs make sure you go straight to the point. The use of bullets or writing in point form will also make it easier for readers to scan through your content.

–          Avoid use of jargon words: You need to realize that some of your readers may not get what you are talking about if you use difficult words. Write in plain language that can be both understood by rookies and veterans in your niche.

As earlier mentioned sometimes you may need to use some jargons depending on your niche. For example, if your target audiences are doctors, you may be required to use certain terms that only doctors understand.

–          Use links leading to other web content on your blog: Sometimes you may be required to explain more and this is when it is advisable to link to other webpages within your blog content. When you link your blog content, your site will be user friendly and also help search engines crawl your content.

The easier it is for your target audience to navigate through your blog, the more you will succeed in reader retention. As all bloggers know, the more time people spend reading your web content the more likelihood of making an online sale.

–          Use relevant images: It can be quite boring for reader to scan through endless written content thus it is advisable to break the monotony. Remember that written content is the not the only way to disseminate information.

The other forms of blog content include videos, images, podcasts, tables and the like. When adding picture or videos within your text, it is best that they are relevant. For example, you cannot add latest fashion design images on a blog talking about farming or how to work online.

–          Come up with effective and relevant titles: The title of your web content plays a vital role in information management. Your blog headline is the first content that your readers and search engines will come across. The title determines if people will read your articles or not.

Take time to research on titles to use on your blog. In addition, ensure that your titles contain your targeted keyword phrases.

Summary: When you are writing for the web always use the rule of two. This means:

1. The first to words of your article title should define the web content in the body of your post.

2. By reading the first two sentences of your post one should know what your article is all about.

3. Your first two paragraphs should contain the best content of your blog post.

Alternative Web Business Marketing Techniques Other Than SEO

Alternative Web Business Marketing Techniques Other Than SEO

Never have I ever seen such panic in my online business life before. When google started releasing their SEO algorithm updates, things become thick in the web business marketing world.

Webmasters and bloggers went on a rampage to redesign and re-strategize their marketing approach. These entire craze was in an effort to remedy the drop in SEO ranking.

If you didn’t know, Penguin and Panda showed no respect as the updates hit both small and big time sites. As things stand, do not celebrate just yet, you may be the next one in line.

Time and time again, we have told you to take full control of your blog. This you do by purchasing your own domain name and web hosting. Your business will never reach its full potential if you run around the internet with free blogs such as blogspot.

The same also applies to internet marketing; do not place all your eggs in one basket called SEO. Yes! Traffic from Google is high and if you optimize well you will attracted unique visitors. But you need to ask yourself, what happens if today the Google axe came calling?

Before it was Panda and Penguin, the next spider or is it animal, google will call its update you may not be so lucky. Rather than running around the internet like a headless chicken, it is time you traffic proof your site.

I’m sorry I may be appearing to be hard on you but the truth has to be told sometimes the hard way. I once heard a politician say “There are only 3 things that are definite and cannot be hidden for long, the sun, the moon and the Truth”.

Going by recent events in the SEO web business marketing arena, anyone can wake on day and find their site nowhere in the google ranking. This reminds me, some years back an online acquaintance told me that he does not bother with SEO and I thought he was losing out.

Today, when I look back he sure had a point. I have not lost my ranking yet but on the flipside I’m not guaranteed of top ranking either.

Maybe you got hit and succeed to recover, how sure are you that the next update won’t send you to the gutter once again. Rather than worrying about the next Google update, diversify your marketing options.

This over obsession about SEO in Google simply has to come to a halt. This does not imply you stop optimizing your content, keyword usage is great but it is even better to use other web business marketing techniques.

If you thought ranking on google is the only way to increase your online presence then you need to read on. It is the high time you took your online business to the next level of marketing. This is by incorporating other web marketing arsenals to your promotion strategies.

Below are some techniques that you can use to market your business as you seek to rank on search engines:

Posting comments: A simple and yet effective strategy of directing traffic to your site is leaving comments on relevant sites. The best way to know which site to post comments is by using a tool like Open Site Explorer.

Take a site that ranks top in your niche and get to know the sites that are linking back using the open site explorer. Visit these blogs and make sure you leave a comment or better still request to be a guest blogger.

The best blogs to leave a comment are those that have commentluv. Here your latest articles will be featured thus increase the chances of you funneling some traffic to your site.

Note: For you to improve your click through rate come up with juicy titles.

Guest Posting: If you do your groundwork well enough you will discover that within your niche there are blogs that generate good traffic. You can seek to funnel some of this traffic to your site.

Generating content regularly is not easy and some of these top bloggers would love to take a break from their keyboards. This is especially so if you can come up with an informative and quality article that can feature on their site as a guest post.

marketing on the web

The fact that a guest article contains a resource box where you include a link to your blog is an advantage to you in more than one way.

  1. As people read your article they will want to know more about you thus end up clicking on the links in the resource box. This will help you generate referral traffic.
  2. Guest blogging goes a long way in boosting your online reputation and presence. This is especially so if your article is featured on a top blog
  3. It helps build your online brand name.
  4. Since you have to include links pointing back to your site, it will help improve your SEO ranking. Make sure you use your target keywords as your anchor text.

I suggest you try going to sites such as Kissmetrics, My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up where you can connect with guest blogging sites.

Increasing your opt-in list: One way of making sure that no google updates ever scares you is by creating an email list. With an email management site such as Aweber you will sure take you web business marketing to the next level of success.

The secret is to have an opt-in form on your site. You also have to make sure you include a call to action message telling your readers to subscribe to your list.

Note: The only way to ensure people agree to subscribe to your list is to share compelling and epic content, click here to read more on that. Show your readers that there is a lot to gain by joining your list and traffic will stop becoming an issue to you.

Connecting with other people in your niche: The number one place to build online relationships is on social sites. Any online entrepreneur who does not have an account on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus and now Pinterest is missing a great opportunity to market their web business.

You can also link up with like minded people on forum sites such as Warrior Forum. Other top sites that offer free web business promotion opportunities include IBO Toolbox.

Ideally, forum sites allow you to add a signature where readers can click and head to your site to know more about you and what you do.

Offering your expert advice on sites like Yahoo Answers and All Experts can go a long way to increase your site presence and traffic.

