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Choosing A Professional Theme Template For Your Business Blog

Choosing A Professional Theme Template For Your Business Blog

You may be wondering why I chose to discuss about this topic, but if you read on you will understand why. I want you to learn something from my experience so that you don’t do the same mistake I did when I decided to look for professional theme template for my blog.

For a long time I had been running my blog using a free template from Magpress. The theme had really served me well though I really longed for a more customizable and professional template.

I knew with a professional theme my bounce rate would improve and in the process increase my conversion rate. From the money I had made from my blog I decide to buy a template from colorlab, the theme was called arthemia. They had two packages one going for $49 (which I picked) and a developer pack going for $99.

I must agree the template was very attractive and according to them it was also user friendly and SEO friendly. Finally, the one thing that was to push my internet home business to the next level was here.

Usually, I work like 3 hours a day but on this day when I was to buy the theme template I woke up very early with renewed energy and hope. I knew I would be online almost all day customizing my blog to make it look more professional.

I should have read the warning signs from the word go because on uploading the template some of its functions were not working. Secondly, I was not able to log into their customer support link where I thought I could ask why some functions of their theme template were not working.

If I knew what I know today, that is where I should have stopped but because the template looked so attractive on the demo I decided to make sure it works.

After several trials I did managed to load the template successfully using File Zillar but that was after deactivating some of my plugins. These included wordpress SEO, broken link checker and Ad injection.

My quest to make my blog look captivating made me blind to all these errors I was encountering with this so called professional theme template.

By the end of the day I managed to complete the customization of my blog and I really loved the appearance. On the following day I went back to my schedule and published an article. But on sharing the page URL on Google plus it returned with an error.

Google plus and other social sites could not generate the snippet of the post. The error message showed that another plugin called Sharebar was the culprit. I quickly deactivated it but the error was still there.

Some few days later I got a web designer to help solve these problems but it was too late. Before uploading this new theme template my site was seating pretty at the top page of search engine results. For most of my targeted keywords my blog was on page 1 and my organic traffic was increasing fast.

Suddenly, I saw a drop in traffic and that was when it hit me, the errors I was seeing had made Google to de-index my site. I did a search on Google to see how my pages appeared on their results by entering “site:” and the errors where on almost all my webpages.

I quickly removed and deleted the anthemia template from my blog and restored my old free theme. It took like 1 ½ week for the errors to be corrected but by that time I had lost my web ranking.

The reason I decided to tell this story is not to discredit colorlab, but instead to make you see the importance of research. Now I know why people say you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Here are 10 valuable elements you need to consider when choosing a professional template theme for your blog or website.

1: Choose what has been tried and tested: When it comes to choosing a template research is very important. It is recommend that you go for well known template sites such as Woo Theme, Forest Themes, Theme Junkie, Thesis Themes and Elegant Themes.

A close observation revealed that most top bloggers purchase their theme templates from these sites. Rather than chancing like I did, buy products from well know sites that have a good track record.

Read reviews and testimonials this way you will get to know the sites to purchase professional templates for your blog.

2: Pick a template that is easily customizable: There is nothing as frustrating as working with a template that is not customizable.

As bloggers we all want our blogs to have a certain appeal and the only way to achieve that is through customizing. Since not all bloggers have knowledge on blog designing, it is advisable to look for a theme that you can easy arrange as you want.

Before you decide on a template make sure you have read all the features about it.

3: User friendly: Some templates are too complex to operate especially if you have no knowledge of things like HTML coding.

In the 90’s only coders where able to blog but those days are long gone. A newbie can buy a template and make it look so professional the same way a HTML coder would.

Talk to other bloggers and they will surely tell you the right theme to pick. For example, I can easily recommend you try Theme Junkie (affiliate link) which has worked so well for me.

4: SEO friendly: If your intention is to blog for money then appearance is not the only thing you are looking to achieve. You can have the most handsome blog in the world but without traffic then you will not generate any income.

professional theme template

It is therefore advisable when checking the attributes of a theme template to make sure SEO friendliness is one of them. These include the size of the template to ensure it loads fast and of course the ability to integrate with SEO related plugins such All In One SEO or WordPress SEO among others.

SEO friendliness also involves the ability of the template to allow search engine bots to crawl your content easily. A good and professional theme template should also show in search engine results your site description where you include your targeted keywords.

5: Colors that match your logo: Having a logo is a very critical element of doing business through blogging. A logo helps you in branding yourself or your blog thus improve your online presence.

It goes without saying that how you match your colors really matter a great deal. Select templates that allow you to choose from an array of colors. Branding experts will tell you to pick colors that make your site appealing to the eye.

As you customize your blog try and ensure the color you have used in your logo blend with your theme template colors and if possible affiliate banners.

6: Good customer support system: In case of run into any challenges when customizing your blog design you need to be able to get in touch with the template designer. This is where customer support comes in handy.

Before you decide to purchase a template get to know how efficient their support team is. There is a time Woo themes had a problem with their site and I really loved the way they dealt with the issue. On their twitter handle they kept updating their customers until their site was up again.

You could easy tell how their clients were behind them and this was because they did not recoil in a corner while the problem persisted. This is an indication that if you buy a theme at Woo Themes you can be sure of getting the best professional help and support. Keep it up Woo Themes.

Another site that has a great support team is Thesis. Here you will have access to a forum where you can get in touch with professional blog designers.

7: Template should easily integrate with wordpress plugins: There are plugins that you simply cannot fail to have in your blog. These include plugins related to ad management, link checking, social sharing and of course SEO.

If you come across a wordpress template that does not integrate with these plugins simple walk away. You might hold on and in the process pay the price by losing your blog ranking like I did or worse.

8: Consult a professional web designer: You can never be an expert in everything and that is why it is advisable to consult. On the internet there are many expert web designers you can get in touch with to help you pick a professional theme template.

For those of you who have money, you can also get a web designer to create a template for you that best suits your needs.

It might seem expensive to consult a blog designer but you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

9: Easy navigation: An element that ensures you improve your site conversion rate is navigation. The easier it is for readers to find their way around your blog the longer they will spend going through your content.

For example, choose a template that takes your visitors like 3 seconds for them to locate your category bar. Easy navigation also ensure that search engines have an easy time accessing your blog content thereby index and rank all your webpages.

10: Pocket friendly: A professional theme template does not have to necessarily be expensive. There are great templates out there that have all the right qualities and are still affordable.

All you need is to be patient as you research. With time you will get the theme template that suits your blogging needs.

Summary: You may be asking what happened to my quest of getting a professional theme template, did it end? Of course not; after I recovered from the errors I went hunting once more but this time armed with the right knowledge.

I’m now using Theme Junkie and I must admit I really like it. The template has all the qualities we have talked above and in fact my bounce rate has really improved.

With time I’m sure my blog ranking will improve too and continue from where I had left off.

What are your views about the new and professional Theme Junkie template theme on this blog? Post your comments in the comment section provided below. You can also add your contribution on how to pick a template.

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How To Blog For Money – 10 Top Strategies

How To Blog For Money – 10 Top Strategies

A lot has been said about blogging especially regarding how to blog for money. But that is not to say that you cannot blog just for the sake of it. A blog is considered as an online journal hence it means you can choose to do what you want.

On this publication we shall address issues that most of the times get ignored. I advice you sit upright because you are about to see another dimension on how to blog for money that will take your work from home business to another level.

Ideally blogging is supposed to be fun but some people have made it appear like punishment. The day you look at blogging as a means to an end you are on your way to earn extra income from home with ease.

