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How To Earn Money Blogging From Home With Ease

How To Earn Money Blogging From Home With Ease


Blogging has proved to be one of the most lucrative work online home based business ideas. But the big question is; how to earn money blogging and the best strategies to employ?

Online marketing experts all agree that the ideal tactic of marketing on the web is through blogging. Content is the engine that drives the internet and a blog is the ultimate platform for generating information.

In fact, if you have a website it would be prudent that you incorporate a blog for the purposes of generating content. The beauty of it all is that you can earn money blogging if you use the right strategies.

The first thing you need to do when blogging is to optimize your content. This means writing articles that are friendly to search engines. Click here to read more on how to optimize your blog content.

On this article we shall discuss other attributes of how to earn money blogging. If you combine the strategies mentioned below with optimization, you will be guaranteed of success in the blog-sphere.

10 strategies to guarantee you earn money online:

1. Choose your web host wisely: With sites like Blogspot, Typepad, WordPress and Turmblr you can create a free blog. Though you can earn money blogging on these free blogs, you will not have full control of your blog.

In addition, people will not take you seriously when you use a free blog. To bring out a sense of professionalism it is best to pay for personal web hosting.

Below are some of the top rated sites that you can sign up for web hosting:

Blue Host

Hostgator: (use this coupon code “workonline25” and get 25% discount)

Name Cheap


You can also use the above mentioned sites to purchase a domain name.

When incorporating your blog to your website, it is imperative that you link the two. Do not make the mistake of hosting your blog on a different host or domain from your main website.

The best option is to host your blog as a subfolder or page to your main site. Another option is to create a subdomain, though this can be viewed as a different link from the main site by engine bots.

So as to earn money blogging, you will need to generate traffic and one of the best ways to achieve that is from search engines. When you host your blog as a subfolder to your main site, you will increase your link profile hence attract organic SEO traffic.

A better link profile leads to high search engine ranking, online presence and credibility. These are the main ingredients of making money blogging from home.

2. Share insightful content: There is a lot of half baked information on the internet. Thus when you step out and provide readers with more in-depth content you will win them over.

As you share content, conduct thorough groundwork thereby be able to reveal as much as possible. Avail to your reader secrets related to your niche, this will ensure you go into the good books of your target audience.

If you come across some juicy rumors or details about an upcoming product launch or event, share it on your blog. Making your blog to be a haven of unique and quality information will get you links and thus traffic.

3. Join and contribute to related forums and blog networks: Creating a blog and expecting to earn money blogging without marketing is cheating yourself. There is no two way about it, if you do not promote your blog do not expect to generate income online.

One of the ways to market your blog online is joining online communities. The internet is full of online forums and for sure there are several related to your niche. In addition, there are related blog networks where you can participate and create awareness about your blog.

To get related blogs in your niche you can go to blog search or google blog search. Apart from getting related blogs you can also get quality content that can help you come up with unique articles to share with your visitors.

It is important that once you sign up in any online community, you should active. As you actively participate, you will boost your web presence thus be considered an expert in your niche.

While on internet forums, if you notice a thread you can contribute something valuable make sure you do so. Remember to add your blog link to your signature, this way you will be able to generate direct traffic and thus earn money blogging.

4. Allow guest posting: Participating in online forums and blog networks will also help you build relationships. Connect with top rated bloggers in your niche and invite them to be guest bloggers.

Guest blogging helps to increase your blog profile thereby allowing your visitors get a variety of content material. Furthermore, these same bloggers will invite your as a guest blogger and in that way build quality back links.

Always pick guest bloggers that rank better than you, this will guarantee you build your online profile. With time as you go up the ranks; invite guest bloggers that add a different twist to your blog thus make your content more interesting.

earn money bloggingNote: Before you submit any content on your blog, proofread and check to make certain it is unique and of high quality.

5. Share unique content: It is advisable to cover new events and news in your niche but that does not mean you share everything. There is news worth talking about but others you can leave out.

For a new blogger, it is recommended you offer people unique content. Once you have established yourself and become popular, then you can begin covering big news.

Uniqueness is about offering something different that is valuable and educative. Not paraphrasing and giving people the same content they can easily find somewhere else.

Find topics that other bloggers have ignored and discuss them on your blog. This will give people a reason to keep visiting your blog and you will sure earn money blogging.

6. Create a brand name: This is the most important element of earning money blogging. In order to be a recognizable brand, build a blog that will make visitors want to be associated with you.

The best strategy of building a brand name through blogging is by giving your readers valuable content. When you help people and occasionally share stories and experiences, they will feel connected to you.

For new bloggers, it is advisable to identify your goals and what you want to achieve from your blog. These goals should be associated with your brand. Make sure as you generate content, you have your goals in the back of your mind.

Branding also goes hand in hand with your blog design and choice of color. Note; failing to adhere to the goals of your brand can result in you losing the loyalty of your visitors.

7. Communication skills: It is amazing how you can be listening to someone’s tone of voice over the phone and still be able to tell their moods. Though people are not seeing you when you blog, they can tell your character from how you write and arrange your blog.

earn money bloggingFor you to cut a niche for yourself, you need to present a good personality. Publish content that show integrity, authority and understanding.  Building content that has a human touch to it is the secret to earn money blogging.

Do not try to be someone else; soon enough people will discover that you were a hoax and they will not return to your blog. Hence, be yourself and always present your content in a humane manner.

It is true we all have different temperaments, but when it comes to blogging you need to control yourself. In short, choose your words carefully since you don’t know who is be reading your content.

In case you draft an article while you are angry, do not be in a hurry to submit it. Take time to go through it on another day when you have cooled down. This will help you to rethink and in the process tone down your article.

Posting an article that will make you regret is not recommended. This is especially so in this era of sharing and RSS feeds where you cannot call back what you have already published. It takes one simple mistake to lose credibility thus watch out what you say online.

8. Add visual appeal to your text: Content is good for generating organic traffic, but you need to break the monotony by adding images, videos, graphs and occasionally use different kind of text. Generating traffic is one issue but converting your readers into customers is a different ball game all together.

Rather than having endless content, write in point form by using bullets so that readers can easily know where your major points are located.

The more your content is inviting to the eye the longer visitors will stay on your blog thus ensuring your earn money blogging from home and with ease.

9. Have a signature: To earn money blogging you need to come up with your own style of writing. Have a signature that will make you stand out from the rest.

