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Guaranteeing Your Work At Home Online Program Is Successful

Guaranteeing Your Work At Home Online Program Is Successful

Every day you delay to launch that work at home online business plan the more you create a gap between the people that started earlier and you. The online business world is getting more competitive and dynamic every passing day and so you need to move quicker. One thing that points to this fact is how frequently the search engine algorithms are changing, while in the past it would take even a whole year before any alteration is made.

Currently, it has become easier and less expensive to begin a work at home online business. Getting a domain address has gone as low as $10, while monthly web hosting has become so affordable and if you can pay for year or two the price goes even lower. There are free wordpress templates and in case you want to get a logo the price is so cheap. Everything that relates to launching a blog or website is so cheap but the challenge is how to endorse your web business and gaining online visibility.

As the price for creating a blog is going down the cost of online marketing is going up and to make the matters worse competition is getting stiffer. The reason for this is because as you seat and wait others are out there improving their rankings, adding content to their sites, gaining experience, building relationships and networking. This means it will become so difficult for you to catch up with them.

Are you aware that about 500,000 websites are launched every day? The more you delay the difficult it will become for you to gain online presence and yet visibility is what you need to make money online from home. In the online market place, the people ranked at the top simply take it all thus you have to rank high on search engines to fully enjoy working online from home. In short, you need to be on page 1 or 2 so as to be successful in online business.

Let us go into some vital guidelines that will ensure you are successful in work at home online business:

Choose your battles wisely: Why dive into a niche that you know very well you cannot win or will take you forever to rank? There are industries out there that have a high volume of people searching for content yet very few webmasters have ventured into them. All you need is to do intense groundwork before venturing into any market. This will enable you rank faster, earn income online quicker and thus make your journey to financial freedom will be pleasurable.

Be principled: If there is one thing that is not good in life is a double minded fellow. Having principles is the key to success in anything you set to do. Do not be swayed with anything that comes your way like purchasing any hyped product in the market. It would be better you take your time to hear what others are saying and doing your own research.

If you are working on a certain project don’t leave it just because you heard another type of business is doing better. In most cases when you are leaving a business for another, it could be the time your business was about to pick up. Your friends should also not sway you from your course. Once you get the right strategy and it is working stick to it since the secret to online business is amplifying the right tactics.

It is highly recommended that you create your own value system; this is like working hard to know the current search engine marketing strategies, working longer hours than your competition and endeavoring to read and study from the best in your niche. In addition, remember that time is money thus value and use it prudently.

Another principle to have is avoiding excuses. Do not give excuses since they will prevent you from doing something that would have taken your business to the next level. If something has to be done do it right away and you will always be ahead of your competitors.

Mentorship: From where I come from there was no one to mentor me in how to do online business. This resulted in me making lots and lots of mistakes. It was compounded by the fact that I’m not a good reader. Please do not do the same mistakes that I did but rather get someone who can direct you on the right things to do even if it will cost you some money. Learning from the best in your niche is the path to making money at home.

They say experience is the best teacher but the problem with going that way is that by the time you get it right you may have lost your money and most importantly time. A mentor will shorten your journey to becoming rich by leading you in the right path. Imagine beating about the bush while your competitors are getting ahead of the game, by the time you get your bearing back they will be long gone.

Build relationships: Connecting with the right people is fundamental in guaranteeing your work at home business program flourishes. By this we mean that you should know where people in your niche spend most of their time. Join internet home business community forums in your niche and work towards learning from the top earners. From these online forums you can build relationships that will help you get sales leads.

Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter accounts are a must have. Social websites act as a spring board to help you establish online visibility. To better ensure you build strong and long lasting business relationships respect the folks you get connected to. Avoid at all cost sharing false information or sending out spam. It may make you money for a while but in the long run you will lose your online credibility thus put you in oblivion.

Seize opportunities: Once you decide to do something do not wait, it would be advisable to get down to it right away. Some people make a mistake of saying that they are waiting for the right time to implement a strategy they learned; you forget that as you wait your rivals are busy getting down to work.

If you come across something that works, make certain that you keep at it until the well goes dry. In fact, it would be better to reinvest what you have earned to boost your profits. This will aid your online home based business to grow faster, just as the adage goes “make hay while the sun shines”.

Be organized: Having a working schedule is a great way of getting things done in time when it comes to work at home online ventures. A time table assists you to be organized and thus avoid overlooking some things. Go even further and get someone you can be accountable to, for example someone in your household or your mentor. More than anything stick to your time table and it will help you to prioritize your duties.

Periodically, take stock of how far your internet business is growing and make necessary adjustments when need arises. This means you need to track your progress time after time.

In all these points shared, one thing is predominately coming to the fro and that is you must start now if you want to make money online. Though it may take you sometime before you reach to the top, it would be much better if you began the journey today. Connect with the right people so as to know the right strategies to employ and then work twice as hard as the rest.

Let no one tell you that generating income from home is easy; it was before but right now that is not the case. But one thing is for sure, if you are focused and determined you too can join the league of the online marketing gurus and thereby ensuring that your work at home online business is successful.

Post Comments Ability To Generate Blog Traffic

Post Comments Ability To Generate Blog Traffic


The one factor that brings your blog to life is when people post comments. A good public speaker will tell you that a good audience is the one that is responsive. Even as you are giving a public speech, you would prefer afterwards people to give remarks or ask questions. This is a sign that people were listening to you and understood you.

This brings us to the main reason of why a blog is important. A blog unlike a website is interactive; on a blog you expect your audience to post comments. This can be in form of opinions, criticism, encouragement or sharing ideas. But when you publish an article and nobody post comments, you would wonder what people thought of what you shared.

Apart from that, comments are a sign that actually people read your write ups. You need to make your readers post comments on your blogs. New visitors when they notice that you have comments, they too will be interested to read your publications.

It is like going to town and discovering a certain supermarket has more customers than the other. You will assume that the shop with more people has more to offer than the one without customers. Perception is a vital element when it gets to attracting customers.

Benefits of having readers posting a comment on your blog posts:

Ranking: Comments help you to rank on search engine listing. The more your target audience post comments, the busier your blog appears to search engines bots. Therefore, you need to look for a way to make your readers submit feedback on your blog.

Share Ideas: As people post comments on your blogs you will get to learn new things. It is impossible for you to have all knowledge regarding a certain issue. Thus as you get comments you can learn new tactics to improving your work online business.

