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Blog Design For Business Bloggers That Guarantee Call To Action

Blog Design For Business Bloggers That Guarantee Call To Action

The ambiance of a hotel room greatly determines whether you are going to enjoy your stay or come back another time. Our surrounding really matter and thus you should apply the same principle when choosing a blog design.

Make sure that from the first glance readers fill at home while on your blog. Make your visitors have confidence in your site by installing a professional blog design.

Today, there are user friendly templates that you can use without the help of a blog designer. As a business blogger you don’t need to worry about HTML coding, all you will focus on is generating quality content.

The main thing you want to achieve from a business blog is to make sales. Some of the elements that determine sales conversion include easy navigation, readability, call to action and blog design.

For those who have been following my blog, I’m sure you noticed that I haven’t update new content for 3 days now. This is because I have been working on a new template design for my blog.

Kindly submit your opinions in the comment section appearing below this article regarding the new design and let me know if you prefer this or the previous design.

I must admit that for a long time now I had been contemplating of changing my site design. If you thought it was touch and go, think again. My fear was that I would lose some of my visitors who would think they have landed on a different site.

Rebranding your business blog is not easy especially when you have high traffic. For a while your bounce rates may go up and thus you need to have a strategy of gradually moving to your new design.

Though I wanted to change my logo, I thought it prudent to maintain my logo for a while before I change it. Thereafter, when my visitors are used to the new design of my blog I can then get a new professional logo.

The other alternative of maintaining your site visitors is providing a link that allows them to view using the old design. The link can be available for a month as they get accustomed to the new look then you can remove the link to the old version.

Business bloggers are now and then re-branding their blogs and the main reason of doing this is to increase visitor activity. The way you design a blog determines the call of action by your blog visitors.

So, let as discuss some fundamental attributes of a perfect and professional blog design:

Choose your color theme: Depending on your niche you have to carefully choose the colors to have on your blog. Unless your blog is about fashion trends or children stuff it is advisable to work with 3 colors at most.

Make sure that the minute someone lands on your blog he/she can tell right away your dominant theme color. The best place to achieve this is on your header.

It is also imperative to pick colors that match since it will make your blog look organized. Selecting colors that don’t match will result in your site appearing too busy, thus have a negative impact to visitors.

Once you have chosen your theme colors ensure that you use them all the time even when you decide to change your blog design once again. This is what is called online branding.

Logo: A big percentage of blogs out there do not have a logo. Maybe it is because they are newbies or they are just ignorant of the fact that logos play an essential role in online business.

Again, the colors you choose matter when it comes to designing a logo. Pick the same colors as your template theme.

It is recommended you spend some money and get the services of a reputable and professional logo designer. A logo is something you intend to use for a long time thus it pays to have a quality logo design.

Work with a light background color: Readability is very critical if you are going to keep people on your site. Therefore, do not pick a pale background color since your content may not be legible to people with poor eyesight.

Some of the calming background colors to incorporate include white or soft white.

online brandingBuy a professional template: There are many free blog templates you can pick and still your site would look great. But for you to leave a lasting impression and improve your blog ambiance you are better off buying a professional blog design template.

Make certain that the once offering the template have a good support team to make sure you fully optimize your blog appearance. The template should also be SEO friendly and this is why most blog designers recommend wordpress templates.

A good template should also be user friendly where people with no experience in coding can easy work with.

It is therefore recommended you read reviews, checkout what top bloggers are using and visit forum sites that discuss blog template design so as to make the right choice.

Here are some of the recommended sites to purchase premium wordpress templates:

Ultimate Blogging Themes


Lifestyle Theme

Theme Forest

Studio Press

buy customized themes

Pick easy to read font style: Another element you need to consider when designing a blog in terms of readability is font style.

It is recommended that you select one font style that you will use throughout your blog. Using different styles will make your site look disorganized and crowded thus will confuse readers.

Personally I love Tahoma but there are other font styles you can work with like Arial, Georgia and San-Serif just to mention few.

Adjust to the recommended font size: Pick a font size that can be read with people with a 20/20 vision.

The recommended body content size is 14 pixels. With this size your site visitors will find it easy to read your content. Furthermore, your call to action will be more effective since people can quickly get what you are telling them to do.

Did you know that font size also contribute to your online branding? Yes it does hence work with one font size and style.

Plugin installation: Any blog designer will attest to the fact that wordpress is the best for people seeking to blog for profit. The reason for this is because of one simple fact, availability of plugins.

Plugin are known to perform various task from automating your ad placement, increasing blog activity, improving SEO ranking, enabling social activity and monetizing your blog among other important functions.

I discovered while designing my blog that there was no page counter. Before, I would be forced to look for a website coder to get this done but all I did was to get a plugin and wow! My site has a page count.

Easy navigation: One of the ways to make people take action is to ensure they spend more time on your site. Apart from linking related pages, ensure that visitors can locate your menu within 3 seconds of landing on your blog.

As you consider the template to use, an attribute you seriously need to look at is ease of navigation. Choose a template that has a category bar appearing at the top preferably at the header.

Ad placement: The reason for creating a business blog is to make money hence advisement is a critical aspect to consider.

A good blog design should allow you to rotate and place advertisement at strategic positions. I recommended you try using Ad injection or upload Cranky Ads (both work with wordpress templates).

Read more about how to position your advertisements within your blog.

Bonus points:

Short paragraphs: When writing blog post use short sentences and paragraphs. This makes your content easy to read and digest. In addition, it improves your blog overall appeal.

Usually, people feel intimidated when they come across long paragraphs. Research has also shown that short paragraphs play a major role when it comes to visitor instruction intake.

If you want to be perceived as a friendly blogger try and work on your content structure and arrangement.

Hot introduction lines: The first words you use when starting your article count a great deal since they will determine if a visitor will read on or click the close button.

Therefore, as you work on having the best looking blog design, capture your target audience by publishing content that is interesting to read.

Use phrases that act as pick up lines where you give your readers no option but to read on.

Conclusion: Uploading a new template does not mean you are done. You have to keep on testing and tweaking to see what works best with your target audience.

Never stop researching for ways that would make your blog visitors increase their activity on your site. This is the only way you get your Return On Investment (ROI) especially to online entrepreneurs who blog for money.

My journey to improving your blog appearance and performance has just started.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

Common Errors That Can Kill Rather Than Build A Blog

Common Errors That Can Kill Rather Than Build A Blog

Many businesses today have begun to embrace the importance of building a blog.

A blog is a brilliant tool for advancing your business to another level. However, blogging requires determination since it is not a one-day thing. Generating a steady flow of content is vital because it is one of the key factors of inbound marketing.

Take an example of fishing, some fishermen go fishing and never catch anything at all, while others make a lot of catch. Why is this so? Some people have the knowledge of the unquestionable basics of success in fishing. So is blogging!

This post mainly focuses on assisting you to stay away from the common errors that can kill a blog.

1. Irregularity

When you start a business, you need to keep to it. The major blunder bloggers make is irregularity both in excellence of the articles and in publication regularity. Blogging is not different from other businesses, when you start; you ought to keep the ball rolling.

One needs to be patient and consistent. Your blog posts should be interesting and relevant to the target audience. Your readers, who are also your clients, will see enthusiasm by how you write posts.