The ultimate secret to blogging for money is traffic. Therefore the points you will read will mostly be centered on how to attract targeted visitors.

1. Pick the right blogging platform: Blogging is like a career hence you need to be professional if you want to make money blogging. There are many blog platforms you can use to generate content and some of them are free.

Some of the top sites you can create a blog for free include Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress and Joomal. But it is advisable that you get your own domain so as to have full control of your blog.

Creating your blog from scratch will help you to format your blog design as you wish depending on your niche. Most free blogs will not offer you the luxury to design your blog as you wish.

An important aspect of blogging for money is the template you select. Pick a theme that will allow you to customize your pages, RSS feeds, menu/categories and comment. Personally, I advocate for wordpress since that is want I use and they have a wide range of free and paid professional templates.

2. Target two types of audiences: In order to generate high volume of targeted traffic you need to write with two audiences in mind. First, generate titles and content that are catchy so as get the attention of people.

A blog is of no use if there are no people reading what you are writing. Take time to come up with captivating titles that will necessitate people to want to read what you have published.

Secondly, you need to write for search engines. This is where the use of keywords comes in; with the right key terms appearing on your titles, search engines will drive traffic to your blog.

So as to pick the keywords phrases that are commonly searched for, use tools like Google suggest, Keyword winner, Word Tracker or Keyword Discovery.

3. Build your link profile wisely: It is recommended that you be strategic on how you build your out bound links. The pages you link out to contribute immensely when it comes to link SEO value.

Link out to content that is related to your blog. Though it is imperative, you do not necessarily need to link your content every time you mention another site. Usually, you can hurt your SEO efforts when you add to many links on your pages.

On the other hand, you have to be careful when you quote other bloggers. It is good to give credit where its due by linking to a blogger you have quoted on your articles. As you link to others they will link back to you and that is how to blog for money.

More backlinks means better SEO profile and that result to high search engine organic traffic.

4. Use short page URL: Most of the blog posts you will find online will have long URLs. But research has proven that short URLs are better than long ones.

With wordpress you have the option of shortening your page link, but you have to be careful and ensure readers can tell what your post is about by viewing your URL. The best way is to separate your keywords with hyphens.

You will be amazed just how shortening your page URL will help boost organic traffic to your blog.

5. Prudently archive your posts: There are different ways by which you can archive your content. The best strategy is to archive using titles, short description and dates.

Some people opt to have the full article in the archive and that is good if you want to rank for long term keywords. But for the sake of having a more organized archive, you would be better off using short descriptions.

Archives normally pick the first paragraph of your articles thus make sure that you include your targeted keywords preferable in the first or second sentence of your article. Your old posts are equally important as the new posts as you blog for money.

6. Social bookmarking: Tagging your content is one of the best ways of viral marketing and building quality backlinks. Some of the top sites to have your tags on include Technorati, delicious, Reddit, Diggs, Boing Boging and so on.

Your readers can also help you to bookmark your content by adding social icons on your blog. For example, at the left of this blog you will find social buttons you can click to share this article with your friends.

It is vital that as you are bookmarking your content that you do so to your best articles. This will make visitors on these social bookmaking sites consider you an expert in your niche.

Posting your top articles also increases your chances of getting to the homepage of sites like Digg or Boing Boing. Rather than marketing all you blog posts, focus on promoting your best content since it will act as good link bait.

how to blog for moneyIdeally, out of every 10 posts you publish 1 of them is sure to be a hit. This is the article you need to market, share and bookmark. In most cases it takes just one article to put you in the limelight and help you gain web presence.

7. Address important topics: Am yet to find a niche that does not have a topic that raises hot debates or unanswered questions. In whatever niche you choose to target as you blog for money address issues that require the most attention.

If you discover that in your niche people are struggling with a certain issue, do thorough groundwork and offer workable solutions.

For example, if you are in the marketing industry and people are pondering on whether to buy a particular software introduced in the market, purchase the software study it and post a detailed review. This way you will gain credibility and blog visitors will easily link back to your content, subscribe to your feeds and thus help you increase blog traffic.

8. Take advantage of days when traffic goes up: If there are days you need to maximize on and boost your traffic is when traffic increases. Ideally, as you blog for money you will discover you can publish an article that will rank high on search results thus attract many visitors.

In some cases this can happen by chance and that is why you need to constantly monitor your traffic so as to take advantage. The best tact to use when you notice high traffic is to sit down and come up with quality content that will draw attention.

This is when you need to prove your worth by publishing 1 or 2 articles that portray your writing ability and knowledge in your industry. It can take 1 article to catapult you and make your new visitors have no choice but to come back for more.

One mistake you can do when blogging for money is to suddenly get lots of traffic and fail to update your blog in a space on 2 days. It is advisable to stop everything you are doing and come up with something that will make you stand out.

9. Be slow to post adverts: From the topic of this blog post, how to blog for money, you will see that monetization is very critical. But before you get to the online money making part, you need to first create content.

Most people in a hurry to make money blogging, place many adverts that make their blogs appear un-professional and greedy. Blogs are more effective when they have content rather than plastering adsense all over the place.

Once you have good content on your blog you can go ahead and add adverts but they have to be positioned strategically. By these I mean that adverts should not interfere with your main content or distract your readers.

Find a way to intelligently blend your adverts with your blog design. The more friendly and professional your blog appearance is, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Otherwise, it is advisable to first concentrate on building your brand and increasing traffic before you begin placing adverts on your blog. It has been noted that banners, pop ups and text ads tend to repel potential visitors from reading your blog posts.

If you observe carefully you will note that most top bloggers do not have adsense. In fact, try and conduct a study and you will see that mostly newbies who blog for money add adsense. Something to ponder about!

10. Disable comments: One thing that makes a blog look alive and kicking is the number of comments it gets. If you come across a blog that has no comments you will right away assume the blogs is unpopular.

For a new blog, it is recommended that you disable comments until you begin generating traffic. With 500 visitors and above, you can enable comments since this kind of traffic will increase your blog activity. More comments translate to popularity thus helping you as you blog for money.

Conclusion: From the guidelines shared on this post you can bet that you will cut a niche for yourself in which every industry you venture into.

Applying the tactics that have been addressed here will give you an edge over 95% of other people that blog for money.

Do you have something more you what to share on this topic, feel free to add it in the comment section below. You can also click here to subscribe to my RSS feed for more updates.

How To Profile Site Audience As You Work Online

How To Profile Site Audience As You Work Online

As you write online you need to learn the types of site audience that exist. The more you understand the behavioral pattern of your site or blog visitors, the better you will come up with quality and targeted content.

Ask yourself, is my content really addressing the needs of my site audience? Most webmasters ignore this fact and in the process loss out on some visitors who would be potential prospects.

There are ways of telling the type of readers that come to your site. This is by observing the actions that your site audience take while reading your content. Bloggers and webmasters who have discovered the behaviors of blog readers in most cases run very successful online businesses.

If you get to learn the habits of your readers, you will generate content that suits their preference. In addition, your bounce rate will be low and thus increase your work online sales conversion.

Below are types of site audience and what you need to do to satisfy each of them.

Helpful reader: This is the kind of on site audience that each webmaster and blogger would wish to have. Mainly because they are always supportive and motivate you to become better in whatever you do.

Naturally, helpful visitors will give encouraging comments and go a step further to assist you in promoting your site or blog. In most cases when you get backlinks, it will come from the same type of site audience.

Do all you can to generate content that will get the attention of this type of reader. Make sure that when they post a comment you respond to it in the shortest time possible. Why? It is from helpful readers you get a friend and partner that will help promote your site and products.