You too can share your ideas on other people’s blogs. This way you will build your online presence and reputation. Before you submit a comment make sure you have read the blog post. This will ensure you post relevant comments. Always add value when you are commenting on other blogs.

You get to know what people want to read about: Most of the time when people are commenting, they will state what they have a challenge with. This means you should always go through all your comments.

As you know, blogging is all about offering solutions to people in your niche.  By reading comments on your blog, it will give you insight on what to share in future posts. It is also a way of keeping up to date with what is happening in your niche.

How to get people to post comments on your blog:

post a commentEncourage participation: It will not hurt to request your visitors to share their opinions. This is a way of making your blog viewers to take action. On an earlier post, we mentioned how critical it is to ask your readers to click on a link. You will be amazed just how many will do as you tell them.

This is more so if your content is unique and helpful.

Post quality content: In blogging, content is key and more so quality content. Hence strive to publish rich articles that will compel your viewers to share their opinions.

Avoid having spelling and grammar mistakes since this will make your blog look unprofessional. As we said, perception is important when working online or doing any kind of business.

Ask questions: Some of the time it is good to ask your readers questions. In most cases this results in readers responding especially if the article is great. It is a form of convincing your blog guests to take action.

But the down side of asking questions in your post is when no one responds. Other readers when they visit and notice there is no one responding to your question they will leave your blog. If it takes a while for people to respond, you can answer the question as an alias.

Note: It is all about perception.

Comment section should be easy to locate: Make sure that your post comments section is easy to find. The best thing is to have it right after every blog post. In most blogs this is the case so do not change a thing.

A good comment form should allow readers to add their names, email, web link and most importantly their remarks.

Post comments as an alias: A blog where there is no activity in form of comments it appears dead. To spice up your blog you can create one or two alias and post comments. This can go a long way in making people think on your blog is where things are happening.

Ensure your comments are enticing by summarizing what you have shared on the blog post. This will raise people’s curiosity thus want to read the whole post and share their comments too.

Join a commenting group: On the internet there are many commenting groups you can enroll in. You can easily find such groups on online forums and social media sites.

It is advisable that you join commenting groups within your niche. This will ensure you get comments that are relevant to you content.

add commentsAsk your pals to post comments: If there are people that can make your blog look really busy, they are your friends. As you request your friends to check out your blog, also request them to post comments.

Am sure you have friends on social networks who comment on your updates. If they can respond to your twitter updates, they will most likely do so on your blog. Every time you publish a new post, share it on your facebook wall. But do not forget to ask your pals to go to your blog and submit a comment.

This is especially so when you are starting your blog. It will make your blog appear like it is busy thus encourage others to post a comment.

Respond to comments: So as to make you blog appear more interactive, try to respond to all comments. Just saying, “thank for your comments” can go a long way in promoting your blog. It helps bring the social aspect of blogging which is critical in building work online business relationships.

It is advisable that you read all comments and respond to them accordingly. Respond to comments in the shortest time possible. This means you should moderate your comments every single day.

As you have seen, you can drive more traffic to your blog using your comment section. All you need to do is make people believe that on your blog is where things are taking place.

Human beings are social and we all like to go where things are happening. It creates a sense of social security when we relate with other people. A blog is a good tool to achieve this, therefore find a way to make readers communicate on your blog.

If you can attract traffic to your blog then you can generate income from home easily. One way of traffic generation is through your post comments.

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Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

The internet has completely revolutionized the way of doing business especially if you decide to do search engine optimization (SEO). Long gone are the days when tradition business was the norm, today you can start making money from home with ease.

Though micro-blogging seems to be stealing the show when it comes to internet marketing, you as a webmaster need to use social media sites to boost your back links. Even after you update your facebook wall or send tweets of your home business, you need to have a place that you will be sending your target audience.

Many people use the long route of making money by joining online business programs and spend all day on social sites promoting their web business links. It would be better you launch a blog or website and offer people quality content. Once you have gained online presence you can go ahead and monetize your web pages by publishing links directing people to your work online business programs.

So as to generate unique traffic to your site, one of the strategies is through SEO. As an online business person, if you choose to dismiss search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of internet marketing, you do so at your own risk.

This is what you need to have in mind; people browse the internet to look for content. Therefore, all you need to do is learn what people are searching for and make money from home by offering them the information they want.

It therefore becomes critical that online entrepreneurs figure out how to make the most of this essential tool of internet business marketing. Regardless of whether you run a massive or small home business, search engine optimization will assist you to generate quality online sales leads.

Longtail keyword pro

Some folks outsource for SEO services and that is alright if you have the money to spend. But remember that you need to do your research well so as to avoid being scammed off your cash. There are many con artists who claim that they can make your site rank in a few days, be very careful. Otherwise, SEO is something anyone can do from the comfort of their home. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a will to succeed.

To get a high placement on major search engines like Google and Yahoo takes time. You need to be patient and focused to appear on page 1 or 2 of search engines since that is where the money is.

Below are a few validated techniques associated with Search Engine Optimization.

Choose A Niche: Before you start a website you first need to identify which niche you want to target. Opt for an industry you know you are passionate about and that has a wide range of topics to discuss about.

From there, research and select the keyword phrases you want to target within the niche you have selected. Use tools like Keyword Checker or google Trends to see which keywords are searched for mostly in your niche and how competitive they are. Go for keywords that have high search volumes but low competition.

This will ensure you rank faster and thus generate more traffic quicker.

Internal Optimization: Once you have identified the keywords to target, you have to use the keywords within your website or blog. Add your key terms in your keyword and description META tags.

META Tags: Including a description and key-phrases to your blog META names is extremely important with regard to search engine optimization. This is the segment that informs engine Spiders what your blog is focused on.

Whenever you publish your description, make it brief and ensure you include your targeted keywords optimally. Again note: Think about your target viewers when picking which keywords to work with. The idea is to go for commonly searched phrases.

Web Page Content: To obtain a higher page positioning on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing content takes on a significant role. Each time you post stories on your blog make use of common keyword phrases ideally the once listed within your website description META tags and KEYWORD elements.

To avoid spamming use different keyword phrases on every page you publish.

That means, from the onset you have to choose your keywords meticulously ensuring they are being sought after by people in your industry. In addition, steer clear of keywords that are extremely competitive because it will take you a long time before you rank for them.

