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Adding Blog Author Details When Publishing Content

Adding Blog Author Details When Publishing Content


As a blogger it is imperative that you include your blog author details for every article you post. Apart from proving ownership, there are other benefits such as boosting online credibility and publicity.

Of late, Google has come up with a program that ensures bloggers and webmasters own their content. Possibly, you have seen on Google search results passport size images appearing next to a listing.

Have you wondered how this is done? Today you will know how because you too need to take advantage of this feature.

What makes this to happen, is when a blogger adds his/her blog author name using rel=author tag. In addition, you will have to open a Google plus account and fill your profile details correctly.

It is not a guaranteed that your image will appear in the search results, since it’s google that makes the final decision. But it will not hurt to follow the new google guidelines of adding your blog author contacts for you may be accepted.

Here is the procedure of setting up rel=author and it is very simple:

The idea is to have your website pointing to your google profile and vice-versa.

Step 1: Add your website or blog link to your Google Plus profile

In order to link your content to your google profile, copy this snippet code and paste it in your blog HTML code

You can also do it manually by adding <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a> within your blog HTML code. But make sure you replace “[profile _url]” with your Google profile.

So the link should look like this <a href=””>Google</a>

Step 2: Include a link to your image in your Google plus profile

Log into your google profile then click edit profile. On the right, click on an option called Contributor To and then click on Add Custom Link.

Here is where you add the image you wish to appear on search engine results. For me, the custom link I added was my Google plus profile which is

It is advisable to check and see if the settings you added are working. The way to do that is by using rich snippet testing tool.

Step 3: Fill this form so as to be included in this Google authorship program.

Step 4: After setting your google profile and linking it to your website or blog, make sure you add your blog author name every time you publish a post.

Simply add a by line before or after your article using either of these codes

Link to your about page: By <a href=”” rel=”author”>Stephen Kavita</a>

Link to your Google plus profile: By <a href=”″ rel=”author”>Stephen Kavita</a>

Note: The most important thing in this code is the rel=author tag which ensures your blog author details get picked by google.  It is recommended that you add a byline to the article you are rank high for since this will give you good publicity.

From the look of things it may seem difficult to implement the above. But that is not the case, Google has eased the process and it is now very simple and straightforward to execute.

You may be asking, why go through all these trouble just for a photo to appear next to your search engine result listings.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Boost your web visibility: Marketing on the internet takes just adding some little spice here and there. The fact that people see something extra appearing in the search result, it will raise some curiosity thus they will want to know more about you.

blog authorTherefore, a blog author image and name appearing next to your article on search engine listings will certainly make your content stand out.

This feature is not new, when you are searching the net while logged in your Gmail accounts or social media accounts, you will notice that the results show images. But this is if one has added an image to their google profile.

But with correct implementation of google authorship program, people will be able to see your images even when they are not logged to their google accounts. It gives you some sort of celebrity status hence it is worth your while to try and implement the feature.

One thing you have to bear in mind when implementing blog authorship is to make sure you share quality content. It can take one single mistake to completely destroy your work online reputation.

2. Increase click through rate (CTR): If there is one thing that can really boost your CTR is the blog authorship program. Just the way having several recommendations in form of stars can increase your popularity, so does an image appearing on google listing.

When a listing has an image next to it, people tend to click on it since it brings about an element of professionalism hence internet users cannot avoid but click on such a link. Do you want more traffic? Then you need to start working on your blog author details on Google.

3. Your online credibility will go up: Your professional looking image is not the only thing that google will show. In addition to your blog author information, google will also show how many people are in your circle of friends on Google Plus.

By clicking on the listing, people will also view additional info about you, content you have shared on Google +1 and other related articles that you have published. If you ask me, google has really opened the door for bloggers and webmasters to build their work online brand name with ease.

4. Increase in webmaster tools account analytic details: The beauty of google is how they are able to link their services. The moment your application for Google authorship is accepted, right then you will have an addition stat in your webmaster tool account.

With this stat, you will be in a position to tell the number of impressions your blog content displayed on Google search results and how many click you got through your author details. To get this stats and more click on the option called “Labs”.

Summary: Most online marketers agree that the main agenda of Google this year is to promote Google Plus. This is because social media marketing has proved to be a great channel of making money online.

Sites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are making millions of dollars and Google now wants to cash in on the same. Let me assure you, Google will do anything possible to get a piece of the cake in social media. No wonder the efforts they are putting to make Google plus stand out.

Take time to update your Google profile with your blog author details, you just never know. Next time you may see Google plus been included as a major parameter for ranking sites.

Share your comments about Google authorship program in the section provided below. Do you think blog author details are so important in internet branding?

Feel free to share this article using the social media buttons displaying on the left. Also click here to subscribe to more updates on internet marketing.

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Why Blog Content Is Ultimate When It Comes To Blogging

Why Blog Content Is Ultimate When It Comes To Blogging

Which of the two comes first, generating blog content or making money?

As simple as this question may appear to be, you will be surprised that most people with go for the latter. I cannot blame those that think money comes first because of the fact that money makes the world go round.

But one thing that people forget is that for you to reap you need to first cultivate, plant your seeds and then cultivate again. Sometimes your crop may fail and other times you may harvest big time.

Just like farming, blogging requires you to cultivate and plant. The blog is your field and blog content is your seed. You will also need to learn the right skills of planting and picking your blog content. Not anything out there will work.

I must say I have had a hard time when it comes to blogging. This is because; where I come from, most people do not fully understand how blogging for profit works. And if there are those who know how to blog, I have never had the privilege to meet them.

It is for this reason that I decided to be a mentor to other aspiring bloggers. I do not want others to go through what I went through in the last seven years trying to find my way around.

I tried all manner of things to make money online, from posting adverts to classified ads to banner exchange. Let me tell you the truth, none of those things worked for me. My advice is that you should avoid those strategies like a plague.

The one and the best tactic of making make money online is through generating blog content. You can have the best business blog online but without site or blog content then your efforts may come to naught.

You may say that you have enough money to pay for advertisement but do you stop to ask; what value are you going to give to your visitors? From my experience there is no two way around blogging. You must be ready to create blog content.

It does not mean you generate any kind of blog content; your content has to be unique, exciting and educative. If you can blow the minds of your readers then money will stop being an issue.

Gone are the days when you could post an article of 300 words and traffic would come your way. On certain topics, it may not be possible to relay all the important information in 300 words. In fact, 300 words may not be enough to introduce a topic.

For the last 2 years I have been following the activities of top bloggers in my niche. One thing that they all have in common is that they all seem to be in love with blog content.