Judgmental viewer: In online marketing, things will not be rosy all the time. Sometimes you will get site readers that are negative and quick to point out your mistakes. If you get comments saying your content is duped while it’s not, chances are that it has been submitted by a judgmental viewer.

Despite the fact that judgmental site audience may discourage you, they also help you to improve your site performance. This type of reader makes you go an extra mile to ensure your content is up to standard before posting. In so doing, you will make certain that you have no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

In order to handle the judgmental reader, you will need to do thorough research and make sure your content is absolutely unique and of high quality. Get a friend to proofread your articles thus avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Heading and summary reader: There are people who will dismiss your article by reading the first line. And if your last sentence is not any better, they will right away click on the close button and move on to the next blog.

The most that this type of reader will read is your title, first paragraph and the summary. If that does not get his attention then he’s gone and may never return to your site.

The secret of capturing this category of site audience is uploading catchy pictures within your articles. Since they have to scroll to the end of your article to read the last paragraph, if you have interesting images they will definitely pose a bit.

And another thing, place your images next to your major points, because the odds are that this type of viewer will read content that is next to your images.

It goes without say, you must compose quality first sentences that will act as bait. Make your paragraphs short and spicy, that way you will surely grab their attention.

Intense reader: This is a rare quality of site audience to find on the internet. The intense reader will sock in every word you write. They will also try to fully understand what you are talking about by going through your content several times.

Because of their willingness to learn more, the intense reader also gets to see your mistakes and grammatical errors. But unlike the judgmental reader, he will post kind comments to help you improve your blog.

For you to properly handle the intense reader, ensure you post quality content on a continuous basis. Proofread your articles more than once and if possible get a friend to also go through your articles. This will help you correct all mistakes thus an intense reader will rate you highly.

As an online entrepreneur blogging for profit, you realize that the higher your readers rate you the better your online sales conversion will become.

Monkey see monkey do reader: This type of site audience move with the masses. They will only read articles that have more comments. You will find this category of reader visiting the highly rated sites within their niche.

Monkey see money do reader wants to feel that he has spent his time well. That is why he will focus on what others are saying or doing. They do not want to try or read something new; they feel more comfortable with things that have been proven to work.

They will easily read and share an article that has 50 tweets and not bother to read an article with 0 tweets. In addition, you will find then following or becoming fans to celebrities and famous people in their niche.

When this type of visitor lands on your site or blog he/she will only read posts with many comments. If they notice there is a blog that people are sharing they will definitely open to read it.

There is little you can do to motivate this type of readers to read your new post. Hence, when one of your articles becomes popular, read the comments that have been posted. This will give you an overview of what to write about thus post content that will become popular faster.

Reliable site audience: This is another rare type of site or blog audience you are bound to come across on the internet. But any online marketer will agree that this is the type of visitors every blogger/webmaster should seek to attract.

The reason they are considered reliable is because they are loyal. A loyal prospect is the one that will most likely buy your products. Even when you launch another product or blog, this type of visitor will quickly try out your product or subscribe to your new blog. In short, they follow you wherever you go.

In order to garner loyal site audience, it will take time. You have to prove to be an expert over a period of time. At the same time, you will need to gain credibility by continuously publishing content that is helpful and truthful.

If visitors find you to be honest, it will not take long before they turn from prospects into loyal customers. Therefore, share content that is easy to authenticate. If you write something that some else published, quote them and link back to their site.

site audienceThe scanner: Most site and blog readers on the internet fall in this category. They usually scan through your content without paying any attention to what you have written.

This type of site audience will assume what your content is about by just reading your title and observing the images you have posted. The advantage of the scanner reader is that they mostly leave comments. But sometimes the comments are not related to the topic.

For you to capture the attention of a scanner, you have to write short and descriptive paragraphs. It will be even better to write in point form by using bullets or numbering.

If you write an article without bullets, use interesting text like bolding important points or using italics. In addition, you headlines have to be captivating and descriptive of the content within the body of your article.

The images also have to be telling a story that is related to what you have written. This will make your content easy to scan and thus the scanner visitor will understand what you are discussing about.

Gold digger: This is the kind of reader who will want to ride on your success. You will find them posting comments all the time in a view to funnel some of the traffic to their site.

Gold digger readers will most of the time want to link back to your blog when you get to the top. They will do all they can to learn your tactics and take advantage of your success for their own benefits.

The best way to handle this type of site audience is to be selfish with your information. Come up with paid online tutorials that contain your best content and strategies.

Quiet visitor: This is the most dangerous type of site visitor to have. It is better to have a visitor that tells you of your mistakes than a visitor that remains silent of everything you write about.

This category of reader will go through your content and leave zero comments. Philologists say that this kind of reader prefers to be obscure and avoids being in the limelight. Even though they may really love you content, quiet site visitors will not reveal that to you.

So as to involve this type of site audience, you need to look for ways to make you site interactive. Publish articles that ask questions thus necessitating them to share their views.

A call to action is also very important in getting visitors’ involvement in on your blog or website. Telling your readers what to do will go a long way in making sure your blog is active. As your blog becomes alive so will the money start rolling in.

Something else you can do if you notice these are the kind of visitors you have on your blog is to create polls. Polls are easy ways of engaging readers and learning their preferences.

Nosy reader: There are people who are only out to learn about you rather than what you have to say. With a nosy reader, he will straight away go to your about page to get more information of who you are.

The best way of telling if a reader is the prying type is how they post comments. They will ask you personal questions and want to learn how you do your business. Most of these comments will not be related to your site content.

To get the interest of the nosy reader, you will have to share captivating stories about yourself. Use the about page to tell people more about you and what you do.

An example of a site that takes care of the nosy reader is Smart Passive Income. One of the site’s menus is Income Reports. A prying reader will certainly click on that category.

Within your posts, you can also make personal statements that will be quickly picked by the nosy type of reader.

Conclusion: Knowing the behavioral pattern of your site audience will help you come up with content that is more targeted. An easy way of studying the type of readers you have is by the comments people post.

If you want to make money online from home, then you have got to learn about your readers’ traits.

What type of site audience visits your site or blog? Share using the comment section below.

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How To Write A Blog Post That Captivates Your Target Audience

How To Write A Blog Post That Captivates Your Target Audience

On this blog we have been doing one thing, telling you just how priceless blogging is to online business. The big question now that needs to be addressed is how to write a blog?

A blog that has no traffic is of no benefit to you as an online entrepreneur. Here, we are not talking about 100 or 200 visitors daily, for you to make an impact in your niche you need to be able to direct thousands of people to your blog.

You have to find ways of captivating your target audience by your style of writing. The use of the right titles and keywords is not enough though they play an integral part when it comes to writing a blog.

The thing that will set you apart is your ability to write blog posts that keep readers glued to your every sentence. This is what will make your articles sharable thus gain authority in your area of business.

On this article we shall go into details on how to write a blog that is captivating and at the same time informative, SEO friendly and professional.

How to make your blog content unique: The internet is a hub for gathering all kind of content you can think about. Because of this fact, you can hardly come across a topic that has not been covered by other blog writers.

However, that does not mean that you give up on writing. There is always an angle you can take on every article that would make your article stand out.

So as to have ideas to write about you need to be a fervent reader and researcher. Reading helps you to gather facts about a given topic hence have the ability to approach it in manner people have never thought about. In addition, reading assists you to improve your writing skills.

Sometimes all you need to do is find a phrase or two that will get people glued to your article. This can be in form of bring a funny side to a story or asking questions that would get people thinking.