This should be from how you write to the areas you focus on most. Do not divert from your area of expertise since there are specific topics that your audience will come to expect from you.

With time your blog will be known for certain type of content, therefore do not change that and begin discussing things that are out of topic. For example; if you have been sharing 3 articles a week, do not change that and start posting 1 article a week.

10. Monitor your blog traffic: In order to learn the preferences of your visitors, you need to study your traffic. When you analyze your visitors you will learn which topics they love to read and share.

Besides, you will also find out the posts that rank high on search engine thus focus on them some more. As you check these traffic indicators, you will be in a better position to increase your traffic thus earn more money blogging.

Conclusion: The blogging sphere has become so competitive but with these strategies you will be ahead of 95% of bloggers. The odds will be even better if you pick the right niche and target the right keywords.

If you have other strategies that would help people in this forum earn money blogging, kindly share them in the comment section below.

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6 Opt-in Contact List Building Strategies

6 Opt-in Contact List Building Strategies

Whether you have a big or small work from home online business, it is imperative that you have a good contact list. Having an email list is the perfect way of making sure that your target audiences are up to date with what you have to offer.

Definition: A contact list is simply a collection of people’s email addresses. These are people who have voluntarily opted to be receiving instant email messages from you.

Sending newsletters to your opt-in contact list still remains one of the best strategies of generating return visitors and ensuring visitor loyalty. If you can get people to become repeat visitors then you can be sure to increase your online sales conversion rate.

Before you get to the level of using email marketing to direct visitors to your site or blog, first you need to know how to get people to give you their personal email addresses. You have got to have built a certain level of trust before your visitors can feel at ease when giving you access to their inboxes.

Now that we have established the value of why every business needs to have an email list, the big question is; what are the best strategies of building a good opt-in contact list?

On this post we shall reveal 6 insightful ideas on how you can build credibility and get your target audience to subscribe to your contact list.

1. Strategically position your opt-in form: The best way to collect people’s email addresses is by adding an opt-in form on your blog or website. In addition, you have to strategically place the form where it can be seen easily by your site visitors.

Ideally, the best position is on the side bar preferably on the right side. This is because the side bar will be visible all the time as people are navigating through your site. Furthermore, most people are right handed thus when they are browsing the internet, the cursor is usually on the right. This increases the odds of visitors clicking things on the side bar that appears on the right side.

As you create pages within your site e.g about us, contact us, income report and so on, it is advisable to add an opt-in contact list below the page. These are strategic pages within your site that easily interest visitors hence a change to build on your contact list.

2. Call to action: There is a big difference between placing an opt-in form on your site and hoping people will know what to do, and going a step further to tell them exactly what they need do.

It is always good to assume that your visitors don’t know what is expected of them by telling them to take action. You will be surprised how a simple phrase like “click here” can lead to an increase in online sales leads. Therefore, you should include a call to action within your opt-in form and in your blog content.

3. Address Privacy Issues: Subscribers need to have confidence in you and know what you are going to do with their email addresses. It is therefore very imperative that you show transparency and be clear on three things

–          That you will not sell their contacts to other people

–          Tell them how you intend to use their email addresses

–          Give them an option to unsubscribe to your contact list when they so wish

–          Tell your subscribers how often you intend to send them emails

These are pertinent issues which you need to address in order to build confidence and thus increase your email list database. No one likes been sent spam messages hence observe professionalism when sending emails to your contact list.

4. Offer Solutions: Most people who browse the internet are in need of solutions to their problems. If you create a blog that offers workable solutions, you can be rest assured people will voluntarily subscribe to your contact list.

contact listTo further build your subscriber base, show your target audience what is at stake. Find a way of making them give out their inboxes to you by addressing their needs. Once people feel that they will achieve a certain goal by being in your mailing list, then they will automatically subscribe.

Ride on the fact that no one wants to lose out on a good thing.

5. Create irresistible offers: People subscribing to your email list also need to see that there is something in it for them. Apart from offering solutions, have additional goodies that will compel people to opt-in your contact list.

Most people before they give you access to their personal email addresses; they will need to have more than one reason to do so. Some of the things people ponder about before subscribing in any list include

–          How will subscribing improve my business or what I do?

–          What experience will I get from enlisting?

–          Is this beneficial to my life in anyway?

If you can find compelling reasons to necessitate people to allow you invade their privacy, then you are in business.

6. Go an extra mile: Now that you have captured people’s interest by giving them irresistible offers, you need to close the deal by making it even more appealing.

You can go an extra mile by offering your contact list free down loads, free eBooks, free softwares, coupons and so forth. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to make people take action. You just need to know the right buttons to push.

It is amazing how a small gift can go a long way in ensuring you gain people’s trust.

Summary: Email marketing success starts from the moment you create the first encounter with your visitors. This means that you have to generate quality content that addresses critical issues within your niche.

Valuable and educative content will help you build your online reputation thus people will trust you with their personal email addresses.

A simple call to action and showing your visitors that you value their privacy will go a long way in building your contact list.

Creating a good email database is like having an online ATM machine hence if you have something more to share on this forum post it in the comment section below. Also you can share this publication with your friends using the social icons appearing on the left of this post.

Generating SEO Web Traffic | You Need To Work Harder

Generating SEO Web Traffic | You Need To Work Harder

If search engines were human beings I’m sure the story would be different when it comes to site ranking and driving SEO web traffic. Unlike humans, search engines cannot really read content but they can tell what your content is about by noting keywords. Ideally, engine spiders can only fragment content in phrases and if there are words you keep on repeating, it will rank you for those keywords.

This means that you can have very rich and informative articles and no one will know they exist. This is why and saying, if only search engines would tell the value and quality of each article online, then the story would have been different in regards to attracting search engine web traffic.

The one way that engine bots go around this problem is by measuring other factors to determine the quality of a site or page. In the online marketing arena, these factors are known as off page factors. One of these external factors or off page elements that search engine look at is link popularity.

Search engines will rank your site higher when you have more links pointing to your site or webpage. You will also increase SEO web traffic if the inbound links are from sites that are related to your content. This to search engines shows relevancy and authority in your target niche.

Here is the scenario; you have come up with an article on how to work from home and earn money fast that is well drafted with high quality content. If no one finds it thus link back to the article, engines spiders will simply think it’s not important. This means that the article will not even appear within search engine page results.

