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How To Write Mesmerizing Blog Post Titles

How To Write Mesmerizing Blog Post Titles

You are just walking by when something catches your eye at the news paper stand. Before you know it, you find yourself walking away with a newspaper in your hands. This is the power of creating post titles that are eye catching.

Journalists have a way of coming up with headlines that would make you do impulse buying. It just goes to show how headlines can turn a pedestrian into a customer. Now, you too can use the same skill to your advantage.

This is by learning how to create blog post titles that would turn browsers into site visitors. Ideally, a post headline is meant to attract curiosity, make people ask themselves certain questions and ultimately generate traffic to your blog.

Headlines offer you 3 seconds to pass on an advertisement message to your target audience. This is why bloggers who have perfected the skill of title writing will always be ahead of the pack.

As people search the internet for content before they read the snippet, the first thing they see is your title post. According to research, out of every 10 people, 8 will read post titles in search results. But of the 8, only 2 people will go ahead and read the whole blog post.

Therefore, the big question is, how do you compose a headline that will leave people with no choice but click on your link?

The reason behind writing articles is to get people to read. Titles are so powerful in that they can give you mileage even when you are not so good a writer.

Back to the newspaper headline, you have picked the newspaper and the headline is so captivating that you could not resist the urge to secure a newspaper for yourself. Sometimes, when you sit down to read the story you realize it was all hype.

The more captivating your blog post titles are the higher the chances of people reading what you have written. It will give you even more mileage if you deliver content that fulfills what the title has promised.

Seeing as title posts are of importance, let us get down to business and learn some guidelines of creating mesmerizing headlines.

blog post titlesUse catchy words: There are some words you can use in your post title that will compel readers to simply click on your links. These include words like “Guarantee”, “Sure”, “Shocking” and the like.

The secret behind using such kind of words is that they promise results. People like to be in control and something that offers 100% will capture their attention.

For example:

*10 Work from home guidelines of guaranteeing you make money online.

*Shocking news coming out of the House of Representatives.

These are the kind of words that would grab your attention right away. Why? People like reading news especially when it raises their curiosity.

How to: You sure have come across titles post that read:

*How to achieve your business goals in today’s competitive world

*How to get customers lining up for your new product

*How to avoid been a victim of the current economic crisis.

We can go on and on with titles that use this strategy. The amazing thing is that despite to many “How to” articles you come across, we don’t seem to resist but read them.

The secret is simple; we all knowingly or unknowingly want to learn new things so as to improve our lives. If you didn’t know, people like it when they are told what to do.

Time is of essence and a “how to” article gives a sense of learning something new in 5 minutes and for free.

So as to succeed with “how to” blog post headlines, make sure you deliver as you have promised. Follow such titles with content that shows the benefits rather than showing the process.

Stimulating news: Take queue of how newspaper columnists go out of their way to come up with headlines that compel you to read their stories.

Journalists understand the nature of human beings and how we hunger for news. Our need to know what is happening around us is so high that it takes only one line and our curiosity is ignited.

Writing blog post titles that suggest news rather than those seeking to promote a product can have the same effect as a newspaper headline.

post titles

For you to come up with news titles you have to be up to date with the events in your niche. Therefore, you must be ready to read a lot and make sure you publish articles immediately when something new takes place.

Use the power of proof: The reason that a site like Google Plus are growing so fast is because they are harnessing the power of testimonies. You too can use the same strategy by writing post headlines that are based on testimonials.

Ideally, humans are social beings and thus they feel more comfortable when they are associated with something that is considered popular. In fact, there are people who will not read a post with zero comments.

To target people who move with the crowd you can create post titles that show third party endorsement.

Below are some headlines that bring an element of proof:

*The most amazing website template ever designed

*This online marketing strategy has worked for me over and over again

*Finally, a web tool that solved my blogging challenges.

Over and over again, these kinds of titles have proved to be effective. Apart from showing proof of a matter, they also captivating and they bring an element of honesty.

Bloggers and webmasters who write product reviews can really benefit from this strategy of writing articles titles.

Simplicity: Sometimes you just need to be direct when writing your blog post headings. There is some kind of uniqueness that comes with using simple titles rather than using words that confuse or twist your readers.

Some of readers are gripped with straight forward headlines. Top brands are known to use this technique to great effect.

* BMW releases the latest model

*Summer holiday getaway – 25% discount

*The Ultimate SEO tool from SEOmoz

This strategy mostly works with brands that have already made a name for themselves. Direct post titles usually hit the nail on the head.

Ask a question: If you ask me, this is one of the best ways of engaging readers. The strategy works perfectly when you pose a question that will make your target audience say “I want to learn more”.

*Are you a culprit of these 10 SEO mistakes?

*How do I tell whether my online marketing strategies are working or not?

*Which are the best website analytic tools to monitor my site performance?

As you stimulate your readers with intriguing questions, they will have no option but want to learn more. In a way you make visitors uncertain of whether they know something or not. Therefore, they will be compelled to click on your link to confirm or be sure.

Show advantages: Examples of post titles that have these attribute include:

*Building your website from scratch in 10 minutes

*The benefits that come with generating your own content

The idea here is to compose headlines that show people benefits of doing something. These kinds of titles have the power to attract target audience since they reveal what is contained in the article.

In addition, in case readers don’t click on your link, the title post will have told them exactly what you are offering. If you find it difficult to create these kinds of blog post titles then chances are that you don’t understand your product.

Sense of control: Normally, people like things that are predicable since it gives them a sense of being in control. The secret here is to make people feel like they will know things that others don’t know.


article post title

Headlines with words like tips, hints, secrets and guidelines will elicit clicks going by the fact that people want to gain control.

*Here are 15 online marketing secrets of staying ahead of your competition

*10 healthy tips of living a more fulfilling lifestyle

*Rules to follow to guarantee you get the heart of your potential employer.

The above types of post titles promise readers insightful and helpful information that would make them have an edge over others. These titles that have a sense of order will guarantee you high click through rate as you blog.

Compel: These are the kind of titles that carry a message that call readers to take action. Most people selling online fail to succeed because they don’t tell readers what to do.

In a way, blog post titles that have a call to action appear to be barking a command. But this is done in a tactful manner by showing readers the benefits of doing what they have been told to do.

For instance:

*Become a popular work from home blogger in 90 days.

*Stop wondering how to create a blog, learn how to start a blog in minutes.

These titles are dictatorial but in a very polite manner that also reveal benefit to readers.

Conclusion: The best way to learn how to write compelling and mesmerizing title posts is to research. Visit a social bookmaking sites like Reddit, Mashable or Digg and see which titles elicit more clicks, retweets and shares.

Besides, you can also monitor the performance of your old articles. If you notice a post that people visited a lot, use that title to help you come up with another headline.

When starting out, your titles may flop but the more you keep at it the better you will become.

Note: Even the top websites and newspapers never stop finding ways of coming up with gripping headlines. This is because post headlines will greatly improve your Click Through Rate (CTR).

Am sure you have other techniques of writing titles to blog posts. Use the comment section below to share with us what has worked out for you.

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How To Make A Blog That Attracts Unique Readers

How To Make A Blog That Attracts Unique Readers

Designing a blog that has looks that make jaws drop is not a guarantee to blogging success. Launching a blog is one thing but attracting the right visitors is a different ball game all together.

This is not to say that you go and create a blog that looks like it has seen better days. Making a blog calls for several calculated steps. The success of your blogging career depends on what you do from the word go.

The top bloggers you see today most of them made lots of mistakes before they hit the big leagues. Many of them can account to sleepiness night trying to find the right magic pill that would make their blogs popular.

Check out the video to learn an amazing way to attract unique readers & engage them

You therefore have to consider yourself lucky that others sacrificed that you could have an easier time. On this post we are going to share with you on how to make a blog and set it on the right path. You do not have to go through hills and valleys like most top bloggers have done before.

This is not to signify that you ignore the element of work hard. Blogging is not easy and for you to make a blog that stands out you have to be ready to sink in the world of blogging. No business is easy, whether it is online or offline, there is always a price to pay.