Delegate yourself to the upkeep of your blog. You can start to put more effort, post at least one or two blog posts per week then work your way up. Routine in your publication builds confidence with the audience hence a good gesture of showing you are a pro.

2. Disregarding SEO or Excessive SEO

Visitors will always find your blog by the help of search engines. Even though SEO is important, you do not need to apply it excessively. Extreme use of keywords in posts will suddenly stop making sense.

As much as the robots seek for keywords, always let your readers be your number one priority. You need not to spam your article with keywords since it is against the guidelines of building a blog. You can get the necessary information on search engine optimizationin order to avoid such a mistake.

3. Unexciting Headlines

Readers will always want to go through an article if the title is catchy. Interesting headlines will tell the audience a great deal about the content. Headlines also set expectations. A good title should be descriptive and enticing in order for it to have the desired result.

4. Never linking to old posts

Linking to your older posts is a vital action when it comes to building a blog. The number one reason is that it increases the number of pages that readers view and builds quality links. Such an action directs search engine spiders through your site hence making your pages indexed quickly.

Do not forget your older posts; each of them is an important asset for your site. This action helps your readers to get more information from older posts in your blog.

5. Concentrating On The Blog Design

Majority bloggers dwell so much on the design of the blog than the content. A good design looks more attractive when it has the right content on it. It should be easy to navigate, since readers do not like complexity when it comes to navigating through your blog.

6. Plagiarisms

The act of plagiarism is illegal. It is a crime under the copyrights. Some writers copy and paste other writers’ posts instead of putting up their own opinion using their own words. Google loves uniqueness. Original articles are unique because they express your thoughts with ease.

Every writer needs many ideas to avoid the lure of copying someone else’s blog posts. Plagiarizing is a faster way to destroy a writer’s personality and more so can bring down your blog that you spend hours building.

how to build a blog

7. Forgetting to Proof-Read

Not only does proof reading get rid of grammatical mistakes but also it improves the vocabulary of your post. Constant typing and spelling mistakes on your posts will put off the readers. No matter your expertise, when your article is full of minor mistakes, the confidence of your readers may go down.

After you finish writing your post, take time to read it through. Better still, you can ask a colleague to proof read it for you. It is easier for someone else to mark your typos than your own.

8. Lack Of Social Media Experience

In the present day, Social Media is the best source of traffic for every blogger. Majority of your daily visitors will locate your blog through social media. Examples of Social Medias that help you promote and build your blog are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest just to mention a few.

9. Not having a strong niche

A good blogger concentrates on strong niches.  You cannot take the benefits of focus too lightly. The best thing to do is to select carefully the niche you want to write on, and then focus your energy on it. This will help you in your writing since you will not run out of ideas hence you will have interesting topics to write on.

10. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best methods of making a blog popular. It is also a way of helping one another since some comments consists of questions and others suggestions. When you reply to comments, visitors feel appreciated and they would definitely visit your site again.

Do you want to build relationships with your audience and other bloggers in your niche? Then submit comments and respond to comments on your blog.

11. Not understanding your audience

A blogger must know who their audience is. As a writer, you must know the problems facing your audience so that you may come up with the right solution for them. Understanding your audience will help you write a post that is full of information that will be helpful to the reader.

Conclusion: What lessons have you learned from this post? What are the other errors that can kill a blog?

Kindly share your views in the comment section below.

If you think this post will help someone out there, feel free to use the social buttons on the left to share.

Author Details:

Sarah Wambua is an established blogger out to share quality information to both novice and experts on how to make a blog and do home business online. From her blog you will know how to blog from home and prospect successfully.

How To Build A Blog And Get Online Income From Home

How To Build A Blog And Get Online Income From Home

Gone are the days when building a blog was about generating content and traffic would come your way. Today, anyone seeking to build a blog must not only create content, but the content has to be of high quality. In addition, a blogger has to market his/her blog in order to generate online revenue.

Blogging has become so competitive nowadays especially with the constant google algorithm changes. Just the other day we heard of Google Fresh that seeks to rank new content. This is an indication that bloggers have to update their blogs even more frequently.

As you are generating content, you also need to consider other aspects like optimization, link building, social media marketing and other marketing tactics to succeed in blogging.

Here are factors to look at as you build a blog

Have a work online schedule: One of the most important elements of blogging is regular updates. Personally, I post one article every day from Monday to Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday.

This calls for you to have a working schedule which you have to adhere to religiously. The reason to stick to your schedule is to ensure that your blog is picked by search engines and more so build a fan base.

If working online everyday is tough, then choose days of the week which you can generate content to help build a blog that will make you money. There is no point of writing for a week, then disappear for a whole month without updating your blog. Failing to adhere to your work plan will result in you losing your fan base and drop search engine rankings.

Sometimes sticking to a work schedule can be touch and that is why you need to be accountable to someone else. For bloggers working online from home, pin your work schedule somewhere visible so as to be accountable to your house hold members.

Research for quality content: Another big challenge when it comes to building a blog is what to write about. Some days you may wake up and find that you have nothing to share with your target audience.

Expert bloggers advice that before you build a blog, ensure you have done your research well. Start a niche blog that has a broad topic therefore making sure you do not run out on what to share.

It is said that experience is the best teacher, hence pick a niche you are experienced in and you will never miss something to share. I have been sharing on work from home business ideas for seven years now thus I never lack content to write about.

The best approach on what to write about is researching and reading widely. Subscribe to news sites in your niche in order to get up-to-date content. In addition, check out what other bloggers in your niche are writing about and collect ideas on topics to discuss.

Research will assist you to identify areas that other bloggers are overlooking thus ensure you generate unique content.

As you build a blog, always ask your visitors to share their opinions on your blog posts. This will help you know what exactly your readers what discussed.

Sometimes ideas can come to you as you are doing other tasks, it is important to write these ideas down so as not to forget. Doing all the above will mean that you will always have content to share with your blog audience.

Link with other niche bloggers: No man is an island and that is why you should seek to work with other bloggers in your niche. Something I have come to learn in my blogging practice is that you have to recommend other blogs in your blog content.

As you add links pointing to other blogs, you will increase your search engine rankings. Also in the process, it will help you build relationships with other niche blogs thus build a blog that will have a strong link profile.

When you talk about other blogs, with time they too will begin mentioning you on their articles. Eventually, you will get invitations to be a guest blogger increasing your SEO value much more.

Social media sites like twitter are good for building relationships thus build a blog. Regularly Retweet other people’s content and they will also reciprocate thereby helping you to further popularize your blog.

If you want people to post comments on your blog, start by posting on other niche blogs. Make sure your comments add value and it will not be long before other bloggers want to know who you are. Networking is powerful thus use it to build a blog that will make you easy money from home.

build a blogShare your blog content: Social bookmaking sites are ideal places to begin when it comes to sharing your blog content. Every time you post a new article, share the link page on sites like Delicious, StumpleUpon, Reddit, Digg and Mixxed.

These are good sources of generating quality traffic to your blog and building link popularity. You can also share your content on article marketing sites or tutorial submitting sites like Good-Tutorials

The advantage of sharing your articles and tutorials is;

a. You generate organic traffic since your blog will rank high

b. Get direct traffic as people read your articles

Use social media sites to generate traffic to your niche blog: Some of the social media sites that you must have an account include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

On facebook you can create a fan page which you can request your close friends to like it. This will lead to their friends liking your fan page thus build a fan base to your blog content.