Generating SEO web traffic is like doing business in the outdoor. Take for example these two traders; one of them has very good tomatoes and the other has less quality tomatoes. The one with good tomatoes keeps quiet and hopes people will see he has very quality products hence purchase his products. While his competitor is smiling to everyone passing by and telling them of how good his tomatoes are and yet that is not the case.

Believe it or not, you will end up buying the low quality tomatoes only for you to get home and find they are spoiled. This is to demonstrate that in the business arena, advertising is paramount. You can be the best footballer in the world but if you don’t get a chance to showcase your talents, no one will know of your existence.

This is the same case when it comes to marketing on the internet. Those sites that rank high and get the most SEO web traffic are not necessarily the ones with the best content. If today, your site got the same popularity as the top sites, you will have no need to optimize your content any more.

Top sites ride upon their popularity and that is what Google and other search engines look at when ranking sites. If the president of the United States caught a cold today, newspapers would be filled with headlines about Him sneezing. The hospital he will go to would gain celebrity status right then. But if that was to happen to you, do you think anybody would bother? I guess not.

A site like eBay or facebook enjoys the same benefits. A change of guard or ownership of a site like Ebay or facebook would cause ripples in the internet world. In the process it would cause the sites to become even more popular than ever before. But when your site was hit by the Panda updates, no one raised a finger on how your home business site was affected. In fact, your ranking and web traffic dropped some more.

SEO web trafficThis does not mean that you should give up on generating SEO web traffic. In any case, it will be sweet victory when you beat the odds and join the league of top online business gurus. All you have to do is double your efforts, work smart, focus and be patient and you will rank higher.

Article marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies since it’s a way of generating content. Experts in web traffic generation will tell you that content is King when it comes to site promotion. Top sites have an upper hand in that they can higher hundreds of writers to help them generate fresh content daily.

While you may not have the resources to afford the same number of writers, there are online marketing tools and sofwares you can use to gain leverage. The best approach to online business is to automate your processes.

There are sites that can help you submit your articles to thousand of article directories by a click of a button. One site you can look at is Unique Article Wizard, for just $67 a month you will dominate the internet and generate direct web traffic and SEO organic traffic.

As for bloggers using wordpress, there are plugins that will help you to optimize your content. Other plugins will assist you in reposting your old content to social sites, while others like Publish 2 will ensure you ping your content to as many sites as possible automatically.

These are simple to implement processes that will help you build backlinks thus increase your rankings and web traffic. To finally get to the top, it might take you a while but the day you get there it will be hard to bring you down again. But having said that, when you start making some money online, you need to plough back some of the cash into marketing your site.

Pay for services that allow you to post your content automatically to blog networks and submitting press release. The minute you eliminate the aspect of doing things manually, you are on your way to joining the top cream of internet entrepreneurs.

All the top sites you see today did not begin from the top, the owners of these sites will attest to the fact of how they hassled. You too have the potential of drawing masses by attracting high volume of SEO web traffic if only you remain focused and consistent. Success comes to them that are ready to pay the price.

Share your online marketing story so far in the comment section below.

Income At Home As You Are Working Online

Income At Home As You Are Working Online

Many would like you to think that there is a hidden secret to generating income at home. To tell you the truth, there is no mystery to making money on the internet. If you have a computer and internet connection then you can earn income at home with ease.

For most people, they rush to make money on Ebay. This is probably the easiest, but there are still other excellent strategies of making money online. One of these strategies is affiliate marketing where you sell other peoples’ products. The advantage with affiliate promotion, you do not have to worry about after sales service.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn income at home within hours if you apply the right marketing tactics. Online marketing experts suggest that creating a website or blog is the best approach to affiliate business. Find insightful articles on affiliate marketing on this blog.

The other way of earning income at home is by selling your own products. This is the best strategy if you want to make real money online. This is so because you can get hundreds of people to sell on your behalf. Some sites to get resellers include affiliate networks like Pay Dot Com, Commission Junction and Click Bank.

It would be even much better if you can create products that can be downloaded. This will mean that you do not have to worry about shipping. Though you will lose some cash paying out commissions, overall you will make a lot of money.

Here are other ideal ways of earning income at home on the net:

Create your own affiliate network website: Though there are many other sites like Ebay and Click bank, you can launch one in your locality. For example, Click Bank does not serve some countries. You can take advantage of this fact and create a site where people can sell their products in your area.

revresponseThe strategy is to come up will better ideas than the big boys. Vet to make sure that all products being sold are quality products. In addition, scrutinize the publishers to make sure they are using the right marketing strategies. A little competition will help keep the big affiliate network sites in check.

Act as an online sales man: Most people especially in the developing nations sell their products offline. You can take advantage of this fact and provide a platform for them to sell online. This will make you look like a guru in your community. The beauty of it all is that you can perform this business as you work online from home.

In most communities farming is a common practice. Community based farmers usually selling to the people in their locality. But if you can provide to them a channel to sell to other parts of the world, then you can generate income at home online.

Do a research on the products that are being produced in a certain community. This you can achieve by checking out the yellow pages or by physically doing the ground work.

After you have established the products to promote you can take the following steps;

Buy a domain name: Launching a website is a very important step in earning income at home with any kind of online business. Therefore, the first thing is to register a domain name for your online store. Make sure you give it a unique and keyword based name.

There are several companies you can buy domain names from and the best include Godaddy, Web Host or Hostgator and so on. The prices vary from $8 up to $20 per year depending on the companies and the package you choose.

It is also advisable that you pick a domain name that is easy to remember. This is especially so for people who are not savvy about the internet. Furthermore, the site should be user friendly and easy for both sellers and buyers to navigate through.

Select a hosting company: One of the best hosting company to work with is Hostgator. If you read their reviews you will see just how reputable this company has become. A hosting company can easily boost your online income at home or bring it down. Thus choose prudently to avoid your online store going down or getting errors while loading.

Hosting companyHostgator has very good monthly packages and if you use these coupon codes “moneywise7724” or “workonline25” you will get 25% discounts. To make thing even better, this is for any package you choose to purchase.

On an online store, you need to have a shopping cart. There are some hosting companies that offer free shopping carts on their CPanel. In case you discover that there is no free shopping cart software, you can set up your own. There are experts in doing just that and with a fee; they can create for you good shopping cart software.

The other option is to sign up for a Pay pal account. Pay pal will allow you to make and receive online payments. Once you receive payments, you can ship the products to the intended destination.

Take pictures: Normally it is said, pictures speak a thousand words. It is recommended that you take pictures of the products you are selling then upload them on your site. This will not only boost your income at home online but it will enhance the outlook of your website.