The reason of sharing this article is to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with blogging. We want to set you on the correct path and make your journey to blogging success bearable.

Now that you have the full picture let us get down to business.

attracting unique readers to your blog

Below are 10 strategies on how to make a blog that will connect you to the right audience.

1: Be prepared to generate content:

The heart of blogging is in writing. You cannot expect to make a blog and fail to generate content and still expect readers to come rolling in. In fact, the only reason that the internet flourishes is because of content.

So, if you want to attract readers to your blog be ready and willing to write on a regular basis. This does not mean that you publish articles just for the sake of it.

Posting on a daily basis is good but that does not guarantee blogging success. You need to define your blogging agenda. Create a writing culture that will make your blog stand out. It is better to post one epic article a week than publish an article daily that adds no value to your readers.

Planning is an integral component of making a blog. Readers will not respect you for writing everyday but rather for sharing unique, creative, detailed and helpful content.

Culture also entails the element of consistency. If you decide to post 3 articles a week make sure you stick to that religiously. These way readers will take you seriously because of your professionalism.

Note: The secret is not in writing but how you write.

2: Your take off matters a great deal:

How you set the foundation of your blogging career matters a great deal. From the onset, your content should be epic. You may be getting 5 visitors a day but that is not an excuse to post shoddy content.

It is from these 5 visitors that you need to build the base of your blog. Make certain that the 5 readers find your blog the most resourceful. This is what will lead to them sharing your content thus helping you generate more leads and grow your business.

I would rather you attract few but targeted audience than having 500 readers who don’t add value to your blog.

3: Show zeal in every article you publish:

There is nothing as powerful as blogging about a topic that you are passionate about. This helps bring out an element of uniqueness that makes your articles reach out to your audience.

Readers will always try to find a reason to close your blog. Therefore, writing with enthusiasm and instead of them leaving make them bookmark your site.

The only way you can write with passion and poise is when you blog on issues you are an expert in. Just because you heard people are making money blogging about health products does not means you start a blog on the same.

If your heart is into farming, make a blog that share on agriculture and everything pertaining to farming. Attracting the right traffic is the sure way to blogging for profit.

make an epic blog

4: Think big:

Before you make a blog you have to decide what you want to achieve. Part of your goal in blogging should be making it big time.

It is OK to make $1000 or get 5000 unique readers a day but I would rather you think bigger. There is an adage that goes like this, “Aim at the sun and you might just reach the stars”.

I like the way Jim Rohn puts it; “Don’t set your goals too low. If you don’t need much, you won’t become much”. The thoughts we harbor in our minds play a big role in what we later become in life.

Make a decision today that you will make a blog that will be successful. You will be amazed on the kind of blogger you will turn out to be.

Sometimes we limit our success by thinking small or should I say been afraid to think big. If your goal is to be in the top league then start thinking positively and sideline any inferior thought pattern.

5: Write to a specific audience:

Whether you like it or not some people will like you and other will dislike you. Hence, forget about trying to please everyone.

Some people assume for you to be successful in blogging you have to attract 10, 000 visitors daily. That is true to some degree, but what if this 10,000 are unresponsive people?

I would rather you get 100 unique and targeted readers than attract 5,000 blog visitors unresponsive to your content. You don’t need a large fan base to make money blogging.

Focus your efforts to reaching your target audience and forget about the rest. Yes! I said it and I have no apologies to make. This will be a better pill to take for some bloggers but this is the naked truth.

Erase from your mind the idea that traffic is the secret to earning from blogging. I know of blogs that get 5000 hits a day but their bank accounts leave a lot to be desired.

If you decide to write about farming, don’t wake up one day and start writing about music or fashion for that matter. Concentrate on what you are good at even if you are writing to 5 people. That is how to stand out. It will not take long before you become the talk of the town in your niche.

6: Check your ad-to-content ratio:

For you to make a blog that generates revenue you need to commercialize it. One of the ways of making money blogging is through affiliate marketing.

That being the case, it does not mean you go overboard in the name of making more sales. You need to be tactful in how you display your affiliate banners.

Having ads flickering on very webpage you create is the wrong way to go about it. Did you know that sometimes readers suffer from something called ad blindness? This happens when you cluster to many adverts in one place.

Your sidebar acts as a strategic place to position your ads, but try and be moderate. Do away with the 10 banners appearing on your side bar. If you didn’t know, having many ads on one page can get you punished by Google thus affect your blog overall ranking.

If you use wordpress, I would recommend you try a plugin called Ad injection which will help you manage your ads. This way you can have 2 or 3 advertisement space where different ads keep rotating.

It is time to clean up your blog and start looking like a professional blogger.

Note: Place affiliate products that are relevant to your niche.

7: Go an extra mile:

Create a blog that offers people more than what they are expecting. Whether you like the sound of this or not, the fact is that when readers come to your site they want to know what’s in for them.

If you can deliver more than readers are expecting than for sure you will be a darling to your audience. Personally, I do this by writing free epic content day in day out.

Once someone told me I share too much information on this blog and thus readers don’t’ have a reason to buy from my blog. I believe if you are blogging just to make money then you will never get to your full potential.

The best way to make a profitable blog is to help your readers solve their problems and attain their goals. It is by creating a helpful and educative blog that readers become your diehard fans and evangelists.

If you want people to talk about your blog then you have to go beyond the normal. This will sometimes call for breaking old fashion rules of blogging such as writing half baked articles in a view to sell.

The few readers that visit your blog are worth more than money. If you treat them like Kings and Queens then they will hand in their wallets to you and also call their friends to the party.

To achieve the above, you have to keep to what you promised when you launched your blog and better still, over-deliver.

8: Know your target audience preferences:

Articles are released everyday on how to make a blog but very few are published on how to write for your target audience. If you didn’t know, the way you write is the most important element of blogging.

Am sure you know how difficult it is to communicate to someone who does not understand you. You say one thing and they translate it in a totally different way.

Before medicine is subscribed, a doctor must first determine what you are suffering from. The same case applies to blogging. If you don’t know what your audience are looking for then don’t expect much from your blog.

Conducting a market research is very important before you even embark on making a blog. For you to be an authority in your niche and start making a six or seven figure income, you have got to know your target audience preferences.

The best way to research is by listening. Join forums where your audience spend their time and read what they write. Read tweets and updates posted by people in your niche and you will know what they want.

When you publish a post wait for people to react. This will give you an idea on what to write about next.

Note: Respond to all comments posted on your blog and reply to tweets and facebook updates. It is through communicating that you learn more on what readers want to hear.

There are also other sites such as Yahoo Answers and Digg where you can gather information on topic to discuss on your blog.

9: Build a contact list:

As you build your blog there is one thing that you must do; capture your readers email addresses. For someone to voluntarily give their contacts to you shows they are ready to consume what you have to offer.

We cannot over emphasize the important of targeting unique visitors when it comes to online business. This is the only way of making sure you keep on making money even when others are complaining of lack of traffic.

Therefore, from the onset ensure you include on your blog an email capture form or landing page. I highly recommend you work with Aweber that offers great email management services.

With search engines constantly changing their algorithms you can traffic proof your blog by having an email list.

10: Don’t over indulge in a marketing strategy:

It is true that some online marketing strategies are better than others but that does not mean you concentrate on one technique. You need to attract traffic from all kinds of sources for as long as it is targeted.

For example, don’t over indulge in creating backlinks and forget to generate content. Yes, you need lots of backlinks to get to 1st page, but why rank high and when readers land on your blog find you have nothing to offer?

Remember what we stated in the beginning that blogging is not easy as most people would like you to think. You need to do a combination of things in order to succeed in making a blog. This includes building relationships, adding backlinks, generating content and of course applying different marketing strategies.

Neglecting other aspects of blogging just because you overheard people saying that guest blogging works is missing the point. By the way, what works in one niche may not necessarily work in another niche.

A good blogger seeks to incorporate all elements of blogging. Find different and unique ways to engage your readers and you will definitely make money. Remember, it is not about you but rather about your readers. Thus don’t get carried away with only one aspect of blogging.

