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What Is Google Places Page And How To Optimize It

What Is Google Places Page And How To Optimize It

Did you know that 20% of natural Google searches are local and that small work online business generate over $ 30 billion in revenue from Google places pages?

Currently, google search listing is featuring more and more sites that appear in google places pages. This is an indication that internet entrepreneurs need to list their businesses on Google Places. Google has established over 50 million Google Places but the amazing thing is that 10% of this has been utilized.

Are you seeking to rank high in your local google search? Do you want customers to find your business location? Do you want people to get accurate details regarding your business? The answer to all these questions is to have your business listed on Google Places Pages.

Note: You need to optimize your business listing so as to rank for relevant keywords.

What is Google Places?

20% of all natural google searches are conducted using local searches. This means that internet browsers are targeting more on searching for businesses and content in their local area. Google in their pursuit to improve user experience established Google Places Pages to assist users locate local businesses faster.

Google Places is a webpage designed to help people find what they are looking for in any place in the world. The place pages were launched in 2009 and are part of Google maps.

Establish and claim your page here

So as to see the power of this search type in the google search box, enter the name of one local restaurant. The results will show the first 7 entries from Google places listing.

As earlier mentioned only a small percent of businesses have actually listed and claimed their listings. To make things even more interesting, very few of the listed businesses have been optimized for search engine ranking.

But the trend is changing fast, thus it is the high time local small online businesses took advantage of Google places. Since the places page is customized for browsing on smart phones and iPads, it will mean you will have more customers locating your internet home based business quickly.

Here is what you need to do to make sure that your listing appears at the top of your category for local search:

Edit all the required fields on Google Places Page: The information you put should be accurate and up to date.

Some of the information you are required to add include your company name, phone number, postal address, email address, your business image, reviews, coupons if any, tags and so on.

The importance of adding your business information is;

1. To make sure clients have first hand and correct information about your business.

2. To properly optimize your Google places search page in order to rank high.

Remember anything you do on the internet you need to consider both human beings and search engines. Therefore, ensure you use your targeted keywords in your Google place search page. This will help in that customers will locate your business easily on Google Places before you get you on Google search.

Google Places PagesClaim your listing: This should ideally be the first thing you need to do. Search your business using your business name and then claim it.

The claiming process involves google sending you a postcard by snail mail or sending a message to your mobile phone.

Note: Sometimes the information added by google could be incorrect thus you can edit and optimize your business description better.

Here are simple instructions on how to claim your listings on google

List your site on top local directories: Posting your business on local directories is a good way of ensuring you rank high on search engines. Ideally, google checks where your business is listed in local business directories and adds them to your Google Places page.

Therefore, to help increase your search engine ranking, add your site to as many local business directories as possible. It is preferable that you post your business on top local directories. Some of the best sites include:





Show Me Local


Insider Pages

Considering that these sites have high volume traffic, you will increase the chances of generating direct traffic to your site or blog.

It can be quite tasking to list your business in as many local directories as possible thus it is advisable to automate the process by listing on

Another strategy of improving your Google places ranking is by sharing videos on YouTube. The secret is to add the same google places tags, address and phone number on your YouTube description file.

Note: To better optimize and make certain you target the right keywords use a site called Whitespark for keyword research.

Post testimonials and reviews: The more people who recommend your services or products the higher you will rank on Google Places. But remember to only post real reviews that have been posted by real customers.

If you post phony reviews, it will not take long before people realize you are lying thus you will lose your online reputation. Search engines will also catch up with you and send your listing to their sand box.

It is advisable to also get customer approval before you publish their reviews. There are smart online markets who post hand written reviews from their customers by scanning and uploading them online.

Talk to your visitors to share their reviews about your business and post them on Google pages. The more reviews you submit the higher you will rank on Google Places pages.

Conclusion: Online marketing is best tackled when you include several internet marketing arsenals. As you work on your search engine optimization, you also need to rank on Google maps by optimizing your Google Place webpage.

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How To Check Links That You Intend To Backlink With

How To Check Links That You Intend To Backlink With

One of the most important elements of search engine algorithm is link popularity. Links pointing to and from your site play an important role in the ranking of your website or blog on search engine result pages. Hence, you need to know how to check links that you want to use for your link building.

The importance of checking links is because different links have different levels of authority. You may see two links that seem similar but when you check the links they are of different quality.

Question: How do you tell the worth of a link?

In order to evaluate and check links quality, you are required to look into several aspects. This includes assessing the internal aspects and external aspects of a link. Proper scrutiny of a link determine to a great extend your site search engine positioning.

On this blog publication we shall share with you some of the things to look at as you build backlinks. We will explain how to check links value metrics thus boost your link profile. In addition, you will find out some of the best link checker tools to use.

Factors to look out for in sites you what to link with:

The site pagerank: Here we are taking about the Google 1-10PR. It is important to check for this ranking to determine is the site is banned or is completely new. Even if the PR is 1 that is OK since it tells you the site is live and authentic.

Use MozRank: A valuable site to visit and check links quality is MozRank. This will give you a more in-depth analysis of a site unlike Google PR. Example of statistics you will collect include web reputation,  domain age, SEO Moz results, link authority, backlinks among other important details.

Is the site indexed? Before you link to any site you need to make sure it is indexed by top search engines especially google. In order to check links that are indexed on google enter in the google search box.

If you do a search and find that the site you want to link with is not indexed, keep away from that site like a plague.

Language: Many are the times when you will see sites that use a different language from your site seeking to link with you. It is important that the sites you are linking with to use the same language as your site.

Topic: The more a site has content that is related to your content the better. This will help in boosting your link profile thus rank faster and higher on search engines on relevant keywords.

Content Update: The more a site or blog is updated the better. This is because a blog that is updated regularly keeps on increasing its rank thus boosting your rank profile with time.

Content to avoid: At all cost do not build backlinks with sites that have adult content. In addition, keep away from poker sites, gambling sites and link farm sites. Any site that is in a bad neighborhood will hurt your overall page rankings.

Automation: One aspect to check links with is whether a site is updated by human beings or by article generating softwares. It is much better to link with sites that are updated by human beings since their link building will be more natural and not spammy.

Factors related to link:

Anchor text: Always seek to link with anchor text that are natural and related to your site content.

Positioning of links: Links that are placed at the top head bar and in the article body are the best to link with. Links that appear on the footer or side bar are not so good for building link popularity.

check link qualityType of link: Usually there are two types of link; text link and image links. It is best to link with text links.

