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Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

The fact that SEO internet business marketing is becoming more advanced, small online entrepreneurs are finding it hard to make it. Every month Google is making it even more difficult to rank especially for small home based business sites.

Just in the months of November and December of 2011, Google announced that it had done 10% changes to their algorithm each month. Come 2012 you can bet that this is not bound to change and all this is in an effort to improve search results.

Search engines main agenda is to ensure their users get exactly what they want. Therefore, as the online world continues to evolve, internet business marketing is set to become even more challenging.

With all these algorithm changes, where does all that leave you as a small business entrepreneur?  What do you need to do so as to compete with top ranking websites and blogs?

On this post, you will find the secrets to effectively market your business on the internet. Since I want you to start the new year with good news, let me inform you that you too can rank high for relevant key terms. All you need to know is how to play the game in a legit way.

A case in point to look at in relation to internet business marketing is how Apple managed to succeed. Though they faced other big companies like Microsoft, Apple was still able to become an authority in a highly competitive market.

Their secret was one; they offered people what they wanted long before they knew what they needed. Rather than become like their competitors, Apple found a way of becoming unique by coming up with innovative ideas that stood out.

The best approach to SEO internet business marketing is to build a brand name. Rather than looking for short cuts to rank, do what search engines want and your home business will succeed in the long run.

Patience is fundamental when it comes to online marketing. Thus do not adopt strategies just because you heard someone else is succeeding in them. Ask yourself if the tactics you apply are legit and have long term benefits.

I know my introduction has been rather lengthy, but in short the point I’m trying to put across is that you need to be natural (yourself). SEO has become so unpredictable in that strategies that used to work before have today become irrelevant.

Looking at all SEO online business marketing practices, one thing that will guarantee you success is content. No matter how many times Google will update their ranking formula, content will always remain the focal point.

As you generate content online, ask yourself if you are doing it naturally. If you were operating an offline shop, would you still use the same strategies to promote your business? Constantly, try to relay valuable information that point your readers towards the right direction and you will surely go places.

Unique and genuine articles will guarantee you return visitors and more so in relation to viral marketing as people share your content. It is high time that small business online marketers practiced legit SEO tactics and forgot about black hat strategies.

Search engines are overrated when it comes to what they can do, but the rate at which they are becoming advanced you never know when they will catch up with your black hat techniques. You would be better off following the legit internet business marketing rules.

While we are at it, let us see some SEO online marketing strategies that you need to adopt so as to appear natural and rank high.

Keyword usage: Most of us are culprits when it comes to keyword usage. Just take a scenario where you come across a salesman who keeps repeating the name of the product he is selling with the hope to convince you to buy.

The obvious thing will happen, you will definitely get irritated. No one wants to be pushed to purchase something thus when you talk too much in an effort to sell you will push away your potential customers.

internet business marketingTherefore, avoid keyword stuffing as you generate your content. Come up with articles that flow naturally by informing your readers rather than selling to them. Imagine coming across a home based business site that mentions the phrase “home based business” in very sentence. I bet you will exit the site right away.

Try and use keyword variation as you generate your content and that will ensure your posts appear natural. The more your readers enjoy reading your content, the more they will share it and the higher your conversion rate will be.

Gain credibility: One of the most fundamental aspects of business is trust. Sport celebrities are paid big money just to wear certain brands. The idea is that as people see celebrities in certain outfits, they too will buy the same in the aim of appearing cool.

Most of the time these celebrities my not necessarily like the outfits. They wear the attire because they are paid to do so. The same applies to internet business marketing; testimonials and recommendations can go a long way in boosting your small home online business.

But rather than paying people to talk good about your business, build real trust by continually supplying your customers and readers with quality products and content.

Building relationships is the best way to gain trust. Respond to all comments whether positive or negative. People want to feeling like you care and the more you show it the more they will trust your site and business.

Building your SEO profile gradually:  It is true that building link popularity is critical in regards to SEO online business marketing. But that does not mean you run all over the place to buy links. Search engines want to see a site that grows naturally and purchasing links in most cases will hurt your SEO profile.

Instead of buying links, create content and products that people are looking for and they will naturally share what you have to offer. There is nothing as powerful as word of mouth referral marketing and the only way to achieve that is through producing quality.

It may appear like marketing on the internet is not necessary, but that is far from the truth. You must adopt best internet business marketing practices but in the right manner.

Conclusion: If you are a small entrepreneur, you do not need to shy away or give up on SEO marketing. It is true that it may take some time before you rank high but the day you get to the top, your ROI will be worth the wait.

Strive to build an online brand that portrays your real self and what you stand for. Do not try to be somebody else or something you do not believe in. For you to be successful in online marketing business you have to build relationships, create quality products/services/content.

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Common Errors That Can Kill Rather Than Build A Blog

Common Errors That Can Kill Rather Than Build A Blog

Many businesses today have begun to embrace the importance of building a blog.

A blog is a brilliant tool for advancing your business to another level. However, blogging requires determination since it is not a one-day thing. Generating a steady flow of content is vital because it is one of the key factors of inbound marketing.

Take an example of fishing, some fishermen go fishing and never catch anything at all, while others make a lot of catch. Why is this so? Some people have the knowledge of the unquestionable basics of success in fishing. So is blogging!

This post mainly focuses on assisting you to stay away from the common errors that can kill a blog.

1. Irregularity

When you start a business, you need to keep to it. The major blunder bloggers make is irregularity both in excellence of the articles and in publication regularity. Blogging is not different from other businesses, when you start; you ought to keep the ball rolling.

One needs to be patient and consistent. Your blog posts should be interesting and relevant to the target audience. Your readers, who are also your clients, will see enthusiasm by how you write posts.

Delegate yourself to the upkeep of your blog. You can start to put more effort, post at least one or two blog posts per week then work your way up. Routine in your publication builds confidence with the audience hence a good gesture of showing you are a pro.

2. Disregarding SEO or Excessive SEO

Visitors will always find your blog by the help of search engines. Even though SEO is important, you do not need to apply it excessively. Extreme use of keywords in posts will suddenly stop making sense.