People say long content is boring to read but when you land on a site like Viper Chill (Glen’s blog), Think Traffic (Corbett Barr) or Smart Passive Income (Pat’s blog) you will change your views.

This is not to imply that you cannot post short articles, but ask yourself whether your content will add value to your target audience.

How to create content that blows the mind

Passion that resonates: Before you launch your blog, you need to choose a niche that you are passionate about and experienced in. This will ensure your blog content is out of this world. It really moves people when you write personal experiences.

Your experiences are unique and when you begin to write on such it brings out your inner being which your readers will definitely note. Blog content that touches people heart will help you gain online reputation and that is when you hear someone being called a guru, or is it an online ninja?

blog contentWhichever name people will give you, try and generate blog content that is uniquely you. With time people will start sharing your content and help you build an online presence.

Nature of content: Publish blog content that your target audiences have no other choice but to share. Captivate your readers with richness and insightfulness that cannot be found on any other blog.

That should always be the nature of you blog content. Do not worry if you find that difficult to achieve for now. Even the top bloggers you see today started out as rookies and made their way up to the top of the league.

The problem with most people is giving up when they are just about to hit the jack pot. It is important to note that before you become successful you have experienced failure several times. In fact, out of 10 attempts, you may fail 9 times before you get your big break.

Your first articles may turn out to be a big flop, but how do you expect to be a good author if you do not make mistakes? It is through the errors that you learn and become a good writer.

The thought that online business is easy should never be in your mind. Just the way it takes time to build an offline business, the same applies to online business especially blogging.

The other day I was telling my students not to bother looking at their site traffic statistics. It would be much better to concentrate on working on building valuable blog content. Why? Because the ultimate answer to making money online is blog content.

Make those mistakes and as you correct them you will learn the art of writing on the web. The more you keep on writing, the more you will trigger your mind to think and thus better construct your blog content.

Another thing that plays a major role when it comes to nature of your content is research. The best way to research is to read. As you read other people’s work you will get inspirations on what to write about.

It will broaden your mind on things to write about and how best to write. In addition, it will assist you to add twists to your stories that will make your blog content even more captivating. And the only way to achieve that is through packing your mind quality information. There is no better way of adding knowledge but reading widely.

You do not have to necessarily compose long articles in order to captivate your readers. The point here should be to make sure that your blog content adds value.

Sometimes you need to really explain something for you to pass your message across. Other instances, a short article is all you require. Therefore, it is for you to decide how long your blog post will be depending on what topic you are addressing.

Why valuable blog content is the key to working online through blogging:

Earlier on, we saw some top blogs that have really made a mark in the blogging industry. If you look closely you will realize that all these top bloggers have something in common.

They all seem to take time to build their content. Personally, I decided to put to test what these bloggers say works the best and that was to generate epic content. The results have simply been amazing.

The growth of traffic was not so significant but my graph has since grown in the right direction, up. It will take you time to create quality blog content because of the research you need to do. But one thing is undeniable; quality leads to traffic and traffic begets money in your bank account.

Here we are talking of spending up to 8 hours researching and content building for one single post. As you can tell that is not easy work. In fact, the thought of spending 8 hours just coming up with one article will discourage most people.

Now! that is where you will have an upper hand. The price to success is not cheap and many bloggers are not willing to pay the price of success. No wonder when someone steps out to offer quality, success becomes inevitable.

At the top it is so cool and the air is so fresh but getting there is the challenge. Most folks are ok with the status quo thus are not willing to take the big plunge that will take them to the top.

If you make a personal decision to stand out and move from the normal to unique, your competitors will only see dust. All you have to do is go an extra mile. You would be better off posting two articles a week that add value than posting articles daily, yet they leave a lot to be desired.

Where does blog design, branding and making money come in?

We have gone on and on about blog content creation and you may be asking when does the money factor come in? Your blog design is very important but what is the need of having a smashing blog template when you have nothing of value to share.

blogging contentYou can cultivate your field so well but if you have no seed expect zero harvest. The point is this; the heart of your blog should be blog content more than anything else. Once you have the right content the other things will simply fall in place.

Content will ensure you generate quality traffic and as you all know targeted traffic leads to sales conversion. Once you have the money you can employ the services of the best blog designers in the world.

Branding and having a beautiful to look at site is important when it comes to blogging. But all that will be of no benefit if you have no quality content. If you have the cash, you can work on both.

But in case you find that you do not have enough money, work on building blog content. The best way to build a brand name online is proving to your audience that you are out to help them succeed.

The same applies to advertising your site. There is no point of spending hundreds of dollars marketing a blog that has nothing to offer. It will be of more value to you to make sure you convert as many visitors as possible and that is by publishing rich blog content.

Content does not only imply written text, there are other forms of content like videos and still images. If you can, get a good enough camera and take unique pictures to post on your blog.

Apart from images making your site look attractive, they also add certain twists which make your written content more palatable. In addition, you get to generate more organic traffic from search engines through your images.

Ideally, compelling posts market themselves better than paid advertisements. With great blog content you can survive with little or no guest posting. What will happen is that with time people will automatically beg you to post on their blogs.

Conclusion: Are you a thinking of how to start a blog ? Let me first inform you that you have just picked the best work online business ever.

You are way ahead of other folks out there who have been procrastinating on when to start blogging. Go a step further and beat other bloggers in your niche by publishing blog content that not only resonates well with your potential audience but also makes them think.

Make a decision that you will fine tune your writing skills and do thorough research and you will definitely make money blogging. If you implement what this article is recommending, by the end of this year you will thank me for opening your eyes.

Let nothing pull you back, you hold the key to your success in blogging and you can achieve the success by generating quality BLOG CONTENT.

To keep getting more insightful content on how to blog and also learn how to start a blog, enter your email address in the section provided on the side bar.

Also feel free to share this post with your friends by using the social buttons appearing on the left of this blog post.

Since you now have no one to blame, get down to business and come up with content that is worth sharing. It is as simple as that. All the best and let us meet in the top league.

How To Earn Money Blogging From Home With Ease

How To Earn Money Blogging From Home With Ease


Blogging has proved to be one of the most lucrative work online home based business ideas. But the big question is; how to earn money blogging and the best strategies to employ?

Online marketing experts all agree that the ideal tactic of marketing on the web is through blogging. Content is the engine that drives the internet and a blog is the ultimate platform for generating information.

In fact, if you have a website it would be prudent that you incorporate a blog for the purposes of generating content. The beauty of it all is that you can earn money blogging if you use the right strategies.