For you to be reading this post you must be a blogger or seeking to learn how to write blog posts in a better way. Therefore you will agree with me that when you are writing most of the time ideas just seem to disappear.

In actual fact, when you go offline that is when the best ideas suddenly come rolling in. For this reason, I advice writes to always walk with a pen and a paper so as to capture these moments of information downpour.

In this age of technology, you can also get a phone or gadget that will allow you to put your ideas in a digital format.

Did you know that what you go through as an individual is different from any other person? Thus there is no better strategy of writing a blog than using your personal experiences. There are things that you encounter in life on a daily basis that you can slot in your blog post that would touch your readers’ emotions.

The one mistake you can do when it comes to blogging is choosing a niche that you are not passionate about. You will become a better author when you launch a blog that is centered in your expertise.

Sharing content in your area of interest ensures you always have options on what to write about. Furthermore, the more you concentrate in your area of expertise the more knowledge you will acquire thus become an authority figure in your niche.

Apply keyword usage tactfully: You can be the best writer the world has ever seen but if you cannot market your work no one will ever know about you.

Unlike offline where marketing a book calls for a huge advertising budget, when it comes to online the ball game is a bit different. For you to succeed in blogging you need to know how to use keywords.

As you are writing a blog, in the back of your mind you have to consider search engines. There are over 200 parameters that search engine spiders look at to rank websites but the two elements that count the most include keywords and backlinks.

Even though of late search engines are trying to rank content by measuring social activities, backlinks and keywords still remain prominent.

To some extent controlling the backlinks you get may be challenging but you can surely manage to have full control of keyword usage.

With the right tools such as Google Keyword Tool or Keyword Discovery you can know exactly what people are searching for as they browse the web.

Learning how to skillfully use keyword throughout your articles will ensure your posts relate to your readers target audience search queries. This way you article will rank high on Search Engine Result Pages.

In some instances you may find it difficult to target certain keywords. A good example is when you are targeting a keyword like “how to write a blog”. Incorporating such a phrase throughout an article can be very tricky and can easily make your article unreadable.

But as you can see I have used it in the above paragraph in a way that looks natural.

So as to make sure that engine bots know identify your keywords you can use italic, bold or underline your keyword phrases.

how to write a blog

How to advance your skills as a blog writer: Having the ability to pick the right keywords is important but it is not enough to make your blog stand out.

Getting your target audience to land on your blog is one thing but keeping them glued to your web pages you need to have unique writing techniques.

I must admit that some of us English is a second language. It is said people think in their mother tongue thus translating to English can be a daunting task. But that does not mean you cannot acquire the right skills to write a blog that blows the mind of your readers.

Below are some things you can do to improve your writing skills:

1: The same way a musician has a signature, you too as a blogger need to have your own style of writing your blogs. The only way to achieve that is by being yourself.

For you to look cool you need to try and create your own identity rather than copy what someone else is doing.  When you write from your heart it makes it easy for people to identify with you. Besides, each one of us is unique in his or her own way, that’s what makes life worthwhile. Now, transfer that distinctiveness to your blog and you will stand out.

2: You can enlist yourself to a grammar class or subscribe online to a writing course. Here you will get to learn from the expert thus with time become a better blogger.

3: Use Microsoft Word when writing your blog post. Apart from correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes, you can use the Synonym feature in MS word to get vocabulary that will enhance your writing hence improve reader experience.

4: Read widely so as to gather facts that will back your information. Giving statistics is one way of making your content informative and interesting to read.

Learn how to structure your blog content: Once you have identified the topic to write about and chosen the right keywords you need to plan how to construct your article.

Proper structuring makes your article flow thus ensuring readers have an easy time following what your blog post is all about.

Your articles should always have an introduction that goes straight to the point.

Bonus point: Your first paragraph needs to be catchy so as to make readers want to go through the whole article.

It is common knowledge that most people just scan through an article without reading. You can make them pose to read some of your content by breaking using images, bullets, bold letters, graphs or using sub headings.

This will not only capture your readers’ attention, but make it easier for your target audience to know where exactly to find important information within your posts.

Another important aspect on how to write a blog is to know how to conclude. Here is where you can recap what you have written or share your overall opinion about a given topic.

It is also an opportunity to include your call to action message. When you post a blog there is definitely something you expect your readers to do. Rather than hope they will do it, why don’t you conclude by telling your audience what to do?

Conclusion: In a previous article we shared on how blogging is the future of internet marketing. So as to be in the lot of those that will influence the future on internet business you need to know how to blog.

As you can see writing on the web is a combination of many aspects and my hope is that this post will help you see how to approach blogging. When micro-blogging was introduced people thought that blogging would die out but they were so wrong.

It does not matter how good you are at composing tweets. By the end of the day you will need to take people somewhere so as to make money online. You stand a better chance if you will learn how to write a blog even as you are micro-blogging.

So as to help others writes out there why don’t you share, pin, tweet or +1 this article. Use the social icons appearing on the left.

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Making Money From Blogging As You Work Online

Making Money From Blogging As You Work Online


Back in the days, people who first ventured into making money from blogging where considered to be somewhat crazy. The main reason for such a perception was because blogs were getting very few inbound links. This was the same year that search engine optimization was appearing like it would die (1997-2003).

The people who took advantage then and learned how to blog, they ended up getting lots of exposure. Today, these same bloggers command the largest share of the marketplace in their respective niches.

The funny thing is that even to date there are online marketers claiming that blogging is going to die. This is mainly because of the introduction of social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The traffic that these social sites generate is so high with twitter recording amazing sign ups every day.

But the prudent e-marketers took advantage of this craze to add to their SEO marketing arsenal thus ended up making money from blogging more than ever before.

For people who work online, you need to realize that search engine marketing through blogging is here to stay. All that one needs to do is incorporate the new promotion strategies coming up with the blogging. In the instance of social media sites; the idea is to share your blog posts with your followers thus generate referral traffic. As you do that, search engines will also pick your blog page links on these social network sites which means more quality inbound links. We all know the more quality inbound links the more you rank high and the more organic traffic you will generate.

It is true that the online world is changing every day and the game is getting complicated, but if you work hard you will beat your competition. Leverage by using new channels of generating traffic, learn the brand new techniques of online promotion and you will sure land into money. Remember that the driving force in the internet marketing world is content and blogging offers just that.

Now that we have solved the myth of attracting traffic to your blog you may ask which ways are there to ensure that am making money from blogging? Let us go through some simple opportunities for you to monetize your blog and thereby make money as you work online at home.

The secret is to have several streams of generating income by blogging. Many people concentrate on advertising alone but they forget that for you to make lots of cash from advertising you require huge blog traffic. When you diversify your revenue generation channels, you will be in a better position to boost your income as you work at home.

Here are several other ways of making money from blogging


Create and sell your own Ebooks: This will apply to people who have established themselves and are generating good blog traffic. You first need to work towards building your online credibility and this is achieved over time. The more you keep sharing insightful and helpful content; you will start getting loyal readership.

Therefore, if people in your niche consider you as a good writer and a guru they will be willing to by your ebooks. In short, take advantage of your online status to make money online.

Publish a book: This is somehow similar to the above mentioned money maker strategy only that this time you can publish a hard copy of your content. If people view you as a veteran in your niche they will also be ready to read your content off the internet.

Sell Commodities: There are websites like Ebay and CafePress where you can pick items and promote them on your blog. The idea is to display merchandises that are related to your site content since this will ensure that you make more online sales. There are many bloggers out there making lots of cash selling branded and non-branded products from the above mentioned sites. The commodities can you your own or other people’s items.