Online marketers say that one of the most powerful online marketing tools is Facebook. You also need to add twitter to your online marketing arsenal. Currently, people are using their mobile phones to twitter thus providing you a great opportunity to build a blog successfully with ease.

On your blog, install a plugin called “Tweet Old Post” which will be tweeting your old post hence help you give your old articles new life.

Monitoring your traffic: The best tool to use to monitor your traffic is Google Analytics. With this tool you will be able to study your blog traffic. Checking your traffic aids you to know which pages your visitors are spending more time, where most visitors are coming from and thus know your audiences preferences.

In order to learn how Google Analytics works, you need to first install it. Then go the tutorial on how to operate this free tool.

Pick a good blog template: As you build a blog you need to consider seriously its appearance. Your blog design is greatly determined by the template or theme you pick. Some of the top themes include Theme Junkie, colorlabs, Thesis and Woo templates.

Since templates look alike, it is advisable that you customize your template so that it stands out. Start working on your header to make it look unique and you will create a brand name. The header is a critical component of your blog since it can build or destroy your online reputation.

web hosting services

Summary: Building a blog is not a one day affair, it takes time and resources before you can have a money making blog. Therefore, you need to continuously work on your blog to make it the best in your niche.

If you can create content that is SEO friendly, share your blog links on social sites and bookmarking sites, with time you will cut a niche for yourself.

Share this article with other people seeking to learn how to build a blog using the social icons on the left. You can also post your comments and opinions in the section provided below.

Value Of WordPress Tags In Search Engine Ranking

Value Of WordPress Tags In Search Engine Ranking

One of the best platforms for bloggers is wordpress. Therefore, it is prudent we tackle some of the challenges that wordpress bloggers go through. On this write up we shall discuss the functions and importance of wordpress tags.

The first thing you need to know about wordpress tags is that they act as categories. You have two options; you can use your tags as categories for your entire blog or create your own categories thus making your tags to apply to your individual posts.

Ideally, both categories and wordpress tags are links that help your visitors navigate your blog. They assist readers to locate content with ease and more so move from one topic to another.

But the two also have some difference and the best way to explain; is that wordpress tags act as index while categories act as a table of content within your blog.

Latest news: News just coming in yesterday (31/11/2011) said that BING one of the top search engines will be using keywords as a way to identify spammers. This news made most bloggers stop using wordpress tags on their blogs for fear of affecting their blog rankings.

This new development will greatly affect bloggers who think that having many tags helps them to rank for many keywords. I have seen people who add up to 20 tags or even more on one single post. On most wordpress templates, all the 20 tags will be displayed. In short, this translates to 20 links pointing to a webpage with the same content. That is not good when it comes to search engine ranking.

Using many wordpress tags will definitely hurt your SEO efforts. The secret is to have one or two tags for every post you publish. In addition, having many tags will mean displaying all of them which in turn will make your side bar very long. A long side bar will make your blog look cumbersome and thus become difficult for visitors to navigate through your site.

Taking into account that in your side bar you will have other things like advertisement, blog roll, feeds e. t.c, this will make your blog look very unattractive. Ask yourself this; is having 60 categories or tags helping visitors navigate through your content with ease?

How wordpress tags are affected by themes

Back to our publication, it is imperative that you take your time to pick the right template for your blog. For example there are wordpress themes that do not have a side bar when viewing a single post. What this means is that for visitors to see your categories or tags they have to be on your home page.

In most cases, most visitors will come to your blog through your individual pages which means that it will be difficult for them to navigate through your content.

So as to ensure that your visitors view your wordpress tags, ensure that you select a theme that has a side bar preferably on the right. A good wordpress theme is the one that has a built in categories section to aid visitors move around your blog with ease.

Note that when visitors come to your blog they cannot tell the difference between tags and categories. What most wordpress bloggers do is to name their tags section. You can change the wordpress tags section to read “Categories”, “Topics”, “Headlines” or “My Stuff”.

wordpress tagsAm sure you too cannot tell the difference between tags and categories when you visit other blogs. Hence, naming your tags will assist your audience a great deal.

In some cases, tags are links to various posts within your blog but you may wish to add wordpress tags that point to other blogs. WordPress does not provide this feature though you can still add it by using plugins. This plugins include the ultimate wordpress tag warrior and tagging bookmarklet.

How wordpress tags are related to search engine ranking

There is one thing that is critical when it comes to search engines ranking, and that is blogging. Blogs offer a powerful platform for you to generate content that will be indexed and ranked quickly by search engines.

The more you appear on search engines result pages, the more you increase your chances of people finding your blog thus ensure repeat visitors. It is through the traffic you attract to your blog that you will be able to make extra income from home.

As all bloggers know by now, keywords play a major role in search engines ranking. The crude strategy of stuffing keywords on your blog content or at the bottom of your pages is long gone. Actually, doing that today would result in hurting your SEO efforts on all major search engines.

A simple but effective technique that most bloggers use to add keywords is through wordpress tags. Apart from tags acting as categories, they also act as keywords to your articles and blog posts.

Top search engines and web 2.0 sites like Technorati, use tags to know what sites are about thus index and rank them in their search results. For example, Google use tags for relevancy and popularity. This means that the more your wordpress tags are relevant to your content the higher the chances attracting more organic and targeted traffic.

Before, you needed to add plugins in order to add the tags feature. Thankfully, since wordpress introduced 2.4, wordpress tags are now a built in feature. This is one of the things that have made bloggers prefer wordpress to other blogging platforms.

You can also make your blog more search engines friendly by adding WordPress SEO or All In One SEO Pack plugin. These two plugins update your wordpress tags, titles, descriptions and keywords. But you need to fill in the tags field every time you post a blog posts.

Conclusion: You have got to put serious thought in how you add your wordpress tags or categories. Overall, you need to realize that the two have no difference; they play the same role on your blog.

If you have something that you can add to this topic, add it in the comment section below. You can also share this post on social sites using the icons appearing on the left of this post.

Post Comments Ability To Generate Blog Traffic

Post Comments Ability To Generate Blog Traffic


The one factor that brings your blog to life is when people post comments. A good public speaker will tell you that a good audience is the one that is responsive. Even as you are giving a public speech, you would prefer afterwards people to give remarks or ask questions. This is a sign that people were listening to you and understood you.

This brings us to the main reason of why a blog is important. A blog unlike a website is interactive; on a blog you expect your audience to post comments. This can be in form of opinions, criticism, encouragement or sharing ideas. But when you publish an article and nobody post comments, you would wonder what people thought of what you shared.

Apart from that, comments are a sign that actually people read your write ups. You need to make your readers post comments on your blogs. New visitors when they notice that you have comments, they too will be interested to read your publications.

It is like going to town and discovering a certain supermarket has more customers than the other. You will assume that the shop with more people has more to offer than the one without customers. Perception is a vital element when it gets to attracting customers.

Benefits of having readers posting a comment on your blog posts:

Ranking: Comments help you to rank on search engine listing. The more your target audience post comments, the busier your blog appears to search engines bots. Therefore, you need to look for a way to make your readers submit feedback on your blog.