Type of font: As you are checking links to build backlinks, determine if they are using good fonts. The right fonts are the ones that are readable. Avoid links with italic fonts or the ones that are so tiny.

Follow or nofollow attributes: The best sites to link with are the one with a follow attribute. A rel=nofollow link signifies that the link has no real value according to Google.

Factors related to a site’s webpages:

Are the pages cached? A good way to check links and whether they have been cached is to use google. Enter in the google search box. If you see the cache is for a week that is good but it will be even better if the page was cached a month ago.

Stay away from pages that have not been cached at all since it signifies those page are not important according to Google.

Page Indexing: Just as it is important to check the indexing of a site homepage, the same applies to a site’s webpage. Use the site:domainname/webpage operator in the google search box to determine this. If you discover that the page is not indexed, keep away.

Outgoing Links: An aspect of checking links is the number of outgoing links a page has. It is best to link with pages with less outgoing links. But if it has no outgoing links then avoid linking to such webpages.

Content quality: Over and over again you have heard that Content is King when it comes to the internet. Check and see whether a page has unique content and not duplicate content. A simple way to check this is by searching the page headline or first sentence on the google search box.

Enter in the search box “the webpage headline” and if you see that the webpage is the one that comes first then that signifies the content is unique. But if you see Wikipedia coming first, keep your hands off from linking to such a webpages.

Broken links: It is very important not to link with pages that are broken. Therefore, prior to linking to any page, check whether the link is broken. In addition, check links within the whole site and see if there are any broken links.

If the broken links are 1 out of 100 links then that is OK but when it is 3 out of 20, keep away. It is also important to see if the page you are linking to is linking to other pages with broken links.

Hidden Links: As you check links within a webpage, determine whether the links are of low or high quality. There are some sites known to hide low quality links within their content. In addition, when you note a site which has many links at the footer, it should raise a red flag.

Page Topic: Check to see if the page topic is related to the body of the article. Always link with pages that have relevant content to your site.

Summary: At all times link to actual links. By this it means links with href or http within it. It is true that all this factors can be a bit too much to consider as you are building your link profile. But there are some tools like Blekko, Web Analyzer, Google Webmaster Tool among others to assist you check links for sites you want to link with.

Feel free to add your opinions on this topic and other valuable link checker tools to help people who want to learn how to market online through search engines.

How To Use Web Videos To Increase Site Traffic

How To Use Web Videos To Increase Site Traffic

Marketing on the internet is about generating content and one of the best ways to do just that is through web videos. Video marketing is now more than ever before becoming the in thing. With the invention of sophisticated mobile phones and the increase of bandwidth, e-marketers need to take advantage of web video advertising.

According to research done by Cisco, 30% of traffic generated on the internet is via web videos. They also went ahead to state that in the coming year 2013, the percentage is set to increase to an amazing 80%. These are the kind of figures that would make a webmaster’s head to spin.

It would sure feel great to get a small fraction of this traffic; this is how you can do that.

In the blogging arena, content is the driving force. As much as written content is good, it cannot beat web videos when it comes to engaging, entertaining and proving clarity.

Considering the way written content is so competitive, most online marketers have resulted to venturing into web video sharing where the competition is low. All you need to learn is how to SEO your video files and you will easily rank on search engine result pages.

Video sharing is more effective when the clips are short and to the point. Long video clips will only contribute to viewers losing interest thus your video production efforts going to waste.

Why video marketing?

Personal touch: The fact that people can see you is a great way of building trust. Videos have a way of fostering relationships in that they add a personal touch to your online business.

First impressions matter so much when it comes to business, this is the reason why some bloggers have chosen to share web videos in their about page. You can use a webcam to record and tell people who you are in order to invite people into your life.

As people see a web video of you talking on your site, you will connect with them at a higher and personal level. This will ensure visitors see you for who you are, thus help you build loyalty and credibility.

Easier to pass on information: If you were given a choose between reading an article and watching a video, you would most probably choose the latter.

This is the one biggest advantage that web video content has over written content. Depending on how your video is produced, you can easily engage your viewers and pass on information with lots of ease.

Ability to share: When it comes to viral marketing, videos can easily go viral than written content. With web video marketing, people who would otherwise ignore your links and text will effortlessly press the play button to watch your videos and share them.

Videos are convincing: Did you know that in the brain, the part that deals with vision and reading is different? A close look are most TV advertisements you will realize that they feature models.

These ads are aimed at reaching our subconscious and thus make us feel as if we can become like those people in the advertisements. Hence, it is easier to persuade people using web videos than when they are reading text messages.

The role of web videos in online brand promotion

web video trafficA big brand like Coke have over the years build a name that has been ingrained in people’s minds, thanks to television. This is a demonstration that videos have become avenues of building a brand name.

Something we mentioned earlier in this article is that you can post videos about yourself in the about page. The about page is a perfect place to brand your work at home online home based business site.

The reason that people read your blog posts is to gather information, but when they come to your about page they want to know more about you. It is vital for you to take time and come up with good content in your about page.

In order to spice up your about page and in the same time build an online brand, you can post a web video of you talking. This to visitors is a sign of transparency and professionalism. In addition, it will ensure you connect with your visitors at a more personal level.

Here are some types of web videos that have been proven to generate high volume of traffic

Entertainment: They say, “To much work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. If you can come up with exciting videos be sure that you will get an audience. The hassle and bustle of life is too much and any opportunity one can get to relax, they will obviously grab it.

You can entertain your viewers and at the same time offer them valuable content. If you can produce an informative web video that is also entertaining; the video would easily have a viral effect.

Tutorials: The advantage of web video is that you can demonstrate how something is done. This is unlike written content where sometimes you may lack words to explain something or get misinterpreted.

You sure have bought a gadget and at reaching home you discover that you cannot understand the instruction. But if the manual were on a video you will easily understand and follow the instructions.

Video tutorials are easily understood by people thus will help you generate more traffic.

Interviews: Videos where you are interviewing people is one of the best ways to capture your target audience. Interviews offer viewers with more in-depth information about a certain topic.

A tool you can use to interview people is Skype. With Skype you do not have to be together with the interviewee, thus you can interview anyone for wherever they are situated.

For the videos to be more effective, it is advisable you interview big shots in your niche. People love to hear from others who have been successful; this gives them hope that they too will make it someday.