The first thing you need to do when blogging is to optimize your content. This means writing articles that are friendly to search engines. Click here to read more on how to optimize your blog content.

On this article we shall discuss other attributes of how to earn money blogging. If you combine the strategies mentioned below with optimization, you will be guaranteed of success in the blog-sphere.

10 strategies to guarantee you earn money online:

1. Choose your web host wisely: With sites like Blogspot, Typepad, WordPress and Turmblr you can create a free blog. Though you can earn money blogging on these free blogs, you will not have full control of your blog.

In addition, people will not take you seriously when you use a free blog. To bring out a sense of professionalism it is best to pay for personal web hosting.

Below are some of the top rated sites that you can sign up for web hosting:

Blue Host

Hostgator: (use this coupon code “workonline25” and get 25% discount)

Name Cheap


You can also use the above mentioned sites to purchase a domain name.

When incorporating your blog to your website, it is imperative that you link the two. Do not make the mistake of hosting your blog on a different host or domain from your main website.

The best option is to host your blog as a subfolder or page to your main site. Another option is to create a subdomain, though this can be viewed as a different link from the main site by engine bots.

So as to earn money blogging, you will need to generate traffic and one of the best ways to achieve that is from search engines. When you host your blog as a subfolder to your main site, you will increase your link profile hence attract organic SEO traffic.

A better link profile leads to high search engine ranking, online presence and credibility. These are the main ingredients of making money blogging from home.

2. Share insightful content: There is a lot of half baked information on the internet. Thus when you step out and provide readers with more in-depth content you will win them over.

As you share content, conduct thorough groundwork thereby be able to reveal as much as possible. Avail to your reader secrets related to your niche, this will ensure you go into the good books of your target audience.

If you come across some juicy rumors or details about an upcoming product launch or event, share it on your blog. Making your blog to be a haven of unique and quality information will get you links and thus traffic.

3. Join and contribute to related forums and blog networks: Creating a blog and expecting to earn money blogging without marketing is cheating yourself. There is no two way about it, if you do not promote your blog do not expect to generate income online.

One of the ways to market your blog online is joining online communities. The internet is full of online forums and for sure there are several related to your niche. In addition, there are related blog networks where you can participate and create awareness about your blog.

To get related blogs in your niche you can go to blog search or google blog search. Apart from getting related blogs you can also get quality content that can help you come up with unique articles to share with your visitors.

It is important that once you sign up in any online community, you should active. As you actively participate, you will boost your web presence thus be considered an expert in your niche.

While on internet forums, if you notice a thread you can contribute something valuable make sure you do so. Remember to add your blog link to your signature, this way you will be able to generate direct traffic and thus earn money blogging.

4. Allow guest posting: Participating in online forums and blog networks will also help you build relationships. Connect with top rated bloggers in your niche and invite them to be guest bloggers.

Guest blogging helps to increase your blog profile thereby allowing your visitors get a variety of content material. Furthermore, these same bloggers will invite your as a guest blogger and in that way build quality back links.

Always pick guest bloggers that rank better than you, this will guarantee you build your online profile. With time as you go up the ranks; invite guest bloggers that add a different twist to your blog thus make your content more interesting.

earn money bloggingNote: Before you submit any content on your blog, proofread and check to make certain it is unique and of high quality.

5. Share unique content: It is advisable to cover new events and news in your niche but that does not mean you share everything. There is news worth talking about but others you can leave out.

For a new blogger, it is recommended you offer people unique content. Once you have established yourself and become popular, then you can begin covering big news.

Uniqueness is about offering something different that is valuable and educative. Not paraphrasing and giving people the same content they can easily find somewhere else.

Find topics that other bloggers have ignored and discuss them on your blog. This will give people a reason to keep visiting your blog and you will sure earn money blogging.

6. Create a brand name: This is the most important element of earning money blogging. In order to be a recognizable brand, build a blog that will make visitors want to be associated with you.

The best strategy of building a brand name through blogging is by giving your readers valuable content. When you help people and occasionally share stories and experiences, they will feel connected to you.

For new bloggers, it is advisable to identify your goals and what you want to achieve from your blog. These goals should be associated with your brand. Make sure as you generate content, you have your goals in the back of your mind.

Branding also goes hand in hand with your blog design and choice of color. Note; failing to adhere to the goals of your brand can result in you losing the loyalty of your visitors.

7. Communication skills: It is amazing how you can be listening to someone’s tone of voice over the phone and still be able to tell their moods. Though people are not seeing you when you blog, they can tell your character from how you write and arrange your blog.

earn money bloggingFor you to cut a niche for yourself, you need to present a good personality. Publish content that show integrity, authority and understanding.  Building content that has a human touch to it is the secret to earn money blogging.

Do not try to be someone else; soon enough people will discover that you were a hoax and they will not return to your blog. Hence, be yourself and always present your content in a humane manner.

It is true we all have different temperaments, but when it comes to blogging you need to control yourself. In short, choose your words carefully since you don’t know who is be reading your content.

In case you draft an article while you are angry, do not be in a hurry to submit it. Take time to go through it on another day when you have cooled down. This will help you to rethink and in the process tone down your article.

Posting an article that will make you regret is not recommended. This is especially so in this era of sharing and RSS feeds where you cannot call back what you have already published. It takes one simple mistake to lose credibility thus watch out what you say online.

8. Add visual appeal to your text: Content is good for generating organic traffic, but you need to break the monotony by adding images, videos, graphs and occasionally use different kind of text. Generating traffic is one issue but converting your readers into customers is a different ball game all together.

Rather than having endless content, write in point form by using bullets so that readers can easily know where your major points are located.

The more your content is inviting to the eye the longer visitors will stay on your blog thus ensuring your earn money blogging from home and with ease.

9. Have a signature: To earn money blogging you need to come up with your own style of writing. Have a signature that will make you stand out from the rest.

This should be from how you write to the areas you focus on most. Do not divert from your area of expertise since there are specific topics that your audience will come to expect from you.

With time your blog will be known for certain type of content, therefore do not change that and begin discussing things that are out of topic. For example; if you have been sharing 3 articles a week, do not change that and start posting 1 article a week.

10. Monitor your blog traffic: In order to learn the preferences of your visitors, you need to study your traffic. When you analyze your visitors you will learn which topics they love to read and share.

Besides, you will also find out the posts that rank high on search engine thus focus on them some more. As you check these traffic indicators, you will be in a better position to increase your traffic thus earn more money blogging.

Conclusion: The blogging sphere has become so competitive but with these strategies you will be ahead of 95% of bloggers. The odds will be even better if you pick the right niche and target the right keywords.