As much as the robots seek for keywords, always let your readers be your number one priority. You need not to spam your article with keywords since it is against the guidelines of building a blog. You can get the necessary information on search engine optimizationin order to avoid such a mistake.

3. Unexciting Headlines

Readers will always want to go through an article if the title is catchy. Interesting headlines will tell the audience a great deal about the content. Headlines also set expectations. A good title should be descriptive and enticing in order for it to have the desired result.

4. Never linking to old posts

Linking to your older posts is a vital action when it comes to building a blog. The number one reason is that it increases the number of pages that readers view and builds quality links. Such an action directs search engine spiders through your site hence making your pages indexed quickly.

Do not forget your older posts; each of them is an important asset for your site. This action helps your readers to get more information from older posts in your blog.

5. Concentrating On The Blog Design

Majority bloggers dwell so much on the design of the blog than the content. A good design looks more attractive when it has the right content on it. It should be easy to navigate, since readers do not like complexity when it comes to navigating through your blog.

6. Plagiarisms

The act of plagiarism is illegal. It is a crime under the copyrights. Some writers copy and paste other writers’ posts instead of putting up their own opinion using their own words. Google loves uniqueness. Original articles are unique because they express your thoughts with ease.

Every writer needs many ideas to avoid the lure of copying someone else’s blog posts. Plagiarizing is a faster way to destroy a writer’s personality and more so can bring down your blog that you spend hours building.

how to build a blog

7. Forgetting to Proof-Read

Not only does proof reading get rid of grammatical mistakes but also it improves the vocabulary of your post. Constant typing and spelling mistakes on your posts will put off the readers. No matter your expertise, when your article is full of minor mistakes, the confidence of your readers may go down.

After you finish writing your post, take time to read it through. Better still, you can ask a colleague to proof read it for you. It is easier for someone else to mark your typos than your own.

8. Lack Of Social Media Experience

In the present day, Social Media is the best source of traffic for every blogger. Majority of your daily visitors will locate your blog through social media. Examples of Social Medias that help you promote and build your blog are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest just to mention a few.

9. Not having a strong niche

A good blogger concentrates on strong niches.  You cannot take the benefits of focus too lightly. The best thing to do is to select carefully the niche you want to write on, and then focus your energy on it. This will help you in your writing since you will not run out of ideas hence you will have interesting topics to write on.

10. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best methods of making a blog popular. It is also a way of helping one another since some comments consists of questions and others suggestions. When you reply to comments, visitors feel appreciated and they would definitely visit your site again.

Do you want to build relationships with your audience and other bloggers in your niche? Then submit comments and respond to comments on your blog.

11. Not understanding your audience

A blogger must know who their audience is. As a writer, you must know the problems facing your audience so that you may come up with the right solution for them. Understanding your audience will help you write a post that is full of information that will be helpful to the reader.

Conclusion: What lessons have you learned from this post? What are the other errors that can kill a blog?

Kindly share your views in the comment section below.

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Author Details:

Sarah Wambua is an established blogger out to share quality information to both novice and experts on how to make a blog and do home business online. From her blog you will know how to blog from home and prospect successfully.

6 Secrets To Find Home Based Jobs As A Freelancer

6 Secrets To Find Home Based Jobs As A Freelancer

If you are looking for part time or legit home based jobs then the best places to look are at or oDesk. Though for me freelancer work is like being going to a 9am – 5pm job, but I know some people would not mind. Therefore this article is meant for folks who are finding it difficult to land a freelance job online.

Many employers who post home based jobs on freelancer sites say there are many applicants but the challenge is identifying the right person to hire. This goes to show that your portfolio plays a major role in your quest to land online home based jobs on freelancer sites like oDesk or

The two things you need to ask yourself are;

a. Which are the projects that you have accomplished and are proud of?

b. Would these accomplishments necessitate employers to hire you?

With these two questions in mind, here are the 6 secrets of assisting you land home based jobs on freelancer websites:

1. Work on your job description: Ideally, in your job description you should talk of your goals and not your needs. Employers normally have specific projects thus they are seeking for specific people to hire.

Let us take a scenario where your description is talking of your ambition to grow your business, this will simply be bypassed by would be potential employers. So as to get home based jobs, use keyword phrases that are related to your skills.

For instance, if you are good at work from home marketing or search engine optimization, mention that in your description since that is the task you are seeking to be hired in. A good description is the one that focus on what you are talented in and what employers would want.

Remember that your description is the only chance you have to convince someone to offer you an online job. Best description is the ones that is friendly and conversational and not just listing your skills. Rather than listing your talents describe them e.g “I’m skilled in search engine optimization that help rank high on search engine result pages.” Or “I’m able to write keyword based articles that promote websites online.”

2. Focus on your best skills: Though it is possible to have many talents and skills, it is advisable that in your description to focus only on your best expertise. Some people think that having many skills will get them home based jobs, in fact that will repeal employers.

Always emphasis on the skills you know you produce high quality work. This can be in one or two areas only that it should not be in more than 4 niches. This is especially so to skills which are not related such as article writing and programming.

3. Describe each of your portfolio: It is always imperative to fill your project description textbox. Here you need to write captivating stories on how you accomplished pervious online home based jobs and tasks.

You may begin by stating what your main task was and how you went about addressing your contractor’s problem. Just remember to make it brief and to the point.

4. Upload professional pictures: It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is very true. You must upload a professional picture if you want to get home based jobs on freelancer sites.

It is not necessary to go to a professional, but you can dress smartly and then get a nice headshot picture. Wear clothes that you would go with to an interview since this is the only face to face encounter the employer will have with you.

Remember to make a good first impression and a smile will go a long way in enhancing your chances of getting home based jobs on freelancing sites. Employers want to work with serious people thus do away with the hats and casual wear.

freelance work5. Think of yourself as a product: Ideally, there are things that would make you pick a product on a supermarket shelve. These include the images, brand name and descriptions that have been used. The same should apply to your freelancer profile.