Take note: The aim of video marketing is to generate web traffic. What is the point of posting your videos on YouTube and no one comes to your site? It is therefore essential that every web video you post to have call to action message.

The action should be to get people to come to your blog or website. At the end of your videos always tell your viewers what to do. You can also use text to direct your audience on what action to take.

Conclusion: Come 2013 and web video marketing will be the ultimate site traffic generator. What are you doing to position yourself?

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Adding Blog Author Details When Publishing Content

Adding Blog Author Details When Publishing Content


As a blogger it is imperative that you include your blog author details for every article you post. Apart from proving ownership, there are other benefits such as boosting online credibility and publicity.

Of late, Google has come up with a program that ensures bloggers and webmasters own their content. Possibly, you have seen on Google search results passport size images appearing next to a listing.

Have you wondered how this is done? Today you will know how because you too need to take advantage of this feature.

What makes this to happen, is when a blogger adds his/her blog author name using rel=author tag. In addition, you will have to open a Google plus account and fill your profile details correctly.

It is not a guaranteed that your image will appear in the search results, since it’s google that makes the final decision. But it will not hurt to follow the new google guidelines of adding your blog author contacts for you may be accepted.

Here is the procedure of setting up rel=author and it is very simple:

The idea is to have your website pointing to your google profile and vice-versa.

Step 1: Add your website or blog link to your Google Plus profile

In order to link your content to your google profile, copy this snippet code and paste it in your blog HTML code

You can also do it manually by adding <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a> within your blog HTML code. But make sure you replace “[profile _url]” with your Google profile.

So the link should look like this <a href=””>Google</a>

Step 2: Include a link to your image in your Google plus profile

Log into your google profile then click edit profile. On the right, click on an option called Contributor To and then click on Add Custom Link.

Here is where you add the image you wish to appear on search engine results. For me, the custom link I added was my Google plus profile which is

It is advisable to check and see if the settings you added are working. The way to do that is by using rich snippet testing tool.

Step 3: Fill this form so as to be included in this Google authorship program.

Step 4: After setting your google profile and linking it to your website or blog, make sure you add your blog author name every time you publish a post.

Simply add a by line before or after your article using either of these codes

Link to your about page: By <a href=”” rel=”author”>Stephen Kavita</a>

Link to your Google plus profile: By <a href=”″ rel=”author”>Stephen Kavita</a>

Note: The most important thing in this code is the rel=author tag which ensures your blog author details get picked by google.  It is recommended that you add a byline to the article you are rank high for since this will give you good publicity.

From the look of things it may seem difficult to implement the above. But that is not the case, Google has eased the process and it is now very simple and straightforward to execute.

You may be asking, why go through all these trouble just for a photo to appear next to your search engine result listings.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Boost your web visibility: Marketing on the internet takes just adding some little spice here and there. The fact that people see something extra appearing in the search result, it will raise some curiosity thus they will want to know more about you.

blog authorTherefore, a blog author image and name appearing next to your article on search engine listings will certainly make your content stand out.

This feature is not new, when you are searching the net while logged in your Gmail accounts or social media accounts, you will notice that the results show images. But this is if one has added an image to their google profile.

But with correct implementation of google authorship program, people will be able to see your images even when they are not logged to their google accounts. It gives you some sort of celebrity status hence it is worth your while to try and implement the feature.

One thing you have to bear in mind when implementing blog authorship is to make sure you share quality content. It can take one single mistake to completely destroy your work online reputation.

2. Increase click through rate (CTR): If there is one thing that can really boost your CTR is the blog authorship program. Just the way having several recommendations in form of stars can increase your popularity, so does an image appearing on google listing.

When a listing has an image next to it, people tend to click on it since it brings about an element of professionalism hence internet users cannot avoid but click on such a link. Do you want more traffic? Then you need to start working on your blog author details on Google.

3. Your online credibility will go up: Your professional looking image is not the only thing that google will show. In addition to your blog author information, google will also show how many people are in your circle of friends on Google Plus.

By clicking on the listing, people will also view additional info about you, content you have shared on Google +1 and other related articles that you have published. If you ask me, google has really opened the door for bloggers and webmasters to build their work online brand name with ease.

4. Increase in webmaster tools account analytic details: The beauty of google is how they are able to link their services. The moment your application for Google authorship is accepted, right then you will have an addition stat in your webmaster tool account.

With this stat, you will be in a position to tell the number of impressions your blog content displayed on Google search results and how many click you got through your author details. To get this stats and more click on the option called “Labs”.

Summary: Most online marketers agree that the main agenda of Google this year is to promote Google Plus. This is because social media marketing has proved to be a great channel of making money online.

Sites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are making millions of dollars and Google now wants to cash in on the same. Let me assure you, Google will do anything possible to get a piece of the cake in social media. No wonder the efforts they are putting to make Google plus stand out.

Take time to update your Google profile with your blog author details, you just never know. Next time you may see Google plus been included as a major parameter for ranking sites.

Share your comments about Google authorship program in the section provided below. Do you think blog author details are so important in internet branding?

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How To SEO While Blogging

How To SEO While Blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best modes of generating traffic to your blog. It therefore becomes imperative that while blogging, you need to know how to SEO. This actually will apply more to bloggers who want to make money from their blogs.

Some people may want to know what a blog is; a blog is a media of communication that acts like an online journal. Here is where you can talk about different issues and expect people to participate by posting their comments and opinions. In short, a blog is interactive unlike a website where it is just one way communication.

This goes to show just how powerful a blog can be. For example, the revolution that happened in Egypt, it was funneled through social sites and blogging. These mediums of online communications helped mobilize the citizens to ouster their president from power.

On the other hand, a blog is a great tool to help you make money online from home especially if you know how to SEO. The bloggers who have realized the ability of blogs in generating income have really made it big.

Hence you too should not be left behind. Launch a blog and begin sharing on topics you have a passion for since this will ensure you write from your heart thereby connect with your readership.

By targeting a certain clique of people by sharing with them interesting stories, within no time you will have a fan base and that is where you can monetize your blog.

This may sound easy but that is not usually the case. For you to get readers to visit your blog it takes more than just publishing captivating stories.

You may be having the best write ups and the most beautiful blog but without viewers the blog will not be of benefit to you. It is like publishing newspapers and no one is buying them and yet readership is what guarantees that the publishers remains in business.