Freelance writing: One way of becoming a good author is through blogging. Both online and offline there are people looking for publishers with excellent writing skills and thus you can grab these opportunities to make money while working at home. Some of the sites you can visit and offer your writing skills for cash include Elance and Odesk. You will be surprised just how profitable some of these freelance writing job opportunities can be.

Professionalize your blogging talent: In the blogging sphere there are some blogging networks that seek for people with blogging talent and pay them very well. You can use the blogging skills you have acquired to link up with these blog networks and add to your streams of income.

Offer blog consultation: Everyday there are people getting into the blogging field and need help. You can offer your expertise for cash to help newbies have an easy time blogging. There are also big companies out there that do not have the time to research on blogging and may need consultation services.

Do offline presentations

: Once you have become an expert blogger, you can be giving presentations in your locality and get paid cash. For this to work perfectly you need to be making good money from your blog so as to offer proof to people who come to your presentation.

Public speaking events also offer a fertile ground to generate free traffic to your blog. In some countries where blogging is alien, people will be willing to pay lots of cash just for an opportunity to make money.

Guest blogging: For many bloggers, guest blogging is meant to help them increase inbound links but it can also be a source of generating income online. Again, if you have cut a name for yourself as an expert blogger, you can be offering your blogging skills as a service and be paid for it.

Donation: Am sure you have landed on blogs that ask for donations for the information they are sharing. Maybe you were not keen on offering your donation, but you will be surprised just how many people are out there ready to donate as a sign of appreciation for quality content. Therefore, it will not harm to request your viewers to donate. Simply, upload a donation button and link it to your Alert pay or PayPal account.

As long as search engines are dependent on content, making money from blogging will remain as one of the easiest ways to earn cash. Do not let anyone tell you that SEO or blogging is about to die, in fact the two are on an upward climb. The webmasters seeking to add to their streams of income then have to seriously consider making money from blogging as one of their online money making arsenals.

Accept It, Blog Content Is The Future Of The Internet

Accept It, Blog Content Is The Future Of The Internet

When you look at the Stone Age as far as internet is concerned you will notice that a lot has changed. Things have moved from having static websites to creating fresh blog content.

This has been brought about by the ever increasing appetite to consume information. New ideas and technologies are coming up from all corners and for you to keep abreast you need to keep reading fresh content.

For example, the next big and virgin market that needs to be exploited in regards to internet is Africa. Governments in Africa are all working hard to try and connect their nations to the rest of the world.

With the introduction of the web, people in Africa are opening their eyes to a new world rich with information.

My challenge to the people of this beautiful continent is to grab this opportunity to showcase their wealth of knowledge and resources.

Looking at the past and present trends it is obvious the best strategy of exposing your expertise and abilities is through sharing blog content.

Africa also prides itself from one very great resource, and that is people. No matter the kind of blog content you choose to share, you can be rest assured that there will be somebody out there ready to consume it.

Keep in mind that when you do something on the internet you are exposing yourself to over 4 billion people worldwide. These are the people who have access to the internet and the number is growing fast.

If you just get a small fraction of this figure to see what you do the future will surely be bright for you.

The web has been evolving over the years and along with it search engines have also been evolving. Considering that search engines get the most traffic, it is only prudent you know how engine crawlers operate.

All indications suggest that going into the future the best way of marketing on the internet will be to generate content. There is only one platform that ensures you constantly publish content and that is blogging.

In fact, if you follow the trends in the online world you will notice that big companies are now incorporating blogs in their websites. The thirst for fresh and quality content makes a website (static page) leave people yearning for more.

People are not the only ones craving for new blog content, search engines also what to keep up with their users demand for content. Therefore, engine spiders are continuously in the lookout for latest stories to give to users.

How to be successful in blogging:

Now that we know where the online world is heading, let us discuss on ways of making sure that your blog gets noticed.

Experience is the best teacher but there are things you can avoid so as to save time and make your way to the top faster. Rather than going through unfamiliar territories, you can easily learn from other people’s mistakes.

Back in the 90’s there were many successful blogs that shared content on how to make money online. As we speak, some of these blogs have slowly disappeared into obscurity.

The mistake these bloggers did was to think that they can keep riding on their past glory. They also remained stagnate and ignored the fact that they needed to keep feeding their audience with fresh blog publications.

To some of us, it is not easy to always wake up every morning and find something to talk about. But there are strategies you can adopt to help you keep finding new content for your blog.

Here are some techniques that you can use to your advantage and succeed in blogging

Tactic #1: Read what others in your niche have written and then do more research. This will help you come up with better articles which provide more facts. If you see there are points that have not been explained in details, seize the opportunity to publish a blog that provides more in depth content.

Tactic #2: If there is a hot topic that is causing ripples in your niche, find someone influential and interview him/her on the topic. You can then post the interview on your blog in written or video format.

Tactic #3: Take up a popular topic and try to analysis and give predictions. The best way to tell what will happen in the future is to look at the past and present trends. You might not be accurate but such a story will elicit lots of curiosity.

Tactic #4: People love juicy stories especially when there are contradicting views about a certain topic. You can ride on the popularity of certain stories by blogging about the same but this time give facts that go against the grain.

This is a strategy that you have to be very careful since it can back fire on you big time. The secret is to have your facts right and the way to achieve that is by doing lots of research to ensure you give references.

For sure there are more strategies of content creation but the ones mentioned above will help you a great deal. This is not to say blogging will be easy considering you need to share content consistently over a long period of time.

You might wake up some days and find you do not have the energy or willpower to write; buy if you want to succeed online you will have to find the spirit to keep going.

What top bloggers will never tell you:

Some people jump into blogging thinking that it is a way of making quick money. There are bloggers who have taken advantage to sell to new bloggers desperate to succeed products that never work.

I have been in online business for a more than seven years and let me surprise you, it is not easy. Though I did not spend all those years blogging, I have learned that you need to invest your time, effort and money to succeed.

Just as the topic suggest, the future of online business which is driven by marketing relies on blogging. This signifies that you have time if you start now to influence your future as far as online wealth creation is concerned.

The reality on the ground as regards blogging is that you will have to contend with the following things:

blogging content

*Some of your amazing blog content may never receive the attention they deserve:

The fact that you are a great blog writer does not in any way guarantee you overnight success in the blogosphere. This might not be what you wanted to here but it is the bitter truth.

With millions of content been published every single day, it is very easy for your dazzling content to get lost in the clutter.

There are articles that you will put your body and soul into writing them but they may fail to get the attention you thought they would. This is the nature of the online world were competition for visibility is so intense.

The fact that you wrote the best blog post in your lifetime is not a guarantee it will go viral. In reality, you may just get one person tweeting or sharing your story.

It is therefore advisable to promote all your posts. Go to where your target visitors spend most of their time and begin making connections. For your blog content to be found easily be the first one to share, +1, tweet and pin your articles.

Don’t stop there; submit articles that have backlinks to your blog on article directory sites. Guest blogging, forum marketing, content syndication such as press release are also other great strategies of promoting your content.

If after doing all that you don’t notice much activity on your blog, do not give up. Blogging is about doing your level best to share educative and useful content. Eventually, your target audience will notice and begin appreciating what you are doing.

*SEO trends will never remain constant:

One of the best strategies of attracting free and high targeted traffic to your blog is through search engines. This does not imply you put all your efforts into SEO and forget other online promotion strategies.

Recent events in the SEO world have brought many sites down especially the ones that were applying black hat strategies.

Google algorithm is changing everyday therefore it would be futile to depend entirely on SEO. Rather, publish content that will improve the lives of your audience and the rest will fall in place.