If you have other strategies that would help people in this forum earn money blogging, kindly share them in the comment section below.

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How To Earn Money from Home Via Blogging

How To Earn Money from Home Via Blogging

Basically with well crafted posts that you’re going to better your online business and as a consequence be guaranteed of enjoying a significant income from home…

Home Business Blog Clean Up | Convert More

Home Business Blog Clean Up | Convert More

To ensure that your business blog is able to continue converting, you need to do some house cleaning. In fact this applies to all areas of our lives. If you have dead stocks in your shop, a sale can be a perfect strategy to do away with them.

Removing dead stock will create space for brand new products that move. This is the same approach that you need to take once in a while on your home business blog. Generally, when there is something on your business blog that is not adding value, remove it.

On this write up let us go through some work online tips as regards cleaning up your business blog.

Template update: If you use wordpress there are times that you will see updates. It is imperative that you always update your plugins and template.

Remove the templates that you are not using from your back office. These are small issues that will reduce the loading time of your blog.

Remove images that do not load: Always take time to frequently go through your web pages to see if all pictures are displaying. It is quite detrimental to your home business blog when images do not load. It looks unprofessional. Always make sure that your blog looks professional.

Redirect visitors once you remove a page: There are times you will decide to remove some of your pages. Whenever you do that it is advisable you redirect your reads to other relevant pages within your business blog.

bloggingEnsure your readers have access to top notch content and products. With that you will sure be making sales online all the year round.

Email marketing clean up: If there is one powerful online promotion tool, it is definitely sending newsletters. Make sure you update the content in your auto responder newsletters.

In normal circumstances, you will discover that when working online things keep changing. An advertising strategy that was working last year would be irrelevant today. If among the newsletters you schedule in your auto responders are outdated, revise them immediately.

By cleaning your business blog email marketing campaign messages, you will do away with old products that stopped converting. Update your newsletters with up to date content and high quality products in your niche.

The best email marketing management site to subscribe to is Aweber. You can also try out iContact which has a 30 day free trial period.

Delete irrelevant plugins: Sometimes you will discover that you are not using some of your plugins. It is recommended that you remove them. This will help load your site slightly faster and hence improve your visitors experience while on your business blog.

One plugin that you are not using cannot really affect your loading much. But when you have 20 irrelevant plugins they can really affect your overall business blog loading time.

In addition, if you notice that a plugin is not adding value to your site delete it. A lean back office is easier to manage and navigate through.

link buildingDoing away with broken links: It sometimes happens that you find some of your links have stopped working. This is especially so for old posts. It is normal occurrence for a site to go down. It can affect your online reputation to lead your visitors to websites that are dead.

There are great tools to use to identify broken links within your site. Do a google search for Broken Link Checker, this is a tool that Crawls your business blog and lets you identify dead links. Once you find broken links you can replace them or remove them all together.

Feature latest products and content: It is good to monitor the trends in your market niche. This is to help you know which products are converting and which ones are not.

It is prudent to remove products within your blog pages or side bar that do not sell. Always seek to offer your target audience with the latest content and products.

The best way to get up-to-date content and products is by joining forums. Subscribe to online forums where people in your niche meet. The other way is to identify a top business blog in your niche and subscribe to their RSS feed of newsletter. By doing this, you will get to know the new products that convert easily.

Adding tools like Google Analytics or Crazy Egg can go a long way in helping clean up your business blog. With Crazy Egg you will get to know where visitors mostly click. This will enable you identify the pages that people do not visit. It could be that the story on that page is irrelevant or it could be a call to change your page title.

Ask yourself whether the contact page is helpful to your business blog: You will notice most work from home blogs have a contact page. As much as this can be helpful to some extent, it can work against your home business blog.

Contact pages work best in some industries but all. If you have a contact form you will discover most of the messages you will get are spam. Trying to sort out between genuine emails and spam can be quite tasking.

If people want to learn about your online business, it would be better they read your content and do as instructed.

Immediately after am through publishing this blog I will need to do some blog clean up. If you want the most out of your business blog you too need to do the same. To make money online from home using your home business blog you need less trash.

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Am sure you have met people who claim to be experts in online marketing. It is only after you have had sessions with them that you will discover they don’t really know how the internet operates.

Creating a blog is one thing but directing traffic is a different ball game all together. There are fundamentals you need to know when it comes to online marketing. On this post we shall share some of them to make sure you get the right knowledge and tools of marketing on the web.

With these online marketing strategies, anyone in any niche can implement them and thus generate blog traffic. Whether you have an established blog or a starting up home business blog you need to read this post to the end.

You don’t have to use all of them but you can pick at least 5 online marketing techniques and implement them on your blog.

Rule 1: Know where your audiences visit: The reason some companies have become household names is because of the many surveys they conduct. Knowing where your target audience spends most of their time and the language they use will always give you an upper hand.

Research is a crucial element to online marketing. It helps you in generating content and furthermore discovering exactly where your potential customers frequent.

The internet is so automated and it is quite easy to find out where your audiences spend most of their time. Am sure you already have a rough idea of the online communities, blogs, social sites that your target readers go to.

A simple way to get the sites in your niche is to do a Google search. From the results you can start participating in order to build relationships. With time you will gain online presence which will ensure you generate blog traffic.

Some people make the mistake of joining online forums and right away post content and links. That is a wrong approach, take time to study the do’s and don’t’s of any forum you enroll in. Once you are sure of the rules of the house you can begin participating in conversations.

Online marketing is about active participation and following the laid down guidelines. This way you will be rewarded with online credibility thus quality and targeted traffic.

Rule 2: Publish content that is sharable: If you observe rule number 1 then without a doubt people will share your content. But note that people will only share content that is of high quality.

While doing business on the web, connecting with the right audience, having a unique writing style and sharing topics that add value is the secret to online marketing. In addition, you have to be consistent in doing these things that have just been mentioned.

For instance, writing articles that seeks to challenge the norm will set you apart thus ensure your content goes viral.

Ideally, in any given niche there are those people that visit just to read while a percentage on them will share your content. There is also another group of loyal fans that follow your blog with keen interest.

Of the three groups of people, the one that you should seek to increase are the loyal fans. These are the people who will be quick to share your blog posts hence assist you reach a wider audience.

Rule 3: Link your blog to top social networking sites: Since you are interested in online marketing, am sure you have accounts on social sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, YouTube and so on.

It is imperative that you link all your accounts to your blog. Make sure that your user profiles on these sites are completely filled. It is also advisable to use the same screen name and image in all social network accounts you set up.