Share Ideas: As people post comments on your blogs you will get to learn new things. It is impossible for you to have all knowledge regarding a certain issue. Thus as you get comments you can learn new tactics to improving your work online business.

You too can share your ideas on other people’s blogs. This way you will build your online presence and reputation. Before you submit a comment make sure you have read the blog post. This will ensure you post relevant comments. Always add value when you are commenting on other blogs.

You get to know what people want to read about: Most of the time when people are commenting, they will state what they have a challenge with. This means you should always go through all your comments.

As you know, blogging is all about offering solutions to people in your niche.  By reading comments on your blog, it will give you insight on what to share in future posts. It is also a way of keeping up to date with what is happening in your niche.

How to get people to post comments on your blog:

post a commentEncourage participation: It will not hurt to request your visitors to share their opinions. This is a way of making your blog viewers to take action. On an earlier post, we mentioned how critical it is to ask your readers to click on a link. You will be amazed just how many will do as you tell them.

This is more so if your content is unique and helpful.

Post quality content: In blogging, content is key and more so quality content. Hence strive to publish rich articles that will compel your viewers to share their opinions.

Avoid having spelling and grammar mistakes since this will make your blog look unprofessional. As we said, perception is important when working online or doing any kind of business.

Ask questions: Some of the time it is good to ask your readers questions. In most cases this results in readers responding especially if the article is great. It is a form of convincing your blog guests to take action.

But the down side of asking questions in your post is when no one responds. Other readers when they visit and notice there is no one responding to your question they will leave your blog. If it takes a while for people to respond, you can answer the question as an alias.

Note: It is all about perception.

Comment section should be easy to locate: Make sure that your post comments section is easy to find. The best thing is to have it right after every blog post. In most blogs this is the case so do not change a thing.

A good comment form should allow readers to add their names, email, web link and most importantly their remarks.

Post comments as an alias: A blog where there is no activity in form of comments it appears dead. To spice up your blog you can create one or two alias and post comments. This can go a long way in making people think on your blog is where things are happening.

Ensure your comments are enticing by summarizing what you have shared on the blog post. This will raise people’s curiosity thus want to read the whole post and share their comments too.

Join a commenting group: On the internet there are many commenting groups you can enroll in. You can easily find such groups on online forums and social media sites.

It is advisable that you join commenting groups within your niche. This will ensure you get comments that are relevant to you content.

add commentsAsk your pals to post comments: If there are people that can make your blog look really busy, they are your friends. As you request your friends to check out your blog, also request them to post comments.

Am sure you have friends on social networks who comment on your updates. If they can respond to your twitter updates, they will most likely do so on your blog. Every time you publish a new post, share it on your facebook wall. But do not forget to ask your pals to go to your blog and submit a comment.

This is especially so when you are starting your blog. It will make your blog appear like it is busy thus encourage others to post a comment.

Respond to comments: So as to make you blog appear more interactive, try to respond to all comments. Just saying, “thank for your comments” can go a long way in promoting your blog. It helps bring the social aspect of blogging which is critical in building work online business relationships.

It is advisable that you read all comments and respond to them accordingly. Respond to comments in the shortest time possible. This means you should moderate your comments every single day.

As you have seen, you can drive more traffic to your blog using your comment section. All you need to do is make people believe that on your blog is where things are taking place.

Human beings are social and we all like to go where things are happening. It creates a sense of social security when we relate with other people. A blog is a good tool to achieve this, therefore find a way to make readers communicate on your blog.

If you can attract traffic to your blog then you can generate income from home easily. One way of traffic generation is through your post comments.

Visit the links below to read more insightful online marketing strategies.

How To Track & Generate Quality Traffic To Your Blog

How To Track & Generate Quality Traffic To Your Blog

If there is one thing that really occupies the minds on most bloggers is volume of traffic. But it is better to generate quality traffic than getting lots of traffic that does not add value.

One thing that you will note if you have a new site is that traffic fluctuates so much that it is hard to know if you are doing well or not. It can even get more frustrating if you but too much emphasis on monitoring the amount of traffic to your blog or website than content generation.

The recommended approach when you are starting a blog is to avoid looking at your statics after every minute. Since at the initial stages the traffic is low, this discourages most people and they may give up along the way. If you must analyze your traffic, rather than concentrate on the number of visitors, monitor the quality of traffic to your blog.

Every step you take towards getting quality traffic, you move closer to succeeding in blogging. Find ways of improving the quality of visitors to your blog; this can be through publishing quality content or enhancing your blog overall appearance.

How to monitor the quality of visitors to your blog

For a blog that has high volume of traffic you can track and study your progress on a daily basis. But for a new site, it is recommended that you monitor on a weekly or monthly basis. There are about five elements you need to study when monitoring your traffic statistics.

  • Number of visitors
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on site
  • Returning visitors

As much as tracking the number of visitors per day, page views and unique visitors is good it does not really reflect your site performance. Especially in regards to getting quality traffic to your blog. There are days you will generate high traffic but that what you need to always look at is the quality of traffic.

Let us now go through these 5 elements of traffic analysis and how they contribute towards attracting quality traffic.

1. Number of visitors: This is the one stat that gives bloggers sleepless nights. It is the first thing bloggers look at when they are analyzing their blog traffic. Generally, it displays how many people have come to your blog on a daily basis and how many pages they have viewed in total.

The best tool to install and analyze your traffic is Google Analytics, then check out the section called Visitor loyalty. The loyalty section will show the percentage of visitors viewing your blog multiple times per month. It is advisable to gauge the percentage per month to see if you are making any progress or not.

How to increase number of visitors:

One of the best ways to improve your traffic is through search engine optimization. 95% of web traffic on the internet is generated by search engines. Take time to learn the skills and acquire the right tools that can help you in search engine traffic generation.

Some of the recommended tools and strategies include Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Forum Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Best Guest Blogging, Video Marketing, RSS Marketing and so on.

Click on the links above to read more on each of these online marketing strategies.

2. Page Views: This is also known us pages per visit. It signifies the number of webpages each visitor looks at while on your blog. Number of page views is a good pointer as far as generating quality traffic is concerned.

Therefore, the more pages a visitor views the better your blog performance. In most cases, you will note that most visitors view one page before they exit. Try and find ways to have an average of 2 page views for every visitor.

A good tool to use to track your page views is the Google Analytics. Again, if you look at the segment called Visitor Loyalty, you will gather all the information regarding the number of pages each visitor viewed.

Do not worry so much about visitors viewing one page since sometimes it is difficult to control that. Put more emphasis on analyzing quality of traffic and finding ways of improving those stats.

How to improve page views:

This is very simple to achieve though you need to give it some time before you can record any improvement. One of the best things to do is to link webpages that are related. This will also contribute to improving onpage optimization.

There is a good strategy of automating this process through the use of plugins. Two of the most recommended plugins to use include SEO Auto Links & Related Posts and SEO Smart Links. These are very powerful tools since they pick keyword phrases with your articles and hyperlink them to other related blog posts.

Links within blog posts help visitors to navigate through your blog with ease thus improving your bounce rate. Set the plugin to link to about four keywords per page and you will see a raise in quality traffic.