Assume that your profile is your packaging and your description as the words that compel employers to pick you and leave out the rest. Your skills should act as the capabilities of what your product has to offer.

The secret is to design and package yourself in such a way that attracts your targeted home based jobs over and over again.

6. Upload screen shoots and links of your latest projects: To win home based jobs you need to show what you can do. The best way to do that is uploading the latest projects that you have accomplished. If you are good at article writing, upload a screenshot and a link to your previous good articles.

It is recommended that you delete old projects from your portfolio. This is because you keep on getting better in your skills and you want employers to see your best work.

When you were starting freelance home based jobs, you may have to pick many different projects but with time you should narrow down to what you are passionate and an expert in. After you identify your area of interest, you need to delete the jobs that do not reflect your expertise.

If you consider some of your old projects to be relevant to your skills, you need to revamp these old tasks by applying for new and advanced online jobs. This will help you boost your portfolio thus keep on getting the best home based jobs and deals.

Summary: Experience is vital in ensuring you land new home based jobs, therefore you should learn new things from every project you do. It is this experience and growth that employers should see in your profile description.

Apart from uploading your previous work from home projects, you also need to tweak your portfolio a bit so as to convince employers to consider you for a contact.

At every opportunity you get, do not be afraid to showcase the exceptional tasks that you have accomplished. Seek permission from your current employers to upload links and screenshots of your successful projects for other would be employers to see.

How To Build A Blog And Get Online Income From Home

How To Build A Blog And Get Online Income From Home

Gone are the days when building a blog was about generating content and traffic would come your way. Today, anyone seeking to build a blog must not only create content, but the content has to be of high quality. In addition, a blogger has to market his/her blog in order to generate online revenue.

Blogging has become so competitive nowadays especially with the constant google algorithm changes. Just the other day we heard of Google Fresh that seeks to rank new content. This is an indication that bloggers have to update their blogs even more frequently.

As you are generating content, you also need to consider other aspects like optimization, link building, social media marketing and other marketing tactics to succeed in blogging.

Here are factors to look at as you build a blog

Have a work online schedule: One of the most important elements of blogging is regular updates. Personally, I post one article every day from Monday to Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday.

This calls for you to have a working schedule which you have to adhere to religiously. The reason to stick to your schedule is to ensure that your blog is picked by search engines and more so build a fan base.

If working online everyday is tough, then choose days of the week which you can generate content to help build a blog that will make you money. There is no point of writing for a week, then disappear for a whole month without updating your blog. Failing to adhere to your work plan will result in you losing your fan base and drop search engine rankings.

Sometimes sticking to a work schedule can be touch and that is why you need to be accountable to someone else. For bloggers working online from home, pin your work schedule somewhere visible so as to be accountable to your house hold members.

Research for quality content: Another big challenge when it comes to building a blog is what to write about. Some days you may wake up and find that you have nothing to share with your target audience.

Expert bloggers advice that before you build a blog, ensure you have done your research well. Start a niche blog that has a broad topic therefore making sure you do not run out on what to share.

It is said that experience is the best teacher, hence pick a niche you are experienced in and you will never miss something to share. I have been sharing on work from home business ideas for seven years now thus I never lack content to write about.

The best approach on what to write about is researching and reading widely. Subscribe to news sites in your niche in order to get up-to-date content. In addition, check out what other bloggers in your niche are writing about and collect ideas on topics to discuss.

Research will assist you to identify areas that other bloggers are overlooking thus ensure you generate unique content.

As you build a blog, always ask your visitors to share their opinions on your blog posts. This will help you know what exactly your readers what discussed.

Sometimes ideas can come to you as you are doing other tasks, it is important to write these ideas down so as not to forget. Doing all the above will mean that you will always have content to share with your blog audience.

Link with other niche bloggers: No man is an island and that is why you should seek to work with other bloggers in your niche. Something I have come to learn in my blogging practice is that you have to recommend other blogs in your blog content.

As you add links pointing to other blogs, you will increase your search engine rankings. Also in the process, it will help you build relationships with other niche blogs thus build a blog that will have a strong link profile.

When you talk about other blogs, with time they too will begin mentioning you on their articles. Eventually, you will get invitations to be a guest blogger increasing your SEO value much more.

Social media sites like twitter are good for building relationships thus build a blog. Regularly Retweet other people’s content and they will also reciprocate thereby helping you to further popularize your blog.

If you want people to post comments on your blog, start by posting on other niche blogs. Make sure your comments add value and it will not be long before other bloggers want to know who you are. Networking is powerful thus use it to build a blog that will make you easy money from home.

build a blogShare your blog content: Social bookmaking sites are ideal places to begin when it comes to sharing your blog content. Every time you post a new article, share the link page on sites like Delicious, StumpleUpon, Reddit, Digg and Mixxed.

These are good sources of generating quality traffic to your blog and building link popularity. You can also share your content on article marketing sites or tutorial submitting sites like Good-Tutorials

The advantage of sharing your articles and tutorials is;

a. You generate organic traffic since your blog will rank high

b. Get direct traffic as people read your articles

Use social media sites to generate traffic to your niche blog: Some of the social media sites that you must have an account include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

On facebook you can create a fan page which you can request your close friends to like it. This will lead to their friends liking your fan page thus build a fan base to your blog content.

Online marketers say that one of the most powerful online marketing tools is Facebook. You also need to add twitter to your online marketing arsenal. Currently, people are using their mobile phones to twitter thus providing you a great opportunity to build a blog successfully with ease.

On your blog, install a plugin called “Tweet Old Post” which will be tweeting your old post hence help you give your old articles new life.

Monitoring your traffic: The best tool to use to monitor your traffic is Google Analytics. With this tool you will be able to study your blog traffic. Checking your traffic aids you to know which pages your visitors are spending more time, where most visitors are coming from and thus know your audiences preferences.

In order to learn how Google Analytics works, you need to first install it. Then go the tutorial on how to operate this free tool.