In all your profiles, it is recommended you include a link to your blog. Also, seek to link up with people in your niche. This way you will increase the chances of people clicking on your links thus generating targeted blog traffic.

internet marketingTo succeed on social media marketing you need to be active. Avoid sharing content that does not add value to your fans. How does telling people what you had for diner going to help you in marketing your business online?

Therefore, publish content that is insightful and you will win the trust of your fans. Besides, any content you generate on the web should be related to your blog. If you have to share a video online, it should contain relevant content and a link pointing back to your blog.

On your web pages you should also include author protocol. Google now has launched an online program where bloggers can use the rel=author code to build an online brand.

With this code, your image will appear next to your article in Google search results. To get more info about adding the rel=author function read this article How To Implement Rel=Authors.

Rule 4: Add share buttons on your blog: The traffic you can generate online through social sites is enormous. Below are the numbers of subscribers top social networking site have recorded so far.

Facebook tops with over 850 million active members

Twitter follows with over 450 million subscribers

LinkedIn comes in third with 130 million users

Google Plus, the new kid in the block with over 100 million active subscribers so far.

This is to show that you cannot do online marketing without incorporating social media marketing. It is therefore recommended to add social sharing icons on your site. Add a call to action message within your posts telling your readers to share your content.

In fact, you can use the social button appearing on the left of this blog to share this article with your friends.

Rule 5: Get involved in social sharing: Apart from the four social networking sites mentioned on rule number 4, other sites to participate in are social bookmarking sites.

Examples of these sites include Digg, Stumple Upon, Reddit, Delicious and so on. A site like Reddit records about 2 Billion visits each month. If you can funnel some of this traffic to your site, you will be in a good position to make money online with ease.

Note: Each of these sites also has rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines so as to add value and hence gain credibility. Posting your links and walking away is NOT the best online marketing strategy when it comes social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites can be a great source for generating content. Reading other peoples posts will help you gather inform on what to discuss on your blog.

Rule 6: Use Email marketing: Many are the times when you send emails to your contacts. Have you ever stopped to think that you can use you email for online marketing?

The best thing to do is adding a signature that contains your blog URL and links to your social networking accounts. This will help you in creating awareness about your blog and you never know, your emails may go viral.

online marketingRule 7: Optimize your content for SEO ranking: The other day I read an article that stated that on google alone, there are over 3 billion searchers done every day and the number is growing.

As someone seeking to market online you simply cannot ignore this figure. Most people find SEO difficult but that is far from the truth. All you need to know when marketing online through SEO is to write for both human beings and search engines.

When your content is SEO friendly, search engines will send targeted traffic your way and with that you are sure to make money working online.

When you are starting out, it may be difficult to write content that caters for both your readers and search engines, but the more you keep writing the better you will learn the art.

The secret to online marketing through SEO is creating your blog on platforms like wordpress. WordPress comes with great plugins and tools to help you market on the internet. Click here to read more on how to generate traffic with wordpress plugins.

Rule 8: Refer to other bloggers in your niche: If you are a church goer you definitely have heard your priest say “Do unto others what you would want them do unto you”. The same principle applies to online marketing.

The best way to get back links is to link to other blogs within your niche. Webmasters and bloggers like it and in most cases will feel obliged to return the favor when you link to their content.

Search engines and visitors to your blog also like seeing and clicking on links within your content. As you link to other pages within your blog also add links pointing to external webpages.

You might say that is funneling your traffic to other people. But remember that these same people will see traffic coming from your blog and they will be interested in what you have to offer. Besides, they may end up been your devoted fans thus help you in viral marketing through sharing.

Rule 9: Comment marketing: One of the best strategies of online marketing is posting comments on related blogs. The secret is to post comments that are fascinating, relevant and adding value.

With time people will note your contribution and seek to learn more about you by visiting your site. It is advisable to use one username as a way of branding yourself online. Rather than using keywords, use your name when posting comments.

The use of keywords can sometime be viewed as spamming thus may hurt your online marketing ambitions.

Rule 10: Add RSS feeds to your blog: I have noted that the people who end up becoming return visitors are the ones who have subscribed to my RSS feed.

Everyday there are people who will find your blog educative and will want to come back again. To make it easy for these kinds of visitor, incorporate RSS feed marketing in your array on online marketing arsenals.

The recommend site to set up free RSS feeds is Feedburner. Make sure you display your RSS feed at strategic positions within your blog. For example you can place your feeds at the top or within the sidebar of your blog.

You can also use your Feedburner account to capture your visitors email addresses. Remember to tell your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed for more updates.

Rule 11: Join sites with Q & A: Some of the sites you can visit and participate in asking and answering questions are Yahoo Answers, Quora and Here you can also get ideas on what people in your niche want discussed thus generate quality content.

There are times while conversing with people in your niche you will get the opportunity to say what you do. This is the right time to share you blog URL. If you discover there is a question people are asking frequently, try and come up with a blog post.

This will mean that next time some else asks you the same question you will provide them with the link to the page that answers them. In so doing, you will handle readers’ queries and at the same time market your business online.

Do not make the mistake of answering a question before conducting thorough research. In addition, respond to questions that are related to your industry and on subjects that you are an expert in.

As you give quality answers you will increase your online reputation and presence thus succeed in online marketing.

Conclusion: I have one advice to bloggers and webmasters and that is “Never give up”. It does not matter how long it takes, for as long as you are using the right online marketing strategies you will succeed in blogging.

Most people give up when they are just about to make the big break. If you follow top bloggers, you will discover they all have two things in common, persistence and patience.

Therefore, do not throw in the towel, you will make some mistakes along the way but that is how you learn. Within no time, you will start publishing content that is compelling and worth sharing.

To get more content about online marketing strategies enter your email address below. You can also click here to subscribe to me RSS feed.


How To Schedule Your Blog Writing On A Regular Basis

How To Schedule Your Blog Writing On A Regular Basis

Many are the times you have heard people saying they work from home 2 hours a day. This is most common with folks who do blog writing. Personally, I work for even less time and it is all about planning and automating my work online business.

For those of you who are in employment (9-5 job), blogging can be a nice avenue of creating a work online part time business. This will go a long way in supplementing your salary. It may take you some time before you begin getting the big money, but don’t you think it’s worth the wait and in time achieve financial freedom you so crave for?

We all are in need of financial security and today I shall discuss on how you can plan your time and make money by blog writing.

The thought that blog writing is time consuming needs to come out of your mind. All you need to do is come up with a good work schedule. On this article we shall see how within 1 or 2 hours a day you can easily manage your blog writing.