Article Marketing: Here we are not talking about using software to spam the internet with unreadable and crappy articles. If you didn’t know, the Penguin update was the last nail in the coffin for spammy articles.

A site such as Ezine Articles to date is struggling to regain its former SEO glory with little success.

The right approach to marketing your internet business using article directories is to first forget about spamming. Generate high quality articles with a good word count: 600 words and above is good.

Then post your articles on top rated article directories. This way you will get your article syndicated on authority blogs and websites.

market on the internet

As for those people who have money, it is recommended you do a press release. If you submit on a press release site like PRweb you can be sure your release will be syndicated on top rated sites.

It goes to show that publishing quality content is the secret of standing out thus generating traffic from different sources.

Offline Marketing: This is a strategy that receives the least attention online yet it is the most powerful means of marketing your business on the web.

If there is someone out there who has a strategy that can outwit Word-of-Mouth please share with us. Personally, I have been giving free blogging advice through seminars and workshops. As a result, direct traffic to my site has really improved.

If you can get people talking about your site you will never have goose pimples every time Google says they are about to release another SEO update. Generate content that address peoples’ problems and your site will be on peoples’ lips.

Other ways that fall under offline marketing include printing a business card, t-shirts or caps that have a link to your site. Just take a job round the park in the evening wearing a t-shirt with your website and you may just win some new visitors.

Every opportunity you get with the people you meet should be a chance to talk about your site. If someone asks you what you do, I hope you now know what to tell them.


Engine spiders should not determine the direction that your online business takes. Focus on the preferences of your target audience by offering solutions and you will enjoy doing business on the web.

In any case, search engine bots will never become your customers. It is humans who will buy your products. Therefore, add a human feel to your content and your site visitors will be happy to deal with a real person.

If Google sends traffic your way that is OK but put more effort to market your web business using other advertising strategies.

If you have other strategies that entrepreneurs need to know about in order to promote their sites online kindly share in the comment section below.

Feel free to also share this blog post to other internet business entrepreneurs by clicking on the social sharing buttons displaying on the left.

This blog is dedicated to making sure you find the latest and optimum online marketing techniques. To start receiving updates from this blog as they are posted, enter your email address below.

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How To Promote Your Home Business Opportunity With Landing Pages

How To Promote Your Home Business Opportunity With Landing Pages

For people using free promotion strategies like search engine optimization to market their home business opportunity, they do not worry much when they do not convert. This may lead them to relax since they are not paying for visitors to come to their website or blog. But for those that use pay per click marketing they will definitely feel the pitch when they do not make online sales. However, both sets of marketers need to make money thus it goes without saying, to convert you need to work on your landing pages.

If you decide to design a convert page or work with a homepage as the landing page just remember the first impressions really matter a lot. It is advisable you choose wisely the images to use, the fonts, template, colors and more so the words. A good landing page is not a one day affair; you need to keep updating it bit by bit as you grow your home business opportunity. The big question is what does one need to change, do you keep redoing your whole home page or do you do it in bits?

In life it is said that experience is the best teacher, the same applies to online marketing. Depending on how your marketing campaign is getting along, you can decide when to do some changes and when not to. If your conversion rate is high then you can stick to your current home page before you make any changes. On the other hand, if you are not converting as expected the advisable thing is to alter your pages step by step. This will help you see what works and what doesn’t.

This is how you should work on improving your homepage, when you decide to change anything do it one step at a time. Make an alteration and wait for a couple of days to see how it works. This means for your online home business opportunity to be successful you need to be patient and strategic. As for the webmasters that have many converting pages they need to be well organized not to overlook some pages.

Some folks when they notice that they are not making any sales they make a mistake of doing away with their lading pages all together. The best thing to do is change things slightly and observe for a while, if after some several tweaking you do not convert then you can discard your landing page and come up with a fresh one.

The other element when it comes to creating pages that convert easily is being unique. There is no point of coming up with landing pages that people in your niche see all the time. It is highly recommended that you opt for landers that have different layouts, images, marketing pitches and designs. The secret to successful online marketing with home pages is to stand out from the rest.

Most people assume that you need to be an expert web designer to come up with catch pages but that is not the case. If you have cash to spend you can research and hire web designers that have a good track record to create landing pages for you. The secret of creating pages that convert is to ensure that you use quality and relevant images, great fonts and pay attention to details like grammar and spelling mistakes. Wear the shoes of your target audience and identify what would make them want to click on your affiliate links and thus view the product on offer.

Your call to action message should not sound like your competitors. The idea is to learn how to arrange your words different from the rest. There are some common phrases that almost all white hat and black hat marketers use and if you add the same words visitors may consider them as spam. Hence strive to be innovative in the way you present your marketing message campaigns.

Creating content that is creative is about doing it over and over again. Even the best book publishers did not just become good authors; in most cases they are guys who have spent years to perfect their art. We just like to look at what people have become or produced and forget to consider the things they went through to get to where they are today. The internet world is about providing content thus you need to keep on learning how to write so as to make your landing pages messages are catchy as possible.

To flourish in your online home business opportunity you need to look at what your competitors are doing and then come up with better strategies. The thing that is making most online marketers fail is that they do not take time to click on other peoples adverts. When you view marketing campaigns done by other advertisers it will broaden your focus and perspective thereby come up with much better home pages.

The best products to promote are the items you are using or the once that you are really interested in. This will give you a better overview of the product; hence have an easy time influencing your target audience to purchase the product. Marketing a product or service you actually consume helps you design a landing page that is convincing and unique since you will be writing a message from your own personal experience.

Putting everything into perspective is crucial, your home page or landing page is the key to making money online from home. If you think that your pages are not converting as you would wish them to you can make changes and run the page for some days. In case the changes do not work our right you can revert to your previous one or change something else. The secret is to give your pages time and identify what works and what does not.

You need to be ahead of your rivals and the best way to do that is by working hard and trying out new work online ideas. Once you keep at it, soon you will figure out the best approach thus outwit other marketers in your niche. Just remember that the online marketing world is dynamic and things keep changing all the time. Though you cannot satisfy the needs of all your blog visitors, you can try figure out what resonates with most people in your industry.

As you work from home online, try to be creative and versatile and for sure your home business opportunity will move to the next level sooner than later.