Pick a good blog template: As you build a blog you need to consider seriously its appearance. Your blog design is greatly determined by the template or theme you pick. Some of the top themes include Theme Junkie, colorlabs, Thesis and Woo templates.

Since templates look alike, it is advisable that you customize your template so that it stands out. Start working on your header to make it look unique and you will create a brand name. The header is a critical component of your blog since it can build or destroy your online reputation.

web hosting services

Summary: Building a blog is not a one day affair, it takes time and resources before you can have a money making blog. Therefore, you need to continuously work on your blog to make it the best in your niche.

If you can create content that is SEO friendly, share your blog links on social sites and bookmarking sites, with time you will cut a niche for yourself.

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Value Of WordPress Tags In Search Engine Ranking

Value Of WordPress Tags In Search Engine Ranking

One of the best platforms for bloggers is wordpress. Therefore, it is prudent we tackle some of the challenges that wordpress bloggers go through. On this write up we shall discuss the functions and importance of wordpress tags.

The first thing you need to know about wordpress tags is that they act as categories. You have two options; you can use your tags as categories for your entire blog or create your own categories thus making your tags to apply to your individual posts.

Ideally, both categories and wordpress tags are links that help your visitors navigate your blog. They assist readers to locate content with ease and more so move from one topic to another.

But the two also have some difference and the best way to explain; is that wordpress tags act as index while categories act as a table of content within your blog.

Latest news: News just coming in yesterday (31/11/2011) said that BING one of the top search engines will be using keywords as a way to identify spammers. This news made most bloggers stop using wordpress tags on their blogs for fear of affecting their blog rankings.

This new development will greatly affect bloggers who think that having many tags helps them to rank for many keywords. I have seen people who add up to 20 tags or even more on one single post. On most wordpress templates, all the 20 tags will be displayed. In short, this translates to 20 links pointing to a webpage with the same content. That is not good when it comes to search engine ranking.

Using many wordpress tags will definitely hurt your SEO efforts. The secret is to have one or two tags for every post you publish. In addition, having many tags will mean displaying all of them which in turn will make your side bar very long. A long side bar will make your blog look cumbersome and thus become difficult for visitors to navigate through your site.

Taking into account that in your side bar you will have other things like advertisement, blog roll, feeds e. t.c, this will make your blog look very unattractive. Ask yourself this; is having 60 categories or tags helping visitors navigate through your content with ease?

How wordpress tags are affected by themes

Back to our publication, it is imperative that you take your time to pick the right template for your blog. For example there are wordpress themes that do not have a side bar when viewing a single post. What this means is that for visitors to see your categories or tags they have to be on your home page.

In most cases, most visitors will come to your blog through your individual pages which means that it will be difficult for them to navigate through your content.

So as to ensure that your visitors view your wordpress tags, ensure that you select a theme that has a side bar preferably on the right. A good wordpress theme is the one that has a built in categories section to aid visitors move around your blog with ease.

Note that when visitors come to your blog they cannot tell the difference between tags and categories. What most wordpress bloggers do is to name their tags section. You can change the wordpress tags section to read “Categories”, “Topics”, “Headlines” or “My Stuff”.

wordpress tagsAm sure you too cannot tell the difference between tags and categories when you visit other blogs. Hence, naming your tags will assist your audience a great deal.

In some cases, tags are links to various posts within your blog but you may wish to add wordpress tags that point to other blogs. WordPress does not provide this feature though you can still add it by using plugins. This plugins include the ultimate wordpress tag warrior and tagging bookmarklet.

How wordpress tags are related to search engine ranking

There is one thing that is critical when it comes to search engines ranking, and that is blogging. Blogs offer a powerful platform for you to generate content that will be indexed and ranked quickly by search engines.

The more you appear on search engines result pages, the more you increase your chances of people finding your blog thus ensure repeat visitors. It is through the traffic you attract to your blog that you will be able to make extra income from home.

As all bloggers know by now, keywords play a major role in search engines ranking. The crude strategy of stuffing keywords on your blog content or at the bottom of your pages is long gone. Actually, doing that today would result in hurting your SEO efforts on all major search engines.

A simple but effective technique that most bloggers use to add keywords is through wordpress tags. Apart from tags acting as categories, they also act as keywords to your articles and blog posts.

Top search engines and web 2.0 sites like Technorati, use tags to know what sites are about thus index and rank them in their search results. For example, Google use tags for relevancy and popularity. This means that the more your wordpress tags are relevant to your content the higher the chances attracting more organic and targeted traffic.

Before, you needed to add plugins in order to add the tags feature. Thankfully, since wordpress introduced 2.4, wordpress tags are now a built in feature. This is one of the things that have made bloggers prefer wordpress to other blogging platforms.

You can also make your blog more search engines friendly by adding WordPress SEO or All In One SEO Pack plugin. These two plugins update your wordpress tags, titles, descriptions and keywords. But you need to fill in the tags field every time you post a blog posts.

Conclusion: You have got to put serious thought in how you add your wordpress tags or categories. Overall, you need to realize that the two have no difference; they play the same role on your blog.

If you have something that you can add to this topic, add it in the comment section below. You can also share this post on social sites using the icons appearing on the left of this post.

How To Strategically Succeed In Marketing On The Web

How To Strategically Succeed In Marketing On The Web

The one thing that most webmasters fail to do when it comes to marketing on the web is taking action. Most business people know exactly what to do, but only 1% actually implement the several web marketing strategies available.

You might assume that they fail to take action due to the cost involved, but that is far from the case. Some of the best internet marketing strategies available are free.

It is sad to note that very few businesses both online and offline have failed to embrace web marketing. Companies find it easy to apply technological stunts and forgetting that there are effective marketing tactics that are simple to implement on the internet.

The internet has a lot to offer especially when it comes to advertising. On a daily basis, over 4 million searches are done on Google alone; imagine a fraction of this traffic landing on your site and the money you can make.

These are people you can direct to your site and turn your small online home based business into an empire.

Though the internet is dynamic, case in point the evolution of search engine optimization, you can learn white hat techniques to help you succeed in marketing your site on the web.