Remember, the more your pages views are per visitor; it signifies the more quality traffic you are generating.

3. Bounce Rate: Ideally, bounce rate shows the percentage of traffic that visit one page and then exit your site. Bounce rate is important since it displays your blog retention rate which also affect sales conversion rate.

Studies have shown that any bounce rate below 80% is good enough. But it is advisable to try and take it as low as possible. Bounce rate is affected by several factors which include the keywords that you are ranking on, sources of traffic and sometimes a spike in traffic.

How to improve bounce rate:

As mentioned before this can be quite challenging since sometimes search engines will rank you on irrelevant keywords. Furthermore, you have little control on the sources you generate traffic from and these sources can sometimes be wanting.

A strategy you can use to reduce bounce rate is ensuring ease of navigation. Make certain that your category section is easily accessible. Preferably, have two menu sections, one on your header section and another on your side bar at the middle or bottom.

Adding related posts after the end of every article is also a good tactic to improve your bounce rate. This encourages your visitors to click on the links and thus view more than one page. Also add a section showing popular posts to further boost and generate quality traffic.

4. Time on Site: Again Google Analytics shows this statistics very well under the visitor loyalty section. It is good to categorize these stats over a given period of time.high quality traffic

When you observe on your blog traffic graph in given period of time, you will see the average time spent on your site. The longer the average time spend, the better your blog performance.

It is also imperative to study the finer details of your blog traffic. In most instances you will note that a bigger percentage of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on your blog. This can be worrying but you need not to. The reason being that it is sometimes difficult to control the time visitors spend on your site.

How to improve time on site:

The best way to improve time spend on your site is through publishing quality content. As you share insightful and educative articles, you will start seeing an improvement in quality traffic.

Secret to becoming a better writer is to keep practicing. All the good authors you read about today started out as armatures, but with time they have perfected the art of writing. Hence, you just need to get stared and as time passes you will see an improvement in your blogging skills.

In order to become an influencer in your niche, you also need to read widely. This will help you with material to offer your target audience. As you post valuable content then the quality of traffic will definitely go up.

In addition, the plugins we talked about (SEO Smart Link and SEO Auto Links) will help increase time on your site.

5. Returning Visitors: Improvement of bounce rate and quality of traffic has got a lot to do with return visitors. Reason for this is because return visitors know what your site is all about and how to navigate through your site.

To check out this statistics install Google Analytics and look at the percentage on new visitors. If your blog is new, usually the percentage of new visitors will be low. But as you begin ranking on search engines for your related keywords, you will see a raise in this statistics.

Note: To generate quality traffic from search engines it takes time, determination and patience. Therefore, give yourself time.

How to improve the number of return visitors:

The more valuable your content is the more you can expect to generate quality traffic and return visitors. Take time to learn the preferences of your target audience and thus address their needs and wants.

Identify the things that challenge people in your niche and get workable solutions. With time people in your niche will consider you an expert thus will always head back to your site when faced with a challenge.

Take time to respond promptly to all queries submitted on your comment section. This helps to add a personal touch to your blog thus encouraging return visitors.

Conclusion: Hope you have gotten something from this article on how to improve the quality of traffic to your blog. If you have a question, do not hesitate to post it in the comment section below.

Also feel free to share this article on twitter, facebook and other social sites thus help others on how to work from home online through blogging and attract quality traffic on the internet.

Ensuring Your Content Joins The League Of Popular Blogs

Ensuring Your Content Joins The League Of Popular Blogs

To be considered as being part of the popular blogs in your niche, you need to have a fan base. On this blog we have gone into depth sharing with you some of the best ways to generate blog traffic. But there are other aspects about traffic generation that we need to also discuss.

Normally, this are not the tactics that you will read or hear people talking about often, yet they are crucial in helping your blog share the same platform with other popular blogs.

Some of the blog traffic generation you read about every day includes guest blogging, forum marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, article marketing and many others. These strategies are critical in traffic generation but for you to join the league of popular blogs you need to up your game some more.

By taking your online marketing campaign a notch higher you will sure grow your blog faster. This is because very few people actually use these strategies that we are about to discuss.

Here are simple but very effective tactics to implement so as to grow your blog and be considered as being among the popular blogs in your niche.

1. Write reviews: Content creation is the main driving force of the internet. If you give the internet content then the reward you get is traffic. I hope you all know and are tapping into the power of article marketing and guest blogging. These are surely among the most powerful online marketing arsenals I know of.

But did you know that integrating your content with products can be a great way for channeling traffic to your blog? Yes it is!

Ideally, some of the products in your niche are popular and thus get a lot of traffic. This can be a chance for you to create content for such products. This strategy is also known as content integration promotion.

To share the platform with other popular blogs using this tactic, you need to tap into other people’s traffic. This can be achieved through guest blogging, creating content on membership sites and writing product reviews.

Two of these strategies are not being utilized and yet they are so powerful, these are writing product reviews and writing for membership sites.

Did you know that membership sites have too much in their hands; this means that they have little time to create unique content? For a membership site to remain relevant, content is KEY and this is where you come in.

Since traffic on membership sites is targeted, it can be an opportunity for you to join the popular blogs in your niche by writing for such sites. If your content is valuable you will get exposure thereby attract high volume of targeted blog traffic.

The other strategy is writing content for a popular product in your area of business. The idea is to come up with high quality content that product owners can offer to their customers as bonus. This will ensure you funnel online sales leads that are ready to spend to your blog.

2. Turn your blog content to eBooks: Did you know you can turn your content to eBooks for free and still post them on other sites for free? Yes you can!

Some of the sites you can go to and convert your blog content to eBooks include You Convertit and PDF Online. Once you have your eBooks ready you can submit them for free on sites like or – These two sites are among the best eBook submission directories sites.

You can also post your eBooks on document sharing sites like,,, just to mention a few.

It is amazing how by just turning your articles and blog content to eBooks can make your blog join the league of popular blogs by increasing your traffic 5 times or more.

The secret about eBooks is that you get to add backlinks pointing to your homepage or to particular pages within your blog. This means increasing your blog SEO value thus organic traffic. You can also consider turning your content to videos, podcast or posts on internet forums in your niche.

popular blogs3. Value content: This is the one thing that you cannot run away from if you want your blog to be considered to be among popular blogs. Blog writing is about planning and adding value both to readers and search engines.

Studies have shown that you can attract all the traffic on the internet, but without rich content you will never retain visitors on your blog. Bloggers who seek to constantly publish valuable content are the ones that appear on the podium of popular blogs.

You will never go wrong if you regularly submit content that is educative to your target audience. There are issues that face people in your niche thus if you step in to offer workable solutions then your blog will be popular.

4. Form your own online community: Anywhere that online marketing is mentioned, social media can never be left out. The sad part is that webmasters have not yet known how to make full use of social networking sites.

The best way to popularize your blog through social media sites is through building your own fan base or community. The secret is to link your blog to your social networking account. Then make sure that you respond to every comment that is shared about your post.

A simple but effective tactic of increasing your blog traffic is responding to every twitter conversation in your niche. In addition, respond to all your emails promptly (within 24 hours), join chat forums and make sure you add value to every person you converse with.