In short, don’t get involved in SEO at the expense of your blog visitors.

*Before you succeed in blogging you will have generated a lot of content.

For you to succeed in blogging and build a lasting online presence you must be ready to generate content. Not just one or two great blog posts, but lots of articles.

This is the scenario, before you make a decision to purchase something you really need to think through it and research. In the process you will visit related forum sites and read lots of reviews and testimonials.

You might also be forced to make several phone calls and consolations before you take action to buy.

If you want to reach your target audience and influence their decision making process you will need to generate content. As you keep publishing more content you will increase the probability of people coming across your blog thus helping them in their decision making process.

With time you will gain people’s trust and confidence and they will be coming to your blog whenever they need a valid opinion. It will not talk long before they begin buying your products.

Blogging is the best way of branding yourself but it will take lots of article publications to have a real impact. If you are not in it for the long haul then you better forget about blogging.

The same way it takes time and consistency to succeed in offline business, the same applies when it comes to blogging.

*Struggling to find stories to blog about:

Many bloggers give up along the way citing the fact that they have run out of blog content ideas or they are bored. In most cases, this is brought about by the fact that people choose a niche they are not passionate about.

Just because there is money to be made in the health industry does not mean you jump into the band wagon. If your passion is sports, create a blog related to sports.

No matter the niche you want to get involved in there will always be an audience. Even if it is talking about tooth-picks, in fact there could be someone right now searching for content discussing on best etiquette of using a tooth-pick.

To avoid getting bored, target a niche that excites you. By this I mean choosing a niche where you would still be willing to create content with or without making money.

It is true that on some days you will not feel like writing but the best way to overcome that is to read widely. The more you read the more views you will gather about a certain topic.

You can also pick some old stories and make them current, what might seem like stale news to you could be hot off the press news to other people.

All said and done, blogging is fun and that is if you choose the right niche that makes your heart skip a beat.

Now that you know where the future of online business is heading and how to approach blogging, what are you going to do about it?

Share your views in the comment section provided below.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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10 Reasons Why You’re Not The Top Dog Blogger In Your Niche

10 Reasons Why You’re Not The Top Dog Blogger In Your Niche

Are you wondering why for the last 5 years you have never realized any positive results from your blog? Today, you will learn why.

In all spheres of life you need to know how to play the game. No one becomes successful by just sitting down and hoping for the best.

The top bloggers you see today paid a price to get to where they are. They figured out the rules of the game and strategized how to beat their competition.

In this write-up we shall see 10 common mistakes that are preventing you from becoming a top blogger. The beauty of it is that you can re-strategize and find your blog joining the top league:

Let us get started:

1: First impressions: Working on your blog appearance is very important if you are ever to be considered as an authority in your niche.

When it comes to appearance your blog design is not the only thing you need to work on. You also have to make sure your content is of the highest quality.

In addition, readers decided if they will read your post depending on how you construct your first paragraph. Therefore, the first two lines in your articles have to be catchy.

Note: Remember to include your target keywords in the first paragraph to make certain search engines know what your post is all about.

2: Inconsistency: From the word go you have to meet the expectations of your readers. You might be having just two readers a day but it is from the two that you will be able to make your blog go viral and thus increase your readership.

If you decide that you will be posting 2 articles a week make sure you stick to the schedule. There is nothing as disappointing when you fail to deliver to your readers’ expectation.

Apart from keeping to your schedule, your content has to be of top standard. Posting a smashing article today and the following week submitting an article that does not meet the standards expected, that may affect your blog’s growth.

To be a top blogger you have to keep on delivering week in week out. It would be better you write one post a week but make sure it blows the mind of your readers. In this way you will gain the confidence of your fan thus improve your online reputation and presence.

3: Lack of taking a stand: In the blogging world you need to stand out in order to leave a mark. Sometimes you will have to go against the grain and share what you stand for though it might be the view of the majority.

If there is an issue of which you hold a different opinion always be ready to speak out. But remember, you need to have your facts right. If your facts are misplaced then you risk your blog been thrown to the gutter.

Don’t shy away from presenting your facts though they might be different from what is thought the norm. Sometimes being confrontational is what you need to join the league of top dog bloggers.

The advantage of standing to your principles is that you will gain respects from unexpected quarters. Within no time your blog will be on the lips of everyone in your niche and beyond.

top bloggers

4: Not connecting with the right people: If you want to be a millionaire then you have to hang out with millionaires. It is also obvious you cannot expect to be a pilot if you hang out with sweepers.

It is not that I have anything against been a sweeper it all depends on what you want to be in life. If you observe people who are in farming, you will notice they hang around others farmers and most of their conversations will be centered on crops.

Do you want to be a top blogger? You know what you need to do. Get to know where bloggers spend most of their time and join the club. Register with online forums in your niche and ask questions. Soon you will learn a thing or two which will take you to the top.

5: Not putting your priorities right: One thing about top bloggers is that they know how to prioritize. This means you need to have a plan on how to move your blog to the top.

For example, you cannot expect to open a twitter account and yet you don’t have a place you can take your fans. You first need to have a place you call home which in this case should be your blog.

To be successful in blogging you need to first identify what you are good at then start to blog on that topic. Once you have built your blog then you can begin working on driving traffic.

What is the point of attracting thousands of visitors to a blog which has nothing to offer? Hence generate content first then you can go out and call people to the party.

6: You think it is your right to be considered a top blogger: Just because you are a good writer or your blog design makes jaws drop, don’t assume you will automatically get to the top.

Successful blogging is a combination of many elements. You need to come up with a good recipe for your blog to be seen as an authority site.

Yes, it is true you have to be a good writer to succeed in blogging but there are other things involved in blogging. To earn the right to be a top blogger you have to know how to market your blog online. Click here to learn more about marketing online.

The bloggers who are in the top league did not get there by sitting pretty and hoping people will notice them. Not at all, they went out of their way to make sure they got noticed. You have to read point number 10 to see how they did it.

7: Not looking up to the bloggers who have already made it big: Do not reinvent the wheel. This is a common adage that you too need to consider.

One of the best ways to get to the top is by observing the people at the top. This will help you to avoid the mistakes they did on their way to the top.

Know where they spend time, get backlinks and traffic from. This will make your way to the top much easier.

Also, get a mentor and make sure he/she has already made it big in his field. This way you can be sure that you are getting the best. How else can you expect to be successful if someone else does not lend you a hand?

Always seek to learn from the best.

8: You complain a lot: When things don’t work out or take long to give positive results how do you react? If you are the type that complain then no wonder you are still an under achiever.

This is a bitter pill to swallow but if someone does not tell you the truth you will never grow. Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned but that does not give you the right to whine.

When things are not working out you need to pause for a while and re-evaluate your strategy. This way you will know if you need to be patient or come up with a different approach.

The worst thing you can ever do when you get to the point when things look stagnate is to give up. Always think positively and you will sure work your way to the top.

9: You don’t go the extra mile: For your blog to be popular and thus stand out you have to pay the price. As other bloggers are doing what is expected of them, you should go the extra mile.

Dare to walk where others refuse to go and you will definitely get noticed. If it means spending sleepless nights, then do just that. If it calls for more research, burn the midnight oil to dig for information.

It will be painful for sure but you will be laughing all the way to the bank in the days to come. Pay the price now by doing what others are not doing.

People who become successful go above and beyond the norm. These are the people who always seek to constantly better themselves and improve their lives no matter the cost.

10: You don’t broadcast your achievements: You have to shout at the roof top so as to get noticed. Just because your content or product is unique and of high quality does not mean people will come scrambling for it.