It is quiet fulfilling when you post an article on your blog and you come the next day and find people have contributed to your stories. To ensure you generate traffic to your blog you need to know how to SEO since it is the ideal strategy of getting organic traffic.

how to seo while blogging

There are also other blog marketing strategies which include social network marketing, forum marketing, posting on business and classified sites and article marketing.

Today, we will only focus on one of these tactics and that is how to SEO. The first thing you need to understand is that obtaining traffic from search engines is not a one day affair, you need to be patient and determined. It is true it may take you a while, but the day you will begin getting page views from an engine like Google or Yahoo you are on your way to online riches.

Let us look at some pointers to consider when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) in blogging:

Selecting Keywords To Target: This is the most important step to take even before you think of creating your blog. There are tools you need to make use of and they include Google Insight, Keyword Checker and Google Trends to help you choose the right keywords to target.

Longtail keyword pro

It is best to focus on commonly searched for keywords that have low competition. This will guarantee you rank faster and that is if you use the correct tactics. Expert online marketers who know how to SEO recommend that you target keyword phrases contain at least 3 words. With such key words there is normally less competition.

Though long tail keywords have less traffic, they are a good source of attracting unique visitors thus the conversion rate will be high and the bounce rate low.

There are two kinds of keyword you need to choose and those are your primary and secondary keywords. Primary keyword is the main keyword you intent to concentrate on your blog while secondary keywords are other relevant key terms to target less.

The keywords you settle for should also help you choose the right domain name. Make certain you buy a domain name that contains your targeted keywords. With that you will be assured of top placement on search engine listings faster.

Optimizing Your Blog: After you have chosen the keywords you will target, you need to add the keyword terms on your blog META tags. In your description segment draft at least 2 or 3 short sentences and make sure they contain your primary keyword phrase.

You also need to include your primary and secondary keywords in your Keyword Meta tags starting with your main key terms. Though a search engine like Google does not pick keywords from the keyword Meta tag anymore, there are other search engines that still do. Google mostly concentrate on picking keywords from your description tags.

For people who use wordpress for blogging, you need to add a plugin called “All in one SEO”. There are also others like WordPress SEO. All this are great tools for internal optimization and you need to select one to work with.

How To SEO while Posting Content: Apart from adding keywords in your Meta tags, the way you write and post your content really matters when it comes to search engine optimization. The title to your blog posts need to contain the keyword you want to target.

NOTE: Target different keyword phrases in every post you submit but make sure they are all key terms relevant in your niche.

In the body on your article, include your keywords preferably after every one hundred words. In fact, the density of your keywords should be about 2% to 3%.

According to the latest panda updates, work online marketing experts recommend you post long articles that range from 600 words and above.

Remember on every page you create, add your post description and the targeted keywords in your All in one SEO or WordPress SEO plugin.

External Optimization: This is where we get to talk about building backlinks to your blog. Inbound links help in ensuring that search engines pick your blog faster and therefore index it accordingly.

Before, in the early 90’s all you need is to just create backlinks and you would rank easily. Those days the competition was quite low in that if your web link was listed on a business directory like Dmoz, you would be assured of search engine traffic in a few days.

Today that is not the case, it is critical you have quality backlinks that are from relevant sites. Therefore, when creating backlinks to your blog target high ranking blogs and sites within your niche.

Some of the excellent ways to boost link popularity include Guest Blogging, Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, Video Marketing and of course Social Marketing. The secret is to combine all these strategies so as to maximize your blog traffic. In addition to boosting your link popularity, you will increase your referral traffic from all these internet marketing strategies.

In each of these work online marketing strategies, back link using your keywords as the anchor text. It will guarantee you get ranked on relevant keywords within search engines. As you can see, how to SEO is not a one day affair; you need to have tact and be patient.

Image Optimization: Most people just scan though content and hence they rarely read. To avoid boring your readers with endless content, it is advisable you add pictures within your articles. This helps your site look attractive and hence help retain visitors on your site.

It is highly recommended that when uploading pictures on your blog that you also optimize them. Search engine bots cannot read images thus it is advisable that you add alternate text. If you are using wordpress, anytime you upload a picture you will see a pop up window. Make sure you add the title, alternate text and a short description of the picture.

In all these sections mentioned, ensure they contain your targeted keywords. This will ensure that your images are indexed by search engine thus generate organic traffic.

There is also the alternative of outsourcing for search engine optimization services.

The way to make money while working online is not easy, but with this strategies just shared above you can earn income online quickly. There is still more you can do to learn how to SEO and succeed in blog traffic generation.

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How To Retain Sales Leads On Your Blog

How To Retain Sales Leads On Your Blog

For you to make money from your sales leads as you work online, you need to be able to keep visitors on your site for long. Research has show that people spend an average of 45 seconds on web pages. This means that you need to find ways to make sure that the first impression visitors get when they land on your home page is imprinted in their minds.

It is important to ensure good customer experience especially if you want to succeed in generating online sales leads as an internet business entrepreneur. The way you organize your blog is critical for ensuring reader retention. The idea is to make a simple blog that has most of the important parts at the top.

Here are some guidelines that guarantee you increase reader retention on your blog:

1. Choose your templates wisely since this is the one tool that contributes to your blog or website appearance. A site to visit and get a wide range of templates is wordpress. In fact, it is advisable that you use wordpress to come up with blogs.

WordPress does not only have a wide range of templates to choose from but most of the templates are optimized for search engine ranking.

2. It is usually tricky when your targeted audiences visit your blog and discover content and links cluttered all over without proper arrangement. Display your content in an organized manner making sure you mention the main theme of your blog at the top.

work online

Going straight to the point will help your viewers know exactly what you content is about thus have an easy time deciding whether to stay on or not.

Avoid the use of long paragraphs since this will bore your readers. It would be better if you use short paragraphs that are detailed. Better still; arrange your content in point form by use of bullets, this helps your readers know precisely where to get the main points of your articles.

3. When addling hyperlinks, make sure they are not appearing all over your webpages. This makes your site look disorganized. People should also know what will happen when they click on your links. Links are a good way of linking your pages thus enabling easy navigation and optimizing your site pages for search engine placement.

In addition, placing affiliate links in each and every part of your website page is not the best approach for getting website visitors to click on your affiliate marketing program links. It only makes you appear as someone just out to make money and not improve your reader online experience.