You need to be able to create a buzz from every blog post shared if you want your blog to be popular. Engaging your fans on sites like facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Technocrati and instant messaging platforms like Google talk will guarantee your blog joins the league of top popular blogs in no time.

Note: For you to cause a buzz using your content you need to observe point number 3

5. Create traffic on demand: Creating a mailing list is one of the best techniques of generating blog traffic. If you center your efforts on increasing your email subscriber base, you can be rest assured that you will make money online.

The best way to direct traffic to specific places within your blog is through email marketing. That is why email marketing is referred to as an online ATM machine since you generate traffic on demand.

Just the other day you saw how many bad and popular blogs where hit with the Google panda updates. With a mailing list you can continue generating traffic on demand no matter the change in the search engines algorithms.

It even gets better, with just a subscriber base of about 500 people; you can use these same subscribers to invite others to join your email list. You can also link up with other people in your niche who have their own mailing list to promote each others’ products and content.

Some sites you can go to and promote your content on other people’s email list include List Swapper, Warrior Joint Ventures and Ads Swap Finder.

Summary: Content is KING

How To Launch A Business Blog From Home

How To Launch A Business Blog From Home

There are several ways of making money blogging but have you ever thought of a business blog? People start a blog for different reasons, while some folks are in it for fun or learn new stuff; others are there to make money.

For a long time I knew I was cut out for business but my dilemma was which business I should venture into. I ended up doing several offline businesses which never really took off until one day a thought came into my mind.

I must say it was curiosity that led me into thinking of doing online business. Since there was no one to mentor me I made a lot of mistakes until one day a light popped on my head. To cut a long story short, that is when the idea of building a business blog started.

During this time when I was trying to discover my way around the internet, I learned so many things. Therefore, by the time 4 years had passed I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My goal become to make sure that other newbies do not make the same mistakes that I did.

Right now I feel satisfied when I help someone set up his/her own business blog. It gets even more fulfilling when the people I helped call me with excitement in their voice saying they made some dollars online.

People share lot of content when it comes to building a business blog but most of them fail to give people the right direction. Blogging for profit is not like joining a quick get rich scheme. You need to be strategic, tactful and most importantly patient and consistent.

Do not launch a business blog in an area that you are not well conversant with. Most of the time, when it comes to online business especially blogging, it may take a while before you begin getting your ROI (Return On Investment). It is for this reason that some bloggers fall out on the wayside.

But if you pick to blog on a topic that you have an interest in, you will be willing to go on even when you are not making any cash. To create a successful business blog you need to share on issues that you are passionate about.

The other day I was reading the story written by Randfish of Geraldine who runs a business blog titled The Everwhereist that deals with travel. It is inspiring the way 18 months after launching a blog and she was still not making any headway she kept on blogging daily.

This was despite the fact that she was employing all the white hat strategies like guest blogging, posting original pictures, best SEO practices and social media marketing. Her big break came two years after launching her business blog. Today her traffic hits over 70 thousand visits a day.

Below is the traffic statistics for The Everywhereist.

So, select a niche you know very well you can see yourself sharing information 10 years down the road. This is where you start; do not rush to pick affiliate products and yet you do not know what you want to share on your blog.

There are bloggers out there who are in certain niches just because they heard products in that niche convert faster. These are the same people after some 3 months and they have made not even one single sale begin discouraging others from venturing into online business.

Your approach to operating a business blog has to be calculated. It is better to spend a month or two trying to discover your strengths so as to venture into an area you know you are good at.

Once you are done with picking a niche, the next thing you need to ask yourself is; how am I going to generate income from my blog?

Creating a blog is one thing but turning it into a business blog is another thing all together. Some of the ways of profiting from your blog include selling advertisement space, selling affiliate products or adding Google adsense.

As much as all the above income generating tactics are good, in all of them you end up acting as the broker/middleman. If you ask me, you would be better off being the point man thus calling the shots.

It is good to sell affiliate products, add google adsense or sell advertisement space on your blog in order to make money. But you need to go a step further and turn you blog in a real business venture.

After you have built an online presence and people know you to be an expert in your industry, it is recommended that you go notch higher. You can actually become a powerhouse and make more money if only you make use of your blog.

Most will argue that monetizing your blog with adsense or posting affiliate products is enough to call it a business blog. That is actually true, but the money you make from being a third party is little compared to when you are the main guy.

If you take time to follow top bloggers you will discover that they all have their own products. To get real profit from blogging you will need to take the same route. It may be as simple as creating an eBook and sell it on your blog.

At this point is good to note that it is a process. You do not launch a blog today and then after 2 months create a product. You first need to build a name for yourself. This is by sharing helpful and educative content.

With time when you have cut a niche for yourself and gained trust from your target audience, you can turn your blog into a real business blog. The surprising thing is that creating a business blog is not like coming up with a cure for cancer.

All you need to have is a niche blog, desire to succeed and follow legit work online rules. The blog will act as the platform, as for desire, it will help you carry on even when things are tough and seem not to be working. While sticking to work ethics will ensure you gain credibility thus your readers will trust you.

The above mentioned attributes will ensure that people buy products that you will come up with now and in future. Mainly because they will be seeing you are using white hat strategies and you have become a success in your industry.

Here you are, and you have a blog in place with some of the best unique content ever. In addition, you have gained a good fan base and the traffic to your site is what every blogger out there is talking about. Probably, you have been making good cash from selling other people’s products.

It is the high you went a notch high and really transformed your blog to an actual business blog. Below are some of the best strategies of launching a business blog.

Start a school to train others on what you do: Some time back I remember meeting a young man interested in making money on the internet. He told me that we went to a certain college to learn on how to do just that.

Despite the fact that he had paid quite a substantial about of money, I discovered that he had very little knowledge on how to make money online. Since then I set my mind to someday set up a school where I can train people on how to build a business blog.

With the knowledge I have gained about blogging for the last 7 years, am sure I can offer quality information on the same for a fee. This will ensure I train people who can later go out and teach others on how to blog for profit.

Considering the thirst that people have of creating a business blog am sure such business will do very well. Why? There is so much information on the internet and to most people they do not know what works and what doesn’t.

My belief is that opening a school will help people filter content and hence know the right things to do. For me, it would be a school of training people on how to build business blogs; the students would then decide on the niche to venture into. My hope is that people from my school would pass on what they have learned to their friends.

With this era of the internet, you do not necessarily have to open an offline training school; you can also train people online through webinars.

Below are examples of online blogging training courses you can take up:

  1. Expert Rating
  2. Apex Web Media

Blogging is not the only thing you can teach in a school or online and make money. You can offer lessons in almost anything on this earth such as languages, music, parenting and the list goes on and on.

Offer consultancy services: One of the best ways to leverage and earn lots of cash is by offering consultancy services in your area of interest. A business blog can be a good launching pad to get people to know about you.

business blogOnce you have established yourself as an expert in your niche you can go a step further and offer consultation services. There are many firms both big and small that would rather pay for consultancy than hire employees.

For instance, if you have built a business blog around search engine optimization, people and corporate companies can be coming to you for advice. The world over consultancy is big business that has helped people generate lots of cash.

Below are sites that are offering consultancy services in the area of business:

  1. Ben Norman
  2. Enterprising SEO
  3. RYP Marketing

Create your own product and get affiliates to sell for you: If you are good at creating something, having a business blog can help you to sell your own products. Start a blog and post content that will help you attract an audience.