With regard to better SEO practices, make sure you work with textual content instead of pictures. Typically, the intelligent applications known as Spiders or Crawlers employed by engines like Yahoo and Google cannot read through images. But because images enhance your web page overall look, be sure to include alternate tags hence allowing Crawlers gather information and know what your images are about.

External Optimization: This is where you work towards making certain engines spiders/bots locate your site thus rank it. The way to do this is by submitting your web URL on other sites. Since sites like facebook, twitter, online business directories are crawled often, you can add your web links on these sites to boost your inbound links.

Link Building: Remember that the more links directed back to your web page the more important your website is regarded by engine crawlers therefore boosting your web page rating. But note, the more top quality links you have from sites in your industry the more effective your search engine optimization will be. Hence, make contact with webmasters with higher web page ranking and request them politely to link back to your blog or you request to be a guest blogger.

Another recommended technique of increase your link popularity while working online is through article submission. There are article directories like Go Article, Article Click, Buzzle and Ezine Articles where you can post write ups and in return get back links.

An additional technique for backlink building would be to provide high quality content on your site which is beneficial to your niche market audience. The more educative your data is the greater the probabilities of folks linking back to your blog.

The minute you learn the secrets you will never spend an extra cent hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to assist you generate organic traffic to your blog. Make the crucial step and with passage of time you too will become a real Search engine marketing specialist.

The world-wide-web has totally changed the ways of conducting business and I believe that this is for the better. This is will only be so to you if you make use of technology.

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How To Track & Generate Quality Traffic To Your Blog

How To Track & Generate Quality Traffic To Your Blog

If there is one thing that really occupies the minds on most bloggers is volume of traffic. But it is better to generate quality traffic than getting lots of traffic that does not add value.

One thing that you will note if you have a new site is that traffic fluctuates so much that it is hard to know if you are doing well or not. It can even get more frustrating if you but too much emphasis on monitoring the amount of traffic to your blog or website than content generation.

The recommended approach when you are starting a blog is to avoid looking at your statics after every minute. Since at the initial stages the traffic is low, this discourages most people and they may give up along the way. If you must analyze your traffic, rather than concentrate on the number of visitors, monitor the quality of traffic to your blog.

Every step you take towards getting quality traffic, you move closer to succeeding in blogging. Find ways of improving the quality of visitors to your blog; this can be through publishing quality content or enhancing your blog overall appearance.

How to monitor the quality of visitors to your blog

For a blog that has high volume of traffic you can track and study your progress on a daily basis. But for a new site, it is recommended that you monitor on a weekly or monthly basis. There are about five elements you need to study when monitoring your traffic statistics.

  • Number of visitors
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on site
  • Returning visitors

As much as tracking the number of visitors per day, page views and unique visitors is good it does not really reflect your site performance. Especially in regards to getting quality traffic to your blog. There are days you will generate high traffic but that what you need to always look at is the quality of traffic.

Let us now go through these 5 elements of traffic analysis and how they contribute towards attracting quality traffic.

1. Number of visitors: This is the one stat that gives bloggers sleepless nights. It is the first thing bloggers look at when they are analyzing their blog traffic. Generally, it displays how many people have come to your blog on a daily basis and how many pages they have viewed in total.

The best tool to install and analyze your traffic is Google Analytics, then check out the section called Visitor loyalty. The loyalty section will show the percentage of visitors viewing your blog multiple times per month. It is advisable to gauge the percentage per month to see if you are making any progress or not.

How to increase number of visitors:

One of the best ways to improve your traffic is through search engine optimization. 95% of web traffic on the internet is generated by search engines. Take time to learn the skills and acquire the right tools that can help you in search engine traffic generation.

Some of the recommended tools and strategies include Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Forum Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Best Guest Blogging, Video Marketing, RSS Marketing and so on.

Click on the links above to read more on each of these online marketing strategies.

2. Page Views: This is also known us pages per visit. It signifies the number of webpages each visitor looks at while on your blog. Number of page views is a good pointer as far as generating quality traffic is concerned.

Therefore, the more pages a visitor views the better your blog performance. In most cases, you will note that most visitors view one page before they exit. Try and find ways to have an average of 2 page views for every visitor.

A good tool to use to track your page views is the Google Analytics. Again, if you look at the segment called Visitor Loyalty, you will gather all the information regarding the number of pages each visitor viewed.

Do not worry so much about visitors viewing one page since sometimes it is difficult to control that. Put more emphasis on analyzing quality of traffic and finding ways of improving those stats.

How to improve page views:

This is very simple to achieve though you need to give it some time before you can record any improvement. One of the best things to do is to link webpages that are related. This will also contribute to improving onpage optimization.

There is a good strategy of automating this process through the use of plugins. Two of the most recommended plugins to use include SEO Auto Links & Related Posts and SEO Smart Links. These are very powerful tools since they pick keyword phrases with your articles and hyperlink them to other related blog posts.

Links within blog posts help visitors to navigate through your blog with ease thus improving your bounce rate. Set the plugin to link to about four keywords per page and you will see a raise in quality traffic.

Remember, the more your pages views are per visitor; it signifies the more quality traffic you are generating.

3. Bounce Rate: Ideally, bounce rate shows the percentage of traffic that visit one page and then exit your site. Bounce rate is important since it displays your blog retention rate which also affect sales conversion rate.

Studies have shown that any bounce rate below 80% is good enough. But it is advisable to try and take it as low as possible. Bounce rate is affected by several factors which include the keywords that you are ranking on, sources of traffic and sometimes a spike in traffic.

How to improve bounce rate:

As mentioned before this can be quite challenging since sometimes search engines will rank you on irrelevant keywords. Furthermore, you have little control on the sources you generate traffic from and these sources can sometimes be wanting.

A strategy you can use to reduce bounce rate is ensuring ease of navigation. Make certain that your category section is easily accessible. Preferably, have two menu sections, one on your header section and another on your side bar at the middle or bottom.

Adding related posts after the end of every article is also a good tactic to improve your bounce rate. This encourages your visitors to click on the links and thus view more than one page. Also add a section showing popular posts to further boost and generate quality traffic.

4. Time on Site: Again Google Analytics shows this statistics very well under the visitor loyalty section. It is good to categorize these stats over a given period of time.high quality traffic

When you observe on your blog traffic graph in given period of time, you will see the average time spent on your site. The longer the average time spend, the better your blog performance.