The Perfect Author Resource Box In Article Marketing

The Perfect Author Resource Box In Article Marketing

It really does not matter what you want to name it; be it bio box or author resource box, this is a component of article marketing that most online marketers have not taken full advantage of. In fact this little box has been a cause for hot debates in most internet marketing forums.

So what is an author resource box?

After you have drafted your article, there is usually a small box at the bottom of your article where you get to add 2 or 3 lines. Ideally, here is where you get to add marketing pitches to your website, blog or products. Additionally, this is where article marketers get a platform to build their online brands.

An author resource box is a great source of generating two kinds of traffic; these are Direct Traffic and Referral Traffic. (Keep reading the article to the end so as to fully understand these two types of traffic.)

Article directories are always in need of new and unique content. Therefore when you submit an article on any article directory the reward you get is adding backlinks in the author resource box. When you have links within your resource box, people will click on these links and you will get direct traffic.

It is always advisable that the links within your author bio box to lead readers to a place where they can find more insightful information. The more traffic you generate the higher the chances of converting those readers to sales leads.

On the other hand the same backlinks within your resource box help you to get ranked by search engines thus attract organic traffic or in other words referral traffic.

Determining a perfect Author Resource Box:

The ideal resource box is the one that calls your readers to take action. In most cases, the way you draft your resource box can determine if an article directory will accept your article or not. Furthermore, it can greatly affect your website or blog ranking.

Call to take action: It is a wonder how article marketers spend hours researching and coming up with an article only to add valueless content in the author resource box. An author box is actually the main reason that you went to all that work of drafting an article. Therefore, take full advantage of the author resource box to compel readers to visit your website or blog.

Here is an example of a not to have resource box:

To get more information on purchasing this SEO Software, kindly click on this link Web CEO

Though you want to get people to come to your site, the above way of writing a bio box is wrong. You need to make the content in your resource box look irresistible.

Here is a good resource box:

To learn the Top 6 work from home online strategies, Visit . Here you will get free reports on the secrets of working online and thus earn income from home with ease.

The secret is to give your target audience a reason to want to build a relationship with you.

Relevancy: A good resource box is the one that is relevant to your article title, body of the article. The links you add in your author bio box should also point to websites/blogs that have content that is related to the article.

It would not be of any sense to submit an article about gardening and in the resource box put links pointing to a blog discussing issues pertaining to work online from home business. Miss-leading readers will only hurt your online credibility and thus lose online sales leads.

The same also applies to SEO, posting backlinks that are not related to the article in the name of getting SEO link juice is wrong. It will not take long before search engines note this and thus engine bots will start to devalue your links.

Deliver: A perfect resource box should be able to capture your target audience attention thereby necessitating them to click on your links for more information. In short, an article should deliver to its promise starting from the title, body and most importantly the content and links within the resource box.

Avoid Broken Links: It is also imperative to always make certain that the links within your resource box are functioning. Having backlinks that are working correctly will greatly boost your SEO value.

When you observe the above mentioned guidelines you can be sure to generate traffic. In addition you will boost your online reputation and this is will be from both customers and search engines.

Let us take a scenario where you have a blog about work from home opportunities but the article you have published is about how to maximize on blog SEO. The best way to draft your resource box would be to add two backlinks, one pointing to your blog and the other pointing to the particular page about Blog SEO.

Here goes:

Prior to launching your blog you need to know some of the top10 Blog SEO tactics by visiting this link . In addition, you can grab more valuable and insightful resources and strategies on working online at

The above method is what is called text link. But the best mode of adding backlinks in the author resource box is using HTML. The above resource box would then look like this when you use HTML:

Prior to launching your blog you need to know some of the top10 blog SEO tactics. In addition, you can grab more valuable and insightful resources and strategies on how to work from home online.

Here is the code that help you to embed your links “<a href=””>anchor text</a>

Note: Anchor text are the keywords you intent your site to be embedded on. This should be keyword phrases you want to rank on when people search the internet.

Over the years article marketing has proved to be very powerful. This is mainly due to the fact that articles are basically about content generation. The internet is all about content and articles are the best modes of giving the internet data. The more content you have out there the more traffic you generate from your articles (direct traffic) and from search engines (referral traffic).

There is still more to learn in regards to drafting a perfect author resource box, therefore digest what has been shared today and join us tomorrow for more regarding the same topic.

Social Media Marketing In Guaranteeing SEO

Social Media Marketing In Guaranteeing SEO

The world of online promotion is constantly changing and as we speak social media marketing is surely taking over the cyberspace. Sites like facebook and twitter have become havens for online business people to generate quality traffic. It would be to your own disadvantage if you do not seize this great opportunity to market your business online using social networking sites.

You should know that most people and even big organizations have made twitter and facebook to be their home page. A company like Dell Computers has for example hired 100’s of people to be sending tweet updates everyday to their thousands of followers. Therefore this should tell you that you too need to utilize these social media marketing strategy to boost your online sales.

On this write up we are going to concentrate more on how to use facebook when it comes to search engine optimization. The first thing you need to realize is that facebook is a major site, hence search engines will constantly keep crawling this website for links. Therefore if you have a facebook page and optimize it well you will soon be getting unique visitors to your blog.

It is also interesting to note that facebook itself has of late began improving its web optimization thus bettering their listing and in the process people using facebook as a social media marketing tool are really benefiting.

Below are some of the things you need to implement so as to take full advantage of social media marketing on facebook (FB):

About Me: This is the most important segment when it comes to optimizing your FB page. Most people do not even attempt to fill in their details in the profile section. The best thing to do is including your targeted keyword phrases within your profile content. Make sure that your keywords appear at the beginning of your facebook page.

The “About Me” box usually has a 250 words limit thus use it wisely since it acts as the CSS structure of your page.

Information Tab: This is also a section you cannot ignore if you want to generate targeted traffic to your blog through social media markeing. In the info tab you can include your targeted primary and secondary keyword phrases. In addition you can add backlinks.

The info section is designed to help you add your preferred content. For that reason it is vital that you take time to fill out all the fields with your keyword phrases and hyperlinks. It is from the data you publish here that you will increase your chances of getting high ranking on google search queries.

Page Title: Whenever search engines are crawling websites the first thing they see is the title. This means the identity you opt for is vital. Make certain that your title or name is not spammy since such will hurt your search engine listing and people will also avoid mentioning it on their wall.