Summary: All said and done, how you make a successful blog is determined not by writing but on how you write. Consistency, planning, determination and having an entrepreneurial spirit will for sure make you a great blogger.

Am sure you will be happy when your blog is mentioned on forums, seminars and shared on social sites. This viral effect can only take place if you observe what we have discussed on this article.

This is not to say that there are no other vital aspects of blogging. If you have something you want to add to this topic kindly feel free to share in the comment section provided below.

The number one focus of this blog is to make you a better and powerful blogger. It will be a great achievement if we managed to help you sort out the jig puzzle on how to make a blog that attracts unique visitors.

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Hope this article will make your blogging experience worth writing about. Lets meet at the top league, there the air is a bit cooler.

Top 9 Blog Design Attributes For Bloggers Working Online

Top 9 Blog Design Attributes For Bloggers Working Online

If you are one of those people who closely follow the top bloggers in your niche, then you will discover that their blog designs have similar features. This is why web design experts advice that you check out other blogs before you design your own.

First impressions count a lot when it comes to generating money online from home. Therefore, spend time choosing the right template and knowing the right plugins to install. Your blog design determines your visitor retention rate thus increase or reduce your online sales conversion.

Since the foundation of your blog design is paramount to your online business success, we are going to share insights on this valuable topic. Learn some of the common attributes and features that almost all top bloggers have installed.

Note: This article is for bloggers who use wordpress as their platform.

Here are the 9 top blog designing features to have on your wordpress blog:

1. Header theme: The size of your header should not be too big or too small. The recommended size is 100 pixels high. Take your time a pick a color for your header that is appealing to your niche. Cool colors are better than colors that scream in the faces on your visitors.

Remember that the header is the first thing that visitors will see when they land on your blog. Hence it is advisable to include a banner advert to one of your products or affiliate products.

Most wordpress templates already have the option for adding a banner at the header section. Alternatively, you can include Google Adsense in the header.

2. Category Section: This section plays a pivotal role when it gets to people navigating through your content. The menu segment also helps search engine to crawl your web pages easily thus indexing and ranking them faster.

The best place to position the category section in your blog design is at the top bar, side bar or at the footer. But when you observe what top bloggers have done, you will note that they have at least two menu sections; one at the top bar and another at the side bar or footer.

Note: Having extra categories links ensures that visitors have an easy time moving from one page to another.

3. Search Box: Installing the search box is important since it offers visitors another option to navigate through your content. It will also assist you to know what your target audience are looking for thus provide them with what they want or need. In short, a search box acts as a research tool for helping you generate relevant content.

Most top bloggers have positioned the search box at the header on the right side. You can also have a blog design where the search box appears on the right side bar but at the top.

In case you get a template that has no search box you can add this code “<?php get_search_form(); ?>” in your header.php editor section.

4. Logo installation: In most cases the best place to put your Logo is at the upper left corner of your blog design. The advantage is that most wordpress templates position the logo at the place that is recommended.

The logo is also hyperlinked to your blog homepage automatically when using wordpress.

Features contained in the Content Section:

Blog Design ElementsThe ideal blog design structure is to have the content area on the left while one side bar on the right. It has been noted that when most people are browsing, the cursor is usually on the left side of their computer. Hence the reason to position the one side bar on the right side.

This means that if you add adverts on the side bar you will have a higher probability to generate leads.

5. Tags:

a) Popular Post tags – Having a blog design with popular posts will help introduce your target audience to your best articles. A close observation of top bloggers in the world, have their popular posts on the right side bar somewhere in the middle.

Again wordpress has great plugins to add this feature (upload the plugin called “Popular Posts +” and then drag it to your side bar).

b) Related Articles tags – To further help retain visitors on your blog and reduce your bounce rate, add a related post plugin. This will assist your blog visitors to access other related articles when reading a post.

The ideal setting is to have related posts appearing below every blog post. This will encourage readers to have a look at more content hence retain them on your site.

A recommended plugin to install so as to be able to add this feature is “SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2”

6. Social Networking Icons:

a) Social Media Share Buttons – All top bloggers have installed a plugin for sharing their web content. This is a great strategy of implementing viral marketing. Some of the common social media share buttons include twitter, facebook, google +1, Digg and LinkedIn.

The best share button to have is the wordpress sliding Sharebar. The recommended position is to have the share icons floating on the left of your blog.

b) Social Media Profile Links – Adding your social media accounts will help you get more people to follow or become your fans. There people who rather be your fans on facebook rather than subscribe to your RSS Feeds or Newsletters.

Most top bloggers have included social media accounts like facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and StumpleUpon in their blog design.

7. Call to Action Message: If you visit most top blogs you will find that they have a call to action message at the bottom of their webpages. This message could be; asking readers to subscribe to their opt-in list or purchase a product.

The other approach to take is a call to action where you ask visitors to share your content on social sites, post comments or click on a link. Either way, you need to include a call to action in your work online blog design in order to generate sales or build your mailing list.

To implement this feature you can add the call to action message in the footer using a plugin called Ad injection.  At the section called footer ad in the Ad Injection plugin, you can add a call to action message or advert.

8. Email List Builder: The best positioning of your email opt-in form is on the side bar preferable at the top. As we earlier stated, most top bloggers have placed one side bar on the right side.

In order to implement this feature you will first need to open an account with an email management provider. Two of the best to work with are Aweber and IContact.

These sites have detailed instructions that will help you to embed the opt-in form and have it to look the way you desire.

9. Product Ads Display: The one thing you want out of your blog design is to make money. This is why it is imperative that you know how and where best to position your adverts.

A study carried out revealed that blogs that generate a lot of income are the ones that have products displayed on the right side bar. In addition, blogs that include an advertisement at the bottom of a post also recorded high sales volume.

For you to add products with ease you can install the “Ad Injection” plugin that will help you to even rotate your adverts. It is a simple plugin to use where you just copy and paste your banner HTML codes in the required sections within the Ad Injection plugin.

Conclusion: The overall appearance of your blog design can mean the success or failure of your quest to make money on the internet. Therefore, set aside some time to implement the above mention features.

If you have queries or opinions feel free to submit them in the comment section below. Use the social icon buttons appearing on the left to share this article.

Value Of Blog Content – Breathing New Life To Your Blog

Value Of Blog Content – Breathing New Life To Your Blog

If you are a blogger you know that generating content for your blog is the only way to ensure web presence. The more you produce blog content, the better you will appear in the eyes of search engines and your target audience.

But what happens when you discover that all your efforts are not bearing the required results. For those of you who have been entrepreneurs, there comes a time when you have to re-evaluate your business performance.

In most cases, you will realize that you need to revamp your business. By this I mean, coming up with new policies, strategies or setting new goals. Nowadays, things keep changing rapidly especially in the business front.

A product that is selling like hot cake today, may become irrelevant tomorrow thus stay on the shelves with no one showing any interest anymore.

Just like any business out there, blog content needs to be evaluated to check if it’s adding value or not. When a business blog is analyzed and then revamped, the chances of making it more profitable will definitely increase.

The challenge is to know the right time to breathe new life to your blogging content. If you ask me, when you notice that there is no increase in SEO traffic and yet you are optimizing your blog content, it is time to re-strategize.

By analyzing your content you may just discover that your post titles are not as captivating as they should be.

Or you may find that your blog articles are not as insightful as they should be, or your content has lots of spelling or grammatical errors.

All these mistakes can contribute to low blog traffic and they need to be addressed urgently.

It is impossible to wake up one day then decide to erase from the internet all your low quality articles. By the time you will be thinking of doing that people will have shared your content thus making it impossible to completely remove your content on the net.

But all is not lost; discovering that you need to work on your blog content is a plus. The next thing you need to do right away is come up with a plan to breathe new life to your blog.

It does not matter how many low quality articles you have on your blog or how long you have been blogging, there is always room for improvement.

Even if you loss all your site visitors to your competition due to poor content, there will always be new people joining the internet whom you can attract and convert them into raving fans.