It is also imperative to study the finer details of your blog traffic. In most instances you will note that a bigger percentage of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on your blog. This can be worrying but you need not to. The reason being that it is sometimes difficult to control the time visitors spend on your site.

How to improve time on site:

The best way to improve time spend on your site is through publishing quality content. As you share insightful and educative articles, you will start seeing an improvement in quality traffic.

Secret to becoming a better writer is to keep practicing. All the good authors you read about today started out as armatures, but with time they have perfected the art of writing. Hence, you just need to get stared and as time passes you will see an improvement in your blogging skills.

In order to become an influencer in your niche, you also need to read widely. This will help you with material to offer your target audience. As you post valuable content then the quality of traffic will definitely go up.

In addition, the plugins we talked about (SEO Smart Link and SEO Auto Links) will help increase time on your site.

5. Returning Visitors: Improvement of bounce rate and quality of traffic has got a lot to do with return visitors. Reason for this is because return visitors know what your site is all about and how to navigate through your site.

To check out this statistics install Google Analytics and look at the percentage on new visitors. If your blog is new, usually the percentage of new visitors will be low. But as you begin ranking on search engines for your related keywords, you will see a raise in this statistics.

Note: To generate quality traffic from search engines it takes time, determination and patience. Therefore, give yourself time.

How to improve the number of return visitors:

The more valuable your content is the more you can expect to generate quality traffic and return visitors. Take time to learn the preferences of your target audience and thus address their needs and wants.

Identify the things that challenge people in your niche and get workable solutions. With time people in your niche will consider you an expert thus will always head back to your site when faced with a challenge.

Take time to respond promptly to all queries submitted on your comment section. This helps to add a personal touch to your blog thus encouraging return visitors.

Conclusion: Hope you have gotten something from this article on how to improve the quality of traffic to your blog. If you have a question, do not hesitate to post it in the comment section below.

Also feel free to share this article on twitter, facebook and other social sites thus help others on how to work from home online through blogging and attract quality traffic on the internet.

Ensuring Your Content Joins The League Of Popular Blogs

Ensuring Your Content Joins The League Of Popular Blogs

To be considered as being part of the popular blogs in your niche, you need to have a fan base. On this blog we have gone into depth sharing with you some of the best ways to generate blog traffic. But there are other aspects about traffic generation that we need to also discuss.

Normally, this are not the tactics that you will read or hear people talking about often, yet they are crucial in helping your blog share the same platform with other popular blogs.

Some of the blog traffic generation you read about every day includes guest blogging, forum marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, article marketing and many others. These strategies are critical in traffic generation but for you to join the league of popular blogs you need to up your game some more.

By taking your online marketing campaign a notch higher you will sure grow your blog faster. This is because very few people actually use these strategies that we are about to discuss.

Here are simple but very effective tactics to implement so as to grow your blog and be considered as being among the popular blogs in your niche.

1. Write reviews: Content creation is the main driving force of the internet. If you give the internet content then the reward you get is traffic. I hope you all know and are tapping into the power of article marketing and guest blogging. These are surely among the most powerful online marketing arsenals I know of.

But did you know that integrating your content with products can be a great way for channeling traffic to your blog? Yes it is!

Ideally, some of the products in your niche are popular and thus get a lot of traffic. This can be a chance for you to create content for such products. This strategy is also known as content integration promotion.

To share the platform with other popular blogs using this tactic, you need to tap into other people’s traffic. This can be achieved through guest blogging, creating content on membership sites and writing product reviews.

Two of these strategies are not being utilized and yet they are so powerful, these are writing product reviews and writing for membership sites.

Did you know that membership sites have too much in their hands; this means that they have little time to create unique content? For a membership site to remain relevant, content is KEY and this is where you come in.

Since traffic on membership sites is targeted, it can be an opportunity for you to join the popular blogs in your niche by writing for such sites. If your content is valuable you will get exposure thereby attract high volume of targeted blog traffic.

The other strategy is writing content for a popular product in your area of business. The idea is to come up with high quality content that product owners can offer to their customers as bonus. This will ensure you funnel online sales leads that are ready to spend to your blog.

2. Turn your blog content to eBooks: Did you know you can turn your content to eBooks for free and still post them on other sites for free? Yes you can!

Some of the sites you can go to and convert your blog content to eBooks include You Convertit and PDF Online. Once you have your eBooks ready you can submit them for free on sites like or – These two sites are among the best eBook submission directories sites.

You can also post your eBooks on document sharing sites like,,, just to mention a few.

It is amazing how by just turning your articles and blog content to eBooks can make your blog join the league of popular blogs by increasing your traffic 5 times or more.

The secret about eBooks is that you get to add backlinks pointing to your homepage or to particular pages within your blog. This means increasing your blog SEO value thus organic traffic. You can also consider turning your content to videos, podcast or posts on internet forums in your niche.

popular blogs3. Value content: This is the one thing that you cannot run away from if you want your blog to be considered to be among popular blogs. Blog writing is about planning and adding value both to readers and search engines.

Studies have shown that you can attract all the traffic on the internet, but without rich content you will never retain visitors on your blog. Bloggers who seek to constantly publish valuable content are the ones that appear on the podium of popular blogs.

You will never go wrong if you regularly submit content that is educative to your target audience. There are issues that face people in your niche thus if you step in to offer workable solutions then your blog will be popular.

4. Form your own online community: Anywhere that online marketing is mentioned, social media can never be left out. The sad part is that webmasters have not yet known how to make full use of social networking sites.

The best way to popularize your blog through social media sites is through building your own fan base or community. The secret is to link your blog to your social networking account. Then make sure that you respond to every comment that is shared about your post.

A simple but effective tactic of increasing your blog traffic is responding to every twitter conversation in your niche. In addition, respond to all your emails promptly (within 24 hours), join chat forums and make sure you add value to every person you converse with.

You need to be able to create a buzz from every blog post shared if you want your blog to be popular. Engaging your fans on sites like facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Technocrati and instant messaging platforms like Google talk will guarantee your blog joins the league of top popular blogs in no time.

Note: For you to cause a buzz using your content you need to observe point number 3

5. Create traffic on demand: Creating a mailing list is one of the best techniques of generating blog traffic. If you center your efforts on increasing your email subscriber base, you can be rest assured that you will make money online.

The best way to direct traffic to specific places within your blog is through email marketing. That is why email marketing is referred to as an online ATM machine since you generate traffic on demand.