On this blog we have taken time to discuss several internet marketing strategies, but on this article let as look at the 3 top tactics of generating big time traffic.

Technique #1: Search Engine Optimization and its dynamism:

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned web marketer, you know the impact your site can have if it ranks on first page of Google. But we have to agree that SEO has become so unpredictable and yet the best way to direct traffic to your blog.

The ultimate secret when it comes to SEO is content creation. It is good to have a website that is appealing to the eye, but if no one knows about it then all your efforts will amount to nothing.

That is why experts in marketing on the internet advice that you incorporate a blog within your website. Since a blog is a hub of content generation, it can really help you rank high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) thus attract organic traffic.

There are more that 200 signals that search engine crawlers look at when ranking websites. Of the 200 signals, 30 of them are considered very important when it comes to indexing and positioning of sites.

Of the 30, written, video, image and podcast content in that order, are the most important elements of site placement in SERPs. Going by the latest trends, hiring SEO firms to tweak your keyword usage will become irrelevant.

Slowly search engines are moving from checking a site authority by looking at backlinks to measuring social influence. This is because web marketers have been gaming engine spiders by buying backlinks.

To read on how social influence is been incorporated to the new google algorithm (SPYW), read this article.

market on the internet

If you thought that social signals are the only things to look at, let me surprise you. The end of 2011 saw other elements added to google algorithm that included Fresh content.

Now, this is why having a blog can come in handy. But a blog will only be valuable to you if you update it regularly (at least publish 3 articles on a weekly basis). This is fresh content that will get the attention of search engines thus begin indexing and ranking your site appropriately.

A website without a blog is like going to fish without bait in your fishing line. As a result, you will always remain in the back-benches of the top search engines.

Creating a blog and building it is the sure way of getting to page 1 of the major search engines. And as you generate more pages on your blog using keywords, it will not take long before you rank high on more than one targeted keywords.

Today, it is not possible to succeed in marketing on the web by just developing a website. Internet search is nowadays about proving answers to people’s search queries. Hence, your blog should contain information that addresses the problems faced by your target audience.

The reason why blogging is vital in marketing on the web:

Publishing a blog post that is well and tactfully optimized is the best strategy of beating your competitors hands down.

When I launched my blog in January 2011 it was featuring nowhere. Today, the homepage to my blog is on page 1 for some competitive keyword phrases. More than half my blog posts feature on page 1 of Google.

With time, my traffic has been growing steadily and all because I have been updating my blog daily. You might say that is a lot of work and for sure it easy.

The notion that people have is that working online is easy, to some extent that is true but it all depends on what you want to achieve. There is money on the internet but you have to work hard and at the same time be smart for you to get it.

People who have succeeded in online business realized that the internet revolves around content generation. In addition, they found a way to appease the King of search engines, Google.

The secret is to generate content on your blog and make sure you distribute your articles to various content submitting sites. Also do not forget to use Google conduits like blogger, Google +1 and YouTube to distribute your content.

Technique #2: Social Media Marketing now becoming an important factor of marketing on the net:

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know the value on social media in online marketing. Once again, it is sad to see that most webmasters have hardly taken full advantage of social sites to promote their sites.

Just like blogging, rather than creating articles full of marketing pitches, you need to post articles that are helpful. The same applies to social media marketing.

If you want to be alienated by your followers and fans, try putting affiliate links and ad copy like content on your facebook wall. It will not take long before you see a steep decline in friends connection.

It is true that social media sites are fertile grounds for marketing on the web but there are wrong and correct ways of doing it.

The first thing is to connect with the right people; this will ensure all your wall updates will elicit views. But people will only read what you update if you publish captivating, humorous and helpful information.

One thing about people is that they like to know what they will benefit from you. Therefore, your social content should be aimed at providing people with 90% value and not seeking to sell to them.

If you didn’t know, the best approach of getting people to becoming your loyal customers is showing them that you are an expert in what you do. Ideally, an expert will offer valuable information that will seek to solve a problem.

Social media marketing in relation to SEO:

As we speak, Google has incorporated in their search results content generated on social sites especially from their sister site Google Plus.

What does this tell you? It is the high time you aggressively built your presence on the top social networking sites which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +1.

Growing your following and interacting with your target audience on social sites is the next big thing in marketing on the web. Watch this space!

Technique #3: Video Marketing in further boosting your web marketing:

Proper use of video marketing is the ultimate strategy of website promotion on the internet. Studies show that online videos get more views than TV (in the year 2011 alone, more that 1 trillion video clips were viewed).

The beauty of online video marketing is that it is free on all major video websites. Considering that these video sites are small search engines, chances of your optimized video getting millions of views is very high.

Let me ask, why would you waste thousands of dollars marketing on TV while you can get free advertising on the web through video sharing?

Again the web is live 24 hours worldwide unlike TV where your ad will appear for just a few seconds in given locations. All factors remaining constant, you are better off going online.

Many companies are yet to take advantage of video marketing. Maybe it is because of lack of knowledge or ignoring the power of marketing on the internet using videos.

As you can see, there is no excuse why you are not using video promotion to market your business online. It does not end there, the videos on your YouTube channel can be embedded on your website, blog, newsletter, facebook wall and so forth thus further helping you to capture your target audience.

As we speak, am working on uploading video clips on my YouTube channel. Considering my traffic is on ascendency, you can assume what will happen when I add video marketing on my array of web marketing arsenals

Every serious internet marketer has to right way jump into video promotion.

Conclusion: If you take time to learn how the internet operates, you will ask yourself why you never got to doing business on the web in the first place.

The notion that the internet is like a big monster that can swallow you is misplaced. In fact, if you take time to learn the internet, you will be the one calling the shots. By one click of a button, you will be able to automatically attract a big number of loyal customers to your site thus hold the internet in the palm of your hand.

The marketing strategies we have discussed on this write up are a must to implement for anyone seeking to succeed in any form of business. There is no business that can survive the turmoil of today’s economy with marketing on the web.