Statistics have revealed that on a daily basis, 300 million people surf the internet for the first time. Therefore, it is not too late; there will always be new markets to explore and new people to do business with on the internet.

new business through blogging

How to revamp your blog content and attract new business opportunities

There are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Is your current SEO blogging content directing organic traffic as it should?

Are your blog posts offering insightful and educative content?

If you were a visitor to your own site, would you share the content to your friends?

Do your blog titles elicit clicks from your target audience on search engine result pages?

How interesting or captivating is your blog content?

In case your answers to all the above questions are to the negative, it is high time you did a blog overhaul. This does not imply deleting your blog from the internet; first begin by doing more research before writing any blog post.

One thing you must realize is that the main purpose of the internet is to pass on information. If your blog content is not helpful then forget about making money on the net from home.

For you to make an impact on the internet, people must view you as a serious person. You cannot expect to provide people with useless content and expect them to come running to your site with their credit cards in hand.

You have to win people’s confidence and trust for you to make money online. The one opportunity you have to gain the trust of your target audience is through your blog posts.

Rich content will win you online sales leads but that does not mean you get comfortable. Just like offline business, there is always a need to improve your blog content.

Strive to become a better writer or learn new SEO strategies that will get you more traffic. It is sad to see some blog writers still dwelling on old and outdated SEO techniques.

Subscribe to SEO news feeds and get to learn what is happening in the SEO world. Go a step further and implement what you have read so as to ensure your blog remains relevant.

Before long you will start commanding respect from people in your niche thus keep on generating revenue on the web.

blog content

Improving your blog reputation through your posts

When it comes to making money through blogging, your credibility matters a great deal. Your blog content determine how people are going to react to your products or services.

Consider the following when publishing your content:

*Ensure your blog articles are well written without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

*Write captivating content that will touch the emotions of your readers

*Provide your audience with genuine facts

*Promote legitimate products and services that have been proved to provide workable solutions

*When you give figures make sure they are accurate.

*Always include a call to action message in your blog content

Once you do the above, visitors will begin hanging to your every word and that is when you will notice people referring to you as guru, veteran or expert.

When people see you as knowledgeable, you will have an easy time convincing them to purchase your products. That is the time every call to action message you send to them will produce 50% response.

But the moment you offer people half baked information that is boring and filled with content that cannot be authenticated, people will view you as a non starter.

What is the point of stuffing your articles with keywords for ranking purposes and fail to convert even one person into a customer because your content is not readable?

You will only make your readers to say; if you are publishing spammy content, it is obvious your products are not up to standard or your services are of low quality.

Believe me, if this is what is ringing the minds of your readers; forget about profiting from your blog.

Blogging calls for patience especially when it comes to generating content on your blog. If you have been taking short cuts, it is time you stopped and reconsidered your strategies.

There is still time for your to reorganize yourself and make sure the next new visitor that lands on your blog finds rich content. You can redeem your reputation and if not so prove to your new customers that you’ve got what it takes to be a source of quality information.

Think of the needs of your readers rather than your own

Maybe you having been blogging for many years and now you are thinking of revamping by telling people how experienced you are.

For your information, no one is interested in your achievement as a blogger. It is good you have been in the business for 10 years but that is content you provide in the “About Us” page and not within your post about article marketing.

Let me ask, how are your achievements as blogger got to do with providing your target audience with helpful strategies in article promotion? There is no relation at all.

Maybe you can be excused to talk of your credentials if only they add value to your readers. For instance, if you were presented with a check for been the best affiliate marketer in a certain program, you can mention that in your article about affiliate marketing. It will prove to your readers that they too come become top affiliate marketers.

Remember, blogging for money is about addressing the needs of your readers and not dwelling on your achievement. If you offer solutions that address the problems facing your target audience, your bank manager will become your personal friend.

Conclusion: Blogging is easy but it can also be difficult if you take the wrong approach. What matters most in blogging is your approach to blog content generation.

Researching and reading widely will ensure you produce quality blogging content. Within no time readers will begin returning to your blog for more content.

Some bloggers skip the part of blog content creation and jump straight to email marketing and producing sales letters. If you are one of those bloggers, it is time you reconsidered revamping your blog.

Publishing blog articles should be the first step to take when it comes to doing business on the web. Why bring people to your blog when you have little to offer them inform of content. The only way to communicate to your audience is through your blog posts.

Visitors need to know from the word go what they can benefit from you. If not, they will go somewhere else where they can get what they are looking for or what they expect.

By providing your readers with educative and helpful blog content, you open the flood gates to increasing your email subscribers, online sales conversion, fan base, blog traffic and of course generate more revenue online.

Now you know what to do in order to breathe new life to your business blog.

Do you have something else you can share with as about revamping your blog content? Use the comment section below.

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4 Web Page Attributes That Guarantee High Sales Conversion Rate

4 Web Page Attributes That Guarantee High Sales Conversion Rate

The same way a movie director puts his whole heart into making sure you stay glued to the screen, is the same thing a blogger needs to do to ensure readers keep coming back for more.

The more captivating a movie is the higher the sales will be. But what is entailed in a good movie? I’m not a movie director but I believe that some of the things to consider include element of surprise, skilled actors, dress code and most importantly use of words.

You may be asking; how is movie production related to webpage creation. They two have one common agenda, to captivate audiences and thus make sales.

It is good that you have 500 people visiting your site every single day, but how come someone else with 200 visitors daily has a better sales conversion rate?

If you blog for fun then this may not be the article for you. As for commercial bloggers, this is a must read post. Discover what you need to have on every blog post you publish in order to makes sales.

Whether you are blogging for fun or blogging for profit, your intentions are always to make people read your content. You measure your blogging success by how long people stay on your blog, share your posts or take action depending on what you have told them to do.

We can go in details on numerous things you need to do in order to boost your sales conversion. But instead of loading you with so much information that may confuse you or make it seem difficult to achieve, we share discuss 4 of the most important.

These 4 things encompass all the strategies you need to employ to ensure visitors go into their wallets and dish out their credit cards.

Without much ado, here we go:

4 things you need to have in every blog post you publish:

1: A Title that gives your readers no option but die to know more: How many times have you been walking in the street when a poster just caught your eye? If you sit down to think of what made you stop, chances are that you will discover it was the headline.

The same applies to newspaper headlines, movie titles, TV programs and blog post headlines. A blog title is the one bait that a blogger needs to know how to use well.

This is the one and only opportunity you have to call out to readers to come and consume your content. Therefore, put a little more effort in coming up with an eye catching headlines.

Ideally, a good title has to be juicy, colorful and promising. Back to the poster’s issue, you will notice that most of them have colorful, big, bold and interesting titles. This is why posters have a way of getting your attention.

For you to increase your sales conversion, you have to first bring people to your site. The best tactic of achieving that is by getting people’s attention. Apart from your title, images also play a very pivotal role.

When picking a blog template try and get one that will allow you to display images next to your title in your homepage. Research has shown that people are more attracted to pictures than they are with text.

Make certain that the images you use define your blog post thereby get the attention of target audience.

You might not know how to come up with titles when you start blogging, but with time you will definitely learn the art. It is advisable to check your analytics to see the articles that get the most clicks and try come up with similar titles in the future.

In addition, visit other blogs in your niche and see how they write their headlines. This will help you come up with even better titles.

2: Body of article should deliver what the title promised: A good click through rate does not automatically mean that your sales conversion rate will go up.

When you go fishing, the bait is what attracts the fish but once the fish is hooked; you also need to have the skill to reel it out. Your blog title is the bait, and the body of the article is what reels in customers.

The message contained in the body of your article should deliver what your title pledged. On every article you publish, ensure you achieve the following objectives:

  1. Trust from your readers.
  2.  Add value.
  3. Prove your authority.

How do you achieve the above objectives?

When it comes to blogging you have four tools at your disposal that will assist you deliver your message.

Moving pictures: One of the best ways of communicating to your visitors is through videos. It is like talking to your readers directly.