Just the other day you saw how many bad and popular blogs where hit with the Google panda updates. With a mailing list you can continue generating traffic on demand no matter the change in the search engines algorithms.

It even gets better, with just a subscriber base of about 500 people; you can use these same subscribers to invite others to join your email list. You can also link up with other people in your niche who have their own mailing list to promote each others’ products and content.

Some sites you can go to and promote your content on other people’s email list include List Swapper, Warrior Joint Ventures and Ads Swap Finder.

Summary: Content is KING

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages To Rock Your Web Home Business

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages To Rock Your Web Home Business

Social media has for a sometime now been the bedrock of business promotion. At first no one thought much of social sites but as we speak any online entrepreneur that ignores these sites is missing out a lot.

It is difficult when you are talking about social media marketing to fail to mention Facebook. With over 900 million active subscribers, facebook has truly become a power house in social marketing.

Facebook offers various ways of relating with potential customers. Building relationships is the first strategy of growing a business and facebook does exactly that.

On this write up we are going to discuss an important facebook tool for marketing your home business. Facebook fan pages are surely a gem when it comes to marketing on the internet.

Even with the potential to turn your small online home business into a mega business, entrepreneurs are yet to fully harness the power of marketing using facebook fan pages.

It is common to hear business owners saying that their fan pages are not as effective. Others have worked so hard but still their fan pages have very few likes.

Today, you will learn how to make sure your facebook fan page bares the required results.

Before you launch any online marketing campaign it is always important to plan, set your targets and stipulate your strategy.

The mistake that most entrepreneurs commit is creating a fan page just for the sake of it. You need to lay down strategies and know the people you want to target and how you are going to reach them.

With proper planning, you will attract the right fan base who will engage with you and your business.

Setting ground rules for your fan page:

The first step to take is to define the reasons of setting up a fan page. If you are creating a facebook fan page just because all your competitors have done the same then you are missing the point.

Instead, write down what you intend to achieve from creating a facebook page.

Uniqueness is also very imperative if your page is to help you market your business. Identify what your competitors are not doing and implement on your page. It is this difference that will set your business apart from the rest.

Your page should also include things that cannot be found on your website. This can be in form of quotes, addition expert advice or contests.

These are simple strategies of engaging your fans thus have a platform to interact with them on another level. Ideally, a fan page should have some life and not appear motionless.

Now that we have set the ground rules, let us list some tips to help you promote your business using facebook fan pages:

The content to submit on your page: As you set up your page you need to decide before hand the kind of posts to publish. It can be boring to share content from your site alone thus identify other sites where you can be getting content.

These should be sites that have authority in your niche. Apart from making your fan page rich, posting content from other related sites will help boost your credibility. Within no time other business owners will also start sharing your content on their facebook fan pages.

marketing with facebook

System of posting: There are different ways of communicating with your fans. You can decide to be formal and educative or simply post content that require your audience to respond.

That is not all; you can also opt to post content in a news format or through providing facts. It is always advisable to post using your personal names.

This helps in bringing a human element to your business thus building trust. The use of names is also a way of building a personal brand.

Frequency of posting on your fan page: Posting too many posts in a day can be quite overwhelming for both you and your fans. On the other hand, posting one post a week will make your page appear dead.

It is recommended you update your facebook fan page at least ones or twice in a day. For example, you can post an article in the morning and in the evening share a motivational quote.

On other days you can put a poll for your fans to participate. These are effective ways of engaging with your audience thereby helping you promote your online home based business.

How to react to both positive and negative comments: As much as you may want to please all your fans you need to be ready for rejection. The last thing you need to do is to assume that the negative people are being personal.

You need to device a method before hand on how you are going to deal with negative comments about your products or your site.

In addition, come up with a plan on how to handle unrelated posts on your facebook fan page that can distract your fan from constructive interaction. Set guidelines on the type of posts to allow on your fan page and the ones to delete.

Your fans also need to be educated on the type of post to share on the fan page wall. This will help you avoid the hassle of cleaning up your wall all the time.

How to provide feedback to your fan base: The same way you need to respond to comments submitted on your blog you should also do the same on your fan page.

Do not let 24 hours elapse before you get back to any question posed to you by any fan. In case you are not able to respond in time, make sure when you finally do so start with an apology.

This will help build relationships and your reputation hence make your fans trust you and what you have to offer. Every response proves to your fans that you care and you will always be there for them.

Sometime it takes very little to turn a potential customer into a loyal one just because you lend them an ear.

Summary: Above are guidelines that will ensure your facebook fan page drive traffic to your website and help grow your business. This does not mean you cannot change these guidelines to suit your business or the needs of your fans.

Time to time, you can examine your guidelines and make necessary adjustments when need arises.

All said and done, having ground rules helps you grow and run your facebook fan page effectively thus reap maximum results.

If you haven’t set up a fan page it is high time you get down to business, click here to create one. In some cases, it only takes a single twist or adding some spice to your marketing plan to take your home business to another level.

Maybe the one ingredient missing in your marketing recipe is having a facebook fan page.

I’m sure you may be having something you want to ask or add regarding this topic. Please feel free to do just that by submitting your comments in the section provided below.

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Is Google Keyword Research Becoming Irrelevant?

Is Google Keyword Research Becoming Irrelevant?

keyword analysisWhen I woke up this morning I had already decided on the topic to write about but something strange happened. I read a lot in order to come up with articles thus I’m forced do research by entering keywords in the google search box.

It then crossed my mind how Google has been going on and on about leveling the playing field as far as SEO is concerned. The research for my intended topic was diverted and I began researching on something else.

I wanted to see whether the results I got had websites that did not have any relation in terms of the keyword phrases I entered and if so, whether they were want I was searching for.

This was my finding, the search results were almost 90% related to what I was searching for and all the sites had used the same or relevant keywords within the content.

So, how is google going to rank sites that don’t care about SEO though they have great content?

This is the question that got my adrenaline running and thus the reason of writing this article. Many webmasters and web marketers are wondering whether keyword tools have become irrelevant and it’s only fair they know the truth.

The motivation to write about this is also because of the recent google algorithm updates that have been taking place. If there is an SEO expert that can explain to me like a layman how google is leveling the playing field by their new algorithm update I would be so happy.

For a long time now SEO experts have been using different tools to market on the internet. Publisher after publisher have been writing articles showing people how to do google keyword research in order to rank high on SERPs.