Advise the people who are selling their products or wares to add pictures. A good example is Opportunity Dock, where they insist to their members to upload quality images so as to make more sales. Opportunity Dock also teaches members how to promote products online. You can still earn income at home by taking advantage of their other channels of making money.

Write content: Adding content to your online store will go a long way in making sure you generate income at home. Insist to the people selling their products to provide info regarding their products. Apart from ensuring customers know what they are buying, it will help in search engine optimization.

Content is key when it comes to selling online. People like knowing what they are purchasing. In the case of farming, you can offer content that is helpful to other farmers. Publish content on various methods of farming. This will make people have confidence buying produce on your online store.

In short, content is king as you are seeking to earn income at home while doing online business.

Market your site: Traffic generation is the best way to ensure merchants will want to sell their products on your website. Once you have products to sell you need to find best methods to attract traffic. These include search engine marketing, forum marketing, paid classifieds, email marketing, video marketing and so forth.

You can choose to do both offline and online marketing. With offline you can produce posters, advertising in relevant magazines and newspapers, billboards and so on. Create business cards that have the domain of your online store and issue them out at every opportunity you get. This can be to your friends, relatives, colleagues or when you attend public meetings.

As for online marketing, the best strategy would be article marketing and the other mentioned above. Article marketing is good mainly because the internet is more about creating content.

To learn more on online marketing thus earn income at home, follow the links below.

How To Earn Money from Home Via Blogging

How To Earn Money from Home Via Blogging

Basically with well crafted posts that you’re going to better your online business and as a consequence be guaranteed of enjoying a significant income from home…

Home Business Blog Clean Up | Convert More

Home Business Blog Clean Up | Convert More

To ensure that your business blog is able to continue converting, you need to do some house cleaning. In fact this applies to all areas of our lives. If you have dead stocks in your shop, a sale can be a perfect strategy to do away with them.

Removing dead stock will create space for brand new products that move. This is the same approach that you need to take once in a while on your home business blog. Generally, when there is something on your business blog that is not adding value, remove it.

On this write up let us go through some work online tips as regards cleaning up your business blog.

Template update: If you use wordpress there are times that you will see updates. It is imperative that you always update your plugins and template.

Remove the templates that you are not using from your back office. These are small issues that will reduce the loading time of your blog.

Remove images that do not load: Always take time to frequently go through your web pages to see if all pictures are displaying. It is quite detrimental to your home business blog when images do not load. It looks unprofessional. Always make sure that your blog looks professional.

Redirect visitors once you remove a page: There are times you will decide to remove some of your pages. Whenever you do that it is advisable you redirect your reads to other relevant pages within your business blog.

bloggingEnsure your readers have access to top notch content and products. With that you will sure be making sales online all the year round.

Email marketing clean up: If there is one powerful online promotion tool, it is definitely sending newsletters. Make sure you update the content in your auto responder newsletters.

In normal circumstances, you will discover that when working online things keep changing. An advertising strategy that was working last year would be irrelevant today. If among the newsletters you schedule in your auto responders are outdated, revise them immediately.

By cleaning your business blog email marketing campaign messages, you will do away with old products that stopped converting. Update your newsletters with up to date content and high quality products in your niche.

The best email marketing management site to subscribe to is Aweber. You can also try out iContact which has a 30 day free trial period.

Delete irrelevant plugins: Sometimes you will discover that you are not using some of your plugins. It is recommended that you remove them. This will help load your site slightly faster and hence improve your visitors experience while on your business blog.

One plugin that you are not using cannot really affect your loading much. But when you have 20 irrelevant plugins they can really affect your overall business blog loading time.

In addition, if you notice that a plugin is not adding value to your site delete it. A lean back office is easier to manage and navigate through.

link buildingDoing away with broken links: It sometimes happens that you find some of your links have stopped working. This is especially so for old posts. It is normal occurrence for a site to go down. It can affect your online reputation to lead your visitors to websites that are dead.

There are great tools to use to identify broken links within your site. Do a google search for Broken Link Checker, this is a tool that Crawls your business blog and lets you identify dead links. Once you find broken links you can replace them or remove them all together.

Feature latest products and content: It is good to monitor the trends in your market niche. This is to help you know which products are converting and which ones are not.

It is prudent to remove products within your blog pages or side bar that do not sell. Always seek to offer your target audience with the latest content and products.

The best way to get up-to-date content and products is by joining forums. Subscribe to online forums where people in your niche meet. The other way is to identify a top business blog in your niche and subscribe to their RSS feed of newsletter. By doing this, you will get to know the new products that convert easily.

Adding tools like Google Analytics or Crazy Egg can go a long way in helping clean up your business blog. With Crazy Egg you will get to know where visitors mostly click. This will enable you identify the pages that people do not visit. It could be that the story on that page is irrelevant or it could be a call to change your page title.

Ask yourself whether the contact page is helpful to your business blog: You will notice most work from home blogs have a contact page. As much as this can be helpful to some extent, it can work against your home business blog.

Contact pages work best in some industries but all. If you have a contact form you will discover most of the messages you will get are spam. Trying to sort out between genuine emails and spam can be quite tasking.

If people want to learn about your online business, it would be better they read your content and do as instructed.

Immediately after am through publishing this blog I will need to do some blog clean up. If you want the most out of your business blog you too need to do the same. To make money online from home using your home business blog you need less trash.

Alternative Traffic To Your Website Thus Be Immune To Google

Alternative Traffic To Your Website Thus Be Immune To Google

The warning bells have been sounded and the internet marketing landscape is no longer what it used to be. Strategies of generating traffic to website that would earlier seem to you as genuine could now be looked at by search engines as black hat.

The reason for saying this is because yet another big site has been hit by Google. Build My Rank (BMK), a blog network site where webmasters and bloggers would go and get quality backlinks, has seen most of its sites de-indexed by Google.

According to Google, the dice has been cast and sites that use underhand tactics should know that their days are numbered. In the case of BMK, more than 5,000 domains in their blog network were de-indexed in a period of seven days.

We as internet marketers are left to guess who will be the next candidate. But the statement that google is trying to make here is that, online marketers have to rethink of their strategies of directing traffic to their website.

Webmasters have outsourced for traffic generation services without caring whether these site use white hat or black hat marketing strategies. Going with the current events, people will have no choice now but to re-strategize their methods of directing traffic to their websites.