Again when it comes to hyper-links, never exaggerate. Have at list 2 to 3 links in every article you publish preferably at the start of your blog post and at the end. Bear in mind that your online traffic is derived from real people and they can carry out instructions, tell your site guest what to do and they will do it. Due to this fact, do not bombard them with web links throughout your blog post content.

Give information first then sell latter. Pushing products in people’s faces will only dent your online reputation.

4. Uploading images is one of the best ways to draw the attention of your readers and retain them on your site. Most people do not love reading and images help people stay on your site a bit longer. Studies have shown that most browsers just scan through content but when you add images especially if they are related to your content they will read on.

Visit sites like flickr and get nice relevant images to add within your blog post. If you have to add banners, make sure they are also good to look at. You can also upload flash images to enhance the feel of your blog or website.

work from home

5. Your niche site ought to be user-friendly, this you can achieve by making sure that the navigation tab is easily accessible. Blogging experts say that it should take at most 3 seconds for your guest to locate the categories section.

To further easy the navigation of your blog or website, link your pages within your content. This will help readers identify other pages within your blog that share relevant content. Search engines will also be able to Crawl your site and hence index all your web pages faster.

This simple internet business strategy will enable you to ease your target audience experience the moment they arrive at your site or blog.

6. The font you use is crucial in retaining readers on your blog or website. Before you launch a website, one of the things you need to research on is the type and size of fond to use. It may appear trivial but fonts contribute to your site appearance thus improve first impression.

Use one font for all your articles on your blog posts. This will make sure that your content looks organized and professional. Use fonts that a person with a 20/20 vision will be able to read easily.

Your background should not have pictures or colors that overlap your content. It is advisable to use a clear background especially where you have articles.

A number of web business entrepreneurs place a great deal of focus on marketing their blogs that they neglect to tackle the requirements of their readers. Even though getting visitors or traffic to your website is essential, you are also expected to make sure that your site visitors transforms to internet sales leads.

Therefore, make certain that your website / blog is appealing to your target audience. You can ask your buddies to judge your blog visual appeal and then make the required changes if need be.

A professional and perfectly organized web page acts as a tool to promote your site and assist in reader retention thus acquire online sales leads.

For you to keep people longer on your site you have to prove that your main focus is to equip your readers. Share helpful information that is aimed at tackling the issues that face people in your niche. The moment you do this you will gain good reputation and thus people will believe you when you sell them a product.

Business is more about relationship than selling and this is where most marketers get it wrong. Human beings are social and the best way to reach them is by creating rapport. Wear the shoes of your sales leads and this will assist you identify their needs and preferences.

Viewer retention is what results in high sales leads conversion rate as you work online at home. Therefore, research and implement strategies to keep people on your site longer because if you do not, they will head to your competitor and purchase what you probably also have.

Online Work From Home Business Top Guidelines

Online Work From Home Business Top Guidelines

The secret to overcoming the current hard economic squeeze is by starting an online work from home business. The internet has truly revolutionized the way of doing business. People are slowly but gradually discovering that white color jobs are offering them a very raw deal.

Time is money and that is the one thing that your employer has lots of. This is by buying your time and from that making money. Imagine you had your own business and you had employed 10 people to work for you. If each one of them was working 8 hours it would mean that your business is doing 80 hours plus your 8 hours each day.

Considering that a day has 24 hours; this simply means that by the end of each day you will have done work that could ideally take you 3 ½ days to achieve. Talk of working smart!

This would be the case if you opened a small business somewhere in your locality. From this article you will see that you can even do much more if you started an online work from home venture. With availability of the internet, the globe has become a small village. People from all walks of life are now able to connect and conduct business from the comfort of their homes.

In the near future, any business that will not be online will become obsolete. The beauty of it all is that to start an online work from home business is very easy and affordable. Unlike setting up an offline business where you have to think of paying high rent for office space, pay for overheads and the like, with online work at home you will incur very little expenses.

Note: Some people will make you think that you can start a home business online without investing anything. When it comes to business and making money online there is nothing for free. You have to be ready to work very hard and invest time and cash in order to generate an income online.

Here is a step by step guideline on how you can launch your own online work from home business and earn money.

Step 1: Identify a need: As long as we are on earth, there will always be issues that need to be addressed. All you need is to observe your environment and you will discover a need that needs to be met.

I also believe that all of us are unique in our own way, therefore we all have talents or things we are good at. If you can offer people solutions on the things you know then you will make money. It does not matter what you have to offer, you will be surprised that out there someone is looking for that information, product or service.

Addressing people’s needs should be the foundation of any online home based business. People have so many unanswered questions thus if you come to their rescue they will easily give you their wallets to keep.

Step 2. Study your target niche: Once you have identified a niche to target and their preferences, you need to study your target audience. Online work from home business is about having

1. The right knowledge

2. Implementing what you have learned

3. Using the right tools

The first thing you need to learn about your target audience when it comes to online business is the keywords they use when surfing the internet. Some of the tools you can use to identify the right keywords to target include:

a) Google Keyword External Tool (Free)

b) Google Hot Trends (Free)

c) Google Insight (Free)

d) Keyword Winner (Paid wordpress plugin)

Keyword phrase research is so vital since it will help you to rank on search engine result pages. Over 90% of traffic generated on the internet is through search engines. Therefore, ranking high is very critical in ensuring you get web presence while doing online work from home business.

It is advisable that you target commonly searched for keywords that have medium or low competition. This way you will rank faster and generate traffic. There are two sets of keywords; that are primary or main keywords and secondary keywords.

After you have identified your niche keywords you are ready for the next step.

step 3. Launch a blog or website: A blog or a website is what you use to capture your target audience. Read more on how to create a blog from home. Keywords help in buying a domain name; purchase a domain that includes your main targeted keyword phrase.

Another aspect to look at when creating a blog is design. The appearance of your blog is determined by the theme you pick. A site you can visit to pick unique and professional Premium WordPress Templates is Theme Junkie.

The more you keep people on your blog the more income you will generate. Hence take your time to come up with a professional and attractive blog design.

online work from homeContent is the engine that drives the internet. That is why we started this article by telling you to first identify a need in your niche and study your audience. This will assist you to come up with content thus attract visitors.

Researching will help you to come up and offer workable solutions to you niche audience. The more you keep updating your blog with fresh, exciting and educative content the more you becoming an authority in you niche.