There are webmasters and bloggers whose sites are based on keyword phrases such as “keyword tools”, “Keyword research” and other related keywords. A look at the blogs about site optimization, thousands of articles have been posted teaching on how to optimize using keywords.

That notwithstanding, there are hundreds of people and companies that have spent endless hours designing programs to help in keyword research. Some of the best keyword research tools include Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, Keyword Winner, Market Samurai and many others.

Bloggers really love using wordpress to create blogs. This is because wordpress comes with amazing plugins that can really help you generate traffic.

One of the plugins that almost all wordpress bloggers use is All In One SEO and the other is Yoast WordPress SEO which I personally use. These are plugins that help bloggers conduct keyword research among other optimization practices and thus the reason why blogs do well on search engines especially google.

Google also has the Google Keyword External Tool to help site owners and web marketers know which keywords to optimize on within their content or to use in their Adwords campaigns.

google keyword research

Google’s bid to level the playing field has resulted in the release of major algorithm updates. The latest was Google Venice which is said to de-index sites that build backlinks unnaturally.

According to google, they want sites that have quality content but know nothing about SEO to have their fair share of organic search results. How is that going to work or improve search results?

The result of ranking sites without considering keyword usage will mean that a site can rank high but since there is no keyword optimization it can rank on any google keyword phrase. If you ask me, that will only led to total confusion.

Search engines are robots and for that reason they can never tell what your articles are all about. The only indicator they have to know what your content is about is by checking the words you have repeated.

The other parameter engine spiders use is checking the authority of your site. The more relevant and quality sites pointing back to your content the better you will rank on SERPs.

How is it possible that someone writing about a given topic and fails to mention specific keywords will rank same with another person who has optimized his content with relevant keywords?

If you ask me that is not possible!

But I have to give a thumps up to google for enabling their bots connect words that are related, stemming, plural and relevant. This will go a long way in ensuring that bloggers and webmasters optimize their content without making it obvious that there are phrases they keep on mentioning.

Going round in circles

It may appear like my arguments are unfounded or maybe my understanding of leveling the playing field is misplaced. What google is trying to do is keep webmasters and bloggers on their toes.

People have found many loop holes in the Google ranking formula thus the reason for google to scare them off a bit.

Do not get me wrong, search results have really improved especially from December last year when Panda Update was first released. After that they have been several panda versions that have been released and for sure they have helped reduce crappy content on search results.

What I find hard to comprehend is the death of keyword research all in the name of ranking sites that do not know anything about SEO. It would be understandable to find a way to deal with sites that over optimize using keywords.

No matter how many times google alters its algorithm formula, there is no way they are going to eliminate the use of keywords. Therefore, those of you who might be hoping to rank without using keywords you better rethink.

The recommended thing to do is to put more emphasis on generating quality content and being careful not to check on your keyword density.

Work on your keyword usage to ensure that you don’t over optimize but at the same time make certain search engine Crawlers know what your content is all about.

Now, to answer the question that we asked: Is Google Keyword Research Dead?



Keywords tools and keyword optimization strategies are here to stay. Anyone that ignores or is naïve about anything pertaining to SEO is leaving a lot of money on the table.

Generating content without doing keyword research is like trying to hit a target while blind folded. Just as water is important in sustaining life, so is keyword research in search engine optimization.

Soon you will read of articles claiming that SEO is dead. For me I think SEO is here to stay, what I think will change are the strategies of doing SEO.

The two driving forces of google internet search are keywords and backlinks. While keywords help search engines know in which niche to rank you on, backlinks tell search engines the authority of your site.

If you were thinking of re-strategizing and stopping the use of keywords within your content, your competitors will be the ones smiling all the way to the bank.

The panic that is taking place in the online marketing arena tells me google has succeeded in scaring site owners. Every day, article after article are been released spelling doom to people who do SEO.

Now that you know better; rest easy and don’t allow Google to take you around in circles. The only way they are going to completely level the playing find is hire millions of people to read each and every article released on the web.

If you come across an article that talks about how to do google keyword research or the mistakes to avoid in keyword research don’t say that these articles are irrelevant. They are relevant now and they will be for a long time to come.

Summary: Researching for keywords in a bid to rank on Google or other search engines is absolutely imperative. There is no way of telling what your content is about unless you mention certain words related to your niche or topic.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Post your comments in the section provided below.

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What is the Ideal SEO Guide To Use Today And In Future?

What is the Ideal SEO Guide To Use Today And In Future?

The one and most important ingredient of basic SEO guide is one, CONTENT. It is amazing the way different SEO experts will attribute their success to different search engine optimization methods. But the common denominator you will find in all the SEO methods they used will be content.

This goes to show that there is no ultimate SEO guide that will work better than the rest. In fact, all the SEO guides you have read work, the secret is implementing them the right way and being consistent.

Many are the times you will notice online marketing professionals coming up with different views; this does not mean that one is better than the other. Actually, they are all right because they are talking from experience by sharing what worked for them.

While one webmaster may have had great success with article marketing, another could have had similar results with video marketing. In short, there is no better SEO guide than the other; it is all a matter of execution that really counts.

Which SEO guide worked for me?

At the moment I cannot claim that I’m a guru when it comes to website ranking, but most of my blog posts rank on page 1 of google search results. It is from my personal experience that I can share with you the SEO guide that helped me in generating online traffic from search engines.

The best strategies of getting a good placement in search engine result pages for me are blogging and article marketing. These are the two techniques that have made my work online blog to rank on page 3 in a very competitive niche in just 6 months. Am sure it will not take long before I hit page 1.

Blogging is all about creating content that is helpful to readers. If you aim to educate and offer people workable solutions to their problems then they will build confidence in you. As you build your online reputation by sharing rich content, traffic will build and it will not take long before your readers begin to link back to your blog or website.

It is only by generating relevant and insightful articles that will necessitate high quality sites to link to you. Therefore, the ultimate SEO guide of ensuring you boost your search engine ranking is distributing valuable content.

Search engine algorithms:

Most of the time when people read about page ranking the thing that comes to mind is the google “1 – 10 PageRank”. As much as this may count to a certain extent, it does not contribute much to traffic generation or work online money making. In actual fact, the 1 – 10 PageRank has got nothing to do with SEO guide.

When talking of page placement, the ideal way to gauge this is to consider where your webpages appear in search engine result pages (SERP’s). It was just the other day when the Google panda updates hit many webmasters and bloggers by surprise. The updates where meant to demonstrate to online marketers that content is key.