Your page title should be unique but still use keywords that people search for when they are browsing. The secret is to work with your true name or company’s brand name. Remember, you should not change at anytime your page title since it will greatly affect your SEO placement.

Facebook URL: If you want to succeed in social media marketing while you work online from home then the keywords in your facebook link should be rich with keywords. This signifies that you have to choose your username prudently. Go for a username that represents what you have to offer on your website. For example; if your online business site is about self help e-books, use a username like “selfhelptips” or “selfhelpebooks”.

Just recently facebook offered a chance for one to choose a headline for their pages.

Adding Images: Apart from making your page look appealing to your target audience, pictures can be a great tool for search engine optimization when is get to social media marketing. This you can achieve by making sure every image you add contains a caption. The descriptions fields next to the pictures offer an opportunity for you add your targeted keywords.

Status Update: This is one vital tool that can help you create backlinks to your blog or website. I have noticed some people who use their wall to share stuff that do not add value to their online business. The best approach is to link your website to your facebook page thus ensuring that every time you update your site the web page link is posted on your FB status wall.

Major engine like Google will boost your blog ranking when you link with relevant social media marketing websites. Therefore when your update your facebook wall with your blog page hyperlink you increase your chances of getting better placement on the major engines.

Creating Inbound Links: Just as you work to add backlink to your blog or website through social media marketing, you should also strive to increase inbound links to your facebook page. On facebook there is a Badge you can utilize to achieve this. Ensure your alternate tags text links pointing to your facebook page contain your keywords. This will make certain you pass all that link juice to your FB page and also your website.

Getting Followers: The more fans you have following you on facebook, the more inbound links you are going to get. Try to make your followers to like your page content. Whenever people share their comments and like your page, google will notice this relationship and thus rank you page high. We all know that search engines love natural links and the best way to achieve this is by getting other people to link to your pages.

Link Facebook With Twitter: With this tactic you can greatly increase both your FB page and website ranking on major search engines. Since twitter was launched it has proved to be one of the fastest growing social media marketing website. It would therefore be to your advantage to integrate your blog to both your twitter and facebook accounts.

As mentioned earlier, post content that is geared towards improving your ranking. By this we mean that you should avoid talking about what you had for lunch and publish updates that will add value to your readers. This in the long run will help you get targeted followers thus attract quality traffic to your website and improve your online brand name.

There are many online marketing arsenals and one that you as an internet marketing person should never dismiss is social media marketing.

What Leads To The Difference In Search Engine Positioning

What Leads To The Difference In Search Engine Positioning

If you look closely, you usually get different results when browsing the internet. This difference in search engine positioning is brought by various factors. People offering SEO services are known to encounter this kind of problem. Where they tell their clients that they are in position 6 and when the client checks he finds his site is in position 8.

It can be quite a challenge to explain this difference in search engine positioning to your clients. In fact, most customers will think you are lying while that may not be the case. For this reason it is prudent that you understand and be in a position to explain this phenomenon in details.

Here are the reasons that bring about difference in site ranking on search engine result pages:

1. The Google Dance:

Have you ever tried to search for your site with your targeted keywords and discovered that your site has disappeared in the google search results? And then after a week’s time your site again reappears? This is what SEO marketers call the Google dance.

Mostly, this used to be prevalent before but since June 2010 things have changed. The reason for the Google dance was because google used to take a whole month before indexing and ranking sites.

It is during those days that sites’ search engine positioning used to change as you searched with your targeted keyword phrase. But as we speak things are not the same, since the latest google update sites are indexed and ranked on a daily basis.

Though the google dance phenomenon still takes place, the incidences are a bit rare. The reason for this is because google uses different stations known as Data Centers which they choose unsystematic. The fact that you cannot choose which Data Center you what to get results from, there will be a difference in search engine positioning.

This is the reason that sometimes you will see your site appearing in position 6 and sometimes in position 8 on search engine results pages for the same keyword.

2. The Location at which one is browsing:

Someone browsing the internet from USA and another in Egypt with the same search terms will get different results. The reason for this is because these two people have different IP address which search engine can detect.

What search engines do in such instances is that they give results based on the preferences of different locations. For example, you are searching for “care hire services”, the search engine positioning for car hire companies will depend on your location. The search engines will give preference to car hire services in your location.

Another element that is affected with location is the link you are searching with. A search engine like Google has branches all over the world. Depending on different locations you will have your browser showing for people in India, for folks in United Kingdom, for people in Pakistan, for browsers in Maroc, for people in Canada and so forth.

To nullify results that are influenced with this links, search using which gives the universal ranking for websites.

2. Language:

The other thing that search engines can detect using your IP address in the common language used in a certain location. This also affects the results you will get when you are browsing the internet.

The best way to avoid getting results that are based on your location and language is to use proxies. There is a tool called Diagnosis Tool which enables you to alter your virtual browser’s location and language.

4. Your personal web history searches:

It is common knowledge that your search history affects the search engine positioning on your browser. Depending on the queries you make frequently and the blogs or websites you visit often, search engines will normally give results that are biased.

For example, if you are always searching for work from home blogs and there is one particular blog you keep on visiting. Every time you key in work from home, search engine positioning of the blog you visit will be given preference.

If you have not disabled cookies, you will also note that the sites you click on search results are in a different color (purple). The reason for this is because search engines gather your web search history and store the results in form of cookies.

There are two ways in which search engines do this:

a) Your activities when you sign in your email accounts especially Gmail

b) By use of cookies whenever you sign-out on a particular browser.

search engine positioningEvery time you are login your Gmail account, Google are able to track your web searchers. Therefore, when you are logged out, Google are able to use tacking cookies thus favor the sites you visit frequently.

In fact, whenever you are logged in your Gmail account and you enter a keyword that is related to a site you visited, the search engine positioning of that site will be on page 1.

To counter this effect where search engines give results according to your search history, log out from all your accounts, clear your browsers cookies then do the search again.

Alternatively, go and do the search on another computer lets say in a cyber café which you have not used before.

5. Activities on google social media networking platforms:

Search engine positioning can also be affected by your activities on social media sites. This is more evident on Google because of their various attempts to enter in the social media arena.

Some of the social media sites that google have launched include:

Google Friend Connect

Google Wave

Google Buzz


Google Reader

Google Talk

And the latest Google Plus

You can Click here to read more on these google social media accounts.