Sites like YouTube get millions of hits every day which demonstrates the value of video sharing.

Still pictures: I’m sure you have heard the saying that goes like this “A picture speaks a thousand words”. That is absolutely correct. Earlier we mentioned how people rarely read articles but when you put images they will pause to have a glimpse.

To boost your blog sales conversion rate you have to keep people on your page and in addition make them return for more. Images will help you to accomplish that.

sales conversion rate

Audio: Though it is rarely used by bloggers, audio communication is very effective when it comes to delivering your message. Next time you put up a blog post try and embed a podcast and see how well it works. This can be inform of a talk or better still, an interview.

Text: Though people don’t like reading, text is the best form of communication on the internet. Learning how to articulate yourself using text will guarantee you online presence.

The fact that search engines love text makes it easy for you to rank well especially if you apply SEO strategies. Click here to learn how to write online for search engines.

3: Proper content management: As you have seen above there are several forms of content. So as to make your blog stand out you need to use all of these forms of content generation.

It can be very annoying when readers land on your site and see things cluster all over the place. You need to arrange your content in a subtle manner so as increase your sales conversion rate and not confuse visitors.

A good and professional template will ensure you arrange your content nicely. Furthermore, professional blog templates are designed specifically for ease of navigation.

Pick a template that will allow you to strategically place banners. But don’t make your blog to look like a Christmas tree by having flickering images all over the place.

If you use wordpress, you can add plugins that will help you arrange your content properly and professionally. For example, a plugin like ad injection or cranky ads will help you to arrange and rotate adverts.

How you present yourself to visitors plays a major role when it comes to visitor retention. Don’t give visitors the impression that you are out to make sales, but rather seek to add value to your target audience and they will trust you.

The words and phrases you use also matter a great deal. Try avoiding sensitive topics that touch on religion or politics. This way your blog conversion rate will be something to write home about.

4: Tell your readers what you want them to do: This is where you get to eat your catch after getting home from your fishing expedition.

Your call to action is very important. This is where you get to tell your readers what you expect from them. In most cases, your call to action should be at the end of your article.

Here is what every blogger dreams to achieve from his/her posts:

*Gain credibility and authority from people in your niche: This you attain by linking to sites that you have sourced for material and adding author details such as your bio and avatar.

*Readers to leave comments: Ask readers to contribute more on what they know as pertaining to the subject of your blog post. Make sure to respond to comments since people like to feel appreciated for their efforts.

In return, people will keep revisiting to read and leave comment since they know you will respond. That is how you build relationships and make your site a home where visitors keep coming back for more.

As all bloggers know, the more people reading your articles, the more your fan base and email list grows and that is when your sales conversion rate will be something to talk about.

*Enlist visitors to your email opt-in list: Don’t shy away from telling people to subscribe to your email list or RSS feed. Remember, how you write your articles will prove to your readers you have something they simply can’t do without thus they will subscribe.

*To have readers implement what you tell them: Have easy guidelines that people can follow and tell them to come back and give feedback on whether it worked for them or not.

*Make visitors read more of what you have published: Use plugins that list related articles at the bottom of your blog posts and at the side bar. The more people keep reading your publications the more likely for them to finally buy a product from your site.

*Get readers to click on your banners advertisements: One of the most strategically place to put an advert is at the bottom of your posts. Putting ads at the bottom in a way tells your visitors that you are not only out to make sales.

Note: Adverts should be in line with the message contained in the article.

Now that you know what is expected of a good blog that makes sales, get down to work. Kindly come back in three months time and let us know if these strategies did the trick for you.

Summary: I once read a story that made me sad and laugh at the same time. A guy appeared before a judge accused of hitting and injuring a pedestrian when he went off the road.

When the judge asked him to defend himself he blamed it on a billboard that was erected by the road side. It had a picture of a beautiful woman promoting a deodorant. According to him he could not resist staring at the picture of the woman and in the process steered off the road and hit the innocent pedestrian.

Before the judge could deliver his verdict, he requested to see the billboard in question.

Later in his judgment he found the driver innocent and that the picture had the same effect on him. He directed the advert to be replaced with another that would not have the same effect.

Now that is the kind of content you need to generate in order to improve your sales conversion. You might not need to post pictures of beautiful girls all the time but make sure your content captures the full attention of your readers.

It is from writing quality articles that visitors will go talking about you, linking to your posts and sharing your content. It will not take long before search engines also follow suit and further help you increase your blog sales conversion rates.

Use the comment section provided below to share with us other strategies that bloggers can employ to make more sales.

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11 Vital Factors Of How To Set A Homepage Design

11 Vital Factors Of How To Set A Homepage Design

The challenge that faces most bloggers and webmaster is how to set a homepage. Your site homepage design is very crucial when it comes to your work online business success. Ideally, your blog or website homepage acts as your landing page.

When you set a homepage, you need to consider one thing; that you have just a few seconds to grab the attention of a visitor. Aim towards creating a homepage design that will boost your sales conversion rate. The best way to increase conversion is to make your readers take action.

On this blog post we are going to look at some valuable elements to take into account as you set a homepage. With the points that will be listed below, you will be able to increase your conversion rate thus make money as you work at home online.

Below are 11 major aspects of how to set a homepage design:

1. Organization: In any aspect of life first impression matter a lot. The same case applies as you set a homepage. Am sure you would think twice of doing business with someone that comes to you looking shabby.

Your blog or website needs to look presentable and professional for you to succeed in online money making. The secret is to pick simple and clean templates. Avoid cluttering your homepage design with flash images and advertising banners all over the place.

Choose fonts that are legible and can even be read with people who have 20/20 vision. If you want your homepage to look professional avoid fancy fonts unless your blog is about cartoons.

2. Title: From the word go, visitors need to know exactly what your blog is all about. The choice of blog title plays a major role in retaining your audience. Research has proven that you have just 10 seconds to convince a visitor to purchase on your blog.

If you can retain visitors on your blog for longer periods then you will definitely make online sales. The title of your blog should act as the first bait to capture the attention of your visitors.

As you set a homepage, go for a short headline that is straight to the point. Try to also make the blog title look as professional as possible. A guest should be able to tell what he/she will benefit from your blog content by just viewing your title.

For the circuit to be complete, your title MUST be relevant to your blog content.

3. Color choice: As you all know most people are visual; therefore the choice of colors is very vital as you set a homepage. Mostly, when visitors land on your homepage the first thing they see is your top header. It is thus imperative that you select the color of your top bar prudently.

The ideal colors to go for are the ones that are warm and welcoming. Don’t select colors that scream on the faces of your visitors. For example, if you have to work with red, pick a cool shade of red.

For people with online business blogs, some of the cool and warm colors to settle for as you set a homepage include different shades of blue and brown.

As for the people with sites about dating, sports, news, and fashion then the color to go for is red or orange. If you are blogging about gardening, then green will be the right color to use.

set a homepage4. Navigation: Online marketing experts say that it should take at most 3 seconds for visitors to locate your site categories. Hence as you set a homepage design, consider placing your categories on your top bar or side bar. In fact, it would be even much better to have two sets of categories; one at the top bar and another at the side bar.

The reason of doing this is to ease navigation through your blog content. Try as much as possible to make it easy for your audience to find what they are searching for.

Apart from being easy to find, your menu or category should have fonts that are big enough and legible. As you set a homepage make sure it flows easily with the other webpages on your site.

Note: If your visitors feel like they are in a maze while on your blog they will exit immediately. The best way to retain thus reduce your bounce rate is dependant of how you set your blog navigation.

5. Homepage optimization: As you optimize your webpages so as to generate organic traffic you also need to optimize your homepage. The best way to do that is through on site optimization.

As you publish your blog post, ensure you include backlinks with your targeted keyword phrases pointing to your homepage. With time, as you increase your webpages you will have many backlinks with different anchor text thus boost your blog homepage ranking.

6. Always call to action: Telling your visitors what to do can really boost your work online business. It is amazing how by just instructing your visitors to click a certain button, they will do it. When I was setting my homepage I choose a template with this link “read more”. Just the other day I was checking my analytics and discovered readers really click on the “Read more” button.