For search engines to remain relevant and better their browser’s experience, they have to keep providing quality content. So if you say you survived the google panda updates and you offer people useless content, it will not take long before another google algorithm change hits you too.

Of late the algorithm changes have been designed to root out low quality sites that have duplicate content or have content that is not useful. This goes to show that the best SEO guide that every expert should share is definitely quality content creation.

best SEO guideTake time to read other blog content in your niche and provide your readers with informative and original ideas. Do research and come up with detailed reports that are insightful and search engines will obviously rank your website or blog on their first pages. According to Google only top quality sites should be rewarded with high page ranking.

Online reputation and presence:

Apart from creating content for search engine ranking, remember that you also need to consider your reader’s experience. If you offer useless content, you can be sure that your visitors will keep away from your blog or website.

Therefore, be professional as you are publishing your content. As you aim to rank on search engine result pages, build your online reputation by offering content that is devoid of typos and grammar mistakes. The articles on your blog are a direct representation of who you really are.

Since on the internet there is no face to face interaction, people form an impression from the way you present your content. Thus the material you discuss on your site should be objective towards adding value and not just filling up the space.

Take note: For you to make money online you need to retain people on your webpages. The lower your bounce rate (the recommended bounce rate is 80% and below) the better your conversion rate will be. Reflect on this, your online presence is dependent on the type of content you share.

Some of you may claim that they are not good writers, but you do not need to be an established author in order to come up with good content. Even the best authors you see today worked hard to get to where they are today. Practicing is the secret of developing your article writing skills or creating quality video content.

To avoid hurting your online reputation by sharing poor content, you can hire experts to write for you. There are sites you can visit and hire writers to create quality content at affordable rates. One search site is at Warrior Forum.

Keywords in SEO guide:

The fact that am sharing about search engine optimization means I cannot omit the importance of keywords. When it comes to keywords the two things you should always remember is to avoid overstuffing and forcing keywords in your articles.

Note that people are the ones that will purchase your products and not search engines. Hence you can rank very well because of forcing keywords but if people do not understand what you have written, how would you expect them to buy?

Furthermore, it will not take long for search engine bots to see that your content is of low quality and they will send your site to the sandbox. To avoid being penalized by engine spiders, keep away from keyword spamming and overstuffing. A good SEO guide must emphasis the right use of keywords.

To sum it all up, the ultimate SEO guide is about being patient. If you are consistent and take time to create rich content you can be sure to laugh all the way to the bank. This will not happen overnight, but is a matter of focusing on improving the lives of people in your niche.

Regardless of the SEO guide you opt to work with, never move away from syndicating relevant and quality content. Therefore, as you create that video or article take time to address the needs of your target audience adequately.

How To Launch A Business Blog From Home

How To Launch A Business Blog From Home

There are several ways of making money blogging but have you ever thought of a business blog? People start a blog for different reasons, while some folks are in it for fun or learn new stuff; others are there to make money.

For a long time I knew I was cut out for business but my dilemma was which business I should venture into. I ended up doing several offline businesses which never really took off until one day a thought came into my mind.

I must say it was curiosity that led me into thinking of doing online business. Since there was no one to mentor me I made a lot of mistakes until one day a light popped on my head. To cut a long story short, that is when the idea of building a business blog started.

During this time when I was trying to discover my way around the internet, I learned so many things. Therefore, by the time 4 years had passed I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My goal become to make sure that other newbies do not make the same mistakes that I did.

Right now I feel satisfied when I help someone set up his/her own business blog. It gets even more fulfilling when the people I helped call me with excitement in their voice saying they made some dollars online.

People share lot of content when it comes to building a business blog but most of them fail to give people the right direction. Blogging for profit is not like joining a quick get rich scheme. You need to be strategic, tactful and most importantly patient and consistent.

Do not launch a business blog in an area that you are not well conversant with. Most of the time, when it comes to online business especially blogging, it may take a while before you begin getting your ROI (Return On Investment). It is for this reason that some bloggers fall out on the wayside.

But if you pick to blog on a topic that you have an interest in, you will be willing to go on even when you are not making any cash. To create a successful business blog you need to share on issues that you are passionate about.

The other day I was reading the story written by Randfish of Geraldine who runs a business blog titled The Everwhereist that deals with travel. It is inspiring the way 18 months after launching a blog and she was still not making any headway she kept on blogging daily.

This was despite the fact that she was employing all the white hat strategies like guest blogging, posting original pictures, best SEO practices and social media marketing. Her big break came two years after launching her business blog. Today her traffic hits over 70 thousand visits a day.

Below is the traffic statistics for The Everywhereist.

So, select a niche you know very well you can see yourself sharing information 10 years down the road. This is where you start; do not rush to pick affiliate products and yet you do not know what you want to share on your blog.

There are bloggers out there who are in certain niches just because they heard products in that niche convert faster. These are the same people after some 3 months and they have made not even one single sale begin discouraging others from venturing into online business.

Your approach to operating a business blog has to be calculated. It is better to spend a month or two trying to discover your strengths so as to venture into an area you know you are good at.

Once you are done with picking a niche, the next thing you need to ask yourself is; how am I going to generate income from my blog?

Creating a blog is one thing but turning it into a business blog is another thing all together. Some of the ways of profiting from your blog include selling advertisement space, selling affiliate products or adding Google adsense.

As much as all the above income generating tactics are good, in all of them you end up acting as the broker/middleman. If you ask me, you would be better off being the point man thus calling the shots.

It is good to sell affiliate products, add google adsense or sell advertisement space on your blog in order to make money. But you need to go a step further and turn you blog in a real business venture.

After you have built an online presence and people know you to be an expert in your industry, it is recommended that you go notch higher. You can actually become a powerhouse and make more money if only you make use of your blog.

Most will argue that monetizing your blog with adsense or posting affiliate products is enough to call it a business blog. That is actually true, but the money you make from being a third party is little compared to when you are the main guy.

If you take time to follow top bloggers you will discover that they all have their own products. To get real profit from blogging you will need to take the same route. It may be as simple as creating an eBook and sell it on your blog.

At this point is good to note that it is a process. You do not launch a blog today and then after 2 months create a product. You first need to build a name for yourself. This is by sharing helpful and educative content.

With time when you have cut a niche for yourself and gained trust from your target audience, you can turn your blog into a real business blog. The surprising thing is that creating a business blog is not like coming up with a cure for cancer.