In view of what has been taking place in the cyberspace, online work from home business bloggers need to regularly update their sites. Just the other day, Google algorithm was updated twice and very many sites were affected. First it was Google Panda Update that targeted sites that use black hat strategies to rank high and yet offered worthless content.

Then shortly after, there was Google Fresh that aimed to give more preference to new content. This shows how you must be ready to generate web content regularly and use white hat strategies as an online work from home entrepreneur.

Step 4. Marketing: Apart from keyword research, which helps you in generating organic traffic, there are other online marketing strategies that you need to implement. One of them is social media marketing which of late has taken the internet by storm.

Sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and now Google Plus have taken e-marketing by storm. A good case scenario that demonstrates the power of social media is the presidency of Barack Obama. Also recently, the revolution of the Arab world was brought about by social media networking.

Other strategies to add to your online marketing arsenal include forum marketing, article marketing, guest posting, reciprocal linking, video marketing, press release, email marketing and so on. To get more tips on these online work from home marketing strategies, click on the category link called Online Marketing.

Conclusion: There are several ways to approach online money making such as online home based jobs like data entry, paid surveys and so forth but the best tactic to work online is through blogging.

I recommend you think of creating a blog and share your expertise. As you publish articles regularly you will gain online presence and cut a niche for yourself from home.

If you have something you want to add to this post feel free to do so by posting your comment or opinion in the section provided below. You can also share this article with your friends using the social icons appearing on the left of this post.

On Site Optimization In Terms Of Webpage Keyword Usage

On Site Optimization In Terms Of Webpage Keyword Usage

We all know how important it is to do proper ground work in terms of keywords as pertaining to on site optimization. As you add fresh content on your blog or edit your existing pages you have to seriously take into account web page optimization.

It is good when your whole site or home page is ranking high, but did you know that on site optimization also involves ranking of your individual pages? Every page created on your site should be seen as an avenue of attracting more traffic to your site.

Ideally, on site optimization is determined by several things such as

a. Keyword Usage

b. Link building

c. Website code tweaking

d. Content management among others

All these factors are aimed at making sure engine spiders find, index and rank your website/blog in their search results. The challenging aspect about on site optimization is that you have to take two issues into account. These are; Ensuring search engines know what your site is all about and proving informative and interesting content that add value to your readership.

Remember, your visitors are the ones who will be buying your products and services not search engines.

Now, let us go straight to the reason why this article is been published. You can challenge me on this, but it is thought that search engines e.g Google use about 200 parameters in their algorithm formula. This is why SEO experts advise that you use several SEO techniques in order to get the best results.

On this write up, we shall discuss on one of these on site optimization factors that determine a site’s rankings on search engines. Keyword usage is undeniably one of the most talked about elements in regards to search engine optimization.

Here is how to use keywords in on site optimization:

Keyword research: You would better spend an entire month researching to make certain that you choose the right keyword to target on your site. The choice of keywords determines the domain name purchase and overall on site optimization.

With a paid wordpress plugin tool like Keyword winner, you will have an easy time choosing keywords to target in your individual pages. The tool gives you varying keyword options showing you the number of searches and competition level for each keyword phrase.

There is also a word press SEO plugin called WordPress SEO that allows you to see how you have optimized your page. Another plugin to use is All In One SEO pack.

How to pick keywords: There are two types of keywords

1. Short tail keywords

2. Long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords contain one or two words while long tail keywords contain 3 or more words.

It is not advisable to optimize your site or page to rank for a single keyword. Normally, when people are browsing the internet they enter long phrases. For instance, if you are searching for a job on the internet you will not enter the word “job” in the search box. Rather, you will enter the type of job you are looking for e.g legit online jobs on data entry or volunteer jobs in Red Cross.

As you implement on site optimization, use phrases that address your target audience specific queries. It will not help to keep mentioning the word job in your content since it is ambiguous. Most people who will be searching for a job will want a particular job. Therefore get to know what they are entering in the search box and optimize your content using those words.

Let us assume by chance you rank for a single word like job. This does not guarantee you will make money online since most of the traffic you will generate will be untargeted. In short, the best on site optimization strategy is targeting long tail keyword phrases.

on site optimizationWhere to place your keywords: The next step after picking the right keywords is how to position your keywords. Early we stated that it is imperative that you use your targeted keyword phrase when buying a domain name. This will help in your overall site ranking.

It is recommended that you target different keywords that are related to your site on every web page you create. What is the point of using the same keyword phrase on all your pages while there are other keywords that your individual pages can rank on? For more traffic you need to rank in as many relevant keywords as possible.

Title – One element of a web page is the title and here is the first place you should add your keyword. The title is what appears on search engine result pages that people can click on to get to your site. Title is also what is used to name a page that one is on while browsing the net.

In order to optimize your title, you need to place your keyword at the beginning or middle. There is a limit to the words that search engine pick and if your keywords appear at the end of your title, engine bots might miss out your keywords thus affecting your rankings (70 characters is the recommended length on a page title).

Body – The other place to add your keywords is within the body of your article. This is where the word keyword density comes into play. To date, SEO experts debate on the right keyword density to use. In my opinion the best practice is to put your audience first.

Try not to concentrate too much on keyword usage when it comes to on site optimization. Your priority should be to generate valuable content and where it is applicable you can add your targeted keyword phrases. This will help you to avoid keyword stuffing.

Page URL – Every page you create on your site has a URL and this again is a place to add your keywords. If you use wordpress, you will note that the words used in the title become your page URL with hyphen added between the words.

This makes your page URL long and thus it is advisable to make it short. Remove some of the words but make sure it is descriptive and includes your targeted keyword phrase.

Note: Bloggers using wordpress should install the plugin called WordPress SEO to measure their onpage keyword density among other SEO parameters.

Optimizing images: So as to generate organic traffic through on site optimization you need to apply different tactics. One of the ways of driving traffic to your site is through ranking for images.

Search engine robots cannot read images and thus the reason you need to use text to describe them. Every time you load a picture on your site you need to give it a title tag, alternate tag (where you enter your targeted keyword phrase), description tag and a link.

Images offer you a perfect opportunity of onsite optimization, in that you can add links that point to other pages within your site. Therefore, in the field provided for adding a link you can include a link page that is related to the image.

Summary: On site optimization is a combination of many things, thus do not put too much emphasis on one SEO strategy at the expense of the other tactics. Apart from on page SEO, you need to consider off site strategies like link building.