But owe unto you if you are thinking of moving to white hat strategies now. The fight to get rid crappy sites did not start this March when BMK was hit. For the last one year Google has been on the look out to purge their search results of sites that are considered spammy.

By the look of things, more is still to unfold as Google seeks to improve user experience. It is believed that Google has employed about 4,500 people to manually review sites. If you are those people who do what Google doesn’t want, you should be on the lookout.

For many years now, search engines have been the main source of generating traffic to website. But from what you have read above, depending entirely on SEO to generate traffic to your website is like walking on thin ice.

The internet has of late become so unpredictable and this is demonstrated by how rapidly things are changing. Back in the early 90’s you could count on search engines to rank you high by just posting your site on business directories.

Today, there are no guarantees regardless of the niche you want to target. SEO marketers are now been forced to think outside the box and find other alternatives of getting more traffic to their clients websites.

As a webmaster or someone blogging for money, your over reliance on SEO traffic has to come to a halt. Check out your Google analytics, if you notice that over 50% of traffic to your website is from search engines, you are standing on shaky ground.

Imagine if your site was to be hit by the constant Google algorithm updates, it would mean that your sales volume would be cut by half.

The reason of writing this article is to help you cushion your online business from any eventuality. When the panda update was released, it is said that some legit sites where also hit. What makes you think you too cannot be a victim?

Fellow bloggers, it is high time we thought of other tactics of directing traffic to our sites. This also goes to people and firms that offer traffic generation services. Help your clients to see the disadvantage of over relaying on search engines to get traffic.

While others sit back and hope for the best, you need to act now and protect what you have worked for. Rather than waiting to see what happens next, this is the right time to consider other online marketing strategies.

As days go by, we are seeing Google systematically removing from their search results sites that used self-influenced strategies to rank. Most bloggers in a pursuit to outdo their competition used sites like BMK to get link juice. Now all that link power has been diluted.

You might claim that you never Build My Rank (BMK), but soon the site you have been using to influence your search engine position will fall victim. Do you have a fall back plan? If not, you better get down to work.

Ideally, site ranking is determined by search engines where their bots decide where to position your site in search result pages. Therefore, those who are using strategies to beat their competition are doing the wrong thing that is according to Google.

Now you see, how long do you think it will take before you too see a decline in traffic to your website due to a drop in site ranking?

You might say that google reveals what you need to do to rank high. To Google this is a way of providing equal opportunities for all to get listed on their search results thus improving user experience.

increase web traafic

Here are some requirements that Google wants webmasters and bloggers to adhere to:

–          Generate quality content that will add value to readers and also help search engines know what you are writing about.

–          Have incoming links that are of high quality and related to your site content to prove that the information on your site is worth listing in top search engine result pages.

–          Have the ability to retain people on your site for long and getting them to interact with your blog by posting comments, reading your articles, visiting other webpages within your site and so on.

–          Get your site visitors to share your content on social media sites.

–          Ensure your site loads fast and more importantly make it easy to navigate for both human beings and search engine spiders.

When you read what google is looking for, you will see that some online marketers are using strategies that Google has not recommended. Google’s benchmarks are so clear yet online markets look for ways to manipulate engine bots.

We all know the value of generating quality content, but some of us would rather find the easy way out. If only webmasters and bloggers would concentrate on publishing rich and helpful content, no one would be worried about site ranking.

There is something about providing high quality content, apart from getting more traffic to your site; it produces a ripple effect that will make your site go viral. Social media sites offer free fertile grounds to market your website, why would you insist on only employing SEO strategies?

The problem of going the SEO way is that you are forced to do things that if given a choice you would opt otherwise. Our blogs have been built to appease Google and in the process forgotten that our site visitors should come first.

It is now common to see sites:

*Posting low quality links on social media sites with a hope they gain a viral effect.

*With endless content that mean nothing to site visitors

*With bogus website designs that are not in line with the site owners’ wishes.

*That have completely sidetracked from their main agenda and business goals.

*Producing of low quality video content.

*Using tools that do not provide true analysis to help you better optimize your site.

All these, in the name of following rules set by Google in order to rank and get more traffic to your website. As I have said many times before, Google rules the internet and the rest of us have no option but to get other alternatives of generating traffic to website or do what they say.

You may be asking, which are these other traffic generation strategies?

First let me congratulate you for having an eagerness to read these far in order to learn the trend that the internet is taking. History has it that our past determines of future. Therefore, it is good to know where we are coming from and where we are heading as internet business entrepreneurs.

There are many ways you can stop this over reliance on Google to direct traffic to your blog or website. If we start talking on all the other option available of traffic generation, we would be here the whole day describing them.

Below are other strategies of directing traffic to your site that would not affect you even if Google algorithm updates hit you tonight.

  1. Article marketing where you generate quality content for syndication. Good articles will always find their way on quality sites thus helping you funnel direct traffic to your site as webmasters republish your articles.
  2. Posting quality press release articles on top quality sites like PRweb. Though it might call you to go deep into your pocket, press release can get your site to appear on top news sites thus boosting your site web presence.
  3. Submitting your links on eZine marketing sites like eZine hub which is now Site pro news.
  4. Directing traffic to your site by posting your webpage links on social bookmarking sites like Stumple Upon, Reddit, Diggs, delicious and the list goes on and on.
  5. If you ask me, email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain traffic proof even when the next panda update comes calling. There is no better backup than having people subscribed voluntarily to be in your opt in email list. On the internet having an email list is like owning an ATM machine.
  6. You can also publish your our eBooks where you can provide to site visitors for free or sell, but make sure you include links to your website. This is a rich source of generating direct traffic to your website.
  7. Participating in active online forums in your niche. Forum sites offer good opportunities to showcase your expertise and thus build a fan base that Google can never contend with.
  8. Participating in social media sites like twitter, facebook, pinterest and Google plus. With the right strategies and patience, you can build lasting relationships on social sites that will establish a brand name for your business.
  9. Funneling traffic from online selling sites like Amazon and Ebay.
  10. Directing visitors to your site through guest blogging especially on blogs that already generate high traffic volume.

Above are 8 techniques to be immune in case you fall victim to Google algorithm updates. Kindly, share using the comment section below of other strategies of getting referral traffic to your site other than SEO tactics.

dotcom secrets coaching

Summary: In every arena of online marketing be it SEO, forum marketing, press release, article marketing, name it, you have to be patience and be ready to work hard. The notion that SEO is easy and other strategies of directing traffic to our sites hard is completely misplaced.