Go out of your way to prove to your readers and customers that your work is fabulous. If it calls for testimonials make sure you get them. If you have some satisfied customers tell them to share their testimonies and make them public.

Use social sites and all online marketing channels available to you to broadcast your work. Don’t be afraid of telling the world what you can do and have achieved. If you don’t blow your own trumpet don’t expect someone else to do it for you.

There is this story I like to tell regarding marketing. These two friends used to sell tomatoes in the market. One of them had very good tomatoes thus he did not feel obliged to shout to passersby to come and buy.

He said to himself, people will see I have very good tomatoes so they will come to buy.

On the other hand his friend did not have very good tomatoes. In fact, some of his tomatoes were rotten. But he used to shout and smile at people passing by telling them that is tomatoes where the best in the market.

The amazing thing is that the friend with the rotten tomatoes always made most sales. Lesson, to be a top blogger in your niche you need to have the biggest mouth. Shout until your voice fades away by that time people will know you exist.

Summary: The way to the top is not easy neither is it difficult, it all depends on how much you want to get to the top.

This blog is dedicated to making sure you enjoy and succeed in blogging. Lean some of the best strategies of marketing on the internet from home by going through some of our posts.

To get updates from this blog enter your email address below and click enter. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking here.

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Do you have something you want to add or hold a different opinion; don’t be afraid to leave a comment below. This could be your chance to be seen as a top blogger.

In Full Respect Of A Provocative & Top Blogger/Article Marketer

In Full Respect Of A Provocative & Top Blogger/Article Marketer

If you open Ezine articles’ home page you will come across top article marketers in the world. One of these names belongs to someone that I really respected and held in high esteem, Peter Gitundu.

My journey of online marketing has been a long one. I did not have the privilege of interacting with top online marketers when I started out and thus for many years I probed in the dark.

It was even made worse because of my character. Personally, I’m quick when it comes to solving problems but when it comes to reading and writing I must admit I’m very poor.

This made it difficult for me to make headway in the online marketing arena. It would take me months and sometime years for me to realize that a particular strategy was not working before moving to the next.

Then one day after years of not knowing what to do to make money online, I met a friend, Francis Gichuhi (Runs a blog about Architecture in Kenya) who knew of my desire to do business on the internet. He is the one who introduced me to Mr Peter Gitundu (A beneficiary of Peter’s expertise in blogging)

The day I met Peter my aim was to ask him to sell to me advertisement space on his site. Little did I know that this was going to be my first day of starting to make money on the web.

On meeting him I noticed he was somehow aged man while in my head I thought he would be a young dude. He looked to be in his mid or late 40s.

We had some few pleasantries and since I was eager to change my online business experience I went straight to the point. From our talk, it become clear he was having a ball in online money making. With 1000 hits a day on hits site, he was making conversions right, left and center.

For me that was like a dream. All the countless hours I spent online it still remained a mystery on how to earn money on the internet. But what impressed me so much about Peter was his willingness to assist me in doing business on the internet.

It is like 5 year since the last time I met Peter Gitundu but to this day I still remember his exact words when I asked him to sell advertisement space on his site. He told me “why don’t you do what I do?” I asked, “What do you do?”

That is when he shared with me about blogging and article marketing. You might laughing at me right now asking, how come I didn’t know about these strategies. Remember at the start of this blog post I told you I don’t like reading, I’m more of a problem solver than a reader.

make money online blogging

Though I didn’t like the idea of reading or writing, I listened to him very keenly as he went on and on how he started out in blogging and the strategies he used to market his blog. By the time we parted ways, he had introduced me to a totally new online world.

That night I barely slept a wink as I pondered on how much money one could make on the internet. It also called for a lot of self motivation since reading and writing was not one of my strengths.

But with my resolve to make it online, the following day I opened a free blog on and started to type away. I would call on Peter now and then for assistance which he willingly offered. By the end of my 4th month in blogging I got my first check of $100. That is the day that will forever be imprinted on my mind.

Imagine working hard for almost 4 years and all I earned was $22. Then this guy shows up, shares his secrets for free and within 4 months I get a check of $107 from Google in my postal mailbox.

To you this may be little or nothing compared to what you earn every month. To others this may also look like a fortune. That aside, that check proved to me that it is possible to make money online with or without cash. All this was pure profit since I did not spend a single dime to earn the $107.

Since my encounter with Peter I have learned that there are endless possibilities of making money on the internet. With or without cash, you too can earn money online but only if you take action and remain consistent. In any business there is always a price to pay; this could translate to either time or money the choice is yours to make.

As I draft this article while seated on my blogging chair so many things cross my mind. One of them is that most of the time we need a helping hand to move to the next level. Knowing or unknowing, Peter Gitundu was that helping hand for me and that is something I don’t want to take for granted.

On this blog I hope to achieve the same. We might not meet face to face but from the articles posted here it would be my desire that you learn one or two things about making cash on the internet through blogging.

Thanks to the internet the world has become a small global village. It is now possible to reach people from all walks of life through the web. If you have something to share with the human race let me introduce you to blogging.

Along the way, you can also cash in and see your account bankroll double or more interestingly show figures that would make you sleep like a baby. It may seem an impossible task right now but once you get started you will love the ride.

I welcome you to visit my page on how to start a blog and begin your journey to online money making and financial freedom.

This blog post is written in Dedication to little known Big hearted Peter Gitundu one of the top bloggers in Kenya who past-on early 2012. He left a mark in the blogging arena that will be felt the world over especially when it comes to article marketing.

By the time of his demise, Peter was in the top ten of where he published over 3500 amazing articles. His blog contained posts ranging from self motivation, health, finance and online money making just to mention a few.

The online business world will miss this self made full time internet entrepreneur. With the little resources he had Gitundu was able to have a bite of the cherry as he collected checks generated from his blog month after month.

Today, this blog is as a result of Peter’s resolve to share what he knew about article marketing and blogging. Though I still struggle with reading and writing, I have been able to generate articles that have helped both newbies and veterans blog for profit.

I have a lot of things I can share with you about Peter Gitundu but allow me to end it there. If you are interested in blogging then I recommend you go through some of the posts on this blog. The FREE content found here will for sure be an eye opener to anyone seeking to make money online through blogging.

Welcome to my list where you can expect to only receive quality and help articles about blogging and online marketing. Fill in the form appearing on the right sidebar to join my email list.

I also humbly request you use the share buttons displaying on the left to share this post with your friends.

Happy blogging guys!

How To Increase Web Visitors To Your Home Business Blog

How To Increase Web Visitors To Your Home Business Blog

Recently, I posted an article on how article word count is important when it comes to attracting web visitors. Today, we are going to revisit the topic and you will learn some amazing facts about increasing site traffic.

Google’s recent updates have really hit many top websites. The number of web visitors to most top rated sites has dropped considerably. Sadly, Google has marked these sites and thus making their way back to the top to be daunting task.

But the question to ask is; what did these sites do wrong to be where they are now? What do you do to make sure you too don’t become a victim of the same? The answer is simple; do what others are not ready to do.

Am sure you are asking what that is; studies show that most bloggers and webmasters are lazy. We want to make money online but are not ready to pay the price. In order to direct web visitors to your site you need to go an extra mile.

On this post we shall discuss simple but very effective strategies of increasing your web visitors. Chances are that only 5% of you will do what this article advices and yet these are the secrets to generating income through blogging.

market on the internet

Here goes!

You all know that with traffic you can earn income online from home whether you like it or not. Even if you have not monetized your site, advertisers will be willing to pay you so as to channel some of your web visitors to their sites or products.