Let us take an example of Google Plus; if you recommend a certain site using google +1, Google will give more preference to that site whenever you do a search using relevant keywords.

Again, to counter this effect you can do a search after you have logged out of this social media accounts and then clear your cookies. Or you can go and do the search on a different computer which you do not use normally.

Conclusion: As technology gets more advanced you will need to also move with the change. Otherwise you will be left behind and your online business will become obsolete.

It will be tough for you as someone offering search engine optimization services, if you cannot explain to your clients the difference in search engine positioning. Now you know why someone in Asia will get different search results from someone in Africa yet they may be using the same keyword phrase and the same search engine.

Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

The focus of this blog has been more about handling technical stuff relating to internet marketing success. Today, it will be prudent to get into another area which is equally very critical in online business.

On one of the previous posts we saw that to be successful in online marketing you need to be equipped with knowledge and skills. Looking back at that article I discovered there are some things that were left out that needed to be addressed seriously.

The internet is like a vast forest and if you are not careful you can get lost in the thickets. If you happen to have read the history of Africans in the early days, you will discover they were hunters and gathers.

For the hunters and gathers to survive, they had to know their way around the forest. This meant knowing the hot spots to get the best catch and where to pick the best herbs.

Am sure you are now wondering where am heading with this story which to most of you is like telling a folk-tale. But before you click the close button by assuming you are on the wrong site, let me explain how all this folk-tale is related to internet marketing.

Am really proud of our fore fathers. One thing about the people who used to lived in the good old days is that they were hard working people. They took a lot of risks and if you were to give them a middle name, then it would be Determination.

Imagine venturing into the forest knowing very well there could a carnivore laying in wait. Amidst all these uncertainty, these guys succeed day after day to lay food on the table for their families.

They went as far as learning how to handle wild animals if they ever crossed paths. Today, people would jump out of their skin if they saw a harmless rodent in their garage. If you ask me, the internet is more dangerous than going to hunt in the forest.

If it is not spammers sending you bait to trap you in their schemes, it is google slapping your site for something you thought would get you a meal in terms of traffic and conversion.

To add insult to injury, your competitors are employing underhand tactics but search engines still rank them better than you though you are adhering to the SEO rules.

Someone begs to ask, is going grey or black the only way I will get a catch? Should I go and pick the catch in my neighbors trap to put food on my table?

So many questions remain unanswered. If you look at the current trends, there is no reprieve in this forest called internet. Today, you may discover the strategy to succeed in online marketing only to wake up the following day and discover things have totally taken a different direction.

For example, how do you explain this; you spend countless hours reading and implementing SEO techniques to help you rank on 1st page, only for Google to say that now people who don’t know a single thing about SEO will also rank as high.

The law of the jungle is simple, survival for the fittest. If you are the type to give up easily you better forget about doing business on the web. Let me go further to say; forget about doing any kind of business. You are better off getting a 9am – 5pm job where things are a little bit predictable.

With a job you are assured of your salary every end of the week or month. But in this jungle called internet, you can wake up one morning and find your site facing oblivion. If you think I’m joking, ask Ezine Articles or a paid link network site like Build My Ranking (BMR).

Something about life and business for that matter is that there are no guarantees. What works out today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, for you to be successful in online marketing you have to be ready to face all matter of circumstances.

George Patton put it so well when he said “Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom”. How true that is; there are people when they fall down they remain there while others quickly dust themselves off and try again.

There is nothing permanent in this life, if you are facing a series of failures in web marketing, believe it or not, one day all that will come to a complete halt.

If you get a chance to talk to the top online marketers and listen to their success stories you will notice they all have some similar traits:

Apart from having the right tools and knowledge you also need to have the following:

1. Patience: There is nothing as important in online marketing success as having patience. This also applies to all other businesses be it online or offline.

The notion that things are a bit easier on this side of the digital world is completely misplaced. There are hundreds of online programs that promise heaven only for you to join them and discover it was all a hoax.

Think twice when you hear of an online program that promises to make you an overnight million. Get rich quick schemes are for those looking for short cuts in internet business.

Conducting business on the internet requires marketing and online marketing is about been patient.

Before you establish yourself online you need to slowly build your online presence step by step. Building a brand name calls for endurance until the time people start treating you as an expert and influencer.

Lack of patience will lead to taking short cuts which most of the time result to short lived success. The people who hold out may take a while to reach the summit but the day they get there the rewards will be worth it.

2. Consistency: If patience is to bear fruit, then you also need to be consistent. The touch and go syndrome is the worst to have in online marketing or business.

Something that you do over a long period of time tends to be engrained in your system. With time you become better and that is when you hear people calling you guru or expert.

Once you have chosen the online marketing strategies to use, it is advisable to remain consistent until you reap the rewards. The more you repeat a process the more you get noticed.

For example, writing one article and then seating back and hoping it will go viral is like living in a fantasy world. But the more articles you write and post in different directories the more backlinks you create and the wider your net will be cast to reach more audiences.

3. Never die spirit: You might be doing everything right and by the look of things, there seems to be no positive results. It is as this stage that some people thrown in the towel but for the successful online marketers they hold on.

Are you looking for online marketing success? DON”T GIVE UP. Marketing on the internet is not for the faint hearted hence be ready to go all the way until the nut cracks.

4. Thrive on challenges: People who do well in website promotion also have another trait, which is, they thrive more when challenges come their way.

The best way to horn your skills is facing and overcoming obstacles. There are times when you will of course fail but that should not be an excuse to give up.

Instead you should learn from the experience so that next time you face another or similar challenge you will know exactly what NOT to do.

5. Love what they do: I’m yet to meet a successful online marketer that does not love marketing. For me it gives me great pleasure to wake up every morning and attend to my work online site. Whether am making money or not, you will find me at my desk hard at work day in day out.

Passion is so imperative when it comes to doing business or marketing for that matter. If you do not love what you are doing, you will definitely bolt out when things take long to work or when the tough gets going.

Summary: The lines have been drawn and it is time we separated the boys from the men or girls from the women. Now that you have the technical knowhow and the skills required for online marketing success, ask yourself if you have the nerve to go all the way.

Going half way will mean getting lost in the forest full of thickets and uncertainties. Are you ready to rise up again when your site is de-indexed? Or hold on when it takes too long before your site to reach 1st page?