The fact that you have been seeing free traffic from Google does not mean you can rest easy. If something was to happen to Google today, which direction would your business take?

Let us assume Google was removed from the equation, would your blog or website still look the way it is today? What I’m I trying to imply here; it is the time that you added more online marketing strategies to your website promotion campaign.

Apart from integrating more traffic generation techniques, find ways of making it easier for your site visitors to get in touch with you. Put in place effective follow up mechanisms for people in your opt in list and be active on business forums and social media sites hence build relationships.

These are simple to implement tactics that will ensure Google do not call the shots when it comes to your site traffic volume.

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Google SEO Guidelines On How To Recover From Penguin Updates

Google SEO Guidelines On How To Recover From Penguin Updates

Of late many webmasters and bloggers have had sleepless nights thanks to recent Google updates. Just when marketers thought that they had survived the Panda update, another animal called Penguin (Update) came calling.

For a long time internet users had been complaining about landing on sites with crappy content on search results. This was not good for both search engines and online business entrepreneurs.

Search engines, especially Google, make most of their money through advertisement. It is estimated that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertisement.

With people losing trust in search engine results, it meant that they were also losing revenue derived from advertisement. On the other hand, internet business people were also losing since people resulted in finding other ways of getting information.

Though business people are complaining of the way Google is going about punishing sites, if you look at it critically, this was the only way to rid search results of spammy sites.

The days of blackhat strategies seem to have come to an end or so it seems, with engine spiders becoming more intelligent. No more buying of backlinks, overstuffing keywords or duplicating content for the sake of ranking high.

Gamming Google is now becoming a difficult thing to succeed in, but only time will tell what blackhat strategists will come up with in future. In a way, Google SEO quality guidelines seem to be enforced.

Probably, you may be a victim of the recent updates and you are wondering if it is possible to recover. I have good news for you but you need to read on to learn what Google really expects from you.

Here are Google SEO guidelines in a layman’s language:

According to Matt Cutts, the people who were penalized by Penguin were those optimizers employing negative SEO tactics. These include link cloaking, overstuffing keywords, copying other people’s content, buying links and so on.

The questions that people end up asking are:

1: How do I build my link popularity?

2: How many keywords should I have in any given article?

3: As an affiliate marketer, how would I go about describing my merchant products without duplicating?

If you have other questions please feel free to post them in the comment section below and you will get expert SEO advice. In the meantime lets us address the above questions.

Answer 1: Google SEO guide on how to approach link building

One thing that Google seems not able to wish away is using backlinks to rank websites. Google is trying to find ways of positioning websites by measuring social signals, but they are limited due to the small number of people registered on their social site, Google Plus.

Another challenge that search engines face is the ability to manipulate social activity by use of softwares. Therefore, the best way to increase your site authority will be to employ legit link building strategies.

Ideally, the more backlinks your site gets from high quality niche sites, the better the site will be positioned on SERPs. These means that not all links are good links.

Make sure that if you have backlinks coming from link farms, paid links and spammy sites, have those links removed. There are better techniques of building backlinks such as guest blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, press release, posting on web 2.0 pages and comment posting.

According to Google SEO guide, link building should be natural. The only way to do that is by publishing rich content. Generating quality content acts as link bait and thus people will link back to your site naturally and that’s what Google likes to see.

You are also guaranteed that with rich content only quality sites will pick your content thereby boosting your site authority. It is true that you might not have full control on sites that link back, but with good content chances are that quality sites will be the first to notice you.

Answer 2: How to tackle the issue of Keyword Usage:

Keywords are integral when it comes to site optimization in that they help search engines know what your content is about. But still, you need to be careful not to be seen by search engines as if you are over optimizing.

When you consider this carefully, keyword stuffing is also not good for your site conversion. In most cases, when you stuff keywords your content will be unreadable and boring thus resulting to a high bounce rate.

Google guidelines when it comes to SEO are very clear; generate content for readers and not for search engines. Anyway, you expect your readers to become customer and not search engines.

Since you cannot avoid the use of keywords, it is recommended you use them tactfully.

seo softwareFor every page you create have your targeted keyword in your page title. As for those that have big websites, you can include a secondary keyword in the title.

Mention your keyword phrase in the body of your article preferably in the first paragraph. Apply strategies like word stemming and relating words to mention your keywords, click here to read more on that.

This is the best way to make sure you maintain the right keyword density. As for those who use wordpress as their blogging platform, add plugins such as Platinum SEO pack or WordPress SEO to check your keyword density.

Note: The number of times you mention a keyword in an article is what is measured as keyword density.

This means the longer a page is, the more times you can repeat your keyword or keywords.

Answer 3: How to avoid duplicating content:

The SEO guidelines put in place by Google clearly stipulate; no duplicating other people’s content. The sentence of duplicating content can be very harsh.

The people who are more likely to fall victim to this offence are affiliate marketers, e-commerce sites and review sites. These kinds of sites are in most cases forced to use the same product description as their merchants thus resulting to duplicate content.

In order to deal with duplicate content, SEO experts recommend the use of robot.txt files, 301 redirect and canonical tags. WordPress also has plugins that tell search engines which pages not to crawl or index.

Personally, the best way to avoid content duplication is coming up with your own product description. The English language is believed to be rich thus you can sure find other words to describe a product.

If you have to result to employing redirects and robot.txt files, use softwares such as link assistance to see how top sites are doing it. This software will help you identify what onsite optimization strategies top marketers are using.

How to beat Penguin and all future Google Updates:

Google SEO guidelines are in the open for everyone to read and implement. In fact, of late it has become very easy to predict which sites will get to first page and which ones will not.

Going by the current SEO trends, algorithm tweaking has just begun. The only way of making sure you do not step out of the required guidelines is to give Google what they want.

Top on the list of Google SEO guide is sharing quality content. By this we mean content that is shareable, linkable and of course add value to your readers.

In addition, monitor what top bloggers and webmasters in your niche are doing in terms of link building and keyword usage. Note that SEO strategies vary from one niche to another thus the reason you have to track what people in your niche are doing.


Depending on SEO alone to market your site is not the wise thing to do. This is because search engines have become so unpredictable and sometime legit websites become victims.

Include in your online marketing arsenals other web marketing techniques like social media marketing, video marketing, guest blogging, article marketing and other referral marketing tactics.