The question in most people’s minds especially newbies and some seasoned veterans are; why I’m not seeing an increase in website visitors? How come others are recording 10,000 web visitors everyday while the most my site records are 200 visitors?

Today you will get the answer to those questions. The only thing that will make you not to generate the traffic you want is to fail to implement these strategies.

1: Research thoroughly:

Knowledge is power and that is why you should always seek to empower yourself by reading widely. As a blogger, you should seek to read new content every day. Subscribe to links where you can be gathering content that is related to your niche.

Top bloggers read any book or content that they can lay their hands on especially when it is related to their area of expertise. That is the only way of moving from been called a newbie and becoming an authority in your niche.

In the next two points you will see why research is very vital in online marketing. Without researching you will not be able to write long articles.

Referring to other bloggers is also an important aspect of increasing web visitors. But how can you mention someone you have never met or read his or her content. The only way to achieve these two things is by researching.

Researching opens your eyes to new and better ideas of doing things. It ensures you broaden your thinking and thus address the needs of all your web visitors adequately.

How to research and get quality content:

a)      Bookmark the sites and blogs of top bloggers in your niche. This will ensure you visit these blog and get up to date content and events in your niche.

b)      Subscribe to RSS feeds that offer rich content in your area of interest.

c)      Enlist your email to people that provide content that will help you in your area of interest.

d)     Use Google search to get quality content.

e)      Read books authored by top professionals in your industry.

f)       Attend events and conferences organized in your locality related to your niche. This will help you meet other people with like minds and share ideas. In addition, you will expose your blog to more people thus increasing web visitors.

g)      Follow top bloggers in your niche on sites twitter, google +1, LinkedIn and facebook.

I like the way Ralph Waldo puts it “Every artist was first an amateur”. In short it means that you have to be ready to begin from zero and make your way up. You build web presence online by reading and then reading some more.

This is the only way of gaining knowledge thus have quality articles to pass on to your web visitors.

2: Blog post word count in relation to increasing web visitors:

Google is now giving more preference to long articles. Writing long posts means coming up with articles with more than 1000 words. But it would be even better for you to create web pages with 3000 words.

When it comes to showing search results, search engines always seek to improve user experience. Therefore, when there are two articles with related content, search engine will give more preference to the longer article.

This should tell you that the era of posting articles with 300 words is over. If you find such an article ranking, it is probably because search engines have nothing else to show.

Studies also have revealed that long articles are likely to attract more backlinks than short ones. This is because longer posts get more exposure than shorter ones.

How to ensure that your long articles are exciting to read:

There are many kinds of web visitors and you need to profile your readers so as to know how to write. People usually get bored when they see endless content. Hence you need to break your content buy adding videos, captivating and related images, graphs and so on.

According to the owner of viper chill, Glen; long blog posts which are educative, proove your expertise and that is how you become an authority in your niche. Share content on how-to and you will be a darling to many.

Research is an integral element when it comes to writing long articles. You do not what to keep repeating the same point over and over again. Before you get down to drafting and article, do thorough groundwork. This is by reading as much content as possible.

In addition, mention the sources where you have gathered your content by adding external links. With time readers will view you as been honest and thus share your content.

Readability is also important for anyone who is keen on increasing web visitors. When you are picking a template always choose the one with a white background. Your font should be big enough where a person with a 20/20 vision can read with ease.

The recommended font size to use is between 12px and 16px. As for the font style to use, Times New Roman or Georgia is OK. These two font styles are friendly on most computer screens.

Short paragraphs are much easier to read. Long paragraphs are boring and in a way scare most readers. Try to have 2 to 4 sentences in each of your paragraphs.

The use of subheading is also a good way to make you content easy to read. Subheadings help you readers know where to find your important points faster.

web visitorsExamples of a blogs that use long and well researched blog posts to great success are Viper Chill and ConversionXL. You are better off writing one article a week which is long and educative rather than posting short articles with no real meat.

In order to get as much web presence as possible, today’s web marketing dictates you come up with long articles. My advice is you try composing web pages with more than 2000 words or more.

When you do that you will be ahead of 95% of webmasters and bloggers. These articles will surely take you time to generate but the results are worth the effort.

3: Submit your content on other related sites:

You can have the most compelling articles in the world but if no one sees them then you work is in vain. This is especially so when your site is new. Apart from writing content that is SEO friendly, you need to use other channels to distribute your content on the web.

Stop creating castles in the air by hoping some great online guru will find your content and share it. You have to take the initiative by blowing your own trumpet.

Here are some ways of distributing your content to great effect:

–          Social media sharing: Some people say that social bookmaking is like duplicating content but that is a myth. There is a great difference between syndicating content and duplicating content.

Have you ever asked yourself how a site like CNN is ranked high and yet people distribute their news content all over the internet?

Duplicate content is when you have two similar pages within the same site. But when people pick your content and share on other sites that is called syndicating. Now that is the benefit of social sharing.

There is no way a person will share your content if he/she does not know of its existence. This is to tell you that you need to have followers on twitter and loyal fans on facebook. It would be even more advantageous if you created a long email list.

The more web visitors are exposed to your content, the higher the chances of them spreading the word around about your site. But on the other hand, your content has to add value to your readers.

Apart from sharing your content and web page links on facebook, linkedin, Google plus and twitter, submit you links to site like:



Stumble Upon


Hacker News

Diigo among others

Social bookmarking has the power of making your content go viral. People who love your content will help you distribute and in the process expose your content to even more web visitors.

Note: You have to research and publish content that is provocative, insightful and at the same time educative, that is if you want people to share it.

Adding social media buttons on your web pages is very critical when it gets to increasing web visitors. Apart from adding the social icons, you have to request your readers to share your content.

You will be amazed how a simple call to action will help spread your content and links on the internet. Ask your website visitors to subscribe to your email list, RSS feeds and follow you on twitter.

Let me repeat this again since it the most important point, create valuable content that is well researched. This will mean sitting down for long hours to come up with long educative articles.

If you want to be successful in blogging for profit you have to be ready to go an extra mile. Most people are lazy therefore you have a better chance, get down to work.

increase web visitors

–          Refer to others in your web content: Human beings are egocentric by nature. If you ask me, online business entrepreneurs are the first culprits.

Webmasters and bloggers love it when they see others talking about them. This to means more exposure and thus helping them increase web visitors.

It is amazing how some people will look to get 5 minute celebrity status when they see a journalist with a camera asking people questions on the street. Most people will want the cameraman to get even a slight glimpse of them by passing in front of the camera.

Just the other day, I met a top journalist in Kenya, Larry Madowo, in the shopping mall and did not let the opportunity pass me by.

As a blogger you need to apply the same principle and you will definitely increase web visitors. In all your blog posts, mention companies and bloggers in your niche. Remember to also include links pointing back to their sites.

The effect of mentioning other people is that soon enough they will note traffic coming from you to their site. Within no time they will want to know more about you and the content you share.

Next day you will find these same bloggers sharing and talking about your blog or website. This is good for your site since it helps you increase your link profile naturally just the way Google likes it.

Summary: As you can see from this publication, it is very easy to increase web visitors. All you need is to set aside some time on a daily or weekly basis to come up with educative and captivating content.

Now you know why they say that content it king when it comes to marketing on the web. It takes people to make money online and thus you must know how to grab their attention.

These are simple and achievable strategies to achieve. Therefore get down to work and create long articles. Remember to name other people especially the top bloggers within your niche.

Give and it shall be given back to you 10 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold. That is what the bible says and the same applies to blogging. The more you talk about others the more exposure you will get.

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