Research and writing: (1 hour a day)

Content is Key – This has been repeated time and time again and there is no way you can escape writing if you want to make money online. That is why you need to allocate the most time when it comes to researching and writing.

Since blogging is about posting content regularly, you can opt to be publishing 2 or 3 articles a week. The others days of the week can be for doing your research. It is so imperative to plan on what you are going to write on your blog. In fact, research is more important than the blog writing.

By planning on what to talk about on your blog, will mean that when you get down to the blog writing you will spend less time. You need to come up with how your article is going to be structured, because if you don’t do that it will take you much longer to write.

You can schedule to have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as the days you will be doing your research and structuring. Then set aside Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for blog writing. This means that the content you gather and structure on Monday; will be the article you write about the following day and so on.

The best way to do research is reading a lot. Be up to date with the happenings in your niche by reading other peoples’ blogs. Subscribe to the top bloggers in your niche through RSS feeds or their newsletters. In addition, you can bookmark tops blogs and on the days of doing research you read their new content.

Reading blogs in your niche will help you gain more knowledge and also ensure you get ideas on blog writing. On top of what people are blogging about, on a site like Yahoo Answers you can get questions people in your niche are asking about thus have ideas on articles to write about.

The idea is to know how the top bloggers are writing and get better styles of writing. That should always be your target, because what is the point of blog writing if you cannot be the best in your niche. Make sure you publish the best relevant and insightful content and people will always keep coming back for more.

Writing: Once you have done your groundwork and structuring well, then the most it will take you to write a blog is 45 minutes.

Social Media Marketing: (25 – 30 minutes a day)

I see many online marketers spending the whole day on social networking sites trying to promote their businesses and products. This to me is a waste of time and resources. I would rather you dedicate that time to more planning and researching.

Facebook (15 minutes in a day) – As we speak facebook has become a force to reckon with as far as online marketing is concerned. With thousands of people signing up each day it is absolutely important that every blog writer to have an account on facebook.

Before I talked about automation and with the tools available on the net you can update your facebook wall without necessarily opening your account. Personally, I use Networked blogs to update my status wall on facebook.

This tells you that I spend like 0 minutes on facebook, but I usually go to my account to respond to my messages and people that comment on my posts. This takes me like 10 minutes at most. It is always good to respond to your messages since social media marketing is all but building relationships and your online brand.

If you have a fun page, then you need to add another 5 minutes to update your wall, start discussions and respond to comments.

Twitter (5 minutes in a day) – Some people will not agree with me but I find twitter very easy to mange. Twitter is said to be the fastest growing social media site. So do not assume I do not have a twitter account. In fact, anyone blogging for money MUST have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of late a Google Plus account.

blog writingWith Networked Blogs, I’m able to link my blog to my twitter account. This in turn leaves me with all the time to concentrate on my research and blog writing.

Since my social media network followers are mostly from the USA and Europe and we are in different time zones, I schedule by blog posts to be published when they are online. This means that my tweets and wall status are updated when am comfortably sleeping. Talk of blog writing automation.

The 5 minutes I allocate to respond to the individual messages. This will ensure I build my online presence and further boost my online brand name.

E-marketers that spend a lot of time on twitter are those that seek to follow and unfollow people. But this can be manged automatically with TweeterAdder. With this tool you will be able to:

– Tweet relevant content

– Follow new followers

– Follow people in your niche

– Unfollow people who are not following you back

– Tweet links to your blog

– Tweet your content to your Facebook Wall.

LinkedIn (10 Minutes in a week) – I know this may be different for others depending on where your target audience spend most of their time. As for me I rarely visit my LinkedIn account but since I have synchronized it to my twitter account, my LinkedIn activities are updated daily with my tweets.

The time I spend on LinkedIn is for accepting requests and responding to my private messages.

I hope now you see just how easy it is to manage your blog writing and at the same time update your social networking accounts. This will not only help you get referral traffic but also increase your backlinks for SEO value or juice.

Miscellaneous activities: Blogging involves other activities like article marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, social bookmarking or any other thing you may be involved in to help promote your blog.

Once in a week I am called to do presentations in relation to my work online blog which helps me in offline marketing. I know of other bloggers who organize online contests or conduct interviews. Since these are activities that you do once in a while; with good planning you can execute them with ease.

If you have noticed something about this post is that I have written more content about research and blog writing. As for other activities there is really much to talk about. This goes to show just how critical CONTENT is in regards to blogging. With rich content, making money blogging will be a like a walk in the park.

From the above online working schedule you can see that blog writing is easy to plan, manage and execute. Give the things that count more priority and blogging for money will be fun even as you work from home online.

Steps To Succeeding In Work From Home Opportunities

Steps To Succeeding In Work From Home Opportunities

On this blog we endeavor to share with you best work from home opportunities and strategies. There are many people out there looking for a way out of their financial quagmire and that is what we seek to help solve.

Over the years and according to top online business experts, it has been proven that blogging presents best work from home opportunities. It is true you will come across other online business programs, but you need to be very careful so as not to be ripped off.

Ideally, the internet is about sharing content and the best way of doing that is through blogging. With well structured articles that are informative you are sure bound to make money online. On this write up we shall look at the steps one needs to go through to be a successful blogger thus earn income from home.

Before we get to that, there is one very important question you need to ask yourself, “How inspired are you?” Without inspiration frankly you are not going to go far. Your readers should notice the fire in you by the way you write. This will go a long way in ensuring that you capture your visitors’ attention.

I thought I bring up the issue of inspiration since your success is highly dependent on that no matter which work from home opportunities you take up.

How is blogging related to work from home opportunities?

A blog can act as a one stop shop for all your online business programs. By this I mean, with a blog you can promote all your business text links and banners on one platform. This will help you avoid marketing each work from home opportunity individually.

Now let us get into the thick of things and see the steps that you need to take as you start to blog.

Choose a niche: I believe that you have something that we are good at. This is what you should work out and offer advice on. Select an area or industry you know you are passionate about that will make you always long to share with your target audience.

You also need to do some research and identify what keyword phrases people in your niche search for. These are the keywords that will form the bases of your blog.

Additionally, you need to also determine if the niche you are targeting is profitable. Personally, I target work online business mainly because there are numerous work from home opportunities that can be incorporate on my blog.

But that is not the only niche you can write about, there are other very lucrative niches like health, self help, forex, travel, freelancing, cars, dating, betting, real estate, computers and the list goes on and on.

If you follow on these niches you will discover that almost all of them have work from home opportunities in terms of affiliate programs/products, creating eBooks, creating your own products and the like.