Do you agree with me on this? Post your views in the comment section provided below.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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How To Work Online And Generate Income Using Your Blog

How To Work Online And Generate Income Using Your Blog


Any person who wants to make money from home has to know the rules of how to work online. On this write up we shall see the importance of creating a blog.

Having a nice looking blog is crucial if you are to do business on the internet. It is recommended that you spend most of your time choosing a blog template that is impressive and well designed. WordPress template themes are the best to work with since they are optimized for search engine optimization.

Apart from having an attractive blog design, you need to have quality content that will keep visitors on your web pages. Publish rich, insightful and informative articles that seek to solve problems faced by people in your niche. In addition, avoid typographical and grammatically incorrect structured sentences.

How to start a blog

Tips on how to work online and make money from your blog:

Blog Navigation: Experts in blog creation state that it should take at least 3 seconds for visitors to locate the categories section. Ideally, you should make sure that your categories appear at the top of your blog. This will ensure that your viewers have an easy time navigating through your blog content.

It is also advisable that you add your category widget in more than one place on your blog. It can at the top, at the side bar and at the footer. All this is to ensure your visitors move from one page to another with ease.

Blog Design: Most people ignore the power of first impression and yet it is critical when it comes to how to work online. You can hire the services of a professional blog design if you have the cash to spare.

In case you do not have the money for hiring a professional, you can choose templates for yourself. There are great theme templates out there; some are free while others require you to pay some small fee.

To further improve the appearance of your blog, upload images that relate to your content. People usually scan through text but when you add picture you capture their attention.

Advertise Your Products tactfully: There are people that think that when you cluster products all over your blog that is when you make sales. This is not the case, internet markets that train on how to work online advice you to be moderate when advertising. Long gone are the days when pushing products on people’s faces was the way to go.

Today, when it gets to how to work online you need to build relationships. The best tactic of building business relationships with your readers is by offering unique content. Also join social networks and connect with groups in your niche.

The best approach to product promotion is by giving readers valuable content first. After you have educated your visitors, you need to ask them to do something like clicking on a link for more info. In addition, you can add banners and text links within your content.

You will be surprised just how people respond positively when they are called to take action. As you get into the thick of things in how to work online, quality content plays a major role in ensuring people do what you tell them to do.

The other approach is by creating a webpage specifically for your products. It is imperative that you offer your target audience with detailed information about your products. This will ensure they know what to expect when they purchase the products or services.

Remember to include pictures to enhance the look of your site and more so to get the attention of your customers.

Site Map: Creating a site map is an important element as you learn how to work online with blogs. Apart from a site map helping visitors, it also helps you in search engine optimization.

A site map is a great tool to use since it acts as a guide for your blog visitors. There are pages that may be difficult to locate but by having a site map you will ensure all your pages are easily accessible. Site maps also guarantee indexing of your web pages on search engines.

Add A Search Button: To further ease the navigation of your site you need to add a search bar on your blog. For a search bar to work effectively optimize your pages with keywords. By doing this you will ensure that when a visitors enters a certain keyword it gets them to relevant pages.

A search bar is really necessary when you have many pages in your blog.

A google search bar can also be a good tool to add. Open a google adsence account and add the google search bar and you can make extra money when people click on sponsored links.

Capture Guest Contact Details: Creating your own contact list is fundamental when it comes to how to work online. An opt-in list is like a money making machine since people who subscribe to be in your list will definitely open your email messages.

Therefore, have a place where visitors can add their contact details within your blog. This can be at the side bar or you can create a landing page specifically for collecting contacts. A site to look at for email marketing management is Aweber.

Share Your Contact Details: Always include your personal contact details on your blog. This is a good way of proving that you are credible and that you have nothing to hide.

Sharing your contact details is a good strategy of building relationships with your followers. It brings in a human touch to your online home business.

For example, posting your contacts can enhance your prospects of guest blogging which is great for building link popularity. There are also marketers that would wish to advertise on your blog; adding your contact details will ease the process of selling advertisement space on your blog.

If you have staff working for you it is also advisable that you list them and their contacts. This will bring in an aspect of professionalism thus boost your profile and online credibility.

Post Product Reviews: The major aspect of how to work online through blogging is selling products. Hence the one thing that really helps in online conversion is definitely writing product reviews.

Every time you identify a good product it is recommended that you buy and use it. This will mean that when you are giving people details of the product, you are doing so from an informed position. Honesty is a critical element of how to work online as you blog and you can only be truthful when you share credible material.

All said and done the secret to making money from blogging or how to work online is by constantly updating your readers. So as to update your visitors with rich content, you need to research and offer workable solutions to their needs.

Also make sure you focus on one niche and you will with time be considered a guru. There is still more to learn about online marketing, click on the links below to get more info on how to work online.

Flash Images Effect On Search Engine Placement

Flash Images Effect On Search Engine Placement

It has been repeated time and time again that flash images are not friendly to search engines, yet people continue to use them. It is true that flash images make your site look cool but why add them at the expense on your blog ranking on search engines result pages.

In many instances search engine companies have stated that they will soon begin indexing flash images. Experts in SEO say that is not fair mainly because for a long time they have preached against the use of flash to their clients. On the other hand, website developers rejoice but the joy is short lived as search engine fail to deliver to their promise.

We cannot deny the fact that flash images really make websites look cool. Most people are attracted to images more than content thus the preference for flash. Big organizations despite the repercussion continue to use flash images on their websites all in the name of enhancing their site appearance.

Then you ask, why the insistence to design flash websites?

There are amazing things that one can do with flash sites. Flash images are so appealing and would definitely increase the retention of visitors to your site. As we all know the lower your bounce rate the more chances to generating income from home on the internet.

Unlike HTML blogs or websites which are plain, flash sites are catchy and hence can entertain visitors. This is more so to niches that are not so serious like game sites or dating sites. But a critical look at flash images when it comes to business sites, they are not recommended.

Just imagine landing on a serious online money making blog and finding virtual cubes spinning all over the place. Would you really be convinced to purchase a product on that blog? In fact, you would exit so fast thinking you landed on a wrong site. Before you get to read the content you would think you are on a poker site.