When telling your visitors what to do, make certain that the instructions are simple and clear. To boost your online sales leads you need to push your visitors just a little bit. As you set a homepage, avoid having too many instructions since this will only create confusion.

7. Monitor site stats: Your blog statistics should contribute greatly on how to set a homepage design. A free tool that you can install on your blog to monitor your stats is Google Analytics.

With this tool you will be able to see if people landing on your homepage are moving to other pages within your site or exiting your site. These stats will help you to know where to improve thus set your homepage design in a better way.

Google analytic will show your blog stats as pertaining number of visitors, their location, keywords that bring visitors to your site and most importantly the bounce rate.

8. Write well: A common phrase you are bound to come across when working online is; “Content is King”. But as you create content you need to make sure it is well written. When setting a homepage, ensure you get a friend to proofread the content that you will put there.

The same should also apply to all the articles you will publish in future. Remember, first impression determine your online work success, thus you want the content on your homepage to be done right.

Avoid publishing content with typos and grammatical errors. Proofreading is the secret to avoid all that.

9. Create mailing list: Any successful blogger with tell you that real money is in creating a mailing list. Over the years email marketing has proved to be the online money making machine.

Try and have a form to capture the emails of your site guests. This is a good way to build online relationships with your audience who in most cases will purchase your products.

homepage designIdeally, return visitors are the ones that will buy on your blog, hence as you set a homepage ensure you can collect their contacts. Once you have the contacts you can periodically be using a service like Aweber to build relationships through email marketing.

In addition, set up a subscription form on all your webpages.

10. Provide your contact details: So as to appear credible and legit it is important to provide your contact details as you set a homepage. Most of the time when visitors land on a homepage that has no contacts they will exit so fast.

Sharing your contact details is a way of saying you do not mind to be asked questions or deal with customers. Make certain that your contacts are entered correctly. If you happen to change your contacts, ensure you update the details on your homepage immediately.

The best place to position your contacts is at the top bar or side bar.

11. Testimonials do magic: One of the best ways to boost your online credibility is through testimonials. This is especially so if you have a site that sells products. On your homepage, set aside a section where you can be posting your best testimonies written by your customers.

Note: Do not formulate your own testimonies since it will not take long before visitors realize you are lying.

As for bloggers, I would recommend that you activate your comment section. When visitors see that others have post comments, they will want to know more of what you are discussing on your blog. Therefore, as you set a homepage design make is possible for visitors to view how many people have posted remarks.

Summary: Remember that your homepage design acts as your landing page. It is therefore important to take your time to learn how to set a homepage. The way you set your homepage can easily break or build your work online business.

Once you set a homepage for your blog, request a friend to visit your site and tell you if the layout is good enough for navigation and where you need to improve.

Test to make sure that all the links on your homepage are functioning well. Broken links will contribute to visitors exiting your site thus increasing the bounce rate. Your blog ranking will also be affected when you have broken links.

Your reputation and online presence is so dependent on how you relate and communicate with your blog audience. Hence make it worthwhile for your visitors by learning how to set a homepage design.

Top 11 SEO Blog Design Tips For Killer Traffic Generation

Top 11 SEO Blog Design Tips For Killer Traffic Generation

What do you consider when choosing a blog design to install? Are you aware that the appearance of your blog speaks a lot about your work online business?

The fact of the matter is that blogging is the core of internet business. People thought that with the introduction of micro blogging sites like twitter and yammer blogging would become extinct. But they failed to see that you need to have a place that you call home.

Those short messages one sends through micro blogging are not enough to help you make money online. You need to have a place that you will take people which contains full details; that is on your blog or website. This goes to show that blogs are here to stay.

A blog acts a voice of what is in your heart, it gives you an opportunity to show people who you really are. It is only fair that you give a good first impression through choosing a blog design that reflects your business and personality.

If you want people to find you appealing, professional and at the same time make money from your blog, you have to take time selecting a good blog design. Studies show that there are over 165 million blogs on the internet. You can bet that very few of this blogs are designed the right way.

This tells you that if you can come up with a good blog design you are on your way to online riches. On this publication we will share on 11 SEO blog design tips that will help you get a good first impression and make money blogging while at it.

Here we go…

1. Work with the best SEO blog design platforms: Depending on what you want to achieve, the blog design platform you opt for really matters.

It is recommended that you keep away from free blog platforms like Blogger and Blogspot. The reason being that when people see such links they will never take you serious (Buy your own domain name and get a web host). Furthermore, on such platform you will not have full control of you blog.

Some of the most reliable platforms include Posterous, Typepad, WordPress and Tumblr. For example, with wordpress you will have access to some of the most powerful plugins and an array of free templates to choose from. (Open an account with Hostgator and you will be able to install wordpress free: Coupon code “workonline25”, 25% discount).

wordpress blog designThe beauty of using wordpress is the fact that most templates are already optimized for search engines. In addition, there are plugins that will help you to further boost your blog SEO. For me wordpress is the blogging powerhouse.

2. First Impressions matter: As much as some bloggers may disagree, your blog design plays a major role when it comes to online sale conversion, bounce rate and pageviews.

The notion that good blog templates are expensive is completely misplaced. There are affordable blog templates out there; you just need to be patient to search for one. In addition, you can find free blog design templates if you search carefully.

All said and done, get a template that has an outstanding first impression and thus make your blog stand out from the other blogs.

3. Content Placement: It has been noted that both search engines and people give more emphasis to content appearing at the top of your posts. Hence, you need to have your keywords and important content on the first lines of your articles.

4. Comment: People love a blog that is alive and the best way to achieve that is through regular posting and receiving comments. You should therefore encourage people to submit their remarks on your blog posts.

Comments are a great resource of knowing what your visitors what discussed about. They also help in generating more content on your blog thus boost you search engine optimization.

In case you have not activated your blog comments, you need to do that right away.

5. Allow content sharing: It is believed that over 3 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook alone on a daily bases. This goes to show how your blog design needs to allow you add the various social media share buttons.

It is advisable that you test which are the best positions to display the buttons in order to increase their click through rate. Just the other day Google Plus joined the social media arena and it would be advisable to add the button too. I believe very soon Google Plus will be an integral element in google algorithms.

6. Easy to locate navigation bar: A good blog design should allow you to display your navigation bar at a position that is easy to locate. Ideally, it should take your audience at least 3 seconds for them to locate your navigation bar.

The tags on your navigation bar should be keyword based. This is a killer SEO tactic that most bloggers have not taken into consideration. The links on your categories can be a great source for rich SEO juice.

7. Search Box: If you ask me every blog or website must have a search box. This are among the tools that make your blog be user friendly.

Apart from making your blog user friendly, a search box will help you a great deal in discovering keywords phrases within your niche. The advantage is that most templates come with a search box function

8. Add Pictures: According to SEO experts, it is believed that the recent google panda updates really affected sites without unique images that are optimized.

For the sake of your audience, it is recommended that you add images within your content. No one likes going through endless text. Break the monotony by adding unique pictures.

Search engines bots cannot read images thus you need to add alternate text in your images. The same applies to the online videos that you add on your blog. Note: Remember to add backlinks to your images and videos.

work online RSS feed9. Activate RSS Feed: One of my top resources for online traffic generation is through my RSS feeds. Over the years, RSS feeds have proven to be integral in blog design.

Apart from RSS feeds being able to bring in repeat visitors, it has been noted that traffic from RSS feeds have a high online sales conversion.

10. Breadcrumbs: Generally, breadcrumbs are vital in ensuring 4 things …

a. Search engines categorize your blog content

b. Increase search engine crawling

c. Indexing of your web pages

d. Helps your visitors navigate through your site.

Do let the word “CRUMBS” fool you, this is an important blog design element that can boost organic traffic generation as you work online from home. (Next week we shall share in details about Breadcrumbs)

11. Back Links: Just the other day I discovered a great wordpress plugin (SEO ALRP) that automates my onsite SEO back linking. There are some amazing posts you may have shared some time back and you forgot adding an onpage backlink to them, this plugin can be a nice tool to use to bring them back to life.