To maximize on keyword usage, you need to tactfully phrase your sentences. This is because search engines also look at the words surrounding your keywords in order to establish your site main topic.

If you concur with me or disagree, you can post your comment in the section appearing beneath. To get latest updates posted on this blog, enter your email address in the section provided below or on the side bar.

How To SEO – High Page Rank On Bing Results

How To SEO – High Page Rank On Bing Results

Most online marketers are so obsessed on getting a high page rank on Google that they forget it is not the only search engine.

It is true you will get a lot of traffic from Google, but on the other hand most people that use Google are savvy when it comes to work online business.

This means that they take time before they can purchase a program or join any income at home program. A high page rank on Bing or Yahoo will not get you as much traffic but the conversion rate will be higher.

Reason being that people using Bing and Yahoo are not as savvy when it gets to buying products.

Some online marketers may not agree to what I have just said but let’s leave that debate for another day. My point is that as much as you are seeking to have a high page rank on Google, you too should rank on other search engines.

On this write up we are going to see how to SEO and achieve a good page rank on Bing.

Note: Yahoo and Bing came together thus if you rank well on either one of the two you are good to go.

rank on bing

Bing is a creation of Microsoft and thus it is a heavy-weight to online entrepreneurs seeking to generate traffic from search engines.

Though you need to know, the rules of getting a high page rank on Bing are a bit different from Google.

This is how to SEO and rank on Bing:

Age of domain: To achieve a good page rank on Bing your blog or website needs to be an authority in your niche. This was the case before but as we speak small work online entrepreneurs and bloggers can rest easy.

Today, with good optimization you can achieve high placement on Bing even with a new niche site. The only thing you will realize is that it will take a bit longer before you get a page rank. This can be as a result of Bing having so what slower robots.

Inbound Anchor Text: The inbound anchor text count a lot when it comes to getting a high page rank on Bing.

You may get a lot of quality inbound links but if the inbound anchor texts are not relevant then it might not count much. Major search engines pay more attention to anchor text in their algorithms.

Ideally, if you can get high quality anchor text links pointing to your site you will achieve a high page rank on almost all major search engines.

Backlinks: If you happen to look at the results on the first page of Google and Bing on certain keywords, you will notice a lot of difference. A site that has little backlinks can get a high page rank on Bing.

This tells you that it does not mean the more backlinks you have the higher you get ranked on Bing.

New content: When Bing launched, adding new content did not matter much. It was assumed that maybe their Crawlers were not as quick. Today, the minute your site is picked by Bing, you can expect to boost you page rank every time you add fresh content.

But something to note is that older pages get to rank higher than the new pages. Therefore, you need to be patient if you want your post to get a high page rank on Bing search queries for your targeted keywords.

Onpage linking: Onpage elements count more on Bing than on Google. This means you need to link your pages to one another. In addition, ensure you use relevant keywords when linking within your blog or website.

Onpage linking helps both engine spiders and humans navigate through your web pages. Actually, on page linking is an important factor to consider in onsite optimization.

To date SEO experts do not agree with onpage optimization when it comes to Google and Bing.

Flash image friendly: Google is an enemy to flash images but that is not the case with Bing. If you have a flash site then you can make Bing your home.

Page rank matter less: On google when you do a search for highly competitive keywords you will rarely get sites with a page rank of 2 or 1. But when you search on Bing you can easily spot blogs or website with a PR of 1 or 2.

This means on Bing PR does not matter much. This signifies that guys with new niche sites will be happy with Bing.

seo positioning on bing

Spamming won’t help: Since Bing is not so keen on backlinks, spammers can forget to get a high page rank on Bing. You may even have backlinks from very high quality websites and still get poor placement on Bing.

On google you may just get away with spamming; that is if you have quality backlinks.

I remember the arguments that used to go round the SEO community, saying that Bing is an upgrade of Live Search. But one thing that all agree with is the fact that Bing is much better that Live Search especially in search result relevance.

Just as in Google, it is really hard to tell the exact or actual algorithms Bing uses to rank sites. But in essence, the search results on Google are different from Bing but on both the results are relevant.

The big question is: how different is Bing to other search engines? One thing that is for sure different is the look. Bing is more appealing and really makes a good first impression.

All said and done, in order to get a high page rank on any search engine, work online entrepreneurs have to be patient. In essence, there are no permanent Search engine optimization gimmicks. What works today may not work in 6 months time.

Normally, there are a lot of speculations when it comes to how to SEO for any search engines. Also, do not forget these algorithms keep on changing now and then.

Just the other day, Google plus entered the social media marketing arena. You never know, it will be a matter of time before you see the Google +1 sign being part of the google algorithms.

If you have a high page rank today, you need to be up to date with all the new optimization tools and strategies that are coming up. Otherwise, if you remain with the old tactics your site may soon become obsolete.

Follow the links below to get more info regarding new page rank tactics and online marketing strategies.

Why Blog Content Is Ultimate When It Comes To Blogging

Why Blog Content Is Ultimate When It Comes To Blogging

Which of the two comes first, generating blog content or making money?

As simple as this question may appear to be, you will be surprised that most people with go for the latter. I cannot blame those that think money comes first because of the fact that money makes the world go round.

But one thing that people forget is that for you to reap you need to first cultivate, plant your seeds and then cultivate again. Sometimes your crop may fail and other times you may harvest big time.

Just like farming, blogging requires you to cultivate and plant. The blog is your field and blog content is your seed. You will also need to learn the right skills of planting and picking your blog content. Not anything out there will work.

I must say I have had a hard time when it comes to blogging. This is because; where I come from, most people do not fully understand how blogging for profit works. And if there are those who know how to blog, I have never had the privilege to meet them.

It is for this reason that I decided to be a mentor to other aspiring bloggers. I do not want others to go through what I went through in the last seven years trying to find my way around.

I tried all manner of things to make money online, from posting adverts to classified ads to banner exchange. Let me tell you the truth, none of those things worked for me. My advice is that you should avoid those strategies like a plague.

The one and the best tactic of making make money online is through generating blog content. You can have the best business blog online but without site or blog content then your efforts may come to naught.

You may say that you have enough money to pay for advertisement but do you stop to ask; what value are you going to give to your visitors? From my experience there is no two way around blogging. You must be ready to create blog content.