There is no way flash images will make your work online blog become sticky. Maybe if you are targeting people who are bored and are looking for some kind of entertainment. But in case you want an audience that is ready to flash their wallets at you, you will have to do away with the flash images. Otherwise, if you do not do that, the same visitors will rush to your competitors who are more professional and look focused in doing online business.

Why you do not need to use flash images

Some people will not agree with this statement and that will be mainly because of their target market. But for business oriented sites then you do not need to create a flash site.

There are those folks that may claim that their flash sites have valuable content. But let me ask, why would you then need to create a flash site if you are sharing educative material? Would you prefer your visitors to see virtual balls jumping up and down or interact with your content?

HTML web designingMay be some day engine spiders will start indexing and ranking flash sites, but do you think with those images flashing around you will make online sales? The answer to all this questions is a definitely, NO! In addition, your visitors will have to install flash browsers of which most people have not.

The problem is compounded some more when it comes to browsing on mobile phones. Let us take an example of a phone like iPhone where flash images only appear like a small cube in color blue.

Then, there is also another downside of flash websites where the whole site uses a single link. This means that search engines will not see the individual pages that you will create on a flash website. Furthermore, it will be impossible to track and analyze traffic or bookmark your individual webpages.

In short, what this implies is that you have to avoid the use of flash images even if engine robots begin indexing them. As we speak, Google treats flash as less important even when a site has quality content. As a result, this affects the overall search engine placement of flash websites.

Invisibility of flash images on search engine result pages

If you know of any flash site try and search for it on Google using their exact key phrases. I assure you, the site will not appear in any of the first pages of search results.

To ensure that they get indexed, webmasters using flash use targeted keywords as alternate text. But when you search for the exact keywords the images do not show up anywhere.

As for those that use HTML for site building, you need to avoid using flash images within your pages. Research has shown that pages that have flash imbedded within them will not rank so well.

Summary: The one thing we cannot deny about flash is that they are cool, but that is all to it. If you are looking to boost your web presence on the internet through search engines, then forget about using flash images.

To date, search engines claim that they are now indexing flash sites but to what extend? Since the announcements nothing much has changed and HTML sites are been given more priority than flash. This goes to show that flash images may be cool but they are not anywhere near being smart.


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Elements Of Web Stats That Experts Insist You Analyze

Elements Of Web Stats That Experts Insist You Analyze

Allow me to ask you a simple yet vital question; do you take time to study and analyze your web stats? The numbers you see on your website or blog counter are real people. I say this because some webmasters take for granted the readings on their site counters.

Since the web stats represents real people it means that they have feelings. It is therefore imperative that you consider people’s emotions when offering services and content.

The information you see on your web stats counter is important in many other ways. The other is determining the progress of your internet marketing campaigns. It is from the data displayed on your blog counter that you will be able to gauge where your site needs to be improved. With careful analyses, you will be able to know where to adjust thus ensure your site generates more traffic and makes more money.

Among the web stats you will collect from your blog counter are number of visitors, referral traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic and keywords bring traffic to your site and so on. This is vital information that you need to constantly monitor in order to achieve online marketing success.

Lets us look at the different segments of your traffic that you need to monitor:

Error Reports: One free web stats tool I use to track errors on my blog is Google Webmaster Tool. It is essential that you have tools to tell you when visitors are having problems visiting some of your pages. Some of the errors you need to track are broken links.

When your visitors encounter errors while browsing your site it will lead to a high bounce rate. For you to make money online you need to retain visitors on your site and errors will prevent you from doing so.

Anytime you get an error report it is advisable that you correct it right away. Failure to correct errors will hurt your online credibility and in time online presence. Search engines will also find it difficult to Crawl a blog with broken links. This means dropping in search engine result pages.

Time Of Visit: Monitoring the time that your blog or website gets most visitors is very important. It will enable you determine the right time to schedule things like webinars and most importantly when to schedule your posts for publication.

Hence a good web stats tools is the one that shows you the time that each viewer cames to your site and the pages they visited.

Days With Most Traffic: This web stats is as important as the above. From the web counters you will be able to determine the days to post important events like interviews, web seminars, contests and the like.

Origin Of Visitors: By knowing where most of your visitors are coming from will help you research more on their preferences. This will mean that you will offer them relevant products and services.

Online money making is about wearing the shoes of your readers and web stats will help you determine this easily. Establishing the location of your visitors will ensure you know which other areas around the globe you need to work on to get more traffic.

Note: The more diverse your traffic is the more money you will make as you are working online.

Keywords bringing visitors to your Blog or Website: This should have been the number one point to share. With a free tool like Google Analytic you will be able to determine the keyword phrases attracting traffic to your blog or website.

This is a viral element of web stats you need to follow since it will help you increase organic traffic from search engines. Monitoring the key terms bringing in most traffic will allow you to better optimize your content for more targeted and less competitive search terms.

Unique Visitors: No matter how many pages a visitor clicks; also called page views, web stats will help you determine the exact number of guest to your site (unique visitors).

Equipped with the exact number of unique visitors, you will be in a position to tell whether you are making any headway in traffic generation or not. If you see no progress it means you need to do more as far as search engine ranking is concerned.

web statsReferral Visitors: This is the kind of traffic where other sites bring in traffic to your blog or website. A good example of referral traffic is from article marketing, social media site and the like. It is vital that you study this type of web stats to help you determine which articles or backlinks are driving most traffic to your site.

In my case, web stats helped me to realize that in a certain blog I got good traffic every time I shared a helpful comment.

Page Views: Since every page on your site should target different keywords, web stats will ensure you know which webpages have more visitors. By the end of the day, you will be able to tell the keywords that you are ranking better for.

It is recommended that you add the plugin that will also show you the most popular pages.

Entry And Exit Webpages: With a free account on a website like site meter you will be able to tell which pages are getting more traffic and the ones people are existing from the most. These web stats will ensure you tweak webpages with more exits by adding more content or a video.