The minute you determine the niche to target, you are ready to go to step number 2

work from home opportunitiesCreate a blog: As we mentioned before, a blog is the best platform of communicating to people online. Even if you have a website, you need to incorporate a blog to be able to attract sale leads.

Blogging is quite affordable and it helps you create your own unique online brand. With a successful blog you will be able promote all your work from home opportunities in one place thus avoid the hassle of marketing each program individually.

By a successful blog I mean one that generates high volume of targeted traffic. This can be achieved by publishing helpful content that address issues in your selected niche.

Build relationships: Trust is a very fundamental attribute when it gets to blogging. You can create the most attractive blog but if people do not find you trustworthy you will not make money online.

This is especially so if you later intend to start promoting your own products or even affiliate programs. The best way to build good relationship with your audience and thus boost your online brand is through publishing great content.

Content that is useful will always make your fans buy any product you have to offer. There are people who write content that is full of marketing pitches, this is a wrong approach. It would be better if you offer free valuable information and your online brand will hit the roof.

As you blog you can have a story page where you can tell people who you are. By allowing people to know you, it will create some level of trust and leave a lasting impression. Telling your life story ensures you also connect with your audience on a personal level.

The other thing about building relationships and online brand is through connecting with other bloggers in your niche. Find the top 50 bloggers in your niche and get ways of connecting with them. You can talk about them on your blog or call them for interviews through platforms like Skype.

Commenting on their blog posts can also help you build your online brand. The secret is to make sure you read their posts so as to make sure that when you comment it is something relevant and helpful to readers. When you contribute useful remarks your comments will always be approved and readers will really want to know who you are thus boosting your internet presence.

Add your products: Rushing to find best work from home opportunities or affiliate programs to market before you create content is completely misplaced. You need to first generate traffic then think of the affiliate programs or products to promote.

After you have offered people solutions to their problems through sharing rich and educative content, you can further boost that by promoting genuine products and work from home opportunities. Research is therefore imperative when it comes to choosing the affiliate programs to promote.

Remember that for you to have a high conversion rate; you need to market products that are relevant to your readers. It would make no sense selling farm equipment on a blog that shares content on sports or fashion.

The other thing you can do is creating your own product. When creating your own products you first need to consider the industry you are involved in and the type of target audience you have.

Find how best you can help your readers by identifying what they want. This you can learn through the comments shared on your blog posts. You can also know the needs of your audience by using Yahoo Answers. An example of an easy product to come up with first is creating an eBook.

A good eBook is the one which shares educational stuff teaching people how to do something. For example, if you are in the working online field, you can create an eBook Tutorial detailing how to get best work from home opportunities. Normally, a PDF format is the best.

I chose to talk about blogging since with a blog you can be able to promote different work from home opportunities. There is still more to learn when it comes to blogging hence click on the blogging category to read more valuable tips.

If others have been successful in making money blogging, it shows that you too can succeed.

How To Blog And The True Definition Of A Blog

How To Blog And The True Definition Of A Blog

It would be first sensible that we define what a blog is prior to us discussing on best tips on how to blog. A blog happens to be a medium where you can talk about your thoughts, feels, and explore various issues which aim to assist your target audience think about a particular matter.

Blogs are useful since they inform and express enlightening content to individuals in a particular niche market. In a nutshell, blog sites are generally crafted to add value to your readership and never to market or perhaps promote your stuff.

Here are a few pointers to consider when it comes to publishing a blog post:

Share Quality Posts: It’s essential to remember that anytime folks are searching the web mainly they do this to obtain informative material. It can be quite detrimental to your online credibility when you only concentrate on publishing blog pages which have high pitched advertising content.

When it comes to strategies on how to blog avoid focusing so much on advertising products since this will result to a high bounce rate. Readers are savvy and can easily tell when affiliate links are plastered all over the place.

A blog is one of the perfect medium of relaying information on the internet. To make sure your blogging is successful, write content on an industry or area you know you are well conversant with and passionate about. This ensures that you provide educative material that seeks to solve problems faced by people in your niche. It should then tell you that an excellent blogger is a good reader, therefore take time to read other people’s blogs within your niche. This will assist you come up with up to date content and better your writing skills.

I realize that some people may claim that they are not good readers or writers, but if you want to make money from blogging then you have no option but to read and write. As you keep on writing you will develop your skills and thereby come up with captivating content that will glue readers to your web pages.

Identify A Niche: Often the ideal solution on how to blog would be to establish a niche that you are good at. Take time to find out the difficulties within your industry that readers battle with and tackle the issues on your blog.

When you provide answers to a specific matter you’ll notice that people will start submitting their opinions as they explore the topic, hence end up taking more time on your blog. An educational site likewise leads to recurring guests who will definitely encourage other folks to visit your homepage.

Add Value: Look at it like this, in writing a blog page you are developing a web based diary or journal. As a result, ask yourself if your content is benefiting the visitors that come to read your material. Each time you pick up that magazine or newspaper you do so simply because you are trying to search for facts rather than getting swamped with commercial advertisements. Precisely the same applies whenever you are composing a blog site.

Creativity: Originality is also something to seriously take into consideration. The more innovative your style for writing a blog is the higher the chances of your posts being picked by webmasters thus boost your link popularity. The secret of becoming creative is to practice, reading a lot and a having a heart to become a good author.

The more you keep on writing the more you learn how to arrange words that capture your blog guests. This should tell you that creativity has got nothing to do with the use of jargon or words that do not exist in the dictionary. Employ the same words that people use every day but arrange them in a way that will make your readers what to go through all your content.

Keywords: Am sure as a blogger you would love to see your content being read and search engines are a perfect place to generate true organic traffic. Therefore, always make sure you target specific keyword phrases in every post you publish on your blog. Make sure the keyword terms appear in your blog title and at least 2 to 3 times in the body of your content (after every one hundred words would be appropriate).

So as to perform proper groundwork, ensure you target keywords that have high searchers but low competition. If you have some cash you can allocate a budget for a pay per click advertising on google Adwords. This will assist you to know if the keywords you intend to target have enough traffic and if they convert.

Some of the tools you can combine to establish the right key terms to target include Google Trends, Google Insight and Google Keyword Tool.

Note: The secret of how to blog is going straight to the point. This helps your readers figure out from the beginning of your article precisely what you want to discuss. Stick to the topic and endeavor to write unique content to be able to keep your target viewers fixed on your articles. In short, start your blog strongly so as to capture the attention of your audience.

Remember, if you want to eventually make money from blogging while working online you first need to work on attracting visitors. The best way to do that is sharing valuable and insightful material. Once you have built your online credibility, you can go ahead and monetize your blog pages strategically. Do not be overzealous when it comes to monetizing your blog. Best blogging practices involves being moderate especially when it comes to advertising products.