It does not mean you generate any kind of blog content; your content has to be unique, exciting and educative. If you can blow the minds of your readers then money will stop being an issue.

Gone are the days when you could post an article of 300 words and traffic would come your way. On certain topics, it may not be possible to relay all the important information in 300 words. In fact, 300 words may not be enough to introduce a topic.

For the last 2 years I have been following the activities of top bloggers in my niche. One thing that they all have in common is that they all seem to be in love with blog content.

People say long content is boring to read but when you land on a site like Viper Chill (Glen’s blog), Think Traffic (Corbett Barr) or Smart Passive Income (Pat’s blog) you will change your views.

This is not to imply that you cannot post short articles, but ask yourself whether your content will add value to your target audience.

How to create content that blows the mind

Passion that resonates: Before you launch your blog, you need to choose a niche that you are passionate about and experienced in. This will ensure your blog content is out of this world. It really moves people when you write personal experiences.

Your experiences are unique and when you begin to write on such it brings out your inner being which your readers will definitely note. Blog content that touches people heart will help you gain online reputation and that is when you hear someone being called a guru, or is it an online ninja?

blog contentWhichever name people will give you, try and generate blog content that is uniquely you. With time people will start sharing your content and help you build an online presence.

Nature of content: Publish blog content that your target audiences have no other choice but to share. Captivate your readers with richness and insightfulness that cannot be found on any other blog.

That should always be the nature of you blog content. Do not worry if you find that difficult to achieve for now. Even the top bloggers you see today started out as rookies and made their way up to the top of the league.

The problem with most people is giving up when they are just about to hit the jack pot. It is important to note that before you become successful you have experienced failure several times. In fact, out of 10 attempts, you may fail 9 times before you get your big break.

Your first articles may turn out to be a big flop, but how do you expect to be a good author if you do not make mistakes? It is through the errors that you learn and become a good writer.

The thought that online business is easy should never be in your mind. Just the way it takes time to build an offline business, the same applies to online business especially blogging.

The other day I was telling my students not to bother looking at their site traffic statistics. It would be much better to concentrate on working on building valuable blog content. Why? Because the ultimate answer to making money online is blog content.

Make those mistakes and as you correct them you will learn the art of writing on the web. The more you keep on writing, the more you will trigger your mind to think and thus better construct your blog content.

Another thing that plays a major role when it comes to nature of your content is research. The best way to research is to read. As you read other people’s work you will get inspirations on what to write about.

It will broaden your mind on things to write about and how best to write. In addition, it will assist you to add twists to your stories that will make your blog content even more captivating. And the only way to achieve that is through packing your mind quality information. There is no better way of adding knowledge but reading widely.

You do not have to necessarily compose long articles in order to captivate your readers. The point here should be to make sure that your blog content adds value.

Sometimes you need to really explain something for you to pass your message across. Other instances, a short article is all you require. Therefore, it is for you to decide how long your blog post will be depending on what topic you are addressing.

Why valuable blog content is the key to working online through blogging:

Earlier on, we saw some top blogs that have really made a mark in the blogging industry. If you look closely you will realize that all these top bloggers have something in common.

They all seem to take time to build their content. Personally, I decided to put to test what these bloggers say works the best and that was to generate epic content. The results have simply been amazing.

The growth of traffic was not so significant but my graph has since grown in the right direction, up. It will take you time to create quality blog content because of the research you need to do. But one thing is undeniable; quality leads to traffic and traffic begets money in your bank account.

Here we are talking of spending up to 8 hours researching and content building for one single post. As you can tell that is not easy work. In fact, the thought of spending 8 hours just coming up with one article will discourage most people.

Now! that is where you will have an upper hand. The price to success is not cheap and many bloggers are not willing to pay the price of success. No wonder when someone steps out to offer quality, success becomes inevitable.

At the top it is so cool and the air is so fresh but getting there is the challenge. Most folks are ok with the status quo thus are not willing to take the big plunge that will take them to the top.

If you make a personal decision to stand out and move from the normal to unique, your competitors will only see dust. All you have to do is go an extra mile. You would be better off posting two articles a week that add value than posting articles daily, yet they leave a lot to be desired.

Where does blog design, branding and making money come in?

We have gone on and on about blog content creation and you may be asking when does the money factor come in? Your blog design is very important but what is the need of having a smashing blog template when you have nothing of value to share.

blogging contentYou can cultivate your field so well but if you have no seed expect zero harvest. The point is this; the heart of your blog should be blog content more than anything else. Once you have the right content the other things will simply fall in place.

Content will ensure you generate quality traffic and as you all know targeted traffic leads to sales conversion. Once you have the money you can employ the services of the best blog designers in the world.

Branding and having a beautiful to look at site is important when it comes to blogging. But all that will be of no benefit if you have no quality content. If you have the cash, you can work on both.

But in case you find that you do not have enough money, work on building blog content. The best way to build a brand name online is proving to your audience that you are out to help them succeed.

The same applies to advertising your site. There is no point of spending hundreds of dollars marketing a blog that has nothing to offer. It will be of more value to you to make sure you convert as many visitors as possible and that is by publishing rich blog content.

Content does not only imply written text, there are other forms of content like videos and still images. If you can, get a good enough camera and take unique pictures to post on your blog.

Apart from images making your site look attractive, they also add certain twists which make your written content more palatable. In addition, you get to generate more organic traffic from search engines through your images.

Ideally, compelling posts market themselves better than paid advertisements. With great blog content you can survive with little or no guest posting. What will happen is that with time people will automatically beg you to post on their blogs.

Conclusion: Are you a thinking of how to start a blog ? Let me first inform you that you have just picked the best work online business ever.

You are way ahead of other folks out there who have been procrastinating on when to start blogging. Go a step further and beat other bloggers in your niche by publishing blog content that not only resonates well with your potential audience but also makes them think.

Make a decision that you will fine tune your writing skills and do thorough research and you will definitely make money blogging. If you implement what this article is recommending, by the end of this year you will thank me for opening your eyes.

Let nothing pull you back, you hold the key to your success in blogging and you can achieve the success by generating quality BLOG CONTENT.

To keep getting more insightful content on how to blog and also learn how to start a blog, enter your email address in the section provided on the side bar.

Also feel free to share this post with your friends by using the social buttons appearing on the left of this blog post.

Since you now have no one to blame, get down to business and come up with content that is worth sharing. It is as simple as that. All the best and let us meet in the top league.

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