All you need to have is a niche blog, desire to succeed and follow legit work online rules. The blog will act as the platform, as for desire, it will help you carry on even when things are tough and seem not to be working. While sticking to work ethics will ensure you gain credibility thus your readers will trust you.

The above mentioned attributes will ensure that people buy products that you will come up with now and in future. Mainly because they will be seeing you are using white hat strategies and you have become a success in your industry.

Here you are, and you have a blog in place with some of the best unique content ever. In addition, you have gained a good fan base and the traffic to your site is what every blogger out there is talking about. Probably, you have been making good cash from selling other people’s products.

It is the high you went a notch high and really transformed your blog to an actual business blog. Below are some of the best strategies of launching a business blog.

Start a school to train others on what you do: Some time back I remember meeting a young man interested in making money on the internet. He told me that we went to a certain college to learn on how to do just that.

Despite the fact that he had paid quite a substantial about of money, I discovered that he had very little knowledge on how to make money online. Since then I set my mind to someday set up a school where I can train people on how to build a business blog.

With the knowledge I have gained about blogging for the last 7 years, am sure I can offer quality information on the same for a fee. This will ensure I train people who can later go out and teach others on how to blog for profit.

Considering the thirst that people have of creating a business blog am sure such business will do very well. Why? There is so much information on the internet and to most people they do not know what works and what doesn’t.

My belief is that opening a school will help people filter content and hence know the right things to do. For me, it would be a school of training people on how to build business blogs; the students would then decide on the niche to venture into. My hope is that people from my school would pass on what they have learned to their friends.

With this era of the internet, you do not necessarily have to open an offline training school; you can also train people online through webinars.

Below are examples of online blogging training courses you can take up:

  1. Expert Rating
  2. Apex Web Media

Blogging is not the only thing you can teach in a school or online and make money. You can offer lessons in almost anything on this earth such as languages, music, parenting and the list goes on and on.

Offer consultancy services: One of the best ways to leverage and earn lots of cash is by offering consultancy services in your area of interest. A business blog can be a good launching pad to get people to know about you.

business blogOnce you have established yourself as an expert in your niche you can go a step further and offer consultation services. There are many firms both big and small that would rather pay for consultancy than hire employees.

For instance, if you have built a business blog around search engine optimization, people and corporate companies can be coming to you for advice. The world over consultancy is big business that has helped people generate lots of cash.

Below are sites that are offering consultancy services in the area of business:

  1. Ben Norman
  2. Enterprising SEO
  3. RYP Marketing

Create your own product and get affiliates to sell for you: If you are good at creating something, having a business blog can help you to sell your own products. Start a blog and post content that will help you attract an audience.

Once you have a fan base, you can begin promoting your products or services on your blog. It could be you are good at designing unique softwares, websites or fashion wear. Why don’t you use a business blog to launch your wares?

Am sure you can come up with a list of people that sell their own stuff on the net. These people have also known how to leverage by allowing affiliates to sell their products and paying them commissions. All you need is to post your products on network affiliate sites like Pay Dot Com, Click Bank or Commission Junction.

You can become an overnight millionaire especially if you sell digital products where people just download your product. Look at a company like Microsoft that sells digital products, Bill gates has become one of the richest people on earth, thanks to his products that you can download for a fee.

Turn your blog to a membership site: The hassle that comes with creating your own products can sometimes be very taxing. This is mainly because of dealing with issues like after sales services. That is why some bloggers have resulted to earning money through creating membership sites.

Ideally, a membership blog will contain valuable content that can only be accessed once one becomes a member. There is a recurring fee that is charged on monthly basis to ensure one keeps accessing the content.

The beauty of having a membership business blog is the fact that the income you generate will be residual. But for the business to really work, whatever product you are offering has to be unique in that it cannot be found anywhere else but on your blog.

If you want to learn how to start a membership site read this article: How To Launch A Membership Site.

Create an eBook: For a seasoned blogger this is one of the easiest ventures to get involved in. The fact that blogging involves writing, coming up with an eBook is like taking a walk in the park.

Normally, what most bloggers end up doing is rephrasing their blog content and putting it in an eBook. Some readers prefer paying to read content from an eBook than a blog. This is because it is much easier to find important information on an eBook than on a blog.

Business blogs sometimes can be repetitive and the hassle of navigating through webpages to find information discourages some people from reading blog content. But on an eBook, all the reader has to do is scroll.

Considering that eBooks are digital products, there is an element of high ROI as well. All you need is to write one eBook and all your customers will be downloading it. You will not incur the expense of mass publication.

Publish a book: You can use a blog as a launching pad to become an author of printed books. Though you will have to produce many copies for people to buy, you will not only create more awareness, you will also make more money.

If you visit a site like Amazon you will find many books that top bloggers have published. Examples of people who have published books include:

Evelyn Trimborn who wrote the book titled 30 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website TODAY (Marketing Matters).

Brian Maroevich has published a book titled Proven Small Business Email Marketing Strategies.

Stephen Windwalker with the book titled Beyond the Literary-Industrial Complex: How Authors and Publishers Are Using the Amazon Kindle and Other New Technologies.

Mario Devonshire has written a book titled 20 Places to Make Money Online.

Note: When it comes to publishing a book you have to first build a reputation. Though it may take quite some time, the ROI is worth trying to publish your own book. Come to think about it, how fulfilling it can feel with your book hanging on a book shelve somewhere in a top bookshop.

It is even more gratifying when you hear people say how your book helped them. All said and done, the income you can generate from selling a printed book can be quite rewarding.

Summary: Blogging is one of the best ways of gaining publicity and thus thrusting you into big business. As you create your blog think of how you can later turn it into a business blog. As you can see there are many options of doing that.

On the internet you can really reach many people. Just the other day the population of the world hit 7 billion people. Studies show that over 4 billion people search for information on the internet and 300 million are added to that number every day. Check out the number of searches done on a daily basis in the graph below, that is on Google alone.

If you can launch a business blog you will for sure reach at least a fraction of these people. As you blog and build a name for yourself, think of how you can leverage and make even more money on the web from home and off the web. You can do all these from the comfort on your home.

All the best as you map out a plan to launch your business blog.

If you have something you can contribute regarding creating a business blog post it in the comment section below. Also feel free to share this article with your friends using the social buttons displaying on the left of this blog.

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