This is the reason I said before that the platform you use matters a lot in SEO blog design.

If you want to know the power of internal back linking you need to have a look at the Wikipedia site. Though it is not advisable to overdo your onsite back linking as Wikipedia, make sure that you link to all pages within your blog.

Within the body of your web page content; make sure you add links pointing to other relevant pages. (Note: Do not add more than two links within a page pointing to one particular post, this may be seen as spamming.)

Linking your pages will not only help your readers navigate through your blog easily but it will also help boost your blog pages rankings. Other blog design strategies to help in onsite SEO include adding tag clouds, categories and popular posts.

As much as on site linking is good, be careful not to overdo it. Too many links will only negate your link juice efforts in terms of crawling difficulties.

Now that you have tips on best blog design ideas and practices get down to work and make the most out of your blogging experience.

Length Of Blog Post And Its Impact On Blog Conversion Rate

Length Of Blog Post And Its Impact On Blog Conversion Rate

The other day I was discussing with a friend whether to have short or lengthy blog posts. This is also a question that has been posed by many of my blogging friends. I think it’s time I shared my personal views on what have seen working best for me.

Some years back writing short articles was very effective and I think it still is especially when it comes to rising peoples’ curiosity. Those were the days when the maximum content length was 300 words.

Today, if you try short blog posts you better forget about ranking on search engine results. Though it is debatable, personally I recommend a blog post length of 1000 words and above. This is what has worked for me.

On this write up I will share with you the benefits that come with writing long blog posts. By the time you get to the end of this post you will definitely have become a better and more informed blogger.

Let us cut the chase and get down to business.

Here are the advantages of lengthy blog posts:

1: Link Bait: The desire of every commercial blogger is to get backlinks. This is what ensures you rank high on SERPs.

In the google algorithm, there are over 200 parameters and backlinks are among the most important. Backlinks are good, but what google loves the most are natural backlinks.

Therefore, you need to do your level best to get people to link back to your content naturally. By offering your readers quality and informative content you can be sure your blog posts will act as good bait for backlinks.

There is no way you can have a detailed and informative article with a 250 word count. Corbett Barr who runs a blog called puts it so well on one of his articles. Click here to read it.

Do you want to generate natural backlinks? Then begin writing longer and informative articles. Why join link farms when you can publish content that will boost your link popularity?

2: Bookmarking: There is something I have observed that is very interesting when you write long articles. Readers tend to bookmark your site.

Someone may land on you blog posts and since they may not have the time to read your long blog post at the time, they end up bookmarking the page in order to come back later when they have time.

This means two things, the first is that your return visitors will increase and more importantly people will spend more time on your site. The result of this is obvious, your blog conversion rate will be high.

3: Build fan base: The moment that people see you are out to help them they will follow you like crazy. Readers always want to know what’s in it for them and if you give them quality then they will become your fans.

This means that your word will become law thus anytime you tell them that a certain product is good they will rush to produce their credit cards.

With no doubt, the best and effective way of getting more targeted twitter followers apart from using online tools is to write epic content. The same also applies to building facebook fan base.

4: Gain Authority: When you have lengthy blog posts that are epic you are sure to gain respect from people in your niche. As you all know, to become an expert in any field you have to prove your worth.

When you are considered an authority in your niche you are assured of constant online presence. In addition, you will see an increase in conversion rate since people will look at you as an expert. To them, whatever you recommend works.

There is no way that an article of 300 words is going to help you gain this kind of respect and authority.

5: Gain Trust: Credibility is an integral component of blogging. To gain peoples’ trust you need to show them that you are out to improve their lives.

The length of your blog post will demonstrate your devotion to help thus you will automatically gain readers’ trust and attention.

long blog post

Note: Don’t break that trust by including high marketing pitches within your blog posts. No one likes to be sold to. Assist people and they will hand in their wallets to you.

6: Rank Higher: Readers are not the only ones in search of epic content. Search engines have updated their algorithms to give more preference to quality and lengthy articles.

This is the scenario, if blogger A and B write articles on the same subject and A uses 1000 words and B uses 400 words, A will rank better than B in search results.

By the way, algorithms keep changing; search engines will soon become trusted source of quality content and for sure you want to feature on first page. Now is the right time to begin looking at the length of your blog post and the kind of material you generate.

7: Increase Opt-in List: A common phrase you are likely to hear online marketers say is that,”money is in the list”. If you happen to have 100, 000 people opt-in to your list then no search engine algorithm update will ever worry you.

But the big question is how to build an email list effectively? Allow me to give you the best option, write lengthy and epic articles.

The more you offer useful and insightful content, the more they will trust you thus gladly opt-in your contact list.

8: Reduce Bounce Rate: It is never encouraging to have a bounce rate of 80% and above. This is an indication that people are spending very little time on your site.

To start getting a bounce rate of at least 70% and below which will translate to a higher conversion rate, work on the length of future blog posts. A good bounce rate will also help to improve your overall site ranking.

Search engines are now able to tell the time people taking between clicking your link on search results and resurfacing again to search. This is especially the case when people are browsing on google while logged into their Gmail account.

9: Increase Social Mentions: An informative article is more likely to be shared, pinned, tweeted, + 1ed…., ok you get the drift.

Considering that now search engines are leaning towards measuring site authority using social signals, you need to generate sharable blog posts.

Note: Apart from writing lengthy blog posts, ensure that your blog titles get peoples’ attention. This is what will ensure readers click on your social links, share and visit your site.

10: Increase in comments: The fact that people bookmark to come back and read your blog post increases chances of them commenting. This will even increase further if you include a call to action telling readers to leave comments.

These in turn helps boost your blog social proof further influencing other readers to post comments.

We have seen that long blog post also rank better, this means that other blogger in your niche will be dying to submit comment on your site to boost their own ranking.

These activities will not go unnoticed by search engines thus further boosting your site authority and placement on search results.


Now you have 10 reasons of considering length of blog post when writing online. Hope you will reconsider writing epic content from today. Please come back 3 months from now and tell us if these benefits mentioned above come your way.

You might assume that I’m the only one who holds these views when it comes to writing long blog posts. A look at most of the top bloggers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Blog, blogger award winner Glen Alsopp of Viper Chill, Michael Dunlop of Income Diary and 18 year old student Bamidele Onibalusi of Young Prepro just to mention a few will tell you long articles actually work.

Not that these top bloggers don’t have short blog posts, but on close observation you will see that their long articles are more popular with readers.

Improve your site ranking and blog conversion at the same time, talk of hitting two birds with one stone.

I have shared with you the benefits that come with length of blog post and now the ball is in your court. Share with us your experience so far with both short and long blog posts in the comment section provided below.

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Best WordPress Plugins That Guarantee Increased Traffic

Best WordPress Plugins That Guarantee Increased Traffic

The one thing that makes wordpress stand out is because of the way it is easy for you to optimize your content. With the availability of free wordpress plugins, a novice can quickly start a blog and rank high within a short period.

By using the wordpress platform, you can install plugins that can assist you in several ways which include:

a. Generating more traffic

b. Retaining visitors on your site

c. Encouraging people to come back to your site

When it comes to making money blogging from home, the most important thing you need are visitors. The more traffic you drive to your site the more income you will generate. This article will discuss some of the best wordpress plugins you can install to help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Here are 8 functions and wordpress plugins that top bloggers use to attract visitors to their blogs:

1. Share content on Facebook (NetworkedBlogs): Though this is not a wordpress plugin it is a very good tool to help you generate traffic to your site on facebook. is one of the applications on facebook to help you share your new posts on facebook automatically.

All you need is to open an account on NetworkedBlogs and add the links to your blogs. Once you authenticate that the blog belongs to you, your blog updates will be submitted on your facebook wall. You can also choose to post on twitter.

With links to your individual pages appearing before your fans on facebook, you can be sure to generate more targeted traffic. Furthermore, this will boost you page offsite SEO thus ensuring your pages rank high on search engine listings.