If 80% of your traffic is from Google you are probably walking on very thin ice even though some people would say that is debatable.

Someone once said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, though you are better off putting your eyes on one basket than trying to keep an eye on 10 baskets.

So, if SEO is your thing go right ahead but remember to adhere to all Google SEO guidelines and hope for the best.

This blog is dedicated to making sure you know the best SEO practices to use in marketing your business online. You are also welcome to share your views and expertise by posting comments in the section provided below.

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Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Am sure you have met people who claim to be experts in online marketing. It is only after you have had sessions with them that you will discover they don’t really know how the internet operates.

Creating a blog is one thing but directing traffic is a different ball game all together. There are fundamentals you need to know when it comes to online marketing. On this post we shall share some of them to make sure you get the right knowledge and tools of marketing on the web.

With these online marketing strategies, anyone in any niche can implement them and thus generate blog traffic. Whether you have an established blog or a starting up home business blog you need to read this post to the end.

You don’t have to use all of them but you can pick at least 5 online marketing techniques and implement them on your blog.

Rule 1: Know where your audiences visit: The reason some companies have become household names is because of the many surveys they conduct. Knowing where your target audience spends most of their time and the language they use will always give you an upper hand.

Research is a crucial element to online marketing. It helps you in generating content and furthermore discovering exactly where your potential customers frequent.

The internet is so automated and it is quite easy to find out where your audiences spend most of their time. Am sure you already have a rough idea of the online communities, blogs, social sites that your target readers go to.

A simple way to get the sites in your niche is to do a Google search. From the results you can start participating in order to build relationships. With time you will gain online presence which will ensure you generate blog traffic.

Some people make the mistake of joining online forums and right away post content and links. That is a wrong approach, take time to study the do’s and don’t’s of any forum you enroll in. Once you are sure of the rules of the house you can begin participating in conversations.

Online marketing is about active participation and following the laid down guidelines. This way you will be rewarded with online credibility thus quality and targeted traffic.

Rule 2: Publish content that is sharable: If you observe rule number 1 then without a doubt people will share your content. But note that people will only share content that is of high quality.

While doing business on the web, connecting with the right audience, having a unique writing style and sharing topics that add value is the secret to online marketing. In addition, you have to be consistent in doing these things that have just been mentioned.

For instance, writing articles that seeks to challenge the norm will set you apart thus ensure your content goes viral.

Ideally, in any given niche there are those people that visit just to read while a percentage on them will share your content. There is also another group of loyal fans that follow your blog with keen interest.

Of the three groups of people, the one that you should seek to increase are the loyal fans. These are the people who will be quick to share your blog posts hence assist you reach a wider audience.

Rule 3: Link your blog to top social networking sites: Since you are interested in online marketing, am sure you have accounts on social sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, YouTube and so on.

It is imperative that you link all your accounts to your blog. Make sure that your user profiles on these sites are completely filled. It is also advisable to use the same screen name and image in all social network accounts you set up.

In all your profiles, it is recommended you include a link to your blog. Also, seek to link up with people in your niche. This way you will increase the chances of people clicking on your links thus generating targeted blog traffic.

internet marketingTo succeed on social media marketing you need to be active. Avoid sharing content that does not add value to your fans. How does telling people what you had for diner going to help you in marketing your business online?

Therefore, publish content that is insightful and you will win the trust of your fans. Besides, any content you generate on the web should be related to your blog. If you have to share a video online, it should contain relevant content and a link pointing back to your blog.

On your web pages you should also include author protocol. Google now has launched an online program where bloggers can use the rel=author code to build an online brand.

With this code, your image will appear next to your article in Google search results. To get more info about adding the rel=author function read this article How To Implement Rel=Authors.

Rule 4: Add share buttons on your blog: The traffic you can generate online through social sites is enormous. Below are the numbers of subscribers top social networking site have recorded so far.

Facebook tops with over 850 million active members

Twitter follows with over 450 million subscribers

LinkedIn comes in third with 130 million users

Google Plus, the new kid in the block with over 100 million active subscribers so far.

This is to show that you cannot do online marketing without incorporating social media marketing. It is therefore recommended to add social sharing icons on your site. Add a call to action message within your posts telling your readers to share your content.

In fact, you can use the social button appearing on the left of this blog to share this article with your friends.

Rule 5: Get involved in social sharing: Apart from the four social networking sites mentioned on rule number 4, other sites to participate in are social bookmarking sites.

Examples of these sites include Digg, Stumple Upon, Reddit, Delicious and so on. A site like Reddit records about 2 Billion visits each month. If you can funnel some of this traffic to your site, you will be in a good position to make money online with ease.

Note: Each of these sites also has rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines so as to add value and hence gain credibility. Posting your links and walking away is NOT the best online marketing strategy when it comes social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites can be a great source for generating content. Reading other peoples posts will help you gather inform on what to discuss on your blog.

Rule 6: Use Email marketing: Many are the times when you send emails to your contacts. Have you ever stopped to think that you can use you email for online marketing?

The best thing to do is adding a signature that contains your blog URL and links to your social networking accounts. This will help you in creating awareness about your blog and you never know, your emails may go viral.

online marketingRule 7: Optimize your content for SEO ranking: The other day I read an article that stated that on google alone, there are over 3 billion searchers done every day and the number is growing.

As someone seeking to market online you simply cannot ignore this figure. Most people find SEO difficult but that is far from the truth. All you need to know when marketing online through SEO is to write for both human beings and search engines.

When your content is SEO friendly, search engines will send targeted traffic your way and with that you are sure to make money working online.

When you are starting out, it may be difficult to write content that caters for both your readers and search engines, but the more you keep writing the better you will learn the art.

The secret to online marketing through SEO is creating your blog on platforms like wordpress. WordPress comes with great plugins and tools to help you market on the internet. Click here to read more on how to generate traffic with wordpress plugins.

Rule 8: Refer to other bloggers in your niche: If you are a church goer you definitely have heard your priest say “Do unto others what you would want them do unto you”. The same principle applies to online marketing.

The best way to get back links is to link to other blogs within your niche. Webmasters and bloggers like it and in most cases will feel obliged to return the favor when you link to their content.

Search engines and visitors to your blog also like seeing and clicking on links within your content. As you link to other pages within your blog also add links pointing to external webpages.

You might say that is funneling your traffic to other people. But remember that these same people will see traffic coming from your blog and they will be interested in what you have to offer. Besides, they may end up been your devoted fans thus help you in viral marketing through sharing.