If the answer is YES! Then you are the right candidate for online marketing success.

Now you have no excuse, go out there and make it happen.

All the best!

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Feel free to also contribute on this topic by submitting your feedback or opinions in the comment section provided below.


Author: Stephen Kavita

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Types Of Promotional Videos For Home Based Businesses

Types Of Promotional Videos For Home Based Businesses

Promotional videos are one of the best and affordable means for home marketers to advertise their business. Videos have the power and ability to capture people’s attention more than any other media of communication.

Apart from helping to generate online sales leads, promotional videos can be used to teach the subconscious of your viewers thus help increase conversion rate.

On this write up, we shall look at some of the types of promotional videos small home based business entrepreneurs can utilize. Remember, the aim of any marketing strategy for a small online business should be to ensure

1. Quick Publication

2. Generate targeted online sales leads

3. Affordability

Below are some of the promotional videos you can adopt to assist you market your niche business site or blog.

About you videos: This are usually clips that do well when they run for about 2 to 3 minutes. They are videos that talk about your business and what you have to offer.

You can use this type of video promotion to tell your target audience about yourself and what your area of expertise is. Normally, the video contain pictures of your products and maybe your location and in the background someone narrating.

The cost of producing these kinds of promotional videos entirely depends on your budget. You can hire the services of a professional videographer or you can do it for free. All you need to take into account when uploading is that you should include your keywords in your video description files for SEO purposes.

To ensure that your videos have a viral effect, make certain they are interesting and educative. Exciting videos will easily be re-tweeted and shared using social media sites.

Training videos: In most case, these videos use screen capture shot to show viewers step by step procedure of doing something. Training videos are informative and with them you can offer real value to your audience.

Since training videos are instruction based, they can take long depending on what is been demonstrated. There are clips are can go up to 30 minutes while others can be as short as 5 minutes. But experts in promotional videos recommended that you always keep your videos short so as not to lose your viewers. For a training video 7 to 15 minutes is good enough.

To make your video short, you can use some summarized text content before and after your video clip. Avoid using high pitched marketing phrases in a training video, which can spell disaster for your video.

Technical ability clips: These are videos that are used by software developers, building constructors, SEO experts to show their expertise. In essence, they demonstrate the superiority of a certain product or service and at the same time show how affordable it is.

Am sure you have seen commercials showing the performance of a car and the manufacturing process it went through. It could be a video introducing a new braking or suspension system. The aim of these kinds of promotional videos is to display superior ability that gives a firm a competitive edge and distinctiveness.

Demo promotional videos: These are somehow similar to technical ability videos. Demo promotional videos are mainly for products that make movements e.g. electrical, cars, toys and so on.

video promotionThe best approach to these types of video clips is to make them short; 10 minutes is enough. To make them interesting, you can include someone at the background to narrate the demo.

As you demonstrate, it is important to focus more on the strength of your product and how it can bring value and offer workable solutions to your customers.

Sales page video clips: Many people when they hear of sales page, the thing that comes into mind are long high pitched text messages. But you can also produce the same using promotional videos clips.

These videos are action based where you expect your viewers to take a certain action after watching your video. This could be for your viewers to fill in a form, subscribe to your opt-in email list or purchase a product.

Just the way text landing pages are long, sales page video clips are equally long running from 7 to 20 minutes. But the recommended length should be 5 to 10 minutes. The secret here is to interrupt your videos with several calls to action.

Interview video clips: One of the best promotional videos is interview clips. This is especially so when it comes to online branding and building a web presence.

If you want to add a human element to your work online home business, then this is the way to go. Conducting interviews have a way of building credibility especially for service oriented businesses. Trust is so fundamental when it comes to doing business online and since interviews means showing your face; you will make some major strides.

Competition on the internet is quite stiff and therefore you need to look unique in order to stay on top. With a video of you interviewing a customer, you can easily distinguish your home business from your competitors.

Milestone videos: This is more effective when you have been in business for some time and you have won accolades or you have some satisfied customers. Here is where you get to showcase your achievements over a period of time.

If you have employees, you can have an event where you reward top performance. This helps you to bring the human element of your business in terms of appreciating your workforce.

The most that these kinds of clips can stretch should be 5 minutes. Always remember to keep them current, for example posting clips of you rewarding the employee of the year.

3rd party promotional videos: In case you want to generate killer online traffic, post a video of a legitimate testimonial shared by a satisfied client. Since a customers is a 3rd party to your business, his words can easily help you gain trust from your viewers.

It would be even more effective is the person talking of your business is a well known figure. Try and make your testimonials videos run for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Summary: Quality of promotional videos is paramount. You do not necessarily need the services of a professional, but with a good webcam you can produce quality clips.

Video sharing is more effective when you submit your promotional videos on various sites like MetaCafe, Vimeo, YouTube and so forth. Since most of these video directories sites have share button, they will help you in viral marketing.

Share your views on video marketing in the section provided below. You can also pass on this article to your friends using the social button displaying on the left.

SEO Website Step By Step Marketing Guidelines

SEO Website Step By Step Marketing Guidelines

Any savvy online marketer knows that SEO website marketing is all about content. Actually, the common term in the online world is that content is king. Content can be in many forms and they include video clips, blogs, articles, micro-blogs, podcast, presentations, web pages, interviews and so forth.

In reality, SEO website marketing campaign is imperative if you are to make money on the internet. Research has shown that 95% of traffic on the internet is derived from search engines. The major engines to target in order to get organic traffic from include Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Creating quality and fresh content is a sure way of promoting your blog or website. Apart from ensuring your readership have a library of rich content, SEO website content creation helps you get natural backlinks and attract unique visitors.

But that is not all, even a site that is very attractive and has educative content needs some bit of promotion. This will ensure you reap the full benefits of working online in terms of publicizing your products and services.

Here are some simple but effective steps to SEO website promotion:

1. New product or service: You have just discovered a brand new affiliate product that is hitting the market in your niche; the first thing to do is to write a product review. Publish a new webpage that describes the products. It is an effective strategy of creating product awareness thus customers will know what they are purchasing.

Once you have the page that talks about your product in place, you need to make sure people know about its existence.

search engine optimization2. Publicize the page: To make sure that people in your niche know where to find the product, you need to do offline campaigns, SEO website promotions like press release, article marketing, video advertising, conducting interviews and the like.