Just as we mentioned earlier on, a blog is like an online journal or diary where the writer shares his experiences with his or her audience. Therefore, imagine the negative picture you will portray when you cluster your blog with advertisements all over the place.

The secret on how to blog is not hidden or difficult as some people would like you to think. It is all about being sensitive to your readers and realizing that the traffic counter showing on your blog represents real people with real feelings.

How To Create A Blog From Home Within 9 Minutes

How To Create A Blog From Home Within 9 Minutes

Believe it or not, you do not need to leave the comfort of your house in order to have a blog running. People think that when it gets to how to create a blog or website you need the services of an expert. Today, you can launch your blog in under 9 minutes.

But before you learn how to create a blog, there are other fundamental things you need to seriously take into account. People make the mistake of creating a blog using with their names or some fancy names.

It is OK  to do that if you are seeking to brand your name. But if you want to make money online then you need to use keywords in your domain name.

Here are 3 things you need to do before creating a blog:

1. Choose a niche: This is absolutely vital since it acts as the foundation of your blog. Most newbies assume that the more niches one targets, the more likelihood of making more money online from home. This is not true; choose one niche which you know you are good at.

Preferably, go for a niche that is broad where you can always have something to share with your target audience every day.  Other factors to consider include selecting an area that you are passionate about and of which you are an expert in.

This will ensure you post quality content and within no time you will be considered an authority in that niche. Do not target a niche just because you heard someone say there is a lot of money to be made there. You can make money from any niche as long as you choose a niche that you are passionate about.

2. Research for the right keywords to target: After you have selected the niche, you need to do know the preferences of your target audience and the right keywords to target. There is no point of me showing you how to create a blog and fail to reveal to you the importance of keyword research.

Am sure once you launch your blog you expect people to visit and read your content. The best way to drive traffic to your blog is by making sure you optimize your content for search engine ranking. The rule of the internet is that you usually write to two entities:

1. Human beings

2. Search Engines

Read more on how to write on the web

You can have very good and compelling articles but if people cannot find your blog then all you do will be in vain. This is the reason why keyword research is very important when it comes to how to create a blog.

One of the best tools to use in keyword research is a free online tool called Google Keyword Tool (free). In fact, this is the first tool I open every day before I write any article or blog post. It helps me to determine what to write about.

Other tools you can use include Google Trends, Google Insight or Keyword Winner (this tool you need to pay in order to use).

With these keyword tools, you will be sure not to throw punches in the dark but actually target your audience. Always go for keywords that are commonly searched for and have a fair competition rate. Click here to read a detailed article on keyword research.

3. Get a credit card or debit card: In order to ease purchase online you need to have a credit card or debit card. Find out from your bank manager the best credit card to use. But if you already have a debit card that has a Visa or Master Card Logo, you are good to go.

Once you have done the above, you will have accomplished the initial stages of how to create a blog. The next step is technical and this is where most people feel intimidated. But I have very good news for you, launching a blog is downright easy and does not require any kind of expertise.

Here is a step by step guideline on how to create a blog at home:

Step 1. Buy a domain name: The reason for doing a keyword research is to help you pick a domain name that contains your main targeted keyword.

Ideally, a domain name is a unique web address which your target audience will use to reach your blog. For example, my domain name is

Note: My main keyword is work online. I first did a research in order to come up with this domain name.

When registering a domain name, go for an address that is brandable, short and easy to remember. Some of the top sites to purchase a domain name include:


First, you need to search and see if the domain name you want to use is available. Remember that a domain name is yours for good hence pick a name that you like and is keyword based. The prices for buying a new domain name vary from $3 to $25 per year.

Step 2. Purchase web hosting: Web hosting simply means buying a space on the internet to host your domain name. You can also opt for free web hosting though I strong suggest you avoid doing that.

Normally, you will not have full control of your site on free web hosting sites. In case the free hosting site decides to close down your site, there is nothing you can do to stop them. This can negatively affect your site especially if it is generating income.

It is recommended that you pay for web hosting. You need to do research to make sure you get quality service. Do not be swayed by high pitched advertising messages that promise heaven and give you low quality service.

One of the most important factors to look at when choosing a site to host you is whether they have a cPanel. This is a control panel that helps you on how to create a blog and manage it. Some of the features to be found within cPanel include tracking, email management, file management, setting up a blog or website and much much more.

To ease your search, I suggest you work with either Host Gator or Blue Host (This links contain my affiliate links, for Hostgator my coupon code is workonline25 where you get a 25% discount on your first purchase). Both of these web hosting services have a CPanel, offer quality customer support and are quite affordable. Their tools are also user friendly for newbies seeking to learn how to create a blog.

Personally, I use Hostgator and their services are simply superb. The site has online video tutorials that small online business people can easy follow and quickly set up a blog within few minutes.

Note: In case you are buying a domain name and web hosting from different companies, you need to edit the Name Servers. Open the account where you bought your domain and pick the two name servers listed. Then head to your web hosting site and update the name serves to read the ones you picked in your domain name account.

how to create a blogStep 3. Install wordpress: For your blog to go live you will need a template or platform to post your content. I use wordpress because of these 3 things

1. It is user friendly

2. Most of their templates are SEO friendly.

3. They have thousands of quality and free and paid templates.

On Hostgator, they have included a link on the CPanel that automatically helps you to create a blog by easily uploading wordpress which takes seconds. Another feature within CPanel that you can use to upload wordpress is Fantastico Deluxe.

There are two ways to add content on your blog. One is by going to your wordpress back-office or installing FileZilla FTP server. I would rather you opt to upload your content using wordpress back-office. A 6 year old would do it with their eyes closed; it is that simple to manage your blog on wordpress back-office.

Step 4. Choosing a theme for your blog: One of the most important elements on how to create a blog is picking a theme or template for your blog. A theme or template is how you would like you blog appearance to be. In short, it is your blog design or style.

For people working online at home, it is advisable to choose a simple, clean, customizable and Professional WordPress Template. Some of the ingredients of a quality theme include:

1. Good color variation

2. Easy navigation for visitors

3. Simple background

4. SEO friendly

5. Easy to customize

6. Beautiful to look at

To that point, you should now be able to know how to create a blog. The next thing to do is update your blog regularly and learn how to make money online or monetizing your blog.

If you find this article insightful, use the social buttons on the left to share this blog post with your friends. In case you feel there is something more you can contribute on how to create a blog, feel free to post your comments below.

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