Rule 9: Comment marketing: One of the best strategies of online marketing is posting comments on related blogs. The secret is to post comments that are fascinating, relevant and adding value.

With time people will note your contribution and seek to learn more about you by visiting your site. It is advisable to use one username as a way of branding yourself online. Rather than using keywords, use your name when posting comments.

The use of keywords can sometime be viewed as spamming thus may hurt your online marketing ambitions.

Rule 10: Add RSS feeds to your blog: I have noted that the people who end up becoming return visitors are the ones who have subscribed to my RSS feed.

Everyday there are people who will find your blog educative and will want to come back again. To make it easy for these kinds of visitor, incorporate RSS feed marketing in your array on online marketing arsenals.

The recommend site to set up free RSS feeds is Feedburner. Make sure you display your RSS feed at strategic positions within your blog. For example you can place your feeds at the top or within the sidebar of your blog.

You can also use your Feedburner account to capture your visitors email addresses. Remember to tell your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed for more updates.

Rule 11: Join sites with Q & A: Some of the sites you can visit and participate in asking and answering questions are Yahoo Answers, Quora and Here you can also get ideas on what people in your niche want discussed thus generate quality content.

There are times while conversing with people in your niche you will get the opportunity to say what you do. This is the right time to share you blog URL. If you discover there is a question people are asking frequently, try and come up with a blog post.

This will mean that next time some else asks you the same question you will provide them with the link to the page that answers them. In so doing, you will handle readers’ queries and at the same time market your business online.

Do not make the mistake of answering a question before conducting thorough research. In addition, respond to questions that are related to your industry and on subjects that you are an expert in.

As you give quality answers you will increase your online reputation and presence thus succeed in online marketing.

Conclusion: I have one advice to bloggers and webmasters and that is “Never give up”. It does not matter how long it takes, for as long as you are using the right online marketing strategies you will succeed in blogging.

Most people give up when they are just about to make the big break. If you follow top bloggers, you will discover they all have two things in common, persistence and patience.

Therefore, do not throw in the towel, you will make some mistakes along the way but that is how you learn. Within no time, you will start publishing content that is compelling and worth sharing.

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New Facebook Update | FB Goes A Notch Higher

New Facebook Update | FB Goes A Notch Higher

Just as technology is evolving fast, social media sites are not been left behind. A good example is the new facebook update layout. It is amazing how things are moving so fast nowadays that for you to succeed in work online business you need to keep abreast with these new technologies.

If you stay a while before visiting some sites for a month or you, you may go back to find a lot of changes. This is especially when it comes to website designs. Whether these modifications are necessary or not I leave it to you to make your own judgment.

Of late, I’m sure you have noted the way facebook has been trying to improve or should I say readjust their site appearance. These new facebook updates are geared towards improving the experience of users. As an online home based business entrepreneur, you need to take advantage of these changes to market your online brand. In addition, proper use of these facebook updates will help you generate more targeted traffic.

On this write up, we shall discuss some of the new facebook updates that you can take advantage of and increase traffic to your blog. If social media marketing is your cup of tea then you need to read this article to the end.

Here are the added facebook updates and features to make use of as you are working online:

People are now able to subscribe to you: Facebook users will now be able to choose which updates they want to view from their friends and business connection. This was done to enable users sift out the information they what to get from their list of friends.

The feature allows users to either choose to view all updates or choose to view most updates or opt to get only the most important updates posted by someone. If you subscribe to get all updates it will mean that you will view all the person’s status wall posts. As for the option of most updates, users will view the same results as before. But if you select only important updates, the new facebook update will only show you vital highlights occasionally.

The new facebook update is meant to allow people to get only the important information. What does this new feature tell work online marketers and bloggers? It simply means that you have to up your game. If you have been posting on your wall information that is not helpful no one will subscribe to you.

This is to remind bloggers the importance of sharing high quality content that will add value to your readers. In one of the previous articles on web developing, we saw just how vital CONTENT is in online money making.

Another important aspect of this facebook update is the ability to keep you up to date with current news and events in your niche. Subscribe to top bloggers in your niche and hence get updates whenever something new hits the market.

Ability to better list Friends: This facebook update is similar to the Google+ feature called “Circles”. You can now group your friends in different categories. If your facebook account has a combination of family, workmates, business connections and friends you will now be able to separate them.

The feature was there before but now it is improved. This time you will be able to share information with one group and leave out another. It means you can play with a certain group and be a serious business man or woman with another group.

This new facebook update has something called “smart lists” where it automatically analyzes your profile and groups your connections. So rather than do it manually, the feature will arrange your friends automatically.

facebook updateNew facebook feed layout: This feature used to be there before where you had two links. One was a feed showing top news while the other was displaying recent news. It used to happen that if you took a while before visiting facebook, you would not be able to views last week news.

With the new facebook update you will now be able to view the most recent updates that are related to your niche. The news updates are important in ensuring you know what is happening and thus be able to share fresh content on your blog with your target audience.

Before the new facebook update, you had to keep on scrolling down until you get to the important news. This was a challenge for people who had many friends and were forced to sift through many updates. Now the news can be customized to help you receive only relevant updates.

Live News Ticker: If you have noticed, the news ticker appears at the top right. It scrolls up automatically hence is making it easy for you to view your friend’s activities on real time.

Now you will get to view right away when your friends comment on someone’s wall. If your connection liked a certain fan page or a certain post, you will be able to see the LIKE and head there right away. This is like having an eagle’s eye view of what is taking place within your facebook community.

In the online business front, it means that your friends can now easily view your activities without necessarily visiting your page. Again, it is an opportunity for you to keep adding relevant and high quality content to your wall. This will help you boost your online brand name and increase targeted referral traffic to your blog or website.

Since this facebook update has the option to unsubscribe, make certain that every status wall update is valuable and thus your friends will always what to see your activities.

Summary: Some of you may be thinking that facebook now looks like a maze, yes that may be true to some extent. But you as an online business marketers needs to look at these facebook updates from a different angle.

First you need to familiarize yourself with how these facebook updates and features are working. Then find ways of taking advantage of them.

It is sure not the end of facebook updating their site design. Am sure even as you are reading this publication someone at facebook is burning the midnight oil to add yet another feature. Take time to learn every new update that is added and see how it can boost traffic to your blog.

Change with the times and new technologies and for sure online money making will be easy for you.

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