Once you have a fan base, you can begin promoting your products or services on your blog. It could be you are good at designing unique softwares, websites or fashion wear. Why don’t you use a business blog to launch your wares?

Am sure you can come up with a list of people that sell their own stuff on the net. These people have also known how to leverage by allowing affiliates to sell their products and paying them commissions. All you need is to post your products on network affiliate sites like Pay Dot Com, Click Bank or Commission Junction.

You can become an overnight millionaire especially if you sell digital products where people just download your product. Look at a company like Microsoft that sells digital products, Bill gates has become one of the richest people on earth, thanks to his products that you can download for a fee.

Turn your blog to a membership site: The hassle that comes with creating your own products can sometimes be very taxing. This is mainly because of dealing with issues like after sales services. That is why some bloggers have resulted to earning money through creating membership sites.

Ideally, a membership blog will contain valuable content that can only be accessed once one becomes a member. There is a recurring fee that is charged on monthly basis to ensure one keeps accessing the content.

The beauty of having a membership business blog is the fact that the income you generate will be residual. But for the business to really work, whatever product you are offering has to be unique in that it cannot be found anywhere else but on your blog.

If you want to learn how to start a membership site read this article: How To Launch A Membership Site.

Create an eBook: For a seasoned blogger this is one of the easiest ventures to get involved in. The fact that blogging involves writing, coming up with an eBook is like taking a walk in the park.

Normally, what most bloggers end up doing is rephrasing their blog content and putting it in an eBook. Some readers prefer paying to read content from an eBook than a blog. This is because it is much easier to find important information on an eBook than on a blog.

Business blogs sometimes can be repetitive and the hassle of navigating through webpages to find information discourages some people from reading blog content. But on an eBook, all the reader has to do is scroll.

Considering that eBooks are digital products, there is an element of high ROI as well. All you need is to write one eBook and all your customers will be downloading it. You will not incur the expense of mass publication.

Publish a book: You can use a blog as a launching pad to become an author of printed books. Though you will have to produce many copies for people to buy, you will not only create more awareness, you will also make more money.

If you visit a site like Amazon you will find many books that top bloggers have published. Examples of people who have published books include:

Evelyn Trimborn who wrote the book titled 30 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website TODAY (Marketing Matters).

Brian Maroevich has published a book titled Proven Small Business Email Marketing Strategies.

Stephen Windwalker with the book titled Beyond the Literary-Industrial Complex: How Authors and Publishers Are Using the Amazon Kindle and Other New Technologies.

Mario Devonshire has written a book titled 20 Places to Make Money Online.

Note: When it comes to publishing a book you have to first build a reputation. Though it may take quite some time, the ROI is worth trying to publish your own book. Come to think about it, how fulfilling it can feel with your book hanging on a book shelve somewhere in a top bookshop.

It is even more gratifying when you hear people say how your book helped them. All said and done, the income you can generate from selling a printed book can be quite rewarding.

Summary: Blogging is one of the best ways of gaining publicity and thus thrusting you into big business. As you create your blog think of how you can later turn it into a business blog. As you can see there are many options of doing that.

On the internet you can really reach many people. Just the other day the population of the world hit 7 billion people. Studies show that over 4 billion people search for information on the internet and 300 million are added to that number every day. Check out the number of searches done on a daily basis in the graph below, that is on Google alone.

If you can launch a business blog you will for sure reach at least a fraction of these people. As you blog and build a name for yourself, think of how you can leverage and make even more money on the web from home and off the web. You can do all these from the comfort on your home.

All the best as you map out a plan to launch your business blog.

If you have something you can contribute regarding creating a business blog post it in the comment section below. Also feel free to share this article with your friends using the social buttons displaying on the left of this blog.

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How To Be A Prolific Blog Writer

How To Be A Prolific Blog Writer

Time and again you have heard how Google has put a lot of emphasis on quality content creation. It therefore goes without saying that as a blogger you need to know how to approach blog writing.

As a blog writer you realize that the more quality content you publish, the more money you will make. This also applies to all types of writers; the more productive you are the better for you.

Blog writing has proved to be the best strategy of influencing peoples’ decision making process. Word of mouth is powerful but do you know that as a blog writer you are even more powerful?

The question that people fail to ask is, for someone to talk about your product, he or she must have been influenced to do so by someone else. It is the same ask asking, who influences the influencers?

Here is the answer; the internet has become the source of information. And what better way than becoming a blog writer and influencing people’s course of action.

For all these to happen, you have got to acquire writing skills and more importantly, you have to learn how to be productive. This is especially the case for people who blog for business purposes.

Nothing in life succeeds if you do not have a laid out plan. The same applies when it comes to blog writing. As a blog writer, you have to be ready to work for long hours and stretch your body and mind to its limit.

The reason being that, the more you manage to write, the higher your bank account will smile at you. At the same time, you have to publish articles that will make your audience take the desired action.

On this write up, let us discuss some important tips for writing that will ensure you perform to the maximum and still produce quality content.

Research comes first: Before you get down to writing, the first thing you need to do is gather information on what you will write about. If you are going to write more than one blog post, ensure you have researched on all the topics first.

Also included in the research process is gathering links that contain sources of your information. As a blog writer you know you have to support your points by linking back to other authority sites.

The idea here is to avoid been distracted once you get down to writing. Referring to other sites will require you to connect to the internet and that will distract your flow of writing.

It is recommended that after you have done your research; put that information on a sticky note where you can be referring as you compose your articles.

Read widely: This article has been influenced by several articles I have been reading over time. To be a good blog writer you have to be ready to read anything related to your niche.

As you read what others have written you get to learn new and better writing skills. You also get to learn from other peoples’ experience thus avoid doing similar mistakes that they did.

Read as many books and blogs as you can, this is the only way to become a prolific writer. Something you will note when you read widely is that ideas will flow freely once you put pen to paper.

The mind is a powerful organ that can store more information that you can dare think about. Therefore, as you read what others have written, your mind subconsciously stores this information. You will be amazed how content will flow when you begin writing your own articles.

Perform one task at a time: Unless you are a robot or some super human being it is always advisable to concentrate on one thing at a time. You cannot expect to come up with quality articles when you are writing and at the same time chatting with your friend on facebook.

As a blogger, your primary goal should be to generate content, all other things come second. Furthermore, ideas flow freely when you are focused on your writing. If there is something else that has to be done, first complete your article then, attend to other pressing issues.

This is a matter of prioritizing, knowing what you need to attend to first and so on. The only way for accomplishing a given task is to focus and make sure it’s completed.

Doing several things at the same time will only result in time wasting. Besides, by the end of the day you’ll probably discover nothing has been done and if you have completed the work, it will not be perfect.

Multitasking has been found to result in procrastination since tasks appear difficult to perform.

Write none stop: This strategy may not work for all people. Some people require to take breaks between as they work. But it also depends on the kind of work you do.

For me I discovered that once I get down to blog writing I prefer to go all the way until am done. Taking breaks chokes my ideas and when I get back to writing my mind becomes blank.

Especially when you want to really write many articles, it is best to write none stop. This entails writing for like 5 hours without stopping.