You may ask, where do I get content to publish on my blog? The answer is simple, from your product affiliate page. This is where most online marketing gurus advise that you choose products that have quality landing pages. A landing page with useful content will ensure that you convert easily.

If publishing a press release is one of your SEO website advertising strategies, make certain you link it back to your web page with the relevant anchor text. The same applies to article marketing and video marketing.

3. Promotional blog: This will apply to work online individuals that have a website; it is crucial that you create a blog within your website. The reasons being that a blog is interactive and hence you will create a human feel that will assist you earn affiliate commissions.

In the case of a press release, on the particular day that the release is going public, you also need to have a blog about the product go live. This will greatly assist in SEO website advertising and thus attract organic traffic.

Note: A blog should be rich with informative content that will be educative to readers in a particular niche. But it is alright to once in a while post a blog that describes a product or service so as to let customers know the benefits they can get from buying the product.

Every time you publish a post about a product or service, it is good to be honest and discuss about its advantages and pros. These you will only be able to do if you use the product personally hence be a position to give a credible review.

In your blog make sure you link back to your affiliate product landing page so as to drive traffic and earn commissions. Also add widgets that will make your web page easy to share, this include twitter, facebook and LinkedIn widgets. These are mostly micro-blogging sites that also play a major role on SEO website promotion.

4. Email Marketing: This will relate to the work online marketers that have an opt-in list or newsletter subscribers. If you do not have one, it is imperative that you create your own email list since this can be like an ATM cash machine.

Once in a while when you have a good product, you can send out an email to your subscribers telling them about your product. Just to add, always tell your subscribers to forward the message to their contacts and you will be surprised most will do just that. This can cause a viral marketing effect thus help you earn income online fast.

People love discounts and getting the best bargains, therefore go for products or services that have coupons and special discounts. This way you will be able to offer your loyal subscribers with special offers. In addition, it will help you get new customers as your subscribers spread the word around about your offer.

Include social networking sites in your emails to make them easy to share thus boost your SEO website marketing and capture a wider market.

social media marketing5. Micro-blogging: Currently, it would be ignorant of any SEO website marketer to leave out social media marketing as a tool of advertising. Posting a review on an affiliate product on your LinkedIn account will help promote your product. Link back to your blog page since it will enhance your SEO website marketing. The same goes with social sites like facebook and twitter.

It is vital that you market your products and services to the right people. The advantage of social media sites is that people have grouped themselves, thus find the people in your niche and build relationships. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not the only social sites on the internet, there are so many niche social sites you can target and move your products.

Remember to read and follow the regulations in each social media site you join. This is because some products will work well for some sites while others will not.

6. Guest Blogging: If there is one powerful SEO website promotion strategy, it is definitely guest blogging. As an online marketer it is advisable to build relationships with top rated bloggers in your niche.

It will be of more value to you when an influential blogger allows you to post on his/her blog than getting thousand of backlinks from irrelevant sites. When you are guest blogging request to add a backlink and this will tremendously boost your SEO website promotion.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build your online credibility and eventually internet presence. An endorsement from a top rated individual in your niche will go a long way in making sure your products are accepted.

In case the product or service you are promoting is yours, then you can get some of the bloggers in your industry to write a review. You will be amazed just how effective that can be in terms of pushing sales online.

7. Paid Advertising: If you have a budget to market your product, then some of the best strategies include Pay per Click advertising and advertising on classified sites. Always remember to use relevant keywords to link back to your website. This will boost your SEO website promotion.

You can also buy advertising space on small advertising blogs and websites in your niche that are popular. Targeting to place your adverts on wide reaching newsletters can also increase your online affiliate sales.

As you have seen it only takes a single post on your blog to reach a wide range of potential audience. You can just alter the message a little bit and spread the message using social sites, article marketing and other notable avenues of SEO website marketing and you would generate lots of sales.

Make sure that your content is always engaging and call your readers to take action. This way you will cause a viral marketing effect and covert easily thereby your work online experience will be worthwhile.

Follow the links beneath and learn more techniques of SEO website advertising.

Analytic Metrics Guaranteeing Overall Site Performance

Analytic Metrics Guaranteeing Overall Site Performance

The first step towards starting a business on the internet is launching a website or blog. But most people are scared of taking this step because they wonder what to do next.

There are aspects like marketing and converting prospects to customers which can prove to be challenging to most webmasters. This is as a result of lack of knowledge especially to new site owners.

On this article we shall go into details on how you can make sure that your site performance is up to the required standards. You will learn of tools and the things you need to do order to better optimize your site, attract targeted traffic and more than anything boost your website performance.

Tools to install:

* RSS Feed: Most templates come with RSS feeds already installed. But in case you get one that doesn’t have RSS feed you should install one right away.

The work of the RSS is to inform people and sites of your updates in a structured manner. In addition, you can observe your site performance by monitoring your RSS feed activities.

RSS feeds also play a major role in marketing your site. With a good subscriber base, you can generate lots for traffic to your site through your RSS feeds.

Something that I have noted on my site is that traffic from my feeds is usually the best since the bounce rate is very low thus help increase conversion rate.

A site you can go to and create feeds for free is Feed Burner (Owned by Google). There are other alternative sites that offer even better feeds. This includes Postrank, Feedity, FeedBlitz, Mint, feedcat and feedStats.

With Feedburner, I’m also able to monitor visitor activities in terms of the pages they visit and how long they stay on my site.

Most RSS feed services come with a counter that shows the number of subscribers. It is advisable to hide this counter when your site is new. But once the number increases to about 500, you can upload the chicklet counter to help in social proofing.

* Site visitor analytics: There is no way you will improve your site performance if you are not tracking activities on your website or blog. Therefore, the first thing you should do once you launch a blog or website is to install a visitor analytic tool.

One of the analytic tools that comes to mind right away is Google Analytic (Free). But there are other visitor analytic tools you can use like Click Tale, Crazy Egg, Chart Beat, Woopra and Clicky.

It is recommended that you place your tracking code on all your web pages. The best place to position your tracking code is at the footer of your site.

Most webmasters concentrate on the number of hits they get in a day but there are other metrics that are even more important. This includes monitoring visitor loyalty, bounce rate, conversion rate and keywords bring traffic to your site.