2. Sharing content on twitter (Post To Twitter): Just as NetworkedBlogs posts your content on your facebook wall, Post To Twitter wordpress plugin shares your blog updates on twitter. NetworkedBlogs and Post To Twitter plugin notify your fans and followers of your new posts. This will guarantee you generate new traffic and encourage people to revisit your blog.

Note: According to experts, online marketers are encouraged to manually post their content on facebook rather than use softwares. The reason for that is because people tend to avoid posts that have been generated automatically by machines.

3. Re-tweeting (Tweet Old Post): Do you have articles on your blog that are still valuable but no one seems to be reading them? Then you need to give those articles a new lease of life by installing a wordpress plugin called Tweet Old Post.

It will take you a few minutes to set up the plugin and within no time use your old publications to boost your twitter marketing and drive more traffic. As you so the set up, change the settings to ensure that your tweets include a link to your posts.

You can also opt to add additional content in the tweets, choose how many posts will be tweeted in a day and at what intervals. It is recommended that you select the URL shortening of your choice.

4. Sharebar (Social Media Sharing): Social media sites offer good grounds for you to generate traffic online. With the Sharebar wordpress plugin, visitors can easily share your content on social media sites thus make certain your content goes viral.

best wordpress pluginsThis wordpress plugin includes social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more. The Sharebar plugin is unique since it slides next to your post making it easy for visitors to see it and encourage them to share the post.

5. Post comment on your blog and on facebook (Facebook Comments for WordPress): The plugin is so good in that it allows your visitors to share comments on your blog as well as on their facebook wall. This means that all their friends will see their comments thus want to visit your blog and learn more.

This is one of the best ways to succeed in facebook marketing.

6. Rate Commentators (Show Top Commentators): Ideally, this plugin ranks people who are commenting on your blog the most. Since through comments one can funnel some traffic to their site, people will want to appear as top commentators.

In turn it will encourage more return visitors especially when you add a new post. Furthermore, this wordpress plugin helps you to interact and build relationships with your blog audience.

7. Optimization (WordPress SEO Yoast): If you ask me this is one of the best SEO wordpress plugins. Generally, this plugin helps you to know how optimized your content is before you publish.

Some of the details you will get include:

– Showing if you have added your heading tags

– Your Keyword density

– How readable your content is

– Number of outbound links among other details.

The plugin also provides a preview of how your post will be displayed on search engine result listings. You can then format the title and the blog META description as you want. Make certain you include your focus keyword in your title, keyword and description segments.

With this plugin your content will be more search engine friendly hence assists you to generate more organic SEO traffic.

8. Optimization (All In One SEO Pack): Due to how easy it is to employ, this is one of the most popular wordpress plugins been used by most bloggers. The plugin generates Meta tags, Meta Descriptions and ensures that your titles are optimized for search engines.

With All In One SEO Pack, you do not have to worry which are the right phrases to use or titles, since you just do the settings and it does the rest.

Conclusion: The beauty of the internet is how you can automate things and make blogging easier. I hope with this great wordpress plugins you will begin automating some of your blogging functions and still generate more traffic to your blog.

If you have other plugins that you think will help our audience increase their blog traffic, share them with us using the comment section below. You can also freely share this post with your friends using the social media buttons appearing on the left of this post.

Guaranteeing Old Blog Posts Keep Getting Traffic

Guaranteeing Old Blog Posts Keep Getting Traffic

It is said that old is gold and that is how you need to view your old blog posts. As you continue updating your blog with new and unique content, it is vital that you do not forget your previous posts. Some of these old blog posts still hold useful information that people in you niche need to read.

It is therefore imperative that as a blogger you seek for ways of ensuring all your content get maximum exposure. Just imagine if each of your blog publications would be getting you 2 or more visitors a day. This to most bloggers would translate to high volume of traffic which in turn would mean more target page views and online sales.

On this article we want to look at how to ensure both your new and old blog posts can keep bringing you blog traffic.

Social Media Sites: Social network sites have taken the online world by storm and any blogger who ignores social sites does it at his/her own peril.

Just the other day, Google jumped in the band wagon called social media crazy by launching a social media site called Google Plus. As a prudent blogger you should seize this opportunity to revive your old blog posts. Start updating your google plus status wall with your old posts.

It is also possible that you have acquired new followers and fans on twitter and facebook. In addition, some of your target audience on social sites may have missed to read your old posts. Therefore, you can link to your past blog posts. In some instances you can end up rekindling and beginning new viral effects on old blog publications.

WordPress Plugins: One of the best blog platforms to use in blogging is wordpress. This is brought up by the fact that there are powerful automated plugins that help you keep old blog post alive. A good example of a plugin to use is “SEO ALRP”.

With this plugin your posts that are not receiving organic traffic will be resubmitted. Additionally, after every blog post related old posts links will be displayed.

Post new articles related to the old ones: This is very effective since in most cases the old blog posts will have more valuable content than the new posts. Hence to complete the circuit, you will need to link your new blog post to your old posts.

For example, if you shared on a post about how to earn income from home, you can after a month or two publish a follow up post discussing more on how to work online and make money from home and link the two blog posts.

Call to action: It will not hurt to tell your visitors to read your old posts. This is especially so to your new target audience. One of the most powerful things to tell your visitors is to ask them to take some kind of action.

It is amazing how by just asking people to visit or clicking a certain link can really boost traffic to your old blog posts thus high visitors retention. Thus ones in a while after writing a new post recommend another related post that your readers can go through for more information.

Have a Search box: The advantage is that most blog templates come with a search box already installed. But in case you notice that you do not have a search box you need to install one right away.

An internal search box will go a long way in ensuring when visitors search your content they may enter keywords that you used in your old blog posts.

blog postsOptimize all your web pages: Whenever you are publishing on your blog you need to remember that you are writing for both your visitors and search engines.

This means you need to nurture your skills when to comes to SEO writing. The more you keep on practicing the better you get to blend in your targeted keywords within your articles.

Using your targeted keyword phrases within your articles will mean that even as the articles get old, they will still be getting organic traffic from search engines.

Web page optimization involves using rich keywords within you blog title and in the body of your blog posts. You also need to create blog titles that are captivating enough to make people want to click on them when they see the titles on search engine results.

The URL of your blog posts also plays a major role when it gets to generating organic traffic. Personally, I usually shorten my URL’s and make sure that they have my targeted keywords. This can be both long tail or short tail keyword phrases.

On site linking: Add links within the body of your new articles leading to old blog posts. The strange thing is that this is a simple thing to implement but few bloggers do that.

Linking your blog posts is a good way of making your blog user friendly. The best approach to onpage optimization is to link relevant posts thus help readers collect more information about certain topics.

The same applies to search engines, linking posts ensure all your pages are crawled and indexed.

Use video marketing: Video marketing is one of the most powerful internet promotion tools that all bloggers need to utilize.

In case you have some of your old blog posts that traffic has dwindled over time, you can produce a video clip linking back to these posts.

Have categories at very accessible positions: The place you position your categories section is very vital in generating traffic to your previous good posts.

Some of the recommended places to display your categories are at the top of your blog and at the sidebar. This is because no matter which page your visitors go to, they will constantly have easy access to all your new and old blog posts.

Another plugin that you can include is the one that shows you popular posts. This will make certain that your good old posts that got lots of traffic will always feature.

Email marketing: If you have a mailing list you can utilize it to promote your old blog posts. This is by including links of your old blog publications when sending your mailing list newsletters.

This goes to show how important it is for you to begin building your own opt-in list. A site that I would recommend for email list management is Aweber (affiliate link). With the autoresponder you will be able to add links to your newsletters leading to old archived posts.

Add resource pages: This is one of the best tools you can use to boost traffic to all your top ranking blog posts.  The best place to add your resource pages in at the top of your side bar.

These are some simple strategies to undertake in order to reward yourself for the time spent publishing your old blog posts.

Follow the links below showing some of the related posts in regards to blogging tactics.

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