This idea will also work for you if you are a freelance writer. In freelancing, the more you write the more cash you will pocket.

But this might not be the case with other people. Some bloggers think and write better when they take rests.  Therefore, experiment and see what works best for you.

Work ambiance: Do you find it difficult to write? Then you need to check your work environment. There is nothing as distractive to a blog writer as noise from the surrounding.

blog writing

Noise from children playing outside or music playing on radio is enough to distract your blog writing. If your surrounding is affecting your blogging it is advisable to try and relocate. You can go to your friend’s place that has better ambiance.

When you are writing you need to concentrate fully. Therefore, switch off your TV, Radio or anything that will affect the flow of your writing.

Take time to relax and do some workouts: This applies to everyone no matter what walk of life you come from or what you do. The only way to remain productive thus refresh your mind is through regular exercise.

By the way, you do not need to enroll in a gym in order to exercise; you can perform some simple workouts in the comfort of your bedroom.

Instead of going to the mall with your car or taking a cab, you can decide to take a walk. This is both for your general well being and more importantly it will make you a more productive blog writer.

It is true that you need to work hard in order to be a successful blogger but that does not mean you should not rest. In fact, the more you work the longer you should rest.

In your working schedule, you should also allocate time to rest. You can decide that you will only be working in the morning and resting in the afternoons. Or you can work a whole day and take a break the next day.

Remember, too much work with no play made Jack a dull boy. What will you achieve if you break down in the name of becoming successful?

Proofread after you are through with drafting: Believe it or not, proofreading before you are through with your blog writing can be very distractive.

In most cases, proofreading every paragraph you write will lead to loss of concentration and block flow of ideas. In addition, when you proofread a sentence after writing it you end up overlooking your mistakes.

This is because in your mind you know what you wanted to write but on paper the sentence could be reading something else. Trying to be faultless is the worst mistake you can make.

It is better to write your article to the end and only come back to proof read when you are done. As for me, once I’m through with writing my articles, I leave the house to attend to my other duties.

I then come back in the evening when my mind is fresh and I’m detached from what I wrote earlier. This is like having someone else proofreading my articles.

You can also ask your friend or someone in your household to proofread your work.

Conclusion: Blogging is fun as long as you have clear set goals. In order to be productive you need to be a focused blog writer. Success is guaranteed only when you put your mind to it.

I have stated my point, now I leave it to you to get down to work and become the best blogger who influences influencers by publishing quality blog articles.

If you have something to add, feel free to do so by posting you comments in the section provided below. You can also share this blog post with your friends by clicking on any of the social buttons on the left.



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How To Create A Successful Business Blog From Home

How To Create A Successful Business Blog From Home

If you happen to browse the internet you will come across millions of business blogs. But how many of these bloggers can truly say that they have achieved their goals?

The process of setting up and building a business blog requires patience and determination. This is especially so to new home bloggers who face major competition from established bloggers.

Corporate blogs have the finances to hire publishers to generate hundreds of articles on a daily bases. Where does that leave a small home based business blogger? Does that mean you give up and continue facing your financial challenges? No way!

Blogging has become one of the best and easiest ways of generating income online. The internet if filled with stories of lone ranger bloggers who have cut a niche for themselves. Some of the successful business blogs include Problogger, Copy Blogger, Shoe Money, John Chow, Income Dairy and the list goes on and on.

These are individuals who set their eyes to achieve success through blogging. Look, today they are reaping the benefits of their efforts. The amazing thing is that some of them have been in the game for a short period time. This is an indication that you too can make it if you put your heart into it.

What is the definition of a successful business blog? It is any blog that satisfies the desires and adds value to its target audience by providing purposeful content and products.

This may not be case with all blogs since others seek to achieve different goals. There are blogs which act as personal online diaries where someone just shares his life. But if you are talking of a business blog the above definition will definitely apply.

The difference in blogging is determined by what a blog wants to achieve. A blog that shares product reviews will use a different format of writing from a blog that sells affiliate products.

A lawyer seeking to boost his credibility and profile will also use a different writing style. But the one thing that remains constant in all blogs is that they all focus on attaining their set targets.

You might be having a business blog, expert blog or personal blog; the aim of whatever blog you set up should be to achieve its goals. Objectives need to be thought out before you launch and as you build and promote your blog. When sharing content, your objectives must always be at the back of your mind.

Now let us get into the thick of things and discuss some of the issues to consider when creating a business blog.

Target one niche: The one mistake that most bloggers do is been Jacks of all trade. There is no way you can be an expert in everything. Show me a business blog that is targeted in nature and I will show you a success blogger.

Choose a niche you know you are good at and then study to know the preference of your audiences. Get to know where your target visitors spend most of their time and the language they use. This will help you to publish content that appeals to them.

A business blog should always seek to attract the right type of visitors; that is the way to make money blogging.

Have a plan: It does not matter what type of blog you have, planning is very critical to creating a successful blog. Set your goals and objectives even before you start your blog. You also have to make sure you do not get destructed along the way and divert from your goals.

In business, you have to be focused even when you are facing obstacles. If you ask any successful person out there, you will note that they all have one thing in common. They all overcame many challenges to get to where they are today.

It may take you long to generate traffic to your blog but that does not mean you give up. Keep at it and you will eventually rank high and attract lots of online traffic.

Be ready to write: Let no one lie to you, the best and legit way to blog is through ssharing content. Social media has brought an aspect of micro blogging, but some people fail to ask themselves; after I have posted that one liner on twitter, where do I take my visitors?

Therefore, you cannot escape creating a business blog that is content based. Your content should be focused and captivating enough to reach your target audience subconscious. The way to achieve that is to choose a niche you are most passionate about.

When you write on a topic you love, it will resonate with your audience thus compel your readers to come back for more.

business blogUse Different writing styles: Every writer has his or her own style of writing; or you can call it signature. To make your content more palatable and interesting you need to use different writing styles.

One of the ways to achieve that is through adding images within your content. Make it easier for your readers to digest your content by using sub heading, writing in point form and use of bold letters.

Break the monotony by sometimes sharing interesting stories to pass on your message. The more exciting you content is, the high your retention level will be thus help you earn income from your blog.

Avoid anything that will sidetrack your readers from reading your publications. These include adding too many flickering images and popups within your blog.

Plan for a launch: The more people that get to know about your business blog the more money you will make. If you are confident enough and know that your content is rich, you need to publicize your blog.

Some of the best strategies to use to launch your blog include posting press releases, email marketing, forum marketing and any other avenue available to you.

Show enthusiasm in your blog in every promotion tactic you employ. Your readers will notice your online activities thus boost your online presence.

Be ready to promote your business blog: One of the most important aspects of blogging is marketing. There is no point of creating a blog if you are not going to promote it.

Marketing on the internet is not a one day affair, you need to do it on continues bases. This is in form of adding content on a regular basis, boosting your link profile, bookmarking your content and sharing your webpages on top social media networks.

You can also promote your business blog using offline marketing strategies like adding your link in your business card. Use all modes of marketing available to you to bring in as much traffic as you can. Ultimately, the more blog visitors you generate the higher the chances of succeeding in blogging.

Conclusion: You hold the key to your blogging success. Therefore, do all that is necessarily to create a successful home based business blog.

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