All these are parameters to look at in order to improve your site performance. For example, monitoring keywords that are bringing traffic to your site will help you to better optimize your content.

improve performance of your site* Call to action tagging: What determines a site performance is the action that people take when they land on your site. Any webmaster or blogger would want his site visitors to leave comments, tweet, +1 or share his content.

First, you need to install social buttons on all your pages. If you are using wordpress for blogging, I recommend you try a plugin called Sharebar.

Secondly, you can use Google Analytic to monitor your social activities.

Call to action monitoring is vital since it helps you to forecast and know which kind of visitor is valuable to your site. This will ensure you target the right people to come to your site.

You might be wasting time generating traffic from search engines, yet your target audiences could be on facebook.

* Webmaster tools: This is another tool you are supposed to install on your site even before you get your first hit. Webmaster tools ideally track your site data, impressions, keywords and sites linking back to your pages.

If you want to know how search engines view your site you must install webmaster tools. Go to Google and Bing and open a webmaster account and begin tracking your site data.

Note: Webmaster tools are not perfect since the results they display are not accurate. You will gather more accurate reports from Analytic tools than webmaster tools.

site performance

Things to do:

1. Create a list of keywords to target: This is a basis SEO principle that all website have to adhere to. Before you set out to create your blog or website, list the keyword phrases you intent to rank for.

Measure how your site is performing in these keywords periodically by using tools such as Rank Checker (Free), Rank Tracker and Web CEO.

The advantage of planning on the keyword to target is that it will help you to create relevant webpages. Also you will avoid the issue of targeting one keyword too many times at the expense of other keywords.

Remember, the more keyword phrases you target the more search engine organic traffic you will drive to your site.

It is advisable that you seek to rank on keywords that have low to medium level of competition but still have high volume of traffic. Note that it is easier to rank for long tail keyword phrases since they have low competition.

Search engines get millions of queries every month on almost every topic you can think about. Therefore, use tools like Google Keyword Tool to determine the keywords to target.

2. Connect with other people in your niche: If you want to improve your site performance you cannot run away from connecting with the right people. Visit media outlets like facebook, twitter, blogs, forums and offline seminars and seek to link up with the top guys in your niche.

These top guys in your niche can really help boost your online presence and increase the value of your site. By following their activities you will learn new things to help boost your site performance and stay up-to-date with the events in your niche.

You have to come up with a strategy when seeking to connect with other people on the internet. Before you get to the top most guys, first form a connection with others who are on their way up.

Create a list starting from the top guys in your niche coming down. In your list, make sure you include all contact details such as emails, twitter accounts, facebook fan page, blogs and websites.

These connections will help you in building backlinks through guest blogging or just requesting tactfully for backlinks. With proper approach, you can also get this people to view your site and you just never know some of them may help you promote your site or become clients.

3. Design Compatibility with different browsers: An element that can really affect the performance of your site is loading time. The faster your site loads the better your site performance will be.

Considering that most people browse the internet using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome, you can use a tool like Cross Browser Testing to check your site compatibility with different browsers.

These are tools that will test to see whether the layout of your site and images are attuned with different browsers.

4. Site Crawl Simulation: Something that you will discover that affects site ranking include things like broken links and error in coding.

These are errors that can be corrected once they are detected. Some of the tools you can use to find these errors include Website Clean Up and Xenu.

Apart from ensuring easy navigation for your site visitors, eliminating coding errors will help search engine to crawl your site content with ease.

5. Create an email list: One thing that most top bloggers and webmasters regret is failing to create an email list from the word, go. Therefore, rather than waiting until your site traffic has increased; start building your list immediately you launch a website or blog.

There are many ways of building a contact list; go through the email addresses you already have and pick the people who know you personally. It could be people you have influenced in one way or another or people who own you a favor.

On your site, make sure you also have an opt-in form where you can capture your prospects’ email addresses. For visitors to leave their contact details it advisable to offer them something in return, this can be in-form of a free eBook, newsletter or software.

You can also capture your visitors email addresses by installing an RSS feed on your site.

It is amazing how sending a single email to your list can greatly improve your site performance. This is especially so if you are trying to promote a new product, content or launching a new website.

6. Open social accounts: Going by resent SEO trends, social networking is going to contribute a great deal to a site overall performance.  If you thought social media is powerful, you are yet to see its full impact especially in online marketing.

Therefore, as a webmaster or blogger make sure you open accounts on at least these 4 social media sites:




Google Plus

But for you to take full advantage of the internet resources related to social media marketing, you will also need to open accounts on other sites like:








Slide Share

Remember the more sites you register in, the higher your online visibility will be. Set aside a budget to also do press releases to further spread the word around about your site existence.

On every site you register, take time to fill out all the necessary profile details about your site. Rather than copy pasting the same details in every profile, carefully draft different profile details for each site making sure you include different keyword phrases you want to rank for.

Most importantly, add a link pointing back to your site, this in the long run will help boost you SEO ranking and also generating referral traffic.

In addition, connect with the right people in your niche to make sure that your content finds ready audience. It is from your active participation in these social sites that you will improve your SEO ranking through social signals and thus increase your site awareness and performance.

A simple way of updating your social media account automatically is to interlink them. This will save you time of visiting each of these sites to update them.

Bonus tip: You need to periodically measure your site growth and the only way to do that is by setting targets. This is the only way of telling if you are making any progress.

Setting goals helps you to decide what needs to be tweaked thus improve your site performance. You cannot expect to succeed in online business or any other business for that matter without having clear and set targets.

Therefore, gauge your site performance on a regular basis. Have short (weekly or daily) and long terms (monthly or yearly) goals to help you measure your progress.

  • Some of the goals and targets you can set include
  • Tweets to post on daily or weekly basis
  • Number of articles you intend to read on a daily basis
  • Number of twitter followers you intent to have after a six months period
  • Number of people to have in your email opt-in list, or RSS feed in one year.
  • Number of site traffic you plan to attract to your site after six months
  • Number of posts you need to generate on a daily or weekly basis.

The secret to succeeding in making money through blogging or operating a website is through tracking the growth of your site.

Is there something you think has been left out in this article that would help in improving site performance? Kindly feel free to add it by posting in the comment section appearing below this post.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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