Some marketers result in adding more pages while it would be simple to just spice up the pages with low bounce rates.

As for the pages that people are entering and spending more time, you can place your best products thus generate more online sales.

Duration Of Visit: The longer you are able to retain visitors the more chances you have of making affiliate sales. It is hence critical to analyze the length of time readers are spending on your site.

When you study length of visits you will be in a position to know which areas to improve. It could be that you need to add images to make your content eye catching.

Summary: Diagnosing your web stats is very important as you are working online. Take time to learn how to interpret the information from your web counter. This will go a long way in guaranteeing you know where to tweak and thereby achieve success in all your online marketing campaigns.

It can be quite frustrating when you see no improvement in terms of traffic especially when you have a new niche site. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid checking out your web stats every few minutes since it may discourage you.

Online marketing is about being patient and consistent and with time you will sure generate traffic. Once the traffic starts coming in, then you can be analyzing your web stats once a day to better boost your income from home through blogging.

Research Shows Marketing With Social Media Is Critical

Research Shows Marketing With Social Media Is Critical

Now more than ever, marketing with social media has become very imperative. The internet has not only altered our way of doing things, but has also completely revolutionized our way of thinking. Offline processes that would require days to accomplish can now be completed in a matter of seconds.

Gone are the days where you would see an office desk having piles of documents. This has been replaced by soft copy documentation; a good example is cloud computing.

It wasn’t long ago when post mails where the best modes of communication. Today people use the internet for business purposes, communicate with friends and family and also to study. All these been done on real-time basis.

By a click of a button, you can now get access to books and videos through instant downloading. Businesses are marketing with social media now more than ever. This is demonstrated by how gift shops are offering their online customers better discounts than the clients coming directly to their offline stores.

Research has shown that currently we spend about 1/6 of our lives in the cyberspace. Just in the United States, the average American spends like 4 ½ hours daily on the internet. By the look of things, this trend is bound to increase to 5 hours or more in a short span of time.

The increase is necessitated by the fact that some individuals entirely depend on computers and the internet to perform their daily tasks.

All this is an indication that we are fast moving into the digital world. Any business that does not position itself strategically online will very soon become obsolete. One of the tactics that business people need to embrace is marketing with social media.

Google Ad Planner did a survey and revealed some of the most visited sites in the US alone. The list contained six categories which are Search Engines, Social media networks, shopping sites, entertainment sites, business websites and sites offering softwares.

The research showed how marketing with search engines is number one. More than 90% of traffic generated on the internet is through search engines. Naturally, because the internet is about sharing information, search engines, encyclopedia sites and how-to websites like eHow and Wikipedia took top spot.

After search engines, shopping sites took the second position. This includes sites like eBay, Walmart and Amazon. From there we go to entertainment sites, social networking sites, business sites then softwares sites in that order.

Close observation of all these six categories, social media is one of the fastest growing sectors. It takes the fourth position and yet they gained popularity just the other day. Google Plus the new kid in the block has hit the social circles by storm.

By the second week, Google +1 had over 2 million subscribers and today the site has over 40 million users that is after two months. This is why it is critical that marketers should think seriously on how to best approach marketing with social media.

Social networks are websites that are community based. These are sites where you will find business professionals, bloggers, dating communities and online forum communities congregating. Take a look at a site like Facebook which has over 800 million subscribers. There is no way any serious marketer can ignore such numbers.

Next after facebook is YouTube where people share videos then twitter takes the third spot. The amazing thing is that the number of social media users is increasing by the day. It is for this reason business people need to take advantage and begin marketing with social media much more.

Which site is best for marketing with social media in the US?

According to Nielsen, 22% of Americans have been completely engrossed with social networking sites. Facebook takes up to 67% followed by YouTube which takes about 55% of traffic generated by social media sites.

Though the other social sites are used by less people, they attract more targeted visitors and thus are also excellent when it comes to marketing with social media on these sites. These include sites like twitter and LinkedIn. Bloggers have also cut a niche for themselves with sites like WordPress and Blogspot featuring as some of the most visited sites.

Living Social and Groupon are other sites that businesses are using for marketing with social media. The one thing that elevates these two sites is that fact that customers can get good bargains and discounts on various products and services.

marketing with social mediaConsidering that this year Cyber Monday increased by double digits, am sure a big percentage of these online sales were transacted on sites like Living Social and Groupon.

Active users on social media sites in the USA.

According to the research conducted by Google Ad Planner, about 200 million people in the US are active members on social sites. Of these 200 million people, the research reveals that most of them are female. The sites that women mostly frequent are social sites that offer deal of the day.

There men counterparts mostly can be found on sites like social business sites like LinkedIn. This is because most men take the top positions when it comes to the corporate world.

Age is also an important aspect to look at in regards to marketing with social media. Research reveals that young people prefer active sites with more action while adults are inclined towards sites that have more of content. Some of the sites to find young adults include blogging sites and social sites that require active participants.

Teens on the other hand are more inclined to sites that encourage social sharing. Here we are talking of sites like Photobucket, Flicker and YouTube which are all image oriented.

Conclusion: Invention of things like computers, Laptops, IPads, mobile phones and the internet have revolutionized the way of doing business. People have moved to the internet to study, gather information, be entertainment, preach, communicate and shop.  In fact, we are now spending more time online than offline.

It is the high time that people thought of getting into home online business based ideas. Slowly but surely people are becoming internet consumers and the first sites they are going to are social networking sites. Marketers therefore have to reexamine their marketing strategies so as to succeed in increasing their customer base.

While working online, you need to incorporate several online marketing techniques in order to reach a wider audience. Marketing with social media has of late proven to be an integral component of web marketing and building business brands.

On this blog, we have repeated time and again how important it is to research and know your target market preferences and where your audience spends most of their time. This article shows outright that marketing with social media sites is paramount.

If you have more research records on marketing with social media kindly share them with us through the comment section below. You can also share this article with other online marketers using the social icons appearing on the left (This demonstrates the power of marketing